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  1. Thejanitor

    Winners for Addington tonight ?

    Race 9 Medusa quinella with Le Lievre's Gift
  2. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    The two accused of drug issues are collateral damage from the actions of the race fixers. When it comes to the law, drugs will probably get more serious sentences than race fixing. But make no mistake it is the race fixers, not those charged with drug issues, that deserve everything they get. If the charges are proven they should all face lifetime bans.
  3. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    The damage these greedy individuals have done won't be terminal but harness racing will never be the same. The worst part is that most of the accused were successful, with the exception of A. Stuart who is an average trainer, the rest especially Orange and J. Dunn are two of the highest earners in the sport.
  4. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Ridiculous move by Addington Raceway. What were they thinking? Banning media was totally the wrong move because it looks like there is something to hide. Whoever devised or authorised this move should be sacked.
  5. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Not long to wait. Most will be charged Tuesday next. Two on drug charges, one of these also faces firearms charge. The remainder will probably be charged with race fixing. Perhaps GB and DD to be added after police have spoken to them. At least we know what the headline will be on Wednesday morning!!
  6. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Name suppression will probably be dropped on Tuesday next... then you might be surprised?
  7. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    I don't want to Bag anyone, but Orbiter and Gentle George (I think he won on all four days of the Cup Carnival 1978), are related to this issue.
  8. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Pity we can't deport Little.
  9. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Race fixing a different matter I agree... lifetime bans definitely.
  10. Thejanitor

    Police Raids

    Not necessarily especially those only accused of drug dealing, depending on the amount sold. David Butt spent time in prison for drug dealing and he regained his driving and training licenses.
  11. Thejanitor

    National Handicap

    Yes, The Fixer impressive did it easy last night, jogged it and was not extended.
  12. Thejanitor

    National Handicap

    Disappointing horse, but not unusual for the McGrath stable. He is a very good trainer of younger stock gets them going early but few of his horses seem able to take the next step up to the big time.
  13. Thejanitor

    Oz titbits,Emma Stewart- All Stars

    That is an outstanding record by Ms Stewart. She must work hard and have a great team behind.
  14. Thejanitor

    Good News Story

    It is a good story and one that shows that you can prosper with hard work and dedication. I wonder what the All Stars' stable detractors think about this? Purdon/Rasmussen have given Todd, a young trainer, a chance and trusted him with expensive well-bred horses. According to the likes of Brodie et al, the All Stars are bad for harness racing and only in it for themselves. Purdon helping Regan Todd shows this thinking is bullshit.
  15. Thejanitor

    National Handicap

    It's good to see Captain Dolmio back racing. I don't think he is a NZ Cup winner but should still be competitive in open ranks.