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  1. Might be splitting hairs but that's what the law is good at. I believe being found not guilty as opposed to innocent had something to do with not paying compensation or at least not paying the full amount claimed.
  2. TA bought at $500k, 2 @ $600k and $850k but may not be coming back here.
  3. Actually, and I stand corrected, wasn't Bain found ' not guilty' in his last trial? This is opposed to being found innocent which is quite a different thing.
  4. And Waisake is a potential star of the future too methinks. Very impressive.
  5. My Mum worked in a family milk bar in Panmure and a regular customer was a friend of the owners so used to get the " bully". I was not long out of school and Serena supplemented my meager pay quite nicely.
  6. Triomphe winning at Tauranga today reminiscent of another handy Triomphe trained by Brian Smith and won his first 2yo race in 1970 ridden by Linda Jones.
  7. Serena, winner this week for John Bary was a top mare in the late 60s.
  8. Well, almost. I see a filly named Tauparae winning at Matamata trials today for TA. Stirs memories of the good sprinter/miler Tauporae. He won eight races in the 70s plus third twice in the Railway, 1970 behind Sharivari and 71 behind Ajasco. Good luck to her owners. I hope she's half as good.
  9. I notice several on the unruly tomorrow which means thay probably have to settle back. Had several inside draws yesterday but not often the best for first starters and especially standing starts. Be wary.
  10. Might not be quite so urgent now that Palamos is out of the 2yo $1m race.
  11. Make of it what you will.
  12. Elliot did have to check his mount but if we hark back 50-odd years ago and without cameras, the jockey would have stood up in the stirrups and reefed the horse's head in the air making interference so obvious the outcome would have been a fait accompli. Bottom line as has been said, if there's no protest, there's no protest.
  13. Agreed Chevy. Is OP not obliged to keep his horse on a straight line? Head on shows he let it drift in. Apparently not. I didn't have a bet but was a little surprised there wasn't a question asked.
  14. Opie 'advised' of his obligation etc, etc. Looked at least like grounds for a protest to me.