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  1. Wont be bothering me, great excuse to not to go to the races, cafes restaurants or travel, I will be all the richer for it, it may be surprising just how many people don't want the vaccine, must be very safe though only been one fatality in our country, that we know of, and all the so called experts can't be wrong, can they.
  2. A friend told me to young fellas got arrested, one for drinking battery acid, the other for eating fireworks, apparently they charged one, and left the other one off
  3. Boring times, surely not, never a dull moment here.
  4. Do these people have a connection to racing,
  5. How could one ever get upset with something on here.
  6. Brucie went close in the Jericho cup qualifier today, those raise the flags just stay all day.
  7. Yep sure did, and let's not forget ablaze left our shores 6 wins 90k in the bank, now 12 or so wins and 800k in the bank, civil disobedience, etah james, parthesia, all done very well there, also the waterhouse team had a good one, broadside, also sire of first two home in the Jericho cup couple years back.Good to see them preforming so well.
  8. Good stock produced by this sire, they certainly like them in Australia and seem to know how to train them, also plenty staying races to suit.
  9. A lot of organizations suffering because the next generation are not interested, feels its across the board somewhat.
  10. No need to be sorry, all our opinions differ and thats what discussion is all about, good to hear your positive about the future.
  11. Other sports or hobbies, plenty of options out there, or maybe chase the gold on offer in Australian racing, mind you plenty of other organizations struggling to, so not only racing that's battling, everything reaching saturation point.
  12. Agree hard to compete with that, but it is what it is here in nz, so we either support it or switch our allegiance to Australia, no point in going over same old ground, saying its this its that and the other, we just need move on.
  13. Shad


    Each to their own opinion, be a strange old world if we all agreed on everything.
  14. Shad


    Good to see he is proving the odd doubter wrong, a wise man once told me never condemn a horse till it's dead, they can turn a corner at any stage of there career.
  15. Shad


    Seems to be going very well in Australia, maybe he was just warming up in nz.