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  1. I think you will find it is an insider jealous person(s) with association or part of the gypsy training group who have not worked out there are better drivers and trainers than themselves . There is a trainer will a hot line to the RIU & MVB who is on a personal crusade to put everyone down who are high performers in the sport. Jealous witch hunt.
  2. Iraklis when the raid happened and it made the front page and 6 o’clock news, which continued for a while, the Serious Crime Unit (Anderson ?) chief said they had all the evidence they needed and it was an open and shut case(s). He said /implied all the matters/cases would be finished very quickly as the evidence was overwhelming and watertight! No cases proven , most (likely all re race fixing ) dismissed , weapon made the front page which was a toy and many other exaggerations so tell me why? A disgraceful chapter for the RIU & NZPolice who between them have hugely damaged a
  3. LongOwner


    Why this censorship ? So far I am closer to the mark than all those who backed the dead body mover etc
  4. LongOwner


    At least one failed cop is not allowed to start races at the best and biggest track in NZ . Hopefully his role at the RIU will finish as well .
  5. LongOwner


    Much like the start in the NZ Cup, Inca is one of the sports biggest embarrassment. By the time the call comes to end the matter - next March - it will be 3 years of discrimination and vendetta against the sport.
  6. And is anyone going to interview RIU and NZ Thoroughbred Racing how they thought their actions were good for racing ? Another example the pen pushers have no idea about the sport and the harm they are doing. I note two charges and penalties thrown out in the other 2 codes reported in JCA last couple of days so that is a treble.
  7. That is not justice - and why the system is corrupt and broken
  8. 187 Posted 11 hours ago Hidden NZTR witch hunt , likely with RIU encouragement - righteous people in both camps . I will have ago as many people have subsequently stated they agree with me Your
  9. NZTR witch hunt , likely with RIU encouragement - righteous people in both camps .
  10. Those who think our police force can do know wrong - case thrown out by the Appeal Court as police withheld evidence and Judges damming about the withholding of vital evidence :- “It said the messages would have laid a "very firm foundation for the defence" that the girl had either consented to the sexual activity or that Hitchcock had reasonable belief she had consented. None of the text messages had been shown to Hitchcock or his lawyers before the trial. The Crown accepted that a number of the text messages were "highly relevant" to the allegations of non-consensual
  11. If this happened in Harness - front page in The Press , all haters from the thoroughbreds would be screaming and the “ ...... on bikes “would be flowing . Oh no it is the gallops so no need to embellish the truth or the facts. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-raceday-inquiry-riu-v-s-r-wilson-and-c-wilson-reserved-decision-dated-20-august-2020-chair-mr-p-knowles
  12. Only group anyone should have a go at are the South Auckland family who were sick for 7 days and then decided to have a holiday before they thought maybe we should get tested . Family hold your head in shame !
  13. Hidden The CEO was a great decision and is far more racing friendly than the last 2 and definitely ahead of the Met Board . Best ever appointment - Ohokaman and I think most would agree. Maybe programmer needs reviewing before finger pointing at Brian