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  1. Awesome day out yesterday and great to catch up Cubes. After a string of second place finishes yesterday I'm hoping for a bit more luck on Saturday too.
  2. The R18 thing is wrong - but liquor licensing around cup week has become painful over the last 10 years or so. I cannot wait for the experience of being in a round of 6 people on track and being told I can only buy 2 drinks (or 1) as the day goes on....
  3. It was $100 per person entry into a comp where you select a horse in each race at Hastings tomorrow. Points allocated and prize money then distributed to the three top points scorers. If there is a technical breach so be it and they need to comply. But I've seen large sums change hands at calcuttas at various venues, raffles, betting syndicates and sporting pick comps for years and years and no-one bats an eyelid. To shut down the FB group with thousands of members, go public to the Press and for the DIA to do all of this without contacting the Group .... beggars belief.
  4. I could possibly be convinced to grab a beer mate. Big days racing as you say and Cup Week looming large
  5. Justifying this action on the basis it reduces revenue for the TAB is a crock. Firstly the participants probably pay more attention to the Hastings fields (in this case) than normal when they make their picks. A significant proportion will be following their picks via the TAB and betting on them. Secondly BGP has brought more turnover to the TAB than most other developments in recent years I would guess. I accept that doesn't justify a breach of law if there is one here. But for goodness sake let's not have anyone posting here talking about the $9k deductions foregone by the TAB
  6. Based on the info publicly available so far the purported comments and actions of the DIA seem totally disproportionate. To take the steps re FB and commenting on the media WITHOUT talking to the Group itself - seems to lack any semblance of due process (or common sense). I'm interested in the rules relating to what is acceptable in this regard. We have had plenty of competitions over the years here with prizes (but no entry fees which may be a relevant consideration ?). How many sports bars in the country run a rugby picking competition ? Slippery slope stuff. But perhaps licenses
  7. Yep the policy is nuts. Makes no sense - but they seem determined to limit access to racing in so many ways....
  8. Real stalwarts and as everyone has noted a top man. My best to Lyn and the family
  9. Yep crazy. And kind of weird how on Friday night I could get into Addington as an owner and have a beer and wander round the stables etc etc .....????
  10. yep huge chance Ohoka (bloody Scots ). Loved the last run. Better track helps. Made lots on him down here previously. He or Major Tom wins today it will be a good one
  11. both meetings last saturday posted slow 9 and downgraded to heavy after first race. It is incompetent pure and simple. Happens over and over. Any punter who thinks about it now hesitates to bet on race 1 or 2. And god forbid you wanted to place your bets for the day before heading off to work or sport etc etc. Not sure why you defend the indefensible
  12. Have Addington closed noms on time ever ?
  13. I spent Saturday at a pub with a mate who is old school. Does all his betting in cash and has been as long as I have known him. He was placing $50 win bets 35 years ago when we were kids. Now he doesn't see any form in the paper, cannot get radio trackside on the worksite, limited physical places to place a bet, and as a consequence bets much much less. Clearly not wanted by the TAB - bemused by the fact I get bonus bets and money back promotions etc which he doesn't access. I suspect there are hundreds of him ... and the current 20 year olds don't actually see anything about horse
  14. It leapt to mind SD as being on the list of regimes. I suspect much worse than what happens in UK or USA now - although I take the point. As for Israel ... or anywhere in the Middle East I will stay out of it thanks. Not sure there is a "functional" (to choose a word which covers lots of stuff) country in the whole area.