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  1. Pam Robson

    Australia ABC CHANNEL 7/30 The Final Race

    Nope, not to my knowledge. Plenty of do-gooders wanting to 'rescue' old or neglected horses to rehome, but, well-meaning though they may be, the fate of these old horses at their 'new' homes is often worse than the alternative. I remember Freda White telling me about Teak's euthanasia, she groomed him until he was gleaming, she said, oiled his feet, put on his black-and-white dress rug and walked him down to the end of her property where the deed was done. The old chap thought he was off to a show. Would be great if everyone treated their loyal workmates in that fashion, but will never happen.
  2. Pam Robson

    I'm Staggered

    Not sure...but good move.
  3. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    ..and the fashion of breeding for the salering/dollar as opposed to strictly culling inferior types can't be helping either. Even German sporthorse stallions are subjected to a more stringent testing regime than are thoroughbreds generally.
  4. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    All of the above [ IMHO] I recall an owner of mine commenting about Japanese racing when Yamanin Vital was re-imported to stand at White Robe. She said 'do you realise that this horse broke 2 min for 2000m ? and he certainly wasn't one of their good ones, far from it ' .
  5. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    Turned the page sideways....ffs
  6. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    Btw i am well aware that a mile is 1609 m....and 7/8 is seven furlongs or 1400m ( approx) . If i want to work out times over different distances i can do that too without difficulty. But i still can't make head or tail of the script.
  7. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    Would it help if i turned the page sideways?
  8. Pam Robson

    Are races getting faster?

    Thick I obviously am...but i cant decipher one side of that.
  9. Pam Robson

    Champions meeting at Ascot a joke...

    I thought we had a mortgage on twats....
  10. Pam Robson

    track conditions

    Yes, Col...a good few horses lost out on runs as a result of that misinformation. However, local knowledge should have told trainers that . The soil and climate are very different from that prevailing at, say, Riccarton - or Dunedin. It isn't hard to ring a local trainer and get an opinion - or go for a drive and have a look yourself. Doesn't help early punters though.
  11. Pam Robson

    Just second hand...

    I agree with the above observations. Using our assets in a more efficient way to help move the industry forward, definitely....but to give that power to NZTR given their record, no way.
  12. Pam Robson

    Australia ABC CHANNEL 7/30 The Final Race

    I recall a post you made quite while ago about the need to accept that horses [ and other stock ] will, at times, need to be destroyed. Do it properly, you said, humanely and with dignity. [ much abbreviated from the original ] More relevant now than ever.
  13. Pam Robson

    Can you Imagine

    What a great initiative.....and no, not in download folder, or anywhere else. Refused to have anything to do with it!
  14. Pam Robson

    Can you Imagine

    Actually, no, I couldn't open. But yep, exactly as you say.
  15. Pam Robson

    Can you Imagine

    Translate please ?