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  1. eljay


    Many of the old colours in the same family and still in use. And jealously treasured!
  2. And 99 times out of a hundred when they extend nominations they finish up with less horses.
  3. Lots of dual noms Addington/Oamaru probable reason. Only one way to stop that - do noms on sep. days!
  4. eljay

    All Stars

  5. Do we look at forecasts and percentages or actuals??
  6. eljay

    All Stars

    I see Mark has his training license back. Where does that leave Hayden?
  7. Don't get me started -
  8. eljay


    You are such a comfort,TM
  9. eljay


    Sky - you must spend a lot of money on replays!! I prefer live sport - if I waste all that money on Sky I would have to cut back on my $1 e/w bets and the poor beast would become Skinnycatty rather than Fattucatty. Anyway TM, all I do with TV is fall asleep while watching anyway!
  10. Trying to claim you are one of the computer savvy youngies TM? The Herald claims to be the leading NEWSpaper in the country. Very hard to find any news in it - only get it to fill in time while we in prison! But seriously, by not having fields in the papers obviously cost the Cambridge club a lot of revenue. I have not seen the figures but I was told the turnover for that meeting was one of the worst ever.
  11. I bet he wouldnt have been around for 10 years in some other countries! How much has he cost you and I (the Taxxpayers) ? It's all very well smiling and being kind and all that BUT..........
  12. eljay


    Today is last day. Will have to find something else to fill in the time. But one thing I wont miss - the pommie commentators telling us how marvellous the pommie athletes are even when they "finish out of the money". Oh, and I wont miss that bloody "music" they play at the medal ceremonies.
  13. No Cambridge fields in Herald yesterday. No results (of anything) in todays. Whjat a bunch of Mabel Howard's bloomers they are!!!
  14. eljay

    Sarah O

    She is suspended
  15. Hi - yeah only 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 weeks. Hope you 2 are OK. I fill my time in om the phone with Len lol.