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  1. My views follow, and I’m known to be a harsh critic 1. Saundry. I can’t see how he’s put a foot wrong to date. He seems approachable and engages readily 2. Camo. He’s as kiwi as I am, he’s “been there done that” across many sectors. He gets shit done and he has vision 3. Parky. He has racing in his blood and he’s very experienced in sports management and hospo, plus he’s a GC 4. Sharrock, same deal, he’s connected in racing, keeps good company, he’s very well connected across the various sports, he has passion, energy, vision, and he gets shit done Given the inerti
  2. Best NZTR line up we’ve had in my time .. potentially anyway .... they’ll deliver, even in this difficult environment
  3. Don’t worry i got one today from a Nigerian Lotto company saying I’d won $78 million but they’d transferred it to the wrong bank account ... all they needed was my correct account details and they’d sort it first thing tomorrow I can’t believe my luck
  4. No idea Don’t know who the Shark is and I didn’t recognise the dude doing the talking
  5. Great mare indeed, in NZ and at mares level in Ozz It’s absurd to compare her to Sunline though, given that Sunline won a couple of Cox Plates, one by about 6 lengths, and consistently flogged champion older males across Australasia and Asia Compare the prize money, Sunline was 20 years ago and she won 14 million, MB has won half that .... that says everything That said MB has been a great mare, and beautifully trained The fact she’s still sound is fantastic, and a credit to her connections, but yesterday she sent a signal to all, she didn’t want to be there and once an
  6. Great piece of work Turnip and Jenny Hope you got the $$$$
  7. So Thad, Steve Hunt, Popps,, and a guy I don’t know are dissecting the 1400 G1 sprint at Te Rapa Guy who I don’t know has just declared that they should ride Levante more forward Can anyone think of a horse like her who was ever ridden against her natural pattern and performed well ? In my experience if you ride them upside down they finish upside down
  8. Steady Bobbit They don’t like facts on here, and they certainly don’t like those who’ve actually done something significant in the racing field correcting them
  9. His FB page says he’s from the UK so presumably not a resident here Might be a smart play to put him on a plane home
  10. Justin Bergman accused of invading race track at Wellington Cup Day - NZ Herald https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/justin-bergman-accused-of-invading-race-track-at-wellington-cup-day/GGFAY53JHCA5QMOBRXQ2S5GGEA/
  11. Don’t forget the suffragette Emily Davison who ran onto the track during the Epsom Derby in 1913 and was killed by a horse owned by the King .... one might suggest this lunatic deserved a similar fate on Saturday, and was only saved by the fact NZ jockeys are better than their UK counterparts
  12. It appears they’ve now bought a boat and they’re out watching the Prada Cup... good to know your pokie money is being spent wisely
  13. Anyone else having trouble getting the KM night videos to load on NZTR site ??
  14. It’s becoming fairly obvious to me ( but I’m sure someone will argue that I’m wrong ) that Jamie Richards is a once in a life time training phenomena First four home yesterday, five on the trot ...... and yes I know he has a great team behind him, the unsung hero being Snooze, but he’s doing things that’ve never been done before Maybe we’re in the company of greatness