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  1. Blue

    True Story...almost.

    Hahaha. Reminds me of that saying " the older you get, the better you USED to be. "
  2. Blue

    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    It's all relative I guess. A 2.5% share would have cost peanuts, maybe $1500 for someone just wanting an interest so a return of $75k with no further traing fees or expenses would be a pretty fair return I'd say considering what she's already done. One thing's for sure, Aussie in the spring will be a whole new ballgame.
  3. Blue

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Agree mostly Rusty but the moment he takes outside drives his udr will drop because at the moment he's driving familiar stable horses he drives every day. Quite different on a catch drive. He does show good judgement though.
  4. Blue

    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    Didn't they turn down $3,m for Volk stock n barrel in search of a Cox Plate? Pffftttt.
  5. Blue

    Manawatu Last night

    I don't think I saw a race where it wasn't pissing down at Manawatu and had apparently been all day so I'd presume that being on the fence would be in the deepest crap and the very place not to be.
  6. Blue

    ATC Update

    Careful, you might get Glenda.
  7. Blue

    Farewell to the Queen......

    At least it went the way it should. Alternatively HE and Dddance never got warm. Neither would have won an argument today. Nor Dubhe in the Cup, but the Kiwi mares ran with credit. A lot of good horses behind them.
  8. Blue

    ATC Update

    Why John. Any improvement in stakes should be welcome surely. Are Cambridge able or prepared to up their game? $500 for 5th at Auckland not to be sneezed at compared to running third at Cambridge. Despite what you may think about the class of horse it's still no easier to win a lower class race.
  9. Don't entirely disagree and I fully understand the $$$$ side of things as written by Trump but yes, top horse no doubt in age group races but I'd like to see these types of horse carry on for longer too. Some stallions will top up as they get older and may not perform the same which then could become a negative but they're heading to stud as three year olds when they have only had half a dozen races and still barely finished growing. Compare them to some of the top mares, Winx, Makybe Diva, Horlicks, Sunline who do a sterling job to six or seven year olds. Then again some top performing mares have dismal production records don't they? Obviously all dollar orientated.
  10. Blue

    J Campbell- No More Change- Oh Dear

    It's not a field of superstars but she's a 7 year old mare and not won in her last 15 starts. Hmmmmmm........................As said FTM there are a few '"IF's"
  11. Blue

    Canterbury Starter

    I just thought maybe they're looking to elevate the $$$ on one of the others to ensure another Jewels runner. Just saying.
  12. Mostly ........pretty well.
  13. If the predicted 25 MLS or more rain happens then anything could happen.
  14. Blue

    WAIPA RC - Te Awamutu GONE!

    Well guys, there's a bit of rain around now so apart from the dearth of horses for all the programmed meetings we're moving into the area of abandoned meetings as soon as a horse slips. The whole job will be self regulating.
  15. Blue

    What will be done and dusted first?

    As I said elsewhere Lloyd, those implicated seem all to be going about their daily tasks just as they were before. Doesnt appear much urgency now from the Queen's Proctors but no doubt lawyers will still have their clocks ticking.