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  1. Some Clubs , including Eljay's have modernised their constitution in recent years and are now governed by a Board of Directors [between 3and 5 elected by Club members] and up to 3 x Independents who are chosen by Board. The Board not the members chose the Chairman and vice-chair.Directors are elected for a 3 yr term ,with rules in pace to prevent a 'position for life'. The reasoning for all this is that a racing club now deals with complicated issues ,encompassing many aspects other than Horse racing and the relevant skill set is there to manage things and not risk the Clubs assets etc and to grow and sustain the Club. Things like expertise in Development and Apartment building and selling and various legal and compliance issues ! This attracts highly skiful and qualified people and various Industry stalwarts among members back them up and if more votes needed then family members join the club for more voting muscle ! AS a result a battling or maverick member would struggle to be voted on ,as there are many passionate members who love the Club and been members a long time.Most don't make any discontent apparent at the AGM ! In saying that Eljay would get invited on to sub-committees to perform some tasks ...at times !...and he has ! Smaller clubs would struggle to fill a committee at times especially those who face their busiest time of year around Xmas /New Year when most people relaxing. Some would struggle to get a quorum at their AGM....not Eljays club , they enjoy a Buffet meal and drinks after their AGM.
  2. Dunno if credit cards have reached Blenheim yet but the accounts for the 2019 full year noted Merchant Fee recovery to be $4,576,000. Noted as income derived from Credit Card transaction fees charged to customers !
  3. LightsOut above makes some excellent observations above....it sure is a question why Credit Card fees so high......surely there are other expenses/recoveries included in that line Close to $5 mill seems a lot ! But the narrative obviously designed to mention a few roses while overlooking the weeds !
  4. True , but keep in mind that depreciation is a book figure and not cash .Plus the NZRB/Rita was always charged to pay out to codes their surplus. Hence there was nothing for a rainy day or to spend up on the new Betting platform. Herein lay their problem ,accentuated by the new platforms teething issues. Plus JAllen had been hanging his hat on the imminent windfall.....Racefields legislation , Point of consumption Fee ,and abolition of Gambling Duty.Duty alone had been $13 mill in 2018. So they had been paying out more than they earned for a good few years , with these changes in mind ! Unfortunately they made little apparent effort to slash costs such as salaries.In fact they wanted a 'world class ' betting system with hundreds of thousands of betting options per day [especially in Sports] which in view of NZ's size seemed questionable. Plus they were trapped by the lack of a collaborative approach from the Codes as a whole thru Regional bias etc which has dogged the Industry for 50 years as all towns regions want their track in their town.....this has been sucking the Industry dry ,yet even after Co-vid and the basic Insolvency of the TAB folk are still wanting to retain these distant venues with little horse population that are costing both owners, the communities and the TAB a small fortune to service. No one wants to change !
  5. Obviously not as bad a result as many on here predicted but it covers the period up to January 31 , a date when things really turned to custard with Betting Platform issues and leading into the outbreak of covid which really hit home the lack of equity . The commentary is careful to accentuate the positives where the numbers compare favourably with either previous year or with budget. No sales figures for codes , but hints that Sports betting continues to increase ,ditto gaming /pokies . It mentions the higher balances of external borrowing which will become apparent in year end Balance Sheet along with the lack of equity and basic insolvency. IMO the key statement is "the serious structural issues within the Industry and TAB business". And obviously nothing of any note had been done by 31 January to decrease operating expenses......co-vid certainly changed this ! Before folk ask the Board fees, travel accom , Consultancy ,Audit, legal ,and merchant fees are always included in notes under "Other expenses".
  6. Definitely Ellerslie..... very good facilities if you introducing any new people/employees to racing. Helpful Board ...unpaid too ! Decent cup of coffee !
  7. Sadly John the cake has been shrinking and getting smaller every year......decay and rot in some cases. Last season betting on Harness was down around 13% , which should equate to less funding. Something needs to be done ,but Harness folk can't agree exactly what. The halcyon days of 1970's won't be repeated ,if they were in fact so good.......... What would you do the improve profitablity of Harness and future-proof of the sport ?
  8. Yes it did operate.....Aussie racing etc but boss Dean reported at the time revenue was well down , and sports dried up except for some obscure sports like TT and Volleyball. The Table Tennis was from Russia ,Ukraine and Czech and TTNZ did well considering in recent years they received less than $100 [yes ,one hundred bucks from the TAB commissions !]...these were local leagues only! And it took a while to layoff staff etc so redundancies and ongoing leases/rents no doubt caused bleeding resulting in guvmint handout. As to paying Codes in advance ,I don't think this is possible , I'd guess monies don't hang around for long and the TAB is legislated to hold an amount called Betting Accounts and Vouchers trust to handle a run on funds/accounts etc
  9. Was the budgeted amount already in the coffers or was this what was 'hoped' for as the season progressed. One assumes the money doesn't sit around for long at the best of times ! Covid halted all revenue ,while many costs bled for sometime.
  10. Not necessarily my path ! Trying to get the answers/solutions out of Mikie who agreed the lower end needs more incentives. NZ Racing has for some time had one of ,if not the lowest , return to owners on the globe. Something ,well below 30 cents in $. I read somewhere that since payments made to all starters , 30% of horses earn over $10k in a season. Do the Math......training fees vary a lot especially South/North. Yet the licensed participants number has had little change in recent times ...NZ owners and trainers very resilient. Mikie has many strings to his bows...breeder , owner,trainer , driver , club secretary , funder , sponsor , great experience of the workings of many of NZ clubs and tracks and ties with the Industries leaders and decision makers. His views are of interest. I gather that you like me are an enthusiastic but amateur participant who makes the odd inane post on social media !
  11. Using your 'footy' analogy thats like paying club players more while cutting back on the salaries of International/ Star players. Water down Group races and it may sustain the Industry for another 12-18 months but the breeding side of the Industry would soon collapse as would ownership / betting /stakes and speed up the demise of even more clubs . Your club has been very well represented at the decision-making level for a long time so surely the word got through , the frail nature of the Industry must have been so very obvious ! So who would not listen , who or what clubs insisted on Harness travelling on the road to certain decline ? Answers please. The Earthquakes obviously hurt Christchurch for a while , while the ATC tried their own tragic path to try and future proof their future but what did the rest or the Industry as a whole do ! That's all behind us now .......betting on NZ Harness has been in steep decline in recent years and Aussies bet more on our races than we do ! The big question is what can done to try and sustain the industry and give our young participants some hope for their future !Answers please !
  12. You must be an antique to remember that...it was my neighbour EJ Didham who got the 99.I think he may have been winning on Baghdad Note at Trentham in July ,then popped across to the Melbourne Cup and won that for Otago ! Down the road a bit my friends neighbour RJS scored a few 90's ,including a high of 98 !
  13. Last night at trots there were 2 x operators on level one of stand where most people sat. Downstairs there were 3 x operators in the ATC TAB which is the busiest TAB in NZ and offers very good service. The 'crowd' was sparse ! That TAB also has 4 x SST's plus there is one at entrance. Not quite like Las Vegas with bet machines in toilet. After his time in spelling paddock eljay was a bit frisky last night. I feel confident a SST will be placed in 'his' area to make it a 5m walk instead of 42.5 m stroll. Also I suspect on the rare 'big' night there will be an operator there as well......that room's main use is as a dining room with loo's nearby.
  14. Haha Memphis......hope you safe and sound ! Of course there was "Longshot Harry" and "On A Pedestal" too in the FF. Lone Wolf.....may have one race but Lone Hand [Noel Eales] was a handy CD stayer who won Hawkes Bay Cup and often thereabouts in some big races !
  15. One thing for certain......there is a wide range of opinion re the weekly race guide. Older folk speak in raptures about the Friday Flash and the good old days. My Dad and I loved the FF .....the turn and finish photos , the selection tables Dad always took the horse picked by only 1 of the 5 to 12 scribes ......Gloaming ,Templeton , Percy the Place punter ,Cosmic Court , The Joker etc.But jockeys often not shown and not with the fields , track work pretty patchy etc.No recent form for horses.We loved Hoofbeats too...just photos.I bought Bloodhorse.RIP Cozzie ! The latest Raceform /Best Bets available had all this info but better [not photos] ,articles on breeding , personalities ,trainers comments......getting better each week.Distribution wasn't the best initially . Trouble is ,most of us ....certainly those that post on here have been there and done that , we are experts and legends in our own lunchtimes.I meet some of you in TAB's and at races.Some of us relish being keyboard warriors. Some just enjoy winding up others. We resent the journalists who write the stories and then we cry when they become redundant.
  16. Well spotted Mikie. It' a disgrace.......I suspect that the top rated horses in North are very thin on ground and mainly in the 3 or so most influential stables who are generally not to be upset ! Plus they announced that the 2 x top assessed races per night would be run for $12,000. In recent years 4 or less acceptors for 2 yr olds became non-Tote races for $2k stake , at least once there were fixed odds betting ! I see that they have relented on an Amateur event. Get those Nelson/Marlborough stables to lease or sell to the North.I see those Tasman boys doing well in the Rugby at weekend and Marlborough coach had 43,000 jafas cheering for him at Eden Park !
  17. Probably a lot easier to stay at home in front of Tele but I had to go ...parked miles away , a slower than usual gate entry for most ...a bit of small time entertainment ,a low flying plane with no flour bombs was the WOW factor ,an ovation for our Essential workers , a fun band ,a tug of war ,and a few racing bubbles. The other WOW moment was at the end when the kids were allowed onto the sacred turf to get close to players.Buying game food ,Chips ,hot dogs and expensive drinks is seen as part of the game experience.They offer a free flag. But now days there is no form guide or program ,teams go on the screen prior to kick off. Hard to follow substitutions and a lot whats happening. But sadly no TAB outlets , better profits in food and clothing.Long queues in some stalls at halftime.Many buses transporting folk ! Its one of those events that everybody wanted to be at......during the day. Better viewing at home but two well known teams including some household names and All Blacks ! 43,100 paying customers....good facility !
  18. IMO a resounding NO. However it is a great piece of land for the community.....playing fields and green space , housing and a bigger better market and Housie every night if required. Its no longer used for jumping races,while Auckland often gets a lot of rain in winter so no real advantage there.Their track last July was a good winter surface but the winter /early spring races the previous 2 x years were Heavy 11 with 1min 18 - 1 min 20 secs for 12oom. One meeting last season was cancelled for lack of nominations. The field size average is around national average 10.6 - 10.9. Ellerslie was 10.9 last season...both have a lot of small fields , and Avondale mainly has minimum stakes. Avondale mainly has declining numbers of and poor dates ,mainly Wednesday and Thursday but that unlike to change and the betting is average at best when compared with most NZ courses. As stated ,oncourse betting is very poor while off course is only average ditto export turnover. Clubs with Saturday dates should be at least presented to provide reasonable experience.....Waikato needs their fair share ,thats where the horses are and if costs are a factor transport costs and time need to be minimised.
  19. This is a pretty good summation. Ive followed Avondale's issues for quite some time and remember some excellent racing in the good old days ,tho I lived abroad during the night racing debacle. In particular been out to track for racing and trials in recent years , as well as talking to other participants . And it has been discussed on this site for some years as well. I can't see the point in slagging the place off , mainly because of its grim facilities and general 'personality' but its had its time and in 2020 even before the current crisis it was surplus to requirements. People just don't seem to want to go there.......can be hard to quantify ,other than the disgraceful old stand. It just doesn't feel inviting the climate seems different and spectators won't go. Travel in and out can be difficult for horses.There are next to no horses trained within 40km. The horses nowdays are mainly trained in the Waikato and Auckland has Ellerslie and Pukekohe to serve the area ,and IMO Ellerslie is an excellent facility for the big days ! Like the Sahara ,everyone knows where Avondale is but no-one wants to go there. Do something with it , decide who gets it ,move on ,course closed. I've got an Avondale Cup win to boost my memories and a photo with Helen Clark !
  20. I know how you feel Archer......I was with the wife in the supermarket and we saw the Soup on special so we bought a can along with some Lasagna.When we went to the Self Serve machine it would not give us the special price. We didn't have our Club Card so we had to join the long service lines. A wait there , impatience took over , so we dropped the soup in bin and returned to the SS to buy lasagna. Then wife couldn't figure how to complete transaction so she just left it and walked out.The supervisor who advised at start of transaction chose to ignore her. We showed them.......took a stand , gave up. Problem was I missed out on my meal !
  21. Wow eljay....you need to divorce the Whiners and Whingers Club Inc ! I was in a TAB for 90 mins on Friday night 4 to 6 and 3pm to 6pm Saturday ...approx.....not one complaint from the many enthusiastic punters there aside from the crap drive on #12 in race 10 @ Invergiggle. Their resources are scarce right now. Coverage much as I expected......saw everything I needed to see .....earlier races I missed and had an interest in I replayed on HRNZ website before I knew the result. I even placed about 20 x bets on the SST when the operator busy .....green and growing ,learned something new ! Plus....any concerns I do have ,I'll be forwarding direct to my Club and/or prominent Administrators. I'll try to avoid being an ESWOPNI........Easily swayed with other peoples negative Influence !
  22. I think a number of you were expecting a bit much......it certainly was much as I expected ,sure there were some pathetic races [ e.g. Japan] on show . But it is winter. Racing was 'Insolvent' or on the brink...it could not pay it's Creditors for the month ! A massive laying off of staff and saving of broadcasting expenses meant they were operating on a bare minimum skeleton operating staff. They announced there would be limited coverage. Their new betting platform has been a shocker ,my 4 yrold laptop doesn't gel with it at all in regards to betting. Since early last year it started to get intermittent then divorced itself. I decided to support Cambridge/Addington on resumption , and decided to bet more than the modest amounts normal on those meetings.So I reverted to 1970's and went to TAB 90 minutes prior and put on all my bets. Have actually done alright too ! No problem watching both races and Football [NRL] on TV and laptop which still shows actual racing. Winners comments don't appeal and Ricky's issue has been 'done to death' and received tons of mainstream and social media...'yeah/ nah' , I feel good and keen to get out there ! Facebook has had some great prerace interviews done by Andrew F ,the Armstrong kid , Jo ???? and the taxi driver and the Cox lady......great info. Maybe this streaming can be extended and become permanent.What they have done I think is FANTASTIC ! These early races were never going to have the recent trackside coverage which was at times 'Rolls Royce'. The bankrupt business had to get things moving ASAP to get some betting for stakes........when the going gets tough ,the tough get going ! Such uncertainty still , but the barebones operation is at least breathing again ,even if on life support ! Don't expect too much guys.....plus Facebook has been proactive, MG and the Whale talk from their bedrooms, trials on line , more trainers on Facebook than previous, some fields in Herald , all fields on line . Love the good oil from the taxi !
  23. I say good luck to Shane and his Counties Club for trying to attract a few more paying guests to the resumption of Racing. I notice how Rugby has talked up their resumption and the first weekends crowds have responded to the occasion with significant larger than usual numbers. We all know this normally is a tough time of year on racing calendar , winter and many horses may have not had the normal length preparation. A few weeks back there was great uncertainty for the Industry and the thousands who rely on it for their livelihood. Fields are uncertain ,but whatever is carded I hope the club gets good support and I for one will wish them well and hope to join in some way ! Now is not the time for slagging people off for their endeavours.
  24. Take note of this post.....nowdays even owners often will not attend a ho-hum raceday as their other interests take preference. Like golf , other sports , family sports and often work.Giving up 6 hours plus travel to a raceday is a very low priority. Other than a big or Group day it is unappealing especially in NZ where there are few if any household names in racing and overall the facilities are between average and atrocious....toilets , food etc. About 18 years ago I was gobsmacked when I had a share in a very good horse who was racing at a major track and I got flights ,hotel ,rental car etc and I went to races and my trainer who had won the NZ premiership said our horse had got him to the races that day as he much preferred to be at home on the couch with Trackside , home comforts and a relaxing beer.Even the ones putting on the show for a living didn't want to be there !Next trip ,club officials told me an hour before first I could not go to stables to talk to trainer and see horse i.e..We don't want you here ! NZ racing lacks volume for the many pools available to bet into.....trebles , pick 6 etc were good when they started as pools were OK and the divis OK. Too many options now....and many on here keep suggesting more.....crazy. We are not Hong Kong.....but we are close and similar to Australia and their pools much better. Aussies and Asians still have horse betting in their DNA . Kiwis don't......all my family and relations either hate racing or gave up on it in 1980's.Prior to that every workplace had a betting syndicate or Xmas club punt club among staff.I did a racing column in the rugby club newsletter. Now LOTTO is in Kiwis DNA while sports betting attracts the interest of millennials and online stuff part of the attraction too ! Its all much easier to follow. Around 2010 research found out that many kiwis thought racing corrupt etc.....Do we think the RIU has changed that ?Only 14% looked on racing positively. We don't want to change ,as Aaron said above we keep going around in circles, we just take joy from past glories when racecourses overflowed cos the only show in town. The TAB has gone broke , the Messara report has been dissected a million times ,we still seem to want to have the status quo so each town has a couple of meetings a year . Community importance, hahaha ,a meeting in June/July how many go ? 20 people ?Yes those in holiday venues in summer need keeping but the time is right ,its demanding us ,to start afresh with a clean sheet.Rationalisation , cut our cloth .Really just to save many of the jobs of those with lifeline interest in the Industry ....in breeding ,training driving etc. We need to help ourselves....close the shitty venues ,let the court decide who gets the money ,get rid of the overpaid incompetents who have sped up the demise in recent years. And get the show started again.....some trainers will be lost along with other workers ...sorry about that . More Australians bet on Kiwi races than Kiwis , over 60% of betting done digitally [and growing] , more and more tickets sold on SST's.Asians love a punt !Build on these facts ! The good old days are gone......things are much better now ! Lets start living...again. In recent times Super rugby crowds have been about 10,000 at Eden Park....40,000 there tomorrow.Any TAB or SST's available there.Doubt it ! None of us is as good as all of us !
  25. Lachie, Rocky Tryax was a Cup class pacer in 70's who ran second in NZ Cup to Lord Module....1979. History is well and good but the big issue is here and now. Pity you weren't in one of the 'big ' parties that folk notice in NZ politics ,with a say in how things run. Maybe involvement in the administration of NZ Racing could be a start point. Move fast as things going downhill fast !