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  1. Nerula

    Let's go you Old Farts ,get on with BGP.....

    Extract from the Owners Bulletin March 2020 A WEEK LIKE NO OTHER. BOYS GET PAID. KARAKA MILLION NIGHT. Luke Kemeys “One of the things I’m most proud of is the positive coverage we helped generate on racing and the whole industry.” And just like that, it’s all over. Months of build-up and planning to pull off the night of the year and it explodes past us faster than Probabeel. How brilliant was she with $93,672 plonked on her! The scenes on the Ellerslie racecourse were something that I think won’t leave people’s minds for a long time. After a horribly unlucky start to the punters’ club on runner-up Intrigue in race one, it was good to bounce back and finish the night up by 45 per cent – that’s $365,000 for a total outlay of $250,000. It wasn’t an easy night’s punting and some of the odds made it tough to figure out how to attack the races. To be fair I don’t think people cared what the return was – they were just happy to be involved, so to have Probabeel seal a collect was just magic One of the things I’m most proud of is the positive coverage we helped generate on racing and the whole industry. Even if it was just for one weekend, at least we changed the tune of the typical story that we often hear. TV, radio, socials, newspaper, plus a magazine feature to come. Some people said it felt like BGP was everywhere they looked over the weekend and I think you couldn’t help but buy into the infectious nature of everything we were doing. The praise has come from near and a far and to gain the respect of some of those within the industry who we heavily respect, is very rewarding. A huge thank you to everyone that came out to our BGP event and joined the punters’ club. We ended up with 435 on-course and more than 1,300 in the punters’ club. A few years ago, it was just five mates getting into a taxi to go to Ellerslie. This year it felt like we were running an army! We are going to have to put some time into thinking about how we raise the bar in 2021. I’m not entirely sure how just yet, but I guarantee we will. It’s going to be a seriously big week of admin getting the punters’ club investors paid out, but it’s all part of it – finding solutions to problems we never knew existed. The past week hasn’t only been about our big night out at Ellerslie. Something completely new to BGP was being co-owners of Savage, our LA Stud yearling colt by Savabeel to go through the Karaka ring on Tuesday 28 January. This was something none of us had ever experienced, so you can imagine the excitement in the build-up to sale day and our boy’s time in the ring itself – a whole different level to any raceday bet. What a result! To see the two big syndicators Go Racing and Te Akau head-to-head in the bidding and end up with Savage being knocked down to Go Racing’s Albert Bosma for $270,000 – the whole experience was something I find difficult to put into words. I hope you’ve all enjoyed everything that we put together for the Karaka Million – believe me it has been a lot of fun. You have to think that this raceday will keep going from strength to strength. In the coming weeks there will be plenty more for us to dissect, but for now thank you for the support.
  2. Nerula

    Racing Revamp .

    TA was it worth closing the economy. NO. People in the at risk category (age or impairment) should have been in lockdown. Returnees in controlled quarantine and those with CV and there associates in policed quarantine. This thing should be smashed before winter. They have rooted the economy trying to be kind.
  3. Nerula

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    You must know there has been a push to get free racing back ever since it was taken away. There has been huge pressure to increase stakes, not enough trickle down to fund free racing they say. Volunteers prop up the sector groups and there are no perks doing that. Always there is an opportunity for you are others to donate their time to them. I have told you racing here is a Communist model. The Politburo captured income side and through their appointed commisars ran the thing broke. I said the model would fail. The owners ROI cant prop it up, it is the serfs who will suffer most. This is Venezuela. The above is solely my opinion.
  4. Nerula

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    No nomination fees below Group[ Level. Scrub trials and have local Jump outs. Immediate review and action of RIU and other investigatory outfits costs. Cease all studies of possible future outcomes and focus on the now.. Get this nag back on its feet asap.
  5. Nerula

    Is this happening in Petone

    Ok then I will if you will promise to answer the Question I asked. If you renege you get kicked into touch!
  6. Nerula

    Is this happening in Petone

    Slammy in any large discussion group there may be outliers, contrarians or alternative planet dwellers and half cockers. I have you in the last group I tried to point out the train in the tunnel, Can I ask you. Do you have a ownership interest. Do you work in the industry? If not, that would reflect your value in this discussion.
  7. Nerula

    Is this happening in Petone

    Yes I meant Codes not Sector groups. I dont want to repeat what I have been told and name the people. It is their business not mine - or ours. What I wanted to do was to do had a reason and it is not about me. I respect Leigh for the effort, integrity and money he has put into Cafe. Because of my position in a sector group (unpaid like Leigh) I know things sometimes before others. In part I wanted to stop tyre kickers and titillators running around and pissing like Hairy McClary's dogs on the site. But in the main I wanted to talk past them to people who have 'skin in the game' (Pretty sure you do) to apprise them of the dire situation. I have shares in some young horses. Three are hundreds of kilometres away. I am told they are now in a paddock. As an owner I am paying our bills but in a partnership there is no way of knowing if others will do the same. Will there be enough money to sustain the carer of the horses in the property. and enough income to feed and care for the animals. The good times have stopped, there is no trickle down. Lets hope Owners, the bill payers can hang in for the welfare of horse and the carer. As regards your question - I'm sure you can join the dots.
  8. Nerula

    Is this happening in Petone

    Slammy the CRUX is that there will be NO Money coming from the TAB . It is BROKE and will need a massive bailout. that will see it go into administration. Lets keep the discussion sensible and not points score. Please be aware there will people and horses welfare and ability to have a decent life.seriously under stress. Trust me I know!
  9. Nerula

    Is this happening in Petone

    Even before the CV the situation here is worse than imagined. TAB now has no money to the Codes and some of the codes execs are now working for no pay. It would be unkind to bag them. Trust me.
  10. Nerula

    Come Back Trackside, All is Forgiven!

    What about Alice Springs. I was excited to see the infield greener that our lawn
  11. Nerula

    Jacinda Ardern

    Dear Jacinda and Winston We are now looking down the barrel of a massive health crisis and equally as bad economic crisis, predicted to make the last financial crisis look like a kindergarten . Your touting of the tourism industry as the darling of New Zealand economy is now losing 350 million dollars a week. Your crazy selling of tens of thousands of acres of good pastoral land to overseas buyers to plant in Pine trees as a carbon sink is looking like a bad gamble.. made even worse by the berating, belittling and ridiculous polices aimed at Farmers of New Zealand. Well what a difference a week makes... you have just announced a 12 billion dollar package to soften the blow but you well know that’s not even a scrape in the bucket of what’s needed. I guess now all we have once industry shuts down and tourism crumbles completely is the farmers. The same ones who your coalition called Rednecks, the same ones who are committing suicide at a terrible rate, the same ones who get up at 5:00 am to milk their cows so you have your milk and butter for breakfast. The same ones who work tirelessly on the hill country day in day out during drought conditions to make sure their lamb and beef is the best quality before it hits the shelves. The same ones who are struggling with the ridiculous polices that are coming in relation to cows farts and fencing. The same ones who have been doing it for generations to make sure people have something to eat. The same Farmers who produce food more efficiently and more environmentally friendly than anywhere else in the world. The same ones who your coalition has made to feel like they are the problem in the world - are now suddenly the only ones we need. Isn’t it funny how things change so fast and you suddenly need someone who you belittled more than ever. As you sit down for dinner tonight pondering how we are going to get through this, take a look at the food on your plate and be thankful for the ones who you have ignored. In fact invite Winnie over for dinner but have him bake a humble pie and bring that around and take a bite both of you. It will be good for you, and the Farmers will get up tomorrow and keep on producing food for us and the world. Next time you decide to belittle the main stay of our economy remember a couple of old sayings we learnt on the farm. ‘Never bite the hand that feeds’ - and ‘you reap what you sow.’ When you order the whole country on lock down the farmers will still get up and go out and work their asses off for this country like they have always done. We will get through this but you are going to need those Farmers more than you have ever needed them before. They will keep the supermarkets full, they will be the ones exporting out produce worldwide and returning ever so needed revenue for the coffers. Peace and love James Herbert
  12. Nerula

    Coronavirus Hysteria

    TOM HANKS - Survived 4 years on an island alone. - A whole year inside an airport without being able come out. - Got AIDS in Philadelphia. - Fought in WW2 and rescued private Ryan. - Landed an airplane in the Hudson River. - In Vietnam he rescued LT Dan. - He was kidnapped by Somalies. - He survived Apollo 13 Trying to make it to the moon. If this guy dies on us from the Coronavirus we are all pretty much screwed !!!!!! • Reply • Share ›
  13. Nerula

    Some Good News

    To be honest Trainers dont pay much attention to Owners unless they are the manager and awn a big share.
  14. Nerula

    Why not Racing ?

    I would have more logic in my littler finger than you would have in your ass. All my adult life has been assessing risk and keeping myself and others safe.If you are interested I will tell you what I did.. Yes I am am angry at the risk these no hopers have put our society in. Princess was determined to do the March 15 anniversary. 2000 invitations and they were going to have it in an auditorium because rain was forecast. We jump from 7 to 9 cases and finally she is persuaded to cancel. It was all about her and her chance to emote. Then we get the Bullshit of "Go hard and Go early. The time act was much earlier. There was no screening at entry and little testing. I listened to Robbo and he sounded sensible but waffled when asked why they would charge Air NZ 9% on a loan to keep them afloat. He said they would be able to repay it or treat it as equity. Daj do you understand where this is going?
  15. Nerula

    Why not Racing ?

    Cindy's great strength is in banning things. The oil and gas industry got her started and it felt good. On to plastic bags then fruit stickers and cotton buds, but the buzz wasn't there. Now comes the EPIC ban our lives and jobs, our investments and the economy. That the ultimate LOOK AT ME right there. I know she has supporters, many hiding under their beds in a funk. I see some twat from Massey Prof in Communications says we should dob in people going out. I will gas up vehicles and go out. But not have contact. This isn't about racing per se. but there will be SFA of that to talk about