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  1. Huey , you seem a very negative person ,and how you enjoy dissecting my posts looking for a wrong word ,an error. This is a forum ...I write my own opinion based on my own experiences and participation. The restricted comment was into the referral to the Karaka races as restricted , cos they are ....only horses who pay a fee at the Sales can enter...ie the are restricted.I replied . AS to generating revenue....you think about it.....The races are linked to the sales which attracts International visitors and investors ,often an Aussie horse and/or jockey or two.Better than normal publicity , good attendance and punting , and attracts many 'new' and 'younger' folk on the day and is one of BGP 's big day. It is a great day ,again IMO. Does it generate revenue.......you work that out. I'm sure your tag -team will join in.....the ones who want Timaru developed as a state of art racing centre.....and no need to touch the track !History shows it can get wet / heavy there like most of NZ ! I know a little bit about the South Island and its racing........I have probably lived in the South Island for longer than you and your tag-team mates who will need to come to your assistance. Don't bother reading my posts......ignore them ,thanks ! As for the owners who missed a start at Timaru ,I feel for them cause happened to me many ,many times especially with Maidens and R65. You need to get some form and move up the rankings to avoid the ballot. Its happened for years and I know the feeling. I also know that NZ owners are very resilient , take abysmal returns ,increasing costs etc There are a lot of slow horses about too. I also know that we are in unique times......when covid resulted in racing closing and most horses turned out , many horses were ultimately rushed back into winter work cos of the uncertainty of insolvent TAB etc and there has been a glut of horses as a result. Even Ellerslie ,which has some Jumping races this weekend seems to have twice the normal noms. Extra races will need to be added I guess.Again owners will be disappointed . In closing Huey , dont cry ...try to create. Look at what you can do to help racing and your part in it......constant negativity won't cut it ,this is a social media forum where any thing goes ......keyboard warriors in padded cells ! If you and your followers have the answers ,join a club and get on the inside and work your magic !
  2. List your top 5......I know one thing for sure. i.e. most Harness enthusiasts will not agree ,they will prefer to have their own take on the situation ,often influenced by their own personal interest or situation. Getting consensus a huge hurdle. My top 5.... 1. Competition for leisure and better dollar. 2. Recent generations have many entertainment options....Racing seen as boring.....very boring ! 3. Recent generations have many entertainment options....Racing is too hard to gain knowledge in , and understand. 4. Racing often lacks professionalism ....often run by Amateurs . 5. This is 2020....racings image and 'brand' seen as 1970's ....run by stale ,pale males JMHO My 5 won't be easy to fix , but young female involvement as drivers and trainers should be highlighted more !
  3. Correct.......but there no restriction as to who can bet on them ,or who can attend to watch etc. Is not one of the goals of NZTR to try to encourage investment in Ownership etc ? The Karaka race/day creates a lot of interest here and abroad. Both the race and the day itself rank in the top 7 for betting turnover. Definitely one of the best days racing on current calendar IMO.
  4. I was OK with it..........gives some incentive for the better local horses to stick around and race in NZ ,rather than dumbing down the whole industry. Surely Owners and breeders are somewhat important to the future of the Industry in NZ. I think its totally reasonable that NZTR fund Group Ones and other 'iconic' races such as the Karaka races receive $200 - $250 k per race , they seem to attract International as well as Kiwi Interest. I note the NZ Derby @ $360k and 2000 Guineas @ $325k have been the highest funded races from NZTR up to the current season. The ARC puts $1 mill toward stakes , and it could be argued that they are in a position to contribute more. Being rated an 'International' venue should receive some rewards and they do via stakes. The Melbourne Cup and other high stake races have recently had some sweepstake twist to them .
  5. And what was her training regime ?
  6. Again Aaron , I just talk from my own experience from a circle of people. I actually thought there may be a big drop off. Did you advertise ?....or just word of mouth and personal approach ?
  7. NZ owners are very resilient , small returns don't appear to phase us. Currently there are still plenty of horses being nominated to race on mainly wet tracks so who knows...this could continue into the spring and summer. There hasn't really been a big drop off in owners...even with the uncertainty of racing in these troubled times syndicates appear to be being sold. With no travel , concerts etc maybe this an influence currently. Plus the carrot of getting good money for a horse with real ability should you snare one.
  8. It's history now but they were optimistically waiting on the windfall of 'changes.....the Racefield legislation , reduction in Gambling duty and a Point of Consumption Fee. A mythical $20 million,...they waited ,hoped ,waited ....even spent it ! But alas...... If you interested and haven't already ,read the Annual reports of NZRB/RITA and note the optimism oozing out. Once the bank loan was drawn down and Co-vid arrived ...it was all over. IMO the race dates/programmes etc need a real overhaul...of course Saturdays and Holidays often up against big Australian tracks but more marketing and promotion needed with NZ racing. The brand of " NZ Racing" has weakened significantly ...........hardly Rugby,racing and beer these days !
  9. mikenz ,were you around recently when the TAB basically went bankrupt ...unable to pay debts and no reserves. In recent years the TAB paid out more to the codes than they were making...and splashed out on new betting platform. Much discussion took place on how stakes depend on betting numbers. At $10 k minimum for gallops this takes $80 - $100 k to hold a meeting plus all operation costs of running the TAB.....some $200mill. Hence in recent years gallops clubs have been receiving bulk funding per meetings to pay for stakes and operational costs eg in 2019 gallops TAB paid $73 mil to clubs who paid out $56 mil in stakes.Some would be charged back to TAB from clubs. Do the rough math. Margins to TAB have been shrinking with FO and sport. Say 10% ++. Racing started up on a prayer and hope ...a lot of uncertainty and little cash. Its not pretty , thats my guess. Only a few clubs have reserves ,as in CASH . Money solves a lot of problems !
  10. I too often wonder why the great interest in turnovers ,even though they a huge influence on TAB profits and hence stakes ![ Bulk funding an influence] Sports Betting keeps growing ,Racing decreasing ...Fixed odds overall steady but lower margins in FO and sports [all sports is FO !] I guess the trends and comparisons with last year are of interest and nice to know . But are apples always being compared with apples ?eg at Alex Park trots the main tote on race night not part of TAB figures. Over 50% of betting TO done digitally now. Multis can be mixed codes/sports. Many on here are proud they mainly or always bet with Aussie or overseas totes/agencies. Some FACTS I find interesting , and I am aware the odd sniper will be watching for a slip up ! The top 2% of punters drive 56 % of betting[2019] ,some say the top 10% accounts for 90% . Kiwis bet more on Aussie races than NZ races.Harness betting has been decreasing for years and Greyhounds steadily catching up. In 2019 Harness both on and off course down by 13% approx. Fixed Odds up marginally On course down over 30% over past 5 years.Offcourse down 22% FO down 2.5%. Exported TO down 23%.Total races held 200 less [7.5%] ,Average field size up marginally......over the past 5 years ! Winners paying less than $2 down 5% 2019 ,cf 2018. At gallops Aussies bet 71% of what Kiwis bet on our races......we bet more on Aussie races than Kiwi races. A cynic could ask ,do we need Kiwi racing ?????? In NZ gallops a lot of oncourse figures fall well below $100k per race day A few got less than $50k..[Kumara a star with 227 k Many of the medium plus clubs average a million in total turnover ,but many don't make $1m. Having Saturday or Holiday dates obviously helps edge the average over $1 mill. Other interesting titbits picked up from around the traps...... A friend won $50 k [fifty !] off a $10 all up bet. Another acquaintance likes a punt , once risking $100k on a win at harness @ short odds ! Any questions...there will be a test in few days !
  11. Wow ! The man and the author of above piece obviously well pleased with the changes in and progress of the NZ Racing Industry. Obviously there has been a lot of changes and his experience in governance been of use. However there appears to be a HUGE credibility gap between what the above suggests , our closeness to prosperity etc and the actual state of NZ racing / TAB / wagering etc and the fact it was recently bailed out by the Guvmint and the general consensus of many in the Industry who fear for their livelihoods. I'm sure the experts and critics on here will provide us a balance fairly quickly.
  12. Earlier today I attended the website funeral service for Dene Biddlecombe a prominent owner and administrator in the Northern region. It was a very tasteful service ,a good send off for a well known man in Harness and Rugby League circles. Part-owner of a number of horses including Temporale. Dene had lived a very acitve life in both Business and sporting endeavours , and having got to know him in recent years ,while he battled the dreaded cancer I know he was a a very generous man prone to helping others. He used to MC the IHC fundraisers at the Auckland trots and donated much of his sporting memorobilia to that cause. RIP Dene.
  13. Agreed JJ ,far too much negativity coming from the padded cell in the CD. But he right on one thing....racing/TAB needs more revenue ,but among the rhetoric his idea of having more horses and more races which will lead to more betting ,I'm not so sure this that easy. As he's been giving helpful advice to administrators for years ,I'm surprised he doesn't hold some prominent position where he can sort out the chaos other that just dominating this site and denigrating others opinions ! He does seem well rounded in racing......an I've done it all person.....!
  14. WA Smith , AJT Stokes and possibly Vic Sellars ?
  15. RIP Tony....a good bloke. Been in racing a long time . Thoughts go out to his family.