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  1. It's a joke JJ. Give me a break. Amateur running a million dollar plus industry.. what can go wroing> Halfwist
  2. Probably not. I'd love to see the Interdoms at Addington, the best harness track in the southern hemisphere.
  3. "Bit passed it". What? I don't know, some of you young fellas, got a bit to learn. Tough Monarch is a 9-year-old and still in his prime for a trotting bred. Give me a break. Past it. The horse is racing as well as ever and beating quality horses half his age. The horse had 90 starts, which is not a lot, and 31 wins. And don't you worry about the old fella not being able to handle the ID format, I'll give you the tip. Old Touch Monarch will thrive on the racing others will be gasping when he is still running on. Majestic Man will need to improve on his Williamson latest form. I thin
  4. Go the Trotters!!! Yeah yah woop woop! Interdom time. Majestic Man should win the first heat. Illawong Stardust for the quinella. Heat two Tough Monarch a course specialist. Quinella: Pink Galahs. I am backing Tough Monaarch to win the final mainly because he been such a great campaigner and is very honest. Good horse. My only bugbear. Why are the trotters' heats so late? There is no way old Janitor can say up that late after a day pushing the broom. Good luck if you are having a punt...
  5. Yes, it does, but that doesn't mean it is good!
  6. I backed Buckskin so very happy with Phar Lap Raceway.
  7. I don't bet at Motukarara. Terrible track, diabolical crossing and poor fields. Punters' graveyard.
  8. There's another Kiwi rep now Robyn's Playboy. The horse has been sent to Australia to race and he is entered for the Interdoms. I think he is the kind of horse that will thrive over there.
  9. thanks for the heads up mate! I was going to read the new regs but not 13 pages! Could you give a few bulletpoints of the new regulations please mate?
  10. I think Butt/Smith will improve the horse. To my eye, Majestic Man hasn't been going as well this season, seems a few lengths down on last season. Menangle will suit though... GO KIWI....
  11. WOW. Free for al it was. Wow, wow... wham what a war. All credit to Laver and G O'Reilly once again made to do all the work to benefit others (his day will come). South Cast Ardern tough, tough run... he was on his knees and somehow Natalie got more from him he stagged up from the canvas and drew away.... That's why she is the best...
  12. Go boy. Go boy... gee woo hoo, woo woo, did you see that! Thumped 'em. Sundee's Son you beauty. What a horse; he could gone another round. Incredible time. He's the best since Icandoosit and he can probably improve! Sundee's Son go boy....
  13. His draw and patient driver gives him a decent place chance. Hope your fav does you proud. All the best.
  14. Good luck everyone, happy punting R1: Royal Pride, KD Hawk, Trixton Time R2: Idealism, Beaudiene Hustler, Sand Wave R3: Always Have Faith, Cyrus, Invitation Only R4: Love in the Port, Regal Attire, Don't Ask R5: Get Up N Dance, Romeo Shard, Roll Your Own R6: Shan Noble, It's All About the Faith, Pelosi R7: Oscar Bonavena, Phoebe Onyx, Zsa Zoe r8: Riveeered, Got You Covered, Samhara R9: Sundee Son, Muscle Mountain, Chief of staff R1-: Ardern's Delight, Yankee Party, Darling Me R11: Self Assured, Krug, South Coast Ardern R112: Yokorobi,
  15. Bad To The Bone will get a soft trip from that draw, he could surprise and be in the money. Good luck.