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  1. Time for a catchup . Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore's had his latest documentary production taken off YouTube . The film claims green energy sources such as wind and solar power can't be sustained forever. Before it was taken down, the film had had more than 8 million views. “This attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of censorship by political critics of Planet of the Humans,” he wrote. This is just another attempt by the film’s opponents to subvert the right to free speech. And another having doubts , Perhaps this could be displayed in schools , it might help ease the mental abuse our young people are being subjected to . Michael Shellenberger is an environmentalist who has been named by Time as a Hero of the Environment and won a Green Book Award. On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologise for the climate scare we created over the past 30 years. Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem. I have been a climate activist for 20 years and an environmentalist for 30. But as an energy expert asked by the US congress to provide ­objective testimony, and invited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to serve as a reviewer of its next assessment report, I feel an obligation to apologise for how badly we environmentalists have misled the public.
  2. Just for you jack and I'm still waiting for you to answer that question . "" The former chief science advisor Sir Peter Gluckman, former prime minister Helen Clark and ex-Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe say an extended delay in opening the borders will cause huge damage to the country's economy and social wellbeing, and it's now time to change the goals. Speaking to Morning Report on Friday, Gluckman said planning for the future has become bogged down in an unhelpful shift to New Zealand's goals after the country went into lockdown - from trying to 'flatten the curve' of the numbers infected with the virus at any one time, to complete elimination. " Basickly comrade cindys international grandstanding , look at me , look at me i'm cleaver is going to shaft the country and condem us to long term isolation and creeping poverty .
  3. So a would be SCHOOL TEACHER is now the minister of health . Comrade cindys problems exposed , NO TALENT in the government , this is why the violence displayed by sepalone wasn't punished . Big day for Todd and the Nats . David Clark has resigned as Minister of Health and as a Minister. I think this shows Labour is very worried about the polls and how his carrying on would continue to erode their previous gains. Chris Hipkins has been appointed Minister of Health (which is what I recommended a week ago!). It shows how devoid of talent they are that they had to give the portfolio to someone who is already overworked with Education, State Services and Leader of the House. .
  4. answer the question , name JUST ONE of cindys main priority policies that has succeeded Now get real , it's a very damming condemnation of comrade cindy when she had to be forced by Nationals petition to get real with boarder control , that petition is the only reason we are not in the position of Victoria . Thank's National .
  5. Now jack , answer the question , name JUST ONE of cindys main priority policies that has succeeded , looking foward to your answer . Chinese Students , yes comrade cindy , (not the Nat's) and her useless band of comrades are developing a plan to allow chinese students in , pressure from the universitys and the finance minister . It's just like the Australian plan that's been crashed by the labor government in Victoria , hopeless boarder controls just like comrade cindys , thank god for the Nats and 40,000 who petitioned the government to get tough on boarder control .
  6. Jack , you do realise comrade cindy received 36% at the last election don't you , she only governs because winne scammed his supporters , those supporters are now divided between Act and National . So this is how it is , National has regained a good portion of it's support , their numbers will continue to rise , National will be sitting on 42/45% at the next poll , add to that ACT who are headed for strong support at the next election and comrade cindy will be off to the UN . Now , here's the challenge , name JUST ONE of cindys main priority policies that has succeeded , this is the most unsuccessful government NZ has ever had forced upon them .
  7. Wrong again , NOBODY wants community transmission but I fear we might have to accept it and try to manage it . Ever since the black lives matter protests attitudes have changed and now the world is moving towards managing it and it's not realistic to close our boarders for ever . Europe , the USA , Australia and in fact most of the world still have people becoming infected but are ignoring that fact and are opening up their economy's , ultimately we may have no choice but at least another of comrade cindys lies has been exposed . Remember when she said we have plenty of PPE , we didn't and the same goes for face masks which are essential , a fact she is only recognising now . She also said we have plenty of medical supply's , some we don't . Comrade cindy. 29 / june "Today we are announcing an additional $150m allocation for the purchase of PPE from the Covid response and recovery fund with a firm focus on ensuring consistent supply for our frontline, border, and managed isolation and quarantine facility workers." The PPE stocks will include allocations to be given to airlines, so they can have them ready to give to passengers.
  8. The greens are no longer an environmental party , more like extreme socialists . Don't under estimate the amount of people in NZ who are asset millionaires , Auckland , Wellington house values , farms etc , under this dream/nightmare many would have to borrow to pay the tax .,
  9. Just for you Uriah , the Victorian premier has just announced anyone in quarantine who refuses a test will be required to stay in quarantine for 24 days , 14 days is not safe . Sofar it's just pure luck we don't have community transmission .,
  10. "The Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) today advised New Zealand racing codes of fore casted funding in 2020/21 of $139.6m which is the same level as was budgeted for the 2019/2020 season . This is despite fewer thoroughbred and harness races planned for the upcoming season. " Ok so Less races , same money , that must mean stakes are going to rise , It could also mean much bigger fields and races become harder to win ..
  11. Not this time Turny , it was rural NZ that put him there last time not the racing industry , they will never forgive him , his only hope is northland .
  12. Latest poll result , peters on 2% , hardly surprising , he betrayed the majority of those who voted for him , they will never forgive or forget .
  13. 14 days is one part of it , testing is imperative before release , many people are carriers and show no signs of sickness , testing will identify these people and that's why what's happened is so dangerous .
  14. Slammer , you can't be serious , Bishop was entitled to believe testing was being done , we all were lead to believe that's what was happening , we were all conned , you included . If it wasn't for National there would be very little testing at the boarder , the National party petition forced them to announce testing was happening , comrade cindy lied again ... Now READ THIS , The Government has come under fire in recent times for its management of quarantine and managed isolation facilities, starting last week when two coronavirus-positive sisters were allowed to leave an Auckland hotel without being tested. Since then, it's been revealed 2400 people were released from managed isolation or quarantine facilities without a single COVID-19 test. That's right 2400 not tested , it will be pure luck if we don't have an out break . 2400 , 2400 , 2400 , 2400 , I'll say it again 2400 , stunning incompetence .
  15. "These were asymptomatic cases". RUBBISH , one had symptoms . , NZ had 2 , RUBBISH we don't know , the testing regime wasn't working , just ask David Clark . "Don't let a minority destroy our sacrifices, efforts, dreams and families," MINORITY , make no mistake it's not the minority that's pissed off , it's the majority by far and comrade cindy knows it . Todd Mullar is breathing down her neck and she worried ,.