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  1. Phantom

    John Allen

    Same epitaph as Glenda., Good fucking riddance to an absolute disaster whose legacy consists of wasting years of time and energy on the ridiculous "Race Fields Legislation" project and then doubled down by spending $50 million plus on an abortion of a website and outsourcing the crown jewels, the fixed odds operation. But as others have pointed out, it's not his fault he was hired, the people who hired someone with absolutely no racing OR betting experience should be at least fired or preferably put up against a wall and shot.
  2. Phantom

    NZTR board candidates

    Dore has been a massive part of the problem for mine. The ridiculous allocation of bonus funds, canning pick six, introducing place six, Triple Trio FFS??? Disaster.
  3. Phantom

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    De Lore best candidate of these three by light years. Obviously.
  4. Phantom

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    What gambling experience? Putting on a disguise to try back Martina Hingis at a false price with the company that employed him?
  5. Phantom

    Glenda Hughes departing e-mail...

    History will paint a different picture. This woman has played a bigger role than anyone else in destroying the industry she was brought in to save. Had no clue when she was hired, and seemingly even less clue five years later as she is going out. Fuck off and good riddance.
  6. Phantom

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Guerin's on the payroll. Can't exactly come out and say it's a piece of shit.
  7. Phantom

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Wow. Talk about a clusterfuck. Thanks National.
  8. Phantom


    One of the top ten dumbest things about the new website is it has no clock. Ridiculous when EVERY event they offer has a start time. More evidence that the people who built this thing have absolutely no clue what they are doing. Real basic stuff. Will be costing them shit-tons.
  9. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Yep. I mean, half the time I get an error message when I try to pull up my pending bets. A seriously basic function. And mate keep an eye out for when they release their next batch of results, I'm tipping they will be disastrous. On all fronts.
  10. Phantom

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    Very fucking stupid indeed
  11. Phantom

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    He and Glenda should have to hand over their passports until Internal Affairs has done a thorough audit of exactly where all the money they allegedly spent on this piece of shit masquerading as a betting website went.
  12. Dead-heat rules apply. Industry standard. Can happen in any market/sport where there can be a dead-heat.
  13. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Meanwhile... this morning at 4:23am Sorry for the inconvenience but we are currently running some scheduled system maintenance. We will do our very best to complete this work and have you back in the game by 8:00am Thanks, The TAB Team -
  14. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    It all adds up
  15. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Their settling process is appalling. Costs them millions I reckon.