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  1. Thejanitor

    Riley Butt

    I think he is the son of Timothy Butt?
  2. Thejanitor

    NZ Cup

    Good move. He is a useful horse but not top drawer and will struggle in Cup class here. He should suit WA racing.
  3. Following is the field in post-position order for the $1 million Yonkers International Trot. PP-Horse-Driver-Trainer-Morning Line 1-Slide So Easy-Ake Svanstedt-Flemming Jensen-10-1 2-Bahia Quesnot-Junior Guelpa-Junior Guelpa-5-1 3-Atlanta-Yannick Gingras-Ron Burke-3 4 - U z a J o s s e l y n - E r i k A d i e l s s o n - R e n e A e b i s c h e r - 5 - 1 5-Zacon Gio-Roberto Vecchione-Holger Ehlert-8-1 6-Marion Marauder-Scott Zeron-Paula Wellwood-6-1 7 - C r u z a d o D e l a N o c h e - B r i a n S e a r s - M a r c u s M e l a n d e r - 8 - 1 8-Lionel-Goran Antonsen-Goran Antonsen-8-1 9-Guardian Angel AS-Tim Tetrick-Anette Lorentzon-4-1 10-Norton Commander-Conni Lugauer-Conni Lugauer-15-1
  4. Colin de Filippi drove Tisdall's horse
  5. Yes, Enterprise was a good Lordship stallion (another stud failure) who raced against the likes of harness legends Roydon Glen and Hands Down. I think Williamson drove him a couple of times early in the horses career but his regular driver when the horse was trained by Doug Heffernan was Peter Shand.
  6. The first four home in Race Three wore them.
  7. Barry's stable is not the All Stars. Mr Jack Sprat made the call about All Stars stallion failures but as yet he has not named any All Stars trained entires that have gone on to be unsuccessful at stud. So far we have three confirmed stallions - Highview Tommy and Auckland Reactor. Both have left winners the latter the better of the two so far. Il Vicollo was a while ago so I am not sure bout his siring record but fair to say he left nothing as good as himself.
  8. How many former All Stars trained stallions have stood at stud? Can you name them for us please? I'll start the ball rolling for you... Highview Tommy. What others are there?
  9. I understand your point of view but I think we should give Addington a fair go before we condemn them. The Jewels was getting stale, in my humble opinion, so a change of format and venue is worth trying. If it doesn't work we can go back to the previous system. The longer journey of 1980m will give more horses a chance as draw not as important as at a mile. The biggest question mark over the day is the starter, Mr Lamb, in my humble opinion of course.
  10. Blood doping is complex subject and different than blood spinning as you say Tim. It was used by endurance athletes cyclists and middle distance runners to boost performance. One to four units of blood are drained from the body and then later replaced a few days before the athletes' chosen event. This boosts performance because there is more blood in the system which increase red blood cells that carry oxygen. There are many other things that can be done to the blood to further increase performance, EPO is one of these. Wikipedia has a good info on it
  11. You are right about the growing influence of those that think racing is cruel.Rodeos have been targeted in NZ and I believe they will cease to exist soon. It is only a matter of time before the S.A.F.E. spotlight falls on horse racing, mainly the running horses, but harness won't be immune. Harness racing needs to be proactive and ban whips.
  12. I watched this race and the best horse won. Natalie Rasmussen's drive Amazing Dream raced keenly in the parked out position for much of the race. She gave the horse a whack at the 300m and as you say it kept on trucking but I don't think it would have beaten Sweet On Me. Ms Rasmussen has been fined and suspended for overuse of the whip on a number of occasions so perhaps she is trying a new driving style? Sweet On Me looks good and that is no surprise considering its breeding. She must be one of the most valuable fillies in harness racing. I would be surprise if she doesn't win all of the main two-year-old events she contests this season.
  13. He's a good horse but too early to be making predictions like this?
  14. This is hardly surprising Greg. Mr Lamb sets the benchmark, as he is starter at Canterbury meetings and at Addington where the best horses are. Mr Lamb is not only a starter but a steward as well, so it is therefore not surprising that other starters around the country will emulate him.