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  1. I don’t recognise their names, does anyone else ?
  2. I’m in awe of the grubby little sub species He’s labelled Bill Shorten yesterday, the media have climbed on board, ditto the pollsters, and the bookies even paid out on the lunatic left winning .....but no one factored in his history of stopping anything and everything Dear old Labour even made Bob Hawke expire ( they probably necked him ) to win a few votes of sympathy.....but nothing could compensate for doing what he does This is your finest hour, enjoy it
  3. poundforpound

    Clearly he’s a good loser

    Kentucky Derby: Maximum Security's owner issues $20m challenge to rivals - BBC Sporthttps://www.bbc.com/sport/horse-racing/48317834
  4. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    You are of course correct. Lada was to Russia what Trentham and the WRC is to NZ Racing, apologies for the fox pass. I make the point again though, the Trabant is to a United Germany what NZ is to global racing
  5. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Just another ranter Winx21 The Racing industry owns these problems, the racing industry must fix them. The government, regardless of who it is, left, right, or centre, owes the industry nothing. Stop feeling entitled, if this country has spare reserves they should be spent on, roading, health, child care, education, drug education / control, ......there are the important things, not subsidizing an industry / sport that cannot and will not help itself. We have enormous industry assets, real estate, great breeders, trainers & jockeys....they’re your assets....but they never get used efficiently. Your weakness in NZ Racing has two major fronts .......firstly appalling code / club leadership is the primary problem, and the secondary issue, we keep producing a shite product no one wants or will buy internationally. We are to world Racing what Lada was to a United Germany .... that’s the truth. The 20 year plan should involve a completely new way of administering the industry from the club level up, and a focus on using our enormous assets to produce a better product, or new gambling products, that actually has / have global appeal. Stop whinging Winx21, these are our problems and we should fix them rather than bleat like needy entitled spoilt kids. A couple of notes to close, 95% of NZ citizens couldn’t give a flying fork about racing, we’re nothing, and secondly, if you think a Winston / NZF orchestrated AW track in the wax or polymer style is going to help save this industry you’re incredibly naive.
  6. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Well historically ( around election time ) Winny has rolled out the xenophobic policies. However, since CHCH he has been quite restrained, and I applaud that, just as I applaud the manner in which he’s restrained the coalition with regards to capital gains tax, and hopefully the legalization of marijuana I trust that answers your question .
  7. poundforpound

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    JC, so why is the greyhound code doing so well ? As for MS and Typhoon, he’s not my “ex” mate ....and Typhoon was an R&D expense that, if it’d worked, would’ve made the industry wealthy & healthy. It’s no different to a drug company spending a large share of their profits on R&D.....they usually get it wrong, but occasionally they get it right .....and a wee blue pill synthesized / trialled to treat hypertension has a side effect of making your xxxx go hard.....and you all get rich. Don't blame MS for that mate, he was only doing what any sensible company executive should do I’ll ignore the rest of your rant other than the dire predictions about revenue and debt.....you’re right there...the beginning of the end has commenced
  8. poundforpound

    Thommo/Steve C

    Ask him to take a bet Scooby. $1000 of his v $10,000 of mine, both deposited with you, if it’s me or anyone associated with me, or anyone doing it with my knowledge, he gets my grand....if it’s not me or anyone involved as above I take his ten grand ......
  9. poundforpound

    Thommo/Steve C

    I thought for a second you were genuine then I realised you’re taking the piss. The STD could never hold down the jobs described, and his earnings would be half what you’ve suggested, he’s not half as talented as you’ve implied. Has he been grazing any porn channels at work ?? On another note, you don’t employ another Kiwi known to be unemployable do you, one Daryl Cole Curnow, he used to be a jockey I think, a keyboard jockey. Check your trust account if you ever employed him...he’s a self described punter & tipster but no one has ever been known to say he’s any good at it ...read what you like into that
  10. poundforpound

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    My response.....just look at the performance of the wider industry this century, and arguably the NZRB before John Allen was appointed....have you forgotten Bonkin’ Bayliss ? I refer you also to The Fairtax campaign, a movement I had a small role in....what did NZTR do with the proceeds of that exercise ? Now let’s talk about the clubs....WTF have the clubs done....virtually nothing.... and why not ? You all want someone to blame because you haven’t got the courage to acknowledge your own shortcomings....but I’ll remind you what they are. Owners...a selfish group who electively participate in the game but want their hobbies subsidized NZTR...a collection of accountants, lawyers, breeders nominees and industry sycophants appointed to a job they’re not suited, devoid of experience, by others of the same ilk who think because they wear a cheap suit to work they’re of superior status to those who actually put on the show in racing Punters...it’s called gambling for a reason...it’s doesn't give you a licence to bleat and whinge when you don’t win.. NZRB / Trackside...yes they’re not perfect and some are downright frustrating but when you have no competition you nourish mediocrity, but under the law they aren’t allowed competition so I can’t see how its their fault. The truth is that racing is buggered, I have after all been telling you as much for about fifteen years now, but to pin the blame on one guy is hardly fair, and it’s not backed up by facts ......no doubt you’ll get what you want soon....another CEO...and racing will continue to slide into oblivion....and you’ll blame the next CEO in due course....and here’s the reason why, here’s the brutal truth..and I’m going to be brutal because you’re a big boy and we’re good enough friends to have this robust convo without falling out....... Like the majority / rest of this industry you’re too fucking stupid to be able to stand back and differentiate between symptoms and causes. John Allen is a “symptom”.....the Racing Act and NZTR are the “causes”. Treating or dealing with a symptom achieves nothing....go treat the cause John. There’s your 101 lesson for today, take it on board and go teach that thick bastard de Lore the same lesson John.
  11. poundforpound

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    A couple of observations. Firstly Brian de Lore and The Informant. I accept he meant well but his toxic contributions in The Informant were never going to endear that publication to those from whom they sought resources.....why would you support your enemy ? Secondly, John Allen only implements the law, The Racing Act, so you cant blame him for the industry’s issues. Nor can you blame the NZRB, I mean salaries are salaries, market rate is market rate, you get what you pay for, you pay peanuts you get monkeys......and despite the ranting by de Lore the historical efficiency audits claim the NZRB is in fact efficient and effective based on comparable operations ( not sure which but maybe West Australia or Galop France ). I do agree the new betting platform is a dog but is that John Allen’s fault ? I’d have thought his IT department and whomever advises the NZRB on betting activities should be made accountable before John Allen. The truth is that racing is buggered, well horse racing is, but that’s as much the fault of NZTR and the club’s as it is that of John Allen and the NZRB. As an industry we have ( as a code ) massive resources at our disposal, but we seem incapable of using them well. Fixing Racing is one hell of a job, virtually impossible IMO, but blaming John Allen for our problems, problems that he inherited, that preceded him, and wanting to sacrifice him is like blaming your snotty nose because you’ve got pneumonia BTW I want to dispel the rumor I’m on the new RITA board ....I was asked informally but declined because I’m too busy. I’d have been great though.
  12. poundforpound

    Felaar was ok

    We’re very patient RR and we like to be close to the action so he’ll be coming home after one more start, despite an approach from a top Australian stable to keep him there and they’d train him for nothing I just hope we get decent ground for the Ramsden in a fortnight.
  13. poundforpound

    Marsh starting $600k colt at Caulfield...

    He was ok, got back and wide but was strong late. I think he was 6th but with a bit more luck he’s 3rd or 4th. He’s no 2yo.....in England they’d call him a “back end” baby and run him in a nice maiden at Newmarket just for practice. He’s that sort of horse. He’s more a miler type and will be a nice guineas horse next year. One thing he has got in spades is attitude, as in great attitude. He’s got a bomb proof temperament and I personally think that’s a very valuable trait.
  14. poundforpound

    Felaar was ok

    He went ok considering the state of the track. Still a work in progress but worth giving him one more run on the tour I thought. Little Mick Dee liked him but did say he couldn’t quicken on that sticky track. It’s obvious he’s some way off the top handicappers, but we’re very patient and he’ll improve one day. Over to you experts...your thoughts please