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  1. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    An influential United States Congress hearing has been told "one of the major fundraisers for Jacinda Ardern's party" is linked to the Chinese Communist Party and it showed China had penetrated New Zealand's political networks. As a result, US lawmakers needed to consider whether New Zealand should be kicked out of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance because of problems at its "political core". In early 2008, Ardern was elected as the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, a role which saw her spend time in several countries, including Jordan, Israel, Algeria and CHINA Ardern has called capitalism a "blatant failure" due to the extent of homelessness in New Zealand . She advocates a lower rate of immigration, suggesting a drop of around 20,000–30,000. Calling it an "infrastructure issue", she argues, "there hasn't been enough planning about population growth, we haven't necessarily targeted our skill shortages properly". However, she wants to increase the intake of refugees. How's the homeless and immigration going ?? Cindy certainly fits the bill of a globalist (more refugees ) and a communist supporter .
  2. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    And here's a little more , this is worth a study it's brilliant .
  3. tripple alliance

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    UN running out of money , demanding governments increase taxes to pay for the climate scam . UN bosses are demanding that taxpayers in America and other nations hand over more money now or face global catastrophe. Trump reacted to the whining by calling on the UN to go look for money elsewhere. American taxpayers pay more than 185 other UN member states, combined. And in return for all that money , the UN constantly attacks Americans’ liberties while praising and aiding mass-murdering regimes. The man-made global-warming hypothesis — was described by Trump as a “hoax” to benefit the dictatorship enslaving mainland China. Goodonya Trumpy .
  4. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Come on Thomas do the right thing , here's a way to atone for you political sins , redemption is a small donation away . ( just click on nationals w/site ) The President’s Appeal is a once a year opportunity to help directly fund our campaign efforts, both on-line and on the ground. Your personal support will ensure the strength of our campaign is unmatched. Click here to chip in $30 Click here to chip in $50 Click here to chip in $100
  5. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Yes the first poll is far to generous to labour , what does your gut tell you ? , that"s right this government is hopeless , it's failure on every front . cindy is well aware of this that's why much of her speel is back tracking , advising caution on topics her supporters would expect bold leadership on . " Big bold moves that we haven't built public support for are easily dismantled, Ardern told the assembled union delegates in Wellington '',.and '' She also used her speech to the Climate Change and Business Conference in Auckland on Wednesday October 9, to say the government had no plan to declare a "climate emergency". and There was no room for blame on climate change, she said, and "putting up the barriers" and hoping a different government was voted in was not the answer. , she's nervous . Lees-Galloway refused an interview with Newshub about granting residencies to convicted criminals. National Party justice spokesperson Mark Mitchell says he's got a credibility issue so that's not good enough. "This minister has not got a good track record. . There's going to have to be transparency around it, and he's going to have to explain why a decision like this was made when we've got good law-abiding people in this country that would make good citizens that have been turned down every week". and the jones boy at it again , Shane Jones shooting an AR15, which his Government just banned , I recon Jones is just baiting her , possibly making a play to join National when nzf collapses and , twitford , The government yesterday said it would bolster the agencies with 100 new staff and a $45 million fund, but more money would be needed - and that could come from motorists . and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she will apologise to former Wellington Mayor Justin Lester after she appeared to forget he was her own party's candidate for the mayoralty. She said that she also wanted to clarify her comments, noting "some of the things I've seen haven't necessarily been accurate". (She tried to distance labour from Lester's defeat) That's enough for now , I could spend a week on this , it's a very long list of incompetence .
  6. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    We don't need a new political party , check out to nights poll , National and Act have enough seats to govern ,. Nothing cindy can do will stop the free fall , this is the worst government in NZ history . The Nats are raking in the cash donations , mum and dad doner's are filling the coffers , it won't be long before labour pays a visit to the bank to increase the OD limit .
  7. tripple alliance

    Unpopular opinion?

    Yes the bank's are not only self serving but acting like socialists as well , they are stealing the use of depositors money , only paying 1.5% on deposits and then lending it out to first home buyers at 3.85% , they seem to be looking after first home buyers at the expense of retirees , how does anyone expect me to pay for my share in a horse with those shocking returns .
  8. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    cindy and labour are gone , latest poll shows she dropped a massive 9% , a figure I doubt , I suspect she is back to her election night percentage , that was less than 40% . Whatever the true number is, it's all moving in the right direction , even super Simon is moving up , hell If the Nat's put Todd Muller or someone like that , perhaps Chris Bishop (in time) at the helm they would be on 70% .
  9. tripple alliance

    Local Body Elections

    The problem for many voters is in AK they were being asked to vote to two former labour party hacks , that's no choice . "" Look what happened in WGTN , voters were given the opportunity to dump a labour backed candidate and they grabbed the opportunity . Lester ran on the Labour ticket with his aspirations of entering central party politics much-talked about. He also unveiled the aspirational $6.4 billion transport plan Let’s Get Wellington Moving earlier in the year, which was supposed to boost Lester’s chances of re-election in a city that’s suffered through seemingly endless transport woes . But the plan has been pulled into political scraps, and Lester’s opponents quickly labelled it “politically compromised ”. HA HA , aspirational $6.4 billion and Labour ticket with his aspirations of entering central party politics , this is a pointer of labours chances in the next general election , cindy support has collapsed and Winston is gone , bring it on .
  10. tripple alliance

    Trump written off

    The Don winning again , you gotta love him , genius .(even though he's a day to day proposition ) US President Donald Trump has announced "phase one" of a new trade deal with China, the first breakthrough in negotiations since the superpowers launched their trade war 18 months ago. Trump said the hostile relations between the countries had become a "lovefest". The partial deal, announced on Friday local time (Saturday AEDT), followed meetings in Washington between Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He. As part of the agreement, the Trump administration agreed to cancel a planned tariff increase on US$250 billion in Chinese goods due to take effect next week. Meanwhile, China will buy up to US$50 billion worth of US agricultural products and is prepared to agree to guidelines on how it manages its currency, Trump saide Trump said the deal also included some provisions on intellectual property and would open up China’s market to American financial services firms. "We’ve come to a very substantial phase-one deal," Trump told reporters
  11. tripple alliance

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    As Dick Smith said , '' I love electric cars but they will never be financially viable for the average Ausse , I am a wealthy man and enjoy owning and driving them , for me they are a hobby but they will never be a real option for Australians "" Small around town cars might have some use but for family's or anyone who travels a few more k,s , they are not viable and this . A Nissan Leaf owner has received a $33,000 bill to replace the battery in his electric car - even though it's now only worth $12,000. Canberra engineer Phillip Carlson bought his fully-electric hatchback brand new for $53,500 in August 2012. Just seven years later, he can't drive his environmentally-friendly car because he isn't prepared to stump up $33,385 to replace the lithium ion battery. . The tab included $750 for labour and $29,600 for the battery plus the 10 per cent GST. Mr Carlson, a married father with a daughter, believed his new car had a range of 175km but even as a new vehicle, his Nissan was only able to travel 120km. 'Getting 120km brand new was a real stretch and it was more like 110km,' he said. Before he took his car in for repairs in February this year, it could only travel 40km, or just 25km with the heater on in winter.
  12. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Now that's funny , you can look at this two ways , one indicates incompetents , the other political greed , desperation to be elected . Incompetents , this is when you tax , and charge everyone more and more to create this $7billion and then admit it's much more than you were expecting , cancelling the infrastructure projects saved several billion , underfunding hospitals (a friend diagnosed with Cancer , letter said , you have serious problem , see specialist within 4 months) and schools also helped create the 3.5billion , the remaining 3.5 billion is just book work on trains , in short it's just an unexpected fluke. The other option political greed , deliberately under funding hospitals , canning light rail , cancelling 11 major roading projects and many other various projects that have been cancelled all designed to create a pool of money for election bribes . As for Joyce ,if this pack of losers implemented all of their promises the Hole would be real .
  13. tripple alliance

    Alls not lost , performance .

    Dictionary , peer review .'' evaluation of a person's work or performance by a group of people in the same occupation, profession, or industry.'' NOTHING about double blind . Wikip the same or similar .
  14. tripple alliance

    Alls not lost , performance .

    Where's lights out ?? , he's had plenty to say , where are you lights out lets hear your thoughts (keep it short )
  15. tripple alliance

    Alls not lost , performance .

    The term ''suggest'' is a problem with your summation , the truth is you simply don't know and PEER reviewed , by who ?? . What's happened today is the doom merchants are having to face the fact that all's not lost as some have been suggesting , yourself included . You may choose to reflect on some of your own history when it comes to racing and racing management , it hardly inspires confidence .