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  1. Blue

    Inters night 3

    Tim, please don't judge us all in terms of Rodley. Trying to do better than the lowest common denominator.
  2. Blue

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    So many variables. Did jockey B take evasive action when he thought contact was going to be made? Was contact actually made? Did either or both riders stop riding? Then there’s the judiciary, the odds-on favourite which shouldn’t come into it but I believe it does, the human element being who presents their case the best, the $$ factor and then Leo’s mathematical equation which may or may not have relevance also. It reminds me, just like the maths used in building the pyramids, and of the prominent Indian Chief who was about to choose a successor. His three wives each with a son sat around him, one on a hippopotamus hide, one on a buffalo hide and the other on a zebra hide. He used the theorem of Pythagorus to choose the first in line who was twice as important as the others. How? Basically, the son of the Squaw on the Hippopotomus was equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides.
  3. Blue

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    Even with camera shots from four different angles it gets down to interpretation and how good your argument it. Over the years in cases like this I've noticed the decision more often than not goes the way of the short-priced favourite which it did in this case. Comparitively fifty years ago with no cameras, at the merest touch the jockey on the second horse would immediately stand up in the stirrups and give a tug on the reins. To all watching the horse would obviously be "badly checked" and then being beaten only a head and without any re-plays the decision would go his way without a second thought. I would say a few of you out there would relate to this.
  4. Blue


    Correct Puha BUT if you've had anything to do with publications and distribution this can be labour intensive and costly showering it out all over the place especially for a dwindling market which means costs go up for the few who do want it. Service comes at a price unfortunately but still keen to see the finished product and how it progresses.
  5. Blue

    1700m Races

    Sniper huge again. The Fixer being nursed to be right at the right time and Winterfell pretty good too without being pushed.
  6. Blue

    Standing Starts.

    I didn't hear or see the race and I think it was Oamaru last weekend. Just heard Pete Early and Dave Mac lamenting the start of a trot race. Abysmal said Pete (being nice) and said he would be asking serious questions in his show tomorrow morning. I hope he adds race 2 at Alex Park tonight to that discussion as well. What a bloody shambles. (never had a bet). There's got to be a better way. No wonder turnovers are dropping.
  7. Blue

    Bit Of A Bugga

    I'll stick my neck out and say the Aussies wont win a heat but a couple will gain enough points to get in the final then look out. They'll have had three races right handed by then and we know they can be bloody tough opponents when the chips are down. Just mho.
  8. Blue


    Would you really follow every trainer interview? I mean REALLY ??? No trainer ever says his horse hasn't got a show or is just there to run around. Every horse mentioned has "been working well." In many cases that is the truth but by the same token longshots do come in. I personally put little credence in those interviews but it's all part and parcel of the TV coverage.
  9. Blue

    Rotorua Scratchings Today

    The irrigators will be out in force now though.
  10. Blue


    'You know the odds, now beat them ' used to be the call but if we're trying to pick a winner in every race on the card we might as well be pushing the proverbial uphill as the odds are way against us. I recall a fairly well heeled guy , early 70s made $700 off a Brian Smith runner in the first at Te Rapa with a $100 bet, fairly handsome for the day. I thought it was a fortune, but he actually ended the day $700 down. It's all risk and reward.
  11. Blue


    My point exactly Gruff. How many people do hours of study and still end up "shit out of luck"?
  12. Blue


    Which means the dartboard is right in the mix when it comes to picking winners.
  13. Blue


    You don't often get a Lotto winner prepared to put money into horses or racing. He's already been prudent enough to dump some rubbish and so it's good to see him get a little success. May not be a superstar but more in store by the way she won yesterday.
  14. neilg

    Do You mean H.R.N.Z. is letting it go away '' so to speak '' or hoping it will go away '

  15. Blue


    Need to take this elsewhere Neil, I think.