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  1. Your not alone. I can't get it either
  2. Ore might also conclude from.this post of yours that everyone has given up trying to have a rational discussion with you. I don't blame them.
  3. If NM is playing in the shallow end based on your verbose nonsense your in the deep.end looking for a lifeguard but probably in denial about that as well. I wish you well in your crusade but disagree with your whole approach to this issue.
  4. So given above were you happy with TBS's handling of the ACS issue
  5. Look your making a bigger idiot of yourself with posts like this. They had a retired and most respected Vet with no ties to HRNZ or RIU who told it as it is . Its not illegal and even someone with an IQ of 20 could understand his explanations and answers to GO's questions. A look back at all your posts suggest you have some major issues with a certain stable and other bodies of influence.
  6. The fact that you raise the matter and the way in which you did comes across as casting aspersion's on team AS. Likewise G Smalls superstars were not much chop either or as you put it none of them were successful sires but yet both were very talented horses. Tell us why you think the AS team have not uncovered a successful sire, you seem to think you know a bit The last bit ill ignore as its you getting a touch personnel which is not something i engage in unless really provoked
  7. Else and Changeover never really made it either and they were not trained by All Stars
  8. Could they , im pretty sure that a trust was involved in funding. That wont be the case for NZMTC but i could be wrong
  9. Thats because they usually know what they are talking about and how they rate their opposition.
  10. Im wondering how long NZMTC will sustain losses on the event before they kick it for touch or is it going to be one of those events where the board want prestige over profits
  11. Are you really trying to imply that all NZ vets are not objective on this issue-- prove it as what you wrote is clearly nonsense
  12. How do we know they have not. A lot of speculation pre show which is disappointing IMHO
  13. I do hope they invited you to comment Lee given your practical knowledge on the subject
  14. Fame or Shame depending on what side of the fence you sit
  15. No point in you watching the program then as you have already made up your mind