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  1. Stratford can most likely do what they like with their track ,when they like etc etc. However in the past they[members] have obviously enjoyed being part of the NZ racing scene and run meetings as part of the NZ racing calendar........with betting being overseen by the TAB . I guess they are an Incorporated society and enjoyed the odd advantage there plus possibly rates relief and other perks ,and received grants etc because of their involvement as a community racetrack under the 'umbrella' of NZ racing. Dunno how and why their race meetings dwindled to the situation where they only received 1 meeting on NZTR calendar last year ! I know they had a membership blow up which reached the courts a few years back .......I always thought Stratford to be a strong racing centre. My neighbour Jim Didham shifted there from Otago in late 60's and I think MSmith , JTaylor were other prominent trainers out of there and in recent years Dymand and Bothwell's ring and bell !. But I digress. In last season Stratford ran 1 x meeting......NZTR gave them $148, 821 for the meeting , of which they used $95,725 for stakes. No doubt the TAB got stuff charged back but it would appear Stratford is 'off the beaten track' and there are plenty of other tracks in Taranaki to suit the current population.[Horses and people] A few biking and walking tracks around the environs of the racetrack sounds a nice idea. Lets not spend too much time on Stratford...bigger issues out there !
  2. 5 Bucks !!!!! Saturday's book was only $3 bucks !...free to Members ! Fantastic it was too......attendees on the day go to see the 'live racing' so don't want to be at Ellerslie and see a field from Gawler , America or even Caulfield ,when they turn a page! Great to have the meetings at back of book [no America] with the Aussie racing showing quite a few facts,figures and colours. The Riccarton races had that plus a comment on most horses. As to the main purpose of the book Ellerslie ,it had a map of course facilities , plus all food options ,plus a guide to betting ,how to do it plus cost and percentages. It had a list of Jockeys and their mounts ,ditto trainers. It had a summary of all fields at front of book with pool options to bet into it. It had a speed map for 7 races. And it had picks , as well as comments on all horses ..and stats for last 3 starts including trials.! Anyone who took note of picks ,consulted with MGuerins editorial in Herald and Teds tips on BGP ,would have done very well.....as many did ! I've read hundreds of complaints in recent years re the track ,the coffee ,the choice of beer , the choice of champagne ,the loud music ,the commentator , too crowded, too empty ,too many young ones , too many old buggers,the suits ,the white coats , the JCA , the jockeys , the security , the marketing , the signage,the ticket sellers, the SST etc etc, But this is a first.......the race book ! I doubt if there is a better one anywhere !
  3. Some Clubs , including Eljay's have modernised their constitution in recent years and are now governed by a Board of Directors [between 3and 5 elected by Club members] and up to 3 x Independents who are chosen by Board. The Board not the members chose the Chairman and vice-chair.Directors are elected for a 3 yr term ,with rules in pace to prevent a 'position for life'. The reasoning for all this is that a racing club now deals with complicated issues ,encompassing many aspects other than Horse racing and the relevant skill set is there to manage things and not risk the Clubs assets etc and to grow and sustain the Club. Things like expertise in Development and Apartment building and selling and various legal and compliance issues ! This attracts highly skiful and qualified people and various Industry stalwarts among members back them up and if more votes needed then family members join the club for more voting muscle ! AS a result a battling or maverick member would struggle to be voted on ,as there are many passionate members who love the Club and been members a long time.Most don't make any discontent apparent at the AGM ! In saying that Eljay would get invited on to sub-committees to perform some tasks ...at times !...and he has ! Smaller clubs would struggle to fill a committee at times especially those who face their busiest time of year around Xmas /New Year when most people relaxing. Some would struggle to get a quorum at their AGM....not Eljays club , they enjoy a Buffet meal and drinks after their AGM.
  4. Dunno if credit cards have reached Blenheim yet but the accounts for the 2019 full year noted Merchant Fee recovery to be $4,576,000. Noted as income derived from Credit Card transaction fees charged to customers !
  5. LightsOut above makes some excellent observations above....it sure is a question why Credit Card fees so high......surely there are other expenses/recoveries included in that line Close to $5 mill seems a lot ! But the narrative obviously designed to mention a few roses while overlooking the weeds !
  6. True , but keep in mind that depreciation is a book figure and not cash .Plus the NZRB/Rita was always charged to pay out to codes their surplus. Hence there was nothing for a rainy day or to spend up on the new Betting platform. Herein lay their problem ,accentuated by the new platforms teething issues. Plus JAllen had been hanging his hat on the imminent windfall.....Racefields legislation , Point of consumption Fee ,and abolition of Gambling Duty.Duty alone had been $13 mill in 2018. So they had been paying out more than they earned for a good few years , with these changes in mind ! Unfortunately they made little apparent effort to slash costs such as salaries.In fact they wanted a 'world class ' betting system with hundreds of thousands of betting options per day [especially in Sports] which in view of NZ's size seemed questionable. Plus they were trapped by the lack of a collaborative approach from the Codes as a whole thru Regional bias etc which has dogged the Industry for 50 years as all towns regions want their track in their town.....this has been sucking the Industry dry ,yet even after Co-vid and the basic Insolvency of the TAB folk are still wanting to retain these distant venues with little horse population that are costing both owners, the communities and the TAB a small fortune to service. No one wants to change !
  7. Obviously not as bad a result as many on here predicted but it covers the period up to January 31 , a date when things really turned to custard with Betting Platform issues and leading into the outbreak of covid which really hit home the lack of equity . The commentary is careful to accentuate the positives where the numbers compare favourably with either previous year or with budget. No sales figures for codes , but hints that Sports betting continues to increase ,ditto gaming /pokies . It mentions the higher balances of external borrowing which will become apparent in year end Balance Sheet along with the lack of equity and basic insolvency. IMO the key statement is "the serious structural issues within the Industry and TAB business". And obviously nothing of any note had been done by 31 January to decrease operating expenses......co-vid certainly changed this ! Before folk ask the Board fees, travel accom , Consultancy ,Audit, legal ,and merchant fees are always included in notes under "Other expenses".
  8. Definitely Ellerslie..... very good facilities if you introducing any new people/employees to racing. Helpful Board ...unpaid too ! Decent cup of coffee !
  9. Sadly John the cake has been shrinking and getting smaller every year......decay and rot in some cases. Last season betting on Harness was down around 13% , which should equate to less funding. Something needs to be done ,but Harness folk can't agree exactly what. The halcyon days of 1970's won't be repeated ,if they were in fact so good.......... What would you do the improve profitablity of Harness and future-proof of the sport ?
  10. Yes it did operate.....Aussie racing etc but boss Dean reported at the time revenue was well down , and sports dried up except for some obscure sports like TT and Volleyball. The Table Tennis was from Russia ,Ukraine and Czech and TTNZ did well considering in recent years they received less than $100 [yes ,one hundred bucks from the TAB commissions !]...these were local leagues only! And it took a while to layoff staff etc so redundancies and ongoing leases/rents no doubt caused bleeding resulting in guvmint handout. As to paying Codes in advance ,I don't think this is possible , I'd guess monies don't hang around for long and the TAB is legislated to hold an amount called Betting Accounts and Vouchers trust to handle a run on funds/accounts etc
  11. Was the budgeted amount already in the coffers or was this what was 'hoped' for as the season progressed. One assumes the money doesn't sit around for long at the best of times ! Covid halted all revenue ,while many costs bled for sometime.
  12. Not necessarily my path ! Trying to get the answers/solutions out of Mikie who agreed the lower end needs more incentives. NZ Racing has for some time had one of ,if not the lowest , return to owners on the globe. Something ,well below 30 cents in $. I read somewhere that since payments made to all starters , 30% of horses earn over $10k in a season. Do the Math......training fees vary a lot especially South/North. Yet the licensed participants number has had little change in recent times ...NZ owners and trainers very resilient. Mikie has many strings to his bows...breeder , owner,trainer , driver , club secretary , funder , sponsor , great experience of the workings of many of NZ clubs and tracks and ties with the Industries leaders and decision makers. His views are of interest. I gather that you like me are an enthusiastic but amateur participant who makes the odd inane post on social media !
  13. Using your 'footy' analogy thats like paying club players more while cutting back on the salaries of International/ Star players. Water down Group races and it may sustain the Industry for another 12-18 months but the breeding side of the Industry would soon collapse as would ownership / betting /stakes and speed up the demise of even more clubs . Your club has been very well represented at the decision-making level for a long time so surely the word got through , the frail nature of the Industry must have been so very obvious ! So who would not listen , who or what clubs insisted on Harness travelling on the road to certain decline ? Answers please. The Earthquakes obviously hurt Christchurch for a while , while the ATC tried their own tragic path to try and future proof their future but what did the rest or the Industry as a whole do ! That's all behind us now .......betting on NZ Harness has been in steep decline in recent years and Aussies bet more on our races than we do ! The big question is what can done to try and sustain the industry and give our young participants some hope for their future !Answers please !
  14. You must be an antique to remember that...it was my neighbour EJ Didham who got the 99.I think he may have been winning on Baghdad Note at Trentham in July ,then popped across to the Melbourne Cup and won that for Otago ! Down the road a bit my friends neighbour RJS scored a few 90's ,including a high of 98 !
  15. Last night at trots there were 2 x operators on level one of stand where most people sat. Downstairs there were 3 x operators in the ATC TAB which is the busiest TAB in NZ and offers very good service. The 'crowd' was sparse ! That TAB also has 4 x SST's plus there is one at entrance. Not quite like Las Vegas with bet machines in toilet. After his time in spelling paddock eljay was a bit frisky last night. I feel confident a SST will be placed in 'his' area to make it a 5m walk instead of 42.5 m stroll. Also I suspect on the rare 'big' night there will be an operator there as well......that room's main use is as a dining room with loo's nearby.