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  1. One question please. I recently have read that doubles were introduced in 1967 and were $1 bet which in today's money equivalent to $17. My question is.. has there been any review/thoughts to an increase in minimum bet size across all bet types?
  2. Certainly was a shambles but not sure if it should have been abandoned as the horses and connections that had done everything right should not be punished because of the others who caused the problems. What is the ruling as far as horses around at the start, I know they have to carry there carded weight to the barriers but are the riders allowed to dismount and lead the horses around when there is those sort of delays?
  3. I can never understand racing clubs doing this, basically the last horse on track crosses the line and things shut down.
  4. I hope he gets it earlier in the day
  5. I have a 4 year old Proisir mare to lease or sale. She placed on debut and and has had some unlucky runs since and I do think a bit of her but she has frustrated her owners enough so we are moving her on. Isn't an easy horse to work and would really benefit from farm or beach training and not just going around a track every day. Email me a.bidlakeracing@live.com for more info.
  6. Probably about there right price, it's just a battler but being a Zed would grow an extra leg on the off track.
  7. Well that's a nice finish to the weekend.
  8. I've backed the Zed now the track is soft. Count Zero .
  9. The Blamey was Group 2 when he won it I think.
  10. Harvey is the President. But sure to have some say in the track prep,along with a bunch of knowledgeable farmers on the committee. Everything about that club seems right, track perfect, facilities tidy and a very welcoming team of members going around checking participants were happy and offering lunch and a drink if we liked.
  11. Like Waverley yesterday, gosh it was the most lovely surface I have walked on.
  12. 1st no.3 Hurri Cane 2nd no.7 Robusto 3rd no.1 Major Tom Thanks.