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  1. eljay


    Is it time for a change of the clowns in the circus? Haven't heard from Spicer for a while - does that mean he is on a full time expenses paid holiday or doing everything behind closed and locked doors?
  2. eljay

    First blood in the Ballarat.....

    Ants - well done Line Up.
  3. eljay

    Emma Stewart - Ballarat Cup Saturday

    Greg Sugars now listed
  4. eljay

    Emma Stewart - Ballarat Cup Saturday

    Which one will he lead with?
  5. Doing an "All Stars" - here is field 7 9:40pm PETSTOCK BALLARAT PACING CUP (GROUP 1) 2710M $110,000 NR 90 to 120. RBD. Mobile 2ND LEG DAILY DOUBLE, 3RD LEG QUADDIE Form Horse Trainer Other Eng. Driver Class Hcp 1 33279 TAM MAJOR Emma Stewart Chris Alford NR117 FR1 2 11110 THE STORM INSIDE Emma Stewart Chris Alford NR101 FR2 3 11711 SOMEWHERE SECRET (Em 1) Emma Stewart Chris Alford NR87 (A90) FR- 4 81155 A GS WHITE SOCKS NZ G P Hope, N M Hope NR120 FR3 5 22041 CHASE AUCKLAND NZ M Purdon, N C Rasmussen NR120 FR4 6 114s2 DEMON DELIGHT Emma Stewart Kate Gath NR91 FR5 7 s2223 IDEALSOMEMAGIC A J Tindale, B J Tindale James Herbertson (C) NR93 FR6 ------------------------------ Second Row ------------------------------ 8 s2311 SELF ASSURED NZ M Purdon, N C Rasmussen NR99 SR1 9 13121 PHOENIX PRINCE Emma Stewart Kate Gath NR120 SR2 10 7s311 CODE BAILEY NZ Margaret Lee Jason Lee NR104 SR3 11 98722 OUR UNCLE SAM Chris Frisby Anthony Frisby NR116 SR4 12 8s789 RACKEMUP TIGERPIE Michael Stanley Michael Stanley NR114 SR5 13 5rs24 MY FIELD MARSHAL NZ Tim Butt Anthony Butt NR120 SR6
  6. eljay

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    Of course that race was a feature race
  7. eljay


    I don't think removing your product from areas will help - nobody in Hawkes Bay or Wellington now interested in harness and they are the people who are needed to further the future interest in the sport through their own interest and their offspring. whether by training or driving or just through the TAB. I think square one is to get all codes, especially the equine ones to work together not against each other - latest examples are both Tauranga & Te Aroha where in both areas the T'bred people have become very anti to harness. They don't get great fields themselves so surely a trial of dual code meetings would help them as much as keeping harness in those regions.
  8. eljay

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    Yeah - hard to really get a line on it but I suppose that was not too bad for Forbury back then
  9. eljay

    Forbury Park. 1964.

    What was the stake?
  10. eljay


    Like I said (inferred) those on a lower rating would cost owners proportionally less - like training, transport, farrier, and esp vets
  11. eljay


    and how to reduce costs to owners so that lower stakes are more attractive! Oh shit, that pink porker with wings just passed over.
  12. eljay

    Yeh Boy! Go The Boys.....

    Thanks hsvman _ laws get changed a lot these days. So be fun if every owner had colours
  13. eljay

    Yeh Boy! Go The Boys.....

    How come they weren't charged 2 colour fees?
  14. eljay


    Should have been where originally intended until 3 months ago someone decided the track was unsuitable for racing. The same track where a week or so ago there was a galloping meeting.
  15. eljay

    Trentham Saturday

    When is summer - I thought hard tracks were for summer? Slippery moist hard tracks with aluminium shoes - well we all know what happens.