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  1. Don't go to hard on them then might be the only betting options in 6 months
  2. What about the private trainers that have had there own machine to do the same procedure ,
  3. Probably the south they hate us northerners???
  4. Start at the bottom half the breeding fees only 150 max per stallion if we dont breed there is nothing to race or sell plenty want to buy lacking stock
  5. Just saying the no money training horses unless u can sell the shit and keep the good ones? The only one that does that constantly is mark and nat just saying
  6. She's is a angel sent from heaven unwed never go broke backing her ur a lucky man tim
  7. I be happy to drive the getaway car for u only tim
  8. Tim there's ur first mistake giving it to Mr green to break his heart if it's not good enough to sent to mark or nat ur not in the game sorry