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  1. 100 1

    Trump written off

    WOW Stuff news just published a good news Trump story. It must be a first after about 2000 negative rants. Maybe they know they are in trouble after he says he is going to declassify. Narrative change? https://i.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/celebrities/113018108/actor-jon-voight-calls-donald-trump-the-greatest-president-since-abraham-lincoln
  2. 100 1

    Felaar was ok

    The bunker should be remote and cover all race meetings. They look at the evidence, make a decision and explain the rule and reason. Happy days
  3. 100 1

    Felaar was ok

    Agree. The only problem is why it so long. When are we going to have a bunker system? The decision could have been made before they had returned to scale. There is zero reasons to listen to biased connections IMO
  4. 100 1

    Trump written off

    This is why I am 2 years ahead of the corrupt MSM.
  5. 100 1

    Trump written off

    Team Q neutralized May and her intelligence agencies some time ago. I guess the timing of her resignation was pre-planned by Team Q (the day declass was announced)
  6. 100 1

    Trump written off

    FYI The Russians never hacked the DNC server. It was Seth Rich, a DNC employee who new about the corruption and downloaded the info on to a thumb drive and sent it to Assange. Seth Rich was murdered (187) by MS13 for his part. Assange will testify to this destroying the demonrats. Assange is under protection by the Q team. Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0f664c No.6572667 May 23 2019 21:01:32 (EST) >>6572364 (/pb) Under protection. Threat is real. Key to DNC 'source' 'hack' '187'. Q
  7. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    David Moffett looked like our Trump but the left wing Twitter shut him down probably with the help of the govt heavies for telling the truth.
  8. 100 1

    Trump written off

    Ohoka's criminal mates in action Avenatti haha 404 years jail and Ohoka believed this conman and Stormy and CNN Nancy in trouble ....selling state secrets to NK Enjoy the show For the doubters this October 2017 Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147441378 Oct 31 2017 23:09:55 (EST) Why did Mueller meet POTUS 1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule? Why is Pelosi begging for a new special counsel? What is Pelosi’s net worth? How was this obtained given salary as career official? Why is Pelosi’s memory going? Could it protect against prosecution? How so? What if John M’s surgery was fake? Why would this occur? What could this prevent potentially? What is the Mayo Clinic? Who sits on the BOD there?
  9. 100 1

    Trump written off

    You are deluded and ignorant. I have been telling you for 2 years the biggest event this century is happening and you are so blind. Tell me what u think the declas will show?
  10. 100 1

    Trump written off

    May gone https://qanon.pub/? Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c476fb No.6572270 >>6572140 Foreign assist underway w/ DOJ. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jan/23/gchq-chief-robert-hannigan-quits ##FLYMAYFLY## Q Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c476fb No.6572190 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0f664c No.6572698 May 23 2019 21:02:33 (EST) Watch the greatest show on earth Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0f664c No.6573291 May 23 2019 21:23:51 (EST) e8dcd7321c938992aef619959fc456ded17ac05250455ae651821894dd363b4b.png Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4729b1 No.6573322 May 23 2019 21:25:37 (EST) ad88dd98cbb2c71ad56729431f1994ba368470fac5e394e5910285bd066421a4.jpg
  11. 100 1

    Trump written off

    Trump orders declas...here comes the truth Ohokaman will officially learn a bit of truth Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c476fb No.6571844 May 23 2019 20:29:33 (EST) https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-gives-ag-barr-authority-to-declassify-documents-related-to-2016-campaign-surveillance PANIC IN [DC]. Q
  12. 100 1

    Trump written off

    Firstly i am not a bible thumper ...in fact the opposite ...I have no religion. There is no god. The deep state CNN has enhanced your misplaced TDS. There is a megaload of statements you have made the past 2 years that will come back to haunt you. You will be reminded. You have set yourself up for a gigantic fall. You are the talking head for the brainwashed public, that it why Trump/Q has to put on a show so idiots like you will finally believe the truth when your fake media tells you.
  13. 100 1

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Another corrupt leftist propaganda theory debunked