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  1. https://infohorse.hrnz.co.nz/datahrs/statistics/juniorconcessionwins.htm
  2. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Very heartening Ohokaman - good to know the riff raff will be staying south of the creek.
  3. Please Addington & Auckland DO NOT show drivers in your fields when they have not been confirmed. This week many - I am sure Reidman will not be going to Addington for drive on House's horse and Jay has a drive on Adrienne's horse when he has 2 of his own in the field! They just 2 of many instances. Very unprofessional
  4. There are just as many bad drives in the senior ranks too! The juniors a little while back in the north were assigned a "mentor" who discussed their drives with them and tutored them as to what they did wrong (or right) for each drive they had. Haven't heard lately of the scheme but presume it has been discontinued. You don't just pick up a discus and throw an Olympic record but a little tutoring and encouragement is gold. I also believe the former cadet scheme has vanished which really means the young ones these days are virtually just thrown off the deep end. Some are lucky however by getting good bosses who give heaps of advice to their staff and it shows with their improvement.
  5. Well, looking at Auckland noms this week they will soon become a fond memory with the club wiping the race without even trying get more horses - by leaving it open or even by ringing around trainers. Doesn't paint a rosy picture for the youngies contemplating working in the Industry. Last week Cambridge scrubbed too.
  6. Oh - so are they now called peoples races? Come on, surely we have more to discuss than that!
  7. SHE knows best - or so SHE tells us
  8. All over same distance gets boring - variety required.
  9. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    triple a - It's election time
  10. I did hear a rumour that radio was "returning". Don't know which Christmas that is by but seriously let's hope it not a rumour and that it not far off. If it was being re-instated you would imagine they would be aiming for cup time but the TAB's track record does not give you any real hope.
  11. 1. - Races can only be as good as the stock available. Too many being exported means lowering of quality. 2. - Yes, but only in the top class races. But what can you do - the leading owners are always (mainly) going to be able afford the best bred and they send them to the stable with results. Mr Joe Average can't afford the cost of such stock, or the cost of racing them. 3. - Overkill of racing of stock unknown to the enthusiast from areas most haven't heard of. There are fans who don't care and will bet on anything and there are fans that only bet of what they know. I really think the bean counters have to view the overall situation and decide whether losing audience through disinterest is of consequence or not. 4. - Radio simply compulsory. In fact I would think it by far the main culprit in the downfall of the falling take. I think most of the lost dollar is still being invested - Lotto testament to that.
  12. Look at the experise lost once Richard Brosnan emigrated - and when he was here no one in authority wanted to listen to him. I served on committees with Richard and value the knowledge i gained from him (and I wasn't even a trainer) Beggars belief of the suits that have run the Industry in the past, and I've seen nothing that has markedly shown any improvement since. There would be very few horsemen, especially in the north, who haven't been helped at some time during their career by him. I think the only suggestion he never made or supported was the administration of performance enhancing substances.
  13. Temporale on same terms as a first start maiden. 1-58 mile rate. Most of these maidens would not make open class, their will would have been well broken by then. The numbers are not there You dont see maiden pacers against the 1-50 All Stars Milers, do you. The only radical approach I can see for HRNZ to instigate, is to commission a report from a team of the best trotting educators into racing of the squaregaiters. Radical I say simply because it will never happen due to the attitude of the Industry Leaders who go by the philosophy "If I didn't think of it first it will be no good" and "No one tells us how to run the Industry"
  14. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Has anyone heard from Clark, Twyford, Sepulone, Davis of late? Looks like the 3 Musthaveteers have taken over total command. Even friend Winston appears to have been cast aside.
  15. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Of course nothing to do with the pending elections - surely!!