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  1. bus stop

    Good Feeling

    RFS its not my place to mention names they will come to light when they dont appear on fields in time. On current numbers it may be up to 20 less dogs
  2. bus stop

    Good Feeling

    Yes have to agree with those comments yes also I have been told that 3 more senior trainers are pulling the plug once their current teams have finished racing.
  3. bus stop

    Good Feeling

    Mike agree 100% with your comments its a shame the way its going but I cant see a light at the end of the tunnel for these 2 clubs.
  4. bus stop

    Good Feeling

    Mike what are your thoughts on the future of the two northern clubs they are both struggling to card a 12 plus meeting, as one northen trainer mentioned to me on cup day that the time may come that who's left training in years to come will need to travel to the CD to race but who would want to travel to come against the Coles.
  5. bus stop

    Good Feeling

    Must be a good feeling when you see your dogs walking to the boxes knowing you will have $6500 in the kitty at the completion of a race.
  6. bus stop

    Uthor Bale

    Pilli welcome back its being a while, dont see you around the traps when up that way. In my opinon in think Uthor Bale mid race sectional would of been to much for Dyna Dave to make up. But my punting results show other wise. Would love to Dave pull off a big one draw could be a problem with a lot of speed drawn inside. Be a great race what ever the outcome
  7. bus stop

    Uthor Bale

    Uthor Bale has been withdrawn from the cup appeal dismissed. If able watch this weeks Dogzone on the topic the dog very interesting on this dogs racing style from 4 pervious starts in NZ from box 1. Still feel Craig has been hard done by. JCA will always back thier stipes to save face.
  8. bus stop

    Best effort of the day

    Yes have agree on the heat run but as we know there is no certainty in racing. The $7.50 to win the final on opening was great value.
  9. bus stop

    Uthor Bale

    Just read the Stipendiary Report and see the winner Uthor Bale has benn stood down for failing to pursue the lure. Reportedthat he turned his head when leaving the boxes. Watching the replay he did have a look to his right but didnt make contact with any other runner than or anytime during the race and went onto win by 5 lengths very harsh I thought. Your thoughts.
  10. bus stop

    8 Races

    How long can WGRC keep going with 8-11 race cards if it wasnt for the Coles going to Cambridge the past few weeks Cambridge would of being struggling to hold a meeting. May be interesting to see if Auckland can attached lower grade dogs for this Sunday to full up the programe for Cup and Railway heats with lower grade heats to be run on the Monday.
  11. bus stop

    looking for race dog

    Good luck.
  12. bus stop

    looking for race dog

    Hope you have enjoy your venture into greyhounds good luck.
  13. bus stop

    ORANMORE remembered

    Whats your claiming weight now Chris!!!!! or are you past your best.
  14. bus stop

    Best Dog

    Mike did you by chance watch Dyna Daves run last night (Friday 17th) in the heats of the Whanganui Classic still wouldnt of given him a show coming past the 645 boxes one of the guttest runs I have seen for sometime.