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  1. LongOwner

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    $300 mill for $30 million return is woeful ( nothing for that escalation , bad steel , bad build ) - knowledgeable developments aim for 25% clear so arse covered . Also, where are the developer right to renegotiate the purchase in the contracts - standard practice - when big movements in values and costs etc .The purchaser can walk if past a date as well . Bad contracts re apartments have left them double exposed . Apartment owners have on sold their units for huge profits .
  2. LongOwner

    UMC still at it

    Trusty Scot after Lunar Chance
  3. LongOwner


    More like a min of $500 + gst an hour for this type of thing .
  4. LongOwner

    Simon Lawson

    Did you note fine reduced by $6,500 - maybe for Simon time out better than $$$ RIU are stuffing the sport and burning me off - all horses will be off to Aussie and mares shot . I don’t cheat but RIU are believing every word a disgruntled employee or failed broadcaster or a failed average trainer . The best drivers get the best winners - And best trainers get the best results . Look at Steve McRae v’s Nyhan and look at the coat . RIU wouldn’t know horse care / training = winning ! One bet and let’s kill the kid - bullshit !
  5. LongOwner

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I didn’t say I am for or against it - what I am asking a journalist should investigate why it is not legal in some countries and what human sports persons use it - etc . Otherwise the show - as it did - becomes a editorial advert . Simple one side of discussion reported doesn’t prove anything . Maybe RIU should film the doubters opinion and investigate that side .
  6. LongOwner

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I noted the editing - cut - but what was said for it to be cut ? One sided report - definitely not balanced or objective . Where were the doubters and why is it not accepted in every country which has horse racing? Questions not asked and people not interviewed - which sports doctor uses it on humans and for what purpose . Maybe Eliza McCartney should get some benefit from it ?
  7. LongOwner

    J dunn

    You are a bitter jealous person- I got banned for not worshiping Allstars . This defamation speech is worthy of a life ban. Maybe the above words are from a very average trainer .
  8. LongOwner

    HRNZ Web Update

    A) Cannot not go from mobile to desk top site on phone - unless I am missing something b) Field search on mobile is terrible - how do I search all horses Purdon has nominated or made fields and same for driver c) Results terrible - like TAB one race at a time . my vote pretty but content worse !
  9. LongOwner

    Holiday Racing costs and a day at a top Stable

    I know other trainers work as hard and some harder , business owners like my self work 7 days and very long hours with huge mental stress , we all pay wages and penal rates and how naive to think racing shouldn’t be programmed around public holidays . Racing and Allstars income comes from punting / betting turnover and guess what - people bet on their days off !! No stake money no horses and stakes come from the punter .
  10. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    All my posts are hidden and reviewed before the public can read them . Red “ Hidden “ comes up when I initially post
  11. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    Apologises took a longtime to come up since I am on censorship program . i noted it after I posted and edited / retracted my error .
  12. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    I am - as RIU evidence very weak and their own opinion - not legally providing proof or fact !
  13. LongOwner

    Gareth Dixon - charges not proved

    RIU loose at each step and if correct 1-2 still not quilty at last hurdle . Remember the JCA has far more room to find someone quilty than the court of law (beyond reasonable doubt) so a big loss to RIU - case lite weight and poor/nil evidence.
  14. LongOwner

    Is this how a rating system should work?

    Rubbish racing against rubbish is total rubbish. Old broken down hacks should be retired and not promoted as the saviour of harness racing.
  15. LongOwner

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Next week has a day scheduled . I would think NZPolice and RIU have candyfloss evidence which is causing a re think .