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  1. Berri Berri Berri , admire your enthusiasm. These betting figures that suggest 2400m 24 horse fields will increase betting ... UK maybe but not here I fear. Not being rude but we don't have the jockey firepower to field 20-24 runners over a trip , unless the fields are stacked with Mudhoos, Malloos, Gundowrys, Chews.Jogoos, Bohoruns etc. Our best jockeys go AWOL over winter , and so they should. I for one are rapt the synthetic is doing it's job. An old fogie but I'm loving the racing there. Watching and betting. Hoping it continues. Chris has a valid po
  2. RIP Laurie. NZs oldest teenager has just passed away. Hall Of Fame Trainer Hall Of Fame Bloke Condolences to all the family
  3. Is it 100k minimum per race or 100k average. Happy with either.
  4. Hopefully Dave McDonald gets a run too
  5. Tend to disagree here, think George Simon is head above all others when it comes to calling and tipping.
  6. Randwick Race 7: 5,7,8,14 Eagle Farm Race 1: 1,3,12,13 Eagle Farm Race 2: 2,3,4,5 Eagle Farm Race 3: 1,2,4,5 Eagle Farm Race 4: 1,3,4,5 Eagle Farm Race 5: 1,2,8,9 Eagle Farm Race 6: 5,6,9,11 Eagle Farm Race 7: 1,2,4,13 Eagle Farm Race 8: 3,6,11,12 Eagle Farm Race 9: 1,3,6,7
  7. Races WANGANUI Race 4 2,7 Race 5 4,13 Race 6 3,10 ELLERSLIE Race 5 2,5 Race 7 4,6 EAGLE FARM Race 1 2,4 Race 2 8,9 Race 3 3,5 Race 4 1,5 Race 5 1,8 Race 6 1,6 Race 7 1,5 Race 8 4,10 Race 9 5,12 Thanks for the Comp , thank you scorers and good luck to all participants !
  8. Races as follows ELLERSLIE Race 2 6,10 BB Race 4 2,3 Race 5 4,10 Race 7 7,13 Race 8 5,11 Race 9 11,12 EAGLE FARM Race 2 5,6 Race 3 9,3 BB Race 4 1,11 Race 5 2,6 Race 6 3,6 Race 7 1,3 BB Race 8 8,9 Race 9 3,10 Good Luck everyone
  9. If I wrote that comment I would expect to get fired first thing on Monday morning. Last race at Alexandra Park last night was "Catch The Bus From Alexander Park to the Jewels " HRNZ had it right. Hey Baz(NZ), You know the $17 million for the so called maintenance and software upgrades ? Maybe that needs revisiting. As for the SFO being involved re the site , WHY has this not happened !!!
  10. Rotorua Race 6: 1,2,9,12 Rotorua Race 8: 1,4,8,9 Rosehill Race 4: 2,4,7,16 Rosehill Race 5: 1,2,7,12 Rosehill Race 7: 5,13,14,15 Doomben Race 5: 4,6,7,11 Doomben Race 6: 1,4,7,8 Doomben Race 7: 1,2,6,9 Doomben Race 8: 3,4,6,10 Doomben Race 9: 3,7,10,11 Morphettville: Race 5: 1,2,3,4 Morphettville Race 7: 3,6,8,10 Morphettville: Race 8: 1,2,3,9 Thanks again and good luck to all contestants !!
  11. All that sacred Ellerslie Hill soil could be dug up and transported to Avondale or Te Aroha and lets make a new hill with the old hill ... I have an absolute love of the Hill and Steeplechase and Hurdle racing but if we are going to get a world class Strathayr track in and with Ellerslie to race at around 40x a year then , as it should have been years ago, then sorry Hill. This is where Te Aroha and Te Rapa jumps racing come into their own. There will still be jumps racing in NZ !!! There will always be jumps racing in NZ.
  12. "As for the Millane case, the murderer had two trials pending, both JUDGE ONLY trials. He was found guilty of nine further charges, including two more violent rapes, and one assault with a weapon. He didn’t get sentenced to one single more day in jail, rather his sentences were all concurrent " Maybe this is what we should be campaigning about ...
  13. RIP Alf , A real gentleman with a lifelong passion for our mighty game. Thoughts with the Family , a few good buggers in there too. Make sure you read the book Alf wrote and published, "From Phar Lap To Sunline" It's an absolute ripper, like the author.