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  1. GOM

    2018 Melbourne Cup - Order of Entry

    One of the only commentators to give Best Solution a real chance. Seem's the forgotten ingredient to me
  2. The interesting thing for me was that 5 of the eight finalists were bitches
  3. GOM

    New Track Record @ Addington

  4. GOM

    Awards Dinner/Conference

    Bus stop it appears from the response maybe you should have asked does anyone care
  5. GOM

    What the

    Good debate fella's and fellarettes, Good points for and against. Just to finish on my part I want to make clear that I have trouble with the system not the people. There are obviously many young trainers doing a great job with imports and good on them. My argument is they shouldn't have to Time for another sabbatical
  6. GOM

    What the

    1234 you make a good point with all the NZ dogs being shifted to other trainers because they are not up to speed (ha) That is frightening when you think about it. Probably over half of the dogs racing in NZ are other peoples castoffs. It's a ballroom, the $500 can be payment for the privilege of racing here or whatever as long as they go back. It should definitely be a charge to the importer or in some cases exporter from Aus. The $500 charge at present is a fraction of the actual cost of GAP. Think about it, cost to NZ industry and saving for Aus industry. Maybe Aus could also put another levy on all pups born there that is forwarded to NZ when the pup is exported here
  7. GOM

    What the

    Don't agree there, I can think of a lot that have abandoned the home grown for imports and what this thread was about was the amount of dogs that are not imported as much as sent in numbers from one syndicate which seems to have realized what an easy target we are. And we save them the trouble of retirement as well
  8. GOM

    What the

    Look Albert, if you take that to it's logical conclusion where did all the Aussie dogs come from Ireland and England or more recently America. The movement of animals between countries is as you say nothing new or bad. The exception to that in Greyhounds was frozen semen which quickly diluted the world gene pool. However the breeding side of it is different to the flood of imports into this country and many many trainers changing from rearing and racing to depending on imports. This stifles us ever having a robust sustainable industry. I tried your theory on Matanuska this morning and greeted him with how're you going Ocker . he turned his back on me in disgust and walked away. Mind you he is getting to be a bit of a crotchety old bugger in his old age. Bit like me.
  9. GOM

    What the

    Any more family members yet to comment?I doubt anyone will be surprised by your posts. It definitely isn't any of my business what happens to prizemoney your owners earn but it sort of is my business if it is at the detriment of our sport here. Both you and Junior lament the lack of facilities for breeding, rearing and breaking in, yet you are part of the cause of why it exists. We don't need the facilities here and anyone having a go will probably fail because the Aussies are doing it for us. How many registrations are there for Aussie dogs? Each one of those negates the need for NZ's even trying. You quote how you yourself changed tack from the bones of the industry to the fluffy bits bubbling at the top yet don't say why. Presumably too hard, easier and more certain money to take the shortcuts. Look at the others who have followed suit. Imagine if you will that a deadly virus was discovered either here or in Aus and all stock movement between the two counties was forbidden. Do you think NZ greyhound racing would stop? If you can answer yes to this then what we are doing here is very wrong. If you answer no then there is no reason to continue our dependence. (Mind you one of your owners seems to find a way around such restrictions) What will bring this sport to a close is not the activist's unfair attention or the supposed inability of the board to administrate correctly but the lack of new people coming into the sport. To achieve that not so long ago a young person on a modest income and a bit of common sense was able to get established and buy a local dog and they were away. Now unless you have enough to source an import or have a family member with the right contacts they are immediately kicking shit uphill.
  10. GOM

    What the

    See another 4 new ones on yesterdays registrations. Good on you Steve we have to make a living somehow but if you think this is good for greyhound racing in NZ you are looking through rose coloured glasses. I like the bit they do plenty of homework sorting dogs that will suit NZ racing. I guess the starting point is what ones are not suitable for Aus racing.
  11. GOM

    What the

    I know there is a restriction on the amount of dogs able to be imported to race in NZ each month and a further restriction on the naughty ones but are there any checks and balances on the dogs that are being SENT to NZ to race and not imported. Looking at registrations over several months I see a lot of non descript Aussie dogs being sent to NZ by a sydicate called punters HQ. These dogs appear to be being distributed to various trainers around NZ and the numbers made me wonder. On investigation it appears punters HQ is a LARGE Australian syndicate buying second third and fourth tier dogs to send to NZ for the easy pickings. Is this the next wave of an Aussie invasion . Under the rules that we operate under ther is nothing illegal in this but from a common sense angle someone should be able to see what a tsunami of dogs following this path will create here My bet would be that the majority will be short course dogs and most not suitable as breeding prospects so here we go making it even harder for the rank and file to survive , and ensuring NZ exists as the retirement option for the Aussie unwanted. Gap better get ready. I know we are part of a NZ/ Aus alliance but at this rate we may well be able to just remove the NZ bit and be a branch of the Aus system. all we seem capable of is following any moves made in Melbourne in recent times.
  12. GOM

    Everyone satisfied

    If Holden got rid of anyone who had more ghound knowledge than him there would have been no one left.
  13. GOM

    Stake Increase

    If you believe no one is making a profit you are dreaming
  14. Superb effort , showed speed, guts and the smarts. As Steve rightly said after the race, this was a dog that was supposedly failing to chase. When are the Aussies going to wake up and smell the roses, when FOL produces these kind of results