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  1. A fucking disaster waiting to happen…..a pet project of a previous CEO more interested in running a lifestyle village than a racing club… Anyone who has worked at the Club in the past to build and improve it, would be horrified that it has come to this…. That last paragraph from the BDO Auditor is truly stunning, and reading this raises more questions… https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/BU1710/S00839/annual-report-reveals-one-of-strongest-racing-clubs.htm
  2. True, my mistake. He’s a moron whatever he is.
  3. Just days after that tragic school shooting in Michigan, this Republican Senator thought it was a good idea to post his family Xmas card photo online…. And they wonder why that country is so fucked up…….
  4. You seem to be the token nominated apologist for any fuck up in NZ Racing TM……hope they pay well…… Leo has already posted the criteria for handling such an event, which clearly was not followed, hence the investigation. What we do know is that many industry people were put out, wasted their time and money, owners pissed off ( again ) and members of the public who were there for a day out, or were invited, went home wondering WTF that was all about, and like Col says above, and now telling all and sundry “ never again”…..
  5. Supporting your family a problem apparently…..CNN protecting journalistic integrity ?? Shot themselves in the foot with that.
  6. Matamata Race 1: 12 Matamata Race 2: 1 Matamata Race 3: 13 Matamata Race 4: 8 Matamata Race 5: 6 BB Matamata Race 6: 5 BB Matamata Race 7: 7 Matamata Race 8: 9 Matamata Race 9: 2 Trentham Race 1: 3 BB Trentham Race 2: 7 BB Trentham Race 3: 2 Trentham Race 4: 1 Trentham Race 5: 11 Trentham Race 6: 3 Trentham Race 7: 8 Trentham Race 8: 4 Trentham Race 9: 2 Good luck all….
  7. Didn’t his brother Jason run the Punters Club on here a while back ?
  8. Ohokaman


    Matt has a week off……
  9. We can all relax…Leo has informed the uneducated…… https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/opinion-leo-molloy-why-covid-as-we-know-it-will-be-gone-in-12-months/O2DIEYIR4C4C73ZDYJAS5LZU6I/
  10. You’ve probably heard that Waller is considering bringing Verry Ellegant and Nature Strip over your way….VE for the Arc…..possibly…… Excuse the cynicism but we’ve heard that before with Winx. Believe it when it happens.
  11. Haven’t heard anything for months now…hope everything is ok there…….
  12. Make sure it’s in Auckland and not Palmerston North….. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/palmerston-north-man-upset-after-hairdresser-cut-off-his-long-hair/7KZMCLK7M4ZDK55XYCBSUOMJ5I/
  13. They certainly need something…for anyone that thinks this is going away anytime soon…..
  14. Outside the chemo time line now and double jabbed so as good as it gets… 205 cases today right through the country…..It ain’t going away anytime soon and will probably mutate again down the track. We need to get things back to normal……if you don’t get vaccinated you take your chances as many no doubt will.
  15. You are not a business owner obviously….the virus is out there, just get on with it. https://home.nzcity.co.nz/news/article.aspx?id=343918&fm=newsarticle+-+Sports%2cnrhl Watching the Irish test was interesting…..60% vaccination rate there and 50,000+ in the Stadium……living life as they should….
  16. Wouldn’t be difficult Stodge, Arderns containment/eradication strategy was frankly never going to work with an airborne virus. And some of that “scientific advice “ has been coming from some dubious sources. The initial modelling was bullshit to scare people. We need to open the place up , and get back to something like normal life and get businesses moving again. The economic fallout has been huge. The virus is out there in most parts of the country with cases increasing daily. Containing it has been a failure, so you have the choice...get vaccinated and get on with it, or don’t an
  17. People rising up, hands raised eh Bible boy…..?? Worked out real well for this moron didn’t it……who now has three years to consider the error of following two charlatans….Q and Trump…. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/11/17/politics/jacob-chansley-qanon-shaman-january-6-sentencing/index.html
  18. Why should it be closed off ? If vaccination levels reach 90% before Christmas there should be no problem for those with vax proof. This bloody mob make it up as they go, Ardern hasn’t a clue..and couldn’t care less about racing.
  19. This El Roca filly picked up by Stephen Marsh for $75k seemed very good buying. Out of a full sister to G1/G2 winner Inaflury by Zabeel.
  20. Just to show it’s not only in NZ they are incompetent……..hope he sues the crap out of them…… https://www.racenet.com.au/news/harness-trainer-darrel-graham-found-not-guilty-of-cobalt-after-sixyear-battle-against-qric-20211113
  21. Marshy reckons Fettercairn and Lincoln King are worth a dollar or two Cubes…..
  22. Thick as pig shit……you’ve just confirmed it……
  23. No it’s not you idiot. The only reason Ardern got into power was because Peters went with Labour rather than National. Why ? Because he held a personal grudge against them, it certainly wasn’t to benefit New Zealanders. And here we are….. Twisted is right……