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  1. Baz (NZ)

    Opie interview

    Watch: G1 winning jockey gets shat on by bird
  2. Baz (NZ)

    Best best in Australia tomorrow.......

    She's gotta be a champion!
  3. Baz (NZ)

    2020/21 Ribbon Racing

    Will we be racing for ribbons next season?
  4. Baz (NZ)

    Wexford Stables

    I hope they haven't made a too hasty decision? It could change again in a day or two?
  5. Baz (NZ)

    Wexford Stables

  6. Baz (NZ)

    $50M cost and $20M a year for this!!

    Maybe... but for $50m + 20m a year less we had a functional user friendly site without the frustration and exorbitant costs! Just NUTS!.... and another example of piss poor leadership and mismanagement!
  7. Baz (NZ)

    TAB to go tits up

    This shit is absolute madness! When the sporting world has virtually stopped as racing continues we "can" front line programming with Des Coppins among others? What are these brainless leaders in suits thinking??? This is racing's opportunity to market, promote and introduce potential new main stream numbers to the game! Unbelievable!
  8. Baz (NZ)

    TAB to go tits up

    * Cutting a wide range of expenses like travel and overtime - "we should have cut the sausage rolls today."
  9. Baz (NZ)

    TAB to go tits up

    Empty your TAB Accounts quickly!
  10. Baz (NZ)

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    Phar Lap? Give me strength!
  11. Baz (NZ)

    R.I.P Glynn Brick
  12. Baz (NZ)

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    Or bar staff !
  13. Baz (NZ)

    R.I.P Glynn Brick

    Cambridge Trainer Glynn Brick was tragically killed in a car accident last night. My sincere condolences go out to Glynn's family and to all friends of Bricky's at this sad time. R.I.P Bricky !
  14. Baz (NZ)

    Woodville 3yos

    Good! I have a share in a 3yo ready to go in the next week or two down that way!