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  1. Shad

    Te Akau Thread

    Pay your money in whatever form, and takes your chances, plenty of rags to riches stories over the years, great game to be in and a level playing field no matter what you spend, we all know the ups and downs of racing and if you can get one to the races it's a bonus, any wins a huge buzz that money can't buy, my interests are on the very modest side, but you got to be into win.
  2. Shad


    I think the Westport trotting club have the record for the first ever triple winning dead heat in the world, long before my time, but two of the horses were whimpy and knight owl.may have been 1957, but was a world first and the club were rewarded with one thousand pounds,so the story goes.
  3. Shad

    More Inca charges dropped

    Could have been 501 pages,
  4. Shad

    Shartin.... holy smokin horse shoes

    Very true, and it looks like he has a bit of ability, mind you a wise man told me, Bing Crosby's brother couldn't sing a note, so we wait and see, and racing can be full of luck, both good and bad.
  5. Shad

    Shartin.... holy smokin horse shoes

    Article said he having a wee spell now, good on them for not rushing him,
  6. Shad

    Shartin.... holy smokin horse shoes

    See her brother recently qualified, in a very smart tine.
  7. Shad


    Your own opinion, is just good as the next person, I don't take notice to any of them, that way you can only blame yourself.
  8. Shad

    Great career opportunity in politics

    Hope it went on the turnover.
  9. Shad

    Matt Cross

    Pity Tom Wood never got a shot at cup day, but I guess timing is everything, and their hand was forced, this time around.
  10. Shad


    Certainly was, and took him most of the straight from the outside draw to get there, very good ride, but huge run by the horse to still have something left in the tank, and fight the other horse off.
  11. Shad


    Thought I was on a winner up the straight, with zah wanted, got on fixed 70s and 7s, but alas got swamped. Looking forward to cup racing, hope to make the first day.
  12. Shad

    Winton Gallops

    I guess kumara were lucky to keep racing, dodgy track that has seen many abandonments since they fiddled with it, poor grandstand and facilities, and out in the middle of nowhere, defies logic, like many of their decisions.
  13. Shad

    Winton Gallops

    Had a look at the winton gallop track while down that way, looked a nice big roomy track, couldn't help but think what a waste of a good track, also had checked out Wyndham, shame these clubs are losing their identity, an insult to expect them to race elsewhere.
  14. Shad

    Taylor Swift

    Had a friend who got a pair of meatloaf undies, on the front it said I will do anything for love, and at the back, it had, but i wont do that.
  15. Great to be rewarded on the punt today with the win of speedcall, top run and I was glad I stuck with him, given his last to average runs, quite like the Bamby's as trainers, dont seem to have a big team, not sure what happened to blondalign who won a few races on the trot.