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  1. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    All my posts are hidden and reviewed before the public can read them . Red “ Hidden “ comes up when I initially post
  2. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    Apologises took a longtime to come up since I am on censorship program . i noted it after I posted and edited / retracted my error .
  3. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    I am - as RIU evidence very weak and their own opinion - not legally providing proof or fact !
  4. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    RIU loose at each step and if correct 1-2 still not quilty at last hurdle . Remember the JCA has far more room to find someone quilty than the court of law (beyond reasonable doubt) so a big loss to RIU - case lite weight and poor/nil evidence.
  5. LongOwner

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    Rubbish racing against rubbish is total rubbish. Old broken down hacks should be retired and not promoted as the saviour of harness racing.
  6. LongOwner

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Next week has a day scheduled . I would think NZPolice and RIU have candyfloss evidence which is causing a re think .
  7. LongOwner

    2019 NZBS Sales

    What about the breeders - who is going to pay the transport etc ? North Island is all about 2 vendors who want to run the whole thing for their own selfish self . The industry needs 2000 foals per annum and Auckland manage to sell 100 - they should get last crack and stop running the South Island breeders down .
  8. LongOwner

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Very average strike rate - some very expensive ones total flops !
  9. LongOwner

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    I disagree - he buys or has available about 50-60 plus yearlings a year to get down to the top 15 odd . The others start with 5-10 and are lucky to get 1 or 2 able to try and get enough points to run in the jewels . It is a monopoly in avaliable funds versus the opposition and the others cannot compete . A V8 v’s a mini and the mini can never win and it doesn’t matter how good the driver is ! A monopoly has been created by available spending power from owners who have created a monster .
  10. LongOwner

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Excellent summation of the industry and a full agree.
  11. LongOwner

    Invercargill Cup

    They programme maidens NZCup day - I think it is poor programming - so I guess Invercargill can too . I think programming of lower class races on feature days needs a review . I agree specific races to get a time for a mare on a big day better than average maidens .
  12. LongOwner

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    At last someone is getting some airtime ( allowed ) saying the Fixer drive would rate as the worse seen for a very long time - pre scripted and just wrong . How to sour everyone is say such drives are ok . Worst still some here have suggested drives a Nelson were choreographed but accept this blatant cheating drive .
  13. LongOwner

    Help me please

    Not on how to rate at horse , what should happen at a certain point in a race and driving skills plus drivers intention . The whale is a form guy not a driver quality enforcer !! I rubbish example .
  14. LongOwner

    NZ TAB A Shambles

    IMO the site is a huge improvement and once I fully workout it’s other features I believe it will be a real winner.
  15. LongOwner

    Cambridge Centenary Meeting v Te Aroha Grass Meeting

    Te Aroha should never hold another Harness meeting until it knows how to prepare a track and fix the crossings . Horses breaking were too numerous and in fact dangerous for the man and animal . Discraceful track performance - if it was the gallops and horses were slipping around as harness horses were coming out of their gate for no other reason than the poor track the meeting would of been abandoned .