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  1. What I found most disturbing about this programme as opposed to the multitude of other times he's been on TV ranting is the final words before the show ended.. "the SPCA were approached for comment and they to don't condone greyhound racing". I've always said that the day the SPCA turns against the sport then its doomed, I now fear that greyhound racing's day's are very very numbered.
  2. Wow that's come as a shock to me. Really enjoyed chatting with Mike at the races, he was one of the good buggers for sure. So sorry for your loss, sincere condolences and best wishes. RIP Mike.
  3. Who could work for that pull through for more than a month?
  4. And trifecta pools are not commingled, all other bet types are.
  5. He probably won't mind doing that, he's still going to make money from the meeting cause the battlers are racing his cast off's that didn't make his standards and he still retains shares in most of them!!
  6. Nope that can't happen, certainly not without huge backlash. The precedent for this rule was set during the Schofield case, the police removed him from the property if I recall correctly. Although Lisa is the registered trainer Brendon is a licensed LP so he will also have to pack his bags and move away from the property..
  7. Shame on her for getting involved with that kennel.
  8. Even if they were granted 20 races I doubt they could of carded that many, not without 10 c1 races.
  9. Hayley's average to above average training stat's started to plummet like a deflated hot air balloon the day she started racing those Cole/Rendle cast off's. A large number of them (like most dogs he moves on) had one start and broke down, bet she didn't get any kennel fee's for rehabilitating those lemons either. Why people can't see that if he is wanting to move a dog on its because he's got the 5 or 6 low grade wins from it to recoupe some outlay and he knows they won't compete, why the hell would he not train them himself for 3/4's of their stake earnings instead of 25%! Time to sharpen up people and say NO to their sh#t!
  10. Finally I'm going to get to watch a dog race with the volume turned on.
  11. I gave up punting on horses when the Tab started announcing during lead up time that "this horse has taken a $5k bet at 2.80 and another $3k bet at 2.70" etc etc blah blah bollocks! There's no way the tab would take bets of that amount and the horse starts still paying $2.70! Furthermore I did not see even one of these horse's win! Utter bollocks and misleading info and backed by the fact we could never ascertain if these bets were actually placed.
  12. What I hope for is that dog racing in the North survives this season...with very few newcomers around and others taking on tier 2 clapped out cast off's I feel its in dire straights...tip to all newcomers (and maybe some not so).... Another trainer will not give you a dog worth it's weight in dog poo if they thought it was capable of earning money, think about it.... Why would they? Yes there is the odd exception ie: not quite good enough for quality Sth island low grade middle distance racing but there's no excuse for low grade or near retirement age sprinters from the CD! Taking these dogs will not only mentally demoralise you and send you broke but also put you off the game in a big hurry. If a young comer has no other option for racing stock I suggest you sign an agreement with these "people" that they take their dogs away from your kennels if they get injured or upon retirement, especially so if the dog has not paid its way whilst in your care.
  13. My Two Cents


    Personally I'd love to be a fly on the wall if you rang Craik and said you've got a dog for him to train on 50/50 and it will win about $12k a year!!!!!!!!! Even more so if you suggested you had another one that should earn $25k a year but your not prepared to split that stakes 50/50!!!!!
  14. My Two Cents


    I for one wouldn't train a dog for you if you think someone is making money by outlaying $16 a day then getting paid $16 a day! 50/50 dogs HAVE to earn $25k+ a year and then your running at a standard 100% margin, but, and there's big buts!! This doesn't include trial fees, travel to trials, worming, fleaing, registration, bedding, bowls, muzzles, travel to race days, vet bills etc etc etc, all this let alone getting paid something for your labour!!! Sorry to tell you that you didn't make any money from the 50/50 dogs you trained that won $12k a year, you lost money hand over fist!!! Imagine if that word "income tax" was also thrown in the mix!!!!