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  1. John Oatham must be the best rider in NZ by a long way surely … otherwise how is it that he’s forever telling the stars like J Mac, Billy Pinn, and whomever else he decides to harass, what they’re doing wrong ??
  2. Something of a rhetorical question…..given that “the boot” was a legend of his time and could probably have kicked it a furlong on a good day, with a slight tailwind
  3. Indeed, for my old mates Bevan Wilson..from Dunstan..he’s 5 days older than me….and Robyn ( née Cochrane ) Today feels like a step back in time …old style racing with the cream rising to the top And now Ellis Winsloe wins the last…I was first jockey for his father Ted for a while …I ride 14 winners that Ted trained and owned, yes owned, with his mates, as in had shares in, in one racing calendar year ….and the old bugger only gave me one modest sling It’s a bit of a nostalgia day today I have to say
  4. Today is our day to shine How good is Riccarton ? Dummy and Mark Oulaghan ( West Coast is a nice big horse, good action for a jumper too, might be really good on decent ground ….Cheltenham or Melbourne ?? ) .so old school those two, so humble, but so great at what they do Special mentions The young lady who rode a winner for Paul Harris, Temyia Taiaroa ( any relation to Arnold ? ) the joy on her face was palpable Pitty, I love his pithy rants, says it how it is and gives anyone and everyone a spray ..unless you’re producing a track like concrete, or SH1, then you’re exe
  5. Sunloon is probably right, it is winter form. He’s a nice actioned horse though, very clean and efficient, and he has lovely rein .. ….he’d give you a good feel I reckon What say you Turnip ?
  6. Better type than those NH / UK jumpers Berrifruit and Stodge keep tipping out Melham: He's a proper horse | RACING.COM https://www.racing.com/news/2022-08-03/news-review-melham-hes-a-proper-horse
  7. Agree, they don’t come much better than Robbie He's given a lot to the game and deserves a long happy retirement
  8. I’m very disappointed to see me go, as you clearly all are….however might I say, as I leave the stage, that this is a fun comp…..I clearly don’t have the required skill set to pick losers ad-infinitum….….but I’ve done my best to be a loser, like Chris Thomson…..and I’m looking forward to the next iteration of this LGL …bring on.the spring
  9. The Valley - Race 5:#4 Rudhyar Morphettville R1 #2 Nishikado Good luck fellow losers
  10. Having a threesome is fine…….as long as your wife’s involved
  11. Need to prove it !!! FFS man… can’t you see a stayer when it’s running in front of your eyes He’s ten lengths better than those milers ( if they ever put a hood on him ) he’s only doing 3/4 pace in the Sussex, and the way he races so relaxed off the bridle he’ll be 15 lengths better at 2000 He’ll win both the 2000m races by whatever he wants to on the day, unless he’s over the top at the back end in his last go, or something goes amiss in the race
  12. Stodge is your racing piñata
  13. Unlike you I’m not a six fingered ankle deep mud lover from the Naki …. Give up while you’re behind “banjo boy”