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  1. tasman man 11

    Is this happening in Petone

    Looking back....as recent as the 'talk' John Allen gave at Ellerslie May 2019 I believe then he must have known they were close to 'broke' or 'trading while insolvent'. He gave a few hopeful COULDS ,SHOULDs and MAYBES about more revenue from Racefields ,International fees and Abolition of Gambling Duty etc. But revenue was down plus they had lost a few elite punters and costs only down a slice of cheese. All his hopes seemed on RITA and Messara report.....looking back he was very hopeful about new REFORMS. But the numbers were bad. Revenue down and dropping ,equity gone from $70mil to $23 mil in past 2 years and distributions paid to Codes were more than the profit. In addition in past year the credit line from bank had been drawn down an extra $25mil taking it to $35 mil. So he must have known that even if he hit every jackpot , realistically possible , that Bank loan had to be paid back by 2021. He must have known he was 'Trading while Insolvent' or very close to it. Funny that several of these guys are now associated or have been associated with both NZ Racing Board AND ATC financial disaster......and they continue to be ! I don't feel sorry for them....as Sandry said "NZ racing people very resilient ".....he meant to say mugs !
  2. tasman man 11

    2020/21 Ribbon Racing

    Should be to get racing back on track......the past two seasons more money has been paid out in Code Distributions for stakes etc than was made [ bottom line profit] Equity [Assets over liabilities ] went from $70 mil in 2017 to $23 mil in 2019. In may 2019 I went to John Allen's presentation. It basically was 'smoke and mirrors' they gave a handout with very small graphs which could hardly be read and the one showing equity shrinking while distributions incresed was glossed over. He spoke of challenging trading conditions ,but concentrated on 'sizzle' such as 40,000 new isomers and total customers up 6%. And COST MANAGEMENT was strict with Op expenses down $900k He concentrated on Racing reforms...RITA and Messarsa report and how NEW legislation could....add $10mil thru Racefields , $6 mil Point of consumption [International fee] and abolition of Duty could add $13mil. Unfortunately us folk that go to those things spend the time telling him to introduce more concourse doubles ,and how we need a race book or Friday flash etc and we lack detailed analysis of the actual numbers and performance. Looking at the printed accounts now ,briefly , one could conclude that they were probably trading while insolvent.....broke. Hoping for a magic wand from RITA and Messara and probably all the time hoping on handout from Government once the Industry itself waved the wand....made changes. The loss with bonus bets the straw that broke them !
  3. tasman man 11

    dean mckenzie

    Without reading everything here and researching subject ,I'd conclude this post sums things up. The levy to start the organisation which ended up the TAB may have come from club turnover but nowhere does it say the clubs had shares in the Harness/Gallops "Partnership" These two conferences later took on the greyhounds .....and led on to the NZ Racing Authority. This Statutory Body became a Crown Entity ,so it would be difficult to strip it back to Club ownership IMO.
  4. tasman man 11

    Post Covid 19 Racing

    Yes,Yes ,Yes
  5. tasman man 11

    Thank your lucky stars

    I was patrolling the Viaduct yesterday and saw some signs on a business warning off burglars and other intruders. It stated that the small person who will be alerted by the security cameras was certifiable and mad and had done some damage to the last intruders.......one was in ICU expected to recover sometime next year and another was in long terming fed by a gastric tube and turned over twice daily to alleviate bed sores !
  6. tasman man 11


    I live close to a city beach and on Wednesday the police were constantly around talking to cars who had stopped and moving on people just hanging around beach.....the walkers were OK. Going by your much loved STUFF and Herald websites the casual user around the beach e.g. surfer, paddle boarder etc NOW seems ok. Todays Herald says you can now go to the beach,as long as stay in bubble.....you can even drive to beach now if its local. This is an easing of hardline from yesterday even. Plus they say the Sun is good for you ,bad for virus ! People out and about has been rampant today.....much like normal Much more than past few days.
  7. tasman man 11


    chevy86.....where have you been ? I was getting worried. Have you been living in Detroit !
  8. tasman man 11

    Any Owner Compo ?

    As Bernard said...." NZ owners are very resilient " paraphrase "NZ Owners are mugs". Owning horses is an expensive hobby !.....I said that ! Me and others say.......Don't own racehorses unless you could put $25k into a paper bag and set fire to it , and not care a stuff !
  9. tasman man 11


    Personally I agree with the current course of action.........BUT I am realistic and old enough to understand life in NZ as we have known it will be very different from recent times. I have worked overseas when younger for about 7 years and had a taste of overseas travel in recent years. Even though Kiwis are very one-eyed about the quality of lifestyle we enjoy ,we have been very fortunate and our disadvantage of our remoteness to rest of world is also a huge bonus. We have an abundance of life essentials......Food , water , sun and ?????..many ! Our government and lifestyle is generally free of corruption and we have democracy and personal freedom ,freedom of speech etc. We have very good educational institutions and produce many very smart people in Health and technology.World class ! Technology means we are in touch with the world and time wise we see the sun first each day. I believe we have all our needs met and plenty of opportunities. Sure we have a lot of 'have nots' and in recent years this gap has widened. Sadly this Virus and the aftermath will kill a lot of businesses and many will lose jobs.........our booming tourism business will suffer for years. Like NZ racing ,the Guvmint has overspent for decades and put resources into wrong areas .............our size will make recovery a slow and difficult one but the quality of life ..the food ,water etc is still abundant along a good attitude !!!! Many find change difficult....attitudes are vital Its not what happens ,its how you take it. Dont cry.....create. Create success in the future ,don't moan about the past and stuff you don't control . Amen!
  10. The football sports will survive and be strong.....the main sports in sports mad countries which attract big TV rights and sponsorship. Aussie sports also get big gates.And well supported by Guvmint ! NZ TAB will box on with different disribution...less to Racing and more to sports. Just MO !
  11. tasman man 11

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    AB....as you a participant in Jumps ,why don't you survey all known Jumps trainers ,owners etc and gather some facts and find out what enthusiasm there is out there.Berri seems to think regular longer distance racing will lead into jumps racing being something to excite NZ followers as per UK [and Japan].Find out what horses may be out there ,in what regions and then if numbers good try and sort out a couple of tracks .......as a guess Wingatui ,Timaru and Ellerslie ,Trentham could be good ! I say Timaru cos they may be closed ,and run trots as well !Ellerslie cos they have cash/investments so could boost stakes which will be reduced to clubs next season cos of their predicament. But 4 or 5 horse fields .....forget it ! More of the same.....forget it ! As far as jumps concerned I'd say this season must be finished already ......I guess thats why you talking end of year !
  12. tasman man 11

    Here is a thought after 4 weeks shutdown.

    There will be change ,but not that sort of change !
  13. tasman man 11

    Some Good News

    Some folk seem to be in it more than others e.g. those working like slaves in difficult conditions. Especially the Supermarket checkout workers and others on close to the Minimum wage....away from families , working with many loose canons and getting abused at same time.Meanwhile many of us locked down at home ,still getting paid for sitting on our arses watching TV and drinking beer ! Im very pleased our racehorses are allowed to be regularly fed ,checked on and given some exercise...pleased they just not pointed to the hills and slapped across the arse. I know its hindsight ,the only exact science , but take a peek at Facebook Vlog by Andy Boredom ,a kiwi who visited NZ from Shanghai. Incredible that NZ puts more effort and $$ into the fruit fly and white butterfly !!!!!
  14. tasman man 11

    And here is another thought.

    I agree that many folks lifestyles will change for ever....go on new tact ! Some significantly ,especially in areas where many businesses cease and jobs lost. Probably lucky for many that interest rates on mortgages/debt etc at record lows. New habits /hobbies will emerge and spending patterns will change once benefits seen from this current restrictive lockdown lifestyle. Once folk stop gambling , buying 2x coffees daily ,gym membership , petrol saving , takeaway foods '.......their spending will divert. Many will start working from home ! A TV in every room , e-sports , ,new bikes etc etc
  15. tasman man 11

    Here is a thought after 4 weeks shutdown.

    In view of the tight controls on the Cook Strait ferries and new Racing protocols re Interisland movements I'd say this is a real possibility. Particularly in Harness where the numbers between North /South are chalk and cheese. For some time many on here have been saying that calendar programming needs to be flexible ...this is a must IMO. Also the Horse register should be mandatory i.e. regular stable returns listing what horses are ready to race. And racecourses as well.....who is keen and ready to host ! These obvious tools would enable the Industry to get up and running sooner than will be otherwise possible. Its been well documented how many bigger stables in both codes have sent all their horses to spelling paddock so they will have ZERO horses ready to race in 4 weeks and zero in up to 8 weeks ! The Industry and in particular the TAB will be anxious to start up once the health crisis is under control......it could be a year. But I think Industry bosses need to be monitoring this daily at moment and collating what horses will return to training and in what regions. So it could be that the first 8 meetings are held in South Island....or more. No point having a Cup class pacer training in Auckland if it the only one in North Island. And no use training a Jumper if there is only 4 jumpers in NZ. This type of planning would certainly get people thinking.......but I suspect if NZ's current Civil emergency lockdown turns out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread then the starting point is 12 weeks away at earliest....doggies maybe earlier ! The NZTR boss says the 3x codes are working together...could we see some Trots / gallops meetings on grass tracks up north ??? Necessary cos of numbers !....maybe not possible in mud ?? He did stress its a 'new dawning' and change inevitable.....bring it on !