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  1. And they will need to be the best to win that big money on offer, can't be cheap exercise carting them over there, but nothing holding anyone back from sending there stock over to the lucky country, anyone heard how the Tyler team has been going over there lately, last I heard they had one winner so far.
  2. I'm sure the stress of truck trip to the abbatoir and the fear when they smell that blood, they know what's coming, and after viewing the Australia documentary on what happens at these places, was very graphic, you decide,
  3. Great bit of footage from many moons ago, jumps look significantly higher back then to what they are these days, or is that just me, cuts and jumbo only looa shadow of what they used to be, I think I can recall mini car on cutts many years ago,
  4. Fair call, but in his defense he ends up with mostly horses that no one else wants and gives them a second chance, and believe me some would could end up in a much worse place.
  5. My point is just because a horse drops out, must believe its totally due to un fitness, possibly a number of other factors, no laughing matter from me either, don't we have stipes and vets on course for this reason, to cast an eye over runners, soundness probably a bigger factor regards to race day performance,
  6. He may not be the only one to have horses drop out with issues.
  7. Still irks me how the dividends take so long to come through after the race, thought today I was on a roughie, red inferno, not much form in a form rich race, a lousy 8s, couldn't believe it, was paying 17s 15 minutes before the race.
  8. Regardless of his racing team, he's be a stalwart for many a years, supporting many clubs and the industry with horse numbers filling fields, and also giving a chance to horses that would have been retired, sad to see him go.
  9. That's a positive for sure, good luck.
  10. A few positive we have synthetic tracks so some racing going ahead regardless of the weather, a small increase in stakes, and we can go to the races again after the lockdown period, and I'm holding out hope I can get one to the races in the near future, a wise man once told me its better to live in hope, than die in despair.
  11. How could there not be cancelled meetings with the spell of weather experienced in both Australia and New Zealand, just as well we've got some synthetic tracks to race on, oh but many complaining about those as well, on the other threads, seems so much negativity out there at the moment, can anyone add some positive stuff.
  12. Another great land grab to go along with three waters, and significant natural area grab as well, what next.
  13. Do the agents work on percentage of a flat fee.
  14. Thought today was going to be your lucky day cubes, with the fable, took her to win, another honest run in the worst of the going, couldn't believe the place money she paid, silly me thought she be a favorite on her last run, a win is very near, certainly an honest girl.
  15. Would let it worry you cubes, coffee obviously means more than just that, who knows these days anything goes, she must have thought you were psychic, on another note a nice run from the fable last Saturday, took her for my syndicate bet, must be due a win soon going very good races, My friend knew a dwarf psychic that had escaped from prison, authorities are looking for a small,medium at large, Good luck on the next coffee date, you'll be prepared for anything,.