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  1. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    It all adds up
  2. Phantom

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Their settling process is appalling. Costs them millions I reckon.
  3. Logged into the TAB website this morning and was greeted with the following notice: Sorry for the inconvenience but we are currently running some scheduled system maintenance .We will do our very best to complete this work and have you back in the game by 8:00am Thanks, The TAB Team To be fair these happen at every website but given the amount of $ these clowns spent on this new platform you would expect it to be purring like a Rolls-Royce, making you coffee and asking how you would like your eggs. I still would love to see a breakdown of where/how the TAB spent this $40-50 million. i.e. which firms were paid and for exactly which services. Maybe one of the hundreds of the Petone leeches who clog up Racecafe's bandwidth could provide this information. Because, as someone who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, I find it hard to believe the costs of a new platform could be anywhere near the figures being bandied around, let alone this one which is basically a piece of shit. There is plenty of evidence to suggest far from the rosy forecast of turnover and income increase Allen predicted would happen, that in fact both are down in both racing and sports, I suspect drastically in the latter. When they first launched the new platform., they did so with massive limits and very competitive percentages. Both have now been cut back to such crippling levels that far from being competitive, the TAB's offering is actually embarrassing. They have cut back percentages to obscene levels. Yesterday I saw some corner markets on football matches where the TAB was offering 1.80 and 1.83 for two way options. Before the new platform those prices would have been 1.87/1.87 at worst, and once it was launched 1.90/1.90. Now these have been cut back so dramatically it's basically hardly worth offering. Have the NZRB released any new figures regarding turnover/hold since the new platform was launched? If so what is the over/under of how long Allen will last? This new platform, like RFL, was his baby, and thus far his tenure has made Bonking Bayliss look like a superstar. At least he got something for the $$$ he wasted, and didn't borrow a shit ton of money to build the worst website on the planet.
  4. Of course Allen must go, he should have been sacked after the Race Fields Legislation debacle, would have saved the industry $50 million plus they have blown on the disastrous new platform. Also Gormless Glenda, she has been an absolute disgrace, she has the opposite of the Midas touch in that everything she touches turns to ...... It honestly doesn't matter what they do from now on, the new website is sooo bad all hope is lost. Sadly. There is no bright side, needed people with experience in the betting industry but 20 years ago not now.
  5. Phantom

    Name for my horse please.

    Soap impression
  6. Phantom

    Name for my horse please.

    We're doomed
  7. True, but kind of serves the industry right for appointing a board capable of hiring imbeciles like Gormless Glenda and Postman Pat (and their predecessors) over the last 20 years. Sadly.
  8. Me. (just saying). And I don't think I'm the only one here. The writing was on the wall.. in 100 foot high block capitals... to anyone capable of reading. Hopefully if they do clean house they get rid of Thad fucking Taylor for his bizarre and public "congratulations" for Allen on the new platform. FUck off pal. Seriously.
  9. If this is true, and it seems likely given how useless the new platform is, surely Allen and Hughes must fall on their swords. That alone would be something to celebrate even if it is too late..
  10. Phantom

    Trump written off

    Bernie 4.6 favourite on BF to win the democratic nomination, Warren 23-1.
  11. The sports section is a disaster.
  12. Phantom

    This TAB website...

    Thanks Slam Dunk excellent article from someone who really gets it. Compares the new platform to Typhoon. Allow me to paste a couple of extracts: ‘Déjà vu’ some will be screaming, and not without justification, except inflation has kept pace, and then some. It may also have also been ‘déjà vu’ for NZRB General Manager of Technology Dianna Taylor, who resigned from her position soon after the FOB was launched on January 7 and after only two years in the job. Taylor had been previously employed at Kiwibank, which had an association with NZ Post, and on the NZRB’s website her brief biography read, in part, “…at Kiwibank Dianna led the consolidation and streamlining of Kiwibank’s operational banking functions, headed the development of the strategic technology roadmap that underpins Kiwibank’s strategy, and as CIO was accountable for enabling Kiwibank to continue to deliver its strategic business objectives, which are heavily predicated on technology deliverables.” ‘Technology deliverables’ is an interesting term. Taylor had left Kiwibank in 2017 but in that same year the new computer system she helped establish had to be mothballed and written off after being deemed unfit for purpose after just six months’ use, at a cost of between $90 million and $100 million. “Dianna Taylor hasn’t left but she has announced she is going to leave,” John Allen said. “Nothing to do with the website; she’s terrific and has been one of the key drivers in getting this done and it’s been a hugely complex task and people really don’t understand how significant a change this has been. “It would be the largest technology project this board has ever done and Dianna has just been a tower of strength in terms of doing all that. and Racing NSW CEO Peter Vlandys summed up the New Zealand situation best when interviewed in Sydney last August when he said, “It seems to be a fragmented system in New Zealand where you have the Racing Board overseeing the three codes and from what I can see the management aren’t really racing people, so they don’t understand the business. “I think you need to have that wagering experience, not just a little bit but whoever is the CEO of the TAB must have a substantial amount of wagering experience– it’s different to any other part of the commercial world." Who knew?
  13. 100%. In a legitimate company heads would be rolling as the shareholders would be demanding it. But everyone is strangely silent here....
  14. Phantom

    This TAB website...

    Indeed. I was talking to a friend who works in the industry and I told him what they spent on the website and he couldn'r understand how it was possible to spend that much because there are so many platforms available, none of which cost anything like the figures being thrown around by Allen and co. Has anyone seen an actual breakdown of the costs of the new platform, or did this relatively unknown company just invoice the NZRB for $39 million or whatever it was?
  15. Phantom

    Update April. John Allen

    Winter is coming...