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  1. Fairfleet probably his best Crusty, though Shifnal Chief won three for him before being sold to a client of Jack Winder.
  2. No system is faultless CB but it also worked in a time when returns in terms of $$ meant owners could at least make a bit more than costs. I have a similar beef with track conditions. (showing my age here). Fast, easy, soft and heavy seemed to work for a hundred years until horses were taught to read and tell the difference between a Heavy 11 and a dead 9.
  3. R1 - 1,2,5,7 R2 - 2,3,5,7 R3 - 1,2,4,7 R4 - 1,3,5,8 R5 - 1,2,5,7 R6 - 1,2,5,7 R7 - 2,3,5,7 R8 - 1,2,5,7 R9 - 1,2,5,7 R10 - 1,2,5,7 R11 - 1,2,5,7 R12 - 1,3,5,7 Good luck all. Good to see it happening again.
  4. Three or four meetings on very heavy tracks and I think we may find some are simply not going to handle it and numbers will ease a bit.
  5. Ahhhhh Mr Crusty. Shades of the nefarious Mr Glitter. Morally decrepit but some rollicking music.
  6. Nothing I've seen in the last ten years to suggest there has ever been a 'marketing team.'
  7. My Grandkids now tell me "Facebook is for old people." I guess that saying is right- Too soon old, too late smart.
  8. Best selection method will be the dartboard I reckon. Going to be deep or at best bloody sticky - unless, of course, they whistle up Ruakaka. Depending on how much rain just imagine the fallout if they canned it.
  9. Website is the blackboard Huey and certainly Facebook is the place for quick daily updates and short videos as most are well capable of that.My point was mainly the acceptance of modern technology as a marketing tool. I'm sure new and younger participants would demand it. We relied on the Herald and Best Bets for many years but things are radically different now and regardless of our age we need to get with the programme (if we are interested enough), simply be left behind completely, or find new interests elsewhere which would be sad for the industry.
  10. Trainers and punters alike, many of whom are old school, need to accept 21st century progress. Though it took a while to accept like most new things, the internet is now an essential marketing tool. Just look at the word- it's an Interactive Network. There is always someone in the employ or family who is up with the play and can keep owners and sundry appraised of the stable and their horses on at least a weekly if not daily basis. Te Akau has been mentioned. Maybe sometimes a bit mundane but nevertheless current including Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday workouts. Punters too need to accept the demise of herald, Informant and Best Bets and get onto the net, find and save the information they seek. At the end of the day they'll disseminate the information to suit themselves anyway but the bottom line is things are different and we - owners, trainers, punters - need to approach things differntly too.
  11. Getting back to Te Rapa, I know there were a lot of horses went round, the track hadn't been raced on since February but appeared to cut out pretty badly well before the end of the day. What's the opinion of those who were there? Just asking.
  12. To me that means he doesn't talk to the guys who have driven the industry into the ground. He's too much Mr Nice Guy and doesn't ask the hard questions and won't put these guys on the spot. Just mho.
  13. And as the very knowledgeable Kermit said "It's not easy being Green."
  14. Might not be any racing by then LJ. We might all be gone.
  15. Blue

    77 racedays

    Harness fields only good in some areas Mikenz. 56 noms for Alex Park this week hmmmmmm....................................