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  1. Probably because there were mitigating circumstances that haven’t been reported, but have been factored into his sentence Why wasn’t it considered serious enough to arrest him on the night of the assault ? Who persuaded the victim to reconsider and go to the Police later ? Was the RIU involved at all, and if so in what capacity ? In my experience there’s always three sides to every story ... I expect the same will apply here
  2. My thoughts Inca has taken many good people to very dark places ... financial pressure, reputational damage ....the relentless lies told to the Organised Crime Group to keep the inquiry going as they tried to find “something” I’d never excuse domestic abuse but sometimes, just sometimes, there are mitigating circumstances that should be considered before judgement is passed
  3. David Vandyck has sacked the horse, well actually it’s the owners he’s sacked ... too hard to train for The horse has kissing lesions on his spine anyway so his prognosis is guarded, however it’ll be interesting to see if any of the top echelon of trainers will take him on They're saying they want a Victorian or Sydney stable’d be a brave man/woman indeed who’d say yes to this opportunity and all the drama that goes with it
  4. And that proves the Police were lied to and misled by the low xxxxx at the RIU, motivated by Selinger who’d orchestrated his evidence This wasn’t your average garden variety Police, this was The Organised Crime Group... read their bio.... major international crime, drug cartels ... international fraud .... they were misled but a cluster of ignorant buffoons and ex cops who wanted to be famous .....and now ten million dollars later they’ve got NOTHING to show for their investigation, fucking nothing... 37 search warrants , four years of investigation and they’ve got nothing ... meantime t
  5. Not sure The original narc had an agenda The dumb ex cops at the RIU had no idea about racing but thought this was their “moment of glory” based on the disinformation provided Their expert witnesses were all low achievers and gave really bad advice They collectively persuaded the Organised Crime Unit this was a huge rort It wasn’t, and it never was That’s been proven as Inca has collapsed Is there any part of the above you disagree with, and why so if you do disagree please
  6. What exactly was the purpose of Inca ? i aak on the basis that the original narc was trying to settle a score for a civil dispute gone wrong ...and he was assisted by some pretty average ex cops and the corrupted RIU .. with some help from a bitter and twisted Detective Sergeant from CHCH ... and some harness folk who really should’ve known better
  7. My view I sympathise and support Mark & Nat totally I barely know Mark, and I don’t know Nat, but I’ve read the shit that was said in the Inca investigation, the actual evidence, and I know who from within your code worked with the Police ... and who the rotten apples are within the Police So many lies were told ( the same lies told here, presumably by the same people ), the character assassination, the bitter jealousy, the rumours, the defamation, blatant fabricated lies, the slur about the Equine Blood Services .... it all takes a toll and when you consider what these t
  8. I copied this from the New Conservative post above ( who are they? Anyone know ? ) Can I just say that whomever is responsible for this shit is a class A wanker, it’s suspiciously reminiscent of the lies told by the Inca informants to the Organised Crime Group, including but not limited to Grimstone, Jenkins, the RIU staff, and the narc car salesman who it’s claimed started it all, Kyle Selinger There appears to be a lack of investigation, follow-through and enforcement. Questions need to be asked as to why the practice of blood spinning of horses was allowed and Equine Blo
  9. poundforpound


    Andrea Quinn from the Organised Crime Unit has admitted to industry sources that they have nothing and they’d like to wrap it up ... but they’re being forced to keep going by the RIU, presumably Grimstone and the vituperative and jealous low achiever Jenkins They're trying to get some experts out of Australia to find irregularities because their own expert witnesses are hopeless low achievers who’ve done nothing in the industry, and this have NO credibility They're also ringing retired TV presenters trying get them to help find betting irregularities ( there are none ) Meanti
  10. Really interesting response.... six months to adapt their bones .... NSW trainers want Racing Australia to take over Melbourne Cup
  11. Absolutely ... and it takes years to get the body to lay down that bone density The science behind it warrants a book so I won’t ramble here
  12. Parky has a long association with racing His stepfather was Tom Lalor, a very good trainer from CHCH He also has huge experience in sports and hospitality Re Bruce Sherwin, about bloody time his extensive skills were utilised Can't help chuckling at the thank you “well done” note to Jackson, Carter, and maybe even Rick Williams I’d like to see their positive contributions itemised ( I don’t count turning up to meetings as an achievement )
  13. Tragedy as Melbourne Cup horse Anthony Van Dyck dies - NZ Herald
  14. It’s an extraordinary appointment and very hard to fathom why He’s undoubtedly a talented and effective poly, and loves sports, but racing ??...... something doesn’t fit this jigsaw puzzle
  15. My view You train them for their entire careers uphill on straight line fibre or wood chip tracks, with a bit of grass occasionally You then race them at their prime at Epsom on a twisting track with a significant downhill section ( just when they’re quickening up and most vulnerable ) What do you seriously think is going to happen ? Their bones aren’t prepared for it You need only look at Werribee, so many UK visitors break down there when they’re only doing light work in quarantine because the surfaces and turns are so vastly different and their bones simply aren’t