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  1. GOM


    Sounds a bit like you Ray
  2. GOM

    Some Good News

    Believe it or not Stables racing enthusiasts are entitled to a common sense opinion.
  3. GOM

    Australian Racings Tipsters

    Beau Desert today, r4 no 1
  4. GOM


    Sounds a bit like NZ in the old days Jape. There was a good horse racing in NZ called Caliente. Can't remember if it was a galloper or Ben Hur though
  5. GOM

    Why not Racing ?

    Settle down Winston
  6. GOM

    Some Good News

    What are Cinders direct orders today, JUST STAY HOME
  7. GOM

    Who's The Clown

    Oh and one other thing, why isn't he wearing a white shirt or black Jacket The more I look the more I think this is the worst dias photo of all time. Any offers for a better one
  8. GOM

    Who's The Clown

    On having a second look at the picture more seems not right. while the first and second dogs are at attention to get their photo taken the body language from Sean's dog seems to be saying Sean you dork what are you thinking, let me outa here
  9. GOM

    Who's The Clown

    Strange picture that, The cup looks as if it is floating. It seems to have left Mikes hand but not sitting on the dog. I would have liked to have seen the next segment to see if the cup stayed still and how close the clown actually got to being caught on camera for sexual harrassment. Can't ever remember this happening on the dias before. If it is Sean there would be a good reason for it , as he is not a bad bloke. Everyone seems to be having a giggle so he may have made a joke. What was the photographer doing pulling the trigger at that moment?
  10. GOM

    I know this is not racing but...

    Or, Son if you can keep your head while all those around you are losing theirs, you probably don't understand the gravity of the situation
  11. GOM

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    The most important message we can take from this is no matter how clever we think mankind is Nature will always have it's way. If you think about all the problems facing the modern world and mankind's feeble efforts to right them this virus addresses a lot.
  12. GOM

    Good Feeling

    One positive thing, greyhound racing is unlikely to be affected by the new proviso that gatherings of 500 plus or more are banned
  13. GOM

    Good Feeling

    If I was going to spend a lot of money to set up kennels and be a participant in the industry especially in the North Island I would want more transparency. Maybe someone has a contingency plan for 2030 but as a new investor I would be looking for a bit more certainty than is evident right now. If anyone came to me and asked about setting up, my advice (and I have been asked ) is don't.