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  1. Great job Barry you nailed it with one glaring exception, the person who arguably contributed more to the clusterfuck than any other individual: GLENDA FUCKING HUGHES - she brought Allen... who brought the new website.... she must so proud.
  2. Correct as I understand it Des was on nothing think like that. the other thing is he definitely would have driven turnover unlike any of the faceless ones...
  3. Yeah I saw the first to be let go was Des Coppins. Never been a fan to be honest but not sure why his head was the first on the chopping block.
  4. THE MINISTER OF RACING Nathan Guy appointed Glenda Hughes as an independent chairman, and the NZRB appointed John Allen as its chief executive in November 2014. Apart from Hughes, the Board at the time comprised Mauro Barsi (greyhound rep), Alistair Ryan, Barry Brown (Wellington RC member), Graham Cooney (Standardbed owner and breeder), Rod Croon (standardbred owner, breeder and Auckland Trotting Club life member), Greg McCarthy (NZTRI board member). HORSE. (and greyhound). PEOPLE. And seriously, INSIDER, after the absolute clusterfuck the NZRB have presided over the last six
  5. The building. The old ELleslie offices, Not the racecourse. As far as I know anyway
  6. Anyone in the world could have bet with them if they had a competitive product. Shit management was and stil is their problem.
  7. And sport! It wasn't going to win any prizes but it was functional
  8. Horse people got the TAB into this mess .Look at the makeup of the Board who hired that POS Glenda Hughes who hired John Allen etc etc. They need people with experience in the betting industry. But to be honest it's too late now, they are in debt up to their eyeballs having borrowed to build that piece of shit website, they've sold Ellerslie and I assume Petone (?) and revenue is collapsing. Last one out turn out the lights. Congratulations to everyone involved. They were given a monopoly in a relatively affluent betting mad country and destroyed it in 25 years. Some achievement given how muc
  9. I told a mate who works for Radio Trackside last week that they would go crawling on their hands and knees to the government but it has happened way sooner than expected. Such a shame they frittered their rainy day fund on ridiculous projects like Typhoon, Triple Trio and blew $50 million on the worst betting website in the industry. The government should not give them one fucking cent. They need to get rid of most of the 150+ suits they have who get paid $100k plus for doing fuck all. The idiots on the board should also all be fired for hiring clowns like John Allen and Glenda Hughes who got
  10. Same epitaph as Glenda., Good fucking riddance to an absolute disaster whose legacy consists of wasting years of time and energy on the ridiculous "Race Fields Legislation" project and then doubled down by spending $50 million plus on an abortion of a website and outsourcing the crown jewels, the fixed odds operation. But as others have pointed out, it's not his fault he was hired, the people who hired someone with absolutely no racing OR betting experience should be at least fired or preferably put up against a wall and shot.
  11. Dore has been a massive part of the problem for mine. The ridiculous allocation of bonus funds, canning pick six, introducing place six, Triple Trio FFS??? Disaster.
  12. De Lore best candidate of these three by light years. Obviously.
  13. What gambling experience? Putting on a disguise to try back Martina Hingis at a false price with the company that employed him?
  14. History will paint a different picture. This woman has played a bigger role than anyone else in destroying the industry she was brought in to save. Had no clue when she was hired, and seemingly even less clue five years later as she is going out. Fuck off and good riddance.