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  1. The RIU has lost respect from me again. I am told that A Dooley, now this is the guy who was the chairman of the JCA , when the 2yo of B Lindsay was wrongly relegated from 1st placing and also there was confusion over who had lodged the Inquiry, then J Oatham said he will lodge the protest.Mickey Mouse all around. I have no evidence that Mr Dooley fell out of favour with the hierarchy of the JCA and his position was in jeopardy after his wrong decision, but it does appear odd that he has now gone from the judge to the Lawyer, no doubt with the support from Godber and Oatham. I would like to know who he has replaced as a Steward,as in these testing times it would be ludicrous to be adding to the workforce when everyone is shedding staff, but then again we are talking about the RIU here. If Mr Godber would have the courtesy to reply on Cafe, as he should for transparency purposes, especially now that his weekly chat on Radio Trackside has gone, can he confirm who was paying for the travel expenses being accrued by Mr Oatham being based in Christchurch , for his personal reasons.
  2. Yes i noticed that his hands were continually shaking
  3. Midget


    Michael,i will tell you the reason why J Oatham was based in the SI. He went down there to look after his daughter who had just had a baby. Now, this is very noble, but he was appointed as the Head Steward(Northern), my argument if he could to the job from Christchurch, that is good, but if he wanted to do the big meetings up North, he should pay his own way, but this would never happen, as the RIU has been reckless with their finances, even having to pay 12k to me(which still went to my Barrister) plus the 5k i had to pay,after 3 telephone conferences, where it was clearly indicated that the charges laid had no chance of succeeding, plus the Legal bill for the RIU must have been over 20k, as my Barrister said it was done at mates rates. This organization has been to allowed to create this monster, with costs increasing year on year.I would like to know how many members of the RIU, have actually run there own business and are aware that when an Industry/business is struggling, the solution would be to decrease expenditure,NOT INCREASE IT. Anyway, Michael,i know you are not a party type of guy, so I am picking you are thinking about you business and staff at 2am and what the future will hold,Good Luck It must come to an end
  4. Correct Gary, but when you cant deposit funds into your account, it leaves you with the problem i had. When the TAB becomes more competitive and wants to look after its customers, I will change back to support our Industry. The other issue, i got a lot more value on my bets.It is human nature to get the best deal available. When any business has competition, they must compete and the NZ TAB has a lot of ground to make up.
  5. Yesterday, I gave my son $200 to put into his Bet 365 account for some bets, as i am over this monopoly called the TAB. Well what a user-friendly site, you get the best odds offered, you can cancel your bets, not sure how long before the start of a race, as I didn't use that facility. I just found the whole experience so much better than our $50m platform, so unlikely i will use our TAB again in the near future.
  6. They don't get much worse,I will give him 1/10 and he only gets 1 as he stayed on the horse.I hope he gave the riding fee back to the connections.
  7. I see a live feed was streamed on Facebook. I see our old mate Colin Wightman has had a live stream.Of the submissions i seen and heard, Dr Murray Blue made a big impression on behalf of the SRC.
  8. 100 percent Gruff,it was 3 strides before the winning post, this remains the worst decision of all time
  9. Tim,go and have a look at the NZTR Web site and have a look at the stewards 4 videos. Then you will see this is the worst decision by both the RIU/JCA, the incident happened 3 strides before the post and how anyone can come to the conclusion the best horse didn't win the race is beyond belief.
  10. Tim the JCA have to be 100% certain that the 2nd horse would have beaten the winner, in my opinion, it would not have. Have a look at both horses at the top of the straight, they racing side by side,100m further on the filly had put 1 length on the other horse, she then looked at the big screen and pricked her ears and lost momentum and shifted ground. This made the 2nd horse appear to make ground.In fact, the winner had lost concentration and momentum and this flatted the runner up. I believe this would rate as an embarrassment for both the RIU and the JCA and i do feel for the punters who lost on a poor decision. I am told that the Trainers Association had a lot to say about this poor decision.
  11. J Oatham was the Steward, but will not know who was on the JCA panel until that information appears on their website
  12. I must say, none of the connections of Te Akau Racing had any input into this relegation or inquiry I am told that the rider was quoted as saying, we were beaten on our merits. If this was the case then surely it is time to have a serious look at the competency of the RIU and the JCA in this instance. This is not good enough in my opinion.
  13. I have watched the replay 30 plus times and I feel sick for the connections and it is beyond belief there was a reversal of placings. The onus has always been that any horse promoted, must be in all likelihood, would have finished in front of the interfered horse . Clearly, on this occasion, that is NOT THE CASE. In the Stewards report, it states the interference happened inside the last 100m,I believe the minimal interference happened inside the last 20m when Taroni was looking at the winning post and lost concentration...Bordequx Le Rouge and Taroni has been together almost the entire race and were head to head at the straight entrance and yet despite Taroni getting on one rein and having a big bo-peep at the winning post, she never looked like getting beaten and had her ears pricked at the winning post. i would say that this decision is even worse than the relegation of Magic Briar and that takes some doing. Lee is it possible to run a poll to get Cafer's opinions on this wrongful decision. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is the only way some justice can be seen to be done on this tragic and unjust relegation.
  14. Yes, you are correct, but can you name any other Judicial Body that doesn't have an appeal process in place.I mean you can commit murder and appeal the decision. So what this says to me ,is the JCA is NEVER wrong and there is no need for any recourse by way of an appeal to any decision they make.WRONG WRONG