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  1. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    In my observation a mare will run one blinder early in foal, but rarely more than one.
  2. Blue


    Press Baron was a handy trial winner today before they got canned.
  3. Blue

    Are races getting faster?

    Records are made to be broken but records are unlikely to fall very often until we get over this love affair with irrigation and get back to genuinely fast tracks.
  4. Blue

    horse of the year

    Actually Knight's Star ( apostrophe s) was a pretty fair chaser back in the 50s. Won the Gt Northern Steeples in 56 with young John Potter aboard. I think that's right. I was only 9 years old so stand corrected.
  5. Blue


    Not an easy one. If young people (or any people for that matter) book tables or gazebos on promo days the club gets all of the $25 or $50 per head they pay, or an admission charge on special days plus a reasonable mark up on the booze. On the other hand they only get a small percentage of each dollar that goes through the tote and the likelihood of increasing that in the foreseeable future is about nil. The bottom line is the most important thing but either way there is still not enough being turned over to keep the industry from destruction in the long term IMHO.
  6. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    For the horses or P4P?
  7. Blue

    Jacinda Ardern

    Let's face it Lloyd, she's promised gazillions on things that will happen around 2023. She's yet to really spend anything unless the rough sleepers all have new cars. Certainly hasn't built anything for the homeless which were the #1 priority I seem to remember.
  8. Couldn't put a field of talented horse together like that today.
  9. Blue

    CongratsTeam Melody Belle

    Few comments elsewhere about her comparison with the earlier MB. I think overall the opposition was perhaps better and deeper in case of the former but you can do more than win - and keep on winning. Regardless of the opposition her superiority is without question. Another trip to Aussie would be the ultimate test.
  10. Flipped channels for a moment to find a horse called Racing Minister toiling in the rear just after the start. He remained there for the whole race and made no progress at any point. Couldn't help thinking how life imitates art.
  11. Blue


    Has a chicken got lips? There's your answer.
  12. A little aside but reminds me of the Irish lad who fronted up to the Pope when he was doing a mass blessing and healing session. The Pope asked "What is your problem my Son?" The lad said "Can ye help me wit my hearing, Father." The Pope laid his hands on his head, blessed him, uttered the usual magic words in Latin "Hoco Poco, chocolate and Cocoa," then stepped back and asked "How is your hearing now my Son?". The lad answered "I can't tell Father. It's not till next T'ursday."
  13. Blue


    Obviously a bit of a piss take Tim- or was it? AP is a bitch to get to and it's not going to get any better and despite it being in the middle of a city of 1.5 million people, no bastard goes. I know what you're saying about the functions but they're not going to pay their court costs or the $40mil deficit. Not really a good situation going forward.
  14. Blue


    Sell Alex Park to a developer and race at Pukekohe.
  15. Blue

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    How she does in Aussie this time will certainly endorse the quality ( or lack of) of our general racing contingent. I did think when she loomed up on the turn last week that she was winning but could also see a Cox Plate start in the offing. Time will tell.