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  1. horse still going well in Aussie
  2. I have an athletic looking 2yo gelding for sale in Leeston. he is well handled but unbroken. Hails from the Arrogance family which includes : Tonton Macoute (NZ Messenger , Champagne Mile @Hutt Park) Shickara 7wins (Winfield Champs , Waimate Cup) Besta Kara 9wins NZ (Winter Cup @Timaru; Nelson Cup , Amberley Cup) My Only Vice 5 wins ; Surlum 5wins ; Jody Cafe 6wins Glenvogle 1:52.8 USA Smooth Advance (Aust) 10wins $100k+ ; Abbey Brogden (N Chilcott) 6wins ; Miss Camouflage (Aust) 5wins (to 31.10.20) ; Fatal Attack 5wins (last win 8.1.21 2 Busselto
  3. There is generally a mile day down south each year and it is certainly a great day. We need more of these around the country, maybe they should be the races that count which qualfies horses for the jewels ( only a suggestion ). Would make iracing exciting to see them in those circumstances.
  4. Did Shifty finish in front of it ? If so ; a straight DQ or relegation is generally out of the question if Shifty was the only horse inconvenienced.
  5. Chaperoned hey ? To keep him out of trouble ? Guess it gives him time to relax or do his homework.
  6. 2Piper


    3 won on the circuit, all were at least in the money twice.
  7. 2Piper


    Forgot It's A Laugh placed on day 2 too.
  8. 2Piper


    Kruizer wins first day, Bright Glow wins 2nd day , Kerala Star placed second day. It's A Laugh touch unlucky both days . Piper missed second day late Quaddie by a nose. Arghhh
  9. 2Piper


    Came right later in the day with Kruizer.
  10. 2Piper


    I balls up with the first four in race one. Had the first three (boxed 4 runners) and backed the 4th horse for a place the night before. Missed good ones race 2 and 3 , should have taken TFA 's .
  11. 2Piper


    Bright Glow, Kruizer , It's A Laugh and Kerala Star. All e/w
  12. Yesterday's Stuff article referrs to over syndication , and gambling.
  13. Yes, don't bet on a random meeting that you havnt followed form from previous weeks. It was a Hong Kong meeting.
  14. Just had an earthquake a few minutes ago. Started quite sharply, 3.7 Gives you the heebee geebees.