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  1. poundforpound

    TAB account “favourites”

    My “favourites” function is not working. I can still store them but the email reminders that I have a runner seem to have been disabled. Any one else having problems ? Thanks
  2. poundforpound

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Didn’t they announce that they were looking at The Cox Plate ? Besides Ernie, she did win a decent G2 race in Queensland as a late 2yo didn’t she ? She’s not a bad mare champ, and seems effective at 2000, I’d have thought the Matriach or The Emirates would be realistic targets for her if she’s not fried after Hawkes Bay
  3. poundforpound

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Totally agree, a superb effort from all concerned
  4. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    If Begoodtoyamother, Dreamforce, Libertini or Avilius win an awful lot of blood is going to be spilt.
  5. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    Randwick R7 #3 Dreamforce Thanks Can you post a leaderboard please team
  6. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    “Kiss of death” this week Hastings R8, Melody Belle
  7. poundforpound

    Another one FFS....

    Another Horse Dies At Santa Anita, Bringing Equine Death Toll To 31 Since December | HuffPosthttps://www.huffpost.com/entry/santa-anita-horse-death-zeke_n_5d81db37e4b070d468c3c949
  8. poundforpound

    John Allen

    But you lot say exactly the same things about every CEO of the Racing Board. Brown.....”we’ll be the envy of the racing world in five years”....”and my CV is as genuine as Donald Trumps tan” Bayliss....”you can’t snort a line off a female employees back and not wonder about her hopes and dreams”. .................... “ we’re shifting head office to Parnell because it’s closer to the airport “ And JA.....well to the best of my knowledge he didn’t do much wrong other than maybe not deliver on the new betting platform. My point is this....you’re never satisfied, you level the same criticisms at every CEO....have you ever stopped to think that maybe the board structure is a dysfunctional ass, that maybe the legislation is unworkable, and that just maybe the industry is fucked, the model is broken, and NO ONE can fix it.
  9. poundforpound

    John Allen

    I’d be worried, and mainly because if JA thought there was genuine hope he’d be inclined to ride this rough patch out.....but there is no hope, and it’s certainly not his fault. In the interests of his own reputation he’s taking the only sensible option.
  10. poundforpound

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    All my sources say the worst is yet to come. Sadly I think they’re correct, we’re simply living beyond our means and it has to stop. There is no obvious viable manner or strategy to increase revenue or profitability, and I’m not even sure it’s any one individual’s or entities fault....we’ve just been left behind by society and the industry is not sustainable in its current form.
  11. poundforpound


    The news is all good with the legend It’s with great pleasure, and the approval of Donna and Richard himself, that I can post this picture of him taken today. He’s got a way to go, the speech is not quite there yet, but no different to how he used to talk after 27 beers, but his progress is nothing short of miraculous. From last week when he could squeeze your hand but little more, he’s now making bad jokes, and laughing at himself. It’s such great news because as you’re all aware there’s been some depressing disinformation circulating. I’ll endeavour to keep you posted if and when there’s something to say.
  12. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    The competition is designed to play with your mind, it’s all about risk and reward, and strategy. Simple risk takers, losers, and garden variety fuckwits invariably fail at this game.....
  13. poundforpound

    LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries

    Go Tommo......for once in your miserable life I want you to get it right with Mystic Journey....if only to get rid of Kloppite out of the comp
  14. poundforpound

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    Why aren’t you Caliburn..has Ebor line of form
  15. poundforpound

    LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries

    Flemington R6 #7 My Pendant Thanks