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  1. Huey


    Only banging my head on the wall here, but I've never understood why NZ racing doesn't cut its cloth to fit. i.e match the stakes to the races required to get the game going properly. So if that means 7k maidens so be it until it can justify increasing the stakemoney, at the moment we race for an unsustainable amount because certain persons moan about it but then we all end up moaning about the Calendar , programming and handicapping of which none of it will come right if you can find the right balance with stake money etc.
  2. Huey


    Ring Tim Barton he looks after the Programming guide he should be able to to tell you. 027 472 9372
  3. Huey


    Not only that they don't seem to realise that when a horse wins a mdn it goes to a R65, usually when it wins a R65 it goes to a R72, so there has to be a pathway for these horses in the calendar given what they have initially programmed .
  4. No , youre right some of the sites are similar.
  5. Agree, big fan of the punters , look after the punters and the sport looks after itself.
  6. Some brilliant comments in the Run to the Rose this week Farnan - Won in Open company at Canberra. Should find this a bit easier. Commands respect Ah it won the Slipper. Kings Legacy Prepared with 4th 1050m R'wick trial Good(4) Aug 25. One for exotics It won the Sires and the Champagne Rothfire Solid performer. Strikes form quickly. Down in class. Major player. Down in class its up against the Slipper,Sires & Champagne winner Surely its a computer generated comment??? .
  7. Hard to please, impressive win alright and check out the family.
  8. Unfortunately Tasman man what you deem to be negative thoughts are actually constructive thoughts by posters that really really care about this industry and the direction in which is heading. Many have sat back and listened to the inane thoughts/strategies of industry leadership and folks like yourself for years that have gotten the industry to where it is today i.e. to the brink, so while you waffle on about racings fluffy clouds and fantasy land (btw youre welcome to those thoughts , I'm always interested in differing opinions ) leave the real thoughts to those that have been there are done that, those at the coal face that see whats going on everyday. Please don't try to muzzle people by neutering their right to reply and just makes you look silly. As for the Karaka Million , no one is questioning its popularity or its effectiveness as part of the racing calendar but rightly so questions abound as to its subsidisation by the industry, I stand by my assertion that I don't think the race day would be that different if the stakes were halved, the hype , promo , marketing,venue and place in the calendar would be the same, the BGP boys would still turn up as would the celebrities you so admire.
  9. The industry would have been better shaving some of the stakes off races to fund trackside Radio in some form until/if it got up and going again , an absolutely integral part of the industry currently dead in the water!
  10. Which races are punters restricted from punting on? So you're telling me a twilight race meeting in the height of summer held at Ellerslie with a few million in stakes generates good turnover? Who'd have thought that ...! Does it generate any revenue for the industry apart from the usual cliche that is great for the sport the industry, booze up etc etc etc? Yes NZTR are supposed to encourage ownership so how about those poor owners at Timaru that WD mentioned that can't get a start?
  11. None of those races you mention are restricted entry, you make the field you make the field.
  12. So lets say 100 entries , I've no idea of the numbers but there is $250k in prizemoney each race I guess, paid for by the yearling purchaser to start with. An entry fee of NZ$2,500 plus GST must be received by NZB in full by: (a) Book 1, 2 and 3 - 5pm on Thursday 30 April 2020 (b) South Island Sale - 5pm on Monday 31 August 2020 (c) NZB National Weanling Sale - 5pm on Monday 31 August 2020