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  1. tasman man 11

    Zev Meredith

    The North's most recent graduate from Kids Kartz Zev had his first two raceday drives and got a second and a win ! Both tricky second line draws and handled with aplomb. A good keen lad ,willing to learn and work hard. Nice work Zev !
  2. tasman man 11

    A Pro Amateur !

    Win odds not so juicy tonight ,tho real good trifecta with trailers. Another masterclass !
  3. tasman man 11

    Trackside Radio - Mark Claydon?

    Really ? That's out of left field ! A bit defamatory too !
  4. tasman man 11

    A Pro Amateur !

    Hard to ignore r1 at Timaru on Sunday . Top Amateur driver Sheryl Wigg once again showed her skill by dominating this race on Delight Of Texas. From a second line drawer she settled mid field ,moved up mid race and spanked the rest by a mere 11 lengths. The horses form was ordinary but Sheryl showed she can be backed with confidence......a master class ! And she doing well with the training as well ! Another 'lady' to be watched in harness is Arna Donnelly who turns her horses out so well. Meanwhile at the gallops Catherine Cameron establishing herself as a fine horsewoman/trainer. She of course was a successful Monte rider at trots !
  5. tasman man 11

    For reminising - and guess all the jockeys names.

    Don't you hate a spoiler.. Roy Higgins ,Canadian Duffy , LP , LO , Aussie S.Aitken and KLangby who rode runner up !
  6. tasman man 11

    Sydney racing > Melbourne racing

    Dunno if the spat over the Opera House did much for racing in general. Good advertising for the 'new race' , but damaging to racing maybe. 40,000 at an event in Sydney ...is that amazing ? MCG exceeds that many ,many times each year .
  7. tasman man 11

    Sydney racing > Melbourne racing

    The best thing to come out of Sydney is the .........road to Melbourne . Not even the 'tall poppy syndrome' dreamers of Sydney can convince realists that an event with 45,000 attendees is in the same class as an event attracting 100,000 plus ! The name Everest has close association with NZ ,which is appropriate as NZ supplies Aussies top trainers and jockeys ! And if the Everest worth conquering I'm confident Kiwis will give it a second glance and take it over as we did the Melbourne Cup. Incidentally I note how the NRL has lifted its profile and standard since Melbourne and Kiwis entered the fray. And I note how a Kiwi Josh Papalii has now taken over as the top player in League from the mighty Cam Smith ,and James Fiasco. That was written by P.Gallen so may not be the full quid ! As the Aussie sheila commented when she found out she was pregnant...." I hope it's mine" ! You can always tell an Aussie ,but you can't tell em much !
  8. tasman man 11

    John Allen

    Obviously not embracing Lotto a huge mistake. But I guess racing/TAB considered itself to be on right track and travelling OK in mid 80's. Probably saw Lotto as a poor relation , and a threat A recent documentary on the history of Rugby told how the folk that ran it insisted on staying amateur thru thick and thin....thru the emergence of League ,NFL ,AFL and of course Football and they weren't jolted out of it until a serious threat took them on head on ! How things have changed ! Lesson....even when you are on the right track you can still get run over if you don't keep moving ! NZ Racing is a sick puppy !
  9. tasman man 11

    What a shame

    I guess thats the dilemma us racing enthusiasts keep asking ourselves. Tim and friends got a win and were there to enjoy it but with Trackside providing a great service and betting on line so convenient there is little reason to go ,other than those who enjoy seeing the horse in their flesh. I note even folk with ownership interests often only pop out to see their horse race, and don't hang around. Ellerslie's public facilities are very good and considering the 40 mils of rain last week the track seemed OK by winter standards. No bog.
  10. tasman man 11

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Agreed , and though she had 3 x also rans in Aussie. she beat Pierata by 6 lengths.Hes not a bad sprinter. No doubt she will visit again ,there are plenty good races about.
  11. tasman man 11

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Another superb performance by the outstanding mare, won with a lot in hand. 8 x group ones ,even in NZ is incredible really. Well ridden as one would expect from an ideal barrier. And she only cost $57,500. Quite the bargain. Her trainer J. Richards is certainly doing the job ,both North and South stables and just nutted in Group 2 in Sydney as well. Simply outstanding effort all round.
  12. tasman man 11

    The Williamson's Clean up

    Yes, possibly his only drive on horse who won $101 k of $180 k stake.Not bad for 1984 ! Later in the year and early 1985 AG Herlihy won 4 x races behind the horse at Auckland ,for a total purse of about $40 k.
  13. tasman man 11

    The Williamson's Clean up

    Also the man himself drove a bit too.....plus some of those close to Waimate.....Cleave,Langford,RBrosnan.FKirk dove Idolmite in Auckland.There were more than one Heffernan , Doug and Vince I think were two. Enterprise was driven by Peter Shand mainly . I did a quick check on HRNZ website after a few Tisdall and Heffernan horses flashed before my eyes.......namely Idolmite ,Dannymite ,Tom Pepper ,Enterprise and Cardinal Star. Other drivers named include Phil Williamson ,John Hay and Ali Malcomson [RIP] ,and of course Colin DePhillipi mentioned earlier as main Idolmite pilot.
  14. tasman man 11

    John Allen

    And what were those messages given from people at the coalface ? I went to a few of these meetings ,can't remember too many game-changing 'messages'. The last meeting I went to several wanted 'doubles' betting resuscitated !!!
  15. tasman man 11

    John Allen

    John Allen was on a hiding to nothing from the moment he took on this job....put the boot into him ,he was paid a huge salary and had worked in other ailing industries. He did his best. He was approachable and willingly gave you an ear if one took the time to approach him. He didn't stand a chance with the NZ Racing Board. Sure ,he should have kept tabs on costs and staff numbers. Hindsight is an exact science. He's gone now , give him heaps. But NZ racing and the TAB is still a sick puppy ...in a small and competitive market.