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    tim vince

    new training partnership

    Champion bloke.he has huge experience hope he not lost to the industry.i don't think I have ever talked to Alan when he ain't got a smile on his face.
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    Was in there last Thursday CBT , a dozen for just $25 and very nice ! They have photos of famous NZ personalities like Sir Ed and Sunline on the wall and I suspect one was of you !
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    Captain of Titanic decides to work collaboratively with polar bears waiting on icebergs.......
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    tripple alliance

    Trump written off

    It won't make any difference who the Dems choose , their credibility is totally shot and there are huge splits developing , on the other hand the few Republicans that don't like Trump will fall into line or take the huge risk of their own supporters tossing them out . Exoneration , splitting straws , demo bullshit , Barr said no collusion , no collusion so no crime therefore , if there is no crime then there is nothing to obstruct , so no obstruction , no collusion , no crime , total exoneration .
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    bus stop

    WAIPA RC - Te Awamutu GONE!

    Do we need to go back to less midweek race meetings. Racing is becoming a bore with wall to wall racing its just like being married to the same partner for a time and you need to spice it up so its something to look forward to.
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    Did the oysters work Tassie man?
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    Class Records at Addington over 520m

    How bad is that? unbelievable , How did that system stay in place for so long/
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    When Winsome Ashley set the C3 520m record at Addington on 30.11.07 she stopped the clock at 20.83 which was also a track record. A February 2006 whelping by Hallucinate out of Winsome Dollars she was owned by the Pave The Way syndicate and trained by Jean and Dave Fahey. In that remarkable 2007/2008 season Winsome Ashley won 4 Group 1 races and set 3 new track records. Also remarkable was the fact that this outstanding bitch was not Greyhound Of The Year. The points system in vogue meant that this honour went to the sprinter Pizza Girl.
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    My Two Cents

    Class Records at Addington over 520m

    I’m picking there’s a typo with the time you stated, 29.83 maybe? 20.83 over 520 would see the lure burst into a ball of flames halfway down the back straight!
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    There will be some great post race interviews when Cooky trains a winner with Mr Wallace !
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    I don't think this is a case of doing backflips.once again prof hall has done a thorough job and come up with a verdict.whether u like it or not the judgement is thorough and fair.its the system we work under. This case has not been heard by the local plumber.prof hall credentials are impeccable. accept and move on.if riu think he is wrong I guess they can appeal as per the Lawson case.. The sad part of all this a great fellow and great horseman like Gareth has had enough and I believe he's chucked it in.so like someone found innocent in court they are still victims when they win.
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    Trackside Radio - what are you doing

    Was listening today , had a bet at Menangle race 6 . Got 3/4 through the racecall when they jumped ship to a greyhound race. Never went back to the finish . A Greyhound race call last from around 30 (actual running time) seconds to a minute. Surely they could have stayed with the manangle race with about 30 seconds left and got the finish, recorded the greyhond race and slotted it in straight after.
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    As they have been doing that for decades im surprised you had not noticed that earlier
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    Trackside Radio - what are you doing

    Brains was never one of their attributes
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    My Two Cents

    Brian Martin

    Awesome, hopefully this means he maybe making a return permanently. Best greyhound race caller in this country hands down. Let bygones be bygones and move forward. All the best Brian and hope to hear your calls again very soon.
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    NZB Weanling, Broodmare & Mixed Sale

    We've previously bought alot of lower priced broodmares, weanlings & other stock at the May Mixed sale. Have't been to Karaka to any sales for about 3 years now. Have done all our buying online - sight unseen, unless local & easily viewed. Has actually been far better. Have been able to contact vendors prior & find out more about the horses on offer. Anything with issues we've known what we were taking on, rather than at the sales - where in numerous cases - we found out after! Far more cost effective for both vendor & purchaser.
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    We're Doomed

    I'm wondering..

    I have been wondering about this massive problem the industry has and how it has all come about. For some strange reason I had a look at the NZRB website recently. It occurred to me that the whole website is virtually about the TAB, rather than any form of governance or leadership for the industry as a whole. In my early days in Racing the industry was run by the Racing Authority, whose primary responsibility was to make sure Gallops, Trots and Dogs all played politely together and were efficiently managed so that they combined to form a coherent racing and gaming industry. The TAB was purely a service organisation that managed betting operations. They had no role in the running of the industry. The people on the Racing Authority were all Racing people, who all raced horses and had a stake in the industry and often successful careers outside the industry. We now seem to have the situation where the Racing Board is primarily running the TAB and the actual Racing industry is purely incidental. I think this is why the powers that be think they can appoint people to the Board that have no racing knowledge. They think they are just running the TAB and the main skills they need are to spend $79m wisely on new computer systems. I think this explains why the basics such as handicapping systems in both horse codes, dates and programmes have been neglected, and facilities have been left to deteriorate on most courses. One of the first things that is needed to try and stop the slide is to have an organisation solely in charge of the three codes and to have the TAB as a separate entity out to the side purely running betting services for the good of the industry and not interfering in things they don't understand. The TAB could be run by all the exiled civil servants, and an actual Racing Board could be run by Racing people. So it may be that the slide started when the Racing Authority, or whatever it was called at the time, and the TAB were merged. Perhaps they should be split again. They don't seem to have achieved much as a merged entity.
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    I'm wondering..

    That was the purpose of the TAB when it was set up in 1951, a system for wagering not governance. Now the tail wags the dog.
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    There seems to be a lot of people against “track closures”. I’m not sure why? Golf Clubs merge and benefit greatly as do the members of merged Clubs. The National at Victoria’s Cape Schank is a prime example. It bought a “heavily in debt” Club, absorbed their membership and invested in that Club to improve the course (Long Island). As for Race Clubs, the most successful Race Club in Qld is Tattersalls Racing Club. It has a 152 year history, hosts the richest G1 race for Fillies & Mares (The Tatts Tiara) and conducts 4 Race meetings per year and is profitable. Guess what? It doesn’t have a race track! It rents the Doomben and Eagle Farm courses at a rental agreed incl it’s staff for race days. Why can’t that model work in NZ and with merged Clubs could become stronger. How much would the Trentham land be worth as a residential or light commercial development site? Why couldn’t they merge with say, Otaki, and build a new facility there? Just an example. Riccarton land must be worth a lot? Anyway, there’s too much talk and not enough “action” in NZ racing imho.
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    Surely you mean WRP awoke from a coma and said “ giv’us a disprin and a large one, double double, on the rocks, plus a pottle of Brylcreem, a full length mirror, and 20 Rothmans “
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    WRP will use his leverage over the Labour Party to extract funding for at least two AW tracks, maybe three tracks largely from Shane Jones RDF......but that’ll solve nothing because the need for AW tracks is but a small part of our problems. Meantime the NZF Labour coalition will break down ( it always does with WRP ) because NZF In unelectable if it’s perceived to be committed to Labour.....then the ever strengthening Labour Green axis will prevail at the next elections next November, and they won’t need NZF ( presuming NZF even reach the MMP threshold ) and so we’ll be left on our own again, then when the Nats get back in, they always do, we’ll be even more marginalised as an industry. You'll have your AW tracks, but you’ll be fucked because you have no leadership, no vision, no functioning plans....and a system of administration that’s so corrupted and inept that it couldn't and won’t work under any circumstance Here’s your very appropriate analogy. The industry is an alcoholic. NZTR is a brewery. The regional clubs are home brewers Winston is a bottle of whiskey. The Trainers Association is a bottle of very low alcohol beer, and a box of donuts Enjoy the gutter and sleeping under a bridge in a wet sleeping bag racing industry..........and guess what......sadly the worst is yet to come Yes I’m being a bit dramatic but that’s how it looks to me and I’m usually correct
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    I think we should shout the All stars a course at the newly established "Abernethy Charm School for interviewing techniques on track " much more interesting ...
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    do we need track after race interviews ?

    Do we really need "on the spot" interviews. Surely that is what the press is for! My pet hate though is that interviewer (usually O'Connor) manages to get into the photo that i'm sure the owners want to hang in their man (or woman) cave. Sorry, but if it was my horse I would be rude and say "Bugger off - this is our moment and our photo", or perhaps another word I learned at school in the Naki!
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    john legend

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    thanks TU, just read it in full. Most of it reads as though spoken by the mad hatter at the tea party with Alice...!! Over 50 years of betting to me it is simply unbelievable !