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  1. Rosehill Race 1 2,6 Riccarton Race 6 6,9 Rosehill Race 2 7,8 Tauranga Race 6 2,10 Riccarton Race 7 8,12 Rosehill Race 3 5,7 Riccarton Race 8 1,4 Rosehill Race 4 6, 7 Rosehill Race 5 8,15 Rosehill Race 6 5, 13 Rosehill Race 7 2,8 Rosehill Race 8 1, 12 Rosehill Race 9 4 12 Many thanks. Good luck all
  2. Had a decent punt on Iffie Shows each way and in tris and first 4s. I will confess I don't rate jockeys at the best of times - but I look back at that ride and wonder what may have been...
  3. Good to see the "1-800- Got Junk Mobile Pace" from Gawler interrupting the Derby build up on Trackside 1
  4. They said it bled. Hopefully will recover. Sad to see - great stable and had a punt
  5. Only minor meetings on a sunday so why would they ?
  6. You must have loved the big meeting of the day yesterday at Randwick - no free for all there with form out the window eh ??
  7. Yep it is a crazy economic model. Pretty marginal on the selling side too - for the first time I've got a small interest in one going through the ring. Interesting when you add up all the costs etc. Could've done without another week of it being looked after too !!
  8. and yet Air NZ get hauled over the coals ......
  9. Race 1 - 3 Keats Race 2 - 3 Festivity Race 3 - 8 Ever So Clever Race 4 - 12 Tokorangi Race 5 - 3 Gold Watch Race 6 - 9 Levante Race 7 - 1 Amarelinha Race 8 - 9 Melody Belle Race 9 - 9 La Velocita Thanks Cubes !
  10. An animal rights protester endangering several horses and jockeys lives .....??? Surely not
  11. Played at the Olympics and a big sport in parts of Europe. Numbers wise as big as rugby ??? Just guessing on that but it's interesting what's loved in some countries and non existent in others ...
  12. I'm increasingly leaning towards taking the favourite on in the Cup. (The money says I'm wrong as into $3.20 from $3.50 since FF betting opened) I struggle backing a horse at those odds first time over 2 miles and coming out of 5 starts at R74 grade (prior to that R65 with one exception). The Ritchie runners and a few out of the NZ Cup, plus a saver on Jacksstar for me. Cover the fav in a quaddie ticket possibly...
  13. Probably the only winners out of the Orca saga Eljay. Negative for the industry Very negative for a number of participants who have had criminal charges arising from non racing issues as a result of the inquiry picking up other stuff (the impact on these people of their names being dragged through the mud on matters that would not have hit the papers etc in normal circumstances has been concerning) RIU look very poor with the spend of industry funds for little industry related impact in terms of cleaning up racing The Police dragged into something they didn't need to with
  14. Lots of IF's here. Varro also raised was the takeout rate on the pool adjusted in the TABs favour (which I would've thought was extremely unlikely). IF it was without notice that would be an issue that would bother me. For most punters using technology to bet the odds were freely available to them via the website. And the quinella pay out got bigger rather than smaller closer to the race going. Personally I wouldn't have bet into a quinella like this which had attracted so much publicity without checking the Will Pay. But I equally accept many would have or don't have access. That is