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  1. Haha....finally Ardern brings in vaccine passports. She just exposed herself to the world...Beginning of the end for these communisrs. Now the fun begins....bring on the fireworks!
  2. Are these the very same doctors/agents who have peddled a flu jab since 2001 that hasn't worked? Before 2001 the flu jab didn't exist when in the year 2000 the US death rate for flu was 18 and when big pharma started distributing the jab to these doctors the death rate miraculouslly increasd to 40-60k per year ever since....sound familiar? These flu jabs were produced by big pharma when they knowningly knew cheap cures already existed. These doctors? Propaganda 101 Hook line and sinker
  3. he is just another fake news crisis actor to fool the gullible
  4. Deluded Lift your game I was banned for telling the truth as usual In a very short time those censoring free speech will cop the same penalties as those imposing vaccine passports. Not gunna be pretty
  5. Wow just wow CNN brainwashing at its finest Zero credibility
  6. Nothing changes Hook line and sinker as always. This fake news junkie believes everthing that gets dished up
  7. Haha Is this the same Lancet that tried to do a hitjob on HCQ but then had to retract it because it was all bs https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200605/lancet-retracts-hydroxychloroquine-study
  8. I am hearing around labour weekend from a trusted source. How would they know that now? BTW vaccine passports were another crazy conspiracy theory a yeaer ago
  9. So it's ok for Ohokaman to post a 13 min video yesterday and others often and I post 2 short videos less than 1min 40 (tell me the cost and I will reimburce) and you want to ban me only? And mine was the MSM telling the world vaccines are not working....quite important I would have thought considering they are trying to force vaccines on the world. Let me see you ban Ohoka and others for the very same thing or are they exempt?.
  10. Dont be so hard on yourself im sure you make up for it in other ways
  11. So Which one is the real Biden? Make a complete fool of yourself again and say it's the same person.
  12. It all makes sense when you substitute the word "cases" with "runny noses" Today we have 34 more runny noses! Remember the CDC is replacing the PCR test in December because it can't differentiate between the common cold and fake covid. Hence what you can guarantee is the normal flu numbers will re appear and fake vCovid will disappear. SCAM