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  1. Will this mean the RIU staff who alleged Equine Blood Solutions was the epicentre of a performance enhancing blood doping operation will escape censure and not be held accountable ? Ditto the senior investigator who told the Organised Crime Group that “taking a blood” ( off a horse who ran poorly ) was “blood doping” ? Heads have to roll over the lies and deceitful chicanery of Inca .. from the original narc, to the two dodgy licensees who sneakily worked with the RIU, the dodgy expert witnesses, and the RIU staff who lied to the Police to inflame then validate the investigation
  2. What does Tim Vince think ?, and could he comment on his historical treatment by the RIU, and Alexandra Park please
  3. Any chance this is related to the catastrophic damage done by the unprecedented failure known as Inca.... and to protect this RIU staff and advisers who were at the heart of Inca ??
  4. That’s not correct Leo “gets into” those involved with the prosecution of Inca....the liars and fabricators of evidence......Leo is right....Inca is a catastrophic failure in every possible way
  5. Let’s agree on two things that are facts I actually do shit, I get things done, and I make a significant difference to Auckland. You don’t. I own nothing with you, and definitely what you grandly describe as a “substantial asset”. I do however own many other assets but you are the least likely person I’d ever choose to partner with in any investment opportunity
  6. Why would I dodge it you stupid old fuckwit ? I consider community work an honor, a duty, a social responsibility, and a privilege .... and that’s exactly how I see this penalty Do you even begin to understand how much community work I do now, and what I’m actually involved in ? Don’t be a brain dead retard all your shitty low achieving life you tosser What about the lady in the Auckland court yesterday who was fried on P, looking after her marijuana patch, and shot her partner of fifteen years dead ....dead.....she got 400 hours community work !! What about the ex g
  7. A high risk of prejudicing the trial !! His two subsequent trials were judge only affairs and resulted in nine more convictions for rapes etc.....and they attracted a concurrent sentence !!..... on top of his murder sentence, so he didn’t serve an extra day......nine brutal hideous offenses against young vulnerable girls, and not another day in jail for it
  8. Hand on your heart....do you honestly believe the racing industry is better now ( as in cleaner or more reputable) than it was twenty years ago, or forty years ago ? BTW I don’t hate cops, or all ex cops, I work with them every day in my business and most of them are just fine. Even the RIU has at least one very good and fair ex cop. What I hate is corruption, abuse of authority, or corrosive behaviour based on ignorance, or worse still, spite and revenge
  9. Put any industry under microscopic surveillance and you’ll find a proportional number of offenders ..... better still turn the microscope on the cops themselves.....they’re infected with sex offenders,, rapists, liars, evidence fabricators, perjurers, gang affiliated members, criminals and drunks.......and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  10. There’s no credible evidence in the Inca case .... other than evidence of the RIU’s incompetence and bitterness, and the fact they misled the Police, either by lying or purporting to have expertise in subjects they had no such expertise in These collateral charges are largely a manifestation of the ex cops desire for revenge, to justify the absurd Operation Inca It seems their view now is to find dirt on as many industry licensees as they can, to contaminate everyone involved, to taint the code and Canterbury, so that when Inca fails, as it inevitably will do, the ex cops can claim,
  11. Trainer fined after 'expressing opinion' | RACING.COM https://www.racing.com/news/2021-04-19/news-industry-trainer-fined-after-expressing-opinion#/
  12. If there was a molecule of credibility to these absurd allegations the RIU would find genuine experts from somewhere on the planet to use as expert witnesses As I’ve said a thousand times, there’s NO EVIDENCE, NO MONEY TRAIL, NO BETTING IRREGULARITIES.....there’s fucking nothing McIntyre and Ydgren are both compromised witnesses anyway, with agendas, “axes to grind” .....for different reasons....but neither is credible ....just as DS Jenkins is dodgy too, ditto KS the original narc. Once this is over I’ll post some of the Police evidence here, and that supplied by the RIU staf
  13. And who’s the RIU expert witness lined up to give sworn evidence about BO.......Nigel McIntyre isn’t it .......what’s his record like ? 8 wins in total from 170 drives if I remember correctly
  14. My view is that I’ll stand with the Purdons, Dunn’s, Orange and Co any day, ahead of the narcs, nillers, losers, and evidence fabricators
  15. It is with much sadness that I have to advise “cafers” and the industry that one of our great disciples has slipped the surly bonds of this world Chris Weaver just rang me to advise that Ernie’s wake is this afternoon Ernie passed suddenly He'd been in good health and fine spirits, doing what he loved, playing golf, telling stories, and punting on Kiwi horses Ernie was quite young by today’s standards, and those who’ve been around will remember that he was the head of Mercedes in NZ, and raced some decent horses here, including Sedecrem Ernie was a good bugger, and