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  1. Fermoy you seem sick in the head, laughing at people's misfortune. Perhaps you've had too many boosters ?
  2. Here is Medsafe's official list of REPORTED vaccine injuries
  3. I think it is best for the health of the industry that the jockeys and trainers delete their scanners off their phones
  4. I bet you are. Put your mask, earmuffs and blindfold back on
  5. Then why the mandates? Why the vaccine passes?
  6. Doubt it, he will be vaccinated
  7. I enjoy it Berri , Can you move it to main street please Scooby? Cheers
  8. Surely this latest dusty yarn is just a rumour, more chance of the vaccine limiting the spread than the latest Gayford yarn to be true
  9. In the UK they arw dropping mandates as they had a release of data. They had to release how many people have died solely of covid. The figures which are 180,000 WITH covid have now dropped to 17,000 Of covid in 2 years. To put that in perspective 20,000 people die of flu in the UK EVERY YEAR. So less people have died from Covid alone than the flu....
  10. Yes that is fair, don't mandate an injection for the young and healthy because you're scared the injection doesn't work for you. You can hide if you're scared of omicron
  11. Getting back to the Covid Passports, I've got a question for the passport cheerleaders. Say I'm a fat old man going to the races at Trentham, I'm ready to flash my passport at the gate but I'm getting held up in the queue and I'm already feeling a bit vulnerable in the crowd despite having had my booster. Once I'm in the gate I shuffle over to the back of the stand and begin to climb the stairs. Because I'm fat and old and used to be a smoker I take my mask off to climb the stairs, while I'm sucking in the big ones some ignorant young bastard that is running down the stairs sneezes r
  13. Because the vaccine does not stop us catching covid or spreading it, the vaccine passports are useless. Us vaccinated people only have a 13% better chance of avoiding covid than the unvaxxed If we are slightly worried about avoiding covid at the races - then the only way to have a safe event is for people to show a very recent negative covid test. Ideally the saliva test at the gate, or even better would be the breathalyzer if comrade allows it.
  14. Some interesting changes NZTR Directions Paper.pdf