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  1. OK TM. I presume you will be dodging the cameras. No doubt you will in the TAB where they can't find you. Or the Lone Star?
  2. Are the ATC encouraging patrons NOT to turn up to Alex Park?
  3. I pricked my bubble years ago. One of Jacinda's momentous innovations for the country (LOL)
  4. Two comments TM - They tried the Auckland Cup in winter before - and we all know the results there. Give it 3 to 5 years - will harness in the north last that long? Oh yes - why worry about Aussie - they dont worry about us. Inters proof there
  5. Has this "marketing" tool been scrapped in the North - to be honest haven't been to Cambridge for a while but they appear to have vanished from Auckland.
  6. Perhaps they got no noms
  7. I think you know the answer to that (LOL) - in the north the gallops wanted harness closed down although in a couple of areas the two codes do work in harmony. For the South Island I wouldnt hazard a guess - perhaps you can answer that.
  8. It appears there is a "bugger the North" attitude in HQ. Even having a Northern based "boss" doesn't appear to have helped. Would be interesting to know the proportion North/South in dollars invested - not per meeting but origin of the investor.
  9. I have had a cursory glance at next seasons calendar and as far as the North Island goes there appears to be no change with the contentious issues conveniently passed over. Auckland cup for example scheduled for mid winter, no changes to grass track racing despite these matters supposedly to be reviewed after this years season. Well it hard to review a race that not yet run. The calendar is out very early perhaps hoping such topics will be overlooked by clubs and participants. Of course our scribes wont ask the questions, not wanting to upset their bosses. Lets hope someon
  10. Do the Trainers & Drivers Association get consulted (or listened to) on Laws & Law Changes these days like was customary in the past. If they do are they listened to or just treated as a joke by authorities.
  11. Not really funny - call someone a stipe and they are law!
  12. hsvman I've said this for years. My head is very sore from the concrete wall!
  13. AND it needed 4(four) stewards!!! https://racingintegrityboard.org.nz/decisions/invercargill-hrc-30-april-2022-r2-robbie-close/
  14. Consistency - Goose fined - Brad just warned. Same meeting, same stipes, - same "misdemeanour"? Why was adjudicative connittee (presumably) only involved in one of the incidents?
  15. New appointee could be just the answer ATC needs -