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  1. eljay

    In my view

    No argument from me there
  2. eljay

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    They need to perfect a solar panel that is built into the vehicle roof before you can take it seriously that electrics are the answer to future transport. And batteries that are transistor size. But I still can't picture those monster rigs that cross the Nullarbor being electric power, but hey you never know do you.
  3. eljay

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Re Electric cars - can one drive from Sydney (or Melbourne) to Perth in one?
  4. eljay

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Yay - summers nearly here
  5. eljay

    In my view

    How long is a piece of string? On one hand the answer would appear to be more horses racing. But then we would complain that the better horses would win the better staked races and the poorer horses would be eliminated from the fields - clubs like Auckland would no doubt love to get back to the "glory" days when they were selective as to which grade of horse raced there. So the owners of the poorer horses would have to travel their pride & joys expensive distances to get a race and if they lucky enough to win after the trainer/driver/float operators etc etc got their bite the owner would be left out of pocket. Run more races you say - but the well dressed we know betters would not grant licences for further racing and also the money being wagered these days would no doubt financially debar this. So we are back to where we are today - the authorities don't give a rats and the only ones to profit are the owners of Jimbo As i ask - how long is a piece of string.
  6. eljay

    Le Bron James.

    They probably size 22 !!
  7. eljay

    Dylan kennet

    Went to the Olympics, didn't he?
  8. eljay

    Local Body Elections

    Yes custy they do - and in Auckland Darby has already jumped in bed with what's his name (The Mayor) in a move that simply says this is his last term so it's me next election.
  9. eljay

    In my view

    IF they did I think "concessions" should be given based on stakes. But it's really a damned if you do situation - depending on ability of horse you are racing. And this debate will continue ad infinitum unless the racing population can be substantially increased so that like against like is a reality. How can we increase the numbers? How can we keep average or less ability horses in NZ? The situation has spiralled and I am afraid leaving the decisions on racing in the hands of the breeders has never inspired confidence and I can't ever see it working. Political intervention must be genuine, not just vote catching! And the assistance of the politicians over the past 10 or more years has been as effective as a plastic bag riddled with holes for storing liquids. Hell,you'll all say i paint a negative picture, and there I agree with you but what then inspires confidence - I can't see anything.
  10. eljay

    Local Body Elections

    All over for another 3 years and non interest/apathy was the main ingredient. A case of vote for the name you know not his/her policies. Here in Auckland the only candidate to my knowledge who promised higher rates was the clown who got in. Now listen to the number of people who moan and groan when they rise again next year. Well most of them can't complain because they either never voted or ticked the incumbent because they had heard of him! On the North Shore the two who voted against the peoples wishes on many issues and were roundly criticised for this got back in without too much problem. Silly, silly, citizens. And of course the explosion of immigrants over the past 3 years also were probably so uninformed that they all didn't bother to vote either,
  11. eljay

    In my view

    Sub committees should not be making decisions that affect racing. Yes, they can make suggestions but these should be referred back to the clubs/interested parties (owners/trainers/horsemen) before decisions are made willy nilly by one or two people who it appears think they know or are told by authorities they know more/better than those directly involved in the industry.
  12. eljay


    Uriah - it's not the players who are soft - it's their mothers who don't want them to get wet and catch the achoos!
  13. eljay

    Weve Lost the way

    Damn - you've leaked a highly guarded secret
  14. eljay

    A Pro Amateur !

    Bob would be straight with the members - no waffling or half-truths!
  15. eljay

    Jacinda Ardern

    Just in time for election bribes! Cindy will want a hunk of it for her "poor kids" obsession and of course Winny will be after a healthy slice of it - afterall she wouldn't have been PM without him. So poor old Gordy will just get the scraps!!!