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  1. Shad


    Yep, and that's what the game is all about, a nice boost for owners, who have put in many a hard yard and alot of travel.
  2. Shad


    Good on them, one for the battlers.
  3. Shad

    NZ Trotting .. 1953 :)

    Can't beat a bit of history, I have been trying to find any footage of the 1958 59 dominion trotting handicap, but no luck so far, thanks for the post.
  4. Shad


    Real shame, I got a wee interest in a couple and a broodmare, that's about my lot, but wouldn't give them up for the world, we are chasing the dream of those elusive wins or that next champion, don't know what I would do without any racing.
  5. Shad


    To be fair trackside has probably put the on course attendance down, only the devout followers attend now, and why would you, have your tea coffee and beer at your side,and don't even have to leave your comfy chair, I personally like to get on course and enjoy the atmosphere when there is a meeting on, also many other things competing for your dollar, and not many of the younger generation interested, can remember years ago you would take a car full to the races, these days I can't find anyone to come with me, haven't times changed, an old fella said to me back in the eighties, the game was on a downward spiral.
  6. Shad

    Thatz David

    Certainly was a better run today, after working outside the leader, certainly would have beaten the snail and the tortoise, no problem, the old story never condemn a horse till it's dead.
  7. Shad

    Distance races for 2 yr olds

    Not for me, to tough on the babies, many which are not physically or mentally developed at that stage of their careers.
  8. Shad

    Good Luck....

    To much money on, couldn't carry us all.
  9. Shad

    Parliamentary Handicap

    Certainly can't be easy to make a living training in nz, and many must be tempted to make the shift, having an interest in a horse more a passion for me, whether winning a 10k maiden or a 35k open handicap, I didn't go into it make a dollar, so any win along the way is a bonus, but the thrill of having one at the races a buzz for me.
  10. Shad

    Thatz David

    Also many race horses get that mindset along time before the reach the ages of the two mentioned, tough old couple of competitive horses, that anyone of us would be proud to have a interest in.
  11. Shad

    Macpac Whip

    I agree, I actually like her as a rider, and have been impressed with her improvement, and if she can ride a winner for you, she's the best around, and as I said before she takes a great photo with a winner, with that beaming smile, good on her, I hope she keeps kicking them home.
  12. Shad

    Macpac Whip

    Only been in the saddle a few times, albeit a very long time ago, did get asked an odd question once went like this, if your uncle Jack helped you get on a horse, would you help your uncle Jack off a horse.Sounded abit dodgy to me.
  13. Shad

    Macpac Whip

    I'm sure the jockey mentor will take her under their wing, or are they just there for a day's outing..I thought she was very average to say the least early on, but must say how I think she is one of the most improved riders in the south, takes a good photo to.
  14. Shad

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    I for one won't be losing any sleep over it.
  15. Shad

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    Your comment sums the situation up very well, on the upside you never know, maybe Tom Wood may come back one day, we must remember the power of family ties, so stay calm everyone.As one door closes another will open, I will miss J Teaz's Southland calls.