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  1. Having bred many horses over years the profit potential is simply being eroded by acceptance of $4000 to $6000 sales of quality weanlings by the studs that try to have it both ways .they want payment plus add ons for breeding a foal then accept lower prices for selling their own progeny from their own mares.It is good for those that want to race horses (very tempting)but expect even lower mares bred this season .. by private breeders.
  2. Good luck to Bruce Negus .obviously a great investment getting 10 nice looking weanlings (in the main well bred) for the cost of 1 or 2 yearlings.He could recoup the cost of all at yearling sales by selling a few and then has 7 or 8 free potential race horses. Auctions are simply supply and demand and a great opportunity for a bargain. however agree that studs selling less than stud fees is not a good look and can only make many breeders think why should they bother.
  3. and one very smart group 1 trotter' excellent result at Addington .Congratulations to Ivan mcnic. and his group. President for life ! WHRC.
  4. I agree JJ better to live life in the positive....However when bad decisions are made that have an adverse effect on hard working people, I ,for one will not stand in silence...Can I put some examples only.... Whoever was responsible for the decision to close all harness racing from cambridge south to Cook Strait overlooked the 1000s of volunteers .Also the millions of dollars invested in training properties in the area. To save $$ ? yet greyhounds and gallops seemingly immune ? From an accountants view an Auckland/cambridge/addington/ascot/ may makedollars but at a real level interest in
  5. JJ ,you have always seemed a reasonable person. and a knowledgable one.Please dont suggest a new hobby as I still believe in harness racing and a bit too old to take up folk dancing or scrabble. You seem to have faith in the tab . I hope it does succeed as will the new Minister of Racing although he has a big workload !!!
  6. The tab has been boosted by alteration to its governance role by govt. The new powers taking over from RITA means that when dates are suggested it is not a rubber stamp but a combination of economics from the tab to see the best set up for all 3 codes . There is some discussion obviously but the last word unless it is totally compelling is that of the TAB. You could say what is wrong with that as the TAB needs profits to feed the Clubs . Sounds good but I could give a list of 20 actions they have already taken to achieve the exact opposite of their Mission Statement. So have little faith in
  7. the only 'admin' that would have any ability to change for the drivers/trainers /owners/punters. are not the clubs nor even hrnz , it is the TAB that now appears to have "godlike" control on locations/dates /number of races etc. It has been many years since any control in the Industry has disappeared from those most affected. I have been involved in many clubs and horses for a few years now from 1960sto today At least some stupidity is being corrected eg.wyndham,Hawera.
  8. Agree T man, with 67 only ak fields thisdouble up with thurs/friday with Cambridge seems insurmountable.It has been obvious to most participants that it creates anomalies and is not attractive for the punters.Surely a friday/sunday would be preferable to present "head in sand" thinking.
  9. another,but related pos problem,is the number at a single function being 100.... Racecourses are allowing under level 2 100 people to attend. however racecourses inc. addington are inviting owners with horses racing to attend plus all those necessary, eg commentators stipes vets crash crew,starters etc and then trainers and now owners which with over 100 horses racing on friday could add up to around 400 . maybe there are exceptions and I dont want owners not to attend but hope it is legit..
  10. Mike, my best bet that one of Steve Telfers horses could drive the truck. He can train them to do everything else.LOL
  11. agree Mikenz HRNZ was initially happy to go along with the slash and burn policy then with some changes of personnel and I believe, a realisation that they had gone too far in destruction of over 100 years of development which they had been keen to wipe out with a minute of crazy thinking..(and no doubt many court cases which would have had merit)they collectively allowed some(albeit small) harness racing to remain.I thank them for thinking of their "shareholders" and not bowing down to the Tab/RITA boards.If the plaudits are to be apportioned the Club =99% HRNZ =1% (even a new Minister of Rac
  12. Congrats to Manawatu HRC and to HRNZ for ensuring harness racing stays alive for the lovers of harness racing from say Cambridge to cook strait ... It has been a battle which many trolls said was a waste of time .. and we should just accept it. lets hope it does continue and even Hawera and New Plymouth also get some reprieve.. even if they have to tag on to a galloping meeting (to save a few $100 !!!!!!!!!!!) Sometimes ,just sometimes logics and commonsense can prevail.Well done loved the racing and the prospects ahead.Thankyou from an owner /punter/old bastard.
  13. Congrats to Wyndham for getting date back. Really only a small move towards sanity for the industry. It still leaves economic viability for smaller clubs in perilous state. Hopefully the new Minister of Racing gets out and about to the important grass roots of Harness Racing (instead of talking and sitting with those that can spend $5 or $6 million on yearlings. which is not getting true position of the racing industry.!!!)
  14. Haa yes you guest it most returned to the bank of TAB.... but we can remember the big collects fondly. Photo on the wall !!
  15. yes, tauherenikau..... $100 each way @ 41.00 win and 10place. on our Branch Rickey. got cash and rest of day and 250km drive home a blur.. party was well underway when we got home... jan2nd 2014... like to repeat it but dont think will happen again !!!