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  1. If you don't want to read or view them don't open them. Many of us like a 'refresher' of historical news , if for no other reason than affirming people like you never learn from history. As I have pointed out previously, your approval rating suggests your opinions are wallowing in the realm of "inconsequential and irrelevant".
  2. Seems to have an affinity with sodomists so our Labour/Greens Government should be right on top of it, so to speak!
  3. Any chance those who used to be the backbone of NZ breeding have headed for the hills and only those flush with funds and the Studs are continuing with the breeding caper. As for live foals percentage declining so markedly let's not visit the prospect that less than perfectly conformed foals are culled by the remaining players. Whatever, maybe de Lore can offer an explanation from his research- fertility issues?climate change?some other malevolent factor?
  4. Are you using future Labour Party/ Robertson figures? $57.5K by my reckoning but anything possible by next breeding season
  5. Not all of us duped Muff.
  6. Too true. It was a reprehensible Communist dictate.
  7. As long as Valerie Adams not supplying the filling!
  8. Further, what was the protocol those cowboys at Avondale (I am a member) were operating under today? I didn't have a starter there today so no email about oppressive rules but certainly did not look as though there was an open invitation to support the race day. As usual the track looked in great nick--not so much the amenities!
  9. Mark Walker reported by NZ Racing Desk on Loveracing site today. "I'm a great believer that the whole game is won and lost at the Sale ring door". Who would have guessed that??
  10. I heard (2nd hand) that Jamie alluded to the fact that maybe the first 3 home in the Levin Classic were headed to HK with him. I did not hear the post-race interview to that effect but somebody else may have and can confirm or otherwise.
  11. Why is it that there has only been one track record run (and that was over the rare distance 1100m in 2010) at Ellerslie this century? Surely not due to track watering? Or lack of tempo early preventing a genuine race and plenty of interference? Just curious.
  12. If she was happy enough to wheel out Cuddles Coster in 2018 to purify Gayford's reputation then it should fit her agenda quite nicely for Cuddles to give us a "booster" and re-affirm that we have pin-pointed the wrong "entertainer".