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  1. john legend

    sad loss

    racing lost one of the good guys of the racing industry today. Campbell Moncur died after a long illness. He was one of the most knowledgable individuals who worked for many years for the TAB and the set up and early operation of trackside. A big loss and sad at only 65 . RIP... Campbell. John Penney
  2. john legend

    box seat

    Greg oconnor has a new role . He Is now interpreter for Regan Cotter AK trot Club Racing manager. (whats with the haircut? ) LOL.
  3. john legend

    UMC still at it

    Jeez what a disappointment to hear this . Absolute sadness for what may have been this sympathy to Kirsty and owner. hope he returns in the future to reach heights we have seen he is capable of achieving.
  4. john legend


    Perhaps a show of faith all current ATC Board members . they each put in $100000 just a thought . (A recent case left board members with a $6,0000000 bill each. ).
  5. john legend

    UMC still at it

    True race cafers,the big test is the Hannon. Fav is still obviously Spankem (2.40) with UMC (4.50) and even the giant Chase Auckland is at around 5.00. (all pre noms) Even putting an 8 start horse in the same company as the Purdon runners is testament to his standing. If he wins the Hannon he will have arrived in the bigtime and poss become Cup fav. in futures markets.Good luck to Mr Kilkelly and all others involved.
  6. john legend


    lucky trotters not carnivores. they would never catch the rabbit . rabbit last quarter 20secs going away !!
  7. john legend

    UMC still at it

    has there ever been a horse capable of running seconds under nz record times first up ,not even a trial.? I timed him in 2. 51.5 from a mobile although not 100 % off video but only confirms his under 2.52 time by Jacks mate. .which only proves he is getting better . if that's even possible. I would think the blue army may be at least a little concerned.I remember the days when a horse going 3.05 in a qualifier was thought of as a potentially very good horse.
  8. Has Kirsty Barclay or others been guilty of anything but honesty in discussing how she was to drive the budding superstar U May Cullect . with the Press.. It would be a sad day if trainers or drivers are to say no comment to everything before a race. I heard that she was to drive exactly as she did ,now that was honest, not misleading( if too much info for the other drivers in the race.)Had she driven complete opposite to her comments that would be some concern. Maybe the head stipe may explain his "concerns"
  9. john legend

    UMC still at it

    yes Jack, no need for concern , another super performance even if a gap now in the picket fence. UMC did stand (dwelt) a little being on 50 metres alone poss added a further 10 metres his handicap.the fact that the other drivers went hard esp last 800 to stop him winning was their good luck. Kirsty drove as she said she would and has been reprimanded for honesty with the press. Roll on the Hannon.
  10. john legend

    UMC still at it

    small adjustment The race 2400 metres which will still be a great watch. thanks to those who mentioned my mistake. hope he goes to the Hannon and other lead up races and then stars in November.
  11. john legend

    Purdon pacers at stud

    The big 3 Lazarus,Vincent and Ultimate Machete are all now at stud with Lazarus getting a good book of 139 at $10000 stateside already and Vincent being well supported in his first season.All 3 retired early to stud through injury which may prove somewhat of a blessing in disguise as these stallions had been raced in the top class throughout their brief careers. They all proved to be worthy group race winners and record breakers. and naturally are exceedingly well bred. All are reasonably priced with Ultimate Machete being a standout at only $3000 plus gst in NZ. They could all become the new generation speed sires and should be more than capable of holding their own with the imports. lets hope they all get great quality and numbers to prove their exciting potential.Poss Vincent being by Art Major has a head start being able to tap into the bettors delight sire line through the hundreds of his mares now heading to stud. But Ultimate machete , I feel will be rushed by Art Major mares as well as many other sire lines EG Christian Cullen,Live or Die Falcon seelster esp with his outst andingly cheap service fee. IMHO.. Of course only time will tell but if ever there were 3 worthy sires to take a risk on then these are the ones.
  12. john legend

    UMC still at it

    watch him go from 50 mtrs behind at winton this sunday. he will be ready … some good oppn, eg airpark flyer, 40mtrs but cannot see him losing over 2700 mtrs .
  13. john legend

    clubs "bulk funding"

    thanks Ivan good to see monbet down on woodend beach again with Greg and Nina Hope. (although Greg a little disappointed with beach workout. )
  14. john legend

    clubs "bulk funding"

    The only action that saved most USA tracks was to make the facilities a destination in their own right. they built casinos and hotels with entertainment where the guest would have fine dining etc. I know its a pipe dream but if Sky city could put a branch in Epsom, Cambridge and Palmerston north and run 24 hours . The Sports bar concept is good and it has saved many state tracks overseas. surely it would have been better than apartment blocks. Maybe Winston could look at a feasibility study...!!
  15. john legend

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Sad to see the 1500 dollar maiden bonus disappear this season. The clubs are now required to organise their own stakes from a bulk funding model based on a share of the cake based on turnover from last season.That is fine but some Clubs may struggle towards the end of this season if their lack of other income dries up eg. sponsorship etc.. It puts a lot more responsibility on all Clubs. (hope they do better than some schools when they all went to Bulk funding ! )