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  1. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    JC 58% JA 42% 7205 votes Who won the Judith Collins v Jacinda Ardern Leaders Debate? Jacinda Ardern 42%
  2. Biden was wearing a wire to take instructions....still the lies kept flowing. Pressure mounting... big Mike waiting in the wings.
  3. Biden toast Why do you think Trump kept raising corruption in Russia, Ukraine and China. Now the world knows Pain coming
  4. So when sleepy Joe is outed for crimes in Ukraine China and Russia and part of the Russian hoax, the time will be right for Big Mike to step in. Pain....Just declassified.... Hillary was behind the Russian hoax plan and they all knew.
  5. So when you saw all those Chinese dropping dead in the street of corona virus it was all fake. Propaganda for the sheep.
  6. The light is being shone on the Clinton foundation. It has been under investigation for 4 years, Why did Jacinda and John Key both give millions of NZ taxpayers dollars to the Clinton crime syndicate? Janes Comey's brother Peter worked for Dla Piper and was in charge auditing the fund....what could possibly go wrong. Kamala Harris's husband has just stepped down from Dla Piper Rod Rosenstein wife defended the Clinton foundation. Lisa Barsoomian _former Bill Clinton attorney [Hamburg vs. Clinton 1998 + appeal 1999 _scrubbed from net] Wife of Rod Rosenstein Q Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 92d064 No.10824624 Sep 28 2020 15:05:59 (EST) NEW Simple process. 1. Family of 'supporter' hired @ CF engaged law firm(s) 2. CF 'donated' funds [primary influx _foreign][under 'legal' payment(s)] to engaged law firm [Dla Piper] 3. Dla Piper payment (salary, bonus & other) to family member of supporter 4. Family member transfer to supporter _campaign _foundation _gift _asset (home) _other https://www.clintonfoundation.org/sites/default/files/clinton_foundation_report_public_2018.pdf Follow the expenses. Follow salaries & benefits. Follow professional & consulting. Follow cost of sales. Follow other. FUNDS: EXPENSES V. PAYOUTS [for 'causes'] _analyze % [how much of the actual donated money actually goes to help select 'causes']? Less than 10% [TTM _5 year historical]? Gifts & Grants: 2014: $172,579,474 2015: $108,915,463 2016: $62,901,979 [loss of power _POTUS win _start of PAY-TO-PLAY collapse] 2017: $26,566,825 2018: $24,167,053 [total revenue 2018: $30,703,366][total expenses 2018: $47,510,175] CLINTON FOUNDATION AT THE CENTER. Q Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 64a75f No.10825631 Sep 28 2020 16:04:51 (EST) NEW https://www.justice.gov/archive/tax/txdv02167.htm [RR] Tax Division _ DOJ 2001 - 2005 Clinton Foundation investigation 2001 - 2005 GJ empaneled Clinton Foundation failure to declare foreign donations 2001 - 2003 Comey takeover of investigation 2002 Dir of FBI 2002 _ Robert Mueller https://vault.fbi.gov/william-j.-clinton-foundation Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Q
  7. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    Here's your corrupt MSM banning Advance NZ party from debates Ha.... the only party speaking truth is shunned. Tells you everything you need to know who controls NZ. Advance NZ is the only party asking the hard questions on Covid, fighting for NZ soveriegnty and standing against Agenda 21 and 30 Each discussion takes place in a different part of the country with a diverse and representative audience. Community, hapū and iwi contribute to the questions to ensure a wide range of kaupapa are covered. National, Labour, ACT, NZ First, Māori Party, TOP and the Greens all participate. Advance NZ have been rejected due to a media-wide commitment to de-platforming peddlers of disinformation. That’s something we felt was important to ensure a healthy democracy too. https://thespinoff.co.nz/politics/28-09-2020/the-first-leaders-debate-was-so-awful-because-the-old-format-no-longer-works/
  8. Dems voter fraud being exposed. Drain the swamp
  9. You need to get with the program.
  10. Fake news Fake polls Trump has caught em all
  11. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    See how it works George Soros> Helen> Jacinda Who controls NZ?
  12. Well it turns out the walls are closing in on these scumbags and their masters. Trust the plan