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  1. eljay

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    And the horses love a paddle in the briny, and when in the past trainers gave their animals such a swim, I don't recall any that headed away in the direction of South America
  2. Staggering isn't it? NO Pick 6 tonight on arguably the top carnival of the Harness Racing Year!! But I suppose that is understandable from an outfit that has no idea of what they are supposedly running.
  3. eljay

    Oh frickn nuts

    Will your beloved All Stars win all 8 races they entered in Iraklis?
  4. eljay


    Well it does contain the bare facts, doesn't it??
  5. eljay


    So they selected Raval and guess what happened?
  6. eljay

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    Blue - to me it's a no brainer. You would get 2 meetings instead of one even though they were the same horses. If the first day was successful then surely the second day would be as well, and costs for the 2 days would not be double those for 1 day as a lot of the set up charges would cover the 2 days rather than just 1 day. Officialdom can be so dumb - and regrettably this will never change, because their egos dictate they know better than the rest of us. Sure accommodation could be a small problem but many of the trainers, owners etc. made the trip north part of their holiday adventure and camped at the beach, camp ground etc.
  7. eljay

    The Holiday Road Toll has begun

    I've never hit a cyclist but was once when cycling myself (to school). Problem today i think cyclists tend to forget that traffic on most roads has increased markedly and when driving in it takes all your concentration to be aware of traffic from everywhere - in front, both sides, behind, merging etc. etc. Also cyclists like Tasman man are not travelling at the speed motorised vehicles are which adds another dimension to the motorist. I constantly use my mirrors and indicators but I am afraid these times many motorists seem to think these items are just decoration. I suppose my point is that both motorist (including those that drive as part of their living - taxis, tucks, buses, courier vans etc.) and cyclists (and even greenies) must take an even responsibility in the quest for safe use of the roads.
  8. eljay

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    and holidays Seem to remember Blue your meeting was always a week after summer holiday break was over
  9. eljay

    White Island

    It's a risk going on the Southern Motorway,
  10. eljay

    The Holiday Road Toll has begun

    Cyclists are privileged (so they think) They have sole rights on roads and the pollies allow this to happen. Easy solution is that cycles that use public roads should (must) be registered. And on top of their registration fee they also pay ACC. And there should be an age qualification of say 13 to be allowed to cycle on the roads. Anyone who cycles off public roads would be exempt, also young children who cycle to school on the footpath. Also exempt would be racing cycles in organised racing events. But of course there are insufficient police to patrol roads now so it would appear these people will continue free use of roading subsidised by the motorist!
  11. eljay

    Head to Head betting option

    or not offer them at all if it's that difficult
  12. eljay

    The Holiday Road Toll has begun

    I think the toll for last weekend was 12
  13. eljay

    Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History

    Raced there Gary - privileges & all! Shit it was cold
  14. eljay


    How many did they start with? My local dairy usually sells out of Heralds - I think they get 5
  15. eljay

    Racing Industry Bill

    Perhaps Helen will join the greens