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  1. eljay

    Acceptance Fees Disapear?

    Perhaps it's an oversight when the new site launched - there were quite a few. Simple answer - ring them and ask them!
  2. eljay

    Game of Thrones.

    Does it rank with Fawlty Towers?
  3. eljay

    Leader Resigns

    What's the buzz here guys? GRNZ CEO Mauro Barsi resigns Good afternoon, I regret to advise that Mauro Barsi has resigned from his role as CEO of Greyhound Racing New Zealand, and will be leaving GRNZ in mid August 2019. Mauro has accepted an exciting new opportunity, which will be announced shortly. Over his time with GRNZ Mauro has led our industry through a period of change as we have implemented significant animal welfare improvements. Most recently he has been integral in ensuring that the Greyhound racing industry is well placed during the discussions relating to the outcomes of the Messara report and GRNZ remains well positioned to capitalise on this position. Recruitment for a new CEO is commencing immediately, and we hope to progress this quickly. We will advise our stakeholders as soon as any further news is available. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Mauro for his contribution to Greyhound racing as CEO, as the Greyhound racing industry’s representative on the Board of the New Zealand Racing Board and as a Board member for GRNZ. He has been a part of the industry for a number of years and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Sean Hannan Chair, Greyhound Racing New Zealand
  4. eljay

    Acceptance Fees Disapear?

    Acceptance fees have been dispensed with for ages. You will only find them in the big stakes races - and the main reason they there (I think) is to boost the stake in an endeavour to make the top races look better staked than they really are.
  5. eljay

    Couldn't happen here

    Claimers, Junior Driver Races, Amateur Driver Races, Monte's - just to name a few. When they introduced in NZ they are immediately pooh-pooh'd. Kiwi barb wire mentality certainly doesn't come into harness racing. Straight and narrow, tried and true, that's where we stand. And I thought variety was the spice of life!
  6. eljay

    otaki just a memory now

    Hawkes Bay a prime example
  7. eljay

    Game of Thrones.

    I'm so proud to say I have never seen even just one episode!!
  8. eljay

    otaki just a memory now

    Wonder if they looked for an alternative grass track? Is Foxton still going? Similarly Levin? Woodville? To me, going to an all weather track defeats the whole purpose.
  9. eljay

    Rating 40 to 55

    Short answer (probably) is they never thought of that!
  10. eljay

    English Football

  11. But is that so bad - when the finger is being pointed at ref's at least the Kiwis wont be the main targets. French refs have always been despised by the poms so I suppose it natural the Froggies get the majority of spots which will of course keep their very biased press too busy to criticize their own teams shortcomings
  12. eljay

    jewels day

    The difference between NZ & Aus - we will fall over backwards to get them here. They will try every trick in the book to keep us away (Ask Steven Reid!)
  13. eljay

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    I'm a firm believer in the adage "if it ain't broken then why fix it" and/or "if it is broken, ditch it completely"
  14. eljay

    Trevor Mallard

    Is he a "parliamentary bully"?? Luckily the incidents of the last two days did not involve WOMEN
  15. eljay

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    Oh sorry - TOLD YOU SO