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  1. Blue

    Thatz David

    Lots of "old" horses are paying their way but TD is definitely not nor has he looked like it for a long time.
  2. Blue

    UMC still at it

    He didn't look quite as sharp JS because he didn't get matters all his own way this time and never had to work like that before. This was one step up and he's made that move but from now it'll be like going from Super Rugby to the ABs - a whole new ballgame. Can't fault 7 from 7 but this far out from the Cup he'd want to be 20s at least before I'd touch him. Good to have a new star on the horizon though.
  3. Blue

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    Yes SD, I believe this to be the case plus it's the tech age, no problem with verification, barcodes etc.
  4. Blue

    Thatz David

    Well he isn't 13 but I seem to recall Chautaqua had a choice ( or at least decided he'd had enough). Tongue in cheek of course.
  5. Blue

    How y’all looking now

    Why on the shore? All the horses come from south of the bridge plus Auckland traffic would make it more hassle than it's worth.
  6. Blue

    National may scrap Super Gold Card

    I've had one for a while.Used it once on a trip to Waiheke otherwise its useless Whangarei or further north.
  7. Blue

    While Nero fiddles here....

    Oh, so you mean maybe Te Teko? Lol.
  8. Blue

    Win a $1000 bar tab at HQ

    Couldn't agree more and by comparison the lazy Ngapuhi of the north bought the Warriors and went belly up Bought the Homestead Tavern at Keri Keri and went belly up and tried to develop a bogus water export business ending up $10 mill in the red now the collective Iwi cant even agree on the terms of reference for their treaty settlement.All they have is outstretched hands and a whole lot of vacant land.
  9. Blue

    jewels fields

    The only punt for the club is the weather. Were it gallops it would have been canned. I had a work day interrupted so watched the whole thing from my lounge Bloody good coverage, bloody good racing, bloody good that there was a roughy placed in every race. I have no problem with any of the commentators. You have to keep the banter going and if you dont agree with their assessment then follow your own logic. That's what punting is all about although I never had a bet all day. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it. Got a share in something lining up tomorrow so saving it for that.
  10. Blue

    jewels fields

    Kaikoura !!!
  11. Blue

    jewels fields

    Interesting picks JL. One possible chink I see is Elle Mac. Realistically should be a class above her age but is a while away from winning despite the Natalie factor - but what would I know? On one hand looking at draws this could be a Jewels with some surprises. On the other hand 1980 as opposed to 1600 mtrs could negate poor draws. I think this will be a better day's viewing than mile racing.
  12. Blue

    Felaar was ok

    Looked to me like the two horses behind the leader both went for the same gap at the same time but it wasn't really there. However I'm not the judiciary and it's now history.
  13. Blue

    Couldn't happen here

    You know the answer Tim, the rating/ handicapping system.
  14. Blue

    Felaar was ok

    No sorry, but my thoughts are the same.
  15. Blue

    Felaar was ok

    Hes a freegoer but who's going to try and lead throughout a mile and a half in Aussie? Jockey had a great opportunity to ease back to trail. I've never ridden a winner but I don't think he was given his best shot on this occasion. Never backed him, just mho.