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  1. Huey

    Jockeys managers ???

    A lot of the jocks have trouble saying no, the Jock Manager acts as a gateway in that capacity imo.
  2. Huey

    John Allen

    So after Tax: 66 Industry Day races or about 8 Industry day total stakes money , incredibly good $$$ if you can get it.
  3. Huey


    It needs a proper bunch of racing people in that can communicate, think, analyse and understand at least a bit of what trainers and owners put up with... You're right is probably stuffed.
  4. Huey

    0amaru Abandoned

    Reschedule for Tuesday at Ashburton, good to see.
  5. Why Don't Industry days have a standardised programme around them. By this I mean why doesn't every Industry Day have a standard maiden-1200,1400,1600,2000(equivalent depending on track) same for R65 races then 1or two added. And should we still be running R72 on Industry days? If double noms for starters for a race should one extra race automatically be added depending on some criteria? Just some thoughts.
  6. Huey

    Te Rapa Track

    The heart beat of NZ Racing, but the atmosphere leaves slot to be desired.
  7. Plenty do already, I know alot that stay home and watch the races on the telly rain or shine, you obviously partake in far more active circles than I do Eljay. Not to mention Mobile devices allow for those on the go.
  8. Sensible decision to me, the future of racing is over the internet and TV not via attendance outside of the popular carnivals.
  9. Huey

    RITA's Rolling

    Possibly not realeasing it Leggy as may have sensitive info in it such as asset sales etc. Be interesting to see though.
  10. Huey

    RITA's Rolling

    Is RITA really rolling? Wasn't all of this stuff mooted before they even took over? So whom ever was left was going to kick it into a workable order anyway and isn't it just happening because WP has given the go ahead cause its his crew?
  11. Yes I agree , but the brilliant solution is to take it away from the people and centralise it.
  12. Huey

    RITA's Rolling

    Perhaps they have to find something for him to do until his contract runs out???
  13. Huey

    Glenda Hughes scores

    wow just wow
  14. Huey

    RITA's Rolling

    LightsOut will be happy to know JA staying involved.