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  1. Stephan Karniknik(spellimg) does I think.
  2. At the time of the sale you had the option of 'buying in' for a chance for the next two years to run in a million dollar race so I doubt they would be able to change that for this seasons 2yo and 3yo race and then also next seasons 3yo race. False advertising otherwise I would say??
  3. I did read a lot similar comments about Humidor a couple of months back.
  4. No advertising, not a licenced syndicator so can't do that. Just word of mouth and friends of friends.
  5. Not so sure on that. I'm only a small player but even I have been affected on syndicating a horse at the moment with a couple who were basically locked in only to have to pull pin after losing the jobs.
  6. Ah ok. Thought you just meant straight out training daily rate
  7. Just a random thought. Since no radio trackside I have had Magic Talk tuned in to my radio on the car. I noticed yesterday it appears there is no Saturday afternoon live show but a recording playing of parts of shows during the week. Could a station like this be used as somewhere to host a Saturday afternoon racing show, I would imagine it would be in the stations best interest as it would have new listeners tuning in?
  8. Seriously? There is a virus going around the world, putting stop to a few things. Could be something to do with it....
  9. Would these not be included in the daily rate though?
  10. I heard him say it is a 2 million loss to run, not sure how they can actually put a figure on it because how do they know how many people are betting/not betting because of the radio. I know my midweek spending is down, as I have heard others say.
  11. Should be a decent domestic competition this season if no international games.
  12. No radio sport so I think we are buggered there as well, grrrrr
  13. Good forward thinking...But I think the biggest problem with those sort of numbers if do you really feel like an owner when a horse is racing and there is 4999 other shares in it? I've just taken a horse back in to work today I am syndicating with 1% shares available to encourage new people to get involved, not sure i'd be wanting to to deal with anything less than that, not really worth the hassle I don't think. Geez the paperwork for 5000 shares...
  14. They mention it on there sales on gavelhouse so guess that is official.