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  1. tim vince

    pirongia boxing day.

    Another great day gone.maybe the big earners in wellingt9n could find the 100.
  2. tim vince

    U can see why

    M purdon is a champion trainer.the equipment they showed he is using is amazing.an innovator.must be very expensive.all those who think he has an un natural advantage I hope u saw it. Treadmill that gai warehouse uses and resistance sulkies from Finland.most couldn't afford it or have the horses to justify it but it is all above board.and of course great staff great young horses and above all a world class trainer. Amazing.
  3. tim vince

    Happy Valley races abandoned

    Obviously the protesters are part of the minority of Hong Kong residents who aren't punters
  4. tim vince

    Tim Williams

    Whacks a knee wears spreaders.pretty obvious.champion bloke champion driver.he couldn't do anything prob would have galloper out of it with an inferior driver.
  5. tim vince

    U can see why

    I do that u can vary the power.
  6. tim vince

    U can see why

    .ordered an endurance sulky already Still need a good horse
  7. tim vince

    U can see why

    Or some of the others 30 years behind
  8. tim vince

    Cup Day Fields

    Didn't a lot of northerners come for support races.i seem to recall support races were 20 kwhen I had born again Christian.now 25k. Not enough to entice many obviously.costs pretty high to go down.
  9. tim vince

    A legend retiring.

    I hear Richard brosnan last runners Friday. A man of high integrity who never took a backward step.on a personal note a man who stood by me in tough times and I have never forgotten.who could forget no response and bonnies chance. I hope all in the industry recognize hs achievements.I know he don't want a fuss but I hope the atc has plans to recognize his career.
  10. tim vince

    Melbourne Cup and Lotto

  11. tim vince

    A Pro Amateur !

    When u have friends like Nicky c a poutama a drake d Ferguson u realise through all the gripes it is a great game.those guys were fantastic . I couldn't h have coped without them.thanks guys.
  12. tim vince

    In my view

    Another irrational decision by handicapping sub committee.horse with more than 2 wins can't go below 45.why.if you are a 75 year old golfer and u were once on 2 should they make your max 20.really its another in th he long list of decisions that really make no sense.i would like to get them face to face and take them on.also no discretion conti he's but there is discretion if you read on.bugger me.
  13. tim vince

    In my view

    I just hope with Auckland financial trouble they can maintain stakes.if not te dominos start falling
  14. tim vince

    Any news

    From annual meeting of atc.couldnt make.whhat is the building UPDATE? 40 MILL LOSS still or more.
  15. tim vince

    Any news

    Wow what does this mean.something has to give.
  16. tim vince

    The vrc

    Handicapper actually handicaps.mr carpenter announces the winner of the Caulfield cup gets one kilo.he gave a lot of reasons.very refreshing.not black and white which is how a rating system should work.
  17. tim vince

    A Pro Amateur !

    Stop it Gary shell think she is John Campbell.the good thing is the sport has a place for amateurs.the pros would make a mess of her. We need to cater for all levels of ability horse driver owner.its not all about the champs.mind you we should celebrate our champs Dexter Oscar bonavena etc they will bring people to track.
  18. tim vince

    Zev Meredith

    Yup from day one. had the right attitude. Mangos will keep his feet on te ground.brent has done a marvellous job as a mentor and I think though he never shows it is extremely proud.he will make a million mistakes .I told him to stay off social media.it can smash your confidence.
  19. tim vince

    Dylan kennet

    From a good harness family won a cycle tour in China.immensely talented.might turn his hand to our sport one day. Gr8 effort
  20. tim vince

    In my view

    I've tried
  21. tim vince

    In my view

    Why not give a maiden that wins the rating they win off.say 48 and they stay at 48 in the non maiden class.stops them getting too high too quick.
  22. tim vince

    In my view

    U know I agree
  23. tim vince

    In my view

    Don't be unkind. Probably not up to it.haha
  24. tim vince

    Dylan kennet

    Yup think so track cyclist turned road
  25. tim vince

    In my view

    All they are doing is creating a class within a class.they are admitting their own system is flawed.whoever had this idea should go back to rating system school.trouble is they never went in the fist place.skipped first 15 years.