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  1. The second one you recommended is that from experience, have you had a few close by?
  2. Come down to the garden city Iraklis we are Covid free.
  3. Not 100% but heard maybe peritonitis.
  4. Here we go... another northerner putting the bullying boot in to the old Janitor. Do you live in the Antarctic. I'm probably your neighbor.
  5. I am going to tell you Janitor what you have written is complete and utter bullshit and you know it. The horse has been down here 6 weeks. Did they superimpose Mango in the jewels photo you might find he was suspended at the time and watched from the grandstand. Your insinuation is not original been on social media a thousand times to no avail.
  6. In Australia 161,300 died last year, Heart Disease 16587 Stroke 9470 Lung Cancer 8457 Bronchitis, Emphysema ,Asthma 7102 Colon Cancer 5483 Diabetes 5148 Prostate Cancer 3568 Accidental Falls 3395 Influenza 2287 Covid-19 898 460 Female 438 Male, Dementia was a pre-existing condition in 275 deaths. Just the Facts. Covid-19 was the 38th leading cause of death. Would like to see NZ stats.
  7. Mitey can you feel the Trump Derangement Syndrome coming on? I wonder if they have a vaccine for it, if so you and hokey will be lining up for it.
  8. The next one coming Chitty is Your a Racist The TDS is about to kick in with these MORONS. I would like to be as sure as winning lotto.
  9. Would have bean different if they wore BLM t-shirts and spoke in a woke tongue.
  10. The halfwits with TDS love CNN specially Toobin (wanker) Lemon ( not sure if it is a transmitter or receiver ) and Cuomo a (sex predator enabler ) I think they get off watching them.
  11. I bet the 3 Fuckwit Morons with TDS will blame everyone except Biden and the missing one Kamala Harris. Trump would have obliterated the Taliban if they tried it when he was Commander in Chief. Watch the morons disown Biden and MIA Harris.
  12. Hoka loves those wankers(Toobin) and brown hatters(Lemon) on CNN remember the age old adage birds of a feather.
  13. Iraklis ive got an idea who will be siting on KOSwings back lol.
  14. I would, BTW you still got your driving gear?