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  1. Flemington R7 No 13 Mystic journey Thanks
  2. talk

    Cheating Huas

    Cheating huas indeed. The whole system was covering up for them. A real blight on Justify as a stallion.
  3. 1. Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm 3/10 2. Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm 5/7 3. Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm 1/11 4. Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm 8/9 5. Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm 1/3BB 6. Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm 2/4 7. Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm 5/10 8. Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm 1/4 9. Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm 4/5BB 10. Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm 5/11 Thanks
  4. talk

    Walk the Ellerslie steeplechase course

    A couple of years ago I thought I would walk all of NZ's current TAB racecourses. First stop was Kaikoura - no problem. Then Otaki where we asked the Lady who seemed to be in charge. She did not cooperate. So I realised my plan was an impossibility.
  5. talk

    Walk the Ellerslie steeplechase course

    Excellent initiative
  6. talk

    Good offer I just signed up

    The unedited post did not have this intention. Left unchanged was ' Remember to enter the Unibet Bonus Code Australia' and the title of the post - 'Good offer I just signed up'
  7. Comp R1 : New Plymouth R4 2:14pm 1/2 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:40pm 2/3 Comp R3 : Randwick R3 3:15pm 2/5 Comp R4 : Moonee Valley R4 4:05pm 5/6BB Comp R5 : Randwick R5 4:25pm 2/3 Comp R6 : Randwick R6 5:05pm 7/12 Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5:45pm 1/3 Comp R8 : Moonee Valley R7 6:05pm 1/2 Comp R9 : Randwick R8 6:25pm 3/12 Comp R10 : Moonee Valley R8 6:45pm 9/11BB Thanks
  8. talk

    Good offer I just signed up

    So NZ owners race for stakes supplied by TAB turnover/profitability and this post is encouraging owners to bet with Unibet. The slide just got steeper.
  9. Somewhat off topic, but Lubaya just sold for $255,000. I know her breeding is very good, but excellent money.
  10. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R3 1:50pm 6/7 Comp R2 : Randwick R2 2:35pm 2/3 Comp R3 : Otaki R5 3:19pm 3/5 Comp R4 : Te Rapa R6 3:35pm 2/8 Comp R5 : Caulfield R4 4:00pm 3/6BB Comp R6 : Randwick R5 4:20pm 3/6 Comp R7 : Randwick R6 5:00pm 11/13 Comp R8 : Caulfield R6 5:20pm 1/9 Comp R9 : Randwick R7 5:40pm 4/6 Comp R10 : Randwick R8 6:20pm 6/12 Comp R11 : Caulfield R8 6:40pm 6/11 Comp R12 : Morphettville R7 6:51pm 1/2BB Thanks
  11. talk

    Bet from last weeks comp

    Hi Leigh Could I please have $50 win on Arabian Gift, Race 7, Pukekohe. If it wins 1/2 to future competitions please. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers Tony
  12. Comp R1 : Riccarton Park R5 1:45pm 13/16 Comp R2 : Flemington R2 2:10pm 2/5 Comp R3 : Pukekohe Park R6 2:39pm 8/10 Comp R4 : Riccarton Park R7 2:57pm 7/10 Comp R5 : Rosehill R4 3:40pm 1/4BB Comp R6 : Flemington R5 3:55pm 9/12 Comp R7 : Flemington R6 4:35pm 7/10BB Comp R8 : Doomben R7 5:07pm 3/5 Comp R9 : Rosehill R7 5:35pm 6/12 Comp R10 : Flemington R8 5:55pm 2/7 Comp R11 : Rosehill R8 6:15pm 3/8 Comp R12 : Flemington R9 6:35pm 1/8 Comp R13 : Belmont R6 7:03pm 9/15 Thanks
  13. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R4 1.52pm 1/2BB Comp R2 : The Valley R2 2.35pm 3/6 Comp R3 : Riccarton R8 3.20pm 7/11 Comp R4 : The Valley R4 3.45pm 4/7 Comp R5 : Doomben R5 4.17pm 4/9 Comp R6 : The Valley R6 5.05pm 1/6 Comp R7 : Randwick R7 5.25pm 1/4 Comp R8 : Randwick R8 6.05pm 7/12BB Comp R9 : The Valley R8 6.25pm 7/11 Comp R10 : Randwick R9 6.45pm 1/11 Thanks