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  1. eljay

    Come on Mick

    Surely there's something more interesting to write about than a weekly update of what Allstars are are doing! - that's what their website is for. I hope HRNZ are not paying premium for this.
  2. eljay

    hrnz to close most tracks !

    tasman man will be delighted
  3. ................ the same boring ads ad nauseum coupled with the rubbish dished up as 'entertainment". I started to regularly employ the mute button, now it's the off switch. Yes, I know we need ads to keep the channels on the road but when the number of people advertising has diminished that is no reason to increase the regularity of the others. Anyone for funeral insurance?????
  4. eljay

    A Message from our Leaders

    There will be just two venues - Sydney & Melbourne
  5. eljay

    A Message from our Leaders

    Correction Blue They'll cut ALL stakes first. Matter of priorities
  6. eljay

    NZTR update

    Does that give a pointer as to intelligence levels, Leggy?
  7. eljay

    What next

    Are NZTR working - they can hardly be called an "essential service" at the moment.
  8. eljay

    Is this happening in Petone

    Shouldn't be Robert but the RIU will still be lurking!
  9. eljay


    Lotto - good riddance
  10. Let's hope anyway, that the "leaders" keep their followers/participants informed what their thoughts are and what is being discussed so that ideas can be floated and that trainers/owners etc. are not as has been too often in the past done behind closed doors.
  11. eljay

    National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca

    One assumes the present situation will add a year or more onto the Inca hearings!
  12. eljay

    And here is another thought.

    Possibly some may "sign the pledge" but with the small number punting on horses anyway wouldn't make much of a dent I wouldn't think. Lotto only available on line - some may call it a day but again the lure of a big windfall should see only a small downturn during alert 4. And of course they will dangle the cherries once normality resumes to recover any lost lambs, in fact they will probably go ape to build up what they may have lost moneywise.
  13. I suspect the government will treat the situation as "all or nothing" - pretty logical I would think. Only split (if there is one which I cannot see) would be North/South Islands
  14. eljay


    Surely he can't survive another season?
  15. eljay

    Alex Park even caters for the Ghosts

    Did they get a free drink as well?