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  1. Great to see our echo win one for the south with the boys from rural Canterbury enjoying the occasion, that's what racing is all about, congratulations to them.
  2. Had a friend with a U2 sat navigation system, said it was useless, the streets had no name, and he still hasn't found what I'm looking for.
  3. Shad


    A wise man told his wife nothing, that's because he was a wise man. Like gosakai tomorrow, for a roughie, went a couple ok races on coast, with not much luck, warning this from a man that hasn't backed a winner for sometime.
  4. Shad


    Maybe a bad dose of the trots,
  5. Very sad, but that's racing I guess, missed the race,anyone at fault.
  6. I witnessed a few races at Westport back in 2014, if anyone interested checking the replays of the Westport cup on first day and main race on the second day caltex handicap followed by reefton cup, and all corresponding stipes reports, interesting watch and read as I remember,
  7. A good friend said a girl told him he had the biggest appendage she'd ever seen, he replied, your pulling my leg.
  8. Like the streaker who run through the old folks home, one old bird had a stroke and the other couldn't reach.
  9. Apparently they couldn't pin anything on him.
  10. Must be due for another lockdown soon, as the plandemic continues
  11. Interesting comment on the debt, I thought this would be a major worry for all, would we want to see a financial crisis similar to what happened in Greece, and this government borrowing like there's no tomorrow.
  12. More of the same on all fronts, as if they got big crowds before the lockdowns, guess people have got out of a lot of habits during lockdown, hence a few business say they've been disappointed with trade since opening, maybe they have taught themselves skills they never had, or even the extra cash in their pockets.
  13. That's a fair bit of reading will take me a while to get through it, haven't seen that interview, thanks for the info.
  14. The festive season will be interesting with the party revelers full of alcohol queuing to get in pubs clubs ect, while all vaccine passports are checked along with identification, and cleared, may just add to xmas stress, be interesting to see what unfolds, as many alcohol fuelled patrons don't need to much encouragement for an altercation.
  15. Anyone out there put a submission in on digital currency, and your thoughts on it.