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  1. von Smallhaussen


    shove it down back of trouser like you used to with exercise book when sent to Headmasters office
  2. von Smallhaussen


    Gubes - just leave Toblerone out in the sun
  3. von Smallhaussen

    Te Akau Thread

    you know why they are subsidised - certain people have all the clout in racing in NZ due to their business activities.
  4. von Smallhaussen

    Colin Reeves

    That's disgusting! - surely there are better places to retire than Taumaranui Condolences to you.
  5. von Smallhaussen

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    there have been results alright Gruffy - Mrs. vS asked me if she was the only one I had slept with - I said yes.... all the others were nines or tens I should be out of hospital soon !
  6. von Smallhaussen

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    I won a chook in the pub raffle last night - do you want to see a photo of the ticket?
  7. von Smallhaussen

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    you been in the gym training?
  8. von Smallhaussen

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Nice colours
  9. von Smallhaussen

    Riccarton races

    RR - would you invest in a company still making black and white TV's ?
  10. von Smallhaussen

    Can you race in this bridle

    I do not think so - the attaching of the cheek piece to the bit has to be a buckle I believe also not sure about leather nowadays.
  11. von Smallhaussen

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Baz - you are thinking too much - the handicap system is not based on 'thinking'
  12. von Smallhaussen

    Anyone know what the NZ TAB Melbourne Cup...

    Do not worry L O bonus bets will keep the figures looking rosy
  13. von Smallhaussen


    1st - Mer de Glace 2nd - Downdraft Last - Magic Wand
  14. von Smallhaussen

    Why TAB has to change

    yep bonus bets - that's how they can claim turnover has increased!
  15. von Smallhaussen


    Good on you Trumpy! R 1 - 7 R 2 -1 R 3- 2 R 4 - 1 R 5 - 4 R 6 - 12 R 7 - 1 R 8 - 1 R 9 - 5 Hope everyone enjoys one of the best days racing in the year.