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  1. One of the structural problems has been demonstrated by latest farcical situation where too many chiefs and it is clear the people in harness racing (ie real skin in game) including the unpaid on club committees elect part only of a board that has virtually no say in direction of the industry, (some may say "just as well")but no influence on the TAB or the Transition "experts" which actually are in control. therefore the whole structure is not working as it should. I have written many letters in last 6 months , and with the exception of manawatu President (many thanks to him) have had no replies and I have used suitable restrained language. Harness racing can survive and develop as in Australia/USA/Canada/Europe. but if the Accountants keep cutting costs in Nz there will be nothing left. Humans will always gamble and enjoy the thrill of winning but growing competition is getting smarter and more visible whereas we are hiding away.
  2. T man,, have often put my sermon in writing.but for the benefit of the TAB,RITA and HRNZ.. the important aspects of a successful Business are promote promote, promote. Unfortunately recent times are dont dont dont. EG. no boxseat,no TV promos, let colourful people go,no competitions,close TABs, no form books, no newspaper racing info.nothing to make harness racing exciting,eg.big national news Ricky collapses.everyone talking about it.Ricky recovers and wins ....big tv news. not bloody likely . typical mindset almost defeatist attitude. saving a few dollars, close a few more racecourses great that will mean turnovers continue to go down. on course activities almost non existent with exception of Andre Neil but presume his budget cut to say $1.50 per meeting. if he hasnt been given the DCM !!!! ITsPROBABLY ALREADY TOO LATE but Wake up NZ HR. We have a good product lets tell people about it.
  3. As usual people with no understanding that night follows day miss the point. Just come down for great Harness Racing CD. I do feel bad for Hawera .have been attending most Easters there with horses from Auckland in the 70s and up to last year with cd horses. great racing big crowds, special kids carts racing and great country atmosphere.(workouts most sundays)Sadly missed and yet another bad decision. The Taranaki will go the same as Hawkes Bay. Roll on RITA, HRNZ. eventually the cake will be so small may as well close the canvas.
  4. hrnz appears to have been almost working against its own stakeholders. Which is bizarre at best. What is wrong with them. The agm should have a motion from a lot of clubs which could read along t he lines ,of a vote of no confidence in the current board
  5. At least there must be someone who retains some commonsense in the industry. To those who have allowed some compassion for the horsemen/women in the central districts I personally say thankyou. To those who wanted to wipe out the 100years of central districts harness racing and have failed, I say try some other sport or recreation as you are surplus to requirements. Its not a time for arguments however but a time for making the racing a success for future years.
  6. Thanks Irakis we think alike.! wonder how UMay Cullect is progressing be great for November. Purdon team will be firing when the money appears say september with Self Assured and others ready for all the big races.
  7. Stables, you are starting to make sense, what is the world coming to. LOL.
  8. Yes Iraklis , understamd your comments. I have been in trotting all my life because it has been enjoyable,entertaining, a great sport , sometimes profitable sometimes not !!! and have met longtime friends through our sport. The current malaise however has been devastating and is very hard to A. believe B, take. The "experts" think a 2 track NI. industry will keep the suits all in well paid positions but will devastate dozens of trainers. I care for people especially when other options are available. Still similar to you would much prefer to enjoy whats left of our sport . By the way if anyone interested one horse we sent to USA, myeyesadoreya has won 14 races in usa around new york running 1.54 (not fast enough over there.0 Look forward to more fun times here perhaps cup time !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Shad the relation to Shartin ,Knockawarwon is a 3 yr old gelding in australia but has not raced so far in aus. (by Tintin in america exp by G J Crabbe)
  10. Yes no tellers ….what a great idea to lower on course patronage.another gem by the TAB.
  11. Well Said Ivan, the wide ramifications of a huge region closure will be detrimental for those in any part of the industry and would be counter productive. It is not the way to save the TAB and many alternatives are in train for consideration which would actually work on a commercial basis. As President for Life (PFL) it would be great for you to organise Bus trips, but be very careful ...LOL.
  12. good summation T man. Only thing is if no harness racing in most of north Island The kids carts is organised by harness racingtrainers and wives so most likely no k carts in region. It is also run on harness racing programmes which wont exist so will not be able to give the children raceday experience. A big loss asTaranaki/Manawatu a thriving area for Kids carts .. Donated my signed yellow jewels silks to them as believe future of harness racing lies in kids carts. But if TAB see no point in these regions then no point in giving children the illusion of a future in harness racing. DISGRACEFUL.
  13. The 5 top stables in the region have over 100 horses in their stables at present .but the knockers and doom merchants don't want to know. That's ok The govt is being made aware of these matters. Roll on the opening day at the manawatu raceway. Come on down Stables for a new experience .
  14. The TROLL strikes again.!!
  15. Give up Stables you are a total Muppet.