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  1. Blue

    Jacinda Ardern

    Aoteroa is Rarotongan. Why should New Zealand be replaced with a Rarotongan name?
  2. Maybe just while it's Maori language week.
  3. Interested to know what students of breeding think of this fellow. Have a mare with a little Danehill, Centaine and Street Cry close up.
  4. He didn't swallow all the climate change garbage he was expected to impart to listeners either.
  5. I suspect Garner has had enough of the political b s. After such a spell he'll find life much more pleasant.
  6. I see the team are all scratched today. I wonder if he scratched them or had it done for him.
  7. A case in Wellington so lockdown will probably continue (announcement at 3) so no racing anywhere this weekend I'd say.
  8. But apparently there is a possibility of Ruakaka gallops going ahead on Saturday but at Cambridge. Wtf is that all about?
  9. If he was around today he still wouldn't need to be trained by Waller, he was just that good.
  10. Seem to recall he had a health scare couple of years ago may have something to do with it but he would know first hand the precarious state of the industry and with his team winning $270k odd last season, 10% of that equates to just $540 a week. Not rocket science given the hours and responsibility vs returns. I'm surprised not more are giving up. And from an owners point of view some going to $100/day is bloody hard to justify. I think it'll get worse before it gets better.
  11. Also " trainer wouldn't have him here if he wasn't ready to rumble" and when a horse happens to win the stable is immediately " on fire".
  12. Would be mildly surprised if the horse didn't have a new home before long.
  13. Blue

    Go Leo

    Not to mention the cornflake king Dick Hubbard whose son (???) is still making headlines.
  14. A split second either way and places may have been different but basically the best horses finished pretty much where they should have. The only surprise was the $21 price but the Purdon expertise is still alive and well.