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  1. GOM

    Pretty new TAB site BUT.....

    You are right Pyst. Reminds of the GRNZ changes under the previous short lived CEO. All fluff, no value to users and cost users plenty,
  2. GOM

    New years wish..

    Poodle, good to see you have identified your purpose of posting. What I reckon is that; greyhounds are the most protected breed of dog in the world, that all of the people that get involved in the industry do so because they are instinctive animal lovers, that greyhounds are not abused by the system or the participants and that the average greyhound has far better diet, living condition, exercise regime and ability to fulfill it's genetic makeup than the average dog of all the other breeds. In saying that if you investigate any breed of animal from any culture in the world you will find instances where humans have not met their obligations and greyhounds do not escape those statistics.
  3. GOM

    Ellerslie - Premier race-day experience?

    Just what are you missing HD, maybe the good old days when your Mum took you to the races. Please tell all the activities that captured you as a young 'un. There is a place for children at the races now as there was then. Please keep in mind thought it is a day at the races. I am sick of reading about everyone who seems to go to the races to become a "victim". I didn't go to Ellerslie or Matamata but from what I saw on TV the kids all seemed to be having a good time as were the rest .
  4. GOM

    Blood testing

    When I siad you BM I meant if anyone was giving them something not you personaly.
  5. GOM

    Blood testing

    It doesn't matter what they are looking for BM , unless you are giving them something you shouldn't
  6. GOM

    Global Symposium on Racing- Arizona

    David Walker was one jockey. Poor bugger
  7. GOM


    Gary. looking back at this many years later you will be saying thank God I had a sore back
  8. GOM

    Wet track sires?

    I think Gubes that dogs are not affected by the tracks as horses are. Most will run similar on whatever surface. In my experience with dogs though some don't like racing in the wet (rain) more than others but I have never been able to link that their sire.
  9. GOM

    6 dog fields

    There has been a lot of talk recently about trying six dog fields to see firstly if it reduces interference In races and secondly will it impact on turnover. What are peoples thoughts on this. My view is that it will reduce the amount of interference purely because of logistics but if you take that to it's logical conclusion match racing would be the ultimate like the boring amazing chase races. Oh hold on a minute there would still be some interference on the odd occasion when they didn't race in single file , so maybe the ultimate would be solo trials and go on times, now wouldn't that be exciting. Obviously there would be 24 dogs per meeting denied a start compared to now but maybe they could put on 3 extra races to compensate. I have watched 6 dog racing in Ireland and although I enjoyed it I still preferred our 8 dog fields.
  10. GOM

    What the

    What amazes me is if you look on Greyhound data the Aussies are en masse crying about the dog shortage over there and they are often running 5 or 6 dog fields. That defies logic when they are shipping them over here as quick as we will allow them. Surely being inundated with the Aussie flotsam is not positive for NZ for many reasons
  11. GOM

    Zinzan Brooke

    It is hard to imagine he wouldn't leave some beauts Garrick. He'd be on my list if I was still breeding
  12. GOM


    both replies are valid, as Lad says some bad news and or supposed bad news and it will be all on again, Everton makes valid points that any comments on the futility of recent changes falls on deaf ears and people are fed up with the helplessness and lack of transparency. There are probably many other reason's but I think people get fed up with frenzy created with social media. A good exampl;e is the recent introduction of Bitofayarn. . Touted as an alternative where you can have your say without fear of being senscured. What amazes me is this has been translated as an invitation to abuse shit out of Racecafe and it's remaining participants. Doesnt hurt me one bit but show's the mentality of the average keyboard warrior. Whatever Poodle I will start another thread and see how we go.
  13. GOM

    NZ Cup Night Addington Prize Money

    Not surprising Pilli in fact quite predictable. Would you please work out the percentages in Harness racing on cup day Tuesday. It will be even more top heavy.
  14. GOM

    Dark poodle got me thinking

    RFS, I hope you mean too much breeding greyhounds the reproduction rate of the participants seems about right
  15. GOM

    Your Run of the day - on NZ cup day????

    Whatever, there were just so many positives about the whole day everyone should be proud . Well done Harness racing