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  1. RoseHill R4 Late scratching #2 Madison County:
  2. 1. Rosehill R1 : 2.30pm : 2 - 5 2. Rosehill R2 : 3.10pm : 1 - 14 BB 3. Rosehill R3 : 3.45pm : 5 -10 BB 4. Tauranga R7 : 4.15pm : 3 - 4 5. Rosehill R4 : 4.25pm : 2 - 3 6. Riccarton Park R8 : 4.33pm : 3 - 9 Q 7. RoseHill R5 : 5.05pm : 4 - 8 Q 8. Rosehill R6 : 5.45pm : 4 - 12 9. Mornington R7 : 6.10pm : 1 - 10 Q 10. Rosehill R7 : 6.30pm : 9 - 12 11. Mornington R8 : 6.50pm : 3 - 14  12. Rosehill R8 : 7.10pm : 6 - 8 13. Rosehill R9 : 7.45pm : 3 - 13 BB
  3. Black Kirrama

    Consensus! You Darling!

    Great win. Congratulations Dr Malloy and family. McKee's win their own terrifically named race. Group 2 $200k. Hopefully Trev backed his son's judgement and heard the race.
  4. Black Kirrama

    Very Nonchalant Jake Bayliss

    Race 5 today at Rotorua. From Barrier one in those famous colours. Great commentary by that gifted Commentator.Terrific camera work ! Fantastic leg action by Jake. Lasted 9 seconds. Didnt need the pickup pony. What a kid !! Sir Peter Tims had one go a furlong bucking. Earl would bail out quickly. who could blame him? Rocket Linda Ballentyne would kick them and usually stay on. Trudes had a few who have regretted bucking in a race ever since. Tony McGovern will remember a few more. The race should be here.
  5. Black Kirrama

    Eyesight deterioration -- TAB website

    I have bombarded the Help Desk and The bloke Des had on Radio. Emails, and Phone calls.Not one reply. Used my full registered name/ TAB account number etc. Not a whisper.... THE FONT is disgusting. I am aware of 23 people who have opened Aussie accounts since the new site opened. I will PM you some further thoughts. One of the many " Needs to Happen Yesterday points is no 50c each way option. Another point is When you build a house there are progress payments and final settlement withhold options until the Purchaser is satisfied the contract has been fulfilled. I have emailed that J Allen asking for details of how the contract was paid. Does any one know ??
  6. Black Kirrama

    On course to see the Jumbo jet.....

    Jumbo Ozaki same sire as Shaune Ritchie's first start winner All Paid Up. Sire won MM and died after brief time at Stud.
  7. Black Kirrama

    OAKS DAY COMP 16th Mar

    Bloody Careless ! Very Sorry. BB 2 Race 8 3.30pm Trentham Wellington Guineas 1 BB
  8. Black Kirrama

    OAKS DAY COMP 16th Mar

    1 Race 5 2.50pm Trentham Cuddle Stakes 3 2 Race 8 3.30pm Trentham Wellington Guineas 1 3 Race 3 4.15pm Rosehill Magic Night Stakes 4 4 Race 8 4.45pm Trentham NZ Oaks 3 5 Race 4 4.55p Rosehill Pago Pago Stakes 1 6 Race 5 5.35pm Rosehill Phar Lap Stakes 2 7 Race 6 6.10pm Rosehill Sky High Stakes 1 8 Race 7 6.50pm Rosehill Coolmore Classic 17 9 Race 8 7.10pm Flemington All Star Mile 11 BB 10 Race 8 7.30pm Rosehill Ajax Stakes 11
  9. Black Kirrama

    Matamata 1200m times 13.03.19

    Here are the race times and sectionals recorded for MtM races yesterday. Surely they are questionable. Neil Davis that wonderful guy will explain. ( multi chips in one saddle cloth as happens in Singapore etc) Take the 1200m Races: R5 Speedy Meady 1:10.41 34.81 R3 First Rock 1:11.02 35.99 R4 Folk Dress 1:12.23 35.31. ? Maybe the times from Matamata suggest Mr Ralph has another Stakes winner.Speedy Meady.?
  10. Black Kirrama

    Regan BAYLISS in H KONG

    Regan BAYLISS .He is 21 years old: He won tonight in HK on "Rise High". R8. (My Boy Charlie 4 year old trained by Casper F ). His ride to win needs to be seen. HKJC replays/ etc. 28 rides in HK and now 2 wins. Yes it is the back end of the season. His brother Jake goes very very good too as we well know in NZ: Jake's pre race and post race interviews are analytical ,precise and often very humourous. Intelligent. Racenet BlackBooker is the supreme place to add your favourite Jockeys, Trainers etc. R Bayliss Riding Records Performance Other Jockeys Jockeys' Ranking Jockeys' Favourite Runner Statistics Local Jockey Allowance Regan Bayliss Age: 21 Background: Regan Bayliss is the son of former jockey and trainer Jamie Bayliss and brother to fellow rider Jake Bayliss. He was raised around horses, riding ponies after school and spending time at the Peter Moody stable from age 13. He was apprenticed to Moody before moving on to join the David Hayes, Tom Dabernig and Ben Hayes operation. 133 of his more than 350 wins have come in tandem with the Hayes/Dabernig team. His first ride was aboard Alana's Dream at Donald in July 2013 and he rode out his claim with a treble at Flemington on 17 December, 2016. He has three G1 wins on the board and five G2s, and has ridden in Britain, the USA and the UAE. Notable Wins Include: Newmarket Handicap (2017 & 2018 Redkirk Warrior), Black Caviar Lightning (2018 Redkirk Warrior). Hong Kong Career Wins (at start of 2018/19 season): Debut season
  11. You are a champ the hell can you collate all this !!
  12. 1. Randwick R1 : 2.30pm : 42. Randwick R2 : 3.10pm : 123. Randwick R3 : 3.45pm : 1 4. Flemington R4 : 4.05pm 10: 5. Ellerslie R7 : 4.15pm : 16. Randwick R4 : 4.25pm : 87. Flemington R5 : 4.40pm : 28. Ellerslie R8 : 4.50pm : 129. Randwick R5 : 5.00pm : 710. Flemington R6 : 5.15pm 4: 11. Ellerslie R9 : 5.27pm : 112. Randwick R6 : 5.35pm : 8 - 5 - 1 Trifecta13. Flemington R7 : 6.00pm : 314. Randwick R7 : 6.20pm : 215. Flemington R8 : 6.35pm : 7 - 15 Quinella16. Randwick R8 : 7.00pm : 817. Flemington R9 : 7.20pm : 8 BB 8. Randwick R9 : 7.40pm : 2 BB19. Ascot R4 : 7.45pm : 1 Good luck with the scoring: Thankyou for the fun.
  13. Black Kirrama

    New Fixed Odds Platform?

    Paul ...You so generously put up the competition $500 for last week's terrific competition. You shouldn't be on Race Cafe this evening helping others with your wonderful Google Chrome suggestions. You should be monitoring the Ellerslie rainfall and assessing the Trentham form ! Hallowed Crown has his second starter in R6 at Newcastle this evening in the same race as that Dundeel Colt.Have an ew on IRUKANDJI R7 this evening (1400m too short)and next 2 starts.
  14. Black Kirrama

    Horse cartage expenses

    Steve.. ..remember the days when Trainers loved owners who had a tow Bar. And a car like your dad Jack did.Was that a Leyland ? I helped my dad, Jock fit a car radio to it. Bob Autridge and I would have a double horse float and one kid ( usually Toby or Cathy Costin ) sitting in the float. The Float park was full of Owner Trainers and their Cars/Floats/ Trucks. At Gary Tim's memorial service yesterday , his son Sir Peter Tims reminded me why he milked cows !