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  1. Can I ask you Leggy who paid for these gates? The Club or NZTR(either directly or indirectly via a loan or some other arrangement - NZTR being quite prone to paying for major expenditure via stealthy methods).
  2. We have the same thing here. Everytime daughter plays basketball there is a 'thanks' ribbon across the scoreboard thanking(among others) the NZ Racing Board. Always said the NZ RB should insist on signage saying 'NZ Racing Board supporting local sport' or something akin to that to generate more positive publicity for the industry from that sort of donation. I think they gave them $10k for the scoreboards.
  3. Suspect he will see through that BS simply because of his vast experience. They will blather the corporate speak and he will cut through it(maybe not directly with them but certainly in his report to Winston. The big question is how much credibility will Winston give Messara's report and how much sway will his officials (Glenda and John) have to moderate his actions. I cannot wait for Messara to report and even if a lot of small Club's and courses go by the wayside(us included) this is the best news for NZ racing in years and years in my opinion. The only thing to rival it would b
  4. Yeah I knew I had mentioned it (about a hundred times at last count) but just like to poke the tiger regularly. I'm pleased Campbell was useful to you guys cos he was only a pain in the arse for us. In fact one time when they were trying to shut us down and he came down and as an aside referred to 'those wankers on race cafe'. He may not have used that particular term but that was the gist.
  5. And did I even mention that we had to pay for our own because little Campbell at NZTR went dog and wouldn't support our application to Winnie's Racing Safety Development Fund? Campbell was great when it came to poking his oar into how we run the club but when it came time to actually do something useful and helpful little Campbell was nowhere to be found.
  6. Course ours are a bit special cos the have to be steerable (is that a word?) from both ends for when we go to Hoki. Thats why we don't have numbers on the gates - it would be terrible confusing for the jockey drawn one to go into a stall numbered twelve.
  7. Been there done that. Fascinating how they go together and I was the second one to push the button!
  8. No didn't go Ohokaman. One of my committee did though and I have heard nothing so it cannot have been overly impressive.. I am so disillusioned with the way it is going and the impossibility of getting any traction with these guys that I simply could not be bothered wasting 3 or 4 hours and $60 worth of gas getting there. What i do know though is they needed numbers 'for catering reasons'. Presumably a 'free' scoff and drinks at the industry's expense. Now we occasionally have a meeting of all clubs here and we certainly don't all gobble industry funded tucker at such times. The
  9. Remember the time poor old Tom Wood was halfway through calling the race and that terrible woman singer was still booming out over the loudspeaker?
  10. Big call. Tommy Smith never spared him even after he had broken down. And they didn't set the tracks up to suit him in those days either. Two unbelievable horses but Dufficy and Radley were surprised the other day when McKee effectively conceded that Winx was better than Sunline. Wonderful wonderful horses from different eras and how good is it to have lived to see them all?
  11. I doubt there are too many are there? Unless they are career dairy farmers with no debt. I guess a dairy farmer has the option of getting out of the racing game but it may not be as easy to extract themselves from the farm business.
  12. Been a real problem in the last five years or so. The previous CEO had an empire building mentality and promised the farmers here the earth but delivered merely massive losses and a seriously impaired balance sheet. On top of that the banks have totally lost confidence in the Coast (farms that is) so the guys are getting squeezed income wise and also by the financiers. One instance I heard of had a debt of $20m - the bank put them under and could only get an $8m offer which itself fell through. At the height of the boom it would have been worth a lot lot lot more than the debt but whe
  13. Not lately they haven't. And despite having a flash new CEO who appears to be doing a great job turning the Company around Westland will pay less than Fonterra this year as well. The Dairy industry is akin to the racing industry in that the blokes producing the product are at the whim and mercy of the overpaid fat cats at the top who have forgotten who ultimately pays the bills. Both industries are afflicted with Boards and Executives who go off on tangent schemes then when the proverbial hits the fan and the (inevitable) enormous bill comes in they suddenly decide to retire 'for person
  14. Anyone know if Princess Coup has produced anything of note? Ray may have been lucky to be only the underbidder
  15. If you go as bad as Insider is predicting James you will be welcome at the next Reefton meeting. Good luck Champ cos you deserve it. The punishment far far far outweighed the crime. You backed your own horse ffs! Could I ask cafers for an opinion as to who brought Aussie racing into greater disrepute - James McDonald or Damien Oliver? I know the rules changed so don't bother going there.