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  1. Can't answer that...I dont make policies! No doubt there is a good reason, suggest you ring and ask.
  2. To be fair, I have been in similar situations, and have popped in later in the day. Explained that I was tied up and unable to be there for that race, and have been treated very hospitably. A good concept, but the room is small, and when syndicates are involved, rather awkward.
  3. There are only 9 races this week, as opposed to 11 last time. Maybe the new Timaru meeting influenced some? There was also a bit of a drama with not enough stalls, so possibly a reduced number of competitors was considered more prudent.
  4. Thanks, yes, a great crew. I think an approach from Brian de Lore to Mayor Lianne Dalziell which prompted a very good letter to NZTR, helped immensely wrt the Guineas. But, I am sad to see the jumping focus dwindle away. My own jumper is now residing at the Myers establishment. I told him he would improve him five lengths.....hope he can manage more!
  5. Which, for the record, would be a tragedy...not just for the lost races, but the chance to catch up with the great bunch of people which embodies the jumping persuasion.
  6. Yes, there were good turnouts, but, IMO, action taken too late. Even a jumping enthusiast like me can see the sense in not programming jumps races down here. The Grand National will be looking at a new home I feel.
  7. Hmm does that definition go again..? You know the one about expecting a different outcome....
  8. Just got an email from NZTR to that effect.
  9. And the Winter Cup is reinstated.
  10. Because they were presented with a fait accompli before the law change.....and it had quite a bit of value. And yes, I would think so.
  11. Oh, NZTR were mightily pissed with Hokitika. They delivered payback with no permit for the club this coming year, despite a successful day held at Omoto this past season. Reduces the familiar four - day circuit to three days, which will have a negative impact wrt those trainers/owners travelling from outside the Canterbury/Westland district.
  12. Cheers RR. It's bucketing down here, has been all meeting on the 11th.
  13. It wasn't the question that invoked my rebuke....questioning is how we become informed, after all, and should be welcomed. It was the inference that a poster with experience of long standing in the industry, as well as significant academic achievement has ' no idea what he is talking about '.
  14. Dear oh dear....I suggest you take a look at the comments and data produced by this poster for several years....go and wash your mouth out [ figuratively speaking ].