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  1. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    You miss the point Stables, the amount is not the problem
  2. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Winnie has been happy to be the champion of the whistleblowers and leakers most of his time in parliament now it's his turn to be at the receiving end he squeals. Mr Edwards is being a bit selective, firstly he would be aware that this has been happening in all governments forever and secondly when it was released after the election as it most certainly would have been it would have been seen as a cover up The only mistake in all of this is that Mr Peters was not charged with fraud as would have happened to every other Tom , Dick and Harry. It would have been public Knowledge and he would have got a fair hearing. Surely even Dick would have made sure he had ticked all the right boxes when signing that this a true and accurate document. Have a look at all the poor buggers who get caught on At the Boarder. Did you sign to say this document is correct ? Well you are automatically guilty.
  3. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    You are kidding right? Winnie would have Garnered some support as winebox Winnie but deserves none as Whinebox Winnie
  4. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Quite simply all NZ voters should have been aware of Winnies lapse before they voted in the election. 6X'S what do you honestly think would have happened if Winnie had the same information about Tolley or Bennet at the same stage?
  5. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Blue, you say Winston knows how to bet. That would only work if he ticked the appropriate box on the tote form
  6. GOM

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Using Commonsense and Winston in the one sentence is surely an oxymoron
  7. GOM


    I thought so and that about sums it all up. Have a look at the dogs record, one win but plenty of times in the money. It must have made that one misjudgment one day. Such a shame as the dog obviously has ability. I have no idea if it is an import but this is the new NZ greyhound racing. Watch Aus racing and see the sad level it has descended to with most fields unable to be filled and many many of the dogs playing or fighting. Even sadder is that it is now accepted that most of those will be immediately shipped to NZ. Even more proof that our sport in NZ is on a steeper downward slope than Aus are finding themselves on. At least they have an escape route for the flotsam that we do not.
  8. GOM


    I couldn't see clear enough if the dog was wearing blinkers or not. Does anyone know?
  9. GOM

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    So many variables at work here. Hard to know how Stephen made his decision that day but after 6 months in the stable he must have had some evidence to say it was OK. Of course everyone is devastated for the young person who was involved but it would not take much investigation to find worse cases where large corporations were involved and for worse offences and the penalty was nowhere near as severe. I was involved with at least one that springs to mind
  10. GOM

    Trackside Radio - Mark Claydon?

    Tasman, did you check with those women to see if they objected? perverted? read sniveler for yourself
  11. GOM

    Vale Tom McGillivray

    Yes BS Got a laugh when I recounted the time Tom and Jill were returning from a long day at Wellington track. Way out in the outback 11pm and they got a bloody puncture. Tom got out and called Jill to hold a torch while he changed the wheel. Jill said she was amazed at the agility and speed at which Tom worked. She said it actually astounded her. He said shut up mother and hurry up and get in the van. Jill was a bit taken aback but when they were safely underway Tom said " I was shitting myself as there was a drug deal going down in the bushes where they stopped"
  12. GOM

    Vale Tom McGillivray

    Yes Jape and followed that up the same year by getting the quinella in NZ stayers cup the on your track. Quinella in both hose events from a kennel with only a couple of dogs all homebred. Bessie followed that up in 1999 by running 2nd in the silver collar Huge achievement by a trainer from Pukeatua
  13. GOM

    Vale Tom McGillivray

    lA legend in the greyhounds stayers history., Tom will be laid to rest today at TeAwamutu today. I think if I could convince Peter Jackson to make a movie of the successful saga of the McGillivray success in NZ's best staying races in 1997/98 it would be a box office hit. There were that many turns and twists and unlikely scenario's it was unbelievable Rest in peace Tom, a genuine, hard working decent human being. A large loving Whanau will gather around Jill.
  14. Watch This Space at Hastings today is the go