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  1. Ardern pledges to care 9% more by 2030 Danyl Mclauchlan | Contributing writer Satire Some observers are questioning whether there are sufficient Facebook livestreams to support the goal, writes chief caring correspondent Danyl Mclauchlan Jacinda Ardern has responded to a surge in house prices, concerns about carbon emissions and calls for action on child poverty by pledging to care more about these issues. The pledge comes after a week of harsh criticism and opposition attacks, and in response to them Ardern has promised to drastically raise the
  2. A Very Sharp Contrast: NZ Labour ministers vs NZ Opposition spokespeople Looking at ten key portfolio areas and at the backgrounds of those MPs who are involved in each. It is pretty much a case of ability versus inability. Prime Minister: Ardern vs Collins Jacinda Ardern — Post university she worked as an adviser to Helen Clark and in London for the Government Cabinet Office. Judith Collins — Worked as a commercial lawyer. President of the Auckland District Law Society. Vice-President of the New Zealand Law Society. Judith ran her own p
  3. Yes I am now getting it on Mac IOS.
  4. They seem to be robust to get multi winners (more than one in the north. Stodge if you are seeing this, a good few of us I reckon have a special interest in this Belardo fellow.
  5. The way I saw it was the bigger horse repeatedly came out and made contact with the outer one. I didnt expect an enquiry but wasn't surprised at the outcome.
  6. Have a look at his bio. He hiked solo to the South Pole and for kicks him and his son worked to the North Pole. No softcock this!
  7. You are a little ray of sunshine - not. Go easy on the firewater!
  8. Has been working with Dan Miller. Good luck to Wiremu hope it goes well for him and the people that put him on.
  9. Archer you are not very bright. A clubs remit comes from the will of the members. An expansion of amalgamated clubs reduces the power of the previous dominant club. A lot will depend on the Memorandum Of Understanding MOU between the clubs which I presume is under discussion now. I am not a party to that.
  10. FYI, I am Neil Miller. I edit the New Zealand Thoroughbred Owners Bulletin and am unpaid for that. I am an Honorary Member of Counties Racing Club. I was born on Pukekohe hill and have many relatives there. My forebears are in the cemetery and I see their graves. A paternal forebear was a founding Committeeman on The Franklin Racing Club and the Franklin Electric Power Board, also President of the Growers Assn. I have a fond association with Ellerslie as I was first chippy (apprentice) to work on the Ascot Stand. Can you please tell us who you are and we could try to see how w
  11. Well it would have to come with re-engagement of the populace with emphasis on the young. Hard to do if you are broke. But with money and a clear plan------ (I see re-introduction of Trackside and Racefields back on the agenda at TR.Make a wish!) Legs, the big issue is the ATC will overpower the rest of NZ. I could see top trainers taking boxes at Puke for an easy run to Ellerslis's 40? meetings a year. I think Waikato may feel the cold draught unless they go Greefields and make a hub. Probably needs a hub at Palmy and another at ChCh. Whats left are HB Carnivals and Countr
  12. If it was a $500 reserve on GH and the horse sells at $501. GH has taken the b$500 as a fee so have no further interest in the matter. Thats how it works isn't it? Secret to auctions is be nimble
  13. Sorry you dont get it. * Pukekohe is growing fast and the demand for the re-zoned land will be huge. * The deal would be. Use ARC reserves to build on the land and HOLD. The income of tenancies to support the amalgamated club and the development of Strathayr track at Ellerslie and on course stabling at Pukekohe.. (Probably down the Buckland end) * Ellerslie closure for the Strathayr would give Avondale a bit more life. * The re-zone off the land from Rural/Club to Mixed use will have forced Counties hand due to the higher valuations and rate class to mixed use ARC rates.
  14. NZ Herald attr Auckland's thoroughbred racing is set for its most dramatic and progressive change in a century in a move that will see Ellerslie upgraded to a world class facility with enormous stake increases. The Herald understands the Auckland Racing Club and Counties Racing Club are planning to merge, which will be outlined to members today. And while the Avondale Jockey Club will not be merging but instead retain their identity, their committee is now asking members to agree to close the West Auckland track in 2026 and thereafter race at Ellerslie. All three clubs will
  15. However, to realise these opportunities, we need to change. To this end, ARC and CRC have been liaising for some time on options for maximising the prosperity and best structure for racing in the greater Auckland region. We have also been engaging with Avondale Jockey Club (AJC) to explore wider options. Following this process, we believe that the best available option for our industry is the amalgamation of ARC and CRC into a new club. The new amalgamated club will continue to explore options with AJC as to their role in the current and future of racing in the Auckland region. This merging