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    Midgets Applaud TR Done GOOD

    DAVID WALSH TO JOIN NZTR STAFF Former champion jockey David Walsh is to take up a full time role with New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing. Walsh, who has ridden more winners in New Zealand than any other jockey, will next month begin working as the NZTR training and welfare officer for the South Island. Walsh will be based in Christchurch and will also have responsibility for health and safety and licensing. Part of his role will be to mentor and support apprentice jockeys and the promotion of careers in thoroughbred racing. He will begin his new position in early June and will take over from Will Harnett, who has resigned from NZTR to take up employment outside the racing industry. Walsh announced his retirement from race riding in January, after a stellar career that produced more than 2500 wins, two New Zealand premierships and wins in the Cox Plate, Caulfield Cup, Brisbane Cup and Adelaide Cup. He became the most successful jockey in New Zealand in terms of wins when notching win No. 2360, in the Marlborough Cup, at Blenheim in 2014. His host of Group I victories in New Zealand included a hat-trick of Telegraph wins at Trentham. He also made a mark as a trainer, winning a Group I race with Zirna. “I’m really looking forward to the [NZTR] job,” Walsh said. “I didn’t want to leave the industry and this has come along at the right time “I’ve already been helping the young riders down here [in Canterbury] off and on for the last five or six years.” Walsh is passionate about recruiting people into the racing industry. “We need to go out there, into the schools and pony clubs, to explain what a great industry this is to work in. “They aren’t coming to us at the moment and we need to get out there and find the riders and staff of the future. They need to know that you don’t have to be a Jim Cassidy or an Opie Bosson to do well.” NZTR Racing Operations Manager Tim Aldridge said the organisation was delighted to have secured somebody with Walsh’s background. “He will be the ideal person to follow the good work done by Will Harnett,” Aldridge said.
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    Starter G Phillips

    Isnt it his job to be telling the boys what they need to do because remember starters (not just Garry) are constantly approached by trainers during the day telling them this and that and what they want to happen with their horses at the start. And because he cant be standing right beside each of the boys giving instructions he has to shout the instructions and being "miked up" it ends up sounding louder than it really is. Would you prefer that he just says nothing so none of the boys have any idea what has to happen next and it becomes a total shambles,? As is often brought up in sports, its okay to get rid of a person but then who is better out there to replace him.? SITUATION VACANT - thankless position - you're on a hiding to nothing - Only time you get mentioned is when people want to criticise you Give me some potentional names to replace him or perhaps a Cafer wants to have a go... MrBigStuff is in "Open Class" so obviously has had lots of involvement in racing so would be the ideal candidate I reckon.
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    Counties Conundrum

    No, just dodging the ridiculously long trip through Auckland's traffic nightmare which must weigh heavily on horse fitness and owner's pockets. Time to boycott the meetings up there and let the Logan team race each other for a chocolate fish on the beach.
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    Well Ok can you give us a comprehensive list of the 'mistakes' G Phillips has made? This obviously is one but I have never heard of him making too many. If Gary Phillips is the biggest problem facing NZ Racing then there is f-all to worry about
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    Heavy or heavy.

    Both Heavy 11 but maidens at Otaki yesterday ran 1:54.8 (the same time as a handy pacer can go) and Riccarton today 1:47.4. and they didn't seem to be tossing much up at all. I don't take too much notice of the track ratings these days. Tend to be old school- Fast, easy, soft, heavy. I find it still works as good as any modern analysis.
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    Have to post now. Travelling early to beat the rain storms :). R 1 1 / 5 R 2 1 / 2 R 3 2 / 3 R 4 5 / 9 R 5 9 / 10 B/B R 6 1 / 2 R 7 2 / 3 R 8 1 / 14 R 9 1 / 2 R 10 3 / 10 B/B R 7 A 4 / 8 R 8 A 1 / 2 Good luck to you Sharne :). Go Thunderbirds PJ , thanks :).
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    Tauhei Notts


    I was disappointed when the price of the Best Bets went from one shilling to 1s 6d. But the times, they are a changing. (Bob Dylan) It will go the same way as the Turf Digest and Sportsweek. I have always wondered how they were able to get the Best Bets to our corner shop by 7 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, when acceptances used to close at 4 p.m. on a Monday. That was years before computer typesetting, fax machines and word processors. A significant number of punters would start on page1 on a Tuesday morning, and by 10 a.m. Saturday they would know the breeding and trainer of every horse racing in the country that day.
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    Counties Conundrum

    179 Noms for PukePark over 8 races. Are they trying to dodge Donna?
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    Starter G Phillips

    Like the same mistake over and over, not the first time that's why I posted buddy
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    https://www.tab.co.nz/information/#news/2017-05-18/best-bets-changes Posted 3 hours after this forum topic started. As always masters of communication (or panic control?).
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    Congrats Cubes - you deserved that
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    Mrs Cubes is going to the Ashburton Races

    Fresh page, go again and perfect result. Well done Cubes.
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    It's Wet Wet ! Race 1 # 1 ~ 4 B/B Race 2 # 3 ~ 4 Race 3 # 4 ~ 6 Race 4 # 4 ~ 5 Race 5 # 4 ~ 7 Race 6 # 13 ~ 15 B/B Race 7 # 5 ~ 11 Race 8 # 6 ~ 10 Race 9 # 13 ~ 15 Race 10 # 1 ~ 3 Race 7 A # 5 ~ 11 Race 8 A # 1 ~ 4 Good luck Mr Gee ! Have fantastic day of race tipping ! PJ, cheers !
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    Trump written off

    It may be Prophesy playing out in front of your eyes buddy, but Gods anointing ?. Give me a break. Gods plan yes. Judas was part of Gods plan, only in the context of playing out Prophesy though. A good friend of mine from the Bible belt ,also a preacher most of his life had this to say. "Christianity in the States is 3000 miles wide, but only 1 inch deep".
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    nice - I can imagine what sort of day this will be.. new whitewalls for the kingswood maybe?
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    Trump written off

    An open letter to Trump from Ben Shapiro: An Open Letter To President Trump BY: BEN SHAPIRO MAY 18, 2017 652378486719 Dear President Trump, I’m under no misimpression that you give a damn what I think. Obviously, you feel you’ve been well served by listening not to your critics but to your sycophants; you clearly believe that being reinforced in your behavior by those around you makes you a stronger leader, rather than a weaker one. I get it, too. I understand that you’re under fire nearly all the time, and that it’s dangerous to take every critique seriously. But you’re running out of chances to get this right. If you won’t take it from me, take it from Ann Coulter. If you won’t take it from Ann Coulter, take it from Michael Savage. If you won’t take it from Michael Savage, take it from the Senators and Congressmen who are now stampeding away from you. You came into office with a Republican House and a Republican Senate and a massive legacy of Obama failure. You came in promising to get things done quickly and efficiently, to win and never stop winning. And you had the opportunity to fulfill some of those promises. Instead, aside from the wonderful nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, nothing of note has gotten done. And that’s because of you. Yes, dealing with Congress is like trying to herd cats. But you can’t herd cats if you’re too busy shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, dealing with media is like attempting to feed a pack of hyenas. But you can’t deal with them if you’re too busy providing them red meat to dissect. Here’s the sad truth: your problems right now are of your own making. Democrats were always going to try to pillory you. But you had a defense: they had no evidence. And you could say that freely, because it was true! You could go along with their investigations, just keep saying that you wanted everything out in the open more than they did, and everything would have been hunky dory. If you’re innocent, sunlight would show it. Instead, you decided that you were so irritated by the necessity of investigation or the possibility that aides had deceived you that you ignored input and then attacked the investigators. In doing so, you looked guilty, you bred accusations of obstruction, and you seemed petty and vindictive. Why is there a special counsel now looking at Trump-Russia issues? Because you hired a National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, that everybody knew had connections to foreign governments, despite all outside advice; you then fired him when those connections became apparent; you reportedly asked the FBI director to let Flynn off the hook; you asked your deputy attorney general to involve himself in creating a justification for firing your FBI director; you fired your FBI director and then admitted on national television that you fired him thanks to frustration over the investigation – necessitating that the deputy attorney general put forth a special counsel. This isn’t on Democrats. This isn’t on the media. This is on you, because you decided that the political universe would bow to you, and when it refused, you crapped the bed. Now, here’s the good news: you can fix this. You can fix this by removing your ego from the equation. Your detractors will always believe that you’re guilty of something nefarious; your fans will always love you. But how you treat the special counsel will say something about how everyone else thinks. The appointment of Robert Mueller has removed Democratic ability to claim bias in the investigation; if you appoint a bipartisan FBI director, you’ll be able to remove their empty claims of quashing the investigation. Then, for the love of God, sit back. Sign off Twitter. Let people jabber and complain. Just keep saying over and over again that the investigation is moving forward with full speed, and you can’t wait to be exonerated. And then work. Pass your agenda. Bring the growth you promised. Sign executive orders. Govern. Or don’t. Keep feeding your ego. Keep complaining. Keep castigating the investigation as a witch hunt and playing the martyr. Keep insisting that your aides defend every indefensibly stupid thing you do – even when four simple words, “I made a mistake,” will buy you loyalty and instill the image of honesty. Keep saying there’s nothing to see, then reacting in the most suspicious possible way every time negative information leaks. Right now, Mr. President, it’s you. You’re the problem. You can solve it. But only if you get over yourself. For the sake of country, I pray you do. http://www.dailywire.com/news/16626/open-letter-president-trump-ben-shapiro
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    Starter G Phillips

    Nicer guy you wouldn't meet, but he's become a bit of an embarrassment wandering around shouting out orders and then carrying and trying to position his ladder, usually in a different place each race. Little wonder he momentarily loses co-ordination. Might be time to hang up the button Garry !!!
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    M15 Morphettville R 8 (10) Fuhryk Thanks :).
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    Purcell on another Trip

    They just let me out
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    Trevor Wilkes

    Poor Trevor, all he could go on about before Tom Tee's race tonight was his multi and how after the race the money will be in your account, then about how he couldn't believe he went out to 2.1 on the tote, we can all guess what happened next.......
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    What a great article

    Some great publicity for greyhounds over here. https://www.thedogs.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=2344 I do not see why nzgra do not try and get these stories onto main stream media
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    Mr Spyro

    Great Thrill

    The horse is called Hoyt Axton. Just ordered pictures for the wall from Racing Images.
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    Trevor Wilkes

    Andy McCook is easily far better than most of NZs current greyhound race callers and will only get better with experience. How about some of these older commentators move along and give him a go
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    Trevor Wilkes

    if the horses can bring Tony Lee back why cant dogs bring Brian Martin back.
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    Fillies for Lease or Sale

    We have two 2 year old fillies that we would like to lease with a right of purchase or out right sale. We are / have moved to Australia so are moving them on for genuine reasons. Both are well handled correct fillies which have had a good start to life but haven’t been broken in. Located in Hawkes Bay. First: Battle Paint / Winnipeg Second: Rios / Danish Wedding Please contact for further information – Australia 0407 781 066 or [email protected]