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  1. poundforpound

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    I got that 96 pages info second hand, I wouldn’t take it too seriously / literally. Anyway we’ll all just turn to the exec summary, read that, ask a patsy question, have a cup of tea, and go home
  2. poundforpound

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    Indeed, a great bloke, and a big part of a great Racing Family. Condolences to Patrick’s Family. RIP Patrick
  3. poundforpound

    Dangerous life of a Jockey

    A beautiful story. The most impressive part of which is how he empathizes with the horse, the “I’ll take care of you, and you take care of me” connection. The great jockeys do that, but sadly too many jockeys, riders, horse people still think horses can be bullied and beaten. I also wonder how the many harsh jockey critics out there feel when they read that, noted most of them have migrated elsewhere, but I’m sure their ignorant and toxic attitudes remain.
  4. poundforpound

    Unbelievable What a Champion

    Yes, I’m inclined to be a bit cynical but I’m a disciple, she’s the best I’ve ever seen, and we’ll never see a 7yo mare doing that to a G1 field again.
  5. 1. Te Rapa R6 #3 Close Up 2. Randwick R4 #1 Fiesta 3. Randwick R5 #3 Spin 4. Caulfield R5 #1 Long Leaf 5. Randwick R6 #7 Kementari 6. Caulfield R6 #1 Sunlight 7. Randwick R7 #1 Le Romain 8. Caulfield R7 #2 Black Heart Bart 9. Randwick R8 #10 Smart Amelia 10. Morphettville R7 #1 Dollar For Dollar
  6. poundforpound

    Harsh penalty

    Just shows how dangerous it is to give multi vitamin injections raceday though, if they’ve got VB12 in them. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/aug/14/robin-bastiman-banned-racing-three-years-bha
  7. poundforpound

    A Plug for HQ restaurant

    Thank you for your kind words.
  8. poundforpound

    Riccarton Results

    Have to agree with Phillipe.....it’s a bit bizarre when you want to reward mediocrity and punish excellence.....next thing you’ll be voting Labour. Whatever happened to inspiration, ambition, and a thirst to be the best ?
  9. poundforpound

    The Curragh

    She was great again, but as is the way sometimes in France they only went along at a nice three quarter the first 800m. I’d love to own her though, when you get a good genuine mare they’re diamonds
  10. poundforpound

    The Curragh

    This is what I wrote about Alpha Centauri on June 23, and given that I’m the best judge around it follows that when I label one they’re definitely the real deal Anyone see her win The Coronation last night ? Go watch the video, she’s a serious horse, and she broke the track record but 1.5 seconds !!
  11. Someone set up a book so we can have a bet, I’ll back myself to beat this lot if anyone will give me 50/1
  12. poundforpound

    My only bet for today.......

    I note admin is covering your arse now CBT.....editing all my frank and honest posts about you.....fxxk knows why because you deserve to be humiliated at every opportunity
  13. poundforpound


    I don’t know anything about gypsies, but I watched the race and I’m a bit bemused by the reports that he won easily, he looked fully extended to me. Any thoghts ?
  14. poundforpound

    My only bet for today.......

    Living the dream....... Are you embarrassed and humiliated after yesterday ? That thing is greener than the grass it ran on, head high in the run ( did flatten out late though ), crabbed sideways, hung left, and ran nearly a second slower than the sprinters......you’ve got no idea, although you’re entertaining.
  15. poundforpound

    RIP Nick Columb

    He was a colorful thread in the tapestry of Racing. RIP Nick.