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  1. poundforpound


    Mitigation certainly doesn’t save lives .....it just means less of the vulnerable will die initially, and less strain on the IC units, but the viral infections and epidemics will continue for a far longer period because you have no herd immunity....each time a new epidemic spike occurs the government will enforce another shutdown probably localized, offer more financial aid, borrow against GDP, this causes a weakening of the economy until you see a collapse caused by the yo-yo effect....and then what ? You've still got no immunity .....you’d better hope for a vaccine within a year, or we’re in quite some trouble
  2. poundforpound


    Early call that Maybe read the Economist before you make that call ... they’ve got an excellent piece about mitigation ( flattening the curve ) and isolation that suggests it’s a flawed strategy ... whereas exposing “the herd” to the virus will quickly bring immunity for all, admittedly with significant deaths amongst the aged immuno-compromised community Hindsight is going to be a great thing
  3. poundforpound

    Thank your lucky stars

  4. poundforpound

    dean mckenzie

    Steady fella Stiassny yes.....as I kept saying he could only play the cards he was dealt by a hopeless system / legislation John Allen ..see Stiassny Dean McKenzie ditto... Typhoon and open bet....bullshit right there, I don’t understand them so wouldn’t have endorsed them, but what I might have said is that you must invest in R&D ...no business grows without R&D, but often it doesn’t come off Stick to the facts fella
  5. poundforpound

    Thank your lucky stars

    Thank God for your blessings Think for a minute about who you could actually be in lockdown with Stopper Thomson Slam Dunk Saundry Carter Jackson The RIU Any Australian A unwashed Englishmen ( is there any other type ?) Eddie fucking Jones Harry, Meghan & Archie Trump I’m just saying be positive, stay strong, there’s always someone a lot worse off than you...like MIA Jackson’s missus or Victoria Carter’s old man
  6. poundforpound

    dean mckenzie

    I don’t have sufficient understanding of the second question to comment. Re Q1, if racing signed their IP away then no, if however they haven’t signed it away as some part of an NZRB / RITA broadcasting contract then clearly the industry owns it ....but don’t you need a partner to sell it for you ?
  7. poundforpound

    dean mckenzie

    Why did he accept the pass ? or why was it ( IMO ) a hospital pass ?
  8. Don’t drink before you post David ... better still don’t drink in isolation Help me understand the Viaduct comments ... just bitter jealous spite or have you thought it through ? I happen to think you’re correct but given your limited intellect I doubt you can rationalise and articulate clearly any reasons for your comments Have a go mate ....
  9. poundforpound

    dean mckenzie

    Bit bizarre.....Dean took the ultimate hospital pass.....the Messara report was airhead stuff anyway, orchestrated at short notice by Winston because he didn’t have a coherent racing policy and now proving to be largely inapplicable ......if you want to judge DM do it in a few years time
  10. poundforpound

    This is the future......

    Australian marbles allowed ? Sandpaper anyone ? Underarm delivery ? Soaked in female hormones like Alligator Bleeding ?
  11. poundforpound

    Why not Racing ?

    The reason you should all be angry is because this government had the capability to enforce isolation by installing a cell phone app at immigration......the technology is there and available, it’s being used widely across the globe.....but these fucking liberal civil libertarian airheads didn’t use it......and now hundreds of thousands of people are gong to lose their jobs, the economy will collapse, thousands will die including the vulnerable little kids on chemotherapy ...... this is a national disgrace and a withering indictment of this snowflake idealistic government and you should take that into consideration when you vote Note the sycophantic media won’t tell you this truth....that’s why the silly cow exempted them from lockdown, so they owe her a favour and they won’t expose this crowd for what it is ...hopeless
  12. poundforpound

    This is the future......

    Fuck the red & green marbles ... I’m just going to keep backing that cobalt fucker that glows in the dark
  13. poundforpound

    This is the future......

    I’ve seen one other marble race that’s better than the one posted here....a cobalt blue marble leads, gets checked badly, then fights back and wins Post it someone please I propose we get marble racing started immediately....it’ll be more fun that NZ winter racing anyway, it’s safe, in house, I’ve never seen a sore marble, the stipes can fuck off because we won’t need them, we can all interface somehow, maybe Skype, Bevan’s Weenie can be the common tater and tell us how the red marble looks in great nick, and why the grey marble is best rolled from behind....I can’t see any likely corruption, the track will always be consistent if we do it indoors.....there’s no downside, and even more importantly I reckon I’d be a great marble trainer and I’d top the premiership .... Besides I’m bored shitless and I need a distraction
  14. poundforpound

    Lockdown...Paid Holiday for Managers?

    Not very often I defend PETONE...bit I’m going to..on two fronts 1. they’ve petitioned government to make racing an essential service so the horses can be looked after properly 2. if they’ve blocked you that’s their finest hour because you’re a fucking wanker
  15. poundforpound

    This is the future......

    Marbles would be easy to feed and house wouldn’t they....no jockeys required....your nearest sand dune is your track....no Trackside drones to listen to, .....carry the entire field around in your pocket.....there’s an opportunity here and the best thing about it, it doesn’t involve Petone or the RIU Who breeds marbles, where do you buy them ? does anyone else think that blue one looked like cobalt ?