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  1. talk

    Thank your lucky stars

    I am in lockdown with Pound for Pound, a fantastic novel by FX Toole. Counting my blessings.
  2. talk

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    If the lockdown lasts for two months (assuming 90 - 95% compliance), then I would expect racing in August, assuming NZTR is still solvent.
  3. talk

    Wexford Stables

    Most logical step. Te Akau very quite, but must be considering similar move.
  4. Berri, if the teachers pay is so ridiculous, how come there are so many teacher vacancies?
  5. talk

    I know this is not racing but...

    WTF is the point of this post?
  6. talk

    I know this is not racing but...

    Level 3, Level4. What do they mean Jacinda? Where is the detail? At what stage will schools and gyms etc close? How many respirators or negative pressure rooms do we have? I know more about Germany or the UK than I do NZ. Say you are giving clarity when there is stuff all clarity at all is piss useless. I think the government is making it up as they go along.
  7. talk

    TAB to go tits up $3.8 million bonus bets error
  8. talk

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    Stables, NZTR have made the only possible decision. In the short term it may keep racing going. UK racing is gone. We need to hope that community transmission is delayed because that may spell the end.
  9. talk

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Red Rum. Who is going to watch racing if a significant portion of people cancel their SKY subscription?
  10. talk

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    In the short term anyway the biggest impact on racing will be: a. Many people will have less disposable income and most will see a reduction in their wealth. Betting turnover will plummet. b. The TAB will see their income from sports betting disappear. c. People will cancel SKY subscriptions and will not be able to see raing live. This will also impact on turnover. d. Stakes will be drastically cut in 2020/2021 season, if not before.
  11. talk


    Great competition Ponderosa8. Thanks for your generosity. Cheers Tony
  12. talk


    Lot 38 Turn me loose - Lady Kipling passed in for $450,000????
  13. talk


    Ponderosa8, GST gets added to the sale price. Buyers of horses being exported would not pay GST. The breeder of a horse would pay tax on the profit only (if any). Cheers Tony
  14. talk


    Lot 565 Thanks
  15. talk

    He's a Gold Digger

    Malcolm brought He's a Gold Digger for $5750 on Gavelhouse in September - the horse previously being sold at Karaka for $85000.