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  1. The extra stakes is from Masterton racing club for our 150th jubilee meeting, pretty disappointing field alright for that money....so I guess stakes money isn't the real problem in NZ racing
  2. And that is only going to get worse as they take racing away from the rural areas and centralize it.
  3. No they are canceled unfortunately.
  4. Yeah Greystone went a nice race in his first start for me and bunch of new owners, we have him to try as a jumper and looks pretty smart at that game in what we have asked of him so far. Think a couple of my others that went around also worth following when we finally get some wet tracks.
  5. Unfortunately it has been forgotten in this country that horses are an animal and are part of the rural make up of things and it is rural people that fall in love with the horse by attending there local home town races. No one falls in love with racing by watching it on a TV screen and i'm afraid the more tracks you take away from people the less people will follow. It would be an interesting survey of those people in places like Blenheim, Gisbourne ect that have had there tracks closed in recent years how many have made the effort to go to any race meetings since. I know myself from a town t
  6. They should pay out the field, I'm sure normally do?
  7. The track was outstanding, firm yep but the sole of grass and evenness was brilliant. You mention young children running around and having a good time, it was one thing I noticed and put a smile on my face, just don't seem to see that anymore at race meetings. Long may country racing continue to keep that next generation interested in the game.
  8. Maybe not solely stakes but the problem is it is only one race for f&m for that money, where in Aus the girls can run for that week in week out and not having to run against the best there is going around.
  9. https://www.google.com/search?q=irish+jockey+school+documentary&oq=irish+jockey+school+do&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j33i22i29i30l2.16840j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung-gj-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8# Something like this is what is needed.
  10. Yep it's getting ridiculous. At the moment maybe just fines and not suspensions with a lack of riders already and now with covid putting extras on the sidelines they need to reasses things imo.
  11. Yep, the horse doesn't know how much people have spent on them so never know where the next champion can come from.
  12. Concert Hall a close second best certainty.
  13. I noticed it last week but then heard them saying the meeting was originally to be on the turf track, maybe the same last night?
  14. Funny enough generally no but Ellerslie did text on Tuesday afternoon saying which races were left open with the stakes money noted.
  15. Big loss if he isn't to commentate again,best form analysis about both code I always thought. I think he has been on here in the past and roughly told the story of why.