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  1. A scintillating night tonight 8 races mainly small fields Turbo pick 6 with Addington - wont help either meetinh imo First race (4 horses) not until 6.26 Last race (now 6 horses) 9.56 Competition - Cricket at Eden Park 7 p.m. I know there's a lot of red tape in the racing set up but wouldn't Auckland have been better to have run on Thursday or Saturday or Sunday or even a 2.30 start today?
  2. R40 trotters in a mobile against (say) R65's not really a good idea is it? 0b
  3. All the schemes and systems cannot cure the big problem - horse numbers.
  4. Get rid of the water boys and wt's then the players/captain would be on their own - otherwise you dont know what messages are being relayed out there. I am sure the water boys spend as much time on the pitch as the players do
  5. So you are saying the AB's dont have team talks?
  6. Amazingly no one appears to know. Surely a Southern licenceholder can enlighten us!
  7. ASB announced a wholesale closure of branches a short while back and now BNZ will break their promise of no closures till 2022 by progressively closing branches many almost immediately. And with the huge savings they intend to acxhieve, will they pass this back to the customer???? Many communities will be left with no facilities at all as the other banks already do not service those communities. And this hot on the heels of Taxcinda trumpeting they will create more jobs. The only thing "more" will be the unemployment queues!
  8. No disagreement from me. I suppose thy will grind it out until everyone has forgotten what it's all about. But those directly involved will not forget and there could then be a lengthy round of compensation claims. And really this should have been put to bed ages ago - albeit with some lawyers just a tad poorer! 9incas 0
  9. Surely thats a coaches responsibility
  10. Yes JJ Flash you cant run these services without the income but how do you get it? Unlike many of you people I dont have the answer but as sure as damn I cant see that elimination of the information from the GP is a step in the right direction. Yes, there is a very good website containing a myriad of information, sadly this avenue of information does not improve the exposure of the business. Like, I dont follow hockey for example, and nothing the hockey buffs put in their website will change this situation, simply because I never visit (surf?) their site. And of course those
  11. So who is the starter at Rangiora today??
  12. So p4p you consider that Inca achieved the purpose it set out to do.
  13. Anyone that uses the term "budget" has to be believed with some caution. They wont tell you 1) If they bettering last years actuals 2) What budget in fact is 3) Are they making a profit or loss 4) Are they really happy We saw what budgeted figures were earlier in they year. Redundancies, sackings, trimming of services etc.