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  1. Pretty sure they have been doing just that for over a year now.
  2. You just described some Big Stables in NZ. Fools like Blossom are so ignorant they look at Strike rates etc & think the game is a level playing field , when in reality they have no idea!
  3. What you want him to know how mad the people in the sport are ?
  4. Great news about the StrathAyr , certainly hope it comes off. But if you can't make MC day work in a club of that magnitude the industry is in real trouble.
  5. No meetings on Labour day in NI or other holidays because of the cost of staff possibly, no thought of offering meetings to some of the smaller clubs that would make something of them and actually promote the sport in a digestible manner. Most clubs have sold their souls to the booze up crowd at the expense of rewarding race horse owners with a good race day experience, most meetings you go to youre lucky to see your horse come up the straight , let alone parading because the club have sold a section to a sponsor or a party or built/put a structure in the way, but this is all important to
  6. I don't follow the tips, but in fairness NZracing on a wet track pretty tough work for anyone .
  7. Absolutely agree, add to that trackwork riders, breakers amazing people the lot of them!
  8. Maybe Woodville only has 8 races cause apparently there weren't enough Tie ups to go around at the last meeting, i.e. perhaps they are learning something.
  9. Is there as much pressure on the legs of a Harness horses compared to gallopers? Harness breed a lot tougher & sturdier as well aren't they, gallopers breed for speed etc
  10. Haha, maybe it was xmas at the races something like that.
  11. Wasn't James part of the now defunct Attheraces setup?
  12. I believe its being saved for MC day racing.
  13. Did I say anything about bias? Despite that youre living in a fantasy world if you don't think the rail out that much has an impact on a horses chances. possibly why so many scratched from the maiden.