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  1. lamour

    Times are tough

    You raise a good point WD. I suspect the payments for those finishing out of a place has become more common as the horse supply had dried up. Clubs are trying to encourage horses to turn up who otherwise might not. It is a debate worth having as to which is the best way to distribute stake money.
  2. lamour

    Addington Trot

    Great to see 10 starters in the main trot at Addington and with the return of Monbet & Enghien as well as Sundees Son. The best field of the season so far.
  3. You are correct. The acceptance fee is never paid. This is what differentiates nomination fees from acceptance fees and makes acceptance fees so ridiculous.
  4. The thread is about acceptance fees. Stables has tried to confuse the issue by equating them to sires stakes payments which are totally different. In fact sires stakes races & the like don’t have acceptance fees. I support stakes racing and I am not against nomination fees for group 1races. What I am against is acceptance fees that are a paper transaction only, that do not increase the actual stake paid but do create a gst liability that otherwise could be put towards increasing real stakes paid. I’m not aware DKC of any races where the last part of a nomination fee need not be paid, only acceptance fees. You could be right that it somehow increases the payment the Met gets from HRNZ. If that’s the case it would be interesting to hear from The Met the real reason they persist with what on the face of it appears to be a irrational policy.
  5. What you don’t seem to understand is that with acceptance fees, the owners don’t pay. An acceptance fee is declared for a race , say for example $1150 , but that is never paid to the club. It is deducted off the horses winnings. It is a paper transaction only. This is why it is different different from sires stakes payments. This paper transaction causes a gst liability, in the above case $1,500 dollars if there were 10 starters, which the club must pay to IRD. Do you not think it would be better if that money was put into stake money rather than Paid to IRD.
  6. Well here’s the problem I have with it Stables, in 2015 Addington took in $486,000 in acceptance fees. (Post 2015 they stopped detailing the amount in their accounts). That means an additional 63k was paid by owners (GST content) over & above the $486k , which the club then have to pass on to the IRD. Given that the acceptance fees don’t add to the net stake but are simply charged to the owners and then paid back to them after the race the whole transaction does nothing to increase stakes but has the net effect of taking 63k out of owners pockets to be paid in tax. From a business perspective or any logical analysis the the fee is insane.
  7. I have spoken to a few comittee members, a couple of Met ones & a committee member of the ATC. (The Auckland Cup also has acceptance fees) One on one they all admit they can’t see the sense in acceptance fees, yet no one seems to care about questioning the wisdom of these fees with those that insist on applying them to group races. DKC is right, no one is prepared to give a rational explanation of why we have them.
  8. We could all become members of Met and go to their next AGM. And one by one question why they persist with tis irrational policy
  9. Last year the stake was 800k so they drop it 50k for this year
  10. Agree that pressure needs to come from owners & trainers dkc but not sure it would be possible to organise a boycott. You would need to get Allstars on board. I think the horseman’s association needs to put their previous remit forward again to the next AGM. Don’t give up just because it got voted down the 1st time it was put forward. Another tactic could be to do it in parts, therefore maybe put forward a remit that group 1 races are limited acceptance fees of 1pc of the stake and group 2 & 3 races .5pc of stake. Given the sustaining payments required to get into the Cup its a dam disgrace they deduct a the large acceptance fee off the money the owners earn in the race.
  11. Earlier in the year I attended the Canty Trotting Assoc AGM. Under general business I suggested the association should adopt a stance of limiting acceptance fees to 1pc with a view to eventually eliminating them. Barry Dent , Ex NZMTC president assured the meeting there were only acceptance fees on 4 group 1 races & the Met only took in 200k down from $700k in previous years from the fees This was utter B.S. A total lie.
  12. Was it last year or the year before the horseman’s assoc put forward a remit to the annual conference that acceptance fees be abolished with a very reasoned argument. ? It was the only remit voted down. Apparently Addington was the main reason it was defeated.
  13. Sites stakes payments and the like are basically a sweepstake. You pay up and the money gets divided between the winners & placed horses. With group 1 acceptance fees the money is not paid up front by the owner, it is deducted off the stake you win, therefore making the fee pointless. It is smoke and mirrors to make the stake look bigger than it really is. Problem is it attracts a gst payment for no reason at all
  14. lamour

    Noble Mistress-Bizarre

    How influential is beach training or the straight line aspect of beach training?
  15. lamour

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Your dead right JL, sports bar concept with casino works well in USA but I don’t think any government here is going to allow us to go down that road. Some years ago The Met tried to get a licence for some pokies on course but the CCC wouldn’t allow it.