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  1. john legend

    steve davis presenter ?

    I know he is a great bloke and the best auctioneer for the sellers. not the point. !! Our group of punters and some owners all agree when he comes on they turn sound off as we are trot enthusiasts and have been since days of Cardy.. NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK. just a shame his lack of knowledge on harness racing shows through every day/night he is on. . He had
  2. john legend

    Grass track circuit all but dead

    It would appear that as the grand plan of closing most grass tracks and selling them to boost the chosen few has come unstuck most spectacularly the industry leaders are now in a mood to reduce,reduce until we wake up one day (maybe soon) and the previous great industry picnic days are only a pleasant memory. SHAME ON THE F B s.
  3. john legend

    steve davis presenter ?

    Is there any chance to know when he is on trackside so I can refuse to bet that day ?
  4. john legend


    Interesting comments here. thanks esp Mikie,. I have always been keen to get FF turnovers and believed the measure of the TABs ability to make profits for the industry (not just themselves !) could be put down to these figures. It is needing a great deal of skill to operate as bookmakers with FF turnovers that could in theory end up as a loss , although it has been reported that 5 or 6 % profit is normal. It has also been reported that FF is now getting close to exceeding the normal betting figures. As mentioned I think too that the TAB wish to expose as little info as possible to punters and others in the industry.. many times they delay taking bigger bets and will not take risks which maybe common sense but as we all know even the biggest punters can miss out . our own horse recently was FF paying 81 then 7.50 then 81 over 3 starts and was pushed back along the rails by a tiring fav. to last when having real chance at the final figure. (and potentially large payout) Also the TAB announcing these big punts on certain horses just before the race sometimes to me do not seem logical.(eg recently someone had 3000 on a maiden trotter (supposedly )
  5. john legend

    auckland saddle cloth numbers

    some of these numbers are hard to read. and some of us 70 somethings much prefer black on white. at least it can be seen throughout the race. I know they are copying greyhounds but it does not suit all colour matches. Does anyone agree ?
  6. john legend


    hi Neil. please don't ask !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. john legend

    trot races show day

    Only asking the question why 5 trotting races show day ? I know its dominion day and perhaps 2 other trots but near half!!! My group only bet on pacers as the squaregaiters more unreliable (see stipes reports) although did have a good bet on the amazing Oscar (
  8. john legend

    Wuhey guys I'm back.....

    Iraklis, good to have you back. we have sorted out the starter,the commentator,the girls in high heels and the All stars (although why they all get interviewed in stocking hats beats me !!) and I think Friday is Chase Ak day !!.
  9. john legend

    Will Lamb F the Cup Start

    would have to give some credit to the starter 0 f cup .it was a walk up no dramatics and most horses moved away. Methinks PL reads race café.!!!
  10. john legend

    Will Lamb F the Cup Start

    standing at stud, aussie. so pos quite happy not starting.
  11. john legend

    Cameron shaw

    He will be back, just tried a bit too hard too soon,It takes years to become a top trotting expert (or perhaps pain in the ass )like steve davis and mick Guerin. !! But pleased to see Sheldon easing back into camera shot.
  12. john legend

    Cup Day Fields

    A great day awaits for all. All stars looks like cup trifectr (spanky,fixer and Chaser) hope weather holds and not too many girls fall off high heels late in day for national tv benefit.!!
  13. john legend

    And no penalty for the starter - what a joke

    what a joke as a starter and having the support of his cronies.It sad really as the punters usually suffer as well as owners.No wonder there are less and less owners (hardly enough foals born now to maintain harness racing) Should have been stood down until at least after cup week. My punting group saw the race and we all said "bet Lamb gets away with his incompetence".(as he always does !)
  14. john legend

    sad loss

    racing lost one of the good guys of the racing industry today. Campbell Moncur died after a long illness. He was one of the most knowledgable individuals who worked for many years for the TAB and the set up and early operation of trackside. A big loss and sad at only 65 . RIP... Campbell. John Penney
  15. john legend

    box seat

    Greg oconnor has a new role . He Is now interpreter for Regan Cotter AK trot Club Racing manager. (whats with the haircut? ) LOL.