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  1. Eljay, I suspect there has been mixed messages and lack of cohesion in written policies and the checking of the what is written and who signs up for what. You could clarify the workout 'rule' by checking what is written on the actual programme for the day......i recently had a total clean out. I suspect it states that the workouts are UNOFFICIAL and not normally under stipe control. I'll probably pass you at trots ,in front of big screen , 3 x paces from tote in your race night office !
  2. Two points.... 1 ) I have often heard it said while at trials / workouts that trials are 'official' because they are under the rule of Stipe control whereas workouts are not. This is clearly NOT the case....as stated in the decision. 2 ) Under the rules of Harness an person on the the Unpaid Forfeit list has very few , if any , rights in the Harness game. Could even to be stretched to say they should be no where near a racecourse ,trial or workout. This should be made abundantly clear in any correspondence etc. It therefore is puzzling that a person on this list woul
  3. Cheers Memphis, With all the video analysis now ,it obvious the master plan was to kick in behind and / or to wings to break up defense pattern. Scrums continue to be a mess and much depends on the refs interpretation.....players push it to the limit ,and the resets waste much time. Even Justin M had a dig re scrums wasting too much time.....plus he wanted to say more about the overuse of boot ! Even the much loved #8 let rip with an aimless kick....but to his credit he goes @ 100mph and he amazingly passed it once too !
  4. Gee Rugby so much like league now......just smash it up , high kicks , kick and chase etc while the laws are made to protect the team with the ball. If you don't have the ball ,it near impossible to get it back. Two games in one night of a barrage high kicks was hard to take.......Tasman's great win over Auckland earlier was real ugly to watch.But a wins a win ! Any idea why Argentina made so many changes ? Very baffling that they exposed two young and relatively inexperienced props to start the game.If you don't have a scrum foundation you are doomed. Australia seemed to realise thi
  5. Does anyone care eljay ? Good Friday sales for next few days.....money will be scarce ! Ellerslie racing tomorrow followed by Rugby final....Auckland v Tasman.....Free Admission ! I note the Meal/ Dining packages have gone up at the Park , but similar to some retailers for Black Friday promotion ,the club offering a 15 % discount on these up and including big December 31 st meeting. The Marketing and and promotion arm of ATC cranking up. Re the Rugby final tomorrow .....not so long ago Nelson was one of worst sides in NZ ,Marlborough not much better but had held the Ra
  6. Same shite ....different day. Who cares......and who trying to improve things ? The race programme was published some weeks ago ,no race for On The Cards who nominates anyway ! Cos of 2 x others outside the ratings ,the club after noms close states 5 x acceptors needed for the race.....One ,Eagle Watch does not accept so they decide to run a 4 horse event...tp please who ? But only 8 noms for non-win pacers....the trainers letting the club down here IMO. Of course 40 Northern [Waikato north] horses went to Manawatu and many raced both nights. This pathetic race c
  7. Graeme Rogerson ......certainly one of the true characters and achievers in Racing , not only in NZ ! Could call him competitive as it is a very small list of NZ trainers who have their names on honours board for Melbourne Cup ,Cox Plate , Golden Slipper [ 2003 from memory] and various Derby and Group races ! Dunno what inspired you to deliver this Sunday morning offering.......maybe you lost 2 Bucks on one of his horses ? Of course he also active in Harness as well.....often supports the underdog...people and clubs....as he never forgets his start in industry ! I think he
  8. Clearly ,they are not leaving or taking a clean break ! They are stepping back from the daily rigours ,responsibilities ,travel etc to enjoy a spell and plan a strategy for their futures. Their property remains a going concern with staff and most likely all horses in tact. Mark will still do some driving and they will assist in selecting and buying new horses . They have achieved everything in NZ Harness and worked bloody hard for their success. My guess is they will look......covid permitting........to set up a boutique stable in the USA , or return to a boutique oper
  9. Mark and Nat said a while back that they would love a break from the daily grind ,and maybe try their luck in the USA .The latter not so easy now but good on them for taking a spell. So todays announcement not really such a great shock !
  10. NZ Rugby , if Scott Robertson not interested, should approach that Aussie bloke Wayne Bennett who is reputed to be the greatest coach ever. A couple of weeks back he took a bunch of rookies with little talent or experience and caused a massive upset at huge odds in SOO. Of course , our All Blacks then went and lost to a Australia after beating them by 58 points a week earlier. TABcorp lost hundreds of millions on these games ,causing them to go into lockdown for betting trends to be evaluated. And now the Argies beat the mighty All Blacks ,the most successful team in Sporti
  11. Picks Tauranga r7........1,3,5, 6 Riccarton r8.......3 , 9 , 10 , 11 Riccarton r10.......4 , 5 , 7 , 16 Newcastle r 6........2 , 3 , 6 , 9 Sandown r3..........2 , 3 , 5, 7 Sandown r5.........1 , 2, 3 , 6 Sandown r6 .........1 , 3 , 8 , 9 Sandown r8........1 , 3 , 4 , 5 Sandown r9........1 , 2 , 4 , 5 Sandown r10........1 , 4 , 7 , 15 Thanks
  12. Picks 1......7 Robusto 2......4 The Good Fight 3..... 16 Dragon Storm Thanks
  13. Indeed Cubes, Great to catch up.....your horse will win races ,showed a fair bit of lick ,lets say it down in worst part of track ! Sure is something unique/special about Cup week in Garden City which needs to be retained . Certainly less current North Island horses than in past but racing folk from all across NZ from all denominations ....administrators from all over , old and new trainers all there. Old Double All Blacks , NZ Cricket captains and trainers/ jockeys and a real mixing of all codes ....they even had a kids Kart Harness race won by Waikato's Kate Coppins.
  14. Picks Riccarton r7..........1 , 2, 3 , 9 Riccarton r9...........2 , 6 , 10 , 11 Riccarton r11........2 , 3 , 6 , 8 Thanks
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    Whatever they come up there will be no winners ...sad for all those called to answer including the sport / industry. One exception....the lawyers ! I agree .......a effing disgrace !