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  1. Yes the non tote days where a lot of fun always a bet between a trainer or two of the out come,a beer a pie and a icecream for the kids.
  2. Cant see how that could be financially variable.
  3. Odds I would place would be 6.4 JM 5.2 CS Being totaly wrong 12.1
  4. As far as I kmow all phones are meant to be turned of once on the track
  5. Dont miss the after race interviews at all 95% of the jockeys and trainers wouldnt either, the guy with the micaphone was at times over the top for example keep on firing questions to a jockey that was bugged or a owner trying to get to the photo shoot..
  6. Had the same problem just logged out and then logged back in and all sweet.
  7. Thanks for the comp made it a interesting day if front of the tele.
  8. Well I will up anchor now being a good day fishing must use this burley again it certainly gets certain fish biting.
  9. Jo it will be interesting to follow your personal case on these allegations all the best,been election year I am sure the Greens will be to donate to the cause good luck.
  10. You will need to ask yourself have the RIU got the smarts and the balls to handle it. On past performances may be not.
  11. Yes and crimes will contiue, births and deaths will continue the world wont stop because of this its life and what ever you think on whats good and bad life as we know it will carry on. So enjoy life while you can and die a happy chappy
  12. Thank Christ its all over what ever your thoughts on the matter are lets move on.
  13. 1) 3,8,9,11 2) 4,7,10,12 3) 2,7,12,13 4) 3,5,11,14 5) 3,6,7,11 6) 4,7,11,15 7) 9,12,16,17 1,3,4,9 9) 2,5,10,13 10) 5,7,12,15 11) 3,5,6,12 12) 3,9,10,13. Thanks looking forward to a day in front of the tele.
  14. Thought both of them made a fair fist on their first day at the office.