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  1. john legend

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    yes done homework but just sometimes someone hears something and throws in a bid. otherwise just get to the rostrum mention lot number and say you have all done your home work so we will have more time with bidders and auction could save say 4 minutes per lot equals hours saved. However think the upgrades important as catalogues 3 months behind. and I believe NZB are doing a more professional job all round. ps. I was a phone bidder and done homework but the slip ups and omissions annoy me.
  2. john legend

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    yes auctioneers are great. but... why should they be expected to know abut harness pedigrees .a specialist should handle this. As for chch. don't do trotters as unreliable. so go to the 200 plus pacers. The market is strong in betters of course but a few others very assured of good support. at reasonable prices eg.A rocknroll dance has numbers and his progeny are really showing up presently 3 = with art major number of 4 year old winners . Captain treacherous is a boom sire who looks like surpassing his sire in fast young horses. (has some well bred yearlings for auction) my pick for 6 figures are 2 late in day 356 and357. just look at families wow. good luck to buyers and sellers.
  3. john legend

    harness racing yearling sales 2020

    yes I know the new auctioneers are getting results but...…….even a 1 hour explanation on how to read pedigrees on harness racing would be hugely beneficial. the error rate was woeful. Simple things such as christen me only referred to as Christian me and left out in some pedigrees as unimportant. miss streisand was quoted as by bettors delight when selling a rocknroll dance filly. myeyesadoreya upgrade to pedigree was absolute botch up as the auctioneer spent time screwing up the name completely then mumble the important part. At least 20 more some stupid and some serious. lets hope someone points errors to them or am I getting too sensitive and improved prices only measure of success ?
  4. john legend

    wrightson ss series final addington

    Well Nat won as expected but lets give congrats to the 4 th place Hereslookingatyou trained and owned by Phil Fleming at the forgotten racecourse at the end of the forgotten highway (Stratford) He took a big gamble but it paid off well with a 6500 pay out that could have been doubled with another centimetre.Even the bookies thought he must have been inhaling too much Aussie smoke opening her at 200 plus.It gives all of us small timers hope. Good for you Phil.
  5. john legend


    40000 SET up what the .ya dreaming Jonesy !! (more like 10000)just an excuse to not bother. I should contract the set up if they want to pay 40000) The cake just keeps getting smaller. top drivers head for usa or Aus. even trainers see overseas better management therefore opportunities.Wake up HRNZ/etc before its too late.
  6. john legend

    Dream Team

    Agree in general with it being cost cutting. I did win some over the years especially the early ones 20years ago.The prizes certainly reduced year by year to a point when participation dropped away. It did get a return as I always backed my stable and I am sure most entrants did.But as Pink Floyd said just another Brick in the wall.... Let me think of accountant driven initiatives in harness racing ………….no competitions,no harness racing weekly, make it harnessed only1 per month then withdrawn,no help keeping racing supplements in newspapers, no teletext gone,no free to air tv or advertising... no Friday flash race booklets not at supermarkets (in TABs that's great for attracting new punters (not) )cut down or out picnic grass racing over summer (cut out thousands of potential owners and bettors) so lets not be alarmed at fewer owners ,fewer bettors , fewer trainers and breeders. all because of very few entrepreneurs in HRNZ SAD but true.
  7. john legend

    Ricky May

    Latest is a ray of hope for Ricky so lets all pray for without doubt one of our most loved sportsperson. I cant sleep so juust wanted to wish his family all the best and let them know the whole trot world is in shock but collectively hoping for that miracle...
  8. john legend

    pref barrier draws manawatu

    It is a surprise when it happens to your horse that manawatu see a second row draw as preferable to draw number 5 on front line ??? Ichecked most tracks and they all go 12345 before looking at second line inside positions. I would wonder who has done this the club,the handicappers at HRNZ or some "noddy" ? I cant see why the club is not in line with most in the country. Several trainers were not consulted at least.
  9. john legend

    steve davis presenter ?

    I know he is a great bloke and the best auctioneer for the sellers. not the point. !! Our group of punters and some owners all agree when he comes on they turn sound off as we are trot enthusiasts and have been since days of Cardy.. NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK. just a shame his lack of knowledge on harness racing shows through every day/night he is on. . He had
  10. john legend

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    It would appear that as the grand plan of closing most grass tracks and selling them to boost the chosen few has come unstuck most spectacularly the industry leaders are now in a mood to reduce,reduce until we wake up one day (maybe soon) and the previous great industry picnic days are only a pleasant memory. SHAME ON THE F B s.
  11. john legend

    steve davis presenter ?

    Is there any chance to know when he is on trackside so I can refuse to bet that day ?
  12. john legend


    Interesting comments here. thanks esp Mikie,. I have always been keen to get FF turnovers and believed the measure of the TABs ability to make profits for the industry (not just themselves !) could be put down to these figures. It is needing a great deal of skill to operate as bookmakers with FF turnovers that could in theory end up as a loss , although it has been reported that 5 or 6 % profit is normal. It has also been reported that FF is now getting close to exceeding the normal betting figures. As mentioned I think too that the TAB wish to expose as little info as possible to punters and others in the industry.. many times they delay taking bigger bets and will not take risks which maybe common sense but as we all know even the biggest punters can miss out . our own horse recently was FF paying 81 then 7.50 then 81 over 3 starts and was pushed back along the rails by a tiring fav. to last when having real chance at the final figure. (and potentially large payout) Also the TAB announcing these big punts on certain horses just before the race sometimes to me do not seem logical.(eg recently someone had 3000 on a maiden trotter (supposedly )
  13. john legend

    auckland saddle cloth numbers

    some of these numbers are hard to read. and some of us 70 somethings much prefer black on white. at least it can be seen throughout the race. I know they are copying greyhounds but it does not suit all colour matches. Does anyone agree ?
  14. john legend


    hi Neil. please don't ask !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. john legend

    trot races show day

    Only asking the question why 5 trotting races show day ? I know its dominion day and perhaps 2 other trots but near half!!! My group only bet on pacers as the squaregaiters more unreliable (see stipes reports) although did have a good bet on the amazing Oscar (