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  1. I didn’t suggest it was a C19 climate issue...I just consider this a very tricky operating period and it’s been that way for a long while, and it’s likely to remain so for some time We’ll be having the same discussion this time next year....and that’ll be a tricky period too. I sense a “head wind” for the industry for the next few years if that matters, only my opinion of course
  2. I’m no accountant but that does look a very good result considering the climate we’re in
  3. Police Media Centre press release
  4. McGrath evidence para two
  5. I tried to post some photos of evidence I have here, but there’s too much data to upload I’ll make a statement then post the three photos individually ( I have thousands of pages if anyone from the media is interested ) One photo is how the National Organised Crime Unit describe themselves and their activities ..... bear in mind that in Inca the total money trail amounts to $260, although the defendant says that after expenses the figure is actually $60 in total...yep that’s $60 in total The second photo is from the recent McGrath JCA hearing in which it says the RIU prosecuting team told the JCA it had no idea the Police were investigating the race fixing allegations by way of surveillance techniques The third photo is from the Police Media Centre release in December 2018 that claims the RIU and Police were collaborating on this investigation, a fact backed up by the recurrence of one particular name numerous times in the Police evidence You decide who, if anyone, is lying, and why ?
  6. Clearly they haven’t factored in my relationships with politicians and Ministers at the absolute highest level. You can’t spend in excess of ten million on a witch-hunt said to be orchestrated by the RIU, in conjunction with a disenchanted civil complainant, and not expect to be made accountable
  7. Nothing to do with Inca though, completely different matter as you must know
  8. Certainly no problem for me FYI Operation Inca charged me with a criminal offence because I told the truth about this matter...and I suspect because I was an expert witness for two defendants.. I’ve got a lot more truth to tell yet but I’ll bide my time until Judge Neave completes his dismantling of this case ... now Inca has withdrawn the charges against me, not that they bothered me anyway.....it’s hard to intimidate someone who’s just being brutally honest and mocking your incompetence Besides, the RIU effectively breached the suppression orders when they immediately suspended the licenses of all those charged, after the media had announced in advance what was about to unfold...before those charges had even entered a plea... so charge the RIU, why don’t you ? This whole Inca exercise is a disgrace and in terms of abusing the principles of justice and wasting Police resources it’s rivalled only by the Teina Pora murder conviction, which like this “persecution” had absolutely no solid evidence to back it up Note to team Inca... don’t bother threatening me again... I have the right to free speech and your attempted intimidation & bullying of me is only adding to the narrative, in a less than positive way
  9. So dear old Denis Quirck ( sp ?) was the company accountant .. then he was made the handicapper ( clearly they think the job required no specialist skills ) but dirty Denis got caught by the RIU having a little something on the side... so lost his sweet little number ... but no real or effective discipline resulted ... just shift him across the building to a new job.. then they appoint a retired and not very useful jumps jockey in George Strickland, who won’t ever be on Mastermind .... and George ( who has often claimed handicapping is just formula and model based with no subjective input ) proceeds to give two horses at Riccarton the wrong weight ten days ago, one of whom won by four. A very observant licensed trainer picked the mistake up post race and advised the authorities They did nothing useful The result of the race stands George remains unpunished So does Denis Quirck if that matters Now ask yourself this. If a trainer left a lead bag off what would happen ? If a jockey weighed in a kilo light what would happen ? What would happen to the owner by way of collateral damage ? The punter who’d backed the horse ? Why is it that starters, handicappers, stewards, groundsmen, and all salaried staff for that matter, can do whatever they want, recklessly and incompetently, but they have immunity from penalty, yet every licensed person is bullied and abused without recourse or respect for the slightest indiscretion ? Just asking for a fiend
  10. I think you know I meant Teina .. he had foetal alcohol syndrome and was intellectually handicapped with the mind of a 9 year old .. didn’t stop the xxxxx from locking him up for 22 years ... just for fun
  11. Nine QC’s !! ......my guesstimates say each defendant is well into 6 figures in legal fees by now, and at least one is over the 200 grand mark...this is going to go down as the single biggest waste of Police resources, and the greatest travesty of justice since the poor mentally handicapped Teina Pora, he who had the intellectual age of a nine year old, was jailed for a murder he never committed, that the Police had no evidence to support, but the cruel xxxxx put him in jail for 22 years The similarities are staggering .....but as Shakespeare said “ he will be hoist by his own petard “ ( or something very similar )
  12. They will be hoist with their own petard...... it’s coming on multiple fronts.
  13. The cost of the Police operation will be well over 15 million and almost certainly over 20 million. It is The Organised Crime Unit after all, not just the regular Police The first recorded involvement of the RIU ( in the Police evidence ) is September 2016 There’s no way of knowing what the RIU has spent but I can tell you only ONE RIU name keeps popping up in the Police evidence They still have no money trail, nor do they have any betting irregularities At the last pre trial hearing the defendants were represented by thirteen lawyers, nine of whom were QC’s ......one single defendant was billed $41,000 for that four day pre trial hearing attendance The cost to the industry is staggering....for nothing...... Judge Neave is dismantling the crown case....meantime Operation Inca wasted more time laying criminal charges against me....then withdrew them last week after we asked for disclosure This must surely go down as the single greatest waste of Police resources ever, nearly four years investigation if you include the RIU, covert surveillance for 160 days from Invercargill, to Forbury Park, Christchurch to Blenheim, Alexandra Park to Cambridge, to Palmerston North, nearly four years now, motels, hotels, rental cars, at race meetings, airports, phone taps, trailing cars late at night, for what ?, for absolutely nothing ( as yet anyway )
  14. The first question any reasonable person should be asking right now is how and why did the Organised Crime Unit get involved in Inca, and what relationship have they got with the RIU or its agents As Judge Neave dismantles the crown case it’s becoming more and more obvious that there is NO money trail, there are NO betting irregularities ... all they’ve got us a bit of racing banter and some very dodgy insinuations from their expert witnesses The Organised Crime Unit is dedicated to large scale organised crime, usually with an international connection, not minor racing misdemeanours There’s going to be one hell of a story told here if and when the cost of this farcical exercise becomes public knowledge