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  1. She got what she wanted and will be at peace now.
  2. Hunter Biden says you are wrong about number ten and if you don't believe him he will show you the videos. Joe has got 1 to 10 in spades a magnificent President and will go down as one of the finest.
  3. I'm still laughing about the horses name. He's a sore loser he should have backed it the previous start, it was a good thing beaten, must have been his first bet on a horse.
  4. They are getting Avenatti to bring super witnesses they are going to pardon him just watch CNN, Toobin has taken his hand off it and now you blokes with TDS should follow suit.
  5. Bring Michael Avenatti back with those women who accused Brett Kavanaugh of atrocious crimes, and you have MORONS on here having a go at Trump. Remember when he was going to be a Democrat President. A few cafers here were creaming themselves.
  6. So does AGH love him especially when he wins
  7. Looking at the stats you would back Herlihy and Butt, just saying.
  8. First thing I'll say is I'm Man enough to have my name on my posts. Another question are you and Hokey man enough to put your names not aliases on your posts? Have you two searched to get a cure for your fucking TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME?
  9. Very lame Mitey. I see Avenatti the bloke who was to take down Trump that you and Hokey were cheering for on CNN got 4 years for robbing the pornstar. I know you two will be upset, CNN got a great record they would be Ajax's odds (40's on) to clean up on ratings.
  10. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA only in NZ they believed this well hokey and mitey did.
  11. Do u mean Millwood Nike.
  12. The Rachel Maddow show, is it still the no1 watched show on cable, or is it the only one watched by imbeciles. Who is the best Mad Rachel( Russia Russia Russia) or Lemon the brown hatter or Toobin the jerker, tell us all which one you tape and put on loop? This might help you>
  13. Rank Name R-Chg Audience A-Chg 1 The Five 3,494,000 5 2 Tucker Carlson Tonight 3,389,000 6 3 Jesse Watters Primetime 2,924,000 6 4 Hannity 2,886,000 6 5 Special Report with Bret Baier 2,598,000 4
  14. What a great movie Let it Ride. I think Richard Dreyfuss was main star with Robbie Coltrane'