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  1. lamour

    Rating 40 to 55

    Would be interested to know what the handicapper told you Tim. Are you able to share it with us?
  2. lamour

    Dexter winning everywhere this weekend

    Should have no trouble having his visa renewed when the time comes, considering the results he is getting. USA gain is our loss.
  3. lamour

    The Mighty Laz

    No matter how good a horse was or how well bred, there is no guarantee of success as a sire. That is why 10k is very steep for a new stallion. I would probably take a chance on him before Vincent or Ultimate Machete though. I guess if he really makes it as a stallion then he will boost stakes in NSW giving stables here a chance to go over there and win some of the money back. It would seem to be a risk for NSW Harness and if he doesn't make it, it may hurt their finances depending on what sort of deal was done. Many great horses have failed as stallions and then others like Vance Hanover that couldn't run fast enough to keep warm was highly successful.
  4. lamour

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure the clubs don't supply the stake money, or the vast majority of it anyway
  5. lamour

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    If Ashburton & Cambridge can afford them I wouldn’t have thought it would be a problem for Addington. Doesn’t the stake money come from HRNZ anyway?
  6. lamour

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    Your not alone JL. I think there is more glamour around the mile races and 1980m is a weakening of the whole concept. Also different atmosphere at Alex & Addington. I really hope it goes back to Ashburton after Cambridge.
  7. lamour

    The Mighty Laz

    I’m in two minds about this. 10k is quite steep for an unproven stallion. It’s a shame he won’t be in Nz but I guess in the end he is still available here with frozen seamen. Profits will be going to Aussie Harness but it’s better than going to USA. I think he will get a good book in spite off fee as still cheaper than BD.
  8. lamour

    HRNZ Web Update

    Certainly a fresher look and all information still there but I agree with Nelli, you bring something up and you have to scroll down to find it. Also when you bring up fields you have to click on each race. I much prefer previous site where all races come up and it was much quicker to just scroll through them.
  9. lamour

    Southland Harness

    Invercargill have a great days racing coming up. 2 x 50k races with no acceptance fees. (Addington please take note) 10 k minimum stakes for the day. They seem to be very progressive in the south and administrators and club committees around Canterbury and beyond would do well to study how they manage harness racing in the Deep South.
  10. lamour

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    I always thought Sell A Bit was well named as she was out of a mare called No more nookie
  11. lamour

    Shartin Beats Bettor Joy at Yonkers tonight

    Hi Tim, I watched the race online. I was a co owner of Bettor Joy here in NZ. Didn’t really want to sell her but the top mares here mostly have to run against the boys and it makes it very hard. If they ran regular mares races here it would be great and more of them would stay here which would boost breeding industry also. Mind you it would deplete the mares for the Matchmaker series. As for Dexter, we miss him here, please send him back.
  12. lamour

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Had a look on the site and could only find the previous weeks episode. Will try looking again
  13. lamour

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Fartoomuch... I have never met the Hopes, and actually missed the interview you refer to, (I'm basing my comments on the information in your post), but common sense would tell me he is not going to go on tv and imply that once he has reached 50 wins for the season he is going to start pulling up his horses. If he desires to train about 50 winners consistently, well that is a perfectly acceptable target and I believe it is unreasonable to assume from that, that he is possibly going to indulge in illegal behavior once he has achieved his target. The Hope family has worked their way to the top through years of hard work , talent and integrity and from your description of what he said I certainly wouldn't think there was anything wrong with his comments. We will probably just have to agree to disagree on this.
  14. lamour

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Bizarre interpretation of what he meant.
  15. lamour

    Driver; Ben Hope

    What’s wrong with that?. They are doing a great job and they can set any goals they want. Nothing wrong with wanting to be Consistent. I really don’t know what you’re thinking.