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  1. hedley

    Name for my horse please.

    Borgasmord Bjorn's Confidence
  2. hedley

    This TAB website...

    We want the Damsire listed too...there's plenty of room to Do so too
  3. hedley

    Update April. John Allen

    Management by crisis
  4. hedley

    jnj'shorty' healey

    I think Northfleet ran at Trentham and won paying about $7's...come in Gubellini
  5. hedley

    For what its worth....

    Evidence indicates link between North Korean Embassy Break-in and Christchurch Attacks https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-16/evidence-indicates-link-between-north-korean-embassy-break-and-christchurch-attacks?fbclid=IwAR3cYrrbFB6lzEep6c29eiMzMmjRc3DD9BB2axGylXPAF954tSpxcMBn1NU
  6. hedley

    Go The Midget !!!

    Congratulations Midget., i was on after backing her at the previous start...buoyed by Chris Dell doing the riding too..it was a big subtle run and one she'll be improved with too. :)
  7. Here it is....the start of becoming a racing state of Australia. " The meeting was attended by the chairs of both NZTR and RA along with the CEOs of both organisations and other directors and senior management."
  8. hedley

    Consensus! You Darling!

    Outstanding hit and run Win with the mare in the peak of her powers Great stuff Leo and the whole team Consensus
  9. hedley

    Check this out

    Prior to his terrible injuries..he was right 'up there' with the form jockeys., he'll go from strength to strength from now on as the tracks turn in season, and especially having read this thread posting of critique...he's made of tough metal is Christopher :)
  10. Another fault is their failure to show who the Damsire is...there's plenty of room for it 'to fit''
  11. Another fault is their failure to notify how much stakemoney is being raced for in each race.
  12. hedley

    Jacinda Ardern

    Here in NZ, the Tory National party have been the 'globalists'..the current Labour govt is merely perpetuating the programme
  13. hedley

    Tauranga yesterday

    Another 7 years for the next Waitangi Wednesday..Tauhei
  14. This resignation..requires full disclosure and exposay.
  15. hedley

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Another thing wrong is the absence of Left handed or Right handed track starts., This needs to be added too.