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  1. Fartoomuch

    Bad boy Bronson

    A promising harness racing driver with previous form for abuse has pled guilty to misconduct after abusing two female drivers. Bronson Munro was banned from rugby for 46 weeks in 2016 over a racial insult towards a Fijian rugby player in a high-level Canterbury country game. He found himself again in strife over an incident at a junior drivers' event at Forbury Park, Dunedin, on June 15. Munro was charged with misconduct for using foul language against Charlotte Purvis and Sheree Tomlinson during and after Race 8, in which he believed his horse should have been given the lead by the female drivers. Purvis and Tomlinson provided statements, but did not make a complaint. Munro was charged on Friday night and pleaded guilty. Munro is expected to be sentenced at a Judicial Control Authority hearing next week. The Forbury Park incident is the second such case looked at by stewards in the past six weeks. A male driver was warned after a Nelson race meeting in which he allegedly abused two female drivers. Stewards followed up, but the two female drivers declined to confirm the abuse or make a statement. In Munro's case, he challenged Purvis for the front up to about 650m from the finish but ended second to last. His horse would have paid $32 if it had won. Tomlinson was driving Grace Burns which was unplaced and Purvis drove the eventual third-placed Miss Fandango ($4.70). The foul language was used on the track and in an argument as the drivers were heading out of the bird cage. Race stewards overheard the abuse and opened an inquiry, later reporting to the Racing Integrity Unit. An experienced trainer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said "the culture in harness racing with guys abusing girls is terrible". Munro was a talented sportsman and promising driver but the abusive culture in racing needed to be highlighted and cleaned up, he said. He claimed the governing body Harness Racing New Zealand had done little to address the problem. The trainer had viewed the race which led to the incident and believed Purvis and Tomlinson had done nothing wrong. The penalty will be interesting but im sure his early guilty pleas will assist his cause. The guy obviously needs help nonetheless
  2. Fartoomuch


    To be fair they were trotters Spike If you look at All Stars website they outline what's coming up for him.
  3. Fartoomuch

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Not at this stage for the reasons I outlined above. After the Pyrenees would be where I would be looking to hedge of at all. Given injuries and withdrawls you can take out Bahrain, lotto Soudal and BMC. Can't work out Emirates and Wanty are not good enough. Hope this helps but it's a good discussion so keep it up
  4. Fartoomuch


    The good horse having a quiet workout before officially trialing in a week or two
  5. Fartoomuch

    Tour De France Tips after stage 6

    Only time will tell. overnight stage was a bit different and tonight's one should see some further attacks but its SKY's to lose from here on in barring accidents. Dont the French love Froome?
  6. Fartoomuch

    Oh Dear Sam

    Not as many as you BB. I suggest you look at the drive at Ashburton, the RIU report and then report back to us on what you thought of her performance. Everybody throws in bad performances in any domain. Personally I thought she was lucky not to be charged with failing to give it every chance to run in the money. Ps . Have not had a bet on the horse in its last 2 starts so.not talking through my pocket but do feel sorry for those that did at Ashvegas Also. Hi to all those currently bagging me on the other channel on this topic You must all be very bored given your persistent infatuation with moi.
  7. Fartoomuch

    Oh Dear Sam

    At least she put it in the race this time. Beaten a nose at ridiculous odds, even the whale was on
  8. Fartoomuch

    Good Luck Tom Wood

    He certainly got dealt a bad hand here. NZRB Involved so nothing new.
  9. Fartoomuch

    Congrats to the Grays

    55th wedding anniversary today. Horses done and onto next project at CB Lodge.Another garden project perhaps??
  10. Fartoomuch

    Forbury Tonight

    You deserved to get more , that was the price it paid on Tabcorp. Good night for its driver also, 2 for the Goose
  11. Fartoomuch

    New arrival at team AS

    Usually they were the 4 legged variety until he found Bettors Delight
  12. Fartoomuch

    Oh Dear Sam

    In race 7 tonight Ivan for those who want to follow the money. Its currently 1.75-1.15 F/O Her tactics will be watched with interest by many after last weeks effort, hopefully the RIU as well.
  13. Fartoomuch

    Forbury Tonight

    Well done you. 9.10 and 3.60 . Shame I had it with wrong Williamson trotter but got a wee bit off it.
  14. Fartoomuch

    Forbury Tonight

    Williamson's trotter in the first must be hard to beat. Might do all up with the above for an interest.