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  1. Huey


    Might and Power, Occy,Jezabeel,Savabeel the list goes on outright champs in Aus , name me Savabeels can name in the same vein? Savabeels doing very well in NZ dominating in fact, but compare him to Zabeel seriously? I'll concede to you on Tavistock I couldn't find any stats on Arion with him being deceased.
  2. Huey


    He might get a one year bounce but then they'd be on to the next big thing, have a look at the last few crops of Zabeel they weren't selling like previously and Savabeel is no Zabeel (pun intended). Where are all the good Savabeels in Aus? Or does TA buy all the good ones up? Tavistock arguably doing as well as Savabeel in Aus I'd have thought?
  3. Huey


    Don't most stallions get the swerve when they pass away or aren't shuttling. Possibly more authentic sales of the Tavistocks than perhaps others.
  4. Huey


    I think the Magic Dancer colt will top it, that seems to be the signal. Really like the look of lot 17,really interested in Lot 186 3x3 to SW and keen to see the progeny by Wrote,Van Brugh and Puccini. Interesting sale.
  5. Huey

    Splitting Races

    Then you have a 6 horse field in a R65 1800 and a 7 horse field for a R65 1400 at New Plymouth on Thursday. 20k stakes and 8 miss out on the ballot at Westland, hard to figure out isn't it.
  6. Huey

    Splitting Races

    Let's be honest, the answer is simple. If you're in the club you can split races if you're not then you can't , Id be surprised if you got a common sense explanation.
  7. Huey


    Exactly the distribution is just crazy, all of those races would have been no different if they prizemoney was $5-10k less.
  8. Huey

    Raceday Attendances

    Most of the committee are probably too busy doing jobs to keep the races going or watching a horse they have an interest in, that sort of thing should be the domain of NZTR or the TAB.
  9. Huey

    Raceday Attendances

    Exactly Aaron and in Tau case they need to have a punter bet $235 through the windows on course to make the $20 they are out of them off the gate , if that day is an Industry Event day and they are eligible for on course Turnover, the other thing is the punter comes on course and bets on his/her phone all day and the club makes nothing out of the punt from them. A better way is to identify those that are punters and look after them accordingly but thats all info that should be being done by NZTR/NZTAB etc in the first place.
  10. Wasn't he referring to the whip?
  11. Huey

    A Disgrace

    I agree the videos on loveracing are awful to watch, especially on mobile technology like tablets. Which doesn't help the modern punter.
  12. Huey

    The Party

    Symbolic of the industry RR, this years festive racing looks a fizzer and set to get worse.
  13. Huey

    Ken Rutherford Off

    Pretty sure WD taking the piss.
  14. Huey

    Ken Rutherford Off

    None from me, I misread thought Berri said he was an Aussie
  15. Huey

    Ken Rutherford Off

    He played cricket for the black caps