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  1. Impressive credentials, cant claim anything in that league, interesting how somethings just stick in the memory bank, and some dont, did win the gore cup once, any win a good one, did get offered a tiny share in one by invader, but think I will stick closer to home.
  2. Very surprised you didn't know, you must be very youthful maybe.
  3. Very valid point, very interesting case, the Martin Van Beyen pod cast made for good listening, and you can make your own mind up,.
  4. No sure about that, some bare the brunt.
  5. Sounds like s good plan, a wise man once told me, if you are going to wreck a horse, you may as well do it to your own specifications.
  6. Always an upside, gives others a opportunity to win the race.
  7. Kumara club did race on a Monday, one year after the Saturday was cancelled, was also a disaster, not sure what year it was,
  8. I dropped Qiji olympia, after finishing 27 lengths away at greymouth, pondered long and hard weather it could improve that much in 3 days, was pleased it was beaten at over 40s, what did hurt was the 870 trifecta with two relatively favored horses, usually it stick with the same suspects through the circuit, but his run at grey was to bad to be true, the rest is history, won't be the first or last time this happens. That's racing.
  9. Nope, no change apparently
  10. And i thought they were all honest and upstanding members of the community.
  11. I know one that should have, especially at the fixed odds at 80s and 15s, not an avid follower, but at those odds eyes would have lit up like a xmas tree.
  12. Very very true, and stable changes are big on my list when looking for a winner, doesn't always work, but some can just work the Oracle, certainly would be satisfying as the new trainer, plus I guess that the horse didn't come with to many convictions, only being lightly raced, good to see these horses offered another chance on the track, also for those looking for a ready made horse, ready to go, and there has been many successful stories on gavel house.
  13. Old story don't have to spend a fortune get a winner or two now, not bad for 1600$, former trainer may be scratching their head, Good on them.