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  1. I rarely bet these days but went into the local pub on Friday to use their betting machine. Couldn’t help but think I was using technology Software that seemed right out of the 80,s that hasn’t been updated since. If they are going to replace tote operators with these machines they need to bring them up to date. They should be able to accept eftpos for one thing. Also to speed things up they should Be able to accept bet slips so people can place numerous bets without spending 2 or 3 minutes at the terminal. Also , what happens when you win because these machines only take investments, they don’t pay out on them.
  2. I tried to go to their website but apparently they don’t have one anymore, not that I could find anyway. Does the club own the land they are on?.
  3. I believe there needs to be an avenue for a complaints procedure against the board as the police have. Any organisation accountable only to themselves runs the risk of going off the rails occasionally.
  4. And it is also time to ban acceptance fees On group races so owners don’t get fleeced For gst for the sake of artificially inflating the race stakes.
  5. lamour

    Jess Smith

    Does anyone know what she is doing now. She was at HRNZ and doing a good job promoting Harness Racing. I hope she hasn’t been lost to the industry as she is a passionate supporter
  6. Agree. I Chanel surf in between Addington races so the wall to wall stuff doesn’t worry me too much. Would stay tuned though if there were interviews from trainers & Drivers. They can cram races into trackside 2 so should keep T1 the same as before. Would be interesting to know exactly how much they are saving. Surely for the big meetings like cup day they will have on course presenters.
  7. Captaintreacherous seems to be the hot stallion over there now Tim. I see PGH is out of a mare by Gear to Gear who I hadn’t heard of. Bettor Joy won last week. Good to see though she went 2 sec slower than they went in the open mares race. Great to see racing start up there again
  8. Obviously not as good as it was before, but still enjoyed watching. Particularly keen to see Ricky May drive a winner which added a bit of interest. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be though. I have to wonder how much they are saving by not having an on course presenter. I suspect it is not very significant in the overall scheme of things.
  9. Frankly I would rather watch grass grow than a warriors match.
  10. Apparently the select committee on the Race Fields legislation has made approximately 30 recommended changes to the legislation. Does anyone know if that includes the funding formula for the codes, i.e. whether it will remain as is or change from being based on the domestic share of turnover of each code to the total turnover including overseas product. It would be good if someone from HRNZ could enlighten us.
  11. Right you are. That type of information use to be readily available 20 or so years ago when they showed constant growth. Once things turn sour the info tends to dry up.
  12. Now that it seems the inca race fixing charges have come to a conclusion with all cases being thrown out of court it would be good if HRNZ put out a press release to that effect. With Dave Di Sommas connections perhaps it could get on TVNZ.
  13. This is very sad. Besides the trackside production teams and part time tote staff, I would like to know who else makes up the 230 staff who are to be made redundant. I hope they are shedding middle management pen pushers as they are the ones that need to go. The Whale, Greg & Mick were effectively the sales people for Harness Racing. They are getting rid of the very people we need most to grow the industry.
  14. It is my understanding that all the defendants have name suppression at the moment. If they are found not guilty, as it seems most will from what I have read on here, then I would assume they will have Permanent name suppression. Or am I wrong? Not quite sure how it works
  15. Are there any reporters covering proceedings?