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  1. Berri, Stodge may have a spare room for you
  2. The below extract is from the NZTROF Bulletin September 2020. Two of us went to Te Akau farm and interviewed David Ellis. NM Mike asked David which was the best horse they had trained. After a long silence, David replied. “That is a very hard question, Avantage is right up there. She has Group wins in both Australia and New Zealand, Group One wins at 1200m, 1400m, 1600m and 2000m and a race record there as well. She won her first start in October as a 2YO, won the Karaka 2YO Million, was Champion 2YO of her year, and hasn’t stopped winning since.” David explained that Avantage was only
  3. Whether is a race or a game what is the difference in the cost to list and manage a bet? I'm not aware of the gross margin of Sport Betting. At least Sports betting is "the icing on the cake"
  4. Look at the Sport betting figures
  5. Good stuff Mike. We talked to a couple of behind the scenes SENZ staff . Bright young people. They are still sorting out the station "frequencies" Bodes well.
  6. Pleased to say I'm a one per center. except when it comes to horse picking comps
  7. CURRENT FIELDS PERFORMANCE STA CAREER STAT All 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th U Prizemoney Career 28 16 6 2 1 0 3 $2,166,001.20 2021/22 1 0 0 0
  8. I had a look at the Nudge Unit. Its creepily like whats happening here. How the masses are being nudged like sheep. What an arrogant name to call a policy outfit. Orwellian?
  9. Covid passports here by December in NZ. Anti Vaccers wont be happy with Labour.
  10. Already will be happening in the freight industry soon, particularly international. Not vaxxed workers will get redeployed or terminated.
  11. Thanks Stodge, we have a lot of shuttle stallions here and then some like Ifraaj do well down here and never return. Looking back Cape Cross was one notable like that. Please dont go to too much effort, ie the starters.
  12. That will happen here in a couple of weeks I hear,
  13. Stodge, What some of us would appreciate would be to show the breeding of the horse you are quoting. There are owners here with Belardo, Showcasing, Ifraaj etc. really interested in what the offspring are doing in the north. How is Belardo going. Is his isabella Giles back? Just the names of your winners doesnt mean that much. Cheers NM
  14. Jimmy Shaw is "trialling" home isolation back from Glasgow. Hows That?