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  1. tasman man 11

    I cant believe

    No real surprise Tim.....the lower North Island /Central districts has generally relied on Mhouse and few from Top of South to keep their fields up. A long slog from Waikato/Auckland up. Upper North really does lack horses in certain 'groups'. Interesting to note that 2 and 3 yr old races hotting up in Canterbury area as feature races get closer ! Addington has 140 noms in 10 races ,despite only 6 in 2 yr old trot and 5 in 2yr old filly pace. 3 races have more than 19 noms , and 17 in feature mares race where there are 14 rated higher than Best Western ! Meanwhile the grass track meet at Geraldine has 200 noms for 11 races ,including a full field for Amateur drivers ! ATC fields were slim last week ,and I heard of a handful of those racing there were heading south for features or alarmingly to Australia cos of handicapping system and you in a quandary over your winner being forced into retirement cos of this also ! Prompt action needed !
  2. tasman man 11

    Attendance at Rotorua today

    No great surprise Lloyd......holiday period for most is finished ,back at work ,schools heading back. Roads generally bad , Rotorua really not a 'harness' area and I guess little promotion done as meeting not a Summer Festival meeting.
  3. tasman man 11

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    Not long back to the rest home after a fantastic Karaka raceday as part of the Boys Get Paid day out. BGP certainly is a Bloody Great Promotion , which morphs into a Bloody Good Party. And its kinda special to be a tiny part of a a massive $100 k bet....that will be a great yarn for the 'show and tell' session at morning tea at the home. The group[BGP] put a real positive vibe into a great day with groups from Invercargill and Christchurch among others. All the bets were thereabouts , top effort by the selectors Father Ted and Bertie Germ who along with me were probably the oldest 3 there.....much Kudos to Luke the brains of the outfit who has been successful IMO at giving hope to the Industry by reconnecting a lost generation. The setting was brilliant ,the organisation slick and a real credit to all concerned. My advice to the rest of you......subscribe and get amongst it ! Elsewhere , the Birdcage party was as huge as ever and roared on after dark ,the NZBloodstock area was glowing in anticipation of sales, TAB party hosted some big hitters and the Birdcage bar was packed ! Private areas hosted visiting Aussie and Asian groups. Leo 's boutique was sparkling as usual , with the Host himself at the hem. And most importantly the Public areas were top - notch , and many amazed with the buzz and enthusiasm created from the BGP group...my 'new' young mates,incl ladies ! A great day out , deserved results and great to see Hanger Lindsay sharing the limelight with his family.Well done OP and Jamie and Te Akau. I guess you had to be there !
  4. On the eve of their biggest dance yet at Karaka day some of the BGP group trumped their decent Herald coverage with a prominent item on TV1 News at 6pm [Friday] It covered their Golf Day , along with the fact over 1000 will attend Ellerslie with a betting pool of $250 k ......WOW ! Luke ,the boss , said in his interview that they were looking for more girls ,as well. This followed on from an article on nztr saying they share in a Savabeel colt featuring in the sales , in a partnership with Little Avondale Stud. Great stuff happening. Following the Golf , many of the group made it to ATC trots which gave the place some atmosphere.....great. I spoke with an enthusiastic group of Southlanders who had ventured north for the experience. They were having a ball ! They bring a great vibe......waking the Industry up !
  5. tasman man 11

    Ratings system/Winners

    Fair enough....I was really thinking of the Industry Youth especially the young drivers and maybe those hoping to be trainers. Gotta feel for them....they get few drives and when the odd one gets a horse to train on their own account it seems to open their eyes to the enormity of the task and they head off to Australia ,possibly lost forever e.g. Jack McKinnon , Jacob Wallace ,Trent Lethally etc etc from up north. Interesting the very enthusiastic Aussie group [ over 50 folk ] I chatted with over the Interdoms spoke of many similar issues in the harness scene over there. The best thing Ive seen happen for a long time has been the emergence of Boys Get Paid who have dabbled in Harness here. I read where they hope to attract well over $200k as a Betting pool for Karaka Gallops on Saturday. That is very positive......amazing in fact.....top marks to them. Without turnover the Industry is doomed.
  6. tasman man 11

    Ratings system/Winners

    Plenty of rooms at Alex Park would be suitable for an inter-denom service before Trots start and surely some 'racing' priests or ministers can fit in a decent blessing. The new apartment owners will welcome it ! ATC has a magnificent asset there , in the city and it needs more use and hopefully the resulting income.Recent Aussie visitors to the Interdoms were in awe of the facility and its location.Read the comments about the state of Aussie Harness and many refer to the sad day trotting left the CITY locations of both Sydney and Melbourne and moved to the outback.Any Brisbane maybe following their lead. Alex Park can easily run another weekly meeting for lower class horses...whether it a Tuesday or Sunday...as it has the infrastructure sitting there......a good TAB , and food and bar open 7 days. But need the horses......Tim can supervise another 50 or so out at Kumeu while those thinking of getting out of Industry may get new lease of life. The young people ,so badly needed ,will see extra opportunities etc etc etc
  7. tasman man 11


    Write and ask them direct eljay. The annual report is on-line. RITA gives them about $1.4 mill ,and I see in 2019 some of their expenses came in under budget [travel and accom] and others down on previous [members remuneration]. One of the Harness Board members is P.Smith who walks past your table several times every night at Trots. He very approachable.
  8. tasman man 11

    Dean McKenzie road show

    Over the years in several various areas of endeavour I have seen 'roadshows' or 'public meetings' to be used effectively to explain and clarify plans/actions of a ruling body/management particularly where big changes are taking place. I think the stakeholders and grass root participants appreciate their leaders taking a bit of time for personal interaction. IMO they serve a useful purpose .......better for morale than sitting behind desk behind closed doors and sending out press releases or impersonal emails. Aussie PM found out recently that 'his people' didn't appreciate him overseeing the fire situation from a remote holiday spot ....they much preferred a 'roadshow' where he could connect with even a few people at the coalface. The cost of him travelling to a few fires armed with a garden hose was of great value to all his people and employees.....greater value than sending a few million from Hawaii ! Its part of Leadership these days.
  9. tasman man 11

    The tail wagging the dog

    To balance your comment.......and the RITA accounts ,and NZRB accounts before them can be easily googled and read. Last season the total expenses to run betting ,the TAB and NZRB etc etc were $142 million of which $61 mill was Wages,salaries. Depreciation [a non-cash item]was $16mill. The profit was $137 mill........ie before paying the Codes [ for stakes and code specific costs ]. Doggies got $25 mill , Harness got $45 mill and Thoroughbreds got $81 mill.......so roughly $150 mill was paid to the Codes. I can't see the Stakes figure only but have the 2017 report where code funding was $136.7 mill. In 2017 Doggies got $22 m [ $12m for stakes] , Harness got $40.6m [ $30m for stakes] ,Thoroughbred got $74.7 m [ $54 mill for stakes] So more was paid out ,than the profit .....maybe to 'save face' but also in the expectations of some 'windfalls'......less govt levy and Racefields ! Operating expenses and wages were down a little in 2019 , but a few years earlier they had 'surged'.......unrealistically in many minds !
  10. tasman man 11


    You got me Lloyd......fancy a South Islander trying to reconcile why a $25 k race is run as a tote race with only 4 x noms. I was thrown by 2 x NZB articles in December saying how the first NZB graduates were ready to step out in the Young Guns. I note too that the sixth and final heat of the Young Guns on Feb 28 is a Qualifying race for the rich NZ Sires Stakes final in May. Anyway the the finals of this Young Gun series is on Mar 6 , the Boys race a Group One for $100k and the fillies final a Group 2 for $80 k. That was the first of 2 x fillies heats last Friday. Another poor entry ! The first heat of the boys in mid December had 10 starters ,was won by Its All About The Faith and stakes of $23 k paid ,while the heat 2 on Cup night was won by Krug who beat only 4 rivals so $20,500 stake paid .Will be $20k this week. It seems a waste of money........surely this series will need reassessing now that the ' NEW ' million $ series is being born out of the upcoming NZB sales and will stretch into 4 yr old season as well. Should be an extra incentive for folk to buy a yearling. But entry costs steeper that NZ Sires Stakes series.....both Vender and purchaser will pay $350 + GST each , then there is a further payment of $1800 plus GST per horse to join the fun. Be in to Win ! I read where the Young Gun series has been going since 1977 , the fillies since 1988.
  11. tasman man 11


    Eljay ,these are not 'normal' races which could be scraped or dickered with thru dismal acceptances. These are special races administered thru the NZ Sires Stakes Board so they are planned well in advance as the eligible horses have paid into them as foals or yearlings with sustaining payments.Payments range from $100 as foal up to $600 for all series payments.So the breeders /owners who make these payments are aware these planned races will be held. There are a number of Heat races from Southland to Auckland ,with the high stake final later in season. These races can't be 'scraped' ...the money is 'in the bank'. There are separate series for males and fillies for the pacers. The trotters are unisex....no separation ! Generally connections want the separation , they don't want their young fillies having to race the boys .......but the trotters have no choice !! Dunno what the %'s are , but discussing it with a couple of mates our experiences with young horses has been that less than 20% of horses get to race as 2 year olds[often as late 2 yr olds] so the % would be much lower at this time.....mid January !Among our group we currently involved in some 20 x 2 yr olds and only ONE been to the trials !
  12. tasman man 11


    Kinda shocking Tim........I guess with the calendar thru November [ Cup week ] , December [Interdoms & Auckland Cup ] ,now into sales Prep for 2020 the few in North who have 2 yr olds are too busy or too cautious to show their hand or don't want to risk their ponies too early ! I recall at least 10 going around in trials up north etc. The shortage of horses snowballs as a huge concern.....obviously this Young Gun series event had to be run for $25k with only 4 starters as horses entered as foals. ATC had only 83 entries for 9 races ,and a $20k F & M races only had 3 nominations ! In addition Rotorua Trots on Sunday had only 113 entries for 11 races ,with 3 races having 7 or less[ 1 with 5 ! ]. The 113 would include some of the 83 for ATC. A concerted push to get more horses in North ,and keep them free from the active sellers in the area , seems like a crucial goal for those at the helm of ATC........Harness Racing should be still at the top of their priorities ! Small fields make the betting options less attractive and give folk even more reason for not attending the course ! I think this weekend the Trots clash with Black Caps cricket , the Karaka on Saturday. Maybe ATC has done a 'cross promotion' with the Karaka attendees? Shame the Blues couldn't play a pre-season game at Alexandra Park , morphing into a night at Trots ! Meanwhile in the South...the NZ Met has 146 noms for 10 races...1 with 23 ,1 with 21 . And on Sunday Banks Peninsula has 189 noms for 10 races.....some repeats with NZ Met , but still mighty plentiful plus so soon after 2 x days at Marlborough .
  13. tasman man 11

    Auckland Cup

    First withdrawals were 2 Jan.....$418 Second withdrawals are Wed 12 February.....$1066 Late noms 3 March ......$10k Final Noms .....4 March......$4312 The race stake paid First to Fifth plus $3000 for 6th to 18th ! All this info ,for all meetings found on NZTR website under NZTR Publications click on Racing Programme Guide.
  14. tasman man 11

    Kozzie Asano

    I get the feeling he has spoken to Lance O'Sullivan. Settle your horse in the first 4 ,which means you only have to pass a maximum of 3 horses to win the race !
  15. tasman man 11

    “What no one knows, won’t hurt them”

    I agree P4P , but Integrity has been a 'high priority' in recent years and they need to justify their existence , especially their cost which is over $8 million pa. In 2019 RIU cost $6.7m and the JCA $1.4. That's quite an expense !! So it kinda amazes me when some 'risk' being nailed for relatively minor offences. Recently a young driver was caught betting on an opposition horse ! Just dumb IMO ! Plus the RIU advertises for Racing folk to dob in industry participants.