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  1. then they will have to shorten the Mayoral chains or else they might get caught up in the 'block n tackle'
  2. They think that it is what 'customers' want!
  3. Another John Thomas for the industry!
  4. You can't blame the workers - like the rest of us they thought the Easter Hcp meeting was run 3 weeks ago
  5. look out for the female Vikings!
  6. Could that be due to irrigation And the fact they raced an ordinary meeting the week prior to the big day - same as Cup Day an iconic meeting and a track that had been raced on the 2 previous Saturdays? Surely you have your biggest days on the best track and then a lesser meeting on a track already raced on not the other way around.
  7. 1 - another handicapper will be caught betting - on an Aussie account 2- A club administrator will fall from grace big time 3 - An ex jockey will be fined for parking his bentley in a disabled carpark 4 - A leading buyer at Karaka will not be able to pay for his purchases
  8. That is exactly the one! What is the difference between the NZ TAB and a Lada car? At least you can push a Lada to keep it moving! Dean McKenzie - do not go on TV adverts asking punters to use the NZ TAB when it is not fit for purpose.
  9. An error has occurred! How the f... can you bet with the bstds when you keep getting this message?
  10. Thanks for that and Happy New Year to you. I guess this means that the $10,000 races at Omoto are not actually run for $10,000 - so are they running for less than the minimum stake?
  11. NZTR need to get their house in order! I mean advertising a 13th and 14th stake for races with a start limit of 12 is not a good look! ( West coast races) Now here is an interesting question for you - if a $10,000 race only has 5 starters - what happens to the $1800 that is not earned by finishers? Is it divided between those 5 or is it kept in the coffers? If not divided between the finishers that means the race is only for a stake of $8,200 not the advertised $10,000
  12. I was asked last week if I would like a voucher - you should've seen the look on his face when I said " no thanks I use purex!"
  13. Got that a couple of times back in my teens Even had a window sticker on the back "No stiletto''s in the back seat - you might rip the hood lining!'
  14. Watch this space Everything was going along nicely in 1985 in Matamata and then - along came Jones small thin Jones Slow walking Jones slow talking Jones along came long lean lanky Jones