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  1. Welcome to RC and you have raised a good point re prices. Tasman Man is also correct in that it is what it is given its status on the Harness calendar but to put things into perspective Cambridge and Ashburton were far more cost competitive in terms of packages offered to race goers
  2. Great post John , just call it a family squabble as only 1 person has got a touch nasty calling a few people names etc. I found the Box Seat program to be informative and unbiased, others obviously have issues with it but the serials on the other channel have not challenged it which suggests even they are convinced its Kosha As for your " My name is sentence" its sounds like your a reasonable sort of character
  3. Imagine what time he would have run had he not hung. I'm sure they will look after the horses interests first but with potential withdrawals he might make it there on his current earnings
  4. Of all the recent NZ raced and trained sires only Christian Cullen really stands out. Courage and a few others left the odd one but were soon out of favour with breeders.
  5. Agreed , both are nice horses who will do connections proud no matter where they run. As for the short odds, that's the norm given AS record at Jewels and ive never met anyone who went broke backing winners no matter how little they paid
  6. Very nice win last night even though he is s till not doing things 100%. Given they are all just babies perhaps some expect too much from them at this stage of their careers. Brad's plunge horse went well until the last 100 in the same race whilst Purdon's baby lost the plot completely even though its trials were nice. Which one of the 3 would you like to own , ill stick with US for continuity
  7. Won well last night but still not 100% in terms of its gait. Im sure they will fix it but does it need another race to fit it for Jewels or can they do the work at home and or trials
  8. Your a typical keyboard warrior, posts plenty of potentially libelous comments but when challenged to produce evidence to back his outrageous previous claims he runs a mile. If its not a secret as you say then why not share with this ecosystem the names of trainers who use it on "otherwise fit and healthy horses" Scoobie , this is one for you to deliberate on based on your mantra dont say it if you cant prove it
  9. And they wont answer simple questions about who uses it for lets say , less than savory purposes.
  10. You are the one making all the claims , i merely asked you as you come across as an expert on the use of the process which if any trainers you know use it for the purposes you raised I have and always come back with my question to you , who is doing this process on fit and healthy horses immediately before a race as you patently insinuate. Names please
  11. You make a lot of assumptions.Tell us all which trainer/s have done what you are suggesting in bold above.?? Im thinking you cant/wont produce names but would be privileged if you did.
  12. Its a given as you say. Any clues on which side of the fence you are on at this stage lloyd
  13. Love it , your a clever man Tim. BTW , im sure you will find if you wanted to enquire that many trainers over the years have been using this legal process yet no one ever mentions them. I bet they feel left out.
  14. Go and watch the interview. As for above, what is your vested interest and how much propaganda can you preach on one subject. Plenty by the looks of your replies and comments on this subject but hey lets not let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. You keep thinking the way you do and that's fine by me , we live in a democracy and Scoobie provides a forum for all to have a say
  15. Im sure Bill Bishop would be more than happy to lay out his credentials against some no name keyboard warrior such as yourself. As i said to Counter Punch, your type will never change your minds no matter how much credible evidence is presented to you. Accepted by racing jurisdiction world wide , even WADA and its not good enough for some people.