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  1. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    Yep, all correct apart from it isn't my local track anymore. I'm back at Opaki, the training tracks there are amazing, especially the plough they put in last summer.
  2. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    They'll bet more than the people who are not there. We need people getting on track and experiencing racing even it the racing is only a side line for now. Who knows one of them might have a big win on there easy bet trifecta and be hooked for life becoming a regular punter and then an owner.
  3. Aaron Bidlake

    How to get Young People to the race track

    This is every Sunday at Golden Gate Fields. It was a super fun day out with plenty of young people there. Can we get a brewery on board and do it once a month at Ellerslie
  4. Aaron Bidlake

    Blue Breeze

    Blue Breeze – a post-race veterinary examination of the gelding, which was beaten 42 lengths, did not reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mr A Morley was told that the gelding would be required to barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.
  5. Aaron Bidlake

    Thoroughbred Trainers Forum

    I was one to post on it but I'm only doing a couple of horses now so not a lot to report from me unfortunately nately.
  6. Aaron Bidlake

    Philosophical Question

    I have been thinking about this for a while as I know a fair few people recently missing starts and getting pretty pissed off. I wonder if there is a place for a consolation race when there is enough noms to do so. Something like if it was for example a rating 65 worth 10k then run the consolation for 5k and winner takes all or 4k winner and 1k for second,my twist to it would be in the weight scale where you pick your weight to carry and rating points received will depend on your weight. 53kg=2 points. 62kgs=8 points and whatever else in between. Winner would get there full amount of points and 2nd halved.
  7. Aaron Bidlake

    $200 K terminating PICK SIX

    Why do people want it to be termination pick 6? Only time I was ever interested in taking them was when they weren't struck and the pool gets up to a decent size.
  8. Aaron Bidlake

    How y’all looking now

    Good luck finding 25 jockeys capable of riding in field that size.
  9. Aaron Bidlake

    Royal Ascot

    Most of the good stallions will throw jumpers as well because they throw 'athletes' and so will succeed at whatever disapline you ask of them.
  10. Aaron Bidlake


    Would be interesting to know what percentage of the Auckland population even knew the races were on. Maybe a visit to the casino Friday and Saturday evening with free entry tickets and a handful of drink vouchers each might have got people keen...
  11. Aaron Bidlake


    it is but you won't be able to access it from over in the UK will you?
  12. RACE 1 :1 BB RACE 2 : 1 RACE 3 : 2 RACE 4 : 3 RACE 5 : 12 RACE 6 : 4 RACE 7 : 7 RACE 8 : 4RACE 9 : 13 RACE 10 : 1 BB
  13. Aaron Bidlake

    Luke Myers

    Was in his school uniform when he arrived so might have just been a half day I'm guessing
  14. Aaron Bidlake

    Name for my horse please.

    Wooden Racquet Not that i'm likely to win but if I did i don't want 5% share, just give 5% to a charity of some sort.