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  1. A quick comparison of tomorrows Addington meeting with the equivalent meeting last year seems to show what I suspected. The stakes at Addington seem to have actually increased. The intermediate grade are racing for $12.5kg and $15kg which is more than last year. Although some of the group races have had a stake reduction it is not as much as seems once you take the elimination of acceptance fees into account. In fact the Maurice Holmes Vase was raced for $28.5k this year as opposed to $30k last year, but taking acceptance fees into account the net stake has actually increased by a small amount.
  2. When are applications for the CEO job going to be advertised?
  3. I liken the TAB cutting radio & TV programs like the Box Seat to a company that reduces costs by cutting its sales force. It has an immediate positive effect on cash flow but as time goes on you naturally loose customers for whatever reason and 5 years down the track you don’t have enough customers to support the business as no new customers are being bought on.
  4. He had what must be his most successful day in the USA so far today winning 6 races three of which were worth $250k each
  5. lamour


    Not sure if you’re serious or just stirring. Wellington makes no sense at all. Nil interest in HR there. All you would achieve is complete disruption of all staff members lives, (Except Mr Holden) higher rent and travel costs with no upside. As far as Population, the biggest population of horses, licensees and owners is in Christchurch.
  6. lamour


    Well let’s hope & pray that they get a high quality of applicants. I guess if nothing else at least a proper process is being followed. I do think the Board needs to insist on the next CEO being based in Christchurch. Who is paying for the acting CEO,s commute now?
  7. lamour


    I see Phil Holdens appointment is till 31st March 2021. A recruitment Process is to get under way soon. Best news I’ve heard all week.
  8. The Maurice Holmes Vase next week has a Small stake reduction over last years event, down from $30k to $28,500. But it looks like The Met have dropped the acceptance fees on the race so the nett stake is actually higher than last year. In the 2019 event $22,875 was distributed to the first five home after acceptance fees were deducted from the stake. In the 2020 race they will win $24,480. Have The Met finally given in to common sense? If so, we’ll done
  9. The board should call a meeting of all interested parties to discuss options for growth. This should include representatives from younger people in the sport, many of whom are very tech savvy and have a lot to contribute. Such a meeting would not be to air petty grievances or have a go at administrators but to focus on what we all want, higher stakes and more participation. Positive people like Ken Breckon, Andrew Fitzgerald, Jess Davidson to name a few, and there are many others, who I’m sure would have good ideas and like to be involved.
  10. It seems they have been happy to muddle on running the industry on a day to day basis, dealing with issues when they arise but with no strategy or real plan for growth. This is no longer an option. Time for the board and the CEO to earn their money.
  11. 1- Do you believe it is in the best interests of Harness Racing & transparency that a CEO is appointed without proper process, ie opening up the recruitment process to others with appropriate skills.? And if so why. 2- Will you be producing a vision statement for where you want Harness Racing to be in 2 years, 5 years & 10 years time? 3-Will you be producing a plan outlining how you are going to reverse the decline in Harness market share of wagering to the other racing codes? 4- Will you be outlining a plan to increase overall betting on Harness to increase revenues, thus increasing stakes. Anyone in senior governance roles should be doing this & if they can’t they should resign now.
  12. lamour

    HRNZ News Desk

    Rumours are rife that Mr Spicer has stepped down as board chair. Not sure if that is correct but if he is still the chair it is only because no one else on the board is willing to take over, from what I’m hearing.
  13. lamour

    HRNZ News Desk

    When will the CEO job be advertised or are the rumours true that Phil H has been appointed permanently, without proper process it would seem.
  14. lamour

    HRNZ News Desk

    Perhaps the marketing people at HRNZ could take over the roll thereby saving a salary.
  15. Looking at the jobs vacancy Page on the HRNZ website I see they are advertising for someone to take over this roll. I assume From that that Dave DiSomma must be leaving. That would be unfortunate as he has been good at getting Harness Racing stories onto the mainstream media, particularly TVNZ. I only looked at the job vacancy website to see if they had the CEO job advertised yet.