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  1. Funny you say that, the guy who did a great job was an ex first class player who I would have just learnt from playing and talking to previous groundsman I would say.
  2. I'm far from an expert in track preparation but I wonder if it has similar principles to cricket pitches. The groundsman 20 years ago done a magnificent job, pitch would hold up good for a two day game, he would drown it on a Monday morning and then no more water for the rest of the week. The current guy you see the sprinklers on all week until about thursday and it turns to crumbly rubbish by the end of a T20 game.
  3. Just seen the first at Addington and see no.6 has what looked like a collar on. Do some dogs wear them in races or is it some gear they wear.
  4. In the CD since that's where i am and go to most, 1.Hastings 2.Woodville
  5. Next time you are driving past get a hold of me and come in and have a look,its easy enough to find, straight opposite Wee Red Barn a fruit shop with plenty of signs out so you wont miss it.
  6. No, hasn't been for over 12 months now. A shame when they decided to not want horses there any more, I was ok because Opaki was closer for me anyway but a couple of other trainers were not so lucky with one pulling pin completely and another just carrying on with a couple that he can work around the roads and bring up to Opaki to fast work. It didn't worry me at all, the Opaki training tracks are so good, that big long straight so good to educate young ones to gallop.
  7. I was only there as a spectator with my dad and son so not really able to give to help the conversation apart from I did see a photo of the hole and there was no way the races would have been able to continue . I would guess the stipes/nztr would do a full review of how it came about and full report will come out?
  8. No, need 50 percent of the card to be run or if a rider had an unbeatable lead at the time the meeting was abandoned
  9. If that was the case maybe they could stop the people who are losing to them year after year, Yeah right.
  10. CTD got squeezed up and lost a fair bit of momentum, clean run and she goes close I recon. Auckland Cup next year me thinks.
  11. I wouldn't under rate the horses that come to Castlepoint, need plenty of speed to win along the beach.
  12. Too high risk to take the punt on the Sunday I recon, could all look good all week then a couple of positive cases Friday or Saturday and they will stay at level 3 at best I would think. Race behind closed doors at another track the safest option....