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  1. Black Kirrama

    Counties Racing tomorrow .

    Support Counties tomorrow::\ As Sir Nigel Tiley said " we have a track manager beyond belief ". Pete Early's Radio show. Great Trainers and Riders turning up for a crap stake meeting tomorrow. Winning horse gets $6250 These wonderful Trainers will be there tomorrow: and some are very long time friends of mine The Kelso's, Ritchie's, Sir Roger James. Mr Richardson ,Mr Pike , Sir Stephen McKee, Dame Moira Murdock ,Mark Lupton, R. Leifting, Mr Fuller,Sir Glen Old, Peter Lock ,D Saxon.,Ralph the genious Manning, Mr Cruz, Shelley The darling Hale ,The Batsman Baker. Chad Ormsby, Jimmy the Pender, Sir Ross McCarroll. Race Cafe people please have a bet tomorrow. Support Counties...Vacuum your car and suck up those $2 coins. Rob your grand Kid"s trust funds.Dont buy a a Pack of Ciggys : Increase the turn over. Start your all ups with R5 " Trip to Freedom "#14.
  2. Von Cettes …. 65 Charlie Bukowski …. 55  Archer …. 54 Wrinkles …. 52 Another terrific competition sponsored by Chestnut, and TheCaptain and RaceCafe. Great knock out punch by Von Cettes with Mantastic in R9 Flemington. Good on you too, Charlie and Archer. Hopeless form from me, but my brother's horse" ONE PRIZE No Goal" changed his name today at Awapuni to " One Prize 4 Goals".
  3. Comp Race 1: Doomben R3 2.25pm : 9 Comp Race 2: Morphettville R2 3.06pm : 2 BB Comp Race 3: Flemington R4 3.30pm : 2 Comp Race 4: Morphettville R3 3.46pm (BONUS RACE): 1 Comp Race 5: Doomben R6 4.20pm : 2 Comp Race 6: Doomben R7 5.00pm (BONUS RACE) : 10 Comp Race 7: Rosehill Gardens R7 5.15pm : 8 Comp Race 8: Doomben R8 5.40pm : 2 Comp Race 9: Doomben R9 6.20pm (BONUS RACE) : 5 Comp Race 10: Flemington R9 6.45pm : 4 BB Thanks to you, Maria and TheCaptain for his generous contribution from your last week's winnings.
  4. Black Kirrama

    Kiwis get a nice double at Sunshine Coast

    Nigel Tiley when on Des Coppin's radio show mentioned two maiden horses he was putting on a plane. He named Carrera to the Max . Unraced here in NZ ::: 3 Trials . As noted by High Sparrow ,Mr Tiley's Snitz filly won with ease. Odds on ? Remarkable trainer is our Nigel Tiley. Alan Lesley Jones will be sitting in his Chair with Linda pondering the betting upsides and the strategies he would have used. With a filly like Carrera to The Max. Could Tiley have renamed the filly. Transferred her to another trainer? Raced her twice with heavy shoes ? Sir Alan Jones was a master at setting a horse and creating life changing memories. Nigel Tiley same league
  5. How good is that ! The great stretch man Bruce Sherwin, drives his Jag to Ruakaka. Through the hell hole of Meth and drugs Auckland then up to Gang Land. He grabs a microphone steadies himself in the Commentator's Box and gives us his Brilliant accurate race calls :Race 1. Mums's Jewel.. Race 2. Rangitata (2nd) Race 3 Mac Attack Race 4 Jagger Bombed ( Very Dubious ownership group in this horse ! Listen to Bruce's Race Call and you would never know he had a huge interest.) Rev
  6. scoobie : I like the Format:The Red Haired Chestnut deserves a NZ Racing Media award at The Annual Thoroughbred Awards Evening. It was Terrific to be in touch with so many competition PM's...... people ( with real Identities and amazing backgrounds/ experience in Thoroughbred Racing . People with out an agenda.). I was lucky to be paired with Racing Jimmy: An off shore RCafe member with great humour and knowledge. Our strategy didn't work this time. The many PM's I received since Leigh's Thursday Draw indicated that there was a hell of a lot of interest , interaction and bullshit going on.! Congrats to the winners The Paw & Lyn Zim .Bloody great performance. Calligraphy was my Cat Walk charity bet today from a recent Race Cafe competition.Follow her. Cheers scoobie and Chestnut. Rev
  7. 1. R5 Arawa Park 2.24pm : 2 - 62. R1 Morphettville 2.41pm : 1 - 6 BB3. R3 Caulfield 3.05pm : 1 - 114. R7 Arawa Park 3.34pm : 5 - 65. R5 Doomben 3.50pm (Quinella Race) : 1 - 4 6. R6 Doomben 4.30pm : 5 - 87. R6 Caulfield 5.00pm : 4 - 9 8. R6 Scone 5.25pm : 2 - 11 9. R8 Doomben 5.50pm : 1 - 11 10. R7 Morphettville 6.36pm : 2 -3 BB Go Racing Jimmy ! Ladbrokes have us as clear second favourites behind Pondy and TheCaptain: Thanks for the xcellent comp.
  8. Hi to you Sparrow. The free enrollment for this one off competition closed on Thursday . Like The Everest. We want people like you on our Site: If Chestnut can not pair you up I will pair you up with a Champion Bloke Racing Jimmy. There's only one condition: You must select Calligraphy in R7 Arawa Park
  9. ...Chestnut can take my place with the potential winner "Racing Jimmy".... Scoobie. I will frame a market for the Pairings and offer "odds." and comments by post time. Some of those pairs are obvious favourites. #9 Pondersossa is Group One WFA class paired with The Captain. #15 Hualahens l Dream / Floyd Pink both comp winners. Hopefully too many runs this season. #5 Archer / Kloppite . Top points winners. #21 Ohakaman/ Warren. They could start 3rd favourite on Saturday morning. A Devious, very astute and cunning match up #7 Peter R/ Sir Castleton Top pairing of wonderful RC people. #3 Mr Zim / Gruff I will contact Ladbrokes about their odds market for this event.They are likely to be favourites with Betfair. #1 Kirrama/ Racing Jimmy What a Frightning combination these two are. Can they be second guessed? More later: Great competition idea:
  10. Thank you Chestnut for another magic competition on RACE CAFE : Your race by race updates.Scoring: I suppose about 30 % of Race Cafe members bought Dennis Ryan's The Informant. With out a paper Form Guide like The Informant , two days before Racing we all guess and watch websites: Sounding like Murray Baker. Todays Competition winners. Thecaptain showed a huge form reversal. Good on you.You slayed them. Kloppite (35 ) Rusty (35 )Pete Jenkins (37) President Guss 40
  11. Black Kirrama


    we did the same about 10 years ago,: Waiuku (near Pukekohe ) has cheap rates and power hook ups at The terrific Waiuku RSA. Level, tarmarc and very secure.. PM me if you get this far north:
  12. RACE 1 : Gold Coast R3 2.35pm : 1 BB RACE 2 : Te Rapa R6 2.49pm : 9 RACE 3 : Gold Coast R4 3.10pm : 2 RACE 4 : Gold Coast R5 3.50pm (BONUS RACE) : 3 RACE 5 : Gold Coast R6 4.30pm : 12 RACE 6 : Gold Coast R7 5.10pm (BONUS RACE) : 1RACE 7 : Randwick (Kensington) R7 5.25pm : 5 RACE 8 : Morphettville R6 5.56pm : 6 RACE 9 : Morphettville R7 6.36pm (BONUS RACE) : 1 RACE 10 : Morphettville R8 7.15pm : 2 BB Thankyou, Chestnut ,Scoobie.
  13. Black Kirrama

    Consensus! You Darling!

    Jim Marks would be ashamed of you, misssppelling a word like "fook". Jim would also note that male Ekraars are dogs.