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  1. tasman man 11

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I'd also like to know the horses level of fitness ,in % terms in the trainers opinion ,based on all the above facts going into a race and whether or not the race is a horse's grand final or part of a fitness build up etc etc. A lot of stuff to get out there...will keep a lot of people very busy. Even then ,there will be the unexpected....heard it on Friday night......horse just didn't feel right ,blew up bad after the race ,high temperature , high heart rate , horse got squeezed up ,got spooked , got pushed down on to fence ,pulled hard , got a virus , driver went too soon , driver too passive , gear problem. Ive heard and seen it all before. Like all aspects of life , sport and business there are the good and not so good ,the fast and the slow. One thing I do believe is ,there has never been so much information available as there is today and the racing game has never been 'cleaner' and under closer scrutiny. It surprises me that industry participants who have close involvement see it their duty to spread gossip and innuendo and publicly slam the industry they claim to 'love'. As soon as anyone has success the 'knives' come out.....small time syndicate participants like myself suddenly know it all and feel qualified to publicly slam promising young drivers etc. Some say there is no 'hatred' but when I continually read 'cheats' ,rich pricks . the rich and famous etc ....I grimace. Reading about the successful stables ,I deduct that planning is a key. I would be interested to know how many trainers have a strategic and business plan etc. Reading about the successes of trainers like MHouse and the planning there , I say good luck to him and well done.
  2. tasman man 11

    Oscar Bonavena

    Also need to consider if the Aussie invite accepts ,that will mean one less Kiwi entrant.
  3. tasman man 11

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Are you referring to the horses here or the athletes ? What did Carl Lewis the athlete get up to other than win about 10 Olympic medals ,mainly gold ?
  4. tasman man 11

    jewels day

    The rules are on the HRNZ website and any Aussie can be invited....no monetary or form criteria but it stands to reason a capable and keen horse would be preferred to attract interest and betting from Aussie. Pete finished a close second last year and I guess keen to return. Not too many Aussie horses come over for the event so probably a case of 'a bird in the hand !' worth two in the bush ! Plus invites to Aussies probably needed to be made a few weeks back to assist travel. Cost question......nothing to enter and $3k to $5k paid back to last. Unsure re travel subsidy for Aussies ,would guess something offered. Makes sense.
  5. tasman man 11

    jewels day

    Hard to disagree with you , but I guess the Quality of the days Harness Racing will be long remembered after the price is forgotten. Plus one assumes there are enough folk [ demand ] willing and able to afford to pay for a comfortable room and surroundings to view what is usually an exciting days racing. I guess its a bit like paying for a club membership these days...not a lot of value in it with free entry etc these days. As a rare drinker ,I also often find myself 'subsidising' the drinks of the big drinkers who can have a great days 'good value' drinking on any ticket which includes drinks . I see it as contribution to the Club and Industry as they really need to make a dollar on their biggest day......... The actual cost I compare to $450 to Watch Lions test v All Blacks , $300 for Celine Dion ,$250 for USA rocker whose name escapes me [ great show ! ] A$750 for Members stand [with some restrictions] for the Derby/Melbourne Cup duo....A$100 minimum for Melbourne cup public area to see very little ! At least its just a gold coin donation[ to St Johns] to get into the Jewels ! Everyone welcome !
  6. tasman man 11

    Felaar this Saturday - Who wants 100/1??.....

    Hi Guys, Tasman Man has asked me to pass on the fact that he is unable to become involved with this transaction / wager ! TM is well known for his book of excuses.... At this time he is somewhat hamstrung by an emergency leg operation he had a few weeks ago and several subsequent visits to hospital. Can he be trusted with other folks money ? Well the bank needs ID and proof everytime he spends a penny and the taxman seems to track his every move at his 'old folks residence - a home for the bewildered'. They have a tracker on his 'walker'. He's so mean he can make omelettes with out breaking any eggs ! Since he retired from TV ,he shuns publicity.....a stouch involving two such celebrities could go viral ! He used to be indecisive but now he's not so sure ! He reports he has not followed all this thread but he'd rather attend a 'peace- pipe ' smoking session down at the Viaduct and help keep the assailants apart but warns he now so weak he couldn't pull a sailor off his sister !
  7. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    A few years ago I was visiting Moonee Valley races when Black caviar was racing and I agreed to meet CBT by the 100m mark ,down by the fence. I would be the old ,thick set Kiwi with blue shirt and specs.Trouble was I was still no good with NZ phones in Aussie and MV that night was jam-packed cos of Black Caviar ! Eventually CBT tracked me down thru a prominent trainer and we met and CBT showed me the way around MV ,including putting a decent bet on the mare [BC] with a bookie and winning enough for a taxi ride for a few blocks. Instead we agreed to get the train back to the city then have an inexpensive Thai meal and talk racing. In addition CBT gifted me an umbrella which I still have. I enjoyed that night out with CBT ,good genuine fella who shouldn't be denigrated so much on Race cafe ! Especially after he put up some generous cash prizes on Melbourne Cup ! Of course ,his on- line rival P4P...... short stuff.....has also shown me some good times on raceday so I guess I bat for both sides ! I run with the hares ,and hunt with the hounds ! Recently when P4P had his own hospitality room at Ellerslie ,with free flowing champagne and voluptuous ladies ,he made me most welcome. Ive been lucky with the folk Ive hung with in racing.....iM hoping that one day some of the crumbs of their success will come my way ! Ahhhh the memories !
  8. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    During Auckland Cup week I took a friend out to the Charity golf tournament. We were not good golfers . I Was quite a bad golfer in fact , meaning our 'team' had no chance of a prize.We were teamed with a dapper gentleman who looked and talked like a golfer and I knew he was a racing administrator etc and knew a lot about a lot of stuff with an aussie streak about him. He tolerated us...even though he must have been dreading his bad luck to draw us.He told plenty of stories about Jillo and the horse Sedecrem ! It was of course Trump ,not the USA one...thanks for your patience !I enjoyed the day !
  9. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Following a thread on here a few years back I agreed to hook up with Memphis and talk racing while visiting Sydney but cell phones were quite new and I couldn't work mine...haha ,it only worked in NZ....so I missed him. !On next trip I somehow met up with him and Pogo at a Cronulla NRL game and had a fine time . After a Chinese meal ,courtesy of Pogo ,Memphis and I decided to get the train back to Sydney where we chatted cricket with some random immigrants on the train. A very good day ,I remember !
  10. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Great photos CBT....looks like the folk behind looking for the mare rather than the fillies on parade ! Half marathon on here today ,in perfect conditions ! Kiwis had a good day at Randwick and a good 70 plus minutes in the NRL !
  11. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Was the day any more memorable than Makybe Diva's swan song ? MD had over 100,000 people in attendance had a race record unlikely to be matched and carried the top weight against horses from across the world. She had a crack overseas as well [unsuccessful]. At the time her winnings were a record . Winx is NZ bred while MD was UK bred !
  12. tasman man 11

    Farewell to the Queen......

    Well CBT , I remember Sir Don Bradman's last innings ! What price Sir Mark Todd ? Enjoy !
  13. Picks r1....#1 BB r2....#2 r3...#6 r4.....#12 r5......#1 r6....#6 r7....#8 r8.....#11 r9......#8 r10......#1 r11..... #5 BB Thanks
  14. Haha.....recently my Doctor told me I had to give up half my love life ! i asked what half.......thinking about it or talking about it !!
  15. Was in there last Thursday CBT , a dozen for just $25 and very nice ! They have photos of famous NZ personalities like Sir Ed and Sunline on the wall and I suspect one was of you !