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  1. Good down under race, only the 7 was bred in the Nothern Hemisphere. Aussie horse was good as any on its day and has the draw .
  2. Put it on free to air
  3. My question is why this has happened rather than the fact he has bought dogs to the races over many years all having been inspected by a vet prior to racing . Remember him having 3/4 of most sprint events on the card regularly back in the day
  4. Was listening to the radio (Senz) and they commented on the increase of banning offenses by players , most noticeably head contacts. Two of last weekends sending off involved head clashes .Surely these are accidential and have mitigating factors.?
  5. My profile picture is of Nativetouchoftexas bred by Melissa Whyte (nee Eden) .Definitely regard him as a Skewbald ( rather than Splashed). He stands somewhere in Aussie now.
  6. Might want to fill us in - missed the news
  7. Hot and Treacherous certainly got a good first four show. Hopelly even a better finish if there's good pressure up front.
  8. Stayed as they crossed the line. Simple Fisrt Four really. Today the two horse above quinelled the first race at Ashburton. Rush winning and Barrytown 2nd.
  9. They need to bring back Hail Christian for stud duties when he finished.
  10. Under inquiry, 4th horse galloping but I see the second horse went rough and interfered with Barrytown down the home straight. Driver of Barry town took evasive action. Good on Pillippa getting her horse home for the win after the bad luck with Ready I Am. I have the TFA but not thinking it will stay as it crossed the line.
  11. Well Done Phillipa, got the first winner at "The Mot" .today.
  12. It's their idea and Aussie had one pencilled in but not for this year. Just think David Branch (Cambridge) had the nouse to act quickly and get it up and going. Maybe an easy sell to HRNZ where HRA want more control.
  13. Looking at how many horses turned up for the Great Northern Derby (for 3yo's) this year , there would be even fewer 4yo's about if Akuta is around next year for a traditional 4yp Mile and Messenger. However lets hope that a couple of new 3yo's turn up for NZ Derby and actually beat him or push him real hard . They may just change it back to 4yo' s only..
  14. I had the TFA and that was more than halved. ! Initially paid over 2k . Had Quick Shot in my multi, but would not have minded if "The Boss" had won for my TFA bet.
  15. In 1989 the Taylor Mile (Lion Red Mile) had $125,000 prize money, two heats.The final was won by Kiwi Supreme from back row. The Messenger was worth $150,000 . Dillon Dean was the winner.