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  1. lamour

    Is it true

    Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me given all the talk about falling turnovers, particularly since the new tab website was launched. It appears it has been disastrous. Notice how the powers that be are very quiet on information about turnover now. Before the site went live they loved to talk about all the extra money it was going to generate.
  2. lamour

    Farewell J Teaz

    You are probably thinking of C W McLaughan JJ. He had a good horse called Mighty Me. I think those were his colours. If I remember right he owned a shoe store and trained horses in his retirement.
  3. lamour


    Good on trackside. Credit where it’s due. Would have been great to see other races though, especially the mares race with strong NZ Bred interest
  4. lamour


    Big day there on Sunday (our time). Dexter in action along with Bettor Joy, Shartin & Seaswift Joy. Dexter has a great chance of winning Meadowlands Pace with C Ryder trained runner. Plenty of NZ interest but will the TAB take betting on the meeting? Or show races on Trackside? Not likely. Tab people not interested in Harness.
  5. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    Hope this isn’t a silly question but what’s the difference between race fixing and match fixing when it comes to horse racing. Also wondering why the charges are no longer under the umbrella of operation Inca? What is significance of that?
  6. lamour

    Breeding trotters

    4 trials at Meadowlands yesterday for 2 yr old trotters, all won by Father Patrick’s. Early signs looking very exciting for him. Whether he performs as well here with frozen seaman only time will tell.
  7. lamour

    Breeding trotters

    Love you has produced some great horses but Monbet, Enghien & Great Things Happen all like shooting stars. Make a brilliant impression but disappear off the scene too early. Not sure if it’s just coincidence or they tend to be unsound. No doubt people more knowledgeable than me will have opinions on that.
  8. lamour

    Breeding trotters

    Also worth noting trotting bloodlines are more diverse, partly due to European influence & there is no trotting sire as dominant as BD in the pacing ranks.
  9. lamour

    Outsourcing TAB - Huge Mistake !

    Anyone else think it is ironic that a politician that has spent his entire career fighting against foreign control of assets is now leading the charge to outsource the TAB?
  10. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    Well said Tim
  11. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    I'm not convinced discussing tactics is a good idea, but you are quite right Tim, it is not illegal and goes on all the time. Recently didn't we have Mark Purdon openly telling everyone that Spankem would not be handing up to Turn It Up in one of the feature 4 year old races at Alex Park?
  12. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    Ex T/S employee would fit in with the name I heard although I think it is many many years since the person was working for the channel. Probably the same person
  13. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    Would love to know who KS is as I was wondering how this whole thing started. I had heard another name involved but it I don’t know how reliable that info was to be fair.
  14. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    That seems to be the ONLY race there COULD be a question mark over, and yet we have this 2 year investigation and allegations against multiple people who are most likely completely innocent and in some cases definitely innocent. If there was evidence of suspicious betting or texts on the Nelson race why is it taking so long to proceed to trial? Probably because there is not enough evidence to convict. Often times when police don’t have enough evidence it is because the person is innocent.
  15. lamour

    Inca the stinker

    Agree Overcheck, leading horsemen having charges dropped is not a sexy story for mainstream media. However, police wasting two years and $ millions chasing imaginary crimes might be a good story for the Sunday program.