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  1. LongOwner

    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    Add the dots and you will work out why Leo has been unfairly treated and singled out .
  2. LongOwner


    That is the reason Kaikoura were encouraged / told to go 2 days . Some wanted the first day all trotters - which I would agree to as it would of meant a day I didn’t have to look at / worry about Kaikoura has been 2 days for a couple of years - because of cost .
  3. LongOwner


    The big problem is TAB set up cost for one meeting in Thames etc Get a summer circuit organised or back to back meetings with a day in between then maybe grass tracks will work in NI . $40 k TAB set up for one meeting doesn’t work !
  4. LongOwner

    “What no one knows, won’t hurt them”

    No they haven’t - defamation as no facts
  5. LongOwner

    “What no one knows, won’t hurt them”

    It is another example of RIU trying to destroy the sport I love - the emotive RIU evidence / summary of facts is totally out of proportion for the crime. Why ask about have you a concern the horse was swabbed - what is the stipe implying - he is not to have a preconceived option but to be independent neutral etc . Another beet up which on both sides should of been treated professionally without blowing it up to a thing it was not . Do RIU hate there job as they are trying very hard to make sure they do not have one as they by numerous small cuts to make sure the sport is destroyed .
  6. LongOwner

    More Inca charges dropped

    Industry in Disrepute How can RIU charge anyone with that- a) No one knew anything about it - so no disrepute there - until IRU could not run their ship and called in the police - incompetence by RIU caused all this pain to the sport we love . b) The charges had no legs from day 1 and now dreaming up other charges as they (RIU ) have so much egg on their face c) The evidence is solely banter between long time trainer client - cannot people have a laugh , joke and say how much they won or lost . We as a sport survive on gambling and RIU wages are paid directly from gambling but they are trying to say we cannot punt ! d) Disrepute - dead body moving and the recent evidence matter still not resolved - RIU are the parties involved there . This is like a slow death by a thousand lashings all caused by incompetent RIU - just trying to ruin the sport .
  7. LongOwner


    The blacking of the Judges name is a record with a scratch and if you want to stoop to that level look at the RIU staff performance . Have you got anything else to say - like they got it wrong and Nigel should never of been charged ?
  8. LongOwner

    McGrath charges ....

    On car dealers recommendation
  9. LongOwner

    McGrath charges ....

    The Stuff report says - “cleared “ “ dropped “ “ not enough evidence “ - is that not a clear review that there was nothing to consider . Naturally crown says had evidence but not in public interest to continue - a nice way of saying we don’t have a case . The crown pulled pin and effectively not guilty .
  10. LongOwner


    Excellent report - a real double up and made worse by doubling the whole judiciary they combine to be double useless .
  11. LongOwner


    How come when Inca hit the newspaper the NZPolice and RIU said after 18 months ( 1.5 years ) they had all the evidence and it was a solid case for all charged. From that date 11.5 months ago ( say 1 year ) NZPolice and IRU are still trying to put the case together - majority due for pre heading December (so we have 18 + 11.5 + 5 mths ) so now nearly 3 years and they still having achieved anything except one of the big fish charged in the Inca case withdrawn and collapses at the first court stage . A joke !!!
  12. LongOwner

    McGrath charges ....

    Now all those members who did not give the guy a fair hearing , said he was quilty , defamed him , have no concept of the legal system etc - there is a very long list - please apologise now and leave the sport . While you leave take RIU ,as a whole , with you .
  13. LongOwner

    Inca the stinker

    Are you one of the snitches ?
  14. LongOwner

    Inca the stinker

    Bullshit - 18 months they said open and shut case - now we know they are struggling plus snitches still cannot put it together . Everyone now know who the snitches are - who did it for jealousy and pay back (fired and lost job )
  15. LongOwner

    Breeding trotters

    As one who breeders pacers the stallion choice is terrible . Look at once strong studs - Wai Eyre Nevelr Both offer a couple of homebreds and trotting . Woodland offering big discounts on new sire and Alabar has a volume with only Art Major firing . When is someone going to offer a top line pacing sire besides BD and AM not at Alabar or Woodlands . Very thin on proven sires so for small time breeder game buggered as Woodland and Alabar can sell 1.5x service fee and we need 3x service fee as the cost for service , with 20% off, doesn’t work. The foal numbers will fall fall fall . NZSBB and SNZBS is shit - only concern is big studs and one corporate breeder .