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  1. poundforpound

    This ring a bell ?

    And he took over Dick Hern’s West Isley hard where I used to work, awesome yard. I note he says he trains at East Ilsley now, that’s about a mile away
  2. poundforpound

    This ring a bell ?

    Why haven’t we got the courage to give the critical jobs to Kiwis ? NZ is unique......they should utilize our unique kiwis like Dean McKenzie and Butch Castles, and get a Kiwi like me to re-write the silly fucking handicapping model that’s ruining our racing This is from the UK overnight An MP has called on racing to end a sequence of damaging public arguments and begin working together after three Cheltenham Festival-winning trainers launched a ferocious assault on the BHA on Wednesday. Laurence Robertson MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Racing and Bloodstock Industries Group, said such disharmony was deeply damaging to the sport. However, in a letter to the Racing Post, Henrietta Knight, Mick Channon and Charles Egerton lambasted BHA chief executive Nick Rust, criticising his handling of the sport and equine welfare and accusing the regulator of hiring too many Australians, who they claimed lacked an understanding of jump racing. The trio took aim at numerous decisions over the last three decades, blaming the BHA for increasing summer jump racing, producing an unnecessarily large programme of mares-only races and over the licensing of some trainers. They also derided Jockey Club Racecourses for making alterations to the jumps course at Haydock and for closing Nottingham to jump racing in 1996, a move they believe has made it more difficult to prepare horses for major fixtures at Cheltenham and Aintree.     Henrietta Knight: one of three trainers to attack the BHA Hugh Routledge In the letter, the trainers labelled Rust as “clearly not qualified” for his role, and rebuked him for comparing horseracing to sports such as hare coursing and fox hunting when referring to the need to have a proactive approach to welfare during a recent interview. “The incumbent CEO is clearly not qualified to be involved in this process as he demonstrated by his absurd analogy on Sunday comparing racing with blood sports,” they said. “His inability to grasp the relevant welfare issues facing racing – precipitated by the greed of the racecourses – and by presiding over an expansion of an underfunded fixture list with a horse population which is staffed inadequately, moving fixtures out of the core season to summer jumping, the plethora of mares-only races that will weaken the breed and distort pedigrees, racecourses over-racing and racing on false watered ground, and licensing trainers with unsustainable businesses are some of the welfare issues of the time that need addressing.” This latest spat comes after an onslaught of criticism directed at the BHA, including a fallout with trainers over the directive for all jumps horses to wear hind shoes and controversy over bans handed out to jockeys following the running of the National Hunt Chase at the Cheltenham Festival, leading to accusations from trainer Henry Daly that the body was "sorely misguided and misrepresentative".  Laurence Robertson: wants racing to work together and stop fighting David Pearce Robertson, the MP for Tewkesbury, urged the sport’s professionals and regulator to engage in constructive talks to find solutions to problems and cultivate a more positive image of the industry for those outside racing. He said: “There are so many disparate groups and it’s very unfortunate people feel the need to attack each other. It doesn’t help everything constantly spilling out into the open. “It can’t be good and it would be better if these matters could be resolved in a sensible way. Communication is a big thing. If you can communicate with the people you are working with better than how you are, then they are going to be less aggrieved. Fairness is another side to it as they want to feel they are being treated fairly. It can’t be good [for the sport] to see people so publicly falling out. “I am hopeful the BHA will improve and I have been fairly critical of it in some ways over the last few years, particularly around engagement on the funding issues. They are listening more now and are determined to move forward while taking on board some of the things that are said. I do have a lot of regard for Nick and [corporate affairs manager] Ross Hamilton, who seems a sensible voice too.”  Sir Anthony McCoy: concerned by the staffing at the BHA Edward Whitaker  The staffing of the BHA was highlighted as an area of concern by Knight, Channon and Egerton, particularly focusing on a belief that employing Australians was having a detrimental effect on jumping, views also aired by 20-time champion jockey Sir Anthony McCoy. The letter said: “It is also rather surprising that after a series of highly questionable appointments, we are still hiring people from the Antipodes, a region where they have successfully placated the ‘angry brigade’ and regulated jumping to near non-existence. Have we not got the necessary expertise nearer to home? “Due to the lack of leadership over the last two decades, the culture within the BHA and the lack of knowledge of the people they have chosen to employ, the BHA has become a liability and detrimental to the future survival of our industry.” The BHA received the backing of sports minister Mims Davies at last week's Cheltenham Festival, while Rust insisted on Sunday that the regulator's approach on welfare was driven by changes in public perception and the desire to keep control of racing in the sport's own hands. Nevertheless, the three trainers called on racing to work together to bring in a new BHA chairman to offset what they feel is the desire to put commercial opportunities over the best interests of the sport. "Nick Rust’s patronising interview confirms the urgency for the horsemen to start exercising their influence in the selection process of the new BHA chairman to avoid yet another disastrous period," they wrote. "If we do not implement what is best for the long-term interest of the horse, and not be swayed by the best commercial argument at the time, racing deserves everything it will get coming to it." Jockey Club Racecourses was unavailable for comment on Wednesday. Quote
  3. poundforpound


    My mate the banker ( household name he is ) took his mate the car guy into a quarter share in a horse with a very well known syndicator ( not DCE or Albert ) After two years of paying significant fees they proudly announced the horse in question was ready to trial....as a late autumn 3 yo.....and thus it needed to be registered, and while they’re there let’s give it a name Imagine how thrilled they were when on registration they found the very astute but mathematically challenged trainer / syndicator has sold SIX one quarter shares. That’s a man who knows how to add value !! I said to the banker “we have agencies to lay a complaint with if you wish”.....his reply.....”fuck off....I’m so fucking embarrassed that I’ve been rogered up the chutney when I’m supposed to be a detail man who specialises in the fine print that I never want the world to know about this”......and so he just took it like a man....
  4. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    So do you think Erdogan or his advisers would’ve googled this rubbish from NZF whereby they demand all immigrants adopt “ NZ values “ and behave in a manner aligned with “ Christian views “ Help me understand which part of this shite is not racist and anti Muslim David https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12134425
  5. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Cyclical....because every three years ( that’s a cycle ) he rolls his xenophobic policies out so his red neck grey haired old disciples can sit in their rocking chairs whilst dribbling out the side of their mouths, and leaking urine everywhere, and rant about Muslims and commies whilst conveniently neglecting to mention that a) everyone is an immigrant in NZ, or b) that the new wave of fresh blood drives our economy and pays the welfare benefits for these leaky old bastards who worship the other subject of this thread.
  6. poundforpound

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Read the bit about WP visiting Indonesia and Turkey. Is this not brazen hypocrisy ? How can you reconcile his xenophobia with this obsequious statement ? Christchurch mosque shootings: Simon Bridges says 'emotional' staffer deleted migration petition after shooting - NZ Herald https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12214017
  7. As an industry are we going to continue to support our Minister given his cyclical xenophobic anti Asian stance ? Two thirds of the world’s Muslims live in Asian countries...one billion plus people....yet we apparently support ( some would say worship ) a Minister who has historically peddled an anti Asian & anti immigration manifesto for years now. You need to make a decision after Friday’s tragedy because state sanctioned anti Asian / Muslim policies might win votes amongst the red neck community...but they also fuel the fire of and empower the alt right populists. I can only presume Winston is cringing with embarrassment given his past, and I know this industry will be in denial about this, but it’s fact, and we need to have these conversations and decide exactly where we stand and what we’ll tolerate and accept otherwise we’ll degenerate into the worst of what we see in Queensland and some USA states. Any thoughts ? Or should we just chug along with our blinkers on and pretend this sad chapter never happened ?
  8. poundforpound

    Sign of the times but going to get worse

    Can you show me the data that proves a correlation between higher stakes and what you claim to be “ larger fields” please ? A hint......ask Lord Lucan......or go check what happened after Fairtax......absolutely fucking nothing because there is no correlation This is the greatest myth perpetuated in racing FFS....and that’s why modest mid week meetings often draw bigger fields than say Ellerslie on a premier day.........and why The Derby doesn’t even get a capacity field any more I guess you may have meant that with less opportunities horses would have to race whenever they could so that could drive field size up....but if that was a factor why don’t you just disincentivise trials and incentivize actual racing, that’s easy to do, make racing completely free, no cost to owners, and make mid week racing penalty free ( ratings wise ) for horses who haven’t won a race in the last 12 months
  9. How good are those buttons on his shirt !! Under more pressure than my bank balance and they never looked like flinching
  10. You’ve shown your ignorance again, mind you you’re very easily fooled This is “ egg boy “.
  11. Don’t evade the question spotty....tell me about “egg boy” Yes I’m looking forward to the weekend racing too, the two best horses in NZ are racing
  12. Egg Boy ? What egg boy ? You scramble his eggs under a blanket with Michael Jackson ? Let me guess, after the F1 you got a ride home on the tram with Hamilton and Bottas As for not having a bet on Hamilton after you’d declared him a certainty here......of course you didn’t......0800pathologicalgambler......denial is the cardinal sign you’ve got a major problem ......
  13. I see you stopped Hamilton, you ball tamperer
  14. poundforpound

    Sign of the times but going to get worse

    I didn’t actually mean to attack you Breeder, rather I was ( as you’ve implied ) reminding anyone interested of the stupidity of both NZTR and our funding model ( granted that’s The Racing Act ), all compounded by the lunacy of the handicapping model we’re applying........
  15. poundforpound

    Sign of the times but going to get worse

    But Winston ( through his appointee saviour Messara ) thinks it’s ok to rob the ( fairly ) rich but vulnerable clubs to pay the ( fairly ) poor but greedy owners their extra stake money. It’s not unlike me wanting to build myself a brand new ten bedroom house that I can’t afford......but demanding you give me a few acres off your farm that I can cash up and use to fund my new house. What’s wrong with that ? That’s how this current coalition government works, you just take the hard earned assets of the wealthy and give them to those who haven’t worked for them and won’t appreciate them. They call it capital gains tax.....we call it The Messara report.....