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  1. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Seems to be a number of holes in that story. Did the stipe pickup a HANDFUL and if they did of what? If it put the trainers off running on it it's no big deal as most of them have trouble walking let alone running
  2. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Nah just me being me no significance
  3. GOM

    Wycato this week

    That is the cleverest post I have read in ages Lowdown
  4. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Righto how about Albert
  5. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Having another look at this post Taylor, why if the decision was made well before any trainers got there did they take trial money off trainers arriving after the decision had been made ????
  6. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Taylor, what sort of " metal shavings"? That sounds bizarre
  7. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Corey. If the club had identified that the track was not fit to race on Thursday then they should have called off trials yesterday. I would imagine if I had been trialing a Pinny Mack or Bigtime Paddy and they had broke down when the club knew the track was unsafe I would be after them like the RIU after a trotting driver. ( I could have remained with the dogs and said like the RIU after a greyhound trainer but that would be far too slow and ineffective) Steve makes a good point that who is the expert that makes these call's. With all due respect to your Dad and the stipes. I think they could be questionably qualified but good onya for sticking by Dad. One of the most experienced people with track management at Cambridge would be Peter Henley and he was telling people the track was in good order and great to run on
  8. GOM

    Wycato this week

    It all comes down to rules for some, Rules For Some
  9. GOM

    Wycato this week

    Wot's happening with Cambridge this week / Ak or Cambridge?
  10. GOM

    Thoughts for AGM

    I questioned #4 years ago and the on ly reason I could come up with was from one wag who said women deserve the opotion as in general their physical makeup makes it harder to get the shirt around everything.
  11. GOM

    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Good point Slim, How're you doing these days
  12. GOM

    Messara Report, anyone going?

    Points taken Steve and Em. Often when people have made worthwhile changes the situation looked bleak when they began . What did chairman Mao say, 'the longest journey starts with the smallest step". I am at the stage where I have little to win or lose whatever happens but I do know that doing nothing will result in nothing changing so I will consider it as taking the smallest step. Trouble is, with my record at meetings, Winnie will probably have me expelled
  13. GOM

    Messara Report, anyone going?

    Em, the lack of interest is indicative of the mindset in the industry. It is far easier to sit back and complain about what we see as negative changes without bothering to try and be part of the change. I think the term that comes to mind is acquiesce.
  14. GOM

    Is this right

    Geez and I thought Scoobs was a FAIR controller
  15. GOM

    Is this right

    Craig, The place for this post is also on the thoroughbred forum. I remember correcting a comment on there about the same thing but obvious from the comments most on there believed that the other codes unfairly subsidise the hounds