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  1. You'll be happy with that, you've got the horse to win it.
  2. Back to pick 6, why when no one gets all 6 does it pay out on any 5? It's called pick 6 not pick 5 and I recon it would be best if it Jackpots and can get up to a decent size to get people want get involved.
  3. I do like the keno/bingo type idea where you select $ amount and know your potential winnings. That keno they play a few times a day could be a good template I recon to try an attract those pokie machine type of players.
  4. Something like you click on an App on your phone enter your 'risk' amount say $1 and then choose amount to 'win' then the app displays your upcoming runners it works out for you. Or for those that know about racing and form etc you can do it manually and pick your own. I don't really know the answer, I'm just laying on the couch sick so thinking up things so could be well off the mark.
  5. More than just a new bet type or two though, something to really get people wanting to play the game. With so many people with a device in the hand so often these day there must be something to get them playing. Something simple but will keep them keen and wanting to play again. Like a lay 10 unplaced in next 10 races coming up, but it needs to be simple but a chance to win big with a big of risk.
  6. I think we will all just keep going around in circles with who to blame etc but the simple fact is we just need to find a solution to the betting turnover. Simply need to create something that will make people want to be betting on our product with our TAB. Look how betfair revolutionised things, we need to find an edge to get the public dollar again. One thing that I can't get my head around is the days/times of some of the dogs and harness meetings, who is really going to be betting on a Monday and Tuesday early afternoon? Maybe these meeting should be starting at 5.30pm once people are finished work for the day and sitting down and might flick trackside on and have a bet. Or maybe Saturday mornings before the gallops meeting start or like you see in Aus where the gallops finish and the evening harness and dogs start up straight afterwards. Why did NZ harness ever stop being on a Saturday night?
  7. Bit off topic but check this 10 year old out. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2755899534643544&id=1518981125002064&sfnsn=mo&d=n&vh=e
  8. Surely there will be a supervisor who will pay out money and help those who need it. Hopefully they have separate terminals for those who bet bigger and don't want to be held up by people putting a $1 a place on 5 runners. Also would be good to have some easy to use machines for the once a year punter with next race to go on this track, win, place, value and selection to speed the process up. Ib America the two tracks I went to it was pretty much only machines with only a couple of 'manned' operators.
  9. I actually meant to say 1.5kg allowance as that is what 3yos get in August, was thinking of something else when I wrote 3kg. I don't actually see it happening either, was just using the 6 horse field as an example.
  10. They will if they don't get enough to split If they get say 6 noms for the 1200 meters it'll be one race regardless of rating and/or age and weighted accordingly, but there should be a 2yo 3kg allowance I believe but can't see one mentioned.
  11. They will if they don't get enough to split it.
  12. Better that than not getting a run with one whilst the numbers will be down and if they are decent size they'll be split up accordingly, it is only for the month of July. Only thing I can't see anywhere is there a 2yo allowance? If not there should be...
  13. I just wonder if the minimum bet had increased slowly over that period of time then people would have just gone along with it. When the casual race goer goes to the races they want a bet on every race so whilst the minimum is $1 they will spend that $1 to have an interest, I think the same would apply if we even doubled it to $2 now. When I first went to the pub 21 years ago a pint was $3 so would have a couple and on my way, it's about $8 now but it hasn't stopped me having a couple.
  14. Can anyone tell me what the minimum bet size was in 1979, I was two years away from been earthed that year. I am amazed the minimum bet size hasn't increased with inflation. would it be a fair comment that every win and place pool would be 5 times bigger now if it had?