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  1. My Two Cents

    Surely an April Fools Day prank...?

    Thus meaning the trainers lawyer may insist upon calling those up as witnesses perhaps?!!!!
  2. And here I’am thinking I’ve probably seen or heard most things in my life and I stumble across this beauty. No wonder this sport is on it’s knees. I hope the committee didn’t waste to much of their lives coming to an agreement as to who the respondent should actually be, there goes 10 seconds of their existence that they will never get back. One would have to feel sorry for life’s creator, imagine them looking down and seeing that dribble and saying “where did I go so wrong” Anyway gota fly, my greyhound wants to use my phone to send an email, he got a speeding ticket on the beach last week and by all accounts I can’t write his letter of defence......could be a long day.
  3. My Two Cents

    Questionable Handling..

    In fairness the trainer in question has been around the dog racing circuit for a very long time and has also overcome injuries that many may not of recovered from as well as she has. Maybe handlers/trainers that are more capable and physically fit could offer to help, my guess would be that she doesn’t want to ask for help. Some younger newcomers could benefit from her knowledge might I add. It’s a tad harsh crucifying someone whose obviously still got a passion for the sport but physically struggles with the odd over eager dog. I’ve seen a few battle scars, ie black eyes on trainers far stronger than she is as a result of temperamental hounds. Keep doing what you love and training winners Shirley.
  4. My Two Cents

    Brian Martin

    Interested to no exactly what it is that you “cannot stand” about Brian’s call’s? Which current caller would you rate of a higher standard all round, meaning pre race tipping and overall in depth knowledge of greyhound racing as a whole?
  5. My Two Cents

    An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

    The staff at head office had to take a rest from the keyboard, there are so many dogs to change the ownership names for that they have all developed severe cases of repetitive strain injury.
  6. My Two Cents

    An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

    So as I read the first rule it would take his wife to relinquish her license for the dogs to stay? And to drive the final nail home if they prove he has legal entitlement to a share in the property he’s definitely gone burgers along with his dogs!! The rule you quoted states “ no licensed person (in this case Mrs Cole), shall keep or train a greyhound on the premises or property of anyone who is warned off!!! Bye bye sweetie pie.....
  7. My Two Cents

    An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

    So was this rule amended after the Huntly trainers case?
  8. My Two Cents

    An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

    So he’s “warned off” I presume, therefore also not allowed on the same property as the dog’s?
  9. Easier to list the 5 people you shouldn’t go near!!! My tip would be to seek as much advice as possible from trusted people and sift through it to devise your own methods. Once your training and winning (!) don’t change your ways and beware of two things, firstly, people wanting you to train dogs for them on deals, there’s a reason they no longer want to do it, and secondly that when your winning no one will like you! I’m certain I’ve read an article where the great master Ray Adcock mentioned being only to happy to help new comers out, his advice would be invaluable to you. Goodluck with your endeavours and be warned that once you start it’s very hard to “shake” the greyhound racing’s more addictive than energy drinks!!
  10. My Two Cents

    An Open Letter To Mauro, Sean and the Board.

    Him and his mate tell them what to do, not the other way around.
  11. My Two Cents

    Brendan Cole

    I believe the fundamental point your missing is that Brendon, through his own doing and for reasons unknown is only realistically titled as a kennel hand in relation to any employment governing regulations and likely no more than a owner/handler and registered Lp within the greyhound racing associations documents, he’s clearly not registered as a trainer? Tell me how many “kennel hands” or handlers would be allowed to continue to participate whilst under investigation for such serious charges? The SPCA investigation has taken almost 2yrs, you can’t tell me they don’t have a rock solid case after that long. GRNZ are under no illusions now or previously as to who the actual trainer is and are clearly playing the nice guy cards by not revoking his handlers license and Lp status knowing full well that their rules would then prevent him from “being directly involved with day to day operations” and from being on the property where the training facility is.
  12. My Two Cents

    Open Letter To Craig Rendle

    Sorry to burst the “I’m withholding judgment until proven guilty” bubble but this owner would of been well aware of the goings on in that kennel. We are talking about a couple of massive punters here, $10k + bets, these are bets that they share investment and return in, god forbid what other goings on happen to “limit liability” of such bets. I can remember many years ago, 12+ at a guess, it was not long after Craig started showing interest in greyhound racing, I was invited to a race meeting for a big group race night, the table I was at was next to him and his group of “hangers on” and the trainer under investigation. I distinctly remember one of that group returning to the table and telling the “followers” about what he had just witnessed in the trainers car park involving “exciting and enticing” their dog just prior to it being kennelled. It became clear to me that this practice was obviously frowned upon due to hearing the guy saying “[email protected] don’t say a word about that”. There 2 peas in a pod, brothers to different mothers, sworn to oath amongst themselves and undeniably loyal to each other, but what will be most remember able of all in years to come will be how between them they completely totalled the greyhound racing industry in NZ.
  13. My Two Cents

    Open Letter To Craig Rendle

    I feel sorry for only one affected party in this debacle, the dogs. What is going to happen to all of those dogs? I doubt if they were dispersed amongst every other trainer in NZ that there would be enough spare kennels to accomodate such big numbers. I also doubt that above mentioned owner, even with all his wealth could afford to even pay trainers fees for the staggering amount of dogs he owns, this begs the question, how did GRNZ allow this to happen. Going off what the GRNZ and the RIU stated when this first came to light, which was that they would be awaiting the findings of the SPCA investigation then proceeding with their case immediately after the report was aired, this would mean that the trainer can no longer race his dogs from yesterday onwards until the RIU have concluded their investigation. No dogs should be allowed to leave that property during this time in my opinion and these greedy individuals should be paying to feed all the dogs as normal and with no income from racing them, this way the error’s of their ways will bleed them of the very thing that motivated them to become so “bigtime”
  14. My Two Cents

    Class Records at Addington over 520m

    I’m picking there’s a typo with the time you stated, 29.83 maybe? 20.83 over 520 would see the lure burst into a ball of flames halfway down the back straight!
  15. My Two Cents

    Class Records at Addington over 520m

    Thanks for that link. Geez Overtime was obviously something very special, won by 17 lengths!! Hardcase to scroll through those results and see many trainers names that are still on track today. I recall being told that racing greyhounds is like an addiction and once your hooked it’s all over, so very true. One would suggest that Overtime and Winsome Ashley ran basically identical times when the distance error is taken into account.