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  1. Welcome Geraldine, Hughie McCarvill raced some good horses. Was Mannix one of his ?
  2. Must say the fields are absolutely outstanding for Saturday at Te Rapa don't you reckon ? Lets hope this is sign of things to come. Well done Cambridge JC fair to say.
  3. Ellerslie Race 7 - 1,3,8,11 Ellerslie Race 8 - 4,5,8,11 Riccarton Race 7 - 1,2,4,6 Riccarton Race 9 - 1,7,8,9 Randwick Race 1 - 1,4,11,12 Randwick Race 2 - 1,2,5,6 Randwick Race 3 - 1,2,3,6 Randwick Race 4 - 1,3,5,8 Randwick Race 5 - 2,3,5,8 Randwick Race 6 - 2,3,6,14 Randwick Race 7 - 1,2,5,10 Randwick Race 8 - 4,6,9,14 Randwick Race 9 - 1,2,12,15 Thanks for the Comp , awesome job all round !!
  4. Paul Sugden , Ocean Monarch , won the New Years Day Highweight at Ellerslie ? Or was it Bonnybard winning the same race the year before or after ? Lance Douglas another apprentice out of the Des Riordan barn
  5. Group 1 FLOG Learn to spell dickhead
  6. Why was your man Mitch run out of Akld harness racing , you still haven't answered that question , mate
  7. Entries must be as follows... Meeting... Race number ...Horse numbers ENTRIES CLOSE 1.30pm Saturday. Randwick Race 2 8,5,11 Te Rapa Race 5 1,3,14 Randwick Race 3 6,1,7 Hastings Race 5 4,7,10 Randwick race 4 7,2,5 Randwick Race 5 2,3,5 Hastings Race 7 3,4,7 Te Rapa Race 8 2,5,1 Randwick Race 6 8,1,10 Randwick Race 7 10,12,13 Morphetville Race 7 2,7,4 Randwick Race 8 7,1,3 Randwick Race 9 1,4,11 Randwick Race 10 3,7,11 Good Luck everyone and remember anyone can still enter its anyones to still win...lets have a grea
  8. RIP Ernie, did so much for NZ racing back in the day , even getting Mercedes sponsorship involved in a pretty big way. Talk to anyone as well. Really is a bit of a shock, Sad to see you go champ.
  9. Totally agree. And to be fair , after they said they were stepping back and taking a decent break I thought they would be having a decent break. Just haven't seen it yet. That's all I was alluding to.
  10. Apart from Lone Star and a fingernail beauty parlour, it is like walking through a war ravaged Bosnia. It's got bad vibes all the way through it
  11. I love Harness Racing, always have always will. Watching last night though, Alex Park small shit fields that just don't inspire anyone to bet. Addington and and all those features. All the time in the world for for Hayden (and wife Amanda) but I scratch my head about why Mark and Nat still so involved driving ?? Bit weird to say the least. Dalgety's win the Derby with the renowned drunk aboard , especially after Cran's drug record and his weird departure from the training ranks last year, still can't fathom what was going on there. What is happening with Inca ??
  12. Sorry guys , but where did Extortion touch SuperDonna ?? Or is intimidation now a cause for protest ??
  13. Sorry John , beg to differ, just not the race for her , let alone the Sydney Cup