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  1. hedley

    Jacinda Ardern

    Our immigration policy is to blame...cheap labour and refugees count the 15000
  2. ..my guts is churning
  3. hedley


    ...And they should Not consider the result as being complete, until the winning time is given Also
  4. hedley


    Their coverage of preliminaries has slipped to unacceptable
  5. hedley


    I guess that RITA has her sights upon Hawera as a 'get rid of' track..silly bitch RITA
  6. hedley

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    And a bonus. If you truly study this issue that has so captured your attention, pretty soon you’re going to learn that the whole thing is one gigantic hoax, the greatest hoax in human history, being perpetrated by the government-educational-industrial complex. You’re going to learn that pretty much everything that’s been indoctrinated into your head is false. You’re going to learn that real scientists, tens of thousands of them, have already learned this and have gone on record as acknowledging it. You’re going to learn you’re being used by adults to turn you into a propagandist for shamanistic alarmism, and you’re going to realise that, because of it, you’ve been the victim of massive child abuse. A visit to YouTube and a search for info on the H.A.A.R.P. programme that is being used to produce extreme Weather 'symptoms''..conjuring up a false creedence to paint the climate change into an issue. That's the conn right there....if they'd stop fiddling around with the Weather then the world would be stable and predictable
  7. hedley

    Jacinda Ardern

    There is strong evidence that the CH CH quakes were leveraged by this technology. The shootings are by no means clear as they've been represented as..but that is straying off the subject of global warming/ climate change
  8. hedley

    Jacinda Ardern

    It's a scam., H.A.A.R.P. is used to produce the extreme weather 'symptoms' that are then called climate change etc., Go do a YouTube search and inform yourselves on this devious trickery
  9. hedley

    John Allen

    Is there 700 still employed :o that number needs to be only 150 to 200
  10. hedley

    Murray Baker tells it like it is....

    The disgrace is that it's all by design..i've been harping on about this for nearly Twenty years..certainly as long as RaceCafe has been going. That 'city of suits' needs dismantling and restructured into a 'skeleton' of servitude..that would free up quite a few million and save untold in the rollover of time and season. Stop sniggering Winston! and all your comrades..it's time to empty the Trough of snouts.
  11. hedley

    Murray Baker tells it like it is....

    The main goal from the Commie Messara review ..is to close tracks under the guise that that'll save money when in fact that is a total misnomer. To observe this progression come to pass luminates how gutless our industry participants are to stand back and let this Treason come about without even a "booh" from anyone. Closing down tracks will accelerate the implosion of our industry..just what the Commies wanted..the Commies are the Globalists of the Big business realms. Win Peters and John Messara and other Globalists must piss themselves laughing at how 'simple' we are in our collective silences. Just a subservient compliance while watching Rome burn..not even a word against their machinations. New Zealand Racing industry..the biggest pushovers you'll ever witness.
  12. hedley

    TAB Final Field Option Numbers

    The replacement was a good chance to further weaken the industry by squandering $50 million on it. No doubt there's another benefit to whosoever received the Lumps. $50 million and another sum too wasn't there?
  13. hedley

    Sky City - Malta - Into Money Laundering

    it's all done on purpose..management by crisis
  14. hedley

    John Allen

    I'll just reiterate this one more time...and that is that for thelast 20yrs...we've been run by Globalists through the corporate channels..the last 10 yrs has been rampant management by Crisis..and Allen is working To those ends.,...posing as a leader with all his buffoonery and bluster on a series of promises that he still chooses to enact. NZ Racing has been given a death sentence all the while we are expected to 'stomach' what we're told is best for us..including the smashing of the T.A.B. interfces for betting..and the withdrawl of free to air TRACKSIDE. RITA will be the final hurrah as they impliment there closure agenda
  15. hedley

    Not a good look

    Synthetic tracks won't be able to cope with the surface temperature of Summer weather here in NZ