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  1. 2Piper

    Couldn't happen here

    There will be a claim series of races at Forbury this winter I hear. Once in a blue moon a horse has listed with a claim in a regular race but not sure how it works as in the case of Art Union. (Think there was 20 + claims for him , ballot won by John Hay)
  2. 2Piper

    Couldn't happen here

    And there was no claims tonight. No Apachemee claim price is $15K , was around $8k when in Sydney, can't recall his claim price .in Tassie. Here is his little half brother in Photo .
  3. 2Piper

    Harness racing property 4 sale.

    $2m + I guess. Any sponsors out there? Mrs wants to move to a warmer climate..
  4. 2Piper

    Interesting drive

    Noting comments here above I would have to add that Blair was driving his horse the way it feels right to him. He can not determine how well the other horse is going because he is not holding its reins .
  5. 2Piper

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I heard some athletes were using it (in particular an American Football star whose name was mentioned but I can't recall the name as I do not follow that game ). It has the same effect on human recovery as equine athletes (in comparison ). Can be as deadly as well. Wonder if the crisis at Santa Anita racecourse is caused be using this technique on the horses (possibly opposite ).
  6. 2Piper

    The Mighty Laz

    Follow The Stars stands in Aussie
  7. 2Piper

    The Mighty Laz

    That why I stated from Barry's stable and put " Attorney General" in above post. But there is a connection is it not. Barry learnt stuff from Roy and Mark learnt from them both as you know there were previous partnerships in training. Mark has moved with the times and put his spin on things , pardon the pun.
  8. 2Piper

    The Mighty Laz

    From Barry's stable The Unicorn Mark Craig Reba Lord Dare You To Hitchcock Sure to be more
  9. 2Piper

    The Mighty Laz

    Attorney General,
  10. 2Piper

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I saw an article from HRU claiming the Allstars had a monopoly of the use here in NZ - didn't explain why or how or when it is implemented though.
  11. 2Piper

    HRNZ Web Update

    At one stage the website was voted the best worldwide in the harness industry. With that accolade why change ? Moving with the times ? Not sure it has though. Went to the compressed fields and only gave me 3.5 of the 10 races at Rangiora (used my mobile ). Pedigree page was 3 generators on mobile but 5 generations on laptop .Had to click grandam or gransire to go back further (mobile ). Certainly not as bad as the TAB change. No Industry links found ??
  12. 2Piper

    Changing Codes

    G Anderson also bought 2 and Angela Mugford bought 1
  13. 2Piper

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    Interestingly No Apachemee is is Naughty Me's half brother from Flirt With Me, a broodmare I have bred from. Flirt With Me was bred to Tomahawk who had a big white patch on one side of his rump and seemed a Skewbald standardbred. If you look at Flirt With Me and her markings there is a lot if white but the result of the mating was disappointing in the fact the result ended up with no white markings and therefore was named No Apachemee (10yo now ). However he has qon 21 races now including a career best sub 1:53 Mile rate at Melton this year, another win about 3 weeks ago and a brave 3 wide last half 2nd on Saturday night at Melton. I have a colt foal from the mare who needs a race name .I would like some suggestions please with the weird theme and I will consider the best of them as his race name. Breeding sire Piping Hot General (Attorney General x Pipes Of Pan - Smooth Fella) .Dam is Flirt With Me (New York Motoring x Classy Me - Andrel). Photo is the colt in question.
  14. 2Piper

    Craig Rail moving to NZ

    Does anyone know if he is coming to race call?
  15. 2Piper

    This TAB website...

    No matchmaker or levy feild listed for Sunday.