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  1. But in actual fact would they if they were working from a script and being paid good money? The fiddler usually calls the tune.
  2. A couple of full brothers started in the second at Trentham last week, Touch of Paradise and Slice of Paradise.
  3. Well, if I was a stipendary steward I'd probably call it 'interference.'
  4. It wasn't "alleged" behaviour.
  5. Would that be Ronnie Heaton by any chance?
  6. Well, until they can get Headquarters (Ellerslie) sorted they're in no position to discard any other tracks.
  7. Can't boast anything like that but I had a pacer in 2010, Family Spirit, that won three in eleven days, Stratford Cup off 20metres, Palmerstonian Prelude then the Palmerstonian. Trophy was a crystal decanter and glasses and I'm happy to relate than in the fourteen years since then there wouldn't be fourteen days those glasses haven't been used.
  8. Blue Dornarea had 5 foals

    Control 1964 brc by Proud Look

    Proud Don 1966 brc by Proud Look

    Miss Coranat 1969 brf by Fox Myth

    Ojay 1970 brc by The Cobbler

    Heliopolis 1972 bc by Resurgent

    Control had 2 unplaced starts at 4 trained by Jack Winder

    Proud Don won 2 from 45 starts. His first win came at his 35th start- Paeroa 18/7/70 over 7f won by 5l ridden by Bruce Compton. Dargaville 20/11/70 over 7f ridden by Ian Rowe. That was his last start. Trevor McKee trained. Miss Coranat was unplaced in 16 starts- 7 for Buzz Leggett and 9 for owner LA Hickman. Ojay was unraced and I think Heliopolis was also unraced.

  9. Well if that's the case just get over it or couple up the stablemates. Win some, lose some.
  10. Agreed. Marketing of the industry in general is woeful - or non-existent.
  11. Except when you run a FEISTY HEIST with a WEIRD BEIGE NEIGHBOUR hehehe.
  12. Exactly. Aradne is another one. It's not Ara -deen, it's Arad-knee.
  13. WTF ?? Penelope Hall. Surely the commentator can pronounce that one correctly.
  14. I think that could be a photo finish.
  15. Agreed. Probably 80 horses entered including eleven in the maiden 2yo event. I counted roughly twenty first starters throughout the programme so it appears trainers AREN'T entirely averse to running on the synthetic.