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  1. Though being an ex-eventer she probably knows that "Hobbles" are like handcuffs and go on a horse's front legs usually to stop them wandering away whereas a pacer wears HOPPLES. Just saying.
  2. All things considered I couldn't agree more. Plenty of racing, measured up both sides of the ditch, earned plenty as a result, retired sound, pedigree that will stand up anywhere certainly in NZ. At $4k what's not to like?
  3. Bren Langford won several big races on him including the 1962 McGregor Grant Steeples and the '63 Grand National.
  4. Home bred mares won't be paying a stud fee but the name of the game is getting foals on the ground and then to the races. I just thought there are some handy new stallion options in that $7-$12 K range with good credentials and he was dear enough for a start.
  5. Just another in quite a line-up of exciting new chums on the block I reckon.
  6. Starting at $15K. What do the pundits think?
  7. Yes Pam, great initiative but again, where and how is it being promoted? As Scooby commented earlier there is no marketing of the industry. The only place you see racing is on Trackside which is preaching to the very diehard and the already converted- both of which are dwindling. Unless racing, breeding, participation and its opportunities are marketed elsewhere it will never attract new interest and the slow death will continue.
  8. Auckland seem to be bending over backwards (or should that be forwards?) to run high stakes races for four, five and six horse fields. Programme is now entirely different from what was scheduled this morning.
  9. And realistically, even though it's only a mile, the draw is not going to be a major factor in a field of five IMHO.
  10. Dyed-in-the-wool Dargaville lad though I remember him in the Central in Cambridge early 70's putting a foot on the bar and showing off his purple toenails. One of a kind.
  11. Interesting in gallops when two horses go head to had throughout the race they generally fade out and nobody says anything but in harness racing it's called a speed dual and drivers are generally penalised for not giving their charge every show of winning. All in the interpretation.
  12. My last trip to Riccarton was the most fun I'd had for years made moreso because of a good winner. Just looking yesterday at Suppy Rusof draining the trophy at 'One Good Horse" before Leeanne Richards whisked him away for a feed. Poor bugger hadn't eaten for three days. My subsequent visits to Christchurch have been to Addington but now we have a bit more freedom another trip to the hallowed turf is not beyond the bounds of possibilities. Good to hear stories from those who can enjoy a day of racing and cameraderie despite the results.
  13. Obviously in 1965 nobody was too concerned about the state of the track at Ellerslie on Northern Steeples day. NZ Herald June 7th 1965 only one scratching on the whole card. Honestly won the Hack mile in 1;41 and King of Luck won the 7 furlongs in 1:31
  14. Interesting discussions but IMHO Spankem leads, Self Assured trails and wins. Maybe sounds like a cracked record but given the draws I can't really see it any other way. It's just a bit sad that it's not the age race it was originally intended to be.
  15. Avondale races ANZAC day used to start with the "Over The Top Hurdles" won in 1969 (I think) by Great Summit owned by Harley Bowler and ridden by Peter Wilson from memory. Someone will know for sure but I seem to recall Jan 1st, Auckland Cup Day also used to start with the "Cup Day Hurdles". If not then, then the Ellerslie meeting on Melbourne Cup day. But that was then.......................