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  1. What are your requirements re. Poor fields ? Every horse starts out as a maiden and you never really know where they end up and when things click in their minds. Surveys says only approx. 5% make money which means about 8 to 10 of them are any good really. Just enough to make up one race. Don't think harness racing would survive on 1 race a day. Let's be enthusiastic about harness racing at grassroots.
  2. Didnt see the race, at what stage was it abandoned ?
  3. I also see t'hat Sundee's Son also has the Globe Derby influence on his maternal side and Sundon has the Volomite influence.
  4. I see that trotter Mataderos has the same cross. Has two strains of Globe Derby, a strain of Steinway (direct sireline of Globe Derby) . And being from a trotting bred stallion has several Volomite roots (which includes a line through Sampson Hanover which gave us the line to In The Pocket).
  5. His drive was not too shabby on Laver in the Cup also, having too move three times to stay handy. Laver was brave given what he did as asked of .
  6. Also gone is the Easter Cup. Just wondering how they are catering for open class horses that not gonna travel to Aussie. Leaves Invercargill Cup as the only other 3200m race for them down South. Rangiora Classic is the only other notes race in Autumn.
  7. Correct , Yulestar won the NZ Cup and 2 FFA's .
  8. 1. I would think it would be a toss up between Colin DeFilippi or Barry Purdon ( however Brent Mangos is listed as the trainer of South Coast Arden) Robert Dunn would not be far behind them. 3. Indianapolis ( sp )
  9. The day has dawned wet and gloomy. Forcast has the day to improve as the it goes on .
  10. Laver for value but probably not the win but pending the draw might be suited Show Day .
  11. Classy Dancer so unlucky as horse in the trail went outside instead of taking the passing lane letting the 3 back rails horse through . Did note Mataderos done the same but stuck on in the Trot. Makes the Big trot race Show Day a grand race to see.
  12. Trixton Time , next time , had too much ground to make up. Solid finish.
  13. I remember being excited with the Interdoms coming to Addington and it was soon to be our turn again. Last time the Earthquake put them off , and now they are gone again with this new calendar . Queensland get it. Yulestar was the last winner of it at Addington going an amazing track record.
  14. Still plenty for him to do, train his team and he has Gold Ace on stud duties.