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  1. Thejanitor

    MAC Racing Report- Harness

    You are right about the growing influence of those that think racing is cruel.Rodeos have been targeted in NZ and I believe they will cease to exist soon. It is only a matter of time before the S.A.F.E. spotlight falls on horse racing, mainly the running horses, but harness won't be immune. Harness racing needs to be proactive and ban whips.
  2. Thejanitor

    was horse only one trying to win

    I watched this race and the best horse won. Natalie Rasmussen's drive Amazing Dream raced keenly in the parked out position for much of the race. She gave the horse a whack at the 300m and as you say it kept on trucking but I don't think it would have beaten Sweet On Me. Ms Rasmussen has been fined and suspended for overuse of the whip on a number of occasions so perhaps she is trying a new driving style? Sweet On Me looks good and that is no surprise considering its breeding. She must be one of the most valuable fillies in harness racing. I would be surprise if she doesn't win all of the main two-year-old events she contests this season.
  3. Thejanitor

    Easter Cup and Derby night

    He's a good horse but too early to be making predictions like this?
  4. Thejanitor

    Canterbury Starter

    This is hardly surprising Greg. Mr Lamb sets the benchmark, as he is starter at Canterbury meetings and at Addington where the best horses are. Mr Lamb is not only a starter but a steward as well, so it is therefore not surprising that other starters around the country will emulate him.
  5. Thejanitor

    Canterbury Starter

    He "lost his way" many years ago. Worst starter I have seen and he is not good enough to be starter at Addington the premier harness racing course in NZ. Unfortunately, Mr Lamb appears untouchable with no action from HRNZ over his too numerous to mention ballsups.
  6. Thejanitor

    Ultimate Stride makes Debut

    If I was having a bet in this race, I won't as I prefer to watch the young trotters first as there are sure to be breakers and a check or two, I would look at Zigzagzoo (currently $8 & $3.80 on tote). Jim Curtin trains this horse and he is a trainer I respect. It is unusual for him to race a two-year-old so that tells me this horse must be pretty smart. The horse has trialled well and I think it is in with a real show.
  7. Thejanitor

    Whip Infringments - M Howard

    Fair enough. Mr Howard is a serial offender in overuse of the whip.
  8. Thejanitor

    red army could win card today

    The field sizes seem to be decreasing with each meeting too. This meeting has eight races and there are three races with only six horses in each race. I am not sure if this is because of the dominance of Mr House scaring away local trainers or a scarcity of horses in the area? Doesn't appear to be a attractive meeting betting wise with small fields and little form.
  9. Thejanitor

    Good Trial Sat

    Trevor Casey had Stent with C. de Filippi, he has Missandei with Regan Todd, in Australia he has horses with B. Lilley and other trainers. He also has horses trained by B. Purdon and Tony Herlihy. The likes of Casey and the Whitelocks also breed their own horses, some go to the sales, others to Purdon and some to other trainers. The two owners I have just mentioned, especially Casey, must spend tens of thousands annually on harness racing. How much do you spend?
  10. Dickson won a few last night so he can afford to chip in.
  11. Thejanitor

    All Stars

    What do you think was the best race of the night to watch?
  12. Thejanitor

    Invercargill Cup

    Morning There are some good points made in this thread re Invercargill Cup. It was a disappointing field this year but I am sure/hope the fields for the race will be better in future. I think this shows the lack of open class or near to it horses around at the moment. Funatthebeach won easily. He is a progressive type and been well placed by his training team. He could be a contender for NZ Cup this year? Another cup for Trevor Casey's mantlepiece.
  13. Thejanitor

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    Please close this thread.
  14. Thejanitor

    Ozzie Telethon for AS

    I don't recall you whingeing about team driving when the T. Butt stable or G. Small stable did the same as what you are talking about above. No one said a word in those days about far more blatant "team driving" than what we see today from the All Stars stable. Methinks you protest too much.
  15. Thejanitor

    Ozzie Telethon for AS

    Yes, it was a great drive by Natalie Rasmussen to get the horse clear of the pocket and then find racing room. Who needs a passing lane?