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  1. Southern racing has been under the umbrella of Gallop South for a while, others may know more about its structure and efficacy, but to me, looking on, it seems to be a good initiatve. Otago were part of the whole for a while but not now, again, some will know more about that than I do. Having regional 'clusters' was encouraged a while ago and Canterbury Racing played its part, but things seemed to drift away and now its all very parochial again. It's a bit like the Racing Bureau concept; they do a great job and no criticism implied there, but I'm a bit lost as to where the cost savings come in, I'm not aware that any club secretary has lost his job or has had his workload reduced as a result.
  2. Terrible news. My thoughts and sympathy to you, family and friends.
  3. I have absolutely no idea..but I was aked that question recently too. Would like to hear an opinion from someone who does have that knowledge.
  4. Wayne? wondered where he had gone. Give him my regards, Baz.
  5. Hoping in vain is right...
  6. Probably a consequence of owners finally throwing up their hands in disgust and giving up.
  7. The Kempton experience is interesting, but not involving training of course. But an English lad who works for me said that there would be at least a part- renewal of one track every two or three years at Newmarket. I have concerns too, about maintenance and renewal costs. No silver bullet that's for sure.
  8. Would they care? Would anyone? decisions made in the interests of the industry overall are pretty thin on the ground.
  9. Winton and Wyndham have chosen to race at Gore, before this latest situation of course.
  10. looking at the way he plaited his legs when last there, probably not...! although I know some of his owners would dearly love that idea. He needs 2200 plus to be effective. He managed an unsuitable 1800 pretty well last National meeting ,but only because the track was a heavy 25 .
  11. Yeah, love the day at Kurow..and so do many spectators. Just a brilliant spot, and the track always in grand order.
  12. Yeah, I was surprised too, may not be a permanent thing but at least they get a chance to go again. Kumara has done a lot of work on the back straight.
  13. Not so much cost to TAB as made out to be, T.M....after all, no stakes or trackside services to pay. For the record I'm not agin AW tracks at all. Think it would be great to have a few, but not as a last-ditch survival strategy. They should be a valued part of well-run training and racing regimes, but not a last throw at the stumps.
  14. Agree, absolutely. And, as well, the synthetic or alternative surfaces or whatever you like to term them, don't last forever. Trialling AND racing AND working will be high wear-and-tear for sure. Maintenance requirements are quite significant I believe, and then they will need to be re-laid. That will get no cheaper.
  15. I find Bet365 very user friendly and easy to both deposit and withdraw. I'm sure others will have their own preferences.
  16. Can you enlighten me as to the reason for the change and dissolution of the two bodies with the 2003 Act? I possibly had a vague idea at the time, but its vanished.....thanks! Seems bizarre with such a good Report.
  17. The cut-the sausage-rolls-in-half guy? Genius.
  18. Oh, that means permanent support then. Heigh ho, here comes the gravy train again.
  19. Exactly. The experience of walking out of the Spectators bar to the rail where you can nearly touch the horses, they are so close, could not be replicated. Assuming the enormous amount of money could be found [ and justified ] to shift ambulance track, plough, gallop grasses and sand, the trotting track would be 2000m and so bloody far away that no one would bother going. And where, then, do the above-mentioned training tracks go? Not a great idea. The concept of a purpose-built facility somewhere else, yes, fine. No problem with that at all. But to maximise the viewing experience, training tracks would need [IMO] to be located in another area of the complex.
  20. Sadly.....and, when the same thing happens again, back to the Govt with the hand out again. Wouldn't be holding my breath for a positive response from that.