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  1. All I can see in this sentence was Pegasus asking if this was the bowler who now owns a bar in ChCh? Not really slanderous?
  2. Baz (NZ)

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    You took the words right of my mouth barryb.
  3. Baz (NZ)

    Helena Baby

    I don't necessarily disagree but do we ignore Opie Bosson stating.... "He's possibly the best horse he's ridden"?
  4. Horse trainer fined $327k after accident which left teenage employee tetraplegic Caroline Williams21:01, Aug 16 2019 BEVAN READ Sophia Malthus broke her neck when she was thrown from a racehorse in November 2016. An Auckland horse trainer has been ordered to pay $372,000 after an accident which left his teenage employee tetraplegic. Stephen John McKee failed to ensure the health and safety of a teenage girl he employed as a stable hand in November 2016, a ruling at the Auckland District Court found on Friday. The woman, believed to be 19-year-old Sophia Malthus, told Stuff in 2017 she had broken her neck in the accident, and lost all sensation below her collarbone The horse she was riding bolted while they galloped around a practice track, and gathered "more and more" speed before the force threw them off the track. The horse went through a fence, while Malthus landed on the track. Malthus had been training as a jockey at the stable, near Ardmore, for six months before the accident, but had never ridden a racing-fit racehorse. A Work Safe investigation found McKee, who had over 30 years experience in the industry, had not established whether the teenager was competent to ride a race horse. Head of specialist interventions Simon Humphries said the stable hand's riding ability should have been assessed on more "suitable" horses, and McKee should have been aware of the hazards and risks. "There was no formal training to monitor, supervise and progress from her stable hand to riding a racehorse. "This young woman's life has been drastically affected and the incident serves as a reminder to employers that they must always ensure staff are capable of the job at hand." Malthus previously told Stuff she did not hold a grudge against the horse, which had fully recovered from the accident. McKee was charged under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. He was fined $30,000 and ordered to pay reparations of $110,000 and $262,000 for consequential loss. Stuff
  5. Baz (NZ)


    Please Note: Most here would not begrudge any success that comes Te Keeti Bloodstocks way. With that kind of investment in our industry it is certainly deserved! I just don't think moving stables frequently is the recipe?.... particularly ones getting good results? Another saying..."THAT'S RACING"
  6. Baz (NZ)


    I don't think so most have stated here "owners prerogative" and good luck to them. Just an observation that young trainer Jacob Mckay has produced the best results by far with only 2 of the 19 odd horses purchased/owned by Te Keeti Bloodstock. Another observation by most racing fans here is.... it seems a harsh move from the owner considering the most success thus far has come from the McKay stable? Why do owners pay trainers to train...when some think they can do it better. The saying..."$50 a day if I'm training it.... $100 a day if you are training it" ...springs to mind ?
  7. Baz (NZ)


    WOW! ....I see the writing was probably on the wall early on with this owner's musical chairs tendencies. King Midas as a yearling presumably under Mckay's care was broken in, educated before trailing twice as a 2yo winning both!..... but was still removed and transferred to the stable of Peter Huxtable (horse since transferred again) Who here would do that?... if you had a 2yo win two trials with particular trainer! Strange ? Anyway owners prerogative and good luck to the horses third trainers Team Rogerson! I'm sure Rogie would have quadrupled its career starts before it is moved to the 4th and next stable!
  8. Baz (NZ)


    Some owners have more money than brains...particularly new ones who have no idea! However that's their prerogative! Aalaalune is arguably the best maiden in the country under Mckay's guidance. She was never gonna win over 1000m fresh up being a back runner. If this was the reason? Poor young Jacob Mckay has done all this work from yearling to 3yo and now won't reap the rewards of his hard work. Amazing results achieved with her as a 2yo because she was always going to be a better 3yo over more ground than 800m - 1400m. Mr Universe has had 16 starts for 10 stakes return...hardly bad results from the young trainer??? I see Rogerson has other Te Keeti Bloodstock transfers too.....Huckleberry Hussie, Global Diamond and...... King Midas ---------> J M Mckay ---------> P Huxetable ---------> G A Rogerson's had as many trainers as it's had starts! Actually It looks like almost all of Lou Te Keeti's bloodstock are now racing out of the Rogerson barn? I hope they love going to the races....because the Nomination/Acceptance fees will be more than the training fees!
  9. Not to mention she now has to carry CT this season!
  10. You are obviously heading to Te Rapa on Saturday to cast your eyes over this years Cox Plate winner?!
  11. Baz (NZ)

    TAB First 2 Races Promotion

    Hmm...yes possible. I have taken a couple of K profit out this month...which seems to trigger a bonus bet when a low balance occurs. But my turnover well exceeds this.
  12. Baz (NZ)


    Bonus Bets & Money Back Madness Promo was the only thing that stopped me from opening an Aussie account. 1. Refund 2nd, 3rd & 4th first two races . Don't change this NZ TAB! Otherwise Australia is looking better.
  13. Baz (NZ)


    Yes...porky I've received 3 or 4 $30 bonus bets from the TAB in the past 3 months. Ironically that's what got me started back in April. Bonus Bet $30 at Te Rapa on Shezallmine @ 12-1. Of course the TAB don't lose...they deduct the $30 bonus Bet from any winnings.
  14. Baz (NZ)


    ....and the NZ TAB wonder why?
  15. Baz (NZ)

    Roaring lion withdrawn from service

    Disappointing for the (NZ) & (AUS) breeding industry this season. Where and who will all these mares booked to Roaring Lion go to now for this breeding Season??