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  1. Watch This Space at Hastings today is the go
  2. R5 Awapuni. Our Chloe at $8 fixed
  3. GOM


    Nah Taku more like pig dogs
  4. GOM

    One bet Barny

    Looked very uncomfortable to me like my wallet
  5. GOM

    One bet Barny

    Whanganui r2 Kusuda
  6. GOM

    An admission

    I take on board the comments we sometimes read about all the negative shit that appears on the greyhound related media sites and try to concentrate on the positive, which is why I don't have anything to post recently. However so called negative comment is needed, it is how we point out deficiencies and unfairness within the system. It often is the first step to positive change. The secret appears to be to keeping within the bounds of decency or at least reason. Is the recent flip flop from our indecisive board an admission that the time has come for the Association to admit that we have devalued our sport to the point it is now import dependent? The lack of consultation before the import fee was raised then just as quickly reversed does not give anyone confidence that the board actually know what they are doing we were told we would be advised of the reasons for this flip flop shortly. Surely the treaty doesn't have to be rewritten before they make this statement. This appears to be kids stuff. Most analysts agree that high staff turnover with an organization is a sign of bad management, I am not sure what they call it when it is top to bottom turnover, maybe high class mismanagement
  7. GOM

    Calling the self professed experts

    As you predicted CC very good race and very good horse won it. Odds were tiny but he won like he deserved it. Have to put the lot on DDDance for a place in the Tzarsino now.
  8. GOM

    Calling the self professed experts

    Only one required Hastings. Vigour Winner, bit short though
  9. GOM

    RIP Freddy

    Rest in peace Fred my friend. A true gentleman, kind and compassionate to his dogs and everyone he met. Commiserations to the whanau. We will all miss him.
  10. GOM

    Calling the self professed experts

    Easy standout in the interprovincial. Irish Flame.
  11. GOM

    New Season

    It would more likely to be on the list as a stopper than an enhancer
  12. GOM

    New Season

    It's just my view of social media LD , give someone an excuse to be offended and they will not only oblige but expect the whole world to follow suit. I do have a problem with name and shame in general though as it is generally done regardless of whether the person or people are guilty as fact . More generally it starts before a fair trial has been afforded the so called guilty party. I am sure you will be able think of instances where this has happened and the accused has been eventually proved innocent. It's too late then, as a doctor friend once told me "remember shit sticks to the blanket". This is not a comment on current issues just a personal belief of mine. Mind you I will put my hand up as being the one that posted about the RIU senior who bungled his way through an elicit unnfortunate rendezvous before it was investigated. That is if it ever was!
  13. GOM

    New Season

    Gary with the annoucement today that studies have found that pets of smokers have higher rates of cancer that those of non smokers it is almot a given that there will be a name and shame of smoker trainers.
  14. GOM

    Glenda Hughes

    Yep, and unlike many I think she may be just what the doctor ordered
  15. GOM


    Well actually Linda brought two pups a year ago and I am helping break them in for her. I guess that just goes to show you are NEVER really out of this game once you are hooked