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  1. Yep if you spend anytime in a betting shop in england you will see as many virtual races as real ones. Plus machines offering roulette etc etc ...
  2. The TAB is slowly succeeding in turning me off gambling..... website debacle, machines on course and at pubs not being fit for purpose, no newspaper coverage, fiasco of form guides being published etc. But the absence of trackside radio has become an annoyance. A few times in the last week I have gone to listen to a race while out and about in the car etc and then remembered. I do miss the Saturday morning 8am show which set up the thinking for the day (the TV offering is 24 hours old, pre scratchings and with variable track conditions often a joke ... as are the selections). Oncourse at Riccarton Saturday I spoke to several people who felt the same way. It just feels like they would prefer to shut up shop ........ (and please no responses saying I am old fashioned etc etc etc - I do 90% of my punting on the phone or computer, and it used to be at a significant level - yes I can source info online etc )
  3. This post is spot on. Trying to feed notes into the bloody thing is frustrating. Then navigating between screens takes a while - interrupted at the beginning by it then bringing up a screen saying you just deposited $20 about 30 seconds after the money went in. Which I was aware I had done without being told !! Then large fields don't appear on one screen (WTF) etc etc etc - they are absolute dogs. Thank goodness we still have tote staff on course for those who don't use the phone.
  4. absolutely - if they don't appreciate what prelims need to show they don't know anything about racing. Of course when they only show 60% of the horses as well it devalues it too.....
  5. Haha usually ! Nelson TC my fav - I had my first winner there (paying $78). I was in a state of shock and they let me stay in the presentation room the rest of the afternoon drinking straight gin (had a tote window too where I collected ) Tauherenikau outstanding. We won the first race and spent the day drinking on them Shout out to Riccarton - after Jack Frost wins they were swamped with dozens of winning owners ... I can remember drinks being passed out the door to the waiting line who couldn't get in the room. Happy Days
  6. Also a wonderful carnival Pam which will leave a hole in the calendar (I appreciate there are meetings scheduled - but won't be the same will it). Thank goodness we didn't lose the Guineas as well.... PS - lovely win two weeks back ..... we enjoyed catching up with a few of the excited owners
  7. I'm the first to bag the TAB - but this is a non story
  8. I was on course but did laugh when I saw Rodley's suggested Pick 6 ticket flash up on screen. With a terminating Pick 6 on a day where clearly it was going to be bloody hard to pick a winner - he had an anchor and a few legs with only 3 selections ????
  9. Hard to argue with that strategy bus stop. I thought it might be carnage and it was. Still great to be on course and have a beer
  10. you on course today Tom ? Be good to grab a beer if you are. Heavy track. All horses fresh after forced breaks. Big fields.. Looks like a punting challenge Or potential carnage
  11. I don't do that often enough at Riccarton Tom. Agree it is well done
  12. can you give a bit more data on these stats please Tasman. 60% of all bets on and off course digital ? Or on course ? 45% on those terminals ??? Cheers Col
  13. Well put Timon, Philippa's funeral today - many of us woke up this morning thinking of Cubes and his family and quietly sending our support, in what has been a shocking week. A lovely family. My best to you all. Col
  14. Agree to disagree then Ohoka. I never saw his role in the way you do. And irrespective of how much money he has or doesn't have... losing your life's work is never much fun. Not sure that getting paid to do you job is on the tit either.... but there you go.
  15. Gee there is some mean spirited stuff on this thread. Guy loses his long term gig and you all take a chance to pot him about not being tough enough asking questions. I will choose to remember Des as a passionate enthusiast for the game. Knew his stuff and worked hard to convey the thrill of the game that owners, trainers, jockeys and punters could get. Encourage turnover and people getting involved. Well respected and had access to lots of people. His interviews were often great to listen to. He did give people a chance to talk on a sunday morning. (Sure I take your points - but he isn't an investigative journalist. Pete Early gave that a crack and it made not a blind bit of difference actually - good on him though). Just my 5 cents