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  1. Hi there Flemington Race 6: Heed the Omens Flemington Race 7: Steparty (Joker) Thanks
  2. In another comp you'd be a hero Richie
  3. Maurice is good value, has shown potential in diverse track conditions, as has Shalaa. Castelvecchio I think could be a real find and I'd love to see more Savabeel line mares going to him.
  4. Hi there Caulfield Race 6: Albanian I am Caulfield Race 7: Miss Aria .. and go Gentleman Roy!! first start back after injury and I so want him to do well and just cross the line in A1 condition.. go well beautiful boy!
  5. I think the world is her oyster Insider I know many horses that went on to great things from starting as a maiden winner and the potential is there
  6. What an honest horse he is, always reminded me of Hartnell when he ran, always gave his all and if not winning, was always thereabouts. Deserves a long and happy retirement
  7. Tarantula playing the long game
  8. Jaylah Kennedy got a winner today at Caulfield too
  9. Daniel Stackhouse you are a legend
  10. Hi Caulfield Race 6: Angland Caulfield Race 9: Berkeley Square Thanks
  11. I think I'm already one race down as I had a race typo for Estriella ..
  12. Hi Scoobs Can I please have $10 win on Eagle Farm Race 9: 7 Mare Of Mt Buller. Thanks very much
  13. Morphettville Race 9: 12 Estriella Rosehill Race 7: 15 Kazou Thanks
  14. An absolutely lovely man, who was always kind to me and that means a lot when you're a young lass working with the horses. Will always be remembered fondly. Great understanding of horses and their temperament. A true horseman.
  15. Hi there 1. Ellerslie R6: 2,12 2. Ellerslie R7: 5,11 3. Randwick R2: 3,6 4. Randwick R3: 1,3 5. Randwick R4: 1,4 6. Randwick R5: 7 .. BB 7. Randwick R6: 4,12 8. Randwick R7: 2,7 9. Randwick R8: 9,10 10. Mornington R6: 2,3 11. Mornington R8: 6 .. BB 12. Mornington R9: 7,9 Thanks John and Scoobs and All the best to you Jackaroo! Cheers to a fun day all! and Let's go Habits of the Rough! and bring it home!