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  1. Nope - I like seeing all those $0.00's
  2. Dumb rrrr's x 2 - I had the same scratching Pondy! R1) 1,3,7,14 R2) 3,5,6,7, R3) 4,5,9,12 R4) 2,7,8,9 R5) 5,10,11,16 R6) 6,10,11,13 R7) 2,4,6,8 R8) 1,3,6,8 R9) 1,4,10,11 thanks and good luck scoring today
  3. TAB to cut 30% of it's staff! well we all know from past experience that the TAB is not that flash with it's arithmetic eg- bonus bets stuff up and their annual reporting figures (as us good guys say "smoke and mirrors") so what they are probably going to do is cut their 700+ employees by 30
  4. Just imagine if the 'oldies' in the rest homes decided to have a 'knees up' ! .... Would have to invent a level 5 !
  5. I have just been reading that covid 19 has some strange effects on people -covid toes etc
  6. those that talk like that, usually don't spend enough time thinking!
  7. no wonder I had a bad nights sleep! My original thoughts echo what you say - so am I correct in thinking that if they are Govt. appointments then the Govt does own the TAB/Rita? In that case how can it be insolvent or near to?
  8. Thank you for the reply - I shall sleep better tonight
  9. My question was leading to - if not the Government, why do the Government appoint the CEO and Chair of the board?
  10. maybe it was a toss up between the 2 Johns - Allen and Fokerd !
  11. the truth is - he was attracted to this role because he got the DCM from his last role !
  12. think of it another way W D ... they have been successful alright ( in their own way ) - they think the racing participants are thick so will come in and take as much of their $$$ as they can get and then get out!
  13. all sorts of strange things have been happening in this world since the corona virus reared it's ugly head! - stopper tipping a winner at $4 well done Thommo
  14. Thanks for the comp and scoring - but Pondy isn't the break even $50 meaning 18 would've made a profit? 20 horses at $1 ew plus 10 x $1 quinellas