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  1. Did the criminal judge can him from working with harness horses or the RIU/JCA /HRNZ ?
  2. Yes ; stud fees advertised is retail. That money is generally split between the actual stallion owner and the stud standing the stallion. The agrement woukd be something around 50/50 . It is why there was only 7 actual vendors for the whole sale. NZB would rather the smaller breeders to sell on Gavelhouse. You can get up to 20% discount in retail for multiple mares or early bird payment. The studs get close to 50% Art Major 14k Your mare, $11,200 + GST, add vet, working fee and grazing. You need approx 15k to make money. Their mare, an undisclosed fee to stallion
  3. If they don't know who you are ; who are they going to question? Some of us are open to identifying ourselves , others are not . It's a choice . It's a right we have.
  4. 2Piper

    Whip Rules

    Mark Purdon got 5 days suspension tonight for his whip violation on Oscar Bonavena .
  5. Where do we look at when giving black type regarding the time clock ? 1609 / 1700 sub 1:55 ? 1950 - 2300 sub 1:57 ? 2400 - 2800 sub 1:58 ? 3200 sub 1:59 ? Do we move these Mile rate goal posts up 2 sec when racing on grass ? or Slushy tracks ? What about 2yo's ? Do we keep the present system with a tweak - running the last half in sub 55 ? 56 ? 57 ? Interestingly there is no last half posted in the result of Don'tLie To Me's 1609 win at Rangiora last weekend . Mile in 2:01.1 However take Pam Bromac's 2006 run @ Ashburton over the mile runnin
  6. My main point is that the small odds deterr punting so the thread author wants to bet with overseas agency Whether my example is a good one or not a horse needing luck in the running and especially at the start shouldn't have been that short. Thus it drifted before the value was conceived by punters as good and worthy of the gamble. I do acknowledge that the computer probably does not take that into account.
  7. Early Odds for "Lie To Me " @ Rangiora was $3.30. Got up to $5 during the the meeting. Paid $4.10 on tote . Horse had second row draw over a mile. Wake up TAB , this is why punters want to get decent odds early and have to go overseas.
  8. I got told a couple of years ago at the yearling sales by an Aussie that Yole works them hard at home. Makes for a interesting senario figuring out his best chance on raceday .
  9. I agree But poster above believe he is not even charged criminally .
  10. So he not going to jail then ?
  11. I would be pretty sure he is already charged by the police. Would be strange to not to be.
  12. Did it go out favourite?
  13. No, Esprit Turbo won that race by 5 lengths. 6 horses fell and one pulled up. Included in the fallers were Ermis , Motoring Magic and Life Force. It was the 2yo PGGYSS final.
  14. Esprit Turbo ?? Was it him that went over the rail ?Think he was well clear in the home straight when it happened ?
  15. Whose cheating ? How ? All I see is well backed horses either breaking, locking wheels , or getting in other strife. To me that's thing that shows out more, possibly more than usual. Take Rydemonts Son run yesterday, at Cambridge seemed to shoot along the inside of a breaking runner , then all of a sudden lose momentum as going by. Haven't yet read stipes report.