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  1. Watching the horses in parade ring or prelims on Trackside 1 and scrolling across the bottom of screen are numbers and names of horses from Santa Anita screening on Trackside 2. ffS if we wanted to see those names we would switch to Trackside 2 when watching NZ races on Trackside 1 we want to see the names and numbers of the horses that are on screen !
  2. "according to customers" - it could well be
  3. Stood down because his whiskers were too long?
  4. Leggy - do you know how a 'glove puppet' works?
  5. Pee4 - I am like Mr. Notts, we can't get past Mr. Plod and Sergeant Stedanko at the border. Will the aftermatch be televised?
  6. the first horse Mrs. vS rode trackwork was Deino's Rulers sister - stable name Pebbles and race name maybe Rich Ruler. That was a few haircuts ago.
  7. 2 cubed ? you are 1 short as that is only 7 observations
  8. Nope - I like seeing all those $0.00's
  9. Dumb rrrr's x 2 - I had the same scratching Pondy! R1) 1,3,7,14 R2) 3,5,6,7, R3) 4,5,9,12 R4) 2,7,8,9 R5) 5,10,11,16 R6) 6,10,11,13 R7) 2,4,6,8 R8) 1,3,6,8 R9) 1,4,10,11 thanks and good luck scoring today
  10. TAB to cut 30% of it's staff! well we all know from past experience that the TAB is not that flash with it's arithmetic eg- bonus bets stuff up and their annual reporting figures (as us good guys say "smoke and mirrors") so what they are probably going to do is cut their 700+ employees by 30
  11. Just imagine if the 'oldies' in the rest homes decided to have a 'knees up' ! .... Would have to invent a level 5 !
  12. I have just been reading that covid 19 has some strange effects on people -covid toes etc
  13. those that talk like that, usually don't spend enough time thinking!