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  1. Nerula

    Can you Imagine

    Watch it crank up for "Christmas At The Races" and die back off again. It takes marketing and clever promotion to get them there. And a decent experience to have them want to come back.
  2. Nerula

    Section 14 Review

    Pick the bones out of this Section14_Performance_and_Efficiency_Review.eml
  3. Nerula

    Can you Imagine

    Today’s Edition PDF Archive Subscribe LOOK Podcasts Videos Sire Lists MENU Amplify Offers Support Through Keeneland College Scholarship Day Monday, October 14, 2019 at 1:53 pm | Back to: Shared News Updated: October 14, 2019 at 8:45 pm Previous Story | Next Story Amplify, created to help improve horse racing through engagement, alignment and advocacy, offers its support of Keeneland College Scholarship Day, which will be held Friday, Oct. 18. Held since 2002, Keeneland offers free admission to the 2,000-3,000 college students who attend, hosting them at the North Terrace on track with giveaways, prizes, contests and food. Scholarships are raffled off throughout the day–$30,000 was given in April of this year, including $20,000 donated by team Runhappy. In additional to funds from Runhappy, Keeneland and the KTA, scholarships have been donated by Claiborne Farm, Glen Hill Farm, Hinkle Farm, Paramount Sales, Solis/Litt Bloodstock and Taylor Made Farm. A total of $70,000 has already been contributed for the Oct. 18 event. “We are appreciative of Keeneland, the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and team Runhappy [the McIngvales] for building College Day into a must-attend event for students,” said Madison Scott, Amplify co-founder. “Our industry has stepped up in a big way to support the event this fall–we have $70,000 committed to scholarships so far, with that total growing. It shows that as a collective group we see the need to promote racing and engage with a young audience. Amplify seeks to be that link, enabling those who want to contribute an actionable way to do so.” Since its inception in June, Amplify has successfully executed five projects which engaged the industry with new audiences: 4-H Farm Tours–hosted 31 students and their families at central-Kentucky Farms. Saratoga Tours–in collaboration with NYRA, Amplify hosted an enhanced tour of Saratoga, offering participants a tour of the backstretch, the opportunity to meet a trainer, go to the paddock for a race and seating at the races. School curriculum–worked with UK professor teaching fourth grade students about horses by contributing to curriculum and offering additional information on racing Keeneland College Ambassadors–worked to enhance existing program that is part of College Day, ensuring the 40 student volunteers have an understanding and appreciation of racing. Retired Racehorse Project–ran backside tours of Keeneland and hosted competitors at the races in collaboration with Horse Country and Keeneland Amplify is now putting its efforts into Keeneland College Scholarship Day. “Changing perception and cultivating fans does not always occur from one-off moments, but from a series of impressions over time,” Scott said. “By following up and engaging with the students who attend Scholarship Day, Amplify will create pathways into the industry for interested people and build connections to our sport.” For more information on the initiative, contact [email protected]
  4. Nerula

    Can you Imagine

    Look in your downloads folder?
  5. Nerula

    Can you Imagine

    Hello Pam, Presuming you opened the Att. I have tried to get those who run races to engage the young. Talking to a Club President here, this person told me that they mooted a College Day for students and were informed it wasnt an "appropriate" activity to engage in. So they dropped the idea. For Gods sake Racing is an industry and if its not refreshed by youth will die. Oh is thats whats happening now?
  6. Nerula

    Can you Imagine

    Our brain dead
  7. Nerula

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    I think that the guts of it is workplace law is not common law which has a basis of what is fair. There is no fairness in the workplace law. That, it is intended to be punitive to drive down serious accidents in the workplace. But only in high risk industries.! Say someone moves a water cooler in a legal workplace and a clerk trips over it and ends up in a wheelchair. Are they going after the employer there.? If the answer is no, workplace law is discriminatory. and compliant judges enforce that. So a pillar of the Racing community got a writ slapped on it - for all you others to see. it would be kind to leave this matter be now.
  8. Nerula

    Who’d have thought....

    Racing is something you cant pick up with a sudden immersion. Any "embedment" would have to be someone who had long exposure to the game but then that person would be known. it sounds like someone to trawl phone records and bets so why do you need a detective sergeant for that?
  9. Nerula

    Who’d have thought....

    Thats mildly interesting. Nobody will know who this bloke is or everybody will. How does it work? Does he go to the races dressed like Bertha from the "Cross?
  10. Nerula

    Take the money and run

    M y first share in a horse put me way ahead of the game. Six horse shares later I'm putting back. Selling a good one allows you to do that. Roll the dice.
  11. Nerula

    Take the money and run

    Cooga Doon gone for a million and more. Off to Honkers. What can you say but congratulations to Owners and Fraser.
  12. Nerula


    The land asset is very large. The key to the situation is Rezoning the land and that is well under way. But what overrides that is the quality of the clubs administrators to manage the transformation to a property company that can support the racing activity. Ellerslie have it sussed after earlier bungles. I could name some members who have vast commercial experience in development and construction that could oversee what is needed. They are getting old though.
  13. Nerula

    John Allen

    Staying till years end. RITA can get their own choice to run the cutter
  14. Nerula

    Ruakaka finish line

    Someone could sponsor them a Waratah. Say Farmlands
  15. Nerula

    The Cups 2019 (aus)

    The guts of it is Aussies dont want to wait for a stayer to develop and Kiwis cant afford to. I'd support turning this thing into WFA and that might stop NH over-rating their horses. I've lost interest in the Melbourne Cups as I cant be bothered with following NH racing.