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  1. Fartoomuch

    The Autumn Sun officially retired......

    Probably a case of striking whilst the irons hot. Marketing 101 dominates
  2. Fartoomuch

    The Autumn Sun officially retired......

    Speaking of Arrowfield how about these numbers for Snitzel " Snitzel is the most expensive stallion on the Arrowfield roster but stays at $220,000 after serving 172 mares at that price last season." If your talking money thats equal to just under 38 million if they were all payers which obviously they were not as stud would not be paying any cash. Dundeel goes up from 27.5K to 66K following Grp 1 victories by his progeny in 3 different countries. Easy to see why these Studs pay big money for anything promising despite the risk of failure at Stud
  3. Fartoomuch

    Motukarara Raceday and the Plunge

    If it was transferred to R Dunn why is it that all publications have M Nyhan as the trainer. Even today's Press credits her with its success as does HRNZ results site.. Something not right there for starters unless she is now working with or for R Dunn at Woodend beach
  4. Fartoomuch

    Motukarara Raceday and the Plunge

    Givemewhatineed to Robert Dunn at Woodend Beach That was in HRNZ fields. Apart from a workout win and a quiet 5th placing at trials 10 days ago its prior race form is woeful. If Dunns have sorted it out then good on them. I like the 4 horse
  5. Fartoomuch

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Fair enough but suggest you watch Box Seat and actually hear what he said and then read my initial post again . Rusty's post has backed me up re how it could be interpreted badly. Good win by their young trotter last night and even better seeing Ben hand up, it was the winning of the race given the runs of the other placegetter especially the 4th horse
  6. Fartoomuch

    GOOOO!!! Girl

    Great bit of placement by Purdon.
  7. Fartoomuch

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Bill Hazlett country, he dominated down there with Bill Hillis his trainer and a stud to boot. its an awful term but " those were the days" Fields so big they had division races and horses bracketed.
  8. Fartoomuch

    Driver; Ben Hope

    He made it to Greg O on Box Seat interview which you can find on HRNZ site. As i said above not a smart thing to say in the current climate but lets put it down to poor choice of words.
  9. Fartoomuch

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Are you saying categorically you know what he he meant. If so tell us. My point is why say such a thing at the times when harness is under the microscope.It must be coincidence that 2 others at our table brought up the exact topic today and basically said what i did earlier. Each to their own opinion i suppose.
  10. Fartoomuch

    Driver; Ben Hope

    His comments could be construed as having connotations of not trying to win races once 50 wins have been achieved and saving them for next season . Not saying that he does that but he could be accused of such based on the words he used Agree , they are dong a great job and note that they have lined up 4 individual 2 yr old trotters thus far this season . Must surely be some sort of record.
  11. Fartoomuch

    Driver; Ben Hope

    Only time will tell Tim about Ben. I'm not knocking him but had to cringe at his fathers comments recently re wanting to win about 50 a year , not 70 one year and 30m the next. Is it any wonder people go off racing and punting when they hear that sort of nonsense. What was Greg thinking.
  12. Fartoomuch

    Ultimate Sniper Update

    It was a disappointment in a way that ULTIMATE SNIPER came up with a bad report from an immediate racing point of view but on the other hand we were pleased in a way because it has achieved what we set out to do sending him up north which was to extend his career by not pushing him too hard at this stage. Natalie thought there was something just niggling him and it was in the knee and she was right. It is just an immaturity thing, too much pressure put on when the body is not quite ready for it. We see it often enough these days when you look at the times these young horses are needing to run and having found the problem here we can do something about it and extend his racing career long term. He is such a genuine horse he is doing it even when parts of him are not really ready for it, At this stage he would be back in the stable in August. We are talking about Auckland in December but all going well he would probably be ready for a race at the Cup meeting if he were back at that time. So we will just have to wait and see. In some ways this is good news because there is no injury. AS Webpage
  13. Fartoomuch

    Big news right here

    I suspect that the HR manager for NZRB will be the busiest person in Petone for quite some time. Sad but true methinks a lot of the current non performers will get a golden handshake as a result of restructuring. More industry money being used to get rid of them
  14. Fartoomuch

    Have we or how big

    With you being at the Coalface you are in a good position to answer that question. Have not heard of any problems down south but the need for upward pathways in any industry is paramount
  15. Fartoomuch

    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    Colin Jillings made the same sort of comment when a certain owner turned down huge money for his horse under Jillings care. As was related to.me the word fool was substituted for stronger word