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  1. Are you aware of the 4m loss on the failed integration of the Aus SNS system. Its in the NZTR Balance sheet I have been told. Now I hear that they want to develop a NZ SNS system. Then I hear NZTR want to take over the apprentice system. History shows these are cock up merchants. I wonder if with the increase of income via ENTAIN there is empire building here.
  2. Conway had a sore thumb. Ravindra a sore knee. Diddums! They wear gloves and pads dont they. Just as well they dont play Super Rugby or NRL Get some bottle chaps. just as well
  3. Can you show us the directive where licence holders are not allowed to comment?
  4. Thank You CS. I have a better understanding now. NM
  5. I am interested in this filly. How would you describe its breeding. Linebred 2x3 and 3x3 I wonder? And do you like the matches? Sire Hello Youmzain (FR) 2016 Kodiac Danehill Danzig Rafha Kris Spasha Shamardal Giant's Causeway Spa Sadler's Wells Dam Cream of the Crop (AUS) 2012 New Approach Galileo Sadler's Wells Park Express Ahonoora Bal du Siecle Danehill Dancer Danehill Buenos Aires Rainbow Quest
  6. Pathetic captaincy by Santner. .Left his best bowler Ferg to bowl the last over when the damage was done. Then promotes himself to bat at 3 and his eyes cant track the ball. Boult the spectator no form 0 for 50. Also wides for Africa! Oh and Katie Martin rabitting on and on. Get Frankie ffs. These NZ players are wrapped in cotton wool. Stead must be a soft - - - -to let this happen
  7. Doing a little relay with buckets of water to smybolise (sp.) your granny could do it . It you had one.
  8. Like a floater in the toilet?
  9. Dont know why anyone would get exercised over this. The whinge came from one commission agent (trainer) over being dudded by another commission agent (jockey). These people are skimmers. Now owners are stoical folk, have to be coz they know the reality is there are enumerable ways to lose. Unless they owned Winx. At a family dinner we discussed the Owners experience. I said I was amazed at how many ways to lose, said it was teaching me tolerance and making me a better person. They all fell about laughing!
  10. Satirical Elegance - hahahaha
  11. MW is partner to DE in the racing side of TA
  12. It rained on new grass that was too long and was slippery. The track manager is a smart guy (and he fixed Pukekohe that was a cot case) and will get a handle on this. Just stop putting the boot in to Ellerslie. it serves no good puropse. A previous CEO of NZTR told me if Ellerslie folded NZ Racing would not survive. I an not an apoligist for ATR and the predessor ARC had in past times done bad things like stealing Race dates and Sponsors.