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  1. 2Piper

    Race or Sell

    Hope they keep Locharburn as a Stallion. Would go to him if he has stayed.
  2. 2Piper

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....

    She should get to US $1m for the season if she won this weekend
  3. 2Piper


    Take the guessing away from the starter and have a separate rating foe mobile and stands for each horse . Means that you would have horses that had 6 /7 wins from the stand to get a start in the Flying Stakes etc and about 7/8 wins for the Cup. Horse would be way more proficient at standing starts.
  4. 2Piper

    Transportation of Sulkies

    Heard thru social media , Majestic Horse Transport was pulled up in North Canterbury and told by police to remove the sulkies. For years transporting them this way was the norm. Is there a new law in place? Maybe this might be part of Winstons supposed new rationalisation across the codes initiative ? Are clubs going to have to have sulkies available on race day ?
  5. 2Piper


    Interesting race this is going to be. Legend loves it at Yonkers, should lead, pockets McWicked , Lazarus sits parked out. Does McWicked get out in time ? What else is in the race? Might change whole senario.
  6. 2Piper


    Trackside coverage this morning dropped the link last 200m , but got back for replay of finish. Facebook has full replay.
  7. 2Piper


    Agree here
  8. 2Piper


    With the 2yo filly breaking the world record (1:48.3) yesterday only bad weather may stop the world record from being broken by any one of the top 3 in the race.
  9. 2Piper

    Wilsons Sports Bar and TAB

    Used to be my local a decade ago when racing owner Mr Wilson was the owner. Always had a copy of Harness Weekly available to read between races. Used to peruse the 'Marketplace'. Sorry to be a bit off topic.
  10. 2Piper

    sire selection

  11. 2Piper

    sire selection

    Yeah, that's where I would love to go with my In The Pocket mare. (Unfortunately not enough fish in my pocket )
  12. 2Piper


    A tool used in harness racing , is it not ? Our sport been using it for donkey years. What is pain for a hunan is not necessary as for a horse, thicker hide. Let's race crocs ? ??????
  13. 2Piper

    Police Raids

    What about A Stuart's horse, pulled up after striking the sulky wheel. Obviously Mr Stuart is not allowed to be on course and seemingly hadn't advised caretaker how the horses gear is meant to be set up . Another side affect on the decision to suspensions. Alot of punters lost out as was very well supported.
  14. 2Piper


    2nd again, Winner went 1:48.1
  15. 2Piper

    Police Raids

    I see Matt's drive ( fav ) was very poor indeed but thinking that I rated the winner Storm Prince (Orange) ahead of Matt's drive which paid $3.30 and went great time ; still think outcome would have been same. J Dunn was another in the race and drove like Matt but was in outsider with no chance really. Think if this race was rigged it was only by Matt. Dexter was second, trying as usual. There must be other races that have been fixed for there to be the others named to be involved. Guess the texts , recordings etc will enlighten us to the actual truth.