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  1. GOM

    GA Naming Joke

    I think a correspondent from Hamilton writing an article for Stuff this morning just about summed up the situation when he said " People write rules about any issue they can imagine. When these rules create bad outcomes they create more rules. 'Only following the rules' was the defense of many Nazi's. Remember there is a real person at the other end of the rule".
  2. GOM

    Sad news

    Gary, Henny would probably have been too modest to accept the mini title
  3. GOM

    Sad news

    Rest in peace Leo and Henny, good people, good friends, very good breeders, rearers and trainers of greyhounds. Gutsy people with a wonderful attitude to life and it's inevitability
  4. GOM

    Zinzan Brooke at Stud

    Best of luck with him Garrick, He was is abeautiful animal and an exceptional race dog. With his pedigree he ticks all the boxes
  5. GOM

    GA Naming Joke

    Disagree Pete, Everyone acknowledges the need for rules around naming and most try to stick within them. Making rules with no apparent reason is a form of arrogance that just makes life harder for the members. Some people love to live their lives strictly within "the rules" and I sometimes wonder if they were faced with no rules if they would be able to think for themselves. I have respect for people who challenge unfair or uncalled for rules. Remember the Nazi's made rules that everyone was bound by and look what happened when not enough stood up to them. As an example can you give me your educated opinion of why 'The' is allowed in the name of a galloper or trotter but not a greyhound. You also draw a long bow with your comment about it is the fault of "some people" who do not bother to look up the rules before naming. Flabbergated has every right to be flabbergasted by that comment as he had just said he was aware of the rules. When will the people in this industry ever learn that this sport is based solely around the members and without their buy in and goodwill, it will never flourish. It is now in a precarious position that can only recover from with the members behind it If you want to flood the members with rules that make no apparent sense and without explanation or a chance to have some input then don't expect the members or at least this one to kow tow without comment.
  6. GOM

    GA Naming Joke

    I can see the reason in moist of those but it worries me that a lot are subjective. For example words that are not commonly used or understood in Au or NZ. Fushidara, Matanuska, Delichon Urbica are just three names we have had accepted that are not commonly used in Au or NZ . Under the rules listed above it would depend on the knowledge and maybe prejudices of the person reading the application if they acceptable As the names are accepted or declined in Au how about Maori words that they would probably have little knowledge of?
  7. GOM

    Auckland cup

    Ex Aussie trainer? that certainly narrows the field
  8. GOM

    Auckland cup

    Maybe it's just me getting older and a bit more grumpy but I just couldn't help feeling underwhelmed by the Auckland cup and Railway heats. It appeared that a great deal of the dogs taking part would have been more at home in the Monday meeting. Fair enough final fields I suppose but overall very poor depth in the heats.
  9. GOM

    Bago Bye Bye

    The trip over here has has done him the world of good. Aussies still say no to FOL?????
  10. GOM

    Sacha Allen

    Maybe Shodsie but there is something dreadfully wrong with the system if this happens
  11. GOM

    Sacha Allen

    I have the odd look at the dogs section on another site, which usually confirms my decision in not joining up, but after reading the comments on Sacha Allen's efforts and watching the video of her race at Wanganui and the RIU's effort in addressing it I am in this instance in total agreement with the comments posted. Sacha Allen showed great speed to improve around the field and got to the front quite easily not far from home. She immediately put the brakes on and was passed again as quickly as she had got to the front. Failing to pursue doesn't get much worse than that instance. A vet check later revealed "GENERAL SORENESS" . armed with this rubbish diagnosis the stipes decided not to charge the dog. What the hell is general soreness? Does that mean the dogs wasn't feeling well or was sore in every part of its structure. The dog failed to chase and should have got a ticket. People post on here about all the negativity posted but with instances like this happening and no consistency in interpreting the rules by the very people supposed to apply and uphold them I am certain there is a need for it. After my personal experience and following many various cases in all three codes it is my opinion that the RIU is a failure. Mike Martin
  12. GOM


    Other clubs manage their trials safely without being so draconian. It appears to me that Whanga are trying to imply it is the members causing the problem and not their own ineptitude.
  13. GOM


    Most of us would not know what was in it Em but it would be interesting to see it
  14. GOM


    Janet me old mate you finally put your name to a post which is good seeing you have been abusing us. None of the people whose posts I have read appear to be telling anything but the truth and if that is read by you as ridicule it will be solely the result of the facts being so ridiculously ridiculous that one would imagine it must not be true. Have you heard from the Coleys' in Aus? They were going to stay in touch but never did
  15. GOM

    Dead dogs on interislander

    We have made the trip on several occassions and I must admit took no measures other than inquire from the operators if exhaust fumes could be a hazard. I suppose we were reasurred by the fact that many dogs had travelled across with no incidents (at that stage). Mind you we had the dogs out of the vehicle immediately before and after the crossing as I am sure most others do. I don't think there is any great risk in the crossing if common sense is used.