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  1. Also found this in the 2016/17 Annual Report The infrastructure projects reserve was set up in 2010/2011 to fund critical projects at strategic and significant venues. Since 2011 NZTR has set aside $4,566,951 to help fund these projects Yes, so 'buggar all' in the big scheme of things..a catalytical amount so as to show that some funds are there and that they're doing something that should be their earnest role. Their claim that there's 20 odd tracks that need closing down because they've been costing the industry critical amounts of funds to keep them buoyant..is just bullshit.
  2. How much does NZTR and the R.B. give to the upkeep of tracks and their super structures? i can't recall ever reading anywhere.. an actual amount., this is very important..i need a 'trainspotter' like Leggy to hunt this out for me/us please . . .Cheers Champ
  3. hedley

    Mihaul put down...

    This is disturbing..why couldn't he've been 'slung' to heal and live out his days..or was that option never a real option?
  4. hedley

    Counties Gone

    Yes, holding the transfered Counties meeting to Avondale would benefit the industry...abandoning the meeting further weakens the industry
  5. hedley

    Accountability and Ramifications!

    These 'reforms' are by design, to've delivered what ""One Racing"" was designed to bring about..namely a satelite centralised industry designed to 'click into' the Australian industry like a Leggo brick. The Globalists are behind this and are in a celebrating mood for their latest conquest.
  6. hedley

    Accountability and Ramifications!

    The state that the industry finds it's self in..is the result of succesive administrations who've purposefully managed it to oblivious outcomes., management by crisis is another name for Hegelian Synthesis..a set of management protocols that allow changes to be introduced that would have no mandate if a proper management reign had presided, Hegelian Synthesis has been used for about 40 years around the world in what maybe termed 'rampant' rates..of course it is very much older than that as a practise that Google will tell you if you ask it. The New Zealand Racing industry is now well and truly a sick patient from the management by crisis it's been subjected to... All governments around the world have been run like this in order to bring their respective countries into a 'one world' of governance where Big Business rules that's the cold hard facts..and we need to lobby and insist that various parts of the industry aren't 'sold down the river' into the hands of Big Business, Otherwise you can kiss goodbye any sovereignty of control over our N.Z. product among other rorted outcomes.
  7. You just knew that "One Racing" hadn't gone away..here it is under much disguise..One Racing well done Winston and the rest of the masons
  8. Well, nearly 150 posts and still no one has commented on the Elephant in the room..that being the City of Suits that have been amassed by NZTR and NZ Racing and the T.A.B. When will you all learn that these cling-ons are suffocating the industry's coffers. Clearly, Messara has not had this pointed out to him judging by the 17 point plan divulged last evening. Just another Mickey Mouse outfit that will result in NZ's racing devolving into Big Business's control..that's Australis not NZ's
  9. The Globalists win again., NZ Racing's been run into the ground so that it could be taken over by foul means or fair..halving the tracks and the loss of control over our T.V. product will decimate our participation by thousands...it'll be the end of racing as we know it with a micro semblance of our industry with only the breeding side of the industry being left mostly alone to continue to thrive..feeding Aussie Hong Kong Singapore China and a micronesia of local NZ participants.
  10. hedley

    Jacinda Ardern

    Nick Smith ..the man with the doctorate in span construction..Dr. Nick Smith
  11. hedley

    Sky TV Losses

    What an enfuriating statement . . .I know, we'll gut the viewership of free to air clientel..that'll work!
  12. hedley

    "You're Fired Stakes"

    Ken Rutherford should've been paying attention to an all important track upgrade rather than being into Cricket up to his ears and other media jobs too
  13. hedley

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    64 years old
  14. hedley

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    Taken too early...R.I.P. Patrick., condolences to all of the MYERS family