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  1. Shad

    Thatz David

    If only, can't stretch the budget to his fee.
  2. Shad

    Worse than a Dear John letter??

    Every thing is going so well over there, I'm sure the big stakes on offer will more than make up for it.
  3. Shad

    Thatz David

    To be fair, I've never been a fan of 2yrold racing, but that's just my opinion, I have an interest in a modestly bred rising 5yr old, sire leaves stayers, dam won over ground, he has been well feed, broken in and hopefully be mentally and physically developed, if we get to the races the rest will be up to him. You know the odds.
  4. Shad

    Thatz David

    Plenty of no hopers going around as you called them, take them out of fields struggling for numbers already, what will we be left with, I certainly wouldn't put David in the Category, regardless of his form at that or even if he was retired, think he has won about 16 or races,close to 300k in stakes, be a champ in my eyes if I owned him, but we do tend to forget a lot of race winners, who may also get a so called beating as you say, or even the 2yr olds who have there brains fried when not mentally or physically ready for racing, and where do most end up,so the anti racing brigade don't only have a 13yr old fella to protest about.
  5. Shad

    Thatz David

    Wonder if he was half the age, would we be having this discussion.Would there be the same concern.
  6. Shad

    Thatz David

    On the other code, a horse called Kelly Evander raced from 2003 to 2011, for two 3rds and 3 fourths, went around for a long time and hardly ever raced competitively always a long way back, can't compare the two,but I don't think an astute punter would have lost to much on Kelly, I think she got stood down a few times in her career, but kept on coming back.A far cry from the David's 294k in stakes.
  7. Shad

    Thatz David

    Rising 12yrs additup won a jumping race at timaru on Friday, won very well to, age no barrier for him.
  8. Shad

    Howie Mathews and Sampson

    Top run today, certainly covered some ground, what a tough old horse, and with 400k plus some in stakes, the gift that keeps on giving.
  9. Shad

    Thatz David

    At least he jumped his fences and got around in one piece, do you think the ones that crash out is a better look, or is it because he is an old fella.We can't discriminate on age these days.
  10. Shad

    Thatz David

    Who knows, the horse may love racing and some do, and many break down running around in a paddock, dont see much difference, some also have a worse out come, as we all know.
  11. Shad

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    Only the dunedin cup, I have had a runner in one, and would have loved to win it, lucky you if you have won it before.
  12. Shad

    Thatz David

    Humans die on roads, and plenty of them, but we still drive cars.
  13. Shad

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    A shame this piece is for sale, some things you never part with, obviously someone doesn't the history and sentiment around such a piece
  14. Shad

    Race caller rumours

    Home is home I guess, and with family here, you just never know, good on him for making the break and doing very well over there.
  15. Shad

    2019 New Season stallions final!

    Good luck to the new stallions, let's hope they can some leave progeny that can run early, we all know where they end up if they don't.