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  1. Lets hope the concept is given a chance to get better . !
  2. this great news . First real promo to help keep harness racing alive. instead of the wiping of any form of visibility eg. friday flash.gone,newspaper fields and results long gone, radio broadcasts, gone hr weekly, gone...TABs closed or closing. (the accountantseducing costs and ignoring the damage to peoples interest in ownership/sponsorship and of course punting. BIG THANKS TO THOSE INVOLVED
  3. not all mike but 5 wins from first 8 races not too bad cf the experts
  4. Nice for Addington to have good fields and a friday night to themselves. good luck for big turnovers. For those that need a new selector I don't normally volunteer but felt the urge to fly into print (before race 1) picks as follows; R1.... 6 petronelli gee r2......6 luvstruck r3......5 simone lindenny r4......1 franco norton r5......9 darling me r6......7 final collect r7......9 henry hubert r8......6 morrissey r9......7 gold chain r10....3 swagger man. hope it helps ..would expect 5 wins or better
  5. Wai Eyre Farm have produced a miracle filly which cant really be described by Sky Major. It is on the Harness Enthusiasts facebook page but incredible heart warming view. Its markings will make it a brilliant advert for harness Racing. take a peak.
  6. no probs Iraklis with B for B. Tony can work into race but with 2700 mtres and only 6 runners he should get 1st or 2nd .
  7. The link to my summation above was to try to answer the question and reason why a trotting slot race could not be 1 million or close to as the pacers. I appreciate the top trotters at 2200 mobile Cambridge would be ,hopefully a fair contest with no breakers but there is always that possibility for large punters.(who want to eliminate every risk they can )It would still be a large financial return for the winner.
  8. Nelli I believe the standard of trotting has improved at the top end but generally where we have larger fields and stand starts it is not a good betting proposition with sometimes half field breaking at start or during race. This seems to be worse in NZ than America where there are serious repercussions for constant breakers. I only pose the question why is this and how will it be fixed ? if not lower stakes and less trotting races with less stakes will remain the norm.(ps our betting syndicate has only 1 rule low class trotting races permitted as by experience it has been a bad return
  9. Concept ok but Sundees son ,Bolt for brilliance , and Muscle mountain would be (most likely) totally dominant ,maybe Five wise men in 12 months time for 4th. then again put in a few confident Aussies (is there any other sought) could be a goer. If any track can.....Cambridge can
  10. WD you are right but the horse owner split and costs are not officially known so I discussed on a gross return . obviously the case to the slot holder is more complicated and every entry would be different eg.getting Australian horses to come here. Slot holders where Radio stations etc. are involved may receive intangible benefits . owners of horses may also have wanted a flat fee as well for using their horse.. However if it simply is not viable then it will not continue.BUT I really hope with some tweaking and HRNZ funds it will grow and become major part of harness year...
  11. Believe the fact only 3 winners (and spankem and Self Assured massive earners already) then 4th money in such a big race should have at least covered entry fee and the others get Half money back eg $75000 out $37500 back in is not good business just a constructive thought.... at least 4th and 5th could have been 75 each even if a small reduction from 1,2,3. To say 3 in 10 chances to make a profit not good odds esp as the 2 above most likely to front up again. Maybe the Businesses regard the publicity worth participation so hope that to the general public also picks up.(suggest contact 1 and 3
  12. It was a great race and congrats to Cambridge. The future will depend on the financial shakedown. Happy days for the first 3 home sure but the rest a very expensive exercise. There is a locked in contract for 2 more years but is tricky if slot holders pull out then wish to trade their slots. But lets stay positive, only hope that it gets even bigger in the future.
  13. If a success , hope it does not disappear down the Jewels hole off to AK and Addington but Cambridge can bid for it ..... (tui add insert here)
  14. CONGRATULATIONS to Cambridge Personnel for their courage to take a concept to reality. The racing gods have worked for you with fine weather, great horses from 2 countries and end of restrictions. To David Branch and his worthy team Good Luck and thanks from harness racing enthusiasts throughout NZ....
  15. Just luv your enthusiasm Iraklis. but with Alta orlando now a 10 year old some punters may overlook him .with a perfect draw (2 ) and in career best form,still capable of 1.50 mile and best time being 1.49 he wouldn't be here without a real chance.He is a group 1 winner and has won over $1 million. We did race his half sister here ,Myeyesadoreya who was very speedy as well but alas the mighty usa $dollars were too tempting.(common story !) Have watched most of Alta Orlando's races and will be excellent around Cambridge.68 wins and places in good company isn't too bad.!!! (only thing would ha