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  1. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    I'm not a trots fan to the extent that I would go to Addington....but, as a parochial Cantabrian, take some pride in the positive feedback given to that venue - and equally, want to hear good things about Riccarton. It's my home track, the premier club in the South Island, and of course I want it to be the best. I am told I have been derogatory and negative, perhaps that may seem so, but if one can't proffer opinions in the hope that good may come from them, what is the point in caring?
  2. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    I'm told the catering - esp. on the big nights - is outstanding.
  3. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    Have you attended Addington recently?
  4. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    so NSW continues to forge ahead.....
  5. Pam Robson

    Filly for lease

    A 3 year old filly, full sister to the promising Nathan Detroit, has shares available for a racing lease. Broken in and has had a short educational prep, now ready to go on a bit more. Any interested parties, P.M. me, or phone 0274 502 878 Cheers Pam
  6. Pam Robson

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    I may have been a bit hard on our CEO, he has just forwarded an email of Paul Claridge's open letter, and wants interested parties to copy him in to replies. So, at least he is taking the time to be involved, in what shape or form time will tell.
  7. Pam Robson

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    Thanks, I'll P M you later. The thing I would struggle with, is the ethics of getting people on board to race a jumper or two only to have NZTR scrap the remaining ones....which is very likely to happen. We've only got a year or two at best to try and make some progress....and as well there are those who mutter darkly about 'wasting' races and funding on jumps races instead of putting on more flat races.
  8. Pam Robson

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    I,was at that meeting, which was very well attended, and put my hand up to do whatever I could to help. Jo Gordon was co-opted as the captain, she's a livewire and a good choice I feel....but it wont be an easy fix whatever course is taken. It's a chicken-and-egg situation, the reduction in races is a reaction to falling numbers, but those numbers cannot increase when the races disappear ; added to that is the uncertainty of closing venues, two of those on NZTR'S silly plan are jumping venues which, if implemented , leaves Dunedin and Riccarton only. Riccarton smugly sits on the Grand National and does nothing for the rest of the year: despite promising both more races, and assistance with forming/running syndicates to race jumpers it would be unlikely if anything changes there. I rang the CEO next morning to ask if something could be started wrt to a syndicate or group as I had just been offered a potential jumper, nah in the too-hard basket straight away. The NZTR idea is that there is no more money for extra races, fair enough, the outfit is strapped for money, we all know that - but for the four extra races that had been discussed, the funding should be easily found from abandoned racemeetings....far more than would be needed. A challenge indeed.
  9. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    Yes, it was a good week and both Nationals were need to shake off complacency and show a bit of support for jumps racing however, otherwise their cash cow may depart elsewhere. Many visitors were not overly happy with the conditions of stabling by all accounts and comments about 'shabby' and 'run down ' were heard. Thanks too, yes Nathan tried hard, however he has been up a long time, has learned heaps and will have a well deserved holiday now.
  10. Pam Robson

    Riccarton races

    To be fair, the problem with the old stand ( damage to foundations) was not discovered until fairly recently. I agree that the lack of information about the availability of the stand was inexcusable, as was the attitude that ' only a few people were concerned ' which had to be a crock of b/s.
  11. Pam Robson

    Babies death

    ....and yet Oranga Tamariki is vilified....remind me why they exist again..? ( and yes, I know their systems do leave a lot to be desired)
  12. Pam Robson


    BGP seem to generate interest...its still do-able with the right approach.
  13. Pam Robson

    NZTR board candidates

    Talk about stacking the deck....
  14. Pam Robson

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    Here's hoping he makes the cut there he would fit it all in around his principal occupation I have no idea...but what an asset he would be.
  15. Pam Robson

    Take your pick from these three for NZTR

    Not sure if Luke Radich was a genuine option ( posted on another thread) but how he could be bypassed - if he was up for the job - beggars belief