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  1. 2Piper

    Freeze Branding and Microchipping

    I'm not sure how the phasing out the freeze brand helps in the welfare of standardbreds . I remember Frth was stolen in Aussie and would think if only being microchipped she would have been found. Also here in North Canterbury there was a horse rustling ring active. It cost me $3000 to get my stolen horses back, and little help from the police . One could hardly walk.
  2. 2Piper


    Going by the RITA AGM the new betting platform/website saw about 30,000 TAB account holders close their accounts but now have surpassed the previous number and 50,000 new accounts by October. Also mentioned was that the big punters dropped off for a while but they have now have come back. These were the reasons given for lack of turnover and budgeted (income) targets not met.
  3. Exported standardbreds will shortly be required to be microchipped. From next season they will be microchipped and freeze branded . The following season the plan is to have them microchipped only. Only negative thing I see about that is when buying a said standardbred I will unlikely buy the horse I'd I don't see a freeze brand to refer to unless I have a microchip reader. How much will the new costs of registering a horse be and the cost of a microchip reader be? Another thing from next season you will have to register a horse before you can sell it (and transfer to new owner ). This has not neccessarily been the case in the past. The new inititives are so the horse can be tracked easier . Your thoughts and do you agree with some or all the changes ? I hope they keep the freeze brand , along with the microchip. Microchipping might stop horse rustlers from stealing standardbreds but only if you can visually see that they are standardbreds. ( from branding ).
  4. 2Piper

    Tote Place Divs.

    I think that the radio trackside are given out the Fixed Odds prices too.
  5. 2Piper

    Woohoo go the Chase!!!

    Backed both !
  6. 2Piper


    Poor performance. Being back the old betting website.
  7. 2Piper

    Hardly worth

    Unfortunately the individual TAB agents can get fined for breaches of protocol dealing with customers who punt big and collect big. Total totalitarian of RITA etc. In essence definately harming the turnover and therefore our passionate sport of Harness Racing
  8. 2Piper

    Stipes Report - Doitson

    Race this week was 4 seconds faster than last week. That's your answer !!! Are the stipes unable to deduce race tactics and pace week to week to come to a conclusion ?
  9. 2Piper

    Purdon pacers at stud

    Will be interesting if any Spirit Of Zeus mares will go to Lazarus. Puts a double of Tabella Beth in the pedigree.
  10. 2Piper


    Missed tipping a runner at Northfield, but got on, from exported mare "Milly Me" . Sweeney Todd a was brave 4th, First Four paid $1800 + . Only In America ran 3rd against some good intermediate types in his 5th raceday start. Also back to Bettorstartdreaming, started off 20m. Winner was off 10m. Remember Auckland Reactor getting beaten at Cambridge as it was a stand.
  11. 2Piper


    I thought I had backed the winner, place bet went on , first fours were on but didnt know my win bet hadnt. TAB website so shit and slow. Costing them turnover big time. Winner flew home last start at Auckland for third. Hope my work mate got plenty . Told him two horses for tonight. Moh s Em Down and American Me. Look forward to tomorrow and Saturday. Only In America and Sweeney Todd thrown into multiples and No Apachemee simply wins at Melton.
  12. 2Piper

    Ten out of 33

    The good thing about gavelhouse iscat least you know what going in the market. I complete my forgot about it today as I was working. Had my eye on a few and most of them were sold .
  13. 2Piper

    Lastest Stallion Announcements

    Major in Art is for sale at the APG sale today. Closed 5pm Aussie time.
  14. 2Piper

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    Didn't get my first choice in Arcadia but came up with Lycaon (a King or General from a Greek Myth who was from Arcadia who tried the have Zeus eat human flesh and was punished by being turned into a wolf/warewolf). Lycaon is pronounced lie-cay-on . Went with New York General for the other colt.
  15. 2Piper

    Speeding Spur @Meadowlands on TV

    Sounds like it's a really good field as remember Manchego was unbeaten in its first handful + starts. Pity you need to subscibe to the USA site to get the racelines of horses past performances.