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  1. Look it doesnt matter if the person is a fill in. Trackside would have a suite of speakers. and a responsibility that they all could impart information clearly.. Its the only job FFS. Sick of hearing guys that rabbit on and both sexes that sound ill educated. You would swear some had just fallen out of a pub.
  2. Poor diction is the norm and Media dont care. Melissa the 'wallpaper stripper" with her honks and yowls would be an example on 1 News. Its fair to tell them they suck. They may correct and add value to themselves They only have one job.
  3. The thing is nobody wants to have the ass sued off by Work Safe if there is a mishap.
  4. Racing people supported Winnie and they treated him. The payback came withe the PGF and Jonesy spread the dough. He had 3 Billion to play with. and racing got the 3 AWT's. each in a different province. NZTR said in their soon to be released SOI. they will hold a reserve of 12 million.. I dont know if this is excessive. But if we get anther pandemic they need to keep the pie warmer loaded.
  5. Have a look at the MAAT races at Cambridge Wednesday and the ratings per race is all over the place. I dont understand why MAAT is such a good idea. Surely tiered racing gives more even ratings and daresay better punting.
  6. Look I'm all for "tiered racing" but it comes down to how the noms lay. if you had say 24 noms for a R65 I suspect the majority would fall 60 or under. That might leave an R65 a bit skinny. But then you could Nominate for both I wonder. Would that be the way to go?
  7. R 60 horses sound like they are not progressive They won a maiden got awarded a rating of say 61 or 62 then they cant crack R65 so they fall back. I suppose R60 is a good idea if R65 noms get too big. TR would be looking at field sizes no doubt.
  8. The stipes used Sam as a punching bag for years. They have shift their attention to others like young Billy P
  9. To guide THREE WATERS against the unwilling Plebiscite tide. They gave the job to a guy that wont be here after the next election. Nobody more senior wanted the shit jobs
  10. Yes a good wrinkle that. But didnt Opie get caught as his place is Pukekawa or Onewhero. In Covid times the Government put boundaries in wherever it pleased
  11. Your ref to "Billy" Pinn is interesting. Reading the hearing report on the case it transpired that rather than hit the horse twice on the head with the whip it was amended to once on the neck. The mare was cranky that day. Missed the start and then started to hang in the straight which was when the alleged offence occurred. Certainly looks RIU is after Pinn and want to impose on him
  12. You were right. Notice just through from ATR saying Car racing to cease 2 April 2023. Puke to be developed as a training centre to support Auckland region racing. I assume stables to go on the flat down the Buckland end. Be great for small trainers but I imagine the heavy hitters will get boxes to be near the honeypot.
  13. Supercars coming back but you are right in that Hampton Downs is pressing.
  14. Its not the $20 its thinking about the selections. I can think of 2 NZ ones but to think of Non group 1 Aus not so easy. I think 5 goog Aus is the key