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  1. Totally agree - the first night back (3 weeks ago) I accepted and Greg did his best to help the punter . From then it has progressively got worst and last night was terrible - why do we get tutored with Japanese gallopers and our lead in compared to the dogs is half the time . I stopped betting after 3 races and did watch a recorded movie !
  2. As far as information coming from the RIU would you consider that organisation a reliable and trustworthy source? An Integrity Unit that attempts to hide indiscretions from within when it suits has a lot to answer for. LightsOut a lot seem to forget the RIU past misdemeanours which they managed to achieve within a short time of their early existence . Some were very serious which if you had committed the same offence likely some charges would have been laid .
  3. Will the Court or RIU or Police complete a report on each case re court decisions. We are all interested.
  4. So do I - Stables summary of the RIU 100% and how new structure should look .
  5. The Horseman Association needs to make a formal complaint to RITA about the vindictive behaviour. They are the offical representatives of trainers & drivers and need to come to the party and represent their members .
  6. Excellent summary of the present position and how we see RIU
  7. The Unions fund Labour but some members do not want to support Labour - but some get rewarded like teachers . All politics
  8. Harness Racing cannot afford him - I can hear it now all the comments about him earning more than the PM
  9. RITA had given no direction or ideas or plans what they intended to do since they were appointed until Covid 19 - they have been found very wanting .
  10. Best horse won - a freak
  11. At last I read something which is objective and explains where this matter sits . I was only saying yesterday when is HRNZ , JCA , all appointed lawyers , people like me all collectively go to the Minister of Police and stop this expensive damaging game now ! I have my views where it started and why it started but enough is enough - or are the RIU & Police really out to destroy the great sport and peoples lives with no hard facts
  12. Makes the RIU look more incompetent than they are already. I cannot believe the horseman have not questioned this dumb rule - it has been in for a few years now .
  13. Add the dots and you will work out why Leo has been unfairly treated and singled out .