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  1. Yep the policy is nuts. Makes no sense - but they seem determined to limit access to racing in so many ways....
  2. Real stalwarts and as everyone has noted a top man. My best to Lyn and the family
  3. Yep crazy. And kind of weird how on Friday night I could get into Addington as an owner and have a beer and wander round the stables etc etc .....????
  4. yep huge chance Ohoka (bloody Scots ). Loved the last run. Better track helps. Made lots on him down here previously. He or Major Tom wins today it will be a good one
  5. both meetings last saturday posted slow 9 and downgraded to heavy after first race. It is incompetent pure and simple. Happens over and over. Any punter who thinks about it now hesitates to bet on race 1 or 2. And god forbid you wanted to place your bets for the day before heading off to work or sport etc etc. Not sure why you defend the indefensible
  6. Have Addington closed noms on time ever ?
  7. I spent Saturday at a pub with a mate who is old school. Does all his betting in cash and has been as long as I have known him. He was placing $50 win bets 35 years ago when we were kids. Now he doesn't see any form in the paper, cannot get radio trackside on the worksite, limited physical places to place a bet, and as a consequence bets much much less. Clearly not wanted by the TAB - bemused by the fact I get bonus bets and money back promotions etc which he doesn't access. I suspect there are hundreds of him ... and the current 20 year olds don't actually see anything about horse racing anywhere so no chance of hooking them. Yep a sunset industry
  8. It leapt to mind SD as being on the list of regimes. I suspect much worse than what happens in UK or USA now - although I take the point. As for Israel ... or anywhere in the Middle East I will stay out of it thanks. Not sure there is a "functional" (to choose a word which covers lots of stuff) country in the whole area.
  9. Yes that is the key RR - what they do with the money they do get (I understand some sort of resolution is close) Most meetings - six park benches and a caravan would do it sadly. And then you have Cup Day and a few other dates where something would be used - tough balancing act that in terms of planning. Would be lovely if they could incorporate a bar for everyday use, or a hotel or something .... but that looks tough in the current environment and based on location. I guess functions etc have been ok for the club but probably don't need much more space for those .. tough one.
  10. Much better to suppress comments than try and fix the mess they have created. Bit like China/ East Germany/Russia etc etc etc
  11. I confess I don't get it Tom. Happy to be persuaded otherwise. Red Rum - I will support the CJC in terms of the main grandstand. I know many people here in ChCh who are still waiting for decisions on their houses 10 years down the track. Remember the stand was deemed safe for a bit and then the insurance wrangle started. Anyone who sees an advt from an insurance company talking about how we are here to help you and believes it .... needs their heads examined. The stuff I have seen professionally around insurance company conduct beggars belief.
  12. The closing comment from the Police officer tells it all - at the time they laid charges they had no idea how much money was tied up in it ..... !
  13. Agree with the central point here and the comments re friday and sunday becoming monotonous. Also yesterday you had to be really keen to head down there - they had a large event in the next door Horncastle stadium and the rugby next door to that. The traffic was cup day like ....
  14. The involvement of the Organised Crime Unit and the lengths gone to is one of the aspects of this which really concerns me. Living in Christchurch and having some association with the sport - the stories are pretty amazing