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  1. Richard Collect and family have decided to move to Sydney to continue training. A Calder is also following
  2. Credit to the connections, he looks a million dollars
  3. Can you believe this? A G1 race day at Awapuni and we have 2 Stewards working from home remotely. It states in their report that N Goodwin{head} and M Davidson, were on duty remotely. How could this happen? So i had a look to see if J Oatham was on duty at Avondale, no he was not there either. Surely when you have a Group1 race day the Head Steward in NZ would be in charge. He may have gotten the covid, but with the other 2 working remotely, you would suspect that was the reason for there no appearance live on course, so where was Oatham?? I am sure there must be a valid reason. The
  4. Yes and you have to be double vaccinated to attend the races, so why wasn't Trackside allowed to view the inquiry, it would have added to the theatre. I was interested with $200 on the winner and $100 Quinella with the second horse, so was very interested in the result
  5. Can anyone justify why Trackside was not allowed into the Inquiry room to hear the hearing into the protest into the G1 at Awapuni today.
  6. Give Richie as chance, give just ONE name one example of your accusations
  7. I have put the White Flag up and waving it. I have done what Putin should do and surrender. I am pleased i have helped to hone your debating skills, as you will be in hot demand in the coming months.
  8. The only Pretty Boy I would be frighten is Floyd Mayweather and all i will say about your reference is, Thank goodness your could hold your breath for 10 minutes.
  9. Almanzor has the makings of a top Stallion. He was without doubt a top racehorse, has the looks and from what i have seen he throws this trait onto his progeny. He has been extremely well received by many astute judges. Cambridge Stud deserves a top stallion after the tragedy of they have suffered with losses early on and in Almanzor they have hit the jackpot, IMHO
  10. Yes you are missing something. When i started my apprenticeship, I had never been on a horses back, so had no idea how to even post. I was just thrown on one and with my lack of ability about riding, pulled a horse over on top of me, breaking a collar bone and my arm, with tears in my eyes my boss, said you better walk down to the doctor, which was 2km away.It was 6 months or more before i was even close to being confident enough to ride. The point i have been attempting to make is, that trainers must have some form of certification that has been signed off my an accredited person/s
  11. Are you on some form of medication, or cannot understand where i am coming from? The point i am trying to get across is before apprentice jockeys can be transferred to an employee to continue on there journey, they have been accredited to ride racehorses .Not doing what they are doing now, saying they have done so many years at pony clubs etc and trainers believe what has been told to them. Can you point me to were you believe ,i was distasteful to any of the injured parties? I am suggesting that a better system is in place to protect the riders and trainers from injury and financial
  12. So does Ross give them a certification clearance, to satisfy WHS requirements of competence ?
  13. How much longer can Trainers be charged under the Work And Safety Act We have had S McKee and J Blackadder being charged and fined over $300.000 for allowing staff to ride when WSH say they were not ready to ride. We must find a better way to help and take the onus off the Trainers as who to blame when these situations happen. SO I HAVE AN IDEA..... Daniel Nakhie has started a course that makes a lot of sense, where potential riders and stable hands do a course which runs these people through all things Racing. This must be developed further and be given a accreditation certific
  14. Midget


    I am hurt by the comment,wasn't he the guy with funny eyes? For your information i have been told many times by Ladies in my younger days ,my eyes are come to bed eyes. Good work by Edward Rendell, he rang me personally to make sure everything had been sorted, so Thank You