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  1. Karaka 2020 ? Light on numbers?
  2. Baz (NZ)

    RACEFORM publication

    The hardest hurdle is trying to find selected retailers !
  3. Baz (NZ)

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    If you believe media is the gospel... then you probably believe the Australian Racing Industry and its participants send numerous horses to the slaughterhouses to be ill-treated and killed. ABC Media! Ripley's Believe it or not?
  4. Baz (NZ)

    So what's the real answer

    LEFT FIELD! How about clubs run themselves and on their own merits? Sack Rita, Sack NZRB, Sack NZ Racing, Sack TAB... Sack the lot and start from scratch. Save a lot on useless Salaries! The strongest survive and live on as in life!
  5. Yes Barry Jones Leo's old boss!
  6. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Trainers design and easy to spot. They just need to be a bit faster
  7. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Yes not bad over 1200m...will be better for the run and over more ground.
  8. Baz (NZ)


    I didn't have a bet today. Wish I did was like getting bitten all over again! Well Done Dan Miller & Shezeallmine (The Lovable Bitch)
  9. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    No champion RR...went to Hong Kong for holiday....never raced.
  10. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Hmmm....well the handicapper has rated our horse as topweight and the bookies have us as the rank outsider!. Who is right?
  11. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Are ratings done on potential...or what the horse has done on the track previously? Obviously not later based on these two runners below? 1. (1 win) 4yo Mare Luminous $22,500.00 in stakes has a Rating 75? - A MAIDEN WINNER 2. (4 win) 6yo Gelding Kamanda Lincoln $80,700.00 in stakes has a Rating 74? - A RATING 82 WINNER
  12. Baz (NZ)

    Name for my horse please.

    Yep agree...could have taken a sit also.
  13. Baz (NZ)

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Sorry thinking again.... Further more.... a 2 win horse which hasn't raced for 2 years that I have an interest in.... has been given a 60kg topweight. More than 5 win and 3 win horses who have earn't double the amount in stakes. Go figure?
  14. Baz (NZ)

    Name for my horse please.

    Instructions were to slide forward but unfortunately was taken on in front which more than likely fired him up.
  15. Baz (NZ)

    Name for my horse please.

    Looked to be green and still doing things a bit wrong? I hope he's pulled up O.K to fight another day.