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  1. hedley

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    The replacement was a good chance to further weaken the industry by squandering $50 million on it. No doubt there's another benefit to whosoever received the Lumps. $50 million and another sum too wasn't there?
  2. hedley

    Sky City - Malta - Into Money Laundering

    it's all done on purpose..management by crisis
  3. hedley

    John Allen

    I'll just reiterate this one more time...and that is that for thelast 20yrs...we've been run by Globalists through the corporate channels..the last 10 yrs has been rampant management by Crisis..and Allen is working To those ends.,...posing as a leader with all his buffoonery and bluster on a series of promises that he still chooses to enact. NZ Racing has been given a death sentence all the while we are expected to 'stomach' what we're told is best for us..including the smashing of the T.A.B. interfces for betting..and the withdrawl of free to air TRACKSIDE. RITA will be the final hurrah as they impliment there closure agenda
  4. hedley

    Not a good look

    Synthetic tracks won't be able to cope with the surface temperature of Summer weather here in NZ
  5. hedley

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    If you want the truth on climate change..or in other words extreme weather symptoms..then use You Tube to research H.A.A.R.P..it causes the extreme weather symptoms!!
  6. hedley

    John Allen please explain....

    The jobs of 50 is all that should remain to run the organ ...700 is some 'city' of suits, Jeepers
  7. hedley

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    i'm left wondering wether the ground in his stall was watered to make it slippery skid marks and sliding sounds like interference had occured
  8. Wow..what a deadset Trooper!! Inspirational for sure
  9. hedley

    Damn TAB app.

    Yes..and then having to check your 'history' to see if your bet has even been put on...that process takes ages so that you've then run out of time to get your bet on , not withstanding any other bets you Also wanted to get on. The system is a joke..a bloody offensive one at that!
  10. more of the same modus operandi...Management by Crisis..all by design!!!!
  11. hedley

    Te Rapa track?

    Watch it cut right out on the MAY jumps day's card...a bit of rain in the lead-up and the clods will be flying
  12. hedley

    Name for my horse please.

    Borgasmord Bjorn's Confidence
  13. hedley

    This TAB website...

    We want the Damsire listed too...there's plenty of room to Do so too