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  1. Show me Trump tweet that hasn't ended up true....you can't Ha What a big joke you are. Trump has caught them all ...biggest sting in history Watch Maricopa ....Do you think the forensic audit is a joke? You were the one that wanted one remember Ha Biggest fool ever.... and the CDC just reduced the covid death rate by 95% ....scam to your little brain The election fraud proof has been out months. Yep so nothing happening... in your corrupt CNN world Enjoy the show
  2. So now CDC is lies and bile is it?...Idiot..CNN is lies and bile and stop spewing it. You have been sprung again
  3. Go look up the CDC website idiot They are saying Covid now attributes to 5% of the published deaths....again you have lapped up the CNN bullshit numbers Scamdemic How can they continue to call it a pandemic when the numbers were basically switched for normal flu numbers Crimes against humanity Last August DJT retweeted my Twitter post about the CDC actual covid deaths at 6%, which ultimately resulted in my permanent suspension from Twitter. So look at what just happened again... The CDC quietly changed its statistics AGAIN of fatalities from
  4. Team Trump have it all They need it to play out for the public to see the corruption. The people will rise up against the tyranny. Take note Twitter has closed all accounts that are quoting Trumps statements.....PANIC Don't worry the people are soon to have a giant voice. Trust the plan....nothing can stop what is coming Donald J. Trump 10:11am May 7, 2021 At 6:31 in the morning on November 4th, a dump of 149,772 votes came in to the State of Michigan. Biden received 96% of those votes and the State miraculously went to him. H
  5. So a Govt working group wants apartheid but thats Ok even though it came originally from the UN Pushing Communism and Apartheid is not going to end well Maybe you will be able to answer the below equation as you seem well qualified The brains of the confused left
  6. Trump won in a landslide and Maricopa County forensic audit will be the first domino to drop. The cheating Dems have tried every trick in the book to close the audit down So Today we find out the County officials running the election never even had the admin passwords for the Dominion voting machines hence Dominion/deep state cheated at will. From now on Team Trump will be on the offence as the people fight back from the tyranny. Donald J. Trump 11:57am May 6, 2021 The Fake News Media, working in close conjunction wit
  7. Typical response from a graduate of the bullshit factory. Some research would go a long way to rehabilitation.
  8. I listen to Dave on the X22 Report daily....his financial report will address your concerns. Team Trump is taking down the Central bank....a new financial system will replace it and the US dollar will be gold/asset backed once again.....it seems this will happen in the coming months. The US treasury took control of the reserve bank under Covid emergency If you notice people are transferring their wealth to Bitcoin instead of money in the bank because Bitcoin is a limited resource like Gold and a hedge against printing fiat. .It is decentralised therefore the bankers can't g
  9. Remember it is illegal to rollout a new vaccine if existing cures exit for that disease.....and we know they do Hence why they have made an all assault on HCQ Ivermectin etc When the dust settles, I believe this will be the downfall of Big Pharma who KNOWINGLY knew. Fauci was even recommending HCQ for Sars Cov2 in 2005 Drain the swamp
  10. They hate Bitcoin....why? Decentralized Bitcoin and Gold and Silver will destroy the Central bank hence why these guys hate Bitcoin You are watching a new financial system emerge that will benefit the people and not the elite. How would you like to be able to print money and then have the cheek to charge interest? Corrupt Watch this space https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/01/charlie-munger-calls-bitcoin-disgusting-and-contrary-to-the-interests-of-civilization.html
  11. Who knows what the truth is. It could be they will show Ivermectin as the cure using India as the example. See how it all plays out.
  12. What we knew a year ago, Ivermectin is now a proven cure and preventative....like the other theraputics Some countries have already embraced it with resounding success I think the plan was to show the world Big Pharma/Cabal hid the cures and pushed the vaccines to enrich themselves and control the population as per their One World govt agenda. You have to catch the enemy in the act for meaningful change. What happens when the world finds out there were always cures available and cheap ones at that! https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/fulltext/2021/00000/revi
  13. Not the point https://www.9news.com.au/national/china-australia-tensions-what-is-behind-drums-of-war-comments/f67ab47b-5a6b-4c54-96c1-8c925d56c485 Just tell us what side your Labour govt would be on. The people would like know.