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  1. Well, I guess I have to eat 'umble poy on this one. Noted Sweens not sure how to say Cote de Beaune the other day. Thought he should brush up on his "pronounciation". Used to be pronunciation in my day. Probably shouldn't be so pedantic but then names are given for a purpose.
  2. Tasman, I think that's maybe a question nobody really wants to answer though, if we're honest, we probably know what the answer would be.
  3. Ran second, race 3 at Matamata. I know Trackside guys are not too hot on pronunciation but Brendan Popplewell, have you been living under a rock? I bet your liquor store mates laugh when you order your Christmas tipple.
  4. Great drive in the last at Addington too. Very good judge of pace and timing.
  5. Blue

    Auckland fields

    This AGM could, or rather must, be a cornerstone to the future of Northern harness otherwise it may not have a future, certainly not at AP. It is now a commercial precinct and though development was instigated to co-exist with and even enhance the spectacle of harness racing things have gone way beyond that to where racing needs to be managed as a separate entity. Just as the famed Ellerslie Hill is now assigned to history, so Alexandra Park will always feature in the annals of harness racing but the business itself needs a complete overhaul on a stand alone basis if it is to survive. Sooner
  6. It's disgusting Shsd. Some of the elements in viagra are now being surreptitiously put into tea bags. Apparently does nothing for your sex drive but at least your biscuits don't go soft.
  7. Should that no read 'her band or gay followers......'?
  8. This week 99 noms which is about as good as it gets in the North with 84 acceptors for ten races but with some odd (imo) handicapping. This week there is a mobile and a standing trot rating 40-69 and 40 to 60. Would it not be more even to run a 40-50 with 10 starters and a 51-69 with nine starters for a better balance. In the mobile an R40 horse is running against an R60 (4 win) horse off the same marks. Given that trotting numbers have increased markedly in recent times, I note plenty of opportunities for 2 & 3yo pacers running separately for males and females but virtually nothing like t
  9. Four years later would be interesting to re-write that report - providing it was done honestly !!
  10. Matamata Race 1: 12 Matamata Race 2: 10 Matamata Race 3: 15 Matamata Race 4: 14 BB Matamata Race 5: 2 Matamata Race 6: 1 BB Matamata Race 7: 12 Matamata Race 8: 4 Matamata Race 9: 3 Trentham Race 1: 12 Trentham Race 2: 4 Trentham Race 3: 1 Trentham Race 4: 5 BB Trentham Race 5: 9 Trentham Race 6: 7 Trentham Race 7:14 Trentham Race 8: 8 BB Trentham Race 9: 8
  11. Didn't see the race but noticed she was riding again. Also Tayla Wenn. Not seen either for a while.
  12. Depends Lloyd. If you have a vested interest it can be deleted and the button pushed again. Have seen it done. At the end of the day there are so many variables to racing, and especially Cup racing, that can have a bearing on the outcome.
  13. We thought we'd seen it all with Makybe Diva. Then we thought the same with Sunline but this mare is right up there. Can't be too many superlatives. Another dogged run by The Chosen One for fifth, and hope Ocean Billy is OK.
  14. Just as an aside Lloyd, there are no shortcuts. Would like to see Bro in Whitianga (can't get through Auckland anyway) but from Whangarei it can be a long and expensive trip fuel-wise. Thought maybe a small plane ride would be the go. Rang Sunair who often detour to Whitianga on their normal Whangarei- Tauranga route. "Can be done" said the woman. "Just roughly what would the fare be," I asked. Answer: $395 pp, ONE WAY !!!! I had to tell her (nicely) I just wanted to know the fare, I didn't want to buy the whole fucking plane. As I said earlier - no shortcuts.
  15. Blue

    2022 calendar

    No Jewels in 2022 due to age and therefore date changes.