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  1. The bit that interests me is the false start rule. It appears the driver of a horse causing a false start will no longer have the choice of going to the outside. They start in their allotted place in the 2nd attempt and if it happens again they are scratched. Personally I would like to see any horse causing a false start sent straight to the outside of the 2nd line.
  2. Creatine stands here for $3000. Seems like a bargain as most top trotting sires only available by frozen semen. I see he didn't have big crops either over there. . 40 -46 foals in each of his first 2 years.
  3. lamour

    On Course

    I wonder if family members of owners are allowed at Geraldine today, and more importantly for me if they will be allowed at Ashburton on Labour day? I can't see why not. Thousands are allowed to gather indoors at shopping malls under level 2 and last week I went to the Gypsy Fair in ChCh held outdoors with no restriction on numbers. Geraldine & Ashburton have wide open spaces. Fair enough if they want to restrict numbers in the bar but no reason I can see for restricting numbers on course. Should be open to anyone who wants to attend
  4. Thanks Tim, When I saw your post I went to the live feed to have a look. Decent price for the colt considering Lazarus is an unknown quantity as yet
  5. The sad truth is the govt doesn't give a stuff about the racing industry. I suspect they will keep the SI at level 2 precisely to stop Cup day going ahead with a crowd and yet thousands of people gather inside Westfield mall on weekends and that is ok. Labours friends the Greens will be delirious with joy at the prospect of damaging cup week and are no doubt planning a Morris Dancing festival in celebration.
  6. Trying to be positive, I think it would be very hard politically for the Government to hold these setting for another month without any move down in levels. I'm hopeful we will have an indication of the SI going to level 1 by Mid October
  7. Go to Westfield Riccarton and you will see 1000s of people inside the mall.
  8. lamour


    All makes sense now thanks to Tasman. A Pringle must have been related somehow to the A Pringle that won the Trotting Cup early on. Must have been a junior drivers race given how young all except one of them is. It may have been a rarity in those days hence they all lined up for a photo. They were called probationary drivers in those days I think.
  9. lamour


    It does look like G.D Shand but the time line doesn't fit with there being an A Pringle given it doesn't look like a massive difference in age between them. Could it perhaps be Georges father? There is a C May who I assume could be Ricky Mays grandfather. Terry May began driving in 1959 and G.D.Shand in 1955 so their fathers would have been driving together if G D Shands father drove at all. If that is right I think the photo could be anywhere from 1920s to 30s. A Pringle doesn't look too old. If he is the one that won the cups in 1908 & 1914 I thought the
  10. lamour


    I see A Pringle drove the NZ Cup winner in 1908 & 1914 so must be a very old photo.
  11. lamour


    Haven't heard of many of those drivers. The guy in front right of photo looks like a young D.G.Jones but I guess the names supplied must be correct.
  12. lamour


    I know it's black & white but I like that in those days the helmet was part of the colours and generally matched in with the colours the driver wears. These days often the colour of the helmet clashes with the drivers colours or just doesn't look right.
  13. Funny I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if it was still going on ? It was obvious quite some time ago the RIU had very weak or no evidence at all. The posters who posted here in the early stages of the investigation that the RIU had evidence in spades were full of BS. Wouldn't surprise me if some of them were connected to the police or RIU. PFP can you inform us if the RIU is still pursuing any INCA cases or have they ceased the investigation finally realizing it was going nowhere.? Would love to see the Sunday program do a expose on the whole
  14. lamour

    Sarah O

    Anyone know why she isn't driving this weekend? I couldn't find a report of a suspension anywhere