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  1. So who really thinks they are going to inaugarate the fake Biden? Where is the real Biden that went into hiding 3 years ago? Enjoy the show
  2. Trump and the Military are about to RELEASE THE KRAKEN that will bring down the deep state shitshow once and for all. Here's my take The Military will begin to release evidence/documentation/confessions/whistleblowers with links to videos via the Emergency Broadcasting System (phone) Trump has just reminded MSM and Big Tech they must by law, relay the messaging. They will be given the choice. If they do they are incriminated...if they don't Trump has the encryption keys to their satelites and will switch them off and shut them down....Checkmate Martial law will be in place
  3. Trump declassifys...he is in total control Watch these traitors squirm before they RELEASE THE KRAKEN https://linktr.ee/kagbabe?fbclid=IwAR1J1yYJdjK0tFQtZ8WLpzzkkYosPsz_tHU3JjE2WPtJJh70U2FFiMWrrfs
  4. I hope you lot realise Big Tech who are funded by China and donate to the Democratic party and have shut down free speech to the ooposition party.. It is the forerunner to control and communism ...just like lockdowns and masks are to supress the people, bit by bit think OSH,reducing speed limits, Govt regs, chaos from immigration etc . You are goung to find after the election fraud is exposed the CCP have bought and paid for Washington just like they have done in NZ. It appears the military takedown begins on Thursday NZ time and the brainwashed here are in for a giant shila
  5. The CCP funded Silicon Valley (Apple) is now withdrawing Parler (Free speech twitter like platform) from the App store. Free speech and censorship is a huge attack on the people. Why is Pelosi trying to impeach Trump when only days to go? They know what is coming.thats why...They know Biden won't be there on the 20th Why would they attack free speech if they thought they were in control? Because Trump is in control ...He holds all the cards and they are about to be dealt. Panic in DC
  6. Ha ...verified ....Team Trump had to show the world the corruption You are one big joke...Biden was lucky to get 20% of the vote. I told you it was a Trump landslide and when the real results ( Dominion voter machine) are released it will show has 410 electoral collage votes and thats without the rest of the fraud. You are supporting the deep state stolen election without a thought of investigation....on your head fella Military incoming
  7. Why would they get banned? Thats right for exposing these criminals Justice coming
  8. You told us Trump was the dictator ? Looks like you are the one that wants to be a DICKTAKER When the dust settles on this takedown the Big Tech CEOs will pay the ultimate price. Already Zuckerberg has been exposed for $400m funding the rigged election I predict he will be one of the first arrests once the result is verified So the over 80m who voted for Trump are dictated to by an unelected asshole Remember when free speech is silenced you already have lost a country. Q has always said the military is the only way and that is exactly what is happening
  9. All Trump digital soldier accounts have been taken down by Twitter.....communism for the world to see Includes the legal team of Sydney Powell and Lin Wood and General Flynn You are about to see military intervention (publically) Trump is going to use the Emergency Broardcasting System to talk to the people. Expect arrests in the coming days.
  10. Maybe you can show everyone where Trump says he concedes or congratulates Biden You can't Enjoy the show It now gets real
  11. How stupid are you going to look? Any fool can see the evidence is overwhelming but it was never investigated by the correct authoriities....the corrupt courts wouldn't touch it. Trump has caught them all and the biggest scandal in the world is ready to break. Trump has legally explored all avenues to expose the fraud and now the stage is set for legal military intervention Twits like you are oblivious to what is about to hit them Team Trump is holding all the cards....Election fraud,, Hunter laptop, Obamagate, Huber, Durham, Seth Rich, Epstein, Covid, Ukraine, Uran
  12. So at what point do you think a democratic country should audit the votes? It appears on here no one is interested and are going to look extremely silly when the military finally devulges the real result. Corrupt MSM has a done a great job on Kiwis
  13. The show is just begining for you clowns The conditions have now been met for military intervention and that is precisely what is going to happen Buckle up you brainwashed.... you ain't seen nuthin yet Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 866b8a No.9473673 Jun 4 2020 18:49:59 (EST) EAM LOYALISTS: RED1: POTUS twitter removal RED2: Central communications blackout [continental US] RED3: CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE RED4: Movement of MIL assets [10th Mountain_1st Marine_CPSD_Marine_QVIR] to central locations under guise of citizen riot control. RED5: NAT MIL COM CEN RED6: SEC OF D
  14. If you hadn;t noticed We The People are taking back America from the Deep State The voter fraud will be revealed for the world to see. You are watching a military operation Trust the plan
  15. They are restricting me betting in NZ and don't want me betting overseas either! So the TAB bookies are rattling on TV today how they have accepted $3000 bets on this and $2000 bet on that every day all day. I take one multi on a horse the other day with 2 horses the following day at Tauranga and they stop me taking anymore. Then I try and back one of the horses for the following day on fixed odds and they say I have exceeded my limit. My fixed odds limit it set at zero