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  1. chelseacol

    Where to Next .

    I know we all like gambling..... but on this one I'm less inclined to do anything other than take the conservative option. Even you say "many unknowns" and "if" they get away with it. My guess is Italy and Spain and America (to name a few) are probably all wishing they acted quicker ????
  2. chelseacol


    Yeah that approach is going really well in Italy and Spain and perhaps the US and UK right now ...
  3. chelseacol

    Any Owner Compo ?

    Of course - if you can prove what stakemoney you would've won in the next 12 weeks less expenses we will pay you 80% of it.......... oh wait - you owe us $4,759
  4. chelseacol

    This is the future......

    that brings back memories - I had 3 sets of that game when I was 11 or 12 so I could have a full field of starters. Even made up my own tracks on the back of wallpaper rolls to vaguely match Riccarton and addington etc. Made up rules and ran real meetings. Back to the future
  5. What for ? And was it a poor decision ?
  6. chelseacol


    and case in point the TAB enhanced odds multi on three less than even odds favs at trentham gets busted on the first one. And enhanced odds at $6 cf $5.80 fixed all up - legendary
  7. chelseacol

    At What Point

    Really dont know why you are making a big deal of this and denigrating minority owners - of course you need a structure when more than one owner. No-one arguing with that.
  8. she is a lovely horse and I hope she wins it. But the current $1.95 FF quote is surely unders from the draw, and with the step up to 2400m. So couldn't have a proper bet on her imo. My strategy will be to take her as an anchor on one quaddie ticket so I at least cover her, and after that playing 6 horses each way and in multiples. Would love to see Kevin H pick up the race with Communique (or Karolino which is not the worst) - top bloke and puts lots in the game. My others at $34 and $81 so should be a fun watch irrespective.
  9. As a well know Aussie punter said - "never back them at less than evens and don't run up stairs with scissors"
  10. chelseacol

    At What Point

    If you own a share in a company you are a shareholder - simple. If you own a share in a horse you are a part owner - simple. I've owned shares in quite a few (not 90 !). I'm not sure my % level has flashed through my mind as they run for the post. And the thrill I've got from single % ownership horses have been significant. Hell I've won a G National and G Northern Hurdles - and been to Ellerslie for Horse of the Year awards and been on stage getting an award with a big bunch of fellow owners. And the small % didnt diminish the experience at all.
  11. Tom's a great guy. Nah I don't have slow days in that sense. I absolutely can be a dick though
  12. Ah apologies - I'm not used to people talking about themselves in that way - at least not on Racecafe. Mind you both Gollum and Trump do it too - so you are in interesting company.
  13. Bit tough on We're Doomed that you married the woman of his dreams don't you think .......
  14. chelseacol

    Don't you just get sick of incompetence

    Staggering isn't it. I vaguely remember (big Saturday !) reading a bit on Stuff yesterday from the Health Minister saying NZ likely to have sporadic cases but can avoid epidemic etc etc.... Jesus wept
  15. chelseacol

    Ellerslie track

    I like your positivity Tasman - and I agree it was a great day to be on track. But we will agree to disagree on the track - we were in an area past the winning post on the start of the corner. It seemed very obvious that the inside was off as we could see the field head on down the straight - not many going the inner unless they had too. Connecting dots you wonder if something went wrong with the irrigation - as happens at a racetrack there were a few rumours going round about "manual" watering as there was a problem with the irrigation system. But I have to say that is me passing on gossip. In any event a great day and some very nice horses running around. Tough on the punt though !