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  1. Farq me , I wouldn't be bagging the starting staff
  2. Te Rapa R4 6,10 Randwick R3 FP Randwick R4 5,6 Hastings R6 6,11 Te Rapa R7 1,7 Randwick R5 1,2 Hastings R7 4,11 Riverton R8 7,8 Randwick R6 2,3 Randwick R7 1,7 Randwick R8 1,14 Caulfield R8 FP
  3. This story just doesn't make sense ??
  4. My God !!! Look at the fields for this Friday. I know it's been mentioned ad nauseum but this pain has to stop . 8,7,11,8,7,9,6,7 field sizes !! For Alexandra Park. Never in my 60 years have I seen a constant debacle. It is a slow motion car crash. Good on the owners for trying to pick up some cash in 6 and 7 horse fields but this programme is just a farkn disgrace . Too late for heads to roll , if they haven't gone by now they never will. I love my Harness Racing but this is a diabolical disgrace. How can Alex Park remain a viable option. It can't
  5. 1st ,. Why is there 40 min gaps at Invercargill all day ?? 2nd. Why the 25 min gaps at Rangiora Harness ?? 3rd. The old chestnut , why can't Rangiora and Invercargill be on the SAME F***N Channel. 4th . At the end of the day , I really don't even mind Manukau on the same channel, it's all NZ Racing for crying out loud . 5th . I just don't get what I'm missing ..
  6. And suspension of D Danis at Avondale . Agree on Taiki's suspension. Strongly disagree on Weatherley and Danis suspensions. So who was the stipe on course at Awapuni ? Is that why they were too scared to let the Trackside cameras in to cover the enquiry ?
  7. Couldn't even rustle up a presenter for a Group 1 day
  8. 3rd vs 4th , really , Whoever puts that crap up on screen should be shown the door. Go and work at TVNZ or TV3 , unbelievable
  9. Riccarton R4 3,11 Riccarton R8 1,5 Tauranga R6 5,10 BB Tauranga R7 3,5 BB Rosehill R2 9,11 Rosehill R3 3,13 Rosehill R4 10,14 Rosehill R5 4,7 Rosehill R6 5,9 Rosehill R7 3,10 Rosehill R8 9,12 Mornington R7 3,10