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  1. Some interesting changes NZTR Directions Paper.pdf
  2. I'm guessing our policeman in the north has had the dream result? He was double jabbed and caught covid, so now he is all but certain to only have mild symptoms? And because he has the virus he will now have natural immunity for life? And won't need to worry himself with boosters? Unless one of the next variants is so much different than delta that his natural immunity to delta is worthless? If this virus worked like chicken pox, wouldn't we all be best to attend a delta party two weeks after our second jab?
  3. Our radical socialist government and media are destroying this country at an alarming rate. We are not the only country intent on self destruction, amazing what the democrats are doing to the USA. China will be laughing their heads off
  4. Garry Chittick on costs As you get older, the level of cynicism increases. According to my wife, a cynic I have always been. There may be an element of truth in Mary’s view but in this woke world a degree of cynicism is more than ever required. The Webster Dictionary says cynicism is neither good nor bad but requires balance to avoid slipping into pessimism. It may be the hardening of one’s attitude as we age that is our ability to view current times through the fading eyes that have s
  5. Big difference in stake money as well, between Timaru last weekend and Riccarton this Saturday
  6. Is it possible to download Race video from the nzracing site? If so, how? Thanks
  7. The two northern meetings received a one hour preview on Trackside TV on Saturday morning. First I heard of Ascot Park was three minutes before the first race? Unfair comparison?
  8. I was one of many Southlanders at the NZTR roadshow in Invercargill last week. Bernard and Jackson spoke about a few things, one being, that punters want the consistency the synthetic track will bring. Kelvin Tyler, Steve Blair-Edie, Jo Gordon and Ellis Winsloe all spoke clearly and strongly against the synthetic track at Riccarton, citing the damage it would do to South Island racing, race programming ie they need Oamaru and Timaru to stay, and funding the on-going maintenance costs of the synthetic etc etc. Everybody else who spoke was against it too (except maybe one, and I don't know what
  9. I'm also sick of hearing Dean and Winnie blaming our failing on corona.
  10. If the closure of each of 15 tracks on tomorrows list doesn't provide a significant economic efficiency then the decision makers are fked. If they do not keep the best racing surfaces that also have the best track sizes - that would increase off-course betting then they are totally fked. Because on-course betting is obviously not a priority either. Plan B? After the over 60's and their flip phones stop betting, and betting continues to decline - it will probably be time to sell another dozen tracks?
  12. Could we put a synthetic on Ihumatao? Seriously though, surely the 40k for the sacred paddock is coming out of the maori 90k?
  13. Like the three codes working together, which might lend weight to keeping the best dual code venues, and even the tri-code gem in Invercargill...... What is the future for Forbury?