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    Food for thought....

    Rugby in NZ has been in serious decline in recent years ,the one thing saving it has been WOMEN ! There's an idea ! But women won't go if facilities too old ! Now there's an idea ! But the tracks with good facilities don't race too often ,cos of mainly wear and tear ! Now there's an idea ! But too boring a day and nothing to see and do but hang around and wait ! Now there's an idea ! Owners given up in droves cos often hard to get a start and not like v like ! Now there's an idea ! Divi's too low cos too many pools splitting $ Now there's an idea ! People at top don't seem to know what they doing except draw big bucks ! There's an idea ! Piss off Tassie , spend your pennies elsewhere ! There's an idea !
  2. tasman man 11

    Auckland Race Caller

    Very little wrong with the regular caller Aaron White. A very good caller ,puts personality into his calls and is very accurate IMO. Yes Jason extremely good as well and he does a good job ....mainly small fields ,so not a difficult job on Firiday. He did get the result wrong on one finish and was a bit gun shy on the following race when three horses trotted for the line ! It is a tricky angle ,so takes getting used to but he won't be happy with that call. The winning owner was confused when we showered him with congratulations as he headed to the winners circle ,only to have to about turn !
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    Interesting the girls never got a brass razoo for winning....is it Professional ??? A good question when all the Countries playing the sport are in Commonwealth. Aren't the world sports Table Tennis ,Football ,Basketball ,Volleyball and Athletics ??
  4. tasman man 11

    Glenda Hughes scores

    I hope she doesn't catch fleas !
  5. tasman man 11

    One of the Best

    Correct.....I was there that night and he was a racecourse certainty who would have to fall over to lose....and he did...in the home straight ! I thought a piece of paper the reason. I think a horse driven by JBNoble won the race .....from memory !
  6. tasman man 11

    Tauranga gate Pa Racecourse Could Go.

    Good idea if they get a new course with a decent surface.....surely no one would build one on flood-prone land !
  7. tasman man 11

    Novak Djokovic

    A great Wimbledon win by Djokovic ,on his day the best player in the World. Now in the running to become the best player ever.....the one to take the GOAT mantle off the beautiful Roger Federer. Some may say that the Wimbledon conditions....this year more of a bog like ,slower clay court grass surface....suited him but he did have to beat the King of Clay in a long zzzzzzzz behind the baseline slug fest...not pure tennis. He does have the all round record ,he's had to win all his titles when RF and RN at their best also he's had to come back from injury and with 2 x kids now has balance in his life. A true champion ....yes has thrown the odd racket etc.... The next GOAT !!!
  8. tasman man 11

    Novak Djokovic

    Great win by Novak......the best player in world ! But what sheer beauty from Roger....and nearly 38 years old. Staggering that the top 3 still dominate. Amazing that Roger has rissoled Rafa 6 of last 7 matches ! GOAT Roger losing that ranking to Novak. Who would have thought that after is form slump in recent times ?
  9. tasman man 11


    Hindsight is great,,,, Personally I think Boult is one of NZ's best ever....a great bowler.....with X Factor. Ditto Williamson with his batting ,experience and decision making. Some of the other bowlers were too young ,too inexperienced or poor under pressure. The team did well , undone by freak occurrences. Remember Sylvia Potts ?
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    The reason the TAB isn’t focusing on racing

  11. tasman man 11

    TAB account

    I was rung by TAB recently ...they said I had to validate my account or it most likely closed after August 1.I did it at Alex Park last night ,by filling in a simple form and showing my Drivers Licence. I threatened to withdraw all my money and they said 5c coins now no longer available !
  12. tasman man 11

    Farewell J Teaz

    Did you take your own water ????? Dunno if truth in it but they used to say a lot of visiting horses didn't like the water. And of course its cold ,its nearly at the South Pole. Galloping owner/trainer Jim Brown used to sell the hot chips stand ,that warmed you up not to mention the hot soup and toast when we got home ! The races always ran late cos they kept the tote open even for an old lady with sixpence to spend and there was often an incident/enquiry in last race !
  13. tasman man 11

    Farewell J Teaz

    Yes in 1965.....in late January they had a 3 night festival cup meeting with heats etc for good horses . Usually had pretty good fields with some nice horses owned there ,several trained by DGJones , JCarmichael and other good Canterbury trainers. My favourites were Terry May ,Sam Henderson ,DGMcCormick and Hamiltons [Central].My dad liked GDShand and LFNorman ! Often a bit cool ,only a sand hill between the track and the surf ,if it rained the mobile had trouble with grip ! Of course NO meetings back then between mid May and mid September.No harness at all between about 10 June and 10 August !
  14. tasman man 11

    TAB and virtual races

    One must assume that they have researched this and results show its profitable. My observation of the 'reality'races in Victoria TAB's is that they are rarely used. I certainly don't agree with them .Surely we have enough races on now and I assume TAB retail shop visitors are on decline....plus so many have closed in recent years !
  15. tasman man 11

    Who would have thought it...

    Wellington in July ,plus a horse who went on to jump well ,and a neighbour of Eddie Low and his big family.......KUMAI . Another big family on other side of town the Hansens.......Steve Hansen. Then another grey from the town ,won a lesser race then went on to snare the Melbourne Cup......Baghdad Note
  16. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Well John.......it is obvious you are heading to the exit as far as Harness Racing is concerned. I am trying to keep it going.......but I draw the line at research from relatives with ZERO interest in the sport/industry. I'd rank my mother in law research from Iceland above that. We need research from lapsed customers/participants. Hundreds of these are put forward on here and have been for years but they need to come with facts. The word I hear is its too boring especially for younger folk ,people don't have the money to 'waste' as 3x TV's ,2 x cars , multiple trips and expensive gadgets are now essentials. Many still like a gamble but prefer sports which are easier to understand or game changers [ lotto ]. A day at races in the summer satisfy most as an annual treat. Gotta face the reality that things will never return to the late 60's......were they so good ? But please no more research from relatives with ZERO interest ,unless they under 25 !
  17. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Exactly LJ......answers need to be found quickly . What do your fellow executives at the head table think ?
  18. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Computer playing tricks. i note this weeks monte down to 6 horses . 5 of the original 7 nominations were from Jay Abernathy stable so thumbs up to him. He seems to be a great supporter of initiatives in the sport ,and races a number of the older durable horses ,so IMHO deserves every success. Maybe he provides the quinella this week with Bert the main danger again. Judging by all monte events to date ,including trials there will be a few breakers ,lets hope not enough to crush the idea. There will always be knockers out there .
  19. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Old post stuck.....it wasn't that good !
  20. tasman man 11

    Inca the stinker

    Well written Jack.....you show potential ,if age on your side ! The thing that troubles me is why/how the RIU thought it necessary to involve the police ,who were quick to announce INCA was a widespread investigation involving many incidents. All the talk here is around one lowly Nelson race ,which from memory chief believer WAP convinced us involved a mountain of money , yet at the time there was talk of Central Districts owners,punters , party drugs , weapons ,Group 1 races ,more party drugs hair dressers etc etc being involved along with our two top drivers ! A far reaching web of criminal activity. The RIU helps itself to a ton of funding as the 'policemen' of our sport/industry ,yet they bring in the police who are perennially short handed in NZ.....and still they waste time on this ! The Nelson race referred to was well over a year ago ,investigations ,undercover tapping etc has gone on much longer. Then I go to the Jewels and see false starts being called in races ,which seemed to be in violation of the 'rules of racing' then find out the Canterbury starter is a paid member of the RIU . Kinda confusing.......seems RIU not doing what mean't to be doing ,and not using its funding correctly. imagine in Rugby if every time there was a tip tackle or eye gouge or party drug that the police were called in !!!!! Some will argue that certain acts /dishonesty need to be escalated to 'criminal activity'. Shame on the RIU....bringing disrepute into the Industry they mean't to be watching over !
  21. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Nice win at Cambridge Tim ! I note this weeks Monte a stand start from handicaps...seems sensible as several of the trials have been a stand. The monte race will only be held if nominations for other races don't stand up which seems somewhat uncertain for all concerned ! Noms this week have the numbers ,some over subscribed ,yet disappointing only 7 x noms for the non-winners trot ! Then a couple of horses who have won twice earning less than $16k entered in 2200m mobile may be transferred to Discretionary Pace ,a stand over 2700 where the spread over 25 points. Not exactly like v like and totally discouraging IMO. The ATC doing well to fill worthwhile betting fields but the trainers etc need to do their collective bit as well !
  22. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Good to see you now looking for solutions for our fading industry John. Dunno if galloping grizzlies can help much though I impressed they were watching 'harness' but maybe thats because most of the participants are strong in galloping......Rogerson ,Northcott ,Wenn ,Cameron ,Medcalfe to name a few !I used to live in a galloping district too but then they woke up one year and most had left. Dunno if that code is travelling so well these days either .......many cynics had a field day with recent happenings like tracks ,postponements ,lack of jockeys and the jumping races fuel that fire...had to roll the eyes in a recent jumps race at Wingatui when two of the field just slipped on the track at Puddle Alley corner ,apparently never to be seen again ! Any way, Harness in the North faces greater challenges...the two big ones are the solvency of the ATC and the lack of horses to even hold the races ! Had the South Island horses not arrived of late ,meetings would have been canned at ATC. The ongoing stench of INCA and the Government's [and public's] growing dislike of 'gambling on horses' not helping . I'm sure Jack was pleased ATC held a 'proper' meeting on Friday with 5 of the eight races being won by $1.20 to $1.50 favourites and two at $3.- something, races being processions of 6 horse fields ! Then there's the small issue of only a few senior drivers getting a handful of drives with DButcher,JDickie and Poutama getting one each while only 4 x juniors got a drive [ 1 got 2].Then who will be training in the North in a few years with some of the big breeders/syndicators asking if its worth continuing. Keep those ideas coming John. But don't pay too much attention to the galloping grizzlies !
  23. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    Haha Jack......tell us what you really think. You should consider journalism. The filming of the race was upclose and made it an excellent watch. A few on here throw out random criticism ......it was a non winners trot . GOOD TRAINERS AND JOCKEYS INVOLVED GIVE EM A CHANCE ! You get the odd breaker. I was raised on a diet of Nelson trots where many horses head to the birdcage midrace ,and are allowed to repeat two days later. Watch the start , watch the last 300m ..4 of 7 in contention. And a close finish. Great divis ! Keep doing the same in harness and get same result ! Anything worth doing ,worth doing poorly at first.....Spokeshave
  24. tasman man 11

    Word on the streets is

    A bit tough on the riders as I believe they mostly are accomplished horse people with a lot of skill ,certainly a lot of gutz ! Several of the riders have ridden in thoroughbred races ,others ridden in montes overseas where they are common and popular. Montes were new in NZ....seemed to be given an extended lease of life to some older horses who love to race e.g. Cool Kahli and Bert Munro. Bert was the horse who hadn't been under saddle for weeks...he won the race last Friday ! It was really exciting IMO....harness followers complain about sit sprint racing ,boring favs winning and procession races [even the jewels]. Watch the monte....the start was exhilirating , all horses right on the gate exactly even. IMO the mobile was too fast to start...should have been a stand ! One horse just went too fast and broke ,but the field soon bunched and all girls were competitive [no males], one went 3 wide ! Again it was so exciting when the pressure went on at 600m and winner made its move....a couple broke ,but at the 300m there was 4 of 7 still into win. Up the straight and it was a close finish between the horses with good previous Monte records......the fav and the winner Bert. What a dividend for a form Monte performer.....these were all monte non-winners ! Unfortunately there was excessive breakers and some disqualifications...similar to most non-winner trotting races ! Most meetings have several horses tailed off ,pulled up or disqualified...this latter group was exaggerated by fact that race only had 7 starters for 4 dividend paying positions. All horses paid a divvy.....First 4 's ! This race was different and very exhilirating.....something NEW ! Sure they should trial more and I'd suggest a stand start which can handicap the winners ! But anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first ......only way to learn. This was a non-winners monte ,so several other horses [better ones?] in wings. Some winning jockeys not there either.....so cream of crop not there. But these girls IMO turned on a great show so well done to them...skilful and gutzy ! Nice ride Tayla....winning with a smile !And the others too ! As to Betting on them.......horse racing is a gamble ! What a dividend.....thanks Bert and Invictus......I see an ad coming !...great trifecta ! Integrity......haha......I won't list what I could.......could be seen as an oxymoron !
  25. tasman man 11

    If u had to choose

    Probably......kinda my point. Participants need to sit down and disclose what horses they have and what races they will line up in ! Only certain trainers/ owners in north will feel for the plight of the junior driver or have horses for that particular grade. Once you know this information then the program can be planned. If me and my mates bring ' 6 x Amateur horses' from the South we want to know there are races for these horses and that they not merged into races with horses than can run 2.40 for 2200m ! And ,once again ,if horses aren't conjured up soon ATC meetings will be canned.Each time this happens $140k plus will not be distributed in stakes and the demise will speed up.