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  1. does the pick start with Bigtime ?
  2. To try to help punters "hutt park Harry' selects following formanawatu today. Free to air... race 1. 10.12.7 race2..1.5.10 race3..2.1.9 race4..9.3.1 race5..7.6.1 race6..11.9.6 race7..2.1.5 race8..3.11.7 race9..7.4.8 The Aramoho best bet of the day.....race 7 Eagle Watch...
  3. I can get form for dogs across australia and dogs today at Manawatu. But as an effort by HRNZ to keep turnover as low as possible to show that Central District HR should be eliminated .... there is no picks or comments at all. A DISGRACE FOR HARNESS RACING !!! hOPEFULLY THE tab WILL TAKEBETS ON THE 9 COMPETITIVE RACES.
  4. Copy THAT V THE BLUE ARMY.... still think CT has the x factor ,never been passed in the straight so if he can be in front at the turn will get the distance .... and the Cup. good luck to owners/trainer /driver.oh and then there is a "Classy" horse from the master Robert Dunn .that could upset the top 3 picks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My phantom race ends with these 4 poss.... spankem/copy that/classy brigade/self assured.(who prob will give all others a start..)
  5. last 2 weeks noone bothered to ppick 1st 3 for addington. is this another cost cutter .II know there are roundabout ways to find but ak does it ?? just another brick in the wall (maybe)
  6. yes JJ agree .... may not even appoint one.
  7. Lets hope there is at least someone in the labour Govt to take up the role as minister for racing and they have some background in the industry. otherwise they will spend 6 months on a fact finding mission to see where the problems are.... !! (and most likely talk to the people with vested interests )
  8. yes Robert told everyone on trackside the problems as he is is a truly decent person. Its just the interest of punters big or small(me) that twice is bad , tonight number 3 ? then stipes must do their job.... I am betting the horse will win race 10 and is only round $2 to do it. fingers crossed.
  9. lets hope Down to the Bone bolts in tonight.
  10. Is the tab for real? odds showing in the winsurance bet if Krug finishes in first four listed as1.001 . didnt know their computer could handle that. might put a dollar on and try to collect 1/10th of 1 cent !!!!!!!!!! Even 1000 dollars would only be a return of 1001 dollars. (if maths correct ) be simpler not to include Krug from winsurance. lol
  11. The stewards elected to clear Down to the Bone a second time in a week after being heavily backed and in a winning postion.and breaking through a rear hoof problem. Is this fair on everyone ? I was expecting to read that the horse at very least would have to trial satisfactorily before racing again.I respect Robert Dunn greatly but how many times before serious action taken for all concerned.(sure had bet both times but consider a bad look for the industry .)
  12. 1. closing tabs and substituting at clubs/pubs etc. (where barmen sometimes find their discussion rudely interrupted by a bettor!!)Whanganui 5 Tabs now 1 for a gen area of 60000 people. and putting pokies into remaining tabs (pushing the competition ) 2. virtually nil promotion (other than 62/63 channel )of racing (remember great promos of past) cf lotto. no excitement or advert the big winners.! 3very little coverage newspapers/racebooks/billboards. just a non event. 4.TAB behind "need" to destroy racing in large areas of nz to cut their staff costs . while necessary will have
  13. Lets wonder if TAB will ever ask why trot turnovers going down . I could list 20 reasons and at least 15 self inflicted. !!!!!!! those of us still interested in this subject (including writer) may like to provide say top 5 for the benefit of those who still operating in a strong Canterbury fog.
  14. Whatever the feelings on the Cole Team. cannot deny them amazing effort last night to take all 8 boxes for next weeks oaks.!!! That should make headlines for all the right reasons. Does this show up the different standards from north to south ??
  15. true JJ Greg, extra full fields helps probs there. but there has to be fair opportunities otherwise noms should not be published until they are closed. only way. I have called for and received 1000s of noms in a previous life. (lol).if our regular entrants had not appeared we rang them to get their noms to ensure full fields. Again not necessarily fair but obviously better than them and the club missing out.. The problem doing that is many waited for us to call and as Addington usually extends many will wait and have that advantage.The met needs to race with noms in at the right ti