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  1. poundforpound


    Of more importance I want vegans to stop eating my food’s food
  2. poundforpound

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Only because of MMP....and many will view his political career with contempt and vile disdain because he’s a political parasite without a mandate to govern
  3. poundforpound

    say NUP to the cup protesters

    There’s a few things they haven’t done Shaved their toilet bits Used soap Ditto toothpaste Had a job
  4. poundforpound


    I’ve had a message from Kate She’s hurt and I can see why. That interview wasn’t for racing people, it was oriented toward the wider community and hence the questions might not have been as racing focused as you’d ideally like Be nice though team, everyone has feelings and Kate means well, and she’s good for racing
  5. poundforpound

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    That accurate and substantiated article describes exactly what WP is as a person....a liar....a fabricator of the truth....and a bully who uses disinformation to protect himself from those who wish to expose what he really is ....
  6. poundforpound

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Ok, Starship it is then. I’ll advise details in due course and give the recipients Scooby’s contacts so he can convey messages to the donor (s) Am I gifting both prizes or just Talks ? Thanks
  7. poundforpound

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Scooby, Talk has generously donated his prize as well, to someone who’s had a rough time of it this year I have some ideas and unless anyone can think of a better idea I’m going to approach Starship hospital and offer the prize to a non AUCKLAND based family with a child in Starship long term, as in a family living here temporarily whilst their child is undergoing treatment Anyone object to that ? Thanks
  8. My reckoning is that Talk won first prize, a $500 HQ Tab. Kloppite was second, a $250 HQ Tab, but Scooby is awarding Kloppite’s prize to someone deserving A reminder, these prizes are not transferable and must be used before the conclusion of the 2020 yearling sales series at Karaka. Toblerone, is that all correct and as you see it ? Thanks for taking part.
  9. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    Let’s just agree that if MB wins, and both are chutneyed, then Scooby will award the prize to someone who deserves it and advise us accordingly Thanks
  10. poundforpound

    Toblerone, kiss of death

    Steady.....I have many letters before and after my name, I rode a bit myself, and I have many friends amongst the jockey ranks, active and retired, both within NZ and abroad. I find them charming and intelligent, I have no problem relating to them and so I can’t understand why others don’t, unless you’re the one coming off an uneducated ( riding wise ) base.
  11. poundforpound

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Why ? That’s very minor and quite manageable
  12. poundforpound

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Had wind op a few days ago, lasered his entrapped epiglottis, should help him
  13. poundforpound

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    He’s off to be a sports horse ( they’ve announced )
  14. poundforpound

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    Kiss of Death this week, Catalyst in the 2000 Guineas at CHCH