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  1. I will join the chorus Cubes - you deserve another good one ! I must confess my interest has diminished in recent times - the biggest collect I've had in a while was winning the CJC Members draw last thursday (and even then someone on course had to call me to get me down there !) Maybe a wander into Riccarton on Friday for a quiet beer and look....
  2. chelseacol

    No Avondale

    perhaps 5 days a year - if they do it needs to be small, multi use and bloody great
  3. chelseacol


    I was part of the syndicate that raced Magic Dancer ... gave me my one and only Group win and a few thrills along the way. Also came down to Riccarton for Cup Week and started even money fav in midweek 3yo race .... battled and a horse Lance Robinson trained locally which I had a share in won at double figures.... funny old game
  4. chelseacol


    Going to be the longest greyhound track in the world, followed by the longest harness track
  5. chelseacol


    As Premixer mentioned the Club released a statement to members recently on the insurance claim. It hadn't been paid then. And if it has now been paid they probably would've struggled to get a new stand built for last saturday So temporary facilities which unfortunately can lead to queues and dirty portaloos - just like every concert and beer festival you ever go to. The 3 cans thing is interesting - my pet hate during the two Cup Days is limiting you to two drinks per visit to the bar half way through the afternoon, and then one ...... as happened at Addington Tuesday. Bloody annoying when you are in a round of 4 people etc ... Did this not happen on Saturday ? Without being a w@nker I was in a Box and the fridge was open all day
  6. chelseacol

    Matt Cross

    I stand corrected Ted - but you still hopped onto a post pointing out he made a mistake to repeat you heard it too (or didn't). Pity you didn't tune in on time for the first 200m eh ? ;-)
  7. chelseacol


    I agree Red Rum that they dodged a bullet on Saturday. TBF Addington have a similar predicament. The Members Stand at Riccarton is just about acceptable for 90% of the year for most people who turn up. Getting in and out of the Phar Lap room into the seating outside to watch a race and being right on the line with stunning views is cracking I reckon. I do picture a small stand going up in addition where the public stand currently is - couple of levels probably - great views both ways - modern bars etc etc. Fingers crossed for the insurance money and some creative thinking.
  8. chelseacol


    After a period of recovery following a big week I felt I needed to post something positive about the CJC and Cup Week. Pretty much all I have read on here is an aggrieved owner who didn't get enough pampering for turning up with a horse (newsflash that happens at just about every racetrack), and complaints about facilities etc. So some balance - Saturday was an enormous day. Great crowd, music, fashion, car boot parties, great corporate boxes, good racing ..... Yes the facilities are stretched - that is what happens when you lose your main stand due to EQ damage and are fighting an ongoing insurance claim. Very difficult for the club - but as thousands of householders and building owners here in ChCh will tell you - not that unusual. I say well done to the CJC - you do annoy me on some things (just so no-one accuses me of being a fanboy) - but I had a great week. So did many out of my friends I got along and out of towners I know.
  9. chelseacol

    Matt Cross

    Ok. I'm happy to praise him while also accepting that at 26 (?) he will improve, and that he will make mistakes. Didn't the great Bill Collins once say in a big race the fav couldn't win ???
  10. chelseacol

    Matt Cross

    Thankfully you never make a mistake Ted - its live that he calls it and the horse finished 5th. As Whyisit mentioned she was in the call early so obviously you didn't listen to the radio call too well if you had to check the results after ... Young bloke making a start ... give him a break eh
  11. chelseacol

    Matt Cross

    Matt is doing a great job - and will get better as well. Reon is hopefully still being used as a mentor too.
  12. chelseacol

    Cup Day Fields

    Yes Mark M was the best in the country by some distance. I get the comments about Matt Cross. He needs Reon to get in his ear and just restrain him a bit on some of that stuff. But give him credit - he's young and good. Lets not run him out of town like Tom Wood was
  13. chelseacol

    say NUP to the cup protesters

    two of them outside Riccarton when I arrived Saturday (admittedly a bit before first race). Took more restraint than I thought it would not to roll the window down and have a word....
  14. chelseacol

    One of the reasons racing is failing.....

    I offered to the club to buy new TVs myself for the Phar Lap room BEFORE the current "upgraded" ones went in..... as I was so sick of the old ones. The things are so cheap these days why wouldnt you go for size
  15. chelseacol

    GP 3 today Ellerslie

    doesn't help the punter though