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  1. There were quite a few on the Rider Horse sale. Rider Horse NZ Dispersal Sale (gavelhouse.co.nz)
  2. Just the riders is the problem unfortunately,not sure why they are not programming a highweight on the day as well to make it viable for the northern riders to make the trip down. Not sure why owners with battling flat horses are not trying to have a crack at jumping them, it's pretty good money on offer.
  3. Guess I'm just not as precious as some people and can have a laugh at most things.
  4. He is a Maori himself and just having a bit of a laugh. God help me if Bill T James was still trying to make a career in comedy in today's world.
  5. I know what he said and the fine is joke, maybe a warning and told to just watch what he says in future.
  6. I'm pretty quiet at the moment and could look at doing some. Send me an email if interested a.bidlakeracing@live.com
  7. I cant see why people pick holes in her, she won 14 group 1s ffs,and one in was against the best Mares in Aus. Funny thing I've noticed is anyone who train,rides or owns horses seem to give these champions there due credit and it's the ones who aren't actually invested in the game are ones who find the negatives. God, I'd give my left nut to have one good enough to be competitive in one group 1 let alone good enough to win 14 of them.
  8. Westport beat Canterbury? Was it Canterbury under 13yos playing the main Westport team
  9. Little off the topic, but does everyone else get the odds move basically every time they bet from the time they click the price to the next screen. It drives me nuts
  10. Due to track being too firm. I see Hastings are not running the chase next week either.
  11. Not sure what you mean? The meeting got put back because of an accident causing a delay to horses arriving on track.
  12. I had a bet yesterday on race 1 at Awapuni after seeing them advertising money back 2nd,3rd and 4th,only once however . Funny enough I knew the first two races were double your winning races and thought they had just stuffed up what they put on the TV as it wasn't advertised as 2and 3rd 4th on the website. Sure enough no bonus bet put in the account.
  13. They showed it all on trackside before the next race to run.
  14. Funny you say that, the guy who did a great job was an ex first class player who I would have just learnt from playing and talking to previous groundsman I would say.