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  1. You can get your money back about half the time when choosing to pick the winner, using the TABs new concept , the win insurance bets. Get your money back if your choice runs 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Also an option if your selection runs 2nd .
  2. Best idea ever , can watch the coverage without it freezing and saves cell phone battery time unlike the TAB website
  3. 2Piper

    Nigel McGrath

    Does he own any horses , part of or outright ? Don" t think they can stop him owning any at time of disq. but would have to wait 8 years for any more to be registered in his name. Could even still buy at yearling sales and prepare them to sell on.
  4. Poster Boy $4500+gst NZ ( Northern Equine - Australia ) also stand American Ideal , Soho Tribeca, Lather Up , Mel Mara, Yankee Rockstar .
  5. 39 Down-under runners at the Meadowlands and 23 got checks, 10 winners over the two nights.
  6. No Apachemee has had 231 starts for 31 wins ( 6 in NZ ) . Should be getting a start at Menangle next weekend. As a 10yo and getting better ( unplaced in sub 1.50 race earlier this year and twice run against My Field Marshall this season as well also Cash N Flow).
  7. 2Piper

    TAB costs

    Collect would have been $36 - 5 (BB) =$31 . Gives a lot more options for future betting than the 11 - 5 .
  8. 2Piper

    TAB costs

    Even their bonus bets fail. If I want to take a multi and collect something worthwhile I can not split it or take any 4 (of 8 selections) for instance. Tonight my selections added up to approx $616/$1 (mainly places) However picking 8 is a tall ask .. , so why can we not take the multi the way we want it. I would have got a reasonable return @ 14% and increased the turnover , .. .. instead I had to back 1 runner, not spreading the risk . Lucky I chose the right one for my first bet but after the collect and the bonus bet deduction I was left with just over the amount of the bonus bet, ... with having to again consider my next selection carefully. Remember the bonus bets are designed apparently to increase turnover? Don't think they really are ... are they? Ps . Have tried getting 8 selections in since lockdown but twice got 7 and an 8th selection has run 4th .
  9. Rita doesn't exist from 1 August 2020 according to the new Bill passed in Parliament earlier today. TAB NZ will replace it, along with the three codes administrating their own and an independent RIU / Animal welfare unit set up. Hope the right people (people that understand the gaming game and racing game) are allocated and the previous Muppets are extinguished. The only thing is that they TAB will still have that awful website to administer .
  10. Franco Nelson ( ChristianCullen ) to Burwood Stud $1650 including GST
  11. 2Piper

    77 racedays

    Speedy Cheval won the Open Class race 15th October 1988. The race was worth $26000 back then. Whats that now with inflation, good stake , and a really good field for lead up to the Cup. I was on course that night , and a Uni student . That year Popsicle and Honkin Vision battled out for 2yo supremacy down south. Blue Innocence was the star 4yo Southern graduate with Rimesaut, Debbies Boy etc. Alert Fulla folowed the following year. Defoe emerged as a force as well and competed well against the likes of Inky Lord.
  12. 2Piper

    77 racedays

    To Forbury
  13. Would think Scuse Me could hold a record for money by progeny of offspring and daughters offspring for a NZ bred broodmare.. Her herself was a former NZ mile record holder.
  14. Thanks, thats better as has race line comments but still no general comment. Think no 8 may have the goods / ringcraft for the first.
  15. Where's the comments for every runner for Thursdays Addington meeting TAB ? Not a great start in encouraging betting is it ? Anyone got tips they wanna share other than the ones the TAB are giving ?