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  3. Totally agree! Why split at Woodville on Friday when they can have a near full field in a R60 2200m and R65 2200m Common sense please NZTR !!!
  4. Thanks Leggy...yes initially I just wanted an amateur riders list that is easily accessible without going through a rabbit warren to find it! Thanks Scooby what you have suggested is even better.
  5. Shaun Phelan is on Happy don't worry about who will be riding the rest !
  6. I'm guessing the proposed meeting for members to vote on Sunday August 21 will need to be postponed again due to the Waverley race meeting in the CD now falling on this day? As I understand Levin RC members are required to personally be at the meeting to cast an actual vote? Surely they can vote by other methods? Can't be right?... with many members being owners/trainers now likely to be racing on this day?
  7. Doesn't seem to be listed online under you have a link?
  8. I can't find a list of our Amateur Riders anywhere on website?? Talk about amateur! Who do race cafers rate as some of the better amateur riders going round currently ??
  9. Yep instant put off for me! In this day and age you want to encourage as many on course as you can get. I realise this is a premier jumps meeting or at least used to be but don't put obstacles in front of the public attending...leave the hurdles for the horses. Admittance fees are for Melbourne Cups & Karaka Millions !
  10. Agree Chris...yet the winner of a R65 at Hawera yesterday only got 3 points and stays in the same grade ! Go Figure?
  11. Surprising with such a large stroke...because I'd imagine his golf clubs would be at least 2m in length!
  12. I was on-course at Te Rapa Saturday and noticed two things...Bruce Sherwin's excellent race calling resulting in the large crowd erupting loudly which in turn produced a great atmosphere!
  13. So potentially another racing community shut down. Levin trainers will need to relocate or leave the game.
  14. Very good crowd at Te Rapa today. Obviously a few bus loads from the King Country attended. Good atmosphere on-course too.
  15. Strath Ayr Tracks would fix this problem overnight!
  16. Yep it's worse when costs are incurred on top of abandonment's which could otherwise be averted. I had one nominated at Woodville 14 July ABANDONED.! Nominated again Otaki 30 July ABANDONED ! Now been in the paddock for over month! It's difficult trying to get them race fit for Heavy 10 track conditions and up-comng targets when these abandonment's puts your program back 6 weeks!
  17. Meeting postponed until Sunday August 21st.
  18. Shut Foxton down...sell it... and everyone move to Levin.
  19. Good Luck Berri...hopefully we can book end the card.
  20. Well I was bitterly disappointed with the move from Wanganui to Waverley because that track was running faster than my horse!
  21. She backed the horse that ran 2nd !
  22. Toby will have a right old laugh at us all.... if Up'n'Gone can get up in the last.