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  1. TAB is insolvent, and has been for some time. No brainer I should have thought.
  2. Pam Robson

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    You been drinking?
  3. Pam Robson

    HQ sort them out....

    Full marks indeed.
  4. Pam Robson

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Go and put your head in a bucket.
  5. Yes, I'm aware of two cases involving friends; one chose to act, and did get some recompense, the others didnt take any action until much later but, obviously, got nowhere. I understood that there was a universal, legal obligation to disclose windsucking when offering for sale.? Is this not the case? It seems that vendors have a fair bit of wriggle-room from what i have heard.
  6. Pam Robson


    Of course they have to...not to do so means admitting their utter inability to grapple with a modern wagering environment. We have been living beyond our means for years, had to happen.
  7. Pam Robson

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Wait and see. It might not be necessary yet if this virus keeps galloping away.
  8. Pam Robson

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    There is a contingency plan for jumps riders.
  9. Pam Robson

    Oh what a mess we're in

    I'm glad to see you have a healthy dose of opinion counts for nought, but I cannot see a way forward unless TAB operations are radically altered. Foal crops, allweather tracks, POC taxes, taking land assets,etc... will mean nothing without a seachange in the way the industry is funded.
  10. Pam Robson

    What a complete c---

    The level of stupid defies belief.
  11. Pam Robson

    Oh what a mess we're in

    This was brought up at an NZTR 'forum' some ten years ago, by a breeder /former owner of mine. He was usually[ not always, but often ] right on the button, but upset many with his manner and was vilified for his opinions.
  12. Gorgeous filly. I hope she is ok after the shemozzle she found herself in.
  13. Pam Robson

    Don't you just get sick of incompetence

    As Berri said, we're horse/animal people, we know the importance of isolating any newcomer to stables. You wouldn't take a new arrival off a truck and put it nose to nose to your racing stock, ffs....
  14. Pam Robson

    Don't you just get sick of incompetence

    Yes, I find the approach disappointing, to say the least. As you say, there has been plenty of time to be prepared, and the refusal to test some people beggars belief.
  15. Pam Robson

    Only at Te Teko!

    What a great idea. I recall equalisators being in use at the Kaituna gymkhana, and also at the fledgling Amberley races [ many years ago...! ] Seems a good way to create a bit of fun and interest, and maybe make a wee bit of dosh as well? Guarantee someone would find a rule and ban the practice if it became popular, though.