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  1. I wonder if track managers look at long range weather maps.. The best is Metvuw. it is surprisingly accurate out to 5 days and gets less so beyond that. The data is US Military and the site here is by Victoria University. The weather radar is useful for short term, to see what is coming. I ordered up large concrete pours every week for a very long time using MetVuw for guidance. A track manager could print that out Monday morning for the next Saturday meeting. and calculate the precipitation predicted each day.
  2. No looking forward to taking a break from this asylum. I have recurring dream or nightmare. those teeth and the playskool voice--------------
  3. Come the shortest day I'm off to Cairns for a warm up.
  4. South of NZ is The Antipodes Islands in the Fearsome Fiifties. if you drilled a hole at Greenwich (53 N) through the centre of the earth thats where you would come out.
  5. Stodgy, Riverton is the most distant course in the world from where you live. Bucket List?
  6. CB. The Owners Fed are very pro-active. You will know they have called for chairman C George to step down. They with Trainers are very long suffering. I said I was an observer just like you. I watch and report to hope our members are informed. The new board of TR has been commented on favourably by others in the industry who know them. Even P4P , who has had issues with TR , and personal knowledge of the appointees that I dont have. I accept the words of others that are better informed. I cant live in a sea of negativity.
  7. Would you have preferred the TR Board would have come out with what else? It is up to all stake holders to keep the Boards feet to the fire if they aren't making progress. BTW Brown was a NZRB appointment not TR wasnt he? CB if you are that distressed about racing there are other activities you could do, like say Polish dancing. You are good at jumping up and down. Why not save it until this new board shows lack of progress.
  8. The TR directors plan is aspirational, but at least its a plan. It is a stick stakeholders can beat them with - that is if they care enough . A key thing is now TR are the recognised owners of the intellectual property they will have funds from that source. Thats another thing to keep an eye on. I am not an apologist for TR, TAB or any other outfit. Like you I am a observer Quote - If you fail to take an interest in politics you will be governed by people more stupid than you. Aint that the truth
  9. MESSAGE FROM NZTR BOARD & CEO A TIME FOR ACTION In 2020, like most in the world of sport and entertainment we were stopped in our tracks. Since then we have reset with a proactive and decisive action plan. As a Board we reflected on the pain and damage to our industry over the last 12 months resulting in this plan with seven areas for action, to deliver the industry overall outcomes for benefit now and in the future. We have included a timeline to each action to hold management accountable for performance and deliverables.
  10. The Board have set targets for CEO. Up to you to get on the case if needs beNo.33 - Industry Reshaping – Our Actions - NZTR Strategic Priorities.PDFNo.33 - Industry Reshaping – Our Actions - NZTR Strategic Priorities.PDF
  11. Its critical to get the right people to lead. Not some retread, political hack or trougher - and also someone who is overseas is deficient. Owners Fed is calling for C George to step down from TR board chair. Its understandable his appointment was the get Jackson and Carter moved on. But that achieved working in Oz with the Warriors means he cant do the NZTR Board justice. You could trot out ZOOM meetings as an option. I've had experience with ZOOM meetings and the descend into tedious talkfests. Leadership tends to monopolise the discussion and resolutions not made. George can
  12. http-::www.theoptimist.site.webloc
  13. Tassie the first clubs to race in NZ were Nelson and Wanganui. the latter still on the original course. The jockeys were in the main military and the best one was Major Kemp a Maori. The WJC was established in 1848. There was a lot of heats and a good horse would race 3 times a day
  14. Leo's old mate GeeP you know the bloke before Bernard S told me that if Ellerslie folded that would be the end of racing in NZ. Committees come and committees go and their abilities range from good to poor hence the level of success. There is self interest always from minding the shop to take from others. Ellerslie has been no exception in the past. The present board and CEO I believe are assets to NZ racing