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  1. von Smallhaussen

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Usually ridden by D C McLaren - one of the best on a frontrunner!
  2. von Smallhaussen

    Splitting Races

    Every morning when you enter the ivory tower in Petone you are given a pair of glasses to wear for the day.
  3. von Smallhaussen

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Brother McDermott probably gave you 6 because he backed a loser!
  4. von Smallhaussen

    Trevor ( Gripper) Harrison

    double check the name on it - is it a Rolex or a Relox
  5. von Smallhaussen

    At this time of the year?

    Why is 'down on the rail' so off at this time of the year - especially Awapuni and Otaki recently.
  6. von Smallhaussen


    Ivory tower at Petone built very close to the old Gear meat works site
  7. von Smallhaussen

    TAB Cash Out

    Confucious say - any business going broke make money any way can
  8. von Smallhaussen

    Weighing in light

    The King needs to spend more time on the throne
  9. von Smallhaussen

    He's a Gold Digger

    Malcolm was one of the better apprentices amongst a good crop in the northern area early 80's. - Went to Aussie!
  10. von Smallhaussen

    What A Shambles

    No amount of Government assistance can fix the incompetence within this industry!
  11. von Smallhaussen

    What A Shambles

    But wait there's more - just clicked on the Stewards Report for Ellerslioe on LoveRacing website and got .. report for Hawkes Bay
  12. von Smallhaussen

    The Party

    all I can say is that the chrome Jaguar was not the only 'pussy' on the bonnet of that flash car
  13. von Smallhaussen

    Matamata today

    Even had their own vehicle parking -
  14. von Smallhaussen


    All it will benefit for the 'powers that be' is continue their snouts in troughs at the bigger tracks.
  15. von Smallhaussen

    well done trackside

    That is for sure!