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  1. He had to ride … when you’re a jockey there’s huge pressure to deliver… but check how he rode it…he knew it was a “minefield/skating rink” and he rode accordingly
  2. Mmmmm….with all due respect NZTR doesn’t understand and cannot comprehend the Covid rules so this masquerading outrage is rather hollow The reality is that the RIB is clearly not fit for purpose and those in charge have insufficient knowledge of racing
  3. You have to ask yourself why they can completely ignore the rules when it suits them, putting lives at risk, then pervert other rules as it suits to victimise licensees Time for a very big shakeup in my view, before this ends badly
  4. My impeccable sources tell me that one of our most senior jockeys, his name rhymes with Thief, inspected the track pre races and advised the head stipe there were serious issues that could jeopardise jockey safety… but the head stipe decided he knew better and that he’d use the jockeys as crash test dummies Sadly our stipes and judiciary are looking more like a third world shambles every day
  5. Operation Inca is entirely and totally substantiated by narcs and RIU disinformation Allegations of blood doping, betting irregularities, race fixing……but not one conviction and not one shred of evidence to support the claims of the narcs
  6. Yes we know that all English staying horses are jumpers with shite actions …but we didn’t know in advance that that race was going to be a canter and sprint We also know your excessively long, slightly uphill, training techniques remove all the speed from their legs That said the horse had been at Moodys for three weeks and we’d presumed he’d improved it ( wouldn’t be hard ) My view after the race, it’s over the top and needs a spell ..it’ll come back with more speed next preparation
  7. Reported by a “racing person” through the SPCA, who then sent it to MPI ……stipes on the day saw nothing….the connections were all happy
  8. Put your house on Spanish Mission the place
  9. This kid has an impressive team backing him, at every level He’ll be fine .. he’s actually not a bad kid …. and karma will take care of those orchestrating the campaign against him
  10. True ?? Oh well if he has expertise he deserves the job I suppose
  11. Remarkably similar to CWJ…..judicial harassment Gentle rider just like CWJ This complaint through the SPCA / MPI came from a “racing person”…..same as CWJ
  12. He didn’t do that at all, on the contrary he merely slid his hand down about 8 inches down the grip to change the point of balance
  13. So help me understand how a soft rubber handle is any more “improper” than padded flaps ? Particularly given that the point of balance of a Raceday whip is at the end of the finger grip handle so this reverse technique has no power any way The only issue here is that NO ONE has done it before It’s rather like the time David Walsh carried two whips… WP might be a bit of a handful but this charge is b/s and they’re just harassing the kid … there was NO animal cruelty and no abuse here It’s time the RIB was given a decent overhaul and get rid of these small minded officious