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  1. Pam Robson

    What’s the go with Riverton

    It's a great track, and a lot of very good horses have been produced from its environs. It's just a shame it's so far from anywhere. A wee bit of planning, a 'circuit' in and around the area, and it would be viable financially for many more to it is, excellent field numbers and patronage were seen. Most would prefer Riverton to remain and Invercargill to get the 'chop' .won't happen of course. given the population of Invercargill, but the Riverton track is vastly superior.
  2. Pam Robson

    Big news right here

    I would imagine you are quite right. Kypros Kotzikas took HRNZ to court over the imposition of a similar charge and had a positive result. He had the resources to do so, we TB trainers just rolled over....that's if any have even given the matter any thought. I expressed my opposition to the matter but haven't the dosh or the clout to go any further.
  3. Pam Robson

    Big news right here

    It seems to me ( for what my humble opinion is worth ) that the DIA and Treasury will open a can of worms unconsidered by most. We only have ourselves to blame though, by years of sitting on our hands and doing absolutely nothing to help ourselves. Many have cast aspersions on the ' racing, get your house in order ' line of previous racing ministers....we may wish for that approach yet if/when the results of all this become evident.
  4. Never forget that Bernard is Alan Jackson's man...
  5. The closures of Timaru, Motukarara, etc, are dependant upon the allweather being installed at Riccarton to take up the racedates to be shifted, according to Mr Saundry. Given the Shane Jones funding confusion, as well as my own concerns about resource consent for the undertaking within a large city, and close to the airport/flightpath [ standing water ] that is likely to be an ongoing will it/ won't it situation. Personally, I think if Rangiora was re-vamped, all the others could be dispensed with. Two tracks, close to the city, offering very different but complentary facilities.....why the need to spend millions to be spent/wasted when a fraction could do the job? Timaru, notwithstanding the above, is dual-code and also host to a number of trainers of both codes. My own notion [ for what its worth ] is that the one-day a year clubs should be allowed to remain [ with reasonable safety provisions of course] as they do an admirable job, and most are very well patronised. Severely reduce the rest, and upgrade the remaining to give owners and patrons a decent experience - and the horses decent footing.
  6. One thing that has struck me is the [ apparent ] disconnect between NZTR and whatever may follow from the Messara report - if anything. Many of these clubs should be 'fighting' on two fronts, but don't realise this. Confusion has to play a part. Some will have put in a submission to the DIA wrt to Messara's recommendations, I'm picking that a lot of those will be thinking that that was all that was required...but NZTR had their own agenda for submissions too.
  7. Pam Robson

    True Story...almost.

    P4P is quite correct. I trained for the Archer Corporation for several years, incl some members of the great mare's family. [ Jan Hay trained her dam Songline ] It is exactly as he states.
  8. Pam Robson

    The closures have started....

    Very entertaining, too , was the hunt day...esp, the amateur riders' steeplechase.....! I am surprised that Oamaru is the track of choice for the club, however - Timaru would seem more logical given that it is in Canterbury, not Otago. I'm sorry for the locals but I don't think many stakeholders will miss the cold trek down the line in winter.
  9. Pam Robson

    Update April. John Allen

    Yes, they do have a lot to answer for, but I think you are confusing NZTR with the NZRB. Different cattle.
  10. Pam Robson

    All Weather track Waikato

    Hmmm....Riccarton likes the 'glory' of staging a Grand National, but does shit all to contribute to the development of jumpers overall. The schooling fences have only just been put back up after their summer 'repairs' and there is no jump racing held there now apart from the G.N.
  11. Pam Robson

    Riccarton Grandstand

    So do I...but what is the worst aspect of that - and no one blames to club for the situation per se, earthquakes do make buildings unsafe - is that the office staff seemed to think that there was little [ if any ] negative feedback at all.
  12. Pam Robson

    All Weather track Waikato

    Yes, had hurdle races - and even hurdle trials, I ran one in a trial there.
  13. Pam Robson

    All Weather track Waikato

    At the risk of a very public evisceration....there is a perfectly good track/facilities at Rangiora - which with a bit of remodeling would cater for winter racing very well. Free draining and close to need to travel miles away....
  14. Pam Robson

    All Weather track Waikato

    I'm thinking - as well as the above comments - that once the MAC report is appropriately digested by both Cabinet and the DIA there will be a clearer idea of what - if anything - might happen. Given the fact that many rural areas are served by Nat M.P's, aas well as the general dislike for W.P in the House, traction of any sort is certainly no given. As for allweathers? I am not aware that Shane Jones's lolly scramble has been received, or is likley to be....which leaves THAT topic unfinished. WRT Riccarton, as well as the huge expense, there is the matter of resource consent for water storage/runoff for such an undertaking within a large city, in close proximity to housing - and the airport flight path. Personally, I hope it doesnt go ahead, regardless of what may transpire in other areas.
  15. Pam Robson

    Riccarton Grandstand

    I can't help either, no one seems to want to discuss it. Given the time taken to do anything around the place, it will be years before it is taken down...not a quick fix for sure but tje soonest started, the more quickly finished.