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  1. I think I could be wrong about Leo's chance's! I've slashed his odds from 500-1 to 50-1. He has no competition! How refreshing it is to hear exactly what you'd be voting for! Direct and Decisive policy.
  2. It was a sad day in the 80's when I heard Tracey Khan (Ron's Niece) & Tracey Reddaway (Keith's Daughter) from Matamata were killed at the bottom of the Kaimai's on the way home from Poverty Bay races. It was not so many weekends beforehand I'd met the pair at a social gathering at Ron Khans Fieldhouse Park. I can't remember the year exactly...mid to late 1980's? I was a young teen at the time they were older possibly around 18? I was in charge of the music and still remember the girls requesting songs and dancing. Particularly Tracey Khan dancing to Madonna's song Holiday. Former jockey
  3. Classic! Leo I feel you have more chance of winning a mayoralty in Australia with your sense of humour and lack of political correctness! You have no chance in this poxy place with it's Labour/Green led left wing woke wankers running the show! Auckland elected Phil Goff & Chloe Swarbrick for fuck sake! You have a better chance of pushing Jacinda back up the womb to be re-fucked! However for the entertainment factor alone....I for one will be rooting for you!
  4. Unless mainstream media get hold of it ! Racially disparaging comment about Māori in relation to occasionally slow race horse earns trainer $800 fine Marty Sharpe11:53, Jul 08 2021 Joseph Johnson/Stuff Shaun Phelan agreed completely that his comments were inappropriate and added that he is himself part-Maori. (File pic) A horse trainer who referred made racially disparaging comments referring to his sometimes-slow horse has been fined $800. Shaun Phelan, who co-trains the
  5. Nice tough win by the Kevin & Pam Hughes trained Russian Fable for our very own cafe member Cube's in the first at Riccarton today ! русская басня
  6. Congrats Pam...big 7L win from your mare.
  7. Dark Horse - The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance
  8. It's only a 4yo gelding but was gelded 13 years ago. Who was the Vet? That's an impressive talent to have!
  9. Reece Jones (AUS) 25 year old & Barry Reese Jones (NZ) 101 year old are two different beasts serving their apprenticeships in two different century's . P.S One has more fingers on his hand than the other!
  10. To me it shows the huge gap from officials running racing in Australia and the Muppet show being run here in NZ. Professionals vs Amateurs! I see the professionals have multiple presenters on course at most meetings....obviously our overpaid salary suits know better here in NZ!
  11. On course presenters are required to start with! Andre Neill is filling a gap after the race with his facebook platform RACING THIS TIME
  13. Possibly the fastest 2yo I've seen here since Our Maizcay? Looking forward to seeing him as a 3yo.