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  1. Nerula

    Show some guts Scooby

    The threads concerned descended quickly in to "handbags" and lost interest to me. Those jousting should know_-------- Explaining is losing! Lose your temper. Lose the argument! Also wallowing in the negative can damage health.
  2. Nerula

    George Simon

    Everyone comes up short from time to time, at their job. Geniuses like you excepted! Ffs to err is to be human!
  3. Nerula

    David Ellis decides to speak out....

    KFE would have been all over that piece. It needed saying!
  4. Nerula

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Yes the US economy is going great. Ours will head south under these losers Winston gave us. The discretionary spend is down here obviously and will fall further NZ Racing in trouble!
  5. Nerula

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

  6. Nerula

    True Story...almost.

    Is Pogo a gelding?
  7. Nerula

    True Story...almost.

    nah he just popped up
  8. Nerula

    Clerk of the Course

    Thanks, Thats a wrap, I can use Guys name. NM
  9. Nerula

    Clerk of the Course

    Are you sure DS ? I got someone to ask Terry Wenn and it was said it was Mark Weldon from Auckland. I was looking for a cover pic so I cant ascribe a name if I am not sure. I dont know if Terry W saw the photo though.
  10. Nerula

    Betting rules for owners

    Makes sense NO LAYING BETS 708 (1) Any person who: (a) is a Licensed Person and/or an Owner or lessee (as the case may be) must not Lay any horse under his ownership, management, care, control, supervision or superintendence, including (without limitation) any horse he trains or rides; (b) is employed by a Trainer in connection wi
  11. Nerula

    Clerk of the Course

    I was looking for a bit of help
  12. Nerula

    Clerk of the Course

    Can you advise who this is and the horse? Also what is the deal with the Clerk of the Course paid expenses or paid fixed sum We take them for granted I guess but they are very necessary. The pic was Cambridge JC meeting 27 April '19
  13. Nerula

    True Story...almost.

    The thread is interesting and as lesson, that duplication of names serves little point, as we are identified by patterns of speech, cadence and grammar. That is is you have become familiar with the writers work. I edit others work and make a conscious effort to not over edit and so make it all look i wrote all the stuff. Take Leo for instance it wouldn't matter what he he called himself, the clarity and little tells like putting commas after "and" identifies him.
  14. Nerula


  15. Nerula

    Name for my horse please.