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  1. Ok, thanks. Never saw that. Apologies for my annoyance!
  2. Clearly, the connections of high profile horses are less likely to be a Covid-19 risk.
  3. Is that another way of saying blissful ignorance?
  4. History doesn't give a lot of confidence in that option.
  5. I believe it was done in the Purcell era.
  6. Best horse I've ever seen...with the utmost respect to later greats...wouldn't be any horse I could think of which would handle her training regime.
  7. Glad Waimate is going to run with Timaru...I couldn't see why a Canty. club should race in Otago either, it's not as if there was no other option..!
  8. Well, it would be more in keeping with the advertised intentions of the PGF.
  9. I was going to point that out, but you beat me to it!
  10. That's a good point. The M report was about [ among a lot of other stuff that hasn't been implemented ] upgrading tracks to provide an attractive betting product, and using our advantageous time-slot. But, if you think 3 AWT's is enough and 6 is too many, WTF are we doing ploughing ahead going into debt installing 3 in our tiny population?
  11. As you have clearly worked out, turnover is NOT necessarily revenue.
  12. My understanding is that Nz racing doesn't come within a bull's roar of breaking even, much less 'make a profit' . Pokies, sports betting and overseas racing are all required to plug the hole in the bucket. I should think that the smaller stakes are less damaging to the overall balance sheet...others may have more specific information.
  13. Actually, no, they don't 'copy everything else Aus does' ....only fragmented bits and pieces.
  14. How many took the trouble to walk the track on that occasion?
  15. The foreman of John and Karen Parsons, Viki , used to be interviewed frequently on Trackside, you can't understand a word he says .