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  1. Nerula

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    The only way it is possible to mitigate the penalty is to plead guilty, as a guilty verdict is inevitable. That is so, as the charge of 'failing to take sufficient care to prevent an injury causing -----" is self proving, as that injury did indeed occur. Osh cant lose! I would advise you never to be the employer of anyone, unless you have broad insurance to cover such a gross injury event, lest you take a hit. Then you carry the verdict for life. Dont think I am uncaring of the injured as the charity I support is Catwalk Trust. I am acutely aware that Equine activities create a high incidence of SCI.
  2. Nerula

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    Thats a i piss poor post from sicko. Say you are a trainer and a young person comes asking for a job and an apprenticeship even. You ask about experience the YP has had and are told its done pony club for years so you put it on Quiet ones on the exercise track. But being animal of flight none are 100% safe. If the person has done pony club for years and wants to be a jockey you could assume the rider had got out of a canter. So who messed up the pony club or the trainer. Because you can get done for a rider having an accident and being found the rider had the not galloped a horse experience. How can you get experience of galloping a horse without doing that? So the first time a horse is galloped and it goes through a fence and the rider is injured then that person in charge liable? OSH think so. Its not like a car where you can have instruction with dual controls and learner plates. The intention of OSH is to bully down accidents by being grossly punitive in high claim industry. Cases happen when the unfortunate take a huge hit to set an example for the careless
  3. Nerula

    Helena Baby

    Come in CT and boom up one so we know what /not to do!
  4. Nerula

    Cox Plate for Consensus....??

    Doesn't matter. Theres unbelievable stuff in the media these days
  5. Nerula

    Walk home a winner on Saturday

    You'd be terribly pissed off if all your bet were collects then?
  6. Nerula

    Be afraid .....

    Read somewhere American site that horses in the wild live 8-10 years, uncared and unridden but owned horse 10- 12 years Horse in care and ridden - exercised 20-25 years
  7. Nerula

    NZTR board candidates

    Luke Kemeys is spokesman for Boys Get Paid
  8. Nerula

    RITA's Rolling

    He still wearing the blocked up shoes?
  9. Nerula

    RITA's Rolling

    Before people get excited and start going off in tangents it may pay to look up the Cv's of the RIA personnel. In my view each would have the wit to know that if they fail to direct the managemernt of RB the industry will die. Thousands of so called little people will go out of work in a now stagnant economy where unemployed numbers are rising. The land will be converted to now despised (by the left) dairy and never return. The social cost will be huge. Winston (I cant stand the little prick) knows racing folk got him over the line and need us to keep his nose in the trough. But his time is finite so we need to keep up with and on to RITA until they fix this broken thing up. Or dont!
  10. Nerula

    RITA's Rolling

    It would cost a lot to pay JA out. The RITA Mob are very clued up . I think they will manage JA until the end of term. Remember JA was/is a civil servant and would be used to being directed. I believe the CVs of RITA board show they have the competencies to do that. This is the Last Chance Saloon imo.
  11. Nerula

    RITA's Rolling

    At last. Know little directors are gone. Lets hope the newbies who look competent "know things" direct JA and co so we get back on track MEMO TO RIOs from RITA Chair.pdf
  12. Nice video of Maija on LOVE RACING/news
  13. Nerula

    Show some guts Scooby

    The threads concerned descended quickly in to "handbags" and lost interest to me. Those jousting should know_-------- Explaining is losing! Lose your temper. Lose the argument! Also wallowing in the negative can damage health.
  14. Nerula

    George Simon

    Everyone comes up short from time to time, at their job. Geniuses like you excepted! Ffs to err is to be human!
  15. Nerula

    David Ellis decides to speak out....

    KFE would have been all over that piece. It needed saying!