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  1. Thanks Cubes. Very nice. Lovely ride.
  2. Hardly surprising. Best of luck to them all.
  3. Food served to grooms? Do you mean, other than a hot dog or chips from a cart ? We've tried the plenty-of-lower-quality-races option, not sure that's working either.
  4. No, I didn't either. The impression I got was that the amalgamation was more in the administrative line.
  5. Haven't heard that saying for years...
  6. Have faith, L....the AWT at Awapuni will sort out all the problems.
  7. Wasn't a voluntary holiday.
  8. I presume so. Surely someone has to [ which, therefore means that those persons stand accountable too, which is another can of worms. ] There are 'training centres' around the country now [ I've been harping on about this for a long time, now that public tracks are not learner-friendly ] although, Ross excepted, I have concerns about the competence/experience of some of the designated 'rider trainers'. I agree, the Nakhle intiative looks excellent.
  9. It already is, Midge....Ross Beckett managing the ChCh operation.
  10. Ah. Thanks, didn't know the circumstances. I'm sure those involved are getting the best care possible, here's hoping for a good outcome . It's situations like this that bring home just how dangerous the job is, every day. Luckily, the worst case scenario doesn't happen that often.
  11. Umm....I thought 'hobby trainers ' weren't wanted...or did I get that wrong.
  12. Why do you think Tapeta wouldn't work? No agenda, just interested.