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  1. You don't, you do as stables suggested, that is leave Simon there ( he deserves better than this though) and go to the election. prepared to lose. What kind of person would want to cut their teeth as PM in the mess that is about to follow. It seems like an ideal time to be opposition
  2. GOM


    I would love to hear Roso answering a young person interested in getting into the sport. It would sort of go like this, it is easy peasy stuff junior get some dogs then some big monied friends and just buy up all the local then as many imported bitches from proven families. After that it's just a matter of numbers, keep breeding and only keep the best of each litter, I'll tell you about the others later. just keep going and keep spending and eventually you can force all the mugs out and hello you have no opposition. Only one thing though junior, CHCH and CD are already covered so best you go
  3. Legend, I wonder if the cause was a broken heart.
  4. It is correct that we are breding from dogs with genetic issues. Brett Lee is a good example, with one testicle. Brett has left a legacy in the greyhound world by leaving the very best of dogs world wide, yet with that legacy went another and a negative genetic issue went worldwide as well. If you were the manager of the National stud and had all the information on Brett Lee's huge results of his offspring on the track would you have allowed him to be used. I believe the answer that should be no but it would take a brave woman to say no.
  5. If you are talking about the next generation saving racing Blue then it;''s a big no from me
  6. Well I will never go any race meeting again after patronizing all three codes for years , I may as well sit at home and get my grandson to click through the bets when he is available. That is probably where we are going actually level two racing where we all sit at home and bet while no one attends a racecourse. I have attended racemeetings since I was 10 years old on a regular basis, there is something about the whole atmosphere that appealed to me, just not the betting. That is not the case anymore and fini for me and I'll wager many many more.
  7. GOM

    I give up

    Pete is as knowledgeable as anyone in the industry Jo and if you follow his picks he is seldom far from the money. Saying a dog can't win and that dog does win goes with the territory. I think he was a good choice for the position and should be reinstated immediately
  8. Go to the top of the class ardentbuzz, if this had been a tipping competition you would be well out in front
  9. Have a look at gg's forum, Blood on the floor posted by Barry Lichter. Trackside have dumped many of their long time commentators and presenters, yet Trevor Wilkes and Peter Early seem set to remain. Unbelievable both are so far past their use by date it's not funny. What is funny is listening to either of them call a race on my car radio then watching a replay when I get home and you would think they were two different races .Mark Roso to do all CD which Is enough to put you to sleep and in the meantime the most accurate and entertaining of the lot Jason Teaz gets the axe. Madness, I'd l
  10. George has called the dogs before and is very good at it. Peter Early and Trevor Wilkes although having given great service to the industry should both be gone. Their calls are now nothing like what is actually happening on the track., full of inaccuracies and Trev was prone to that all through his career but it is standard expected behaviou now. Poor Old Jason , a logical successor to either or both of the Dogz commentators
  11. I may vote for Labour afterall, who the hell would want to inherit this mess for the next three years?
  12. Jape you need some training to do with getting out of the starting barriers quicker. After another very slow start on the GG'S picking comp yesterday ran on well again at the finish. Mind you Bus stop had the same sort of start and hardly ran on at all. Mr Zim was holding hands with Bus Stop all the way and needs to consult a family member quickly to get some advice
  13. GOM

    I give up

    Total incompetence. The TAB have swaggered along patting themselves on the back for years while the rest of us tagged along shaking our heads. Times are tough enough for all the clubs in each code without them acting like they were following some edict from Nth Korea or wherever. Maybe it just came down to , 'its only the dogs'
  14. I don't think they actually get to vote on changes at the AGM anymore
  15. Greg , we are not getting what we pay for.