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  1. Worse, there is a strong likelihood that races will be adversely affected by wet weather. It happened last week
  2. I won't watch because I can't but it still a great idea. Harness needs to be marketed far better than at present. There are so many good things in the industry, newsworthy and interesting personalities but none are promoted and they should be household names. Just a few I can think off the top of my head: Michael House, clever, innovative and intelligent man, the glamorous Tomlinson sisters, Luk Chin... a legend what a story!! There are many more...
  3. I don't have Sky so I won't watch it. I shall continue to watch harness racing on the TAB website. I prefer that anyway cos you only have to tune in just as race starts. Miss all the whale garbage!!!
  4. Let It Ride is an interesting runner. He's a handy miler that horse, Timothy Butts couldn't get him going once the arsenic tonic banned. But US trainer Nifty Norman should do the trick. I think he could win that race at good odds?
  5. Luk Chin legend. Why are HRNZ not marketing this guy... he should be a household name? He should have a higher profile than he has... Good on you doctor Chin!!
  6. Good on you my old mate. Hot and Treacherous impressive, good drive Mr McKendry. The draw was the biggest factor and the driver used that advantage. Good on him. Big runs from AGWS and Spankem from rear (hard at Cambridge). Cranbourne also went very well considering he botched the score-up and had to work hard to catch the mobile. Now and I know you and others will rip into me and you are not going to like this my old mate. SouthCoast Arden must return to the All Stars. Geez that was another weak run from the horse last night I give you the tip. The horse was starting to struggle at the 5
  7. Go Amazing Dream. What a mare!!!
  8. Yes, it was a great drive from young Cameron Hart. Cruiser was shunted out four wide about the 500m, but the young fella didn't panic, knew his horse was travelling, balanced him and wham. The horse has a huge sprint, a great weapon that few horses have these days. I'd love to see him race at Addington, he'd love the straight there. Young Hart is an impressive horseman, he's got a big future.
  9. Cruiser winning is the best thing could have happened. Now more Aussies will come to the RACE next year and stick around like the Cruiser has. We could get three or four top Aussies here, wouldn't that be grand! And there's talk of a RACE for the trotters, so we would get a few top Aussie trotters too. Its' mouthwatering stuff mate. The clubs should be organising races now that make the Aussies want to stick around. Be great if we could get them to stick around for a month to six weeks. It would be good if the Cruiser came back. He's a good horse, I thought he looked the fitted horse in t
  10. Yes, I got a bit off the Cruiser. I think the horse is a cracker bu I didn't hit it too hard because I though Self Assured looked the winner. He went huge but the Cruiser that was impressive. Sundee's Son huge...
  11. The Cruiser won the war mate. What a race. Wow there were some tough runs and the Cruiser was the toughest of them all. Good drive from young Cameron Hart. You don't see many come from behind to win at Alexander park, huge. Sundee's Son... wow
  12. It's hard for a more mare in that grade mate, even the mighty Amazing Dream, one of our best ever mares, would be all out to be that field on Friday night. But on her night she could do it, the mighty Amazing Dream could outsprint them all. Bettor Twist could do the same. I think they have changed her training, made her into a grinder, she's hasn't got a lot of speed the mare but can keep going at top speed furlong after furlong. I am not sure Zac is the right driver for her, I hope I am proved wrong. she's not at 100% but close. Reality is, barring a catastrophe, Self Assured will bolt in. Fr
  13. Don't discount Bettor Twist mate, few better mares than her around I'll give you the tip.
  14. Don't forget the Cruiser... he'll be a better horse this week, distance will suit.
  15. Incredible driving from Sarah O'Reilly, she's inherited her dad's front driving skills but she is going to be even better than her dad who is one of the best... Rating her like that in front took a lot of skill from young Sarah. She's the next Natalie Rasmussen I give you the tip, mate.