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  1. JJ the figures are worse than a guestmate allowed, thought they may top covid years. also some sires were over represented which softened their value... eg Always B Miki (68) compared with the phenomenal Capt Treacherous (only 21) still a lot were let go at bargain prices.... ps. I hope the girl who was thrown to the ground by a cantankerous yearling was ok.!!!
  2. You have convinced me JJ F .The big players are still going but there is a soft middle and lower market where cost of production higher than return as we can see .It is becoming an exclusive "club" and we are fortunate to have say the top 12 investors. I am looking forward to racing a Horse in the near future and it will be down by a seaside (subtle clue) I have been a pacing fan and owner since 1968 so have to stay healthy for another few years to enjoy the electric buzz you get from winning beit a cup or a maiden at Manawatu or Hawera. !! always an optimist.
  3. Its not all doom and gloom at Christchurch today .... Bettors Delight out of start Dreaming yearling =$340000 to go to Purdon/Phelan stables.What is the TAB Racing Club.... ? (who were purchaser)
  4. agree Shad.yes the changes are incredible . But remember the big delay often at back of totes at collect windows esp in the dark at end of day/night .often the bar patrons (somewhat liquored up would start yelling and banging on the windows... or even worse behaviour. things were more basic but hardly better than today !! The films of races in the 60s and 70s bare no resemblance to modern slick productions as well. Its great today but I dont think profitable gambling is any easier to achieve than previously.
  5. really should be bad old days . my fav pair of a bracket..... Johnny Gee and Tony bear (t) as you say covered with 1 but often 2 for a good collect.
  6. And who does his hair , (being catty lol) the small crop top bit of a fright !!!!
  7. Agree with Iraklis, how good is Don't stop Dreaming..(and Mark). brilliant run from 2nd line and less than 1 length from Aus super star...!! Before the race 1 lady picked 5 horses ,(all aussies didnt mention DSD, They do have trouble Dreaming only a night mare if we had got up. !!!lol .
  8. fixed odds better for you.... 3.80 last night.then 3.60 today.after my "small" investment dropped to 3.30 . but pleased you ignoring me . My only 4 races mentioned ooga's 1st today,the unlucky 4th first day ,3rd in top company invercargill(where suggested should place but could even win...) and last to first at Addington. so you obviously should never do what i do as you know more than me. I have won and placed in many super stable comps and jewels comps as well as little ones on here.I have given many prizes away including yellow jewels driving jackets to kids carts (taranaki)etc Havingbeen a punter for the last 60 years (yes picked Cardigan Bay to win Ak cup 1963 and was hooked for life) can never be 100 % right but when I see quality individuals like to praise them and build them up. You appear quick to knock any initiative and require a guaranteed return .lol.... you seem to know all about gallops/dogs as well as trots... and be in different parts of the country often eg. wanganui new straight dog track last week now Nelson today .. Doesn't ring true !
  9. yes 2 horses today to become well known thrughout trotting land.... Sunnys sister and .........OOga Chaka .(1.54mile rate not bad for 6th start.!!!) get a life Canon47 (DA)
  10. yes she can drive !!! congrats to her. !
  11. Canon47 this is your 48th post so I presume you are now 48 canons. Not your best work by far. I dont tip , I agree sometimes the whale copies me maybe related who knows ! please gamble but avoid spending the rent/rates/food money on my tips.... Just like the name Ooga Chaka and saw him nearly knocked over yesterday...another chance to feed your household Sunday .. keep the faith Ooga OOga OOGa OOGA CHAKA.... lol
  12. nelson race 7 High on Believing again..... Ooga Chaka/Ooga Chaka 5.40 pm tonight. Get the chant to the winning line !!!
  13. sounds good ,,yes BUT... the fine print tells the truth... The TAB can amend or even cancel at any time ... so that may be a "surprise" would have thought .... lol. (but not very funny -do they consider punters are idiots or cherished clients !!!
  14. Good to see a sire represented in the winners circle at least a decade since his successful career peaked. Especially in the first week of 2024. the winner Take after me at 13 proved age no barrier as the career started 10 years ago and has won over 250000 dollars.!!The sire Holmes Hanover was well known and popular through the early 2000s but now has only had 1 winner a season for the last8 years. maybe a new beginning LoL.HH was very popular at his peak and proved one of our great sires esp as he carried a lot of the great blood of Albatross/tar heel and adios.... and is in many top pedigrees. Good as a foundation for the new. sires to mate with good luck to owners of TAM...
  15. after several replays and reading comments (having never driven in a race) agree with most statements here. Strange. After first look thought in favour of JJ why not wait for passing lane then slide through for easy win.... BUT the leader was being driven out and not responding so she had a decision or 2 to make . (without luxury of replays) Secondly thought why not sit in 1/1 then attack ... good idea No not a cunning plan as all 3 horses and drivers were hard at work A split decision number 3 she made, go out should be capable passing the 3 strugglers. Her horse did run a bit wider than expected but she still finished faster than the others and in retrospect it looked a wait would have produced a winner instead of placing. As a non bettor on race felt NOT BY FAR WORST DRIVE EVER'''''PS. once a fellow owner went crazy at our driver (who happened to be one of most respected drivers in NZ) when he made a split decision that didnt pay off .We all commiserated with circumstances but the pocket of a fellow owner overuled common sense..... Not a happy moment.!!