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  1. Midget

    Matt Cross

    Agree, i do not believe we have lost anything with the departure of M Mac, this guy has the passion we need and i heard him say that he has 72 races to do over the week and he is just in his Twenties..I say take a bow.
  2. Midget

    m walker

    Yes, correct, but jump riders can, so this is not a level playing field and officials are saying it is ok as they are older horses. That's what i believe they are applying. Clearly this is an ill-thought out rule and only window dressing in my opinion. Am I correct that this rule doesn't apply in Australia. Beekeeper,I am not in favor of spurs.I have seen many riders leave puncture type holes in a horse's rib area.I was going to name a couple but they did not break any rule .so unfair to name them
  3. Midget

    Who’d have thought....

    You don't, they have a guy who is paid $xxxx Aa an integrity PAID employee as a betting analyst and when i last spoke to him at the beach,he confirmed that he got N Rassumusson for a $20 future bet in the NZ Cup of 2017,give me a break and why was he at the beach,He said he came for a ride with Grimstone to investigate a guy who was riding for a licensed trainer after he was found guilty of a cannabis charge and they turned up he was not there,FFS,should he be back at Headquarters doing work on what he is paid for,not going for a day at that beach???? Tell me how many have been charged with betting issues and i will none and that is not including Inca and yet our RIU continues to pay persons like this.FFS
  4. Midget

    G Simon an apology please.

    I am over this just name a course and a donation of a charity you decide on and let this happen
  5. Midget

    G Simon an apology please.

    NO but i am like you now and can give a commentary on my backswing and follow-through
  6. Recently you showed Lethal Innes playing some golf in between races at Auckland and made him look below average at golf which i found unnecessary. The reason i say that as i regularly play with him and i have always found him a good source of income, usually around a couple of hundred a game.I go on the pension next week and are looking for extra income, which is readily available when i play him, but after taking the piss out of him he has put his clubs into hibernation and the income has disappeared,sadly I always give Lethal some hope until the 17th or 18th hole and them smash him, so after several years of careful ego massaging his game and telling him how good he is,it has now turned to s##t because of your pisstake. So George, can you please show some positive feedback on his golf game, so i can get back on the money quickly. A txt message has just come through from Lethal asking for a game, so forget finding some positive footage, which would be impossible to find anyway, so LET"S BRING IT ON, and let the cash roll back in
  7. Midget

    Trackside Radio - Mark Claydon?

    He has a vast knowledge and passion for the Industry. He would be ideal for Television and may i suggest a review show would be an excellent platform for him and throw in Leo for some analytical information and may i add some humor and bang you would have a highly rated show. Just would have to check it he could handle Leo and as he is a lot taller than Leo, you would have to make sure they were both seated. I would throw in a member of the RIU to explain any incidents that happened and be subject to some scrutiny by both.
  8. Midget

    Rodmar - Reece Cole at Rotorua

    This is unbelievable that charge was even laid,He did in my view what any rider would have done, The Industry needs a complete review of all things Racing, Stewards included. I will be watching as many races as i can to see if there is going to be consistent application applied to this rule.
  9. Good idea,but here in NZ , Liquor Licensing would not allow it, as they will argue that it is encouraging intoxication. Police would also oppose the promotion
  10. Midget


    We went and had a look at Wrote a few weeks ago and may i say what a lovely type of horse with a kind attitude. That impress we brought 2 shares, so I hope our judgement is correct.
  11. Midget

    RITA- Board

    With the demise of the NZRB, go to their web site and read what Glenda has to say about her time with the board. The part i found amusing was that she is leaving the board in a better shape now, then when she comes into it,Is she serious?
  12. Midget

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    What a gem of a ride by M Cahill,in fact, this was better than his previous ride, which was also a gem.
  13. Midget

    Groff Small

    I heard he won his court case over the sale of his land.
  14. Midget

    Jacinda Ardern

    So, in that case, its not safe for the crusaders or any All Black that is a crusader to fly overseas at all. Isis has been gotten rid of in Syria and now merged all over the world with Refugees so the attacks are going to ramp up world wide,too dangerous for our Rugby players to go anywhere. Do you really think changing their name is going to make them safe?
  15. Midget

    Lisa Allpress

    What is this obsession you have with Chris Dell?I will remind you that you are only as good as the stock you ride. He has had 4 rides for me this season and i cannot complain about any ride and that is hard for me to do.I watched him ride a horse called Blue Breeze and again i thought he had ridden it well My horse's owners wanted a change with a better credential jockey, the horse went worse and the same happened with Blue Breeze. The reason i put Chris on was for his work ethic, he attends the track every day, rides anything and never complains..If every jockey in NZ had his work ethic you would have to pay for stablehands to ride work, just like the old days