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  1. Fields in Thursday's Wanganui Chronicle They have been published for every local race meeting since lock down
  2. I well sort this out, Wont happen again
  3. Beautiful fine day. Track real heavy But good sole of grass
  4. I hope that complaints have been laid with police to charge him with, Animal Cruelty, threatening to kill/injure.
  5. Yes it was the Pirates shed, all my Marist Mates supported the cause
  6. 5 AM champagne breakfast at the club sheds then 9 oclock kick off thn off to the races so miss it
  7. prob not nobody there lol
  8. Well the dogs are racing at Wanganui good social distance on track and boxing up THEN no cameras where the bunny stops. So I had to go and have a look. Looking through the fence yeah after the race in dive all the Catchers social distancing out the window what a joke, Could be same people catching for every race, but still breaks the guide lines.
  9. Has recently returned from Aussie Now rides track work in Wanganui (his home town) as he did a few years ago. well say he,s worked hard on his fitness and not sure about the diet BUT it's really working maybe he could share that with others. Not a bad bloke I wish him luck.
  10. Slowly introducing my 16 daughter and friends into racing, its tough . Listen to the comments of trainers and jockeys both pre, and post races I tell her. She did pick the 2nd horse, then asked question. We watched a race with some of the best jockeys in our part of the world she said Tell me why Dad post race 12 of the jockeys said the pace was too slow Why Didn't they do anything about it !!! I couldn't answer it. Maybe someone here can!!!
  11. Yeap the Big crash today, The damage done well scare any potential new punters and old away for ever. And of course no heads well role.
  12. I can remember Merv Richie racing the odd 2 year old without front plates, Maybe Frank Richie could explain
  13. Under Estimated loss of revenue : Are you going to bring forward the return of free to air TV racing channel ? (even if only for NZ racing) Also the return of hard copy Race books to other retail outlets beside the TAB stores. As this topic is for question only I have made it straight to the point,however I can offer 1st hand experiences of how the lack of the above are costing our game thousands of dollars 47 South The TAB have driven a number of innovations in this space with racing now being available on Spark Sport as well as on SKY.'s Trackside. There are active conversations underway to look at having some racing content available on free to air television and also through online media. RITA has been actively working over recent months to support a new punting magazine following the Informant closing, We are hopeful of being able to confirm a new publication in the next month or so.