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  1. Nerula

    Racing Industry Bill

    Avondale is kind of rooted for a takeover. The inner is designated parks and reserves and used for junior rugby. So dear old Phil Goof wont be happy and all the adjacent pollies are Labour except for Paula Zipitsweetie. But they could put social housing around the perimeter when Kiwibuild cranks up in 50 years.
  2. Nerula

    Racing Industry Bill

    No not picking on the smaller clubs. They are in the main run fairly tight from what I have heard. Take Waverley for example, the local farmers each raise a beef cattle a year. The proceeds go to the club and thats great. Country people get stuck in.
  3. Nerula

    Racing Industry Bill

    RITA will just not give them a licence to race and its game over. And i've heard the threat has been issued. To be honest many of the clubs dont deserve to continue. Lack of incentive has seen them become brain dead exec and hangers on pissing up at the members expense and putting licence holders in jeopardy.
  4. Nerula

    Cannabis testing

    Its not a crap topic. The GREENS have pushed for ganga use for years. A certain notable on here put that drug use was the "politics of Ponsonby" a thought promoting proposition. It might be alright for the intelligentia to use for their recreational use but for people that actually work in industry its a dumb idea. I started the thread to look at the effect on horse trainers. Knowing there will be costs and increased risk and WorkSafe waiting to smash an unfortunate employer. I fully beiieve in your right to fry your brains but not at anothers cost.
  5. Nerula

    Cannabis testing

    This disaster of a Government is hell bent on saddling us to a "stoner society" with the legalisation of enough weed to make 40 joints per person for personal use. Where does that place say trainers held personally responsible for the safety of staff. I would think daily testing at the stable door and sending away all those that test positive. Ive seen the effect of drugs in the construction industry. The dopers are not aware and not safe. and the P takers are irrational.
  6. Nerula


    You'd look fetching with a large handbag!
  7. Nerula


    $7.50 at the TAB David
  8. Nerula


    Got mine. It looks really good. I liked the Editorial and some nice stories. Looking forward to have the time to study detail. I see Valachi got the back page advert. A good move. I hope more in the industry buy adverts. I can tell you most big industry players are super tight arsed. Admirable start!!!!
  9. Nerula

    You think he’s in trouble ??

    "The Most Open and Transparent Government EVER"! This mob is slime. If you support them you have an ethical deficit. I'm told the next tranche of Racing amendments goes for first reading before Christmas. Winston's Slush Fund and '30 pieces of silver' Labour wont let those blokes talk in committee it would reveal the payers. Wouldn't have to be too bright to guess who. People who live like feudal lords?
  10. Nerula

    Te Akau Thread

    Thats interesting. I believe its a numbers game and i'm sure thats what TJ played all those years. Buying on type at reasonable prices. Easier to find share takers or sell on. I had an experience with him - a leg of a mare that cost 80k won 700k and was sold for 770k. Less lucky with later interests but got shares in 3 fillies in the CD. Hoping one will pay her way. I'm picking that a lot of those sub 100k sales are from 1st season sires. They look good to the experts but they dost want to bid them up high. Leaves an opportunity for the astute to play the numbers game.
  11. Nerula

    Te Akau Thread

    People we approach a time of 'goodwill to all men' That precedes Twitter, tweets and twits
  12. Nerula

    So what's the real answer

    Listen here Sheeps i'll try to explain it in terms you'll understand. Say if you are a little guy with a bunch of sheep and you wanted to earn some money racing these. But there is a weird old old system where a government agency makes all the laws on sheep racing. They try (not so hard) to encourage people to bet on sheep racing in the hope that will enrich the government and pay for the management of that enterprise. They really don't care much for sheep racing, but its been around for a very long time and some good piss ups can be found around it. I digress! After costs, there's trickle down - some funds to a mob that try and organise the sheep racing clubs, but its baaa-rely enough to keep the game viable and sheep are getting hurt on baaa -d tracks. People are not keen on betting on sheep anymore as it aint that exciting when only a few go along and you might see a sheep getting offed. Better stay away! So where does that leave you dag?
  13. Nerula

    So what's the real answer

    Whats wrong is the old system. Its a communist one. The parallels are are almost complete from the Politburo down to the Functionary (NZTR) to the Collective (Clubs) and the Peasants. it cant work as has been demonstrated in the world. Cuba ,Venuzuela, hello! Rita lost me when D M'cK said it wasn't their function to incentivise club performance. it cant be the Functionary NZTR as they are beholden to all the Collectives clubs. No incentive to perform and no penalty for non performance. Sorry its fkd here. Now the Politburo will start land confiscation. Thats discriminatory confiscate one, confiscate the lot. Then form a Corporation with directors that are liable. Create regional centres, Set annual marketing budgets and performance targets. Non performance fire them.
  14. Nerula


    I had a young relative called Daniel had a great time there. NM
  15. Nerula

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    For Gods sake your post is barely literate. Do some self editing and make it readable. Its disrespectful to readers and abusive to the English language.