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  1. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Flocka and Hedley , a special just for u2 ' It seems cindy likes to help her mates who intern are happy to help the communist telecommunications Huawei Now check this out . The Prime Minister's ongoing relationship with a high-powered lobbyist has raised questions about separation between those in power and those who stand to gain. Gordonjon (GJ) Thompson has a shared history with Jacinda Ardern and was her chief of staff when she set up her Government. '' Thompson and Ardern have known each other since he worked as a press secretary for Helen Clark, at the same time Ardern worked for the former prime minister. Thompson left his role as director of lobbying firm Thompson Lewis to be the Prime Minister's interim chief of staff for about five months while she set up the Government. Following his stint as chief of staff, he returned to run the Auckland-based lobbying firm. Thompson remained a director of the company while working in the Prime Minister's office, and didn't change his cell phone number when moving between the roles. Thompson Lewis is acting for Huawei – a sensitive client, which is currently working to secure meetings with ministers in a bid to change the fate of its 5G technology in New Zealand . Industry insiders who spoke to Newsroom said this was a highly unusual situation. '' So what we seem to have is the real potential of favours for wealthy friends .
  2. tripple alliance

    Winston gets the betting duty back for racing as promised

    Well I guess the statement , the rich are cleaver is true , that's why they have succeeded , their efforts are well rewarded because they are cleaver , if the loopholes are there then why not use them , this isn't relevant . The fact is they high earners are paying most of the tax . You might be right about medium wage earners who claim little and pay for everything but low earners effectively pay NO tax , ZERO , is that fair to Top and Medium earners ? . In the racing world I suspect many don't much pay tax , certainly any trainer with a business will be claiming all expenses and won't be paying tax , a good argument to boost racing incomes .
  3. tripple alliance

    Winston gets the betting duty back for racing as promised

    You do realise the so called rich do pay the lions share of tax . Lets say someone buys a $100,000 yearling PLUS GST , that's 15K gst from money that's already been taxed . The rich also buy more expensive new cars PLUS GST verses the $10 K car including GST the lower income earner pays . The better of also bankroll racing to a large extent so lets not bite the hand that feeds our industry . Now keep in mind those who are the lower earners on this chart also pick up support from the government , the so called rich are propping up a lot of people . Annual individual taxable income ($) Number of people Tax paid (000) % ($m) % Zero 367 10 0 0 1 – 10,000 333 9 150 0 10,001 – 20,000 616 16 1,150 3 20,001 – 30,000 562 15 1,860 5 30,001 – 40,000 342 9 1,760 5 40,001 – 50,000 327 9 2,240 6 50,001 – 60,000 296 8 2,810 8 60,001 – 70,000 212 6 2,640 8 70,001 – 80,000 180 5 2,790 8 80,001 – 90,000 126 3 2,370 7 90,001 – 100,000 95 3 2,100 6 100,001 – 125,000 117 3 3,280 9 125,001 – 150,000 78 2 2,790 8 150,001+
  4. tripple alliance

    Winston gets the betting duty back for racing as promised

    Pilfered from taxpayers ?, give us a break , hell this lot are happy to toss millions down the drain , tax and spent , we know better how your money. Take education for example , $50 million blown on free education , result , less students and what's so bad about this is if these students do learn and not just get pissed then their qualifications will enable them to shaft the rest of us with excessive charges . At least racing people have to take a chance with their own money to succeed . Time to crack down many different , especially education subsidies that create a situation that enable those who are subsidised to charge the rest of us massive premiums for their services .
  5. tripple alliance

    Winston gets the betting duty back for racing as promised

    Yep todays his big day , back pack on and off down the pike mine .
  6. tripple alliance

    GST Refuns

    Gotta nice email from NZTR today ,
  7. tripple alliance

    The only thing these clowns got right with new TAB.

    Well I picked the winner but no punt , hate it when that happens , bugger , anyway I enjoyed the nights viewing , it was bed time , well done Skomo , bye bye Simon , bye bye Winston , the example is there for all to see .
  8. tripple alliance

    Winston gets the betting duty back for racing as promised

    Typical Winston , it's always some one else's fault . ''Two years ago, Winston talked about the battles he had with Treasury over various issues for racing,'' IT'S THERE FAULT . '' Treasury was just one of many government bureaucracies consulted to complete the suite of Cabinet Papers which also included the State Sector Commission, Inland Revenue Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Health, Te Puni Kokiri, Ministry of Justice, Sport New Zealand and Ministry of Primary Industries''. Remind me again , who delayed race fields? and who is the minister , who's the actual boss , that's right it's Winston . AND this , Isn't this RB strategy ?? , '' Consider the impact of the two Bills. With the collection of race fields and Point Of Consumption (POC) levy, $30 million a year will come back to racing – revenue not previously collected. Australia started mustering this tax in 2008, and that’s one reason we have been left behind . Add to that the savings derived from outsourcing the TAB and its subsidiaries such as broadcasting – a further $70 million a year. Total $100 million back to the codes above what they were getting' ''' . So are we now saying the RB has an excellent strategy ?? And this , sounds like a typical sample of midweek race day attendees , if delays continue the problems will just die away . '' They are preaching for little over an hour to a mainly elderly group of around 30 people, half of whom have come for a cup of tea and sausage roll FOC. The other half are mainly retirees with a genuine racing interest – few trainers or working participants can get along in the middle of the day. ''
  9. tripple alliance

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

    Phased out over 3 years , that will make a real difference won't it . The thoroughbred share of that must start at around $2 million a year , whoopi we are rich or is that just enough to cover the thoroughbred share of the exit packages at the RB ? . Lets face it what ever we are promised in the future will be to late for many , if over half the trainers are 62 years or older then even a 5 year plan is almost useless , how many of todays owners and trainers will be around in 10 years , I suspect very few .
  10. tripple alliance

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    Probably right about a farewell tour but quite possibly wrong about the money or at least who is responsible for the current results . The reality is their strategy has been shot down by Winston and his followers , the day Winston canned/delayed race fields was the day the racing board could wash their hands of any problems associated with their strategy . How can you blame anyone from the board when their revenue forecasts were so badly sabotaged , if it hadn't been stopped , by now we could have all judged success or failure . The irony is race fields is back or will be , just in time for the next election campaign .
  11. tripple alliance

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Looks like the we are about to have zero carbon laws inflicted on us for no possible gain and many around the world are backing away from such madness . Also big backlashes against politicians and their carbon taxes around the world , good old Trump isn't getting scammed on this one , he's a real world leader and here to stay . Confidential documents prepared in advance of a two-day EU summit in Brussels have exposed an East-West divide in Europe on climate change, with Germany siding with Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in their refusal to commit to climate neutrality by 2050. From Alberta to Australia, from Finland to France and beyond, voters are increasingly showing their displeasure with expensive energy policies imposed by politicians in an inane effort to fight purported climate catastrophe. In mid-March, the Forum for Democracy (FvD), a fledgling political party just three years old, tied for the largest number of seats, 12, in the divided Dutch Senate in the 2019 elections. FvD takes a decidedly skeptical stance on climate change. Finland, where climate change policies became the dominant issue in the election, support for climate skepticism surged. Whereas all the other parties proposed plans to raise energy prices and limit people’s energy use, the Finns Party, which made the fight against expensive climate policies the central part of its platform, gained the second-highest number of seats in the Parliament, just one seat behind the Social Democratic Party’s 40. The second-place finish was a big win for the Finns Party and its skeptical stance: Plenty of room for a climate based party in NZ ,one that questions what and why we are doing what we are doing for no practical gain , they would fly the 5% .
  12. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Nothing , labours pledge to enter the mine was made when they gave themselves no chance of winning the election , they never expected to have to honour the pledge . Labour was just electioneering and are now stuck with it , effectively making fools of the coasters and costing us $50 million in the process . Remember labour had 9 years in government to make changes , they did nothing and don't forget we have already had a royal commission into the disaster . DON'T IGNORE THE FACT LABOUR HAD 9 YEARS TO CHANGE RULES , NOTHING . '' When the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Pike River mining disaster issued its report this week, the response of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) was immediate. It issued a press statement welcoming the report and is encouraging the Government to implement the recommended changes as soon as possible. This report is a damning indictment of New Zealand’s deregulated health and safety regime. Pike River Coal Ltd should never have been allowed to operate in the way it did, and in other countries it wouldn’t have been allowed to. The report makes clear that the tragic loss of life at Pike River could have been prevented with stronger regulations, an independent and well-resourced mine safety inspectorate and genuine worker involvement in health and safety. This statement represents a complete change of heart by the EPMU officialdom for it was never critical of Pike River Coal (PRC) during the time that the mine was open. The EPMU represented approximately half of the 140 miners on the site.After the first explosion the EPMU strongly defended the management of PRC. EPMU National secretary Andrew Little (now a Labour MP) told the New Zealand Herald on November 22 2010 that there was 'nothing unusual about Pike River or''
  13. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    Bloke , the Nat's have nothing to be worried about , this mine was approved by Labour , it was a private company , the manager has been painted as the villain but it's the trade union as well as labour who have as plenty to answer for , the union was heavily involved in health and safety decisions at the mine , labour did nothing for 9 long years when they governed . Have a read . There will be critical scrutiny of the National Government's decision to disband the mines inspectorate. But this column is written from the Left, so my focus will be on the party of the workers; the party whose founders came from the West Coast pits around Blackball; the party of the coalminers' trade unions; the party which for nine long years did nothing to prevent the tragedy which, in such a criminally deregulated environment, was only ever a matter of time. Labour took control of New Zealand's state apparatus on November 27, 1999, and relinquished it on November 8, 2008. During that time three Labour MPs held the labour portfolio: Margaret Wilson (1999-2004), Ruth Dyson (2005-07) and Trevor Mallard (2007-08). All three of these politicians came into Parliament with strong Left-wing credentials. And all of them, I'm sure, wanted to do only good things for the people they represented. How, then, are we to explain their inaction? Their failure to impose a state-of-the-art health and safety regime on New Zealand's coalmining industry? .
  14. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    So you are saying Key said we will get them out no matter what the risk , Bloke this has been disproven , a few pieces left out of what he actually said , just more politics . Now a few facts , this mine was approved and consented by Labour , May 2003 , it was a private company , nothing to do with any government . Government owned Solid energy took over the mine after the disaster , they bought it to make it possible for an attempt to recover the bodies , you can thank Key for that . The sale of Pike River mine to state owned coal company Solid Energy has been welcomed by the West Coast community as a "giant step" towards retrieving the bodies of the 29 miners, trapped underground since the explosion in November 2010. An emotional Bernie Monk, spokesman for the families of the Pike River dead who lost his 23-year-old son Michael in the disaster, was "excited" by the sale decision. He said today it brought families closer to recovering the bodies of the men inside the mine.
  15. tripple alliance

    Jacinda Ardern

    First , where was winne when the delay was announced , lined up at the entrance with his back pack on I suppose . Now let's have some truth. Prime Minister John Key says the Government is willing to pay for an operation to recover the remains of 29 miners from the Pike River mine if it is credible and safe. "We've never been presented with a proposal that's been credible in terms of safety," Mr Key said. "There's a lot of theories about what's possible and what's not in Pike River." So Bloke , safe and credible is still be the problem today . This was just union / labour politics , part of an election strategy , this is what Little thought of the situation before he became a politician . '' After the first explosion the EPMU strongly defended the management of PRC.EPMU National secretary Andrew Little (now a Labour MP) told the New Zealand Herald on November 22 2010 that there was "nothing unusual about Pike River or this mine that we’ve been particularly concerned about".He told Close Up that underground mining was inherently unsafe and the risk of gas explosions, particularly on the West Coast, was high.While the industry was aware of the risks and took the necessary precautions, unfortunately these kinds of incidents still happened, he argued.On November 26, 2010 the Dominion Post ran an article that denounced 'wild' rumours that the mine was not safe. It declared that "Any suggestion of obvious or known safety lapses does not find traction with unionised staff or union leader Andrew Little."