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  1. Nerula

    Racing Reform

    Owners Federation and Breeders Association put strong submissions. You can only attend hearings if you are a submitter and i am told aforesaid will attend. Early on it was said more submissions from Sport interests than Racing.. There is jeopardy now that racing codes may be worse off as Bureaucrats have ignored key Messara recommendations and written themselves into control. There is a possiblity that the codes may finish worse off that they were and see the eventual death of racing. Do you think the current Minister can see this through. He is busy now!
  2. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    The below excerpt is by Martin (Bomber) Bradbury of the left wing blog SpinOff " …get away, get away now. This is becoming a God damned event horizon black hole and it’ll suck Jacinda down the way it destroyed Helen’s Government. Forget doing a bloody electorate deal, this will stink to high heaven and if NZ First is DUMB enough to have screwed this up a second time, then it’s the political kiss of death. You would have thought after the Owen Glenn fiasco NZ First would have been far smarter, to have this immediately passed to the SFO however is a serious political threat. What the bloody hell have they done? Winston kicking up a fuss that privileged material has been leaked to the media means jack shit if the material leaked is real and true and enough for the bloody SFO to be triggered into action. Jacinda can’t be tainted with this, protect the Queen. Bye bye Winston, it was lovely knowing you.
  3. Nerula

    Incompetent Unit

    Oatham to Christchurch. They will welcome that cheery man - Not!
  4. Nerula

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    We won the Nicholas Feulette Stakes at Ellerslie back then. You say Who? It's actually French bubbles that slip down easy. Actually the race was the time honoured Allison Stakes, which had way more cachet.
  5. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    Jeez Barry. Put that with the Duckworth Lewis formula. Lifes too short to understand some things. I read that the smaller parties that make the 5% or win a seat are advantaged over the bigger parties. Majorely!
  6. Nerula

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    RR all of your suggestions are good. We could have the Sackcloth And Ashes Sprint. And Owners could go to a room for a good flogging as well. But Slammy is dead right about getting the students there.
  7. Nerula

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    I'm warming to this Climate Change race meeting idea. Public entry will only be available by bicycle, horse drawn carriage or train. Lets have the first one at Ellerslie. The big go to be called the Methane Mile. A condition to start is all horses are to be fitted with a bag to capture gaseous emissions. Julie Anne Genter will be there on her gold plated bike to hand out the prize, a rhubarb starter pack of birdcage fertiliser.
  8. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    No they are won and lost on the party vote - providing the party wins a seat or gets 5% of the vote. I read that smaller parties do better than the larger ones on the allotment of seats from proportionality. I dont understand how that can be..
  9. Nerula

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    Open minded? The wind is whistling through the void!
  10. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    Would you get remarried to some arsehole who had burned your house down, twice before?
  11. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    David Seymour. He is a very active fellow and Act would appreciate a bigger voting block. A bit of a no brainer Gubes
  12. Nerula

    The beginning of the end

    S D, Winnie is a dodgy old Ngapuhi git. Like the tribe he thinks he is superior. One day he will slide off to Whananaki and retire his elevator shoes. Shake hands with him, then count your fingers.
  13. Nerula

    Where's the racing

    Well you could have bet on Stumble Bums One and Stumblebums Two last night, the Blues and the Black Caps and got your grief easy.
  14. Hated those as a kid. Had to use a foot in the heavy going.