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  1. chelseacol

    nz cup november

    Haha. Great time of year isn't it with Cup Carnival looming. Cheers Col
  2. chelseacol

    nz cup november

    Love your passion Iraklis - but for me I thought this is a very winnable year for the Aussies. Not too many on the Kiwi list look particularly frightening...??
  3. Will be great to have you back down here mate. I look forward to the celebrations !
  4. 1. Hastings R5 - 4 Loose Cannon 2. Rosehill R3 - 3 Thinkin Big 3. Rosehill R4 - 6 Sin To Win 4. Riccarton R9 - 8 Luvlucy 5. Hastings R8 - 6 Wyndspelle 6. Rosehill R5 - 2 Arbeitsam 7. Rosehill R6 - 2 Daysee Doom 8. Rosehill R7 - 4 Graff 9. Caulfield R7 - 10 Nights Watch 10. Caulfield R8 - 2 Home Of The Brave 11. Caulfield R9 - 1 Global Glamour Thanks organisers and good punting everyone
  5. 1. Hastings R8 - 6-7-5 2. Rosehill R7 - 4-11-2 3. Caulfield R8 - 2-3-16 Many thanks
  6. After they stole my room Cubes, I'm still waiting for the free corporate box offer from the CJC. I think Tim has lost my number Good luck with your mare today. I heard a whisper she worked very well in the week. Great time of year isn't it !
  7. chelseacol

    Will fill my pockets this week

    This race fixing runs much deeper than we thought
  8. chelseacol

    Wilsons Sports Bar and TAB

    couldn't organise a [email protected] up in a pub eh ?
  9. chelseacol

    Off to Flemington

    Bigamy legal in Aussie CBT ?
  10. chelseacol

    Off to Flemington

    George Simon called at Riccarton on one of those commentators days - a long time ago. I can remember him saying when the field was running off the back at the start of the big bend or perhaps at the 1200m start that "he didn't go that far on his holidays" Brilliant.
  11. chelseacol

    Winners for Addington tonight ?

    Just an update that Counter Punch decided on a two horse place all up at Methven on Sunday - R3 #13 Tabitha Franco and Race 7 #18 Copperhead Rose. I put on a $25 all up for him which returned $181. After looking at the selections I quite liked them so did the bet a second time for myself - so thanks for that CP you were on fire I will use the profit to do a few more prizes here. Col
  12. chelseacol

    Police Raids

    If what you describe is the reason it happened(ie "didn't advise the caretaker"), then blaming suspensions misses the point that the "trainer" did a poor job making sure things were done correctly.
  13. chelseacol

    Winners for Addington tonight ?

    And we have a winner - very nice effort CP. How about you pick a couple of horses today or when it suits and I will throw on a multi for you ? Send me a PM when you like something. Thanks everyone else
  14. chelseacol

    Winners for Addington tonight ?

    My partner in crime in all punting comps has that idea too... $1.60 bit more than you may have thought