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  1. Thanks for the comp made it a interesting day if front of the tele.
  2. Well I will up anchor now being a good day fishing must use this burley again it certainly gets certain fish biting.
  3. Jo it will be interesting to follow your personal case on these allegations all the best,been election year I am sure the Greens will be to donate to the cause good luck.
  4. You will need to ask yourself have the RIU got the smarts and the balls to handle it. On past performances may be not.
  5. Yes and crimes will contiue, births and deaths will continue the world wont stop because of this its life and what ever you think on whats good and bad life as we know it will carry on. So enjoy life while you can and die a happy chappy
  6. Thank Christ its all over what ever your thoughts on the matter are lets move on.
  7. 1) 3,8,9,11 2) 4,7,10,12 3) 2,7,12,13 4) 3,5,11,14 5) 3,6,7,11 6) 4,7,11,15 7) 9,12,16,17 1,3,4,9 9) 2,5,10,13 10) 5,7,12,15 11) 3,5,6,12 12) 3,9,10,13. Thanks looking forward to a day in front of the tele.
  8. Thought both of them made a fair fist on their first day at the office.
  9. Easybets trifectas($8) today on every race like the last 2 meetings with the lack of current form to go by thats what I did just for interest sake and surport turnover made a profit at Pukee no good Thursday.
  10. Watch trackside after the 1st race today 12.02 going to be a item on Steve.
  11. You need to wonder if the Sunday programe was aired at this point of time to bring it to the general publics attention to let the concerns smoulder and when and if the Cole case goes public it will be like throwing petrol on the smouldering fire and then wait for the reactions.wouldnt be surpised if the anties saw this as a oppturnity.
  12. It just goes to show you the people running the 3 codes are way out of touch. Need more grassroots from the codes having more imput but the will never happen now that the goverment appoints most of these positions. After nearly 30 years being involved in 2 of the codes I fear for this industry going forward.
  13. I see its Peter Earley last day of calling this sunday love or hate him i hope they give the send of he deserves nearly 50 years in the game. Hope RITA, GRNZ recongise his imput into the industry. Not holding my breath.
  14. Have been told Auckland Greyhounds the other week had offered to cover all costs to have on course terminals operating wages, line hookup etc but the power to be said no. I also understand they have offered to buy the existing terminals and cover costs but no way will they let that happen. Just goes to show that when a club tries to help themselves they get no surport.
  15. He may have a new toy at home.