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  1. 2Piper


    Think I heard them say in the video the last quarter was in 25.
  2. 2Piper


    Missed Tom Me Gun's Aussie debut at Albion Park in Tuesday. And of course he won by 7 lengths and as well paying over $20 in both countries . Courage Under Fire (Direct Scooter line ) goes great with the family. Hope Bromac Lodge get a few bookings for his last season.
  3. 2Piper

    Addington this week

    So a few track records might go on the night then.
  4. 2Piper

    The Rocks in At Harrah's Sun

    Yeah saw Te Kawau take out a later race, he was a favourite of mine when here in NZ. Also seen in the results Christen Me has raced in the other Open race but not fill a place. He will get his turn soon I hope.
  5. 2Piper


    At first glimpse last campaign, never thought he was going to be good enough to compete but the family gets better with age. Look at No Apachemee , has won 3 of his last four races in Tasmania and 11 races all up now. Remember him chasing Heaven Rocks at Addington one day with Mr Mojito spitting them. Hope Mynanahasnoteeth get to be as good.
  6. 2Piper


    Great to his finish at Timaru today. A great 2nd from well back in the field.
  7. 2Piper

    The Rocks in At Harrah's Sun

    Missed seeing the Ben Franklin today but checked out the result. Heaven Rocks was unplaced.
  8. 2Piper

    The Rocks Rocked Em!

    Heaven Rocks won a Ben Franklin Elimination Heat during the weekend .Settling midfield and got cover in the 1-1 then moved 3 wide to challenge on final turn. Brave finish.
  9. 2Piper

    Forbury Tonight

    I liked two horses tonight in particular, both placed and paid over $3. One was very unlucky not to win
  10. 2Piper

    Live Betting on Races

    Might get long enough for the 2600m + races for odds not to change so quickly. Ideally you want odds every 400m. Backing favourites with second row draws will get better odds than the starting odds you would think.
  11. 2Piper

    Live Betting on Races

    You would never get on ,odds would change too quickly.
  12. 2Piper

    Big day out ffor Kiwis at Meadowlamds today

    I see Seel The Deal ran at the Meadowlands this weekend, ran 1:51.2 but was last with winner going 1:50.0 . Great news from Woodbine, Shartin went 1:49.3 in winning the Roses. Lather Up won the Nth American Cup. His dam is an In The Pocket mare and Sire is a Bettors Delight son (Im Gorgeous) which wasn't popular as a sire and returned to racing and won in the snow earlier in the year. The new owners had already decided to give him a go again at stud duties next season. Might be a chance for a stud to take on him here too.
  13. 2Piper

    The Shark retires

    Lennytheshark has been retired and will commence a stud career next breeding season.
  14. 2Piper

    The Rocks Rocked Em!

    Great to hear , will check out the replay. Also Bit Of A Legend won the "Battle of Lake Eirie" (Northfield Park ).Took his personal best for half mile track below 1.50.
  15. 2Piper

    Weaning sale

    Jewels contenders would have to wait til Monday to return home if from another area. Having said that the horse transporters will be very busy Friday, Friday night, Saturday morning. Think knowing where all the weaklings are going a day before help them to organise enough trucks going on the right direction .