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  1. Formalin (formaldehyde)!! Isn't that usually used as part of the embalming process with DEAD animals? Is there a vet "in da house"?
  2. Very true 100 1 ! Day of reckoning has to come and that will occur when China lowers the boom on all the indebted dependant nations who have relied for years on cheap shit from China. No solace in Bitcoin however--just another Ponzi scheme. I'm about as optimistic for the World economy as I am for me making a profit from my NZ horse racing folly.
  3. Minister of Racing having a dummy run in the dark halls of Harness before Central Government tries to enact free speech suppression in our wobbly "democracy"??
  4. Advertised at $20K + GST Insider.
  5. chevy86

    Whip Rules

    So why suggest he takes his squeeze into the hearing? Implying he is not capable of representing himself?
  6. chevy86

    Whip Rules

    Why? Has MP lost his gonads or does she know something about whip use?
  7. Well when I was in Mumbai 3 years ago Gruff I was alerted to the fact that scores of bodies are routinely left on top of certain designated buildings for birds of prey to have a feed. I suspect that is followed by a bit of a cleanup and cremation of the residual. It is concerning what level of deforestation (where's Greta?) is occurring with these myriad pyres and what level of death is caused by resultant pulmonary problems from the smoke. Interesting stats from Alan Jones the other night. India normally has 27-30K deaths per day. Up to 3K of these now attributed to Covid "carriers", so
  8. 1 vote for Impey from me--elite players too bloody greedy and grass roots starved. A bit like the Maori elite living the high life with Treaty settlements. (" A BMW for me but not for thee")
  9. Were the good old days BETTER? Impossible to say T. Man. because judgement parameters cannot easily be set. All I know is that 50 years ago attendees( mostly men) were predominantly on course for the RACING (and the beer, atmosphere and crowd "rush")--a bit like the 50K at Eden Park for 660--they could all listen to 660 on their headphones anywhere, anytime but the big gig was the pull. Nowadays, IMO, any semblance of a crowd is on course for the PARTY and SELFIES. No criticism or blame as any attendance is better than none, but for the majority of younger people the actual horse rac
  10. Ardern's gesticulating, grinning and hand waving puts her accompanying "signers"in the shade, but Toastmasters experience has alerted me to such over the top acting being a distraction to hide the fact her message has no substance. As bad as Biden and like that senile old goat, when she finishes her written notes she throws to one of her poodles to answer questions. China doubled over laughing! Tragic.
  11. Just as many jockey scratchings for being "Unwell", "dehydrated" and "overweight'--too bad for the owners, punters and those that are foolishly tempted to support the industry.
  12. At least we still have the memories indelibly etched on our nimble brains Gruff. Standing room only on top of the old public stand as massive crowds cheered on Blue Blood, Jan's Beau, La Mer, Piko, Balmerino, Ben Lomond, Proud Chief,---not quite the same viewing a cellphone screen!
  13. Yet another reprise of the call for common sense to prevail against these ignorant control freaks. telegram_video.mp4
  14. BLM barbecue cancelled! NOBARBECUETONIGHT.mp4
  15. Reported today that "New variants ESCAPING THE VACCINE" which translated means Vaccines ineffective as evidenced by the old goat Biden staggering around in a mask after being fully vaccinated. Wake up people, you are being conned with Fauci and his cohort driving the false narrative.