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  1. Thejanitor


    Tim Williams has driven many winners trained by the All Stars, far more winners than he would have if he was employed elsewhere. Yes, Mark and Natalie, get the best drives but that is the way in any stable. Tim Williams is an excellent driver but Mark and especially Natalie are better drivers. Williams has also driven the best three-year-old filly this season Bettor Twist, she has won two G1 races and narrowly beaten in another by Enjoy Me who had softest run imaginable.
  2. Correct. Both should be banned from any further participation in harness racing for life. Both a repeat offenders and have had enough chances. Ban them both!
  3. I'm ropable about this mate. What sort of message does this send to the likes of young Sarah O'Reilly and the Tomlinson sisters, all women in harness racing? The head of the organisation Spicer goes into bat for a woman basher. The despicable Anderson beat a vulnerable young woman numerous times, and she had to hide in a ditch to evade the cowardly prick. "Oh don't worry girls, he didn't mean it, he's sorry... it won't happen again." Wake up Spicer, this arsehole should never be allowed a NZ racetrack again or hold any sort of license. How this fellow is still on the street is mind boggling.
  4. The horse was owned by Mr & Mrs Gibbs, L. Pilcher and M. Purdon when it was branded. Perhaps Vicki Rasmussen bought it, or a share in it? Unfortunately, the Harness Australia database does not include the horses owners.
  5. Agree. Stuff is just a mouthpiece for the ruling Ardern coalition nowadays. No objectivity, no partiality, no accountability. Rag!
  6. Spot on... stipes have always had a bug about Ian Cameron... He's bullied while the useless incompetent Lamb continues blunder after blunder with zero accountability and little punishment, yes he's lost Addington but still got the rest of Canterbury and beyond so he has not lot much really. Lamb is useless and must be replaced. I think if he has any creditability, I doubt he has any?, he should resign. Do the right thing Lamb, do the right thing for harness racing. Every start you f...up is another death stab for harness racing.
  7. I'll miss them too but they had a great innings. So many memories... Icandoosit, Lazarus, Adore Me, Auckland Reactor too many to name.
  8. They are still a couple and they will be able to have some well-deserved time to themselves in the new year.
  9. Positive trainer: Alister Black, it was good to see the talented young Southland trainer win on both days with Vintage Cheddar. Lamb sacking the highlight for me.
  10. Jack Mulcay I think. Mulcay was great.
  11. He's stuffed a few. The Fixer was badly affected by a Lamb shambles the year he won the Cup. It was only the skill of Natalie Rasmussen that ensured the horse didn't lose much ground. Lamb has been useless for years but this season worse than ever. It is not just an isolated incident that saw him get the sack it has been coming and should have come sooner.
  12. Yes, pleased that he has gone at last. I think his starts have deteriorated badly this season and there have been too many starting shambles. I think Lamb was under a lot of pressure form many quarters about the quality of his starting this season. I hope Rick Donnelly has a good day tomorrow. I hope he tries to emulate someone like Jack Mulcay not Lamb. Good luck Rick.
  13. I enjoyed the racing watching on my MacBook at home. The Cup start was a shambles as expected but I backed Ashley Locaz for a place so happy. I had some good collects during the day... My first two bets both broke and I thought I was in for a bad day but then came Vintage Cheddar. Alister Black you beauty. I was in profit from that race on and I kept accumulating. A bit to spend on show day! Good luck with Show Day punting everyone...
  14. You are on the money Greg When is Lamb going to be held accountable? I am sick of his incompetence. Kaikoura starts were a shambles with three false starts in the first two mobiles. How many starts will he stuff up during Cup week?
  15. The ex-policeman that needs to go is P. Lamb.