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  1. Hated by Rugby as CG went to NRL to say he could put Rugby in the shade in NZ by recruitment from NZ Rugby youth academies and even AGS. Hamilton HS, Wanganui etc He recruited over 20 youths out of Rugby with scouts at College comps. (NZH 27/6) He is a chancer!
  2. What will it take for NZTR to join the charge?
  3. Ah the Auckland bogey again. Breeder centric? Have a look at the board and you will see it has a reasonable spread. I dont think any of the recent board were that excited to step up and be the head. My feeling is its going to take a while to get NZTR ion top of the issues.Theres a recession on, low productivity and a general funk around around the country. Gripers abound. I wish Russell and his board all the best!
  4. Seeing your here Stodge what about Hello Youmzain. Reports trickle down here his youngsters are firing. Have Cambridge Stud found another Almanzor albeit HY looks like a sprinting type
  5. Is this thread going to turn into another moan fest? Getting weary of the constant moaning. TV, Newspapers, blogs. Its repetitive and damaging to the psyche. A reason theres a brain drain on? I reckon!
  6. Lovely nature our one. Five wins and gone
  7. Ardern said early days she suffered imposter syndrome..It wasnt that, it was the real thing. She could have got away with that if she had associates with ability. But she was surrounded by "no hopers." The cunning Mahuta and Jackson drew her into the web of He Puapua and that was a loser. But it was Auckland that dumped this sorry lot. 100 days locked down while Jacinda worked the microphones in Wellington daily. Disgraceful! We will never forgive that.
  8. Story for you? ex NZTROF Owners Bulletin. Neil M EXTRACTS RACING DAYS IN OLD PATEA – LARAINE SOLE PATEA MAIL 23 FEBRUARY 1878 “For the second hack race there were nine starters. George’s Rob Roy winning with Russell’s grey Retire second. The grey, quite a pony was much fancied and considering that it had carried the owner from New Plymouth the day before and had been ridden from Hawera the same morning proved that the pony had “go” in it. And Laraine writes – PATEA NOVEMBER 1879. There is a wonderful story told about the jockey who rode Hailstorm to victory in the Patea Cup. A belated letter reached renowned jockey and landowner Duncan Campion on the morning before the Patea meeting offering him a ride on the good horse Hailstorm. Campion left his home Carnarvon at Bulls at midday and rode to Alex Higgie’s Blink Bonny on the No 2 line where he changed horses. After stopping for two hours he rode on and a tired pair arrived at Patea at 6am. He won the Patea Cup on Hailstorm, got beaten in another race on him, saw the racing out that day and rode to Wanganui reaching there at 10pm. He changed horses again and reached Carnarvon at 3am having ridden over 170 miles- the actual travelling just under 27 hours. If he slept it would have been in the saddle. They were tough in those days! AND FROM PAGE 54-55 Not everyone was enamoured with racing as evidenced in part of a letter to the Patea Mail of 20 April 1906 which read, ...on the day following the great Christian festival, a day set apart for rejoicing, the racecourse in nearly every town is thronged with a huge crowd of men and women with excited passion-waved faces all striving to worship Mammon. There was a time when women were scarce on the racecourse: that day is gone. The home-loving woman is fast going, the lusts of excitement, of the delights of the world, are in her blood. She is an habitue of the racecourse today, is well versed in its slang and may even, on occasion, be seen with the jockey hoping that her fascinating smile will get her the coveted “tip.” With mothers, who thus frequent the racecourse, can we wonder that the modern daughter is not gifted with modesty that she is no longer sought but seeks. The high church dignitary is there too, who but the previous day was reading the church services. The church members, in fact, of nearly all denominations, are well represented. The scene on the Patea racecourse on Monday was similar to many others where all sorts of conditions of men and women gathered eager for gain and pleasure. What the Maories (sic) who flock in full force to our local racecourse and grow hilarious on the waipiro of which there is always a plentiful supply, think of our religion and practice only the dusky native himself knows. One thing is certain, civilisation is not tending to raise the Maori. The drink flows, curses abound, money is lost and won and the greatest Christian festival of joy and mirth is turned into a use that can have no other influence on men and women save that of degradation. SPRING 2023 9
  9. Yes I think so. The Ozzies devalue NZ Breeding and the mare is Aus.
  10. They are here to stay, so that local to me
  11. I have met Barbara at the Equine Academy at Byerley Park where she was helping out. She is a very impressive lady and will add to the racing scene here. I had heard the Williams were looking forward to retirement, but I phoned Peter to see i could get an in there as a part owner in a horse. Wasnt a goer. I would give Barb' a ring but did something else. I reckon she will do very well.
  12. You're all off and running like Hairy Maclary's dogs. Here is something that will have the following benefits for--- * Late foals and late developers. * Slower ones * Studs that have sires that lead to producing stayers * Owners of a slower ones will stay in longer * increased field size for midweek 3yo Maiden races where scheme applies. You could argue that Owners - Trainers - Breeders - Jockeys - NZ B - Entain - NZTR and Punters benefit. NO? Its a very fair question to ask how much NZTR is putting in to this and I assume they would cite Commercial sensitivity. and wont tell. As the above poster pointed out the races concerned wont all be be won by eligible horses so will NZTR pocket that unspent? Kiwis dont like exclusivity which is why our forefathers arrived on these shores. Just an odd thought. Nothing to stop a home-breeder entering a yearling in the Online sale and buying it back.
  13. If your young horse cant win a 2yo race it is another rainbow to chase. tough luck on the "breed to race" lot but he who pays the piper eH?
  14. E, send Pikey an email. The care is great as is the comms with regular videos. The managing of the horse is 'in-horse as is stakes payouts. Tony is a top bloke and Chris McNab foreman is too. Very clean place and happy horses. But Patterson going great guns too
  15. There is two sides to this. The trainer might not like your horse. Another might turn you down because of a number of owners in the group. The so called top trainers can be picky. But if you are a toppy______ Then if your horse doesn't perform it will get sacked ,unless you are very important to the trainer