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  1. Aaron Bidlake

    @#$#&en crap TAB website can....

    Click on that link I put above and they are there in front of you in the normal place.
  2. Aaron Bidlake

    @#$#&en crap TAB website can....

    The fixed odds are there on race 6 and 8.
  3. Aaron Bidlake

    @#$#&en crap TAB website can....

    I couldn't get it on the TAB site but went through hrnz and found the fields then clicked on TAB form. https://www.tab.co.nz/racing/meeting/20077/race/238708/what-the-hill-trotters-flying-mile-mobile-g3
  4. Aaron Bidlake


    Looks a nice sort on the photo of her. Might suit a small quiet stable I'm thinking, anyone keen....
  5. Aaron Bidlake

    Thoughts for the memory of our Bob Morris

    What was the reason for not putting on front plates?
  6. Aaron Bidlake


    I couldn't find Virgo anywhere when I looked, not on the list of racehorses on the Godolphin website.
  7. Aaron Bidlake


    Where are the prices... Won at the trials today making it 2 from 2.
  8. Aaron Bidlake


    No chance. Just more people lost to the industry.
  9. Aaron Bidlake

    Bidlake Racing

    Not much got going on this trainers page. I've been really quiet the last few seasons, just mucking around with a couple of second hand horses trying to make in to jumpers unsuccessfully. Found them all new homes so time to get back involved with some fresh new young stock. My 11 year old son has made me a website if anyone is keen to go and have a look at bidlakeracing.com
  10. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    Yep, all correct apart from it isn't my local track anymore. I'm back at Opaki, the training tracks there are amazing, especially the plough they put in last summer.
  11. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    They'll bet more than the people who are not there. We need people getting on track and experiencing racing even it the racing is only a side line for now. Who knows one of them might have a big win on there easy bet trifecta and be hooked for life becoming a regular punter and then an owner.
  12. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    This is every Sunday at Golden Gate Fields. It was a super fun day out with plenty of young people there. Can we get a brewery on board and do it once a month at Ellerslie
  13. Aaron Bidlake

    Blue Breeze

    Blue Breeze – a post-race veterinary examination of the gelding, which was beaten 42 lengths, did not reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mr A Morley was told that the gelding would be required to barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.
  14. Aaron Bidlake

    Thoroughbred Trainers Forum

    I was one to post on it but I'm only doing a couple of horses now so not a lot to report from me unfortunately nately.