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  1. von Smallhaussen

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    If the Totally Arrogant Bstds are not paying out on a ticket that is more than 6 months old - why do they still have results for this meeting and older on their website?
  2. von Smallhaussen

    N.Z Racing

    Unfortunately there have been too many that do not know the difference between a salt lick and a caslick in charge at club and national level for too long!
  3. von Smallhaussen

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    Mrs vS too tight to ever have 10 e/w on her horse! Had $2 place once when her horse won. Nor does Mrs. vS have many handbags but the ones she does have - got gorse in the bottom
  4. von Smallhaussen

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    Liz - there are probably more New Zealanders interested in macrame now!
  5. von Smallhaussen


  6. von Smallhaussen

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    Heard on the grapevine (from one of my impeccable sources) that the accountant guy who is being investigated by accountants society and same one that held high positions in the Breeders soc. and WRC has been giving Winnie advice.
  7. von Smallhaussen

    Win a $1000 bar tab at HQ

    I did too some 45 odd years ago!
  8. von Smallhaussen

    Felaar was ok

    the call center must be busy today - no sign of phoneboy!
  9. von Smallhaussen

    Kiwis get a nice double at Sunshine Coast

    such a fine bunch of individuals - but why would they race a maiden in provincial NSW for A$38,000 when they could race on their own champagne turf for NZ$10,000
  10. von Smallhaussen

    The Informant

    then one wonders if these decisions made by the NZRB are political and are done as to close racing down completely!
  11. von Smallhaussen

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    I wish the sires of some of our horses had been exported just before we raced them!
  12. von Smallhaussen

    Seven weeks to RITA and CEO Allen needs to resign

  13. von Smallhaussen

    Damn TAB app.

    and in case you didn't know John - o is for off !
  14. we see that Maria has teamed PJ with Jack - so happy with that as long as PJ is accommodated