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  1. bus stop

    Best Dog

    Mike did you by chance watch Dyna Daves run last night (Friday 17th) in the heats of the Whanganui Classic still wouldnt of given him a show coming past the 645 boxes one of the guttest runs I have seen for sometime.
  2. bus stop

    Cole - Court case

    Subdivide a block of land from the current block place a house on it apply for a residental address and bingo he is no longer classfied as living on the training property. Nothing stopping him from still running the show over the fence
  3. bus stop

    Whangarei Race Track

    Mike as I have stated before Northern Greyhound racing is in a slow decline as you have stated dog numbers are falling away fields are being prop up by southern kennels unwanted dogs if it wasnt for these dogs the situation would be dire. Look at the number of races carded for the Xmas eve meeting at Waikato 12 races up to last year it was always a 20 race card. If it wasnt for strangled hold kennels heats for some of the feature races wouldnt happen. The grey hair bridgre numbers a becoming more common behind the boxes and some of these must be on the count down to hanging up the collar and leads. Yes the future doesnt look to bright up north.
  4. bus stop

    Brian Martin commentating December 6th

    Sorry dont agree have you ever heard Daryl call the rug numbers over the line that Mark is guilty of at times.Top guy on knowledge of game but his tipping is just average like all of us.
  5. bus stop

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    May have already been asked just wodering where the former strapper is the guy the use to wear the cowboy hat.
  6. bus stop

    Northern Greyhound Racing

    See Lowdown on another forum has stated the the Coles received a payment of
  7. bus stop

    Vale Tom McGillivray

    Understand Tom had a great send off, Mike I belive you gave a rousing tribute to Tom about his life as a greyhound trainer. I remember his good stayers contesting some off staying classics down here in Christchurch.
  8. bus stop

    An admission

    Yes but who's left with the knowledge to get us back on track. The current board is not up to it.
  9. bus stop

    Greg Kerr -Resignation

    Will need to replace GK and maybe one board member watch this space!!!!!!.
  10. bus stop

    New Season

    My Two Cents worth I totaly agree with your statement on the Northern racing 100%
  11. bus stop


    Michelle what part of the county do you live
  12. bus stop


    Gary you need to take into account when making comments of who the top northern trainers are the likes of the class of dog they have access to either dogs that are bought by owners who can afford to out lay the dollars or have the breeding set up to produce litters which gives them a better chance of getting good dogs to train. There are a number of trainers in the north who I view do a excellent job with the type of dog they race. Keeping in mind that a number of them are racing 2nd tier dogs from the 2 biggest breeders in NZ. Gary cant undersatnd how you left the Craiks off your list they have been one if not one of the best trainers in the North for the last 30 odd years. Anyway Gary I fear for the future of the northern region as there are not enough the younger generation taking it on the costs of land etc to set up is just to much and the money is not there to meet comitments. Also the board are making far reaching decesions which will come back and bite them in the ass i.e. import fees which I feel they are being leaned on by outside influences.
  13. bus stop

    Is this site shut down ?

    Yes a very common sense approach would make life a little bit easier if money had to be spent for the care of the dog.
  14. bus stop


    Mike good to hear the sport wont be losing Linda and yourself northern greyhounds certainly need numbers to keep it going very concerned with where northern racing is heading. Quality of dogs racing is not great due to the influx of supermarket dogs. Also hear there are 2 other owner trainers are hanging up the leads when their current dogs stop racing.
  15. bus stop

    Is this site shut down ?

    Just a sign the dwindling numbers in the game, heading for supermarket type kennls who are slowy pushing out the little guy and passing on dogs getting close to their use by date to other trainers to try to scrap a living together with these type of dogs dont how they do it.