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  1. First no surprise covid has been a boon for labour they were able to concentrate on covid and use borrowed money to disguise the failures . I almost voted labour to keep the greens out but my hand wouldn't let me do it and it seems labour may need the greens, I hope not . The win for me was seeing a certain low life tossed out , never to return , racing may miss him but I won't . Anyway it's time to think to the future the less well off will be encouraged to hold there hands out and be great full and farmers who feed so many are about to get hammered. Financial reality will retu
  2. Another green / labour f up . Here we go again incredible stupidity , this is just the same as California , Australia and now NZ , it's early spring , snow on the hills . The Lake Ōhau fire could have been avoided if the Department of Conservation (DOC) managed high country land better, farmers say. But DOC says fireproofing conservation land is “largely unachievable”. In a statement, Federated Farmers high country chair Rob Stokes said it was not even fire season and already nearly 50 homes and more than 5000 hectares of land had been damaged since fire erupted at Lake Ōhau, .
  3. NZ first is gone no one has forgotten or forgiven the treachery last time , his legacy , he will be remembered as a piece of , you know what . I think much has changed since this poll , Judith is flying and producing good policy , cindy is no match for her in debates or on detail and for good measure the prospect of labour GREENS will scare the crap out of people and they will go to Act or National . If you are a racing supporter and you know a vote for 1% winston is a wasted vote and you know a vote for cindy and the greens is suicide for racing why would you vote for them especi
  4. Simply not true , google it . Anyway how is this going to work, National is promising to repeal the Resource Management Act and replace it with legislation that enables better utilisation of existing racing assets and to support the industry to upgrade the country's racing infrastructure , comrade cindy has after all these years also promised to look at the resource management act BUT how will that be possible when they are in coalition with the greens who won't budge on this issue , it seems to me instead of winston controlling cindy it will be the greens . National is also promising
  5. Excellent point Berri , (If Winnie is gone, let me tell you we are up the creek without a paddle IF Labour/ Greens get in.) Winne will be gone his last hope is Northland and even there he is polling very badly so what then for racing under a labour/green government . Latest polls suggest labour will need the greens to govern , can any of you seriously believe the greens will do anything to help racing . McKelvie has racing in his blood .
  6. National is promising to repeal the Resource Management Act and replace it with legislation that enables better utilisation of existing racing assets and to support the industry to upgrade the country's racing infrastructure. VERY IMPORTANT . It also wants racing events to be able to feature as part of its planned New Zealand Tourism Festival, which was announced yesterday. GREAT WHEN THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL the Chinese's tourists will be directed to a days racing and punting . The party has already proposed a primary sector visa, but it also wants to include the racing industry to
  7. This could get very bad . Trump has virus, the possibility's are endless from Trump gets better quickly and lectures America on the benefits of hydrochloride and questions why the dems opposed it to Trump dies from the virus and his followers blame the dems for deliberately infecting him . The conspiracy lovers will have a field day . The USA still questions the death of Kennedy 60 years ago .
  8. They were among 12 new cases in New Zealand announced on Thursday by the Ministry of Health. The new cases, all of whom were identified in managed isolation, ranged in age from a child under the age of 1 up to a woman over 70, according to the Ministry of Health website. Ministry director of public health Dr Caroline McElnay said 10 of the cases had arrived from India on flight AI1354 on September 26. All 10 tested positive around day three of their stay.
  9. Don't know what this has to do with cindy but I do know Glaxo Laboratories operated in Palmerston North about 25/30 years ago and I think they were owned at that time by by a multinational . Glaxo Laboratories site, Botannical Road The building under construction in Botanical Road was a new warehouse for Glaxo Laboratories, to be used for bulk storage. The Glaxo company was established in 1873 when J C Nathan started a small milk powder plant at Bunnythorpe, trading under the name Defiance. In 1908 the firm, using the trade name of Glaxo, introduced new baby food into the NZ and B
  10. Round Two another excellent win for Judith (all commentators comments) but comrade cindy did better than the last disaster . The first half was about achievements what a shocker that was for cindy and it proved this is the worst performing government we have ever had . The ultimate disgrace was tyford , cindy has him 4th in line , if you want proof of how short of talent this lot is that's it 4th for the worst performing minister in living memory . Dope cindy won't answer how she will vote it seems like a question she could easily answer 2 possible reasons (1) her previous history as a
  11. I'm struggling mentally to keep up my small commitment , 10% , the winner of a 10k race gets a little over 5K so owners get around 4.4K that will cover about 6 weeks of fees if you are lucky , why bother ??? . I realise it's not all about money but just burning your money on a hopeless venture is concerning .
  12. I am just a poor boy though my story's seldom told . Well we will all be poor boys if we get comrade cindy and the greens , TAX TAX TAX , the greens give cindy the perfect excuse to renege on tax promises . Fuel tax up again no new mining permits , transport hindered , horse racing crushed with welfare extremes even a capitol gains tax will eventuate etc etc . The greens will be the exact opposite to the low life who deceived to his supporters last time . Clearly there is a huge problem with MMP , the major party's are forced to capitulate to the minor party , the tail w
  13. Show a little kindness , this is what happens when a government has no Idea how to actually generate money , borrow and give away isn't going to last and the direction of much the giveaway is politically motivated . Youth cancer unit at new Christchurch hospital won't open due to 'financial constraints . A teenage cancer survivor says a decision not to fund a dedicated unit for youth is “gut-wrenching” and shows the health care of young people is not valued . An adolescents and young adults (AYA) unit for people aged 12-25 years-old will sit empty when the new Christchurch Hospital
  14. I think it's time for us (nz) to recognise there is only one good option for NZ in the USA election , TRUMP . Forget about all of the related bullshit which is what it is mostly a distraction we need TRUMP . If the dems win its chaos for the world economy and a huge win for China , forget about Russia they are not in the game . If 3plus years ago the dems had accepted TRUMP WON they would be much better organized today and would have had a viable candidate by now , BIDEN really , 331million people and that's the best the dems can come up with unbelievable . GO SUPER DON , I note
  15. Another absolute cindy shocker Pike River . Early estimates in 2017 put the price at $23 million. That has now doubled to $47m, with another $4m set aside as a contingency. COMPLETION DATE ,. The increase was approved by Cabinet today, along with a completion date of July or August this year. HAS IT FINISHED YET ? The government had originally said it would assess what was involved in moving into the mine's main workings, once it had recovered the entry tunnel. However the Pike River Recovery Minister, Andrew Little, now said this would not be happening, and work woul