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  1. Lee270744

    Jacinda Ardern

    Wow, you write some crap BMW make SUV's in Spartanburg SC I thought you make up a lot of your posts. And the Billionaire Trump is a moron?
  2. Lee270744

    Open Class Races

    Cummings, Smith, and Hayes never ruined racing in Australia and Chris Waller has still got opposition.
  3. Lee270744

    Open Class Races

    All-Stars 4,463,338. D Dunn 2,305,730. B Orange 2,399.960. J Dunn 1,275,952. R May 1.1m. Z Butcher 1m. There is a bit more money won by the other 175 drivers. want to sell then race them in Aussie with Kiwi trainers I know its a longer trip for the owners but the money is there.
  4. Lee270744

    Open Class Races

    Here are some stats. 181 individual drivers won between 1-232 races. All-Stars won 122 races.' Mark, Nat, and Tim (he drives a few outsiders) won 126 races. Top 11 drivers won 1022 races between them not a lot of them won on All-Stars horses. From memory, there are about 373 licensed trainers.
  5. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Oh sorry about this.
  6. Lee270744

    Well done Matt

    Maybe Murphy Blinds.
  7. Lee270744

    Domestic violence victims

    Chevy, the goat in Oamaru was not too submissive it got tasered 13 times that's the sort of goat these Snowflakes deserve.
  8. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    She must be panicking about the money now. Mr Kushner's 2017 assets were worth between $179m and $735m, while Ms Trump's were worth between about $55.3m and $75.6m, according to a Washington Post analysis. They must be morons to have that sort of money.
  9. Lee270744

    Blood Nonsense

    The sick comments are the ones that are put to me daily, I hope you read the lot and not cherry pick what suits.
  10. Lee270744

    Blood Nonsense

    In reply to TD Cometh and Beach Racing, Now put your names here and I will contact you with the relevant information. BTW if you answer yes to any of the above questions it could disqualify you from obtaining the information.
  11. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    ‘Let’s see if free speech applies to all and whether or not Mr. Khan and the London Assembly will also approve .
  12. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Would these 50,000 protesters be the same that marched against the 2 or 3000 young white girls that were raped and abused by Muslim Pakistani gangs around England I will check their attire and see btw any prizes for guessing the ethnicity of most protesters and the name of the leader? and I bet they get more publicity than Tommy Robinson who is actually English born and bred.
  13. Lee270744

    Blood Nonsense

    It certainly is Rangi quite a few trainers galloping and trotting have used it I would put my number here but I don't need to calm the nutters I think you can private message me, Cheers Lee
  14. Lee270744

    Blood Nonsense

    Congratulations TD Cometh on your elevation to the top of the All-Stars haters club, Forensics, RIU, Rolleston, Crooked Solicitors, Matty Anderson until recently employed by the All-Stars.TD Cometh is a baiter of repute, in fact, a master at it. The last 2 drivers bagged on here one works for the All-Stars and the other just left the All-Stars just a coincidence or hatred?
  15. Lee270744

    Blood Nonsense

    Someone has nicked the clapper.