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  1. Midget

    RITA- Board

    With the demise of the NZRB, go to their web site and read what Glenda has to say about her time with the board. The part i found amusing was that she is leaving the board in a better shape now, then when she comes into it,Is she serious?
  2. Midget

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    What a gem of a ride by M Cahill,in fact, this was better than his previous ride, which was also a gem.
  3. Midget

    Groff Small

    I heard he won his court case over the sale of his land.
  4. Midget

    Jacinda Ardern

    So, in that case, its not safe for the crusaders or any All Black that is a crusader to fly overseas at all. Isis has been gotten rid of in Syria and now merged all over the world with Refugees so the attacks are going to ramp up world wide,too dangerous for our Rugby players to go anywhere. Do you really think changing their name is going to make them safe?
  5. Midget

    Lisa Allpress

    What is this obsession you have with Chris Dell?I will remind you that you are only as good as the stock you ride. He has had 4 rides for me this season and i cannot complain about any ride and that is hard for me to do.I watched him ride a horse called Blue Breeze and again i thought he had ridden it well My horse's owners wanted a change with a better credential jockey, the horse went worse and the same happened with Blue Breeze. The reason i put Chris on was for his work ethic, he attends the track every day, rides anything and never complains..If every jockey in NZ had his work ethic you would have to pay for stablehands to ride work, just like the old days
  6. Midget

    The Informant Chutneyed

    Scooby it is available on line but they need to make money,so then you subscribe and read the article and it ask you to subscribe.The NZRB have a history of failure and gave not one cent to their running cost of a paper they gave you the fields from NZ and AUST AND WITH LOCAL NEWS,John Allen along with the plate thrower and all the other board member should/must be asked to resign.
  7. Midget

    The Informant Chutneyed

    NZRB and the TAB hold your heads in shame.Heard Dennis Ryan on Trackside and he rightfully didn't hold back The board of NZRB in my opinion should be sacked forthwith. The Informant had zero financial assistance from NZTR and yet they produced the fields every week and wrote supporting articles to assist turnover,beggars belief how this has unfolded
  8. Midget

    Go The Midget !!!

    Thanks guys,it is always god to win a race.The owner brought it off Gravelhouse for $1200 for a broodmare,but then asked me to have ago with her,I do it for no charge as he is a friend and i do enjoy doing it..90% of her work is at the beach, which she enjoys. I was very happy with the $41 we got,
  9. Midget

    A few haircuts ago

    Yes retired,he was a Steward for a period in Southland
  10. Midget

    Can someone explain to me how

    Taranaki Cup on February 2nd,it is om the NZTR site
  11. Midget

    Weakest G1 Ever ?

    They are right Liz, when HURRAH WON THE RACE.tell me how many he won after the G1
  12. Midget

    Grey Way's race record

    TM, Without a doubt, the best horse i have seen,in fact, the only horse that bought a tear to my eye,when Reon said 100m to go she couldn,t win, but she kept coming and beat Guest Star and Sobeit IN THE CANTERBURY GOLD CUP, Tina Turner wrote that song for her, SIMPLY THE BEST.
  13. Midget


    I went down for the week and had a great time.The highlight for me was the win by Media Sensation,this was after my biggest bet in a long time on the 3rd horse went astray. The Barnswood team are top people and always have a smile, even on bad days and deserve any luck that comes there way
  14. Midget

    Crashed again

    I was doing the selections at our golf club for the day,we were getting close but not getting a result,so went to place a bet of $200 to win on Sacred Judgement. We had gone to the trouble of banking the money into a TAB account,so we wouldn't miss getting on. When the bet was placed the screen came up blank, so didn't know if the bet was confirmed and told the crowd who were getting updated with bets. They couldn't believe that this could happen and were justified with there outrage, We didn't give up and gor 1.8% of the last Trifecta giving a $8.90 profit per $10 share. The damage had been done and the TAB have lost a of respect and i would like to see John Allen come out and give the reasons why the crash happened and if it was out of the TAB control or was it the TAB ARE INCOMPETENT.
  15. Midget

    Well done to the Lindsays

    They tell me that the new stabbing area at Headquarters will have new fold away seats for the stable employees.It is a long day for these hard-working employees and will be big improvement, rather than sitting on a bucket, whilst watching their horses. They will be sponsored by Cambridge Stud.