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  1. eljay

    Name the Driver and its best Win

    and the crowd went wild!!!!!!!
  2. eljay

    NRLWooden Spoon Race

    How do you "win" coming last??
  3. eljay

    Trump written off

    I'm getting worried. Hope the baby is okay - haven't seen a photo of it for at least 2 days!!
  4. eljay


    8 races. 3 of which under 8 starters so I stayed home.
  5. eljay

    Hurricanes V The Sheep Shaggers

    Bloke - I think too people just cannot afford to go to Rugby (or League) matches week after week and especially if they have a family of hungry little brats with them. Don't know what the NZRU charge but if you add it all up - the Super Series, the Test series, the Mitre 10 cup, the Tours to NZ - boy you need to earn a fortune to be able to afford this lot. And of course warm pies, soggy chips, and flat Coke cost nearly as much as the game itself. So I'm picking many opted to wait for the final rather than go to the semi if they don't shower in currency.
  6. eljay


    Also I think all horses over there have to re-qualify if they haven't raced for a certain period of time.
  7. eljay

    Open Class Races

    They will programme some, and these will race with 3 or 4 acceptors. The TAB will come up with some "kooky" betting options and then they will all wonder why their turnover is plummeting. Unfortunately these days only options appear to be : 1) If in NI - send them from mid August to the SI 2) If in the SI - send them to Mark/Nat - this includes NI's that have just gone down there 3) Sit back and wait for Mark/Nat to sort them all out programmes in Aussie then watch them get exported. 4) If the above remedy not to your liking then just help an agent get fat and sell them off the sooner the better. In other words open class racing in NZ is next to extinct!
  8. eljay

    The Amazing Farce

  9. eljay

    The Amazing Farce

    It wasn't till I got to Alexandra Park tonight that I realised there was a 3/4 hour gap between two races, both here and at Addington. After investigating I was shocked to learn the reason was that the time was being occupied by a Greyhound "bonanza" of 2 dog races. No body in the area I was was remotely interested in this but we were told that this was done at the Command of the TAB (or Racing Board) (or both). The club's race book didn't advise this was happening so most patrons were non-plussed over the whole episode and a list of these dogs were not printed anyway.. I will admit that I am not a lover of dog racing but each to his own, but for the life of me, if "they" wanted 45 minutes of such boredom, surely they could have shown the whole "event" on Channel 2 for those interested and not hoisted it upon the majority of racegoers who were attending to see Horses, not Dogs! Could you imagine this happening on a Saturday and Ellerslie told they had to pause for an hour just to accommodate TV coverage of dogs from a village like Wanganui. Also tonight this enthralling interlude was bang in the middle of their Turbo Pick 6 which incidentally in my opinion, started far too early in the night. I was told the harness clubs just obeyed and did not apparently object to the TAB etc. for interrupting their programme. I cannot imagine they would have been in favour of this - I might be wrong. During the day the Greyhounds are on Trackside 2 so why couldn't they have shown this there tonight??
  10. eljay

    New Zealand Netball

    Like League!
  11. eljay

    World Cup Soccer 2018

    Why are we crying ? ?
  12. eljay

    Addington this week

    Understand they have trouble accessing stables from road when the Rugby is on
  13. eljay

    The "new" petrol/diesel prices

    One assumes if they charge you the new price at 12.01 tonight, they are ripping you off as stocks will have been delivered at the old price. Has any station said what their new price will be or is it a "secret"?
  14. eljay


    You missed farthings
  15. eljay

    The "new" petrol/diesel prices

    They already scaremongering saying motorists will face long queues over the weekend to fill up. The cartels already have announced their "discount" days - BP fill up today 12 c off then by Saturday you need to top up again. Can you imagine long line of motorists at stations already around the 220.9 mark? And gull have said their delivery tankers fill up in Tauranga so no need them further inflate the price!