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  1. Pam Robson

    Quote of the day at Awapuni

    Were 'involved' at Riccarton too..for a while..but the 'involvement' became much too stressful for management and staff...!
  2. Pam Robson

    Greg O'Connor

    Was chatting to a local stipe recently on a track visit...topic came up about the harness dramas. We reckoned it would be a foolish person to think that this is all confined to the ' cheats on seats' , Thommo's 'superior code' will be just as compromised..IMO. And my observation was that if officials could actually read a race and police the situation properly, riders and drivers might find it a bit harder to get away with murder. He agreed.
  3. Don't forget Ashburton.. close to Christchurch, .identified as being 'necessary' but needing extensive upgrading. Timaru on the other hand has excellent facilities, a very sound track and caters for quite few trainers of both codes...hosts jumps racing, all in all a very bad call there.
  4. In fairness, Zippy, Monday/Tuesday racing was tried - under the previous CEO. Advice was given from all and sundry that it couldn't work, traditionally there isn't the betting interest to make it pay. A very experienced administrator told me that our 'best' Monday was the former Great Northern Steeples day, a national public holiday and with our best winter handicappers/ jumpers on display. But the interest from over the ditch was virtually non-existent. What show has an industry day with a bunch of slugs got of attracting any sort of wagering at all? he asked. Clearly none, it didn't fly, all the advice was right and that experiment was abandoned.
  5. Pam Robson

    Another Issue of integrity!

    I have to agree here, I consider many riders and some administators personal friends, but that doesn't alter the fact that the policing is crap [ often] and so is the riding.
  6. But the CJC don't get the 16mill....only the interest from it. Don't see much help for synthetic installation there.
  7. Ah, Ngai Tahu are shrewd was a given that they would walk over the Trustees without breaking a sweat.
  8. Pam Robson

    Bidlake Racing

    I thought it was a good idea too, Aaron, was a pity things didn't work out. Maybe a forum such as this might help take ideas to a wider audience?
  9. Pam Robson

    Lindsay Park racing

    Lindsay Park a stunning set-up, no doubt, and if I had a horse good enough, and could afford it, that's where mine would go. However, wrt L.D, her trainers - for personal reasons - relinquished their licences, and, as a Grp 1 winner already, a no-brainer for owners to send her to Aus. The Brown set-up was as good as you could get, with beautiful safe paddocks and their own carefully manicured tracks incl an uphill straight gallop. Two former staff members have found their way over to Lindsay Park too, I believe.
  10. Pam Robson

    Chautauqua....has he had enough....???

    Agree wholeheartedly. I have read/watched videos of Monty, always thought he had a lot to offer. The reported article doesn't do him a lot of favours. What a great story re. the old 'chaser. Class indeed.
  11. Pam Robson

    Riccarton Results

  12. Pam Robson

    Koral Steeples Saturday

    ..and about .01 overnight.....