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  1. lamour

    Covid-19 restrictions

    There is a lot of confusion with some of the regulations. I operate a beverage company and it seems every day MBI change their minds about whether we can operate on line or not.
  2. lamour

    Trainers Premiership Article

    I thought it was a good article. Fact is, regardless of a UDR rating or money won, the premierships have always been decided on number of races won. Not poor journalism at all
  3. lamour

    Father Dan Cummings

    Didn’t know we was I’ll. Very sad loss.
  4. lamour

    Friday Nom's

    You would have to wonder if these races will ever be run. It's going to be boring if there is no harness racing to watch
  5. lamour

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    I agree. The fact is, out of the USA, Canada, Aussie & New Zealand, we have by far the highest minimum stakes. I believe we should run lower class races, say rating 40 -47 for $5,000 and put the money saved into rating 48 and above races. Races with a stake under $7,000 should attract a rating re accessment of only 2 points allowing for horses to remain competitive longer in that grade.. I know people are going to say it will drive owners from the game but all horses would start off racing for more money and only get into lower stakes races when they prove uncompetitive in races rated 48 & above. The real question though that needs to be addressed is how to increase revenues into the industry, particularly around betting, so that increased funds are available for all class of horses to race for more money.
  6. lamour

    Where is Dexter?

    I did hear he was planning a vacation to Honolulu, not sure exactly when but maybe he is there now..
  7. lamour

    Hill - Jones Partnership

    Not sure, but it did strike me that they still had the overheads of running two stables in Canterbury. Would have made more sense to me if one of them had been based in Auckland. Mark Jones also had a training partnership with someone in Aussie. I assume that must have finished given that they sent Stylish Memphis to Aussie with Mark Purdon.
  8. lamour

    Miracle Mile

    I think Lochinvar Art is the real deal. Not easy from the draw though
  9. lamour

    Gi-mongus Cheers!!!!

    Obviously you’re not a fan of Dr Susan
  10. lamour


    I think triple trio was not designed very well. A simple bet such as pick 10 or pick 12 would be more likely to succeed in my opinion. Works well on Harness in Europe. Of course we could consider the alternative and do nothing, lets see where that gets us.....probably where it has got us to now.
  11. lamour


    Regular bettors will still bet. We need new money coming into the industry. A jackpot type bet could replace the pick 6. I am not convinced that having all these various other betting types lead to increased betting. There is a school of thought that it just dilutes the pools for the main betting types. Look at trebles now, pools are pathetic. These things need to be tried. If we don't try new things and innovate we will get nowhere. Hey if it doesn't work we don't have to continue with it. But if it doesn't work it would go against all previous history of bigger pots leading to more interest, just look at lotto as you have said yourself.
  12. lamour


    Exactly, that's the whole point
  13. lamour


    Big pots lead to increased betting. It's a proven fact.
  14. lamour


    We could have 4 gallops, 4 harness & 4 Dogs. 12 races should see a few good jackpots. Or how about pick the winner of every race on the program?
  15. lamour


    I remember in my youth hearing of large jackpots at race meetings. If Lotto is allowed to have jackpots up to 50mil why is racing not offering bets capable of jackpotting to 1 or 2 mil. It would create a lot of interest & buzz and bring in extra sorely needed revenue to the industry.