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  1. Alot can change in 20 days , for better or worse but they could transfer to Woodville , I doubt they would risk running races on the synthetic until it's been well and truly tested with trials and jump outs which makes me wonder , does the delay with the Levin Clubs initial members meeting have anything to do with the trials debut on the synthetic track , the meeting is now 3 days after the synthetic trials have been held , if the trials are successful it's quite a strong demonstration of the future and what Levin will be up against when it comes to jump outs, something that those wanting to e
  2. Ex NZR 10:59 AM (39 minutes ago) Good Morning, The first set of trials for the Awapuni synthetic track are scheduled for Thursday 18 August. Nominations will close with the bureau on Wednesday 17 August at 12 noon.
  3. 5/8/ Synthetic Track Update We are delighted to be able to report that training has commenced on the all-weather synthetic track at Awapuni. 9000 tonnes of new surface was laid in good time and with the new running rail delayed until mid August due to manufacturing issues, the decision was made to relocate Trentham’s rail to Awapuni so it could speed up the deployment of the synthetic track for training. Initial planning for the synthetic track involved a series of evaluations and trials until racing commenced in May next year, but reports are emerging that it could be pressed into mo
  4. Congrats on the win sorry for the belated response but been travelling , let's see how he copes with the rise in company next time I see he won a $50k R65 at Ellerslie earlier in his career so he must have a reasonable amount of talent hopefully he performs again next time . 7 Points for the win seems plenty but that's how it is , good luck for next time .
  5. GROUP ONE TURF BAR 1300M Rating 60 HCP 1300m - $35,000 Must have been drunk at the time when they dreamed that one up anyway the fact that they would wast so much money on low rated horses is beyond belief . The field will be made up of higher rated horses who then claim , 2 points per kg so R68 can reduce weight to 60kg and over a shortish distance these horses will dominate and your R60 won't get a look in . Ruakaka , just horses looking for better ground so I ignored that but even there most will get a start .
  6. Here it is what a breakthrough racing's saved ,Cambridge tomorrow BUT oops 7 acceptances what happened to all that demand , a full field in the R 65 and most in that could start in the R60 and claim and then we have all R 65 at Hawera and all nominated will get a start so wheres the problem . Now Rodger you reference Australia and sure if you can't compete at a higher level then you have options to travel and go into weaker company BUT the stakes reflect the drop in company so if we follow that thinking the R60 should be run for $7000 not the $14000 that"s on offer .
  7. The trials scheduled for Otaki on Tuesday 9 August have been cancelled due to the extremely wet weather and wet tracks in the central region over the past weeks. NZTR and RACE are looking at the possibility of scheduling a set of trials on the synthetic track at Awapuni on Thursday 18 August. This will be confirmed or otherwise next week.
  8. Don't panic Baz I suspect closing down will take time , I talked to a former member and she said the track is leased to a trust and will only close when the lease expires MIGHT be true ,if so ownership can change but the lease still exists so actual possession depends on when the lease expires . A quick possession will only happen if the trust agrees to cancel the lease . Now beware this could be bs but I do remember about 12 years ago this was a topic on this forum and a trust was mentioned .
  9. Heres another update Hedley . 32,845.13+315.50 (0.97%)friday , A collapse might happen but we are still waiting .
  10. This topic has had some discussion in the other channel and a valuation of $30mill mentioned (hard to believe) anyway a logical reason to close the track will be money . When the AWT at Awapuni is in use Levins jump out money will be decimated , the cost of transport alone will be a big saving for Awapuni owners an trainers , it's not hard to see Levins income halved thanks to the AWT meaning it will have to close , the only issue will be what sweeteners will be offered to Levin members .
  11. Climate crisis , yea rite even comrade ardern doesn't really believe it . the Government considered climate change before granting permits to look for oil and gas, but thought it of “insufficient weight” to decline them , Last June, the Government issued two permits that would allow oil and gas companies to search for fossil fuels reserves in Taranaki, out to 2031. Six months before the permits were announced, the Government declared a climate emergency.
  12. The punting is getting cheaper . The Waverley races for today have been abandoned after considerable rain on the track early this morning after a long period of wet weather. More rain is predicted today and there may be visibility issues for riders given the nature of the track .
  13. Owned About 15/20 over many years , not all raced some found a new home when their lack of competitiveness was obvious , raced 8/10 and mostly 100% owned (50/50 wife) , bred a few as well
  14. No, dropping the rating band can only be short term relief and will do very little to keep owners interested all it will do is prolong the pain of owners and more likely sour them against racing another one . If there is a problem and I'm not sure there is perhaps it's time to think about cancelling the drop back policy and let the handicapper create a wider band , lower minimum weight and a higher top weight, a return to 40 years ago .
  15. R40 won't help the slow ones , it's just a number .