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  1. If they wanted to support the bottom end they'd have supported country racing full stop, they haven't and they wont. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest to see them copy this idea and claim it as their own, they did it with Karaka Millions etc etc etc
  2. They dont know what they want and they dont know how to get it! It wasnt long ago that many of the smaller provincial club facilities werent good enough(excuse) to race at, especially for owners but now you can race without them all together, its a farce there is no plan ,no strategy,no leadership or direction,no communication(cause there is no plan) they just make it up as they go along ,with a little bit of input from the chosen few in the industry and thats why it'll likely end up like eveything else in the nz industry, only this time getting it right very much matters on whether the i
  3. Unfortunately we have one of Australias best at deteriorating assisting us in our demise, the guy hasn't got a clue!
  4. Ellerslie are like some stables they can do no wrong! I'd suggest Trentham had little control over the lunatic that entered the track , unlike Ellerslie who should have had all control over workers. Process is another ambiguous way of saying I had no idea they even worked here and of course a redirection of blame.
  5. They are waiting for a few more incidents to take place so they can make a compilation video with music by their resident rave master. So far they have - A hole in the track - Golfers on Course - The race that stops Pokeno or maybe it was Mercer - We take your iconic races and never giving them back - Track Staff on the track during a race - False start debacle - Change the dates charades But don't worry about a thing, get yourself a horse or two because they are soon going to be running $100k races on a regular basis!
  6. Trentham is the best track in the country by miles when its on, which is most of the time. Matamata Ashburton Wanganui (not winter) Ellerslie Worst 5 Tauranga New Plymouth Te Rapa Kumara Ruakaka
  7. what most people dont realise is BS is giving them a slimmed down fabricated version of what they already had and calling it success, then to top it all off bolting!,
  8. Reading between the lines ... We are really gonna f*rk the game now!
  9. Are there any/many horses trained at Tauherenikau?
  10. I understand what youre saying , but as I said those events work so well because Aus have the industry to sustain them, thats why they are succesful, we here just generally copy that expecting the same industry wide results, it doesn't work like that.
  11. I'm sure they'd just argue they were partaking in responsible gambling.
  12. Hang on , on one hand youre espousing the virtues of everything thats good about OZ racing and then youre ignoring the very thing that makes it great, the base of their industry, the country racing the history of the sport -c'mon Trump make up youre mind! Those race days moved to other locations aren't successful and haven't been proven to have been so (if you have some insight into why they are lets hear it) , I've been to plenty and the atmosphere at a lot is appalling and the support non existent, they unfortunately just fade out. Sorry I can't buy into the lie thats being sold here, c
  13. Perhaps they wanted to keep their club, perhaps they wanted their races back , perhaps they wanted an opportunity and a fair suck of the sav from the industry , I can't answer that. But what I do find amusing is people like yourself and the industry is full of them that just assume a club or racetrack should fold because they believe its the right thing to do for the industry. No empirical analysis, empathy for the club in question nothing just an opinion that everyone should sell up because its big ol' Ellerslie. If that doesn't give you an indication of how bad things are then nothing
  14. I'm not sure why you are quoting these very successful Australian initiatives that have in some form been copied over here ? Everyone knows they are successful in Australia , because guess what they can afford them and have got their house in such an order that their industry is economically able to make them viable without disturbing or at a cost to the rest of industry. In NZ we have been far from being in a position to that , but we try to replicate these initiatives as a fabricated shop window for the industry at the expense of the rest of the industry and they way we are doing it cannot g
  15. I don't believe that for a second. Racing would more than likely readjust its outputs to meet its inputs which is what should be happening in this country in the first place. There a lot of people in NZ who just enjoy the sport and don't need fabricated races , swollen PR , hyped up marketing and overpriced shenanigans to enjoy it .