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  1. Good luck Cubes. Is that the 'Z' filly about to hit her straps again. I've been looking out for her.
  2. Blue

    Incompetent Unit

    Naturally !
  3. Blue

    Racing Reform

    He's calling for a review of the finances of all parties cleverly trying to deflect attention from his own crowd. He doesn't change.
  4. Blue

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    Was it inaugurated as the Sir Tristram Classic? If not, what was it called before then? Not terribly fussed on the name but sponsorship is always going to change from time to time and if I had a horse good enough to win it I probably wouldn't give a toss what the race was called. Whether it was a Group or listed race would be more important than the name.
  5. Blue

    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    Or home detention at HQ. That'd be tough.
  6. Blue

    Waikato RC - Legends Day Saturday

    The view from the stand looks great - but will there be anyone there?
  7. Blue

    The beginning of the end

    Actually Crusty he has. Just happens to be the ultimate opportunist who has feathered his nest nicely. Right place, right time and as we all know, timing is everything.
  8. Blue

    The beginning of the end

    Big risks everywhere O'man. Lots of promises from Winston as was the case years ago but to my mind the industry is still failing and he has yet to bring the slide to a halt let alone improve things.
  9. Blue

    Hawkes Bay fields

    Galloping trainers (many unbeknown to the owners) have a propensity to accept in three different meetings in a week which means their horses will be scratched at two at least so what looks ok fields the night before can be decimated by 7:30 on raceday or even during if they feel the ground is too hard or too soft or whatever. Poor form imho. Doesn't happen that way in harness, even with grass track racing. If the weather changes drastically between acceptances and race day they generally still go to the post.
  10. Blue


    Quote Crustyngrizzly: Can anybody tell me if Cambridge Stud,Waikato Stud,Pencarrow Stud or Windsor Park have horses in book 2/3. Nope. Haunui has 4 or 5, Highview has 4 by Wrote, Mapperly has half a dozen and Westbury around thirty. The rest from smaller breeders.
  11. Blue


    Would you not get more bargain hunters there on Sunday as opposed to Friday when many hobby buyers are working? Will be interesting to see.
  12. Blue

    Attendance at Rotorua today

    First time I ever knew everyone on course. Well, all three of them. Sadly marketing within the racing industry again lacking.
  13. Blue


    Interesting huh, but overall they didn't set things on fire. I thought there would be more interest in them. No offence to Savabeel of course but just how many sons of Savabeel can the industry stand going forward as I guess most are bought with a possible stud career in mind?
  14. Blue


    Good picking Huey.
  15. Blue

    Are the Whip rules working

    My question too. Look at some of the head-ons. Some if not most of the jockeys look pretty messy when under pressure using the whip whip in some cases shows the horse to be not well balanced. They'd be better off learning to hunker down, hold the horse together and use the true hands and heels IMHO. Have to drop their irons a couple of holes and put their feet home - shock horror !!