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  1. Not too easy crusty - too logical!
  2. I can never understand why politicians tell so many lies, and when they are confronted about this tell another big lie by saying they never lied!
  3. Unfortunately the 3 codes created a monster
  4. eljay


    To those who earlier in the year trumpeted that he was just a horse and stood no show in the group ones - he made you all look just a bit off the mark, didn't he?!?!
  5. If that happened today, the stipes would have blown the hooter and called the race off. OSH and all that
  6. John - how can you run a business when it is run by someone else? Simply the TAB has to be de-powered as far as industry admin is concerned
  7. JJFlash - since you posted that field there has been a change of driver listings. Zac has disappeared and David now listed. This is one of the major races of the year - surely HRNZ/Addington can get it right first pop!
  8. You can bet it wont take long for Jacinda to be winging across.
  9. Additionally, I am sure that if the ATC would start their meetings earlier in the evening and finish a lot earlier (this week start at 6.39 and go to 9.38) where Addington get underway at 4,27 this surely would entice more on course patronage, especially over the winter months and no doubt find favour with the residents.
  10. 47 South - I'm not scoffing at you - but one fact in their (ATC) favour is that the Showgrounds are next door with activities most nights with accompanying traffic noises. I therefore expect Council could not restrict one venue without imposing same on the other. Also, unlike the other 2 "established" venues you mention, this area is not a densely populated residential area, rather mainly parklands.
  11. This is probably something the board will never reveal. There are court hearings pending and whopping loans (and interest accrued) to be paid back. Let's just say I don't want to appear negative!
  12. Waiheke - Beach Races They have the best trackman around!!
  13. Good Friday/Easter Sunday - No racing NZ/Full Racing Australia
  14. eljay

    Nats Back

    Oh damn - saw the thread topic and thought you meant the Tories!!