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  1. Good on you cubes, nice run by your horse, win not to far away, just wondered if this was the horse that won a trial quite a while back and you posted that the jockey was impressed with the run.
  2. Wild Jack abit stiff but 26s fixed the place very good, was 126 for win, had to get off the rail for a run may been the difference in the end.
  3. Might take wild Jack or dorissimo for roughies
  4. Good on you for having a go yourself ,a wise man once told me if you are going to wreck a horse, you may as well do it to your own specifications, quite humorous I thought, good luck with your team.
  5. Even more reason to take the cash, they all squander cash in one form or another, either party, won't vote for either of them or any of them, I doubt national will get a look in on current form, last time when governing, their racing minister was asked about an all weather track, he replied dont they have one at addington.Sums things up.As usual those at the top of pile know Jack all.
  6. Take the money and run I say, can recall national party squandering many millions on a bloody flag referendum, probably enough to build a couple of tracks, racing might as well jump on gravy train.
  7. Great story to share, sounds like he's more than a one trick pony.
  8. I guess we must take the positives from this article, so much negative stuff around at the present, gets quite tiresome and repetitive.
  9. Glad I got their fixed odds on regent street, 81s an 17s thought must have been the dodgy site playing up, I took it with both hands, good to get a couple in a row after mannies power last weekend
  10. Some off to work on their birthday, others having a day off, good to see cubes charge in the money today, at huge odds.
  11. All the technology and it still updates during the race, been happening for a long time, but on the upside if you can get on a roughie can work in your favor.
  12. Be like the market gardener, on a good celery.
  13. Nothing worse than the bums rush