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  1. 50 and hour crickey I'm battle to get even half that, anyway I'm just happy to actually see some track reports. Never any before
  2. If anyone had being reading the track work on the love racing site, the would have taken total sass that she trains, had been working well, I find the track work segment a huge help when trying to find a winner, definitely a welcome edition to the site.
  3. Draw the key, never easy from the second row.
  4. Great results for a change,backed Clifton jessie at 126s an 21s fixed, dont have a lot of luck in general, just great to get on the odd roughie to keep me ticking along, didn't think its form that bad, especially from a good draw.
  5. Never had a sports bet in my life, just doesn't seem right to me, betting should be just for racing as it has been from year dot.
  6. Agreeable with most of your views cubes, however clause 5 abit harsh given its first trial, upside can only improve, cant beat those whitebait fritters, west coast the best, as long as it's not any of that brown pre battered stuff from the heathcote, those fritters maybe a thing of the past, if the green movement have their way, clause 12 a bit of a curly one, have to leave that to the experts.
  7. Interesting story about zed, a sire that no one really fancied early on, and was sent to a station in the Canterbury high country to serve station hacks, along with St Reims, who I think passed on and was buried there, interesting how things can change, how they will be lining up for him, mind you many more opportunities in Australia for staying horses, and they just know how to train them.
  8. Yep but it happens, can recall a saying from a old fella, wise men ride them, fools breed them, and as I found out with my wee introduction to breeding, wish I followed his advice.
  9. Nice work, ophelia rose won well, have to keep on the track work on the racing website, always a good guide for finding the odd roughie, had a mate that collected of Tennessee rock so all was not lost, good luck keep those roughies coming.
  10. No, to be fair thought the draw a little wide, and fixed odds last night were nowhere near 30s, had I taken my phone to smoko the 30s would have changed my mind, was good run last start at riccarton, at 100 that day, been a bad week, missed far site yesterday, and fell asleep in the chair, totally missed the last race which I had been following fagiolo majica, that hurt, woke up ten minutes after the race dribbling every where as you buggar, hope you got on, be happy if someone else did. Have a wee look for tomorrow did back ski hi rahto last start, just found one better, in again Saturday with the 4kg claimed on again, rides ok, hopefully get her first win soon.
  11. Maybe he forgot about daylight savings.
  12. And looks to shorts at 8s last time I looked, hopefully you get better odds with hot tap, open fields today, twelve races we may need sponsorship from the national bank to get through unscathed, have also been following Tennessee rock, been average and has also drawn wide, should get big odds, but just a runners chance on form.
  13. Miss curious be worth a follow, drawn the car park, may need a run, be looking for a price though.