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  1. 2Piper

    Lastest Stallion Announcements

    Major in Art is for sale at the APG sale today. Closed 5pm Aussie time.
  2. 2Piper

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    Didn't get my first choice in Arcadia but came up with Lycaon (a King or General from a Greek Myth who was from Arcadia who tried the have Zeus eat human flesh and was punished by being turned into a wolf/warewolf). Lycaon is pronounced lie-cay-on . Went with New York General for the other colt.
  3. 2Piper

    Speeding Spur @Meadowlands on TV

    Sounds like it's a really good field as remember Manchego was unbeaten in its first handful + starts. Pity you need to subscibe to the USA site to get the racelines of horses past performances.
  4. 2Piper

    Race or Sell

    Phoebe Standardbreds stand him here in Canterbury ($2000)
  5. 2Piper

    Taroona Bromac

    Would go sub 1:52 in Aussie with natural improvement within 3 months I reckon.
  6. 2Piper

    Farewell J Teaz

    I remember Speedy Cheval getting a deep rails run in 88' to score in Open Class at Forbury , ran a galant 3rd few weeks later in Luxury Liners Cup.
  7. 2Piper


    Time of Post 2.10pm ; trackside 2
  8. 2Piper


    They are showing one race, the Meadowlands Pace. Should have been taking the other Group features as well .
  9. 2Piper

    Craig Rail moving to NZ

    He will be calling the Forbury harness when Jason Teaz steps down later this year.
  10. 2Piper

    Davey Mc

    Will take over the dog race calls at Forbury soon.
  11. 2Piper

    Breeding trotters

    Think trotting dominance at the Sales in recent times have been the "Love You's" and lesser extent " Majestic Son's" .Not much else has had a look in but hoping newbies in "Father Patrick" will spread the joy for breeders.
  12. 2Piper

    Names of horses within race results

    My mate bets with neds, all the time. TAB needs to clean up their act. None of the issues I have mentioned over two months ago are not fixed. They obviously DON'T want to fix anything. Aside from that I have to go and verify my account. No forms available at the local agency. This was actually done when I opened it many moons ago. They reckon the odd person have used TAB accounts to launder money.
  13. 2Piper

    Racing Act

    I heard that the sports bet take out will be distributed by the ministers discretion , not the percentage taken. Other sports opposed this as they say it props up racing and racing clubs. Is this part of the legislation?
  14. Standing at Phoebe Standardbreds in Canterbury will be Locharburn (2k) NZ /Aussie "Luck Be Withyou" (Frozen)
  15. 2Piper

    American Ideal

    Will be standing in Goulburn this season as higher number of bookings in Aussie. Still available to NZ breeders but is this a trend with racing stronger in Aussie and bigger market ?