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  1. Huey


    Not sure if it's eligible, but how impressive is that Deep Field colt that won Heat 10.One of the only 2yos that didn't need to hug the rail and accelerated.
  2. Huey


    I'm sure they are pretty good for a club run mostly by volunteers, wouldn't cost the industry a helluva a lot from that perspective.
  3. Huey

    Winton Gallops

    And therein lies the problem with the whole venue plan, the tracks that provide the best racing should be the ones that are left to race not the tracks with the best stands,non voluntary staff or next to a population base, Generating revenue for racing is as someone has already mentioned all about off course turnover TV/Internet media etc. worrying about oncourse patrons outside of 3-4 racing centres is just an utter waste of resources and time at this point in the decline as is described.
  4. Huey

    Winton Gallops

    Silly decisions made, with no data, no analysis and no stakeholder input so it looks like your doing something, it's only going to get worse as more ill thought decisions like this are found out to be what they are over time.
  5. Huey

    What a shame

    When the industry continues to treat is own supporters/battlers with disdain is it any wonder no one goes and interest continues to wane?
  6. Huey


    As many have said on here , you don't need to be running around closing tracks, most of that will take care of itself via lack of involvement through the community,lack of use ,lease issues, financially etc. Which tracks are currently having issues with these Tauranga Pukekohe New Plymouth Thames any in the South Island?
  7. Huey

    John Allen

    On course attendance won't boom, especially when they are taking away a lot of the race days the public want to attend and replacing them with the same old dross, what you will find(and its happening now) is less race days than there is now and an even more confusing and ill thought out calendar and interest will continue to wane amongst the public,punters and owners you still need a very strong salable local product if the sport is to prosper locally and stop depending on Aus racing as a crutch for local racing.
  8. Huey

    John Allen

    Yes ,2000 less races to create the same amount of income as the 3000 races, how does that work?
  9. Huey

    UK Campsites on Racecourses

    Be awesome for people working horses in the morning with all the campers around and they are always soooo respectful of the racing industry participants!
  10. Huey


    What a great concept the Jericho is though, I can't think of a single concept here that hasn't been copied off the Aussies of note.
  11. Huey

    Weigh In - Shaune Ritchie

    Great post!
  12. Huey

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Of everything that was stated yesterday I can't see where there has been any improvement or even looks like being , apart from perhaps the animal welfare. Everyone is saying the hard decisions need to be made ,well that's just corporate BS, the fact is the hard decisions that need to be made are ones that will impact upon the 7 main race clubs he is talking about having a meeting with , messing about with country racing from NZTR perspective isn't going to achieve a lot imo. It looks like moving deck chairs for the sake of it and as you say been here 2 years hot to look like there is some progress. Any thoughts?
  13. Huey

    Ruakaka finish line

    Seriously though, why can't this club get itself a winning post? Or why doesn't the team running racing in NZ get on the phone to that club and see if they can help them get a finishing post? This is being beamed out internationally I expect and is an utter embarresment! Prime time race dates and a team who are doing their best to close down every country racecourse in the country and they can't hold a club to account on having a finishing post?
  14. Huey

    Murray Baker tells it like it is....

    What are the right decisions?
  15. Huey


    Best of luck, love his pedigree.