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  1. Pam Robson


  2. Pam Robson

    CWJ & Kiwi Ida

    Karen drove the mare - and a buddy for her - up, herself, in car and trailer float. She hasnt been at all well either, so a very tough effort all round.
  3. Pam Robson

    CWJ & Kiwi Ida

    And despised Southerners to boot....trainers and jockey. Great result team Parsons.
  4. Pam Robson

    Top 100 Group 1 races in the World

    How many were handicaps?
  5. Pam Robson


    So I was told.....!
  6. Pam Robson


    Lot 440
  7. Pam Robson

    Are the Whip rules working

    Agree with all above. I can recall the late Dave Kerr , years ago, insisting that Damien Browne be his rider of choice whenever possible because he was such a kind and balanced rider, and used the whip very sparingly. Dave was old school to a tee - but said to me, how the hell do you expect a horse to give its guts for you when you belt it for doing so ? I can just imagine the furore if the whip was banned altogether [ although it will have to come, no doubt about it ]. How would it work if the allowable amount of strikes was reduced dramatically to a figure overall, just to 'lead' those naysayers to accept the process more gradually ?
  8. Pam Robson

    Kozzie Asano

    I think - might be wrong - that Ted and Rex were among the first, if not THE first, trainers to crack the 1000 winner barrier. A great achievement for both considering the reduced number of racemeetings back then.
  9. Pam Robson

    Kozzie Asano

    Agree. Think Sam Collett, Lisa Allpress, Darryl Bradley even, going back a year or ten. For those who make the effort, the experience, too - for the younger ones -is invaluable.
  10. Pam Robson

    Splitting Races

    Confirmed by trainers, the track was outstanding. The weather helped of course, if it had been wet for the other two days things may have been different, but it does drain very well for all that. I recall once, when the Grey River came up and the place flooded badly - water was over the top of the fences and rails, and through the jockeys' room [ which is a level above the ground floor ] I went, along with the friends with whom I was staying, the next day to help clean up. The water had receded, but there was driftwood and rubbish lying on the track, dead frogs in the tearooms....they raced the next day and the track record was equalled.
  11. Pam Robson

    il tempo rider R.I.P.

    I'm pretty sure it was Blancpain that was an entry in a Sth Island sale one year, in the untried stock section. H.C Greenwood, an owner of mine at the time, was very keen on her because of the Eulogy connection...however, as he was elderly and in failing health at the time, we both felt that breeding stock was probably not where he should be looking. She took time, and had her leg issues, but turned out to be a grand performer for you as I recall.
  12. Pam Robson

    Splitting Races

    So, NZTR budgeted for 8-9 races for the other days and just seven for Westland..? really?
  13. Pam Robson

    Splitting Races

    Hope so too. Westland have been treated very poorly, wouldn't be a payback by any chance?
  14. Pam Robson

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Hell, yeah. And Avondale was the place to be...oh, how times change.
  15. Pam Robson

    Splitting Races

    Ah. Didn't consider that.