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  1. Got a 1.5kg penalty for the CC win - carries 57kg mate
  2. Did some ground at the start too - huge effort
  3. Yep. And they know they can go wrong - even then they still win. Loyal punters with $ in their pockets they wouldn't otherwise have had.
  4. I come in peace - but with rain forecast in Melbourne tonight and tomorrow - why are you placing a bet today ?
  5. Outstanding. But here in NZ we put up with sketchy info. On NZTR site often no updates from tracks in days leading into a meeting. Guesses on track conditions on race day and frequent track updates after a race or three .... And they complain about falling revenue when most of us who have a decent punt keep our hands in our pockets while they try and make up their minds on track conditions. Hopeless
  6. Haha like it. best time of year for me down here in the run up to and through Cup Week. Love it. Of course getting on course this year doesn't look too likely ....
  7. Back on track - great initiative this for a brilliant cause. Best of luck with it Tasman Man & Leo - and Scooby good on you for supporting it too.
  8. He made a choice - knew it was breaching the rules. Got done. I don't like 30m limits in town - but if I get busted breaking the rules ...
  9. So you get ZB is a talk back station - if the hosts didn't have opinions it would make for a pretty bland listen wouldn't it ? And why should that translate into them becoming politicians ? By the same standards you are criticising them - are you going to get into radio ? The media calling out those in power and keeping the public informed is surely one of it's key roles. Hosking does a great job at that. Goes too far sometimes - yep. Won't be correct in everything he says - yep.
  10. To balance that up a bit there were 9 acceptances (and 5 scratchings) If all 9 had gone round that would have been as a big a field as any of the 4 jumping races tomorrow at Trentham (and 3 of the non jumping races). Fingers crossed we get a great carnival at Riccarton
  11. My sympathy and best wishes to you and your family Berri
  12. Actually if you talk to, or study the very serious punters they will tell you that the price you get is critical to long term results. The pros work on relatively thin margins already - so odds offered/takeout rates/rebates etc are all very important
  13. On the same day a woman is convicted of manslaughter for shooting and killing her partner while she was on meth. Thinking he was an intruder trying to rob their cannabis crop. Home detention and about the same number of community service hours as P4P. Justice being seen to be done is often an issue sadly.