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  1. Perhaps the distribution needs to be sorted , but I see nothing wrong with the last horse getting some form of compensation in this case what appears to be a starters fee that pays for the jockey, what however does need looking at is why on a Saturday that amount needs to be be twice or even 3 x that amount for what is effectively a starters fee.
  2. Well there is one thing you and I can agree on. But shouldn't the extra races that are put on be self funding , after all they are mostly only $10k races , surely there is something wrong if we can't fund the $10k through betting on the race or as part of the meeting?
  3. I'm picking already swept under the carpet that one.
  4. Thoroughbred racing has a plan to significantly suck the life out of certain venues and pump up other venues (mostly in a fabricated manner) the plan is called the venue plan or something like that. It has very little if any justification behind it, as has been pointed out here on many occasions the rationale behind it is flawed (as you've also rightly pointed out with regard to the trots ) , its probably going to assist in really giving the sport a knock out blow from which it will never recover . some say its so NZTR can get their hands on clubs assets as the enthusiasm at certain venue
  5. Be the death of racing.
  6. Agree , these SWP races are really just gifting the races to the superior horse in the weirdest way possible i.e. getting weight off inferior animals. At least WFA makes sense.
  7. No , I'm well aware of that, but for those of us that do enjoy watching the racing its an excellent track imho.
  8. Nearly twice the price of OP ,cant see SS coming down much.
  9. In other news water is wet. Best track in the country why wouldn't it be popular?
  10. Great spot, these SWP races are increasingly becoming a massive embarrassment to the sport in this country.
  11. Couldnt agree more.
  12. Agree somewhat, but have Pub Holiday Mondays been in decline due to the muggle that is the calendar , there are most certainly public holiday dates that would work in the regions. Surely the public holiday on course costs in particular for the club would be negated by better on course turnover due to it being a public holiday.
  13. To be fair the AWT might be what stops them .
  14. Where have I got abusive? Tell us how does Millar does it then? Let's hear it? How does he arrange to do it? You're pulling an isolated scenario out that most smaller to medium sized stables couldn't do and you know it. Don't confuse prolific negativity with reality and common sense, most of what I say and many others on this site comes to fruition, its not my fault you live in such a deluded state you believe most of the decisions being made are going to make the industry better, sit back and enjoy the ride. What is this obsession you have with wanting to know how much sk
  15. No there is certainly an agenda at play and to be honest its actually killing the sport in this country , despite all the PR & BS you are hearing about KM night etc. I know I sound like a broken record but its sucking the sport dry of its base, all very well for these big stables to spend plenty at Karaka but they have got to have someone to race against if they are wanting to put a decent product up. Look at those noms at NP this weekend, I do hope some big stables are going to come to the rescue with some horses , especially in the 2yo race.