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  1. Well look, some of these people are receiving big salaries, while the rest of us battle the standard or minimum wage, during a cost of living crisis, most of the councils are broke anyway, won't be many not proposing big rate rises, maybe they should be paid on performance, like racing and politicians, way to top heavy, in my opinion, all clipping the ticket, not to mention the money spent on consultants, there's another can of worms.
  2. Fine looking specimens, one must say.
  3. I've been thinking, was a quote or a book from a former politician, rings a bell somewhere, with the demise of news hub and tv1 one big losses, maybe be all staff including news readers presenters ect , more than likely be on huge salaries, can take a big pay cut, after all the ole tax payer be propping them up, one presenter on 7 sharp be plenty I reckon,
  4. Looks like a pending jool in the pipeline
  5. Very good filly Our flight, from memory by imperial guard, wonder if she ever left any progeny.
  6. Looks like we are outclassed again so far, how was that run out, bring back the moment like these you need minties.
  7. That's politics, hard to find the perfect party,
  8. How very true, pest suffering in an agonizing death, doesn't matter, plenty of four legged ones running amuck in a supermarket, have to wonder how long previous this had gone on for, find it quite humorous, these markets are frequently audited and have pest control regularly, one must ask what's gone wrong, food safety have said it could take months for their investigation, surprised they hadnt taken action immediately, just as well the owners have, whole system been a failure for sure, one can only say rats.
  9. Got to have some excuse for being outclassed again.
  10. Unfortunately the world we live in these days doesn't want to hear criticism, they only want to hear positive stuff, so all this is not surprising, speakout and get stepped on, very much like the previous government, they didn't want people speaking out, just wanted to control everything and everyone, the covid rules, banning the smokers, just a couple of examples.
  11. Aussies to classy again tonight by looks of it, one must wonder why you'd bat second on a slow pitch, especially after winning the toss.
  12. Always very classy the Aussies, and will take some beating in all formats, always have the edge on us for sure.
  13. Usually find out a long the way, takes a bit of time, but they usually surface.
  14. Looks like an interesting concept, and for free, got to be good.