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  1. He was a friend of my father ; he had stables in Centaurus Road, I would ride my pony past when I was a kid.
  2. Ron Carter must have been sixty years ago...!
  3. Horses also travel from UK regimes to compete in HK, USA and Dubai, to mention just some other venues...not to mention other states in Aus. where there doesn't appear to be such a problem. What is it that ( seemingly ) makes Melbourne so different?
  4. Do you remember long division in pounds, shillings and pence? Ugh.
  5. How is it that the rules around the trots on Cup Day at Addington seem to be different?
  6. Common sense and some decent people to the fore.
  7. Jeez...if he's not fit, he'll have plenty of company.
  8. Will be missed, a loved and respected trainer, apprentice/staff mentor, and family man. A big hole to fill.
  9. Yes, fair comments. It's a good while since I've seen microchip checks done here too. Just brands, plates and gear checks.
  10. Ok, thanks. Never saw that. Apologies for my annoyance!
  11. Clearly, the connections of high profile horses are less likely to be a Covid-19 risk.
  12. Is that another way of saying blissful ignorance?