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  1. I see Timaru returns too. Have upgraded the track there. Horses were going good times before lockdown.
  2. Love racing at Forbury. Battlers v battlers = good divies
  3. 2Piper


    Missing the radio big-time here.
  4. I do see there is 3 jobs going on the HZNZ site. So it's none of the 2 main jobs there ; the Aussie pair are taking ?
  5. Surely mot the races that are involved with (Trainers ). It's like hard to know if connections are actually confident with their runners. Purdon stable use to back the the one big , approx 15 minutes before race when based up in Auckland, after the move South approx 45 minutes before the race. Had the inkling that Avana was ready for a big one Thursday night but I initially left that race alone which meant leaving the Quaddie alone .Didn't touch it until Only In America won (race 2). I used to watch the tire big-time and record movements. Forbury Park had betting patterns too. You could follow them with more asssurance .
  6. Got to remember trainers and drivers are not allowed to get now on their horses or any other horse in a race they compete in. Does anyone know how much stable money was lost with the new betting rules ?
  7. That"ok be on Sunday, last race at Oamaru. , after the Hannon.
  8. Don't Lie To Me is a live chance for the family later on too.
  9. Also great for Pipers breeding families. 2 for 2 tonight as I have a mare related to the first winner also.
  10. Got home with a bit of good fortune . $6.50 F2F was good and double that with bonus bets on offer.
  11. Not on topic but Only In America should be the go tonight ( if he goes away with them at the start)
  12. Weren't really, nearly had every winner in my picks , just not my most fancied ones. Got Take After Me TFA
  13. Should have taken the treble .My Quaddie picks ran 2nd , 1st, 1st, 1st . 2, 4 9 / 3, 16, 17, 21 / 11, 12, 13, 15 / 2, 7, 8
  14. 2Piper

    Jimmy Cannon

    You should note it was an Amateur driver race. Often you will find stable hands or former trainers or even former drivers in these races. Most are very capable horse people. Some may have left the industry years ago and have now returned. Others have a passion for harness horses and want a way to participate. Jesse Alford (trainer) is also a Junior Driver (3yrs) and has branched out as a trainer. Was a trials driver the 3 years prior.