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  1. chelseacol


    the champagne turf
  2. chelseacol

    Yaldhurst to Hong Kong to Ascot

    Good on you all - enjoy every minute !
  3. chelseacol

    True Story...almost.

    Oh I really enjoy this thread Chris - hence why I have followed it. I and others I suspect are following it for the same reason reality tv can be weirdly engaging from time to time Glad to hear you weren't offended by my comments or more particularly that you don't care. Best way to be, and as I said in my first post if doing what you are doing spins your wheels then carry on doing it. I assure you that your response didn't annoy me in any way so I was more than able to handle what you said - rather I was slightly bemused by your thought process that I would be jealous of your "friends" or the fact you had been to New York. I think our thought processes differ in that regard. Keep up the good work and well done on the best day yesterday - must be hard to rate them all I would've thought ....
  4. chelseacol

    True Story...almost.

    I don't need to collect "celeb" meetings Chris ..... most of us don't need validation that way. But fair play it spins your wheels so go for it. As for New York you probably don't want to start a pissing competition on that....
  5. chelseacol

    True Story...almost.

    Agreed - but it's even worse seeing a middle age white guy wearing a baseball cap with his suit
  6. I was at a bar last night ... the table next to us was a group of blokes in their 60's. Obviously their regular catch up - lots of laughs etc. Then one of them says loudly to his mate "You are the biggest name dropper I ever met" to which they all roared with laughter.... Were you in ChCh last night Chris ?
  7. chelseacol

    True Story...almost.

    exactly what I was thinking WD. Chris this feels like poor form unless you had her approval to quote ???
  8. chelseacol

    Time for a swindle at HQ

    7. Yourdeel 8. Elusive Treasure 9. Verry Flash Melody Belle Craig Grylls Cheers
  9. chelseacol

    LEO'S ALL UP QUICKIE Sat 12th Jan

    R6 Consensus R7 Bit Lippy Miss Federer 7 1/4 lengths Cheers Leo - think that will be about a grand - makes the flights worthwhile ;-)
  10. chelseacol

    Los Alamitos and Golden Gate

    Went to Golden Gate a few years back while staying up the road in Berkely. View out the window in the men's toilet up in the grandstand while standing at the urinal was straight down the bay to the Golden Gate Bridge - unreal :-)
  11. chelseacol

    Riccarton are you a racing club

    And how many of these occur on a normal Saturday night when there are 13,000 people in town - or at a concert or whatever ! For 95% of the people there it was a great day out on a racecourse - which we should be trying to encourage surely ? Idiots unfortunately are still breeding and will turn up at most events and act accordingly ....
  12. chelseacol

    Best Cup Week Performance

    Ultimate Sniper by a distance
  13. chelseacol

    Riccarton are you a racing club

    7 arrests from a crowd of 13,000 (???) Quiet night in town the Police reported.
  14. chelseacol

    Riccarton are you a racing club

    obviously a day you didn't enjoy so much Army - which is a great pity seeing you had a runner. The "problem" with Cup Day is that it is by far the biggest day the Club has every year. And to make matters worse this year - the public stand was closed due to EQ issues. So that takes out of play the biggest stand and the major capacity for people who want a seat etc. So Cup Day does become difficult in catering for the crowd - I thought the Club did pretty well on Saturday with heaps of marquees, tents and outside areas with tables and chairs etc. And I hope they made a lot of $ from all sources. One final point - last night we had a big storm blow through - if it had rained on Saturday it would have been a disaster
  15. chelseacol

    Boom....Cup Day !

    Been a great carnival so far and enjoyed catching up with Leo and yourself on Wednesday. I've got a photo of the 3 of us looking prosperous Good luck to both of you with your runners tomorrow. After getting through the KPC Final today I'm looking forward to a great punting day