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  1. 47South

    Apprentice or oldie

    Has recently returned from Aussie Now rides track work in Wanganui (his home town) as he did a few years ago. well say he,s worked hard on his fitness and not sure about the diet BUT it's really working maybe he could share that with others. Not a bad bloke I wish him luck.
  2. 47South

    Toblerone, kiss of death

    Slowly introducing my 16 daughter and friends into racing, its tough . Listen to the comments of trainers and jockeys both pre, and post races I tell her. She did pick the 2nd horse, then asked question. We watched a race with some of the best jockeys in our part of the world she said Tell me why Dad post race 12 of the jockeys said the pace was too slow Why Didn't they do anything about it !!! I couldn't answer it. Maybe someone here can!!!
  3. 47South

    Place your Bets Early

    Yeap the Big crash today, The damage done well scare any potential new punters and old away for ever. And of course no heads well role.
  4. 47South

    Thoughts for the memory of our Bob Morris

    I can remember Merv Richie racing the odd 2 year old without front plates, Maybe Frank Richie could explain
  5. 47South

    Dexter wins 6 at Philly today

    Come back to WHAT??? lol
  6. 47South

    Rory Hutchings

    Thanks for the reply crusty
  7. 47South

    Rory Hutchings

    can anyone tell us whats happen to the very talented rider R Hutchings. I havent seen him mentioned in any results of late, All I know is he moved to Aussie sometime ago and had a very good straight rate
  8. 47South

    Errol Skelton

    Rest in peace EB Dann and Evonne
  9. 47South

    Wanganui Track ????

    Very little rain over the passed week. Track drying out. With no more rain I'm guessing 8 with a holding track ????
  10. 47South

    was horse only one trying to win

    John Legend Come to the other side (Gallops) Where everyone gets a go, The Stipes dont wear blinkers or shadow rolls .
  11. 47South

    Greg O'Connor

    I questioned my trainer once about a ride some years ago he replied "if you say to much to them they can make it bloody difficult when you start another horse" i LOVE THE GAME BUT MIGHT ADD i HAVE NEVER OWNED A HORSE SINCE AND WENT FROM A $500 a week punter (at times more) to a lazy $20 now and then
  12. 47South

    dream about Tim

    Could it now have something to do with the news of day john legend
  13. 47South

    Wise Men Say

    Can some one tell us why he's scratched from the National
  14. 47South

    Amaizing Chase

    Great idea, say Hyflyer and Start Wondering, set weights
  15. 47South

    Trentham Gold Cup

    Only for the Eye Candy Huey