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  1. Aaron Bidlake


    I want one that is closely related to Eric The Viking, looks just like him but different color but they are going to sell way too well for our budget.
  2. Aaron Bidlake

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    Not sure if they are intending on buying one but they are selling one. Lot 557 they purchased as a weanling to pinhook.
  3. Aaron Bidlake

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    The group certainly bring something to the industry I have not seen anything like before. I was playing cricket yesterday and half the team were in the syndicate, many who barely follow racing but we were all huddled around a phone at drinks watching the 2nd race, my best mate who has a passing interest in racing took his phone out on the field to watch the races ffs. The talk and hype around it amongst everyone was really cool, my mate even now making noises about getting a share in a horse.
  4. www.bidlakeracing.com 

  5. Aaron Bidlake


    Could it be an option in future comps to do what we all did at school when marking tests and just swap with the person next to you. Just make an order and you score the name next to yours...
  6. Aaron Bidlake


    They should run a poor man's race on the Karaka Million night for Book 3 only purchases, pay say $500 when purchasing them that goes into a pool for that race.
  7. Aaron Bidlake


    Lot 13
  8. Aaron Bidlake

    Reefton race 1

    Geez that track looks in fantastic order.
  9. Aaron Bidlake


    Sometimes I will if I am going to be busy on nom day to avoid getting sidetracked and forgetting.
  10. Aaron Bidlake

    What A Shambles

    I wonder if in the modern day with technology the could be some sort of small clip on earphone on the riders helmut that beeps or something when they need to pull up, could also be used in emergency situation when a rider down on the track or any other incident requiring immediate action.
  11. Aaron Bidlake

    What A Shambles

    Grey almost white horse of Rogersons wasn't it so looked like clerk of the course been in the red colours, maybe Willyjohnmcbride from memory.
  12. Aaron Bidlake

    McAlister Report not to be mistaken with Messara Report

    Just out of interest how were things done before the TAB as we know it today. Would bookmakers who come on course pay a fee to the club to run there business there on that day and that money was what went towards stakes and running of the club?
  13. Aaron Bidlake

    McAlister Report not to be mistaken with Messara Report

    Trot on Shane, too many good ideas in one post for our industry here.
  14. Aaron Bidlake

    Raceday Attendances

    Bit off topic Boss but she is a nice filly who went well enough on debut, just left a bit flat footed when they quickened so stepping up to 1400 meters will only help. Once she learns the whole game she could be well above average on what she has shown at home.
  15. Aaron Bidlake

    Raceday Attendances

    I was never a fan of charging entry to race meetings until a couple of years ago when I seen a family I knew at the races sitting there having a picnic in a prime location on course. Asked them if they had made any money only to get the response that they were not betting, only having a competition between themselves picking horses. Why should they get free entry when they would not have spent a cent on track that day? Simple loyalty card system so those regular punters and race goer should earn enough points to gain entry for free.