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  1. Aaron Bidlake

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    About to, not much else to do once I've fed and mucked the paddocks. Still dont think that it is that silly of an idea. Gives those winter horses and riders at least a part of a season.
  2. Aaron Bidlake

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Could you allocate one track to jump racing in each region and put everything back 3 months and just keep watering that track with an aim for say slow 8 right through until end of November. Or say at Riccarton water the chase course and then an inside strip for hurdles.
  3. Aaron Bidlake

    And here is another thought.

    Don't think so, get down the local for a beer and with racing on you'll just have to have a go. Same as a lot of people who give up smoking and then still have one when having a drink.
  4. Aaron Bidlake

    Some Good News

    Not all trainers!
  5. Aaron Bidlake

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    Drives ya mad doesn't it. I don't bother with it if I'm out and about and want to check results etc, just use racenet it is there instant basically.
  6. Aaron Bidlake

    This is the future......

    I can't open it either but this is the future
  7. Aaron Bidlake

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Just on the website I think at the moment, I couldn't find it on TV.
  8. Aaron Bidlake

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    It looks like the TAB are well organised if NZ racing stops, there is now a trackside 3 by the looks of things taking all sorts of racing. Was Mexico(I think) greyhounds today and I see Central Park Bags are just over an hour from kicking off.
  9. Aaron Bidlake

    Only at Te Teko!

    Castlepoint still run an equalistor, have a daily double as well. I would still love to see a TAB odd setter make it there for the day, even if they did make it a small limit betting.
  10. Aaron Bidlake

    Trackside in UK?

    You have to change something so it doesn't recognise you are overseas. Someone here will know for sure.
  11. Aaron Bidlake

    Trackside in UK?

    I think loveracing.nz on Facebook showed the feature races last week so maybe they will again.
  12. Aaron Bidlake

    Official start times

    For sure, just the whole using an offshore account they might not be so forthcoming with the information.
  13. Aaron Bidlake

    Official start times

    Just find someone who recorded the days racing as the start time has that clock Ticking down in the corner then allow for the delay they have of 4(?) seconds.
  14. Aaron Bidlake

    Racing Bill Submissions

    They were before my time. That is why I can't understand the terminating pick 6s. I generally don't bother with the pick 6 but when the pool would get big I couldn't help but have a nudge, gallops or trots. It would be the same theory I guess with a big on course jackpot, you just wouldn't want to miss it.
  15. Aaron Bidlake

    Racing Reform

    Ribbons don't pay the bills