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  1. poundforpound


    Possibly, I haven’t seen the Medical Officer Of Health or DLA report ( when they renewed their license ) though so we can only speculate.
  2. poundforpound


    It’s not the CJC who’re stopping the fun in the Carpark, it’s the Police and the LLA and their interpretation of the law, the SSAA. You’re being a bit unfair blaming the CJC
  3. poundforpound

    Grey Way's race record

    It’s not possible to see horses like Grey Way or Strad again ( 90 wins between them ? )because the handicap system introduced by the Australians punishes consistent male horses so much that they’re forced into retirement, or WFA racing if they’re good enough. This is where the NZ handicapper lacks courage and or vision, these old male horses don’t need to be rehandicapped every time they win unless they’re running above their existing rating. In fact you could hypothetically win and have your rating lowered. I note the VRC handicapper elected to not rehandicap the Caulfield Cup winner, that man knows the art of handicapping, yet in NZ you win a midweek $10k race and you cop 5 points.....the net result, all you’re doing is driving your precious assets out of the industry.
  4. poundforpound

    Riccarton Today

    Ours was the favorite today, haven’t a clue why because he absolutely hates the wet. He’ll be no show, lay him like a Playboy model. A pedantic correction from earlier, the winning post not the wining post.
  5. poundforpound

    Riccarton Today

    Not sure it’s that bad. I walked the entire track this morning. It’s a dead 5 from the crossing to the 1000 then about an 8 across the top with some significant chipping out from the chute crossing on to the home turn then right through to the wining post. The mid to wide track ( in the straight ) is awful but there are lanes in the inner middle area that look as though they’ll offer reasonable footing as the day evolves.
  6. poundforpound

    Pitty has had a setback

    The legend is back in hospital with a significant but treatable setback related to his major bowel surgery. I know how many people care about Pitty so I’m publishing his details for messages. NO flowers allowed in this ward though, and maybe no phone calls or texts unless you’re really close to him. Just messages or modest presents, things he can read maybe, or eat if you must !! He’s in ward 17, CHCH Public Hospital. Thanks
  7. poundforpound

    Trackside run by idiots...

    I understand your frustrations but maybe you should think about the following. 1) the media branch of the NZRB is a monopoly, you never get superior performance from a monopoly so the key there is to introduce competition to Trackside and the TAB, outsource the media then you’ll get privately produced shows like “Get On” with funny and informative contributors like me with my razor wit, lacerating tongue, and coruscating charm. 2) why blame the talent on show ?, shouldn’t you be blaming the person doing the recruiting and the rostering ? Like everyone I have my faves and those who just cause me to switch off, but it’s not the fault of the presenter that they’re a moron, or were ever given a job, surely the fault lies with whomever decided they were adequate or “ fit for purpose “. 3) And lastly, did you ever stop to think that Trackside might not be interested particularly in racing, maybe 80% of their target market have no interest in racing and hence you get these spotty faced kids ànd others with limited knowledge of racing who’re disappointing to you, but who’re doing a perfectly adequate job in their bosses eyes. Just my thoughts but every time I see that type on telly I put myself at ease by rationalizing it that way.
  8. poundforpound

    Aiden O'Brien

    Pulmonary heart problem, WTF .....please explain ( that combo is more a degenerative aged condition )
  9. poundforpound

    Trackside run by idiots...

    Funnily enough I don’t share that much, sometimes because I’m asked not to, often because matters are sensitive, or it’s just not for public consumption. There’s a lot going on out there though and clearly hardly anyone on this site is connected enough to know what’s going down, or to raise what are important issues. The AW debacle is looking like a shambles, and all the rumbling I’m hearing suggests Saundry and Jackson haven’t got a good grasp on this very important subject. Details to follow .
  10. poundforpound

    Trackside run by idiots...

    I just don’t like the clutter and all the comps, it’s ruined the site When Scooby cleans it up I’ll be back, as long as that sexually transmitted disease “ Tommo the sub species “ is not allowed to post ( I don’t want to share anything with that poxy loser ).
  11. poundforpound

    Trackside run by idiots...

    Who’s this loser Scooby ?, cross reference his IP addresses then ban him please
  12. poundforpound

    Danielle Johnson's Blog RaceCafe Exclusive.#2

    Stop criticizing DJ then, express your gratitude and she might be encouraged to give more expansive comments..
  13. poundforpound

    Danielle Johnson's Blog RaceCafe Exclusive.#2

    Why don’t you stop your whinging. You're lucky to have any input from jockeys and trainers, they don’t have to give their time for interviews or offer an insight into their chances, they get nothing for it, then someone like you bags them when they do give their time and make an effort. If I was DJ and I read your comments on this thread I’d just walk away.
  14. poundforpound


    The industry needs intelligent debate underpinned by facts, research and experience. You’ll never get that here in this current format. I note yet another comp has cluttered the site, and the initiator has donated a prize of $50, wow !!! to replicate what the other comps are already covering.
  15. poundforpound

    Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points

    Tom tries hard !!!!.......you’re kidding, he’s a fucking bludger who tries to run second. Who'd go to war with him ?, how’d you feel if he was in the trenches with you, he’s a flea with a heart the size of a caraway seed.