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  1. chelseacol

    TAB and virtual races

    last year in England I went into a few betting shops - amazing how many people in the shops are betting on electronic roulette and virtual racing.......
  2. chelseacol

    RIP Paul Costigan

    RIP and kind thoughts to family. A great racing character - a few top blokes from the Riccarton/SI scene lost in last 12 months
  3. chelseacol

    John mcririck

    heck of a character on the box and off it - something racing does have in spades.
  4. chelseacol


    looked pretty straightforward to me. Wasn't a double figure winner
  5. chelseacol

    mick guerin

    Cheers Blue as always with you mate straight and to the point.
  6. chelseacol

    mick guerin

    Not hard to post more than NZ Post so not sure if that is a criticism or not ;-) Not sure I said he is cutting edge - but he says what he thinks more often than not, analyses a race and says how he sees it panning out, and some of his Informant articles were top notch. Each to their own.
  7. chelseacol

    Royal Ascot

    Thanks gents - I don't see enough racing there so bow to your greater knowledge.
  8. chelseacol

    mick guerin

    He is talented - knows what he is talking about and is prepared to go out on a limb with an opinion. Unfortunately there are always people who will choose not to like a character, or discount a person's ability because they think they are a bit flash or posh or have $ or whatever. Human nature.
  9. chelseacol

    Royal Ascot

    I didn't mate. Turned over a reasonable amount overnight and ended up $7.40 down after a bit of a plunge on a $6 place shot who crept into third in the last Once again a great nights racing - not totally convinced on some of the jockeys over there, but as a few ex jocks on here would say I'm a typical punter. Having said that the strangest ride was James Doyle on Sinjaari in the King George. I didn't back it - but wtf ???
  10. chelseacol

    Royal Ascot

    was a great evening's entertainment - so well done to TAB for coverage and for taking fixed odds bets. Had a crack at a few - 16/1 shot nosed out, and bet of the day not good enough and ran second as well. But I'll be back in tonight !
  11. chelseacol

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    Knowing Cubes and what he has done for the industry and other good causes they should pay out his losing tickets too :-) Way of the world of course Ohoka that the rules can be relaxed or bent or ignored depending on the customer etc etc etc. Nonetheless I agree with you that the 6 month rule is dumb.
  12. chelseacol

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    is there any rational reason for an expiry date on tickets for TAB ? I appreciate it is a liability on balance sheet etc, but they took bet and factored it into tote odds/FO margins....
  13. chelseacol

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    The weird thing is most of those couldn't do much harm compared to what we have. The jockey thing would need a $2,000 fine for every ride they butcher though.
  14. chelseacol

    jewels fields

    Well said Tasman Nigel certainly loves the game and puts in the hard yards - as does Belinda.
  15. chelseacol


    I get the point but having a crack at the industry down here gets us nowhere .... I could just as easily point out problems up North