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  1. Newmarket RC

    Holiday Racing costs and a day at a top Stable

    As i said earlier this is an example for people to understand what its like running a stable, in this case the successful AS one. As i alluded to in my previous post its the same in TB code as well. You want to introduce a completely different subject as in what happens to slow or horses that are injured whilst in the AS stable. Quite simply i have no idea but you obviously have the inside running on this issue so why not educate us and tell us all.
  2. Newmarket RC

    Holiday Racing costs and a day at a top Stable

    The original post was posted as an example of the day in the life of a successful training partnership. I am not saying nor are they inferring anywhere that i can see that others dont work just as hard etc. No doubt the AS detractors will jump at the chance to have a crack after reading the above but it was posted for educational purposes from my perspective for those who have not experienced stable life and costs of running a stable
  3. Newmarket RC

    Name for my horse please.

  4. For those of you who have never worked in a stable let alone run the best one this is a good example of the day/nights proceedings. All Stars Style. The top gallops stables are no different based on my experience. Ashley Locaz and trotters Winterfell and Kings Landing bypass Auckland. “Ashley a grand little horse but the other three we are sending up will make things tough for him” Mark Long Holiday weekends may be welcome for many people but not at the Rolleston stable of All Stars. It means long working hours long racedays after major hopple mornings, a big hike in overheads and this weekend at least, a lack of sleep. “New Zealand seems to plan for public holiday racedays but we find them a mixed blessing at best” Natalie noted ‘We hit the ground running this morning to work over 40 horses before we started thinking about raceday and all the preparation that goes with that. Holiday costs affect us a lot and it is hard to get by on less staff when we have so much going on” But wait, it gets worse. All Stars send 6 horses north to Auckland on Sunday morning, Spankem, Chase Auckland, Enhance Your Calm, Turn It Up and Sweet on Me an Amazing Dream. ‘We will be up at 1 am to feed them and set them up for the trip. Natalie said . And Mark notes that that is not the end of it. “We do the boxes and get the feeds ready then we might get back to bed. It makes for long days and you have to put in those sort of hours. Its not easy” The mere hours also do not take into account the professional stress of driving top horses in top races. In itself that demands a lot of time” The horses will be bases again at Barry Purdons with Poi Bowden the man in charge. “I will stay up there for the last week but will be home during this week’ Mark said.
  5. Newmarket RC

    Motukarara Raceday and the Plunge

    Understatement of the season. Another plunge comes off from Dunn stable
  6. Newmarket RC

    If u owned

    All the above knowing full well that the handicapper will do it no favors
  7. Newmarket RC

    What’s the go with Riverton

    This i wrote earlier Im not sure what you are referring too , the comments above or some issue with TAB form etc that's been raised. I merely replied that the form was there. As i dont use them i was only trying to be helpful
  8. Newmarket RC

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Its all there under extended form
  9. Newmarket RC

    Motukarara Raceday and the Plunge

    Race 8 on the grass today sees Givemewhatineed at ridiculous odds for a 9 start unplaced maiden with 6 unplaced runs on grass tracks until you delve a bit deeper. Was with Margo Nyhan but has been transferred to Dunns. John's been driving it at trials where it was a well hidden 5th last time out at Rangiora. The plunge is on both sides of the Tasman with 1t paying 2.70 fixed here and less offshore. Given its off the unruly in a mobile 2000 go methinks J Dunn will attack for the front at any opportunity. Interesting to see how it goes but not for me, im going to look elsewhere but good luck to those who are on it , they obviously know something or will it be a case of another plunge coming unstuck.
  10. Newmarket RC

    newish trackside presenter

    Given he only in his early 20's he has time on his side John but i hear where your coming from.
  11. Newmarket RC

    What’s the go with Riverton

    If the right people get on board { excuse the pun} then quite a few of the current NZRB bludgers will be dispatched to where they should be and internal costs reduced to a level commensurate with income . Now that would be a change and a mammoth step forward for NZ racing.
  12. Nick got a lot of credit in the form of $$$$$$$$$$$$
  13. Newmarket RC

    Ultimate Sniper Update

    Well done to the connections for taking care of the horse first. Many an owner or trainer might have kept on given its winning strike rate and had no horse in 12 months.
  14. Newmarket RC

    Auckland trotting club is really

    Depends entirely on how many are on the flight as they fly them in pallets
  15. Newmarket RC

    Methven Sunday- Counter Punch

    I see CP is interested in Just Michael in race 3 at Rangiora today. Got 22.80 and 5.05 offshore so fingers crossed his good tipping can continue. After the open trot anything could happen out there. Will Clint cop another spray on the whingers channel, i think so