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  1. Was that the trotters race, if so I took boys invasion, how stiff was he, pushed back to last the rail, flew home for fourth, any luck would have been right up there, nice run by the winner, it to came from a fair way back.
  2. I tend to follow my cats forecast, if she cleans behind her ears, rain for sure, if she licking her arse a fine day beckons, anything in between a mix, quite simple and bloody accurate, every course needs a good moggy
  3. Yep going for the gold just took the two of them in win multi, and was abit brave to be fair, backed scotty ew as well, backed 3 winners last meeting at reefton trots, superfast gorsey, sisters delight and boys invasion, don't know why but never gave a multi a thought, would have been very tidy one, both superfast and boys never had much luck at Westport and the odds were tidy, nice horse picture me rolling, and abit underrated for me, scotty a battler who needs all favours, caught 3 wide Saturday with big weight, dropped 3 or 4kg and a better trip, rating65s went faster than cup on Saturday I
  4. Nah had Tennessee rock to win in the last, to be fair went a tidy race, considering it over raced the whole way, took a horse called sheezabelter last start, went a big race for second coming from last on the turn, 10s place, maybe be in on Thursday up north, but div be gone,also been following almeraki, hasn't had alot of luck either, had a syndicate bet Saturday but couldn't return a cracker, did look at kusada but wide draw scared me off, I visited a dark hollow place, with a no return.
  5. Good win by beam me up scotty, hard run the first day and a few more kgs as well, has won an invercargill cup before, good to see Reon Auckett get a winner, talking through my pocket took fixed odds of 34 v tote 28s about 2 minutes before race, what a change in those 2 minutes, blows out to 44 tote and 51 fixed, probably changed halfway through race, you would think with technology updates would be before or on race jump, do see this many a time, but I'll take my 34s and hope my last leg multi roughie gets upm good to see trainer get his first win.
  6. The old days of the tab written carbon copy tickets, did anyone know what rsi was back then, then there was changing your doubles tickets if your first leg was a winner, most of the officials were voluntary, right down to the birdcage gate attendant, these days the racing has reached saturation point, and sports betting also stretching the dollar, alot of changes over the years, and many not for the better.
  7. Went down there in 2019, had one in the cup, flew down from Christchurch on the day, after the plane circled for about an hour, around invercargill and thinking we we heading back to Dunedin, finally got a break in the fog, was a good day at the races and a big crowd, never managed to bring back the cup, took time to checkout the courses down there, winton Wyndham gore and ascot park, all looked nice courses, shame some aren't used these days, good feed of oyster too, grassroots racing at it's best, hope to head back again in the future.
  8. Used to be once, and about the harshest penalty around, not these days, every thing seems watered down.
  9. Yep, in early day used to have a open class trotters race, with some very good performers, from memory the land was owned by the mawhera organization, when the lease finished, was to double or treble, club was struggling already on the old lease, so that was that, so now nothing there just bare land, an eyesore last time I saw it, obviously no use for housing ect, so now there may be no revenue now, surprised the club never shifted to omoto, but just decided to shut the doors, shame really, Westport and reefton took the March dates over, so not lost to other clubs.
  10. Nothing at the ex greymouth course, just an eyesore to be fair, waste of a venue, all for nothing.
  11. Cheers, never knew about it.
  12. Harness got it sorted, under stable changes, thoroughbreds need the same
  13. Nothing a given with these small clubs, and my comment on the following year was tongue and cheek,a few wet weather days racing days with poor turnovers can always be on the cards, then it gets dicey, crowd was well behaved and can only remember one incident when it wasn't, but that was some years back, didn't see any police presence myself, but have other years,all in all a great small track circuit, I'm more a thoroughbred favourite myself, but give the trot circuit a nudge, old story, if you don't use it you lose it, we seen what happened to the thoroughbred club.
  14. They certainly know how to put on a good day, and seem to be very fortunate with the weather year in an year out,which makes a big difference, reefton up 2.8pc on course Sunday and put through 63,119 but were down 28pc off course to 506,573. I guess both clubs should be back again at xmas.
  15. Figures hot off the press and are correct, and yep put a few other bigger clubs to shame, and mostly relying on local support and sponsors I guess,never reach the dizzy heights of the boxing day figures, but that solely due to the date and the large amount of visitors in the region, let's face it after xmas day scoffing a belly full of tucker, who wouldn't enjoy a relaxing day at the trots.