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  1. This is widespread. More questions need to be asked.
  2. Could it be ...... "The Shark" Any name yet ?
  3. Thought he was a promising Junior Driver. Thanks for the PM. But why did he leave Auckland and head back home ?
  4. Kilcoyne old son, Can you please extrapolate on the reasons M Kerr left the Auckland training ranks a few years ago ? Was that to do with gambling ? Go easy on me .....
  5. Totally agree but because he is such a dangerous liability, would love to see him banned from ALL stadiums in NZ
  6. Public Holiday Racing stakes to get a surcharge , 15k stakes for what are normally 10k races and so on. There's profit left right and centre they keep telling us ...
  7. Andrew Little wants less murderers and rapists and crims in jail so they they can say what a wonderful job Labour are doing. This wank stain will get fa, let alone a custodial sentence. Don't get me wrong , i wish they could have thrown it into the Jockeys Room and locked the door. Jonathan Riddell thought about giving him one with his whip as he went past. Lucky he didn't or the headline would most likely be "Jockey assaults bystander mid race"
  8. What about the #11 .... Starring Role ....went good here and Forche not a bad filly either .
  9. Why not through Cambridge Stud ? Just curious. No Oaks Stud and Niagara's a head scratcher too. Is Magic Millions diluting our pool ?
  10. This is heart wrenching news after all this family has been through. Thoughts and prayers going out to the Shaw Family.
  11. Just one query then JJ, you say 3 million for radio is good money chasing bad. How then can you or anyone in NZ condone the spend of the upfront cost of over $50 million on the website, it is bad , really really bad, even you will acknowledge that. Yet the TAB still pays $17 million per annum to maintain the site. Also taking into account that the updates provided for $17 million p.a include software updates that have to be paid for and implemented by our TAB, which incidentally they can't afford so are not implementing ..... SFO anyone ????? Also this equates to nearly a 1
  12. Never in my life I have seen a more pathetic display of prelims than the 1st at Ellerslie !! Yeh, looking up horses dates as they run away from you , whoever came up with that idea needs castrating , without anaesthetic , what an absolute waste of time , very very disappointing
  13. In fact in reflection , It may well have been Mdn winner to C5 then to C4 through to C1 being Open Class ..... One way or the other I like it !
  14. Maidens = no wins C1 1 win C2 2 wins C3 3 wins C4 4 wins C5 5 & 5+ wins Seemed a pretty simple method back in the 80s 90s ?? Maybe a bit of greyhound tweaking as such , miss 5x in that grade go back a grade , just an idea , thought it worked pretty straight forward back then ....
  15. R1 - 1 9 11 4 R2 - 12 7 2 11 R3 - 1 3 7 4 R4 - 4 3 11 13 R5 - 9 2 6 11 R6 - 3 9 4 2 R7 - 10 12 4 9 R8 - 11 12 5 4 R9 - 8 10 5 7 R10 - 7 3 13 6 R11 - 5 16 15 2 R12 - 10 6 4 3 Thanks for the comp and good luck all