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  1. Feeling duped yet? Golfer John Rahm out of the Olympics! Had his 2nd "vaccination" mid-May, tested positive for Wuhan virus early June and disqualified while leading tournament and after "recovering" and winning a "Major" has maybe acquired the Epsilon/Sigma/Omega--- variant? O'man , Heap and Idolmite with their superior scientific skill-sets may like to walk me through this confusion. Take your time.
  2. chevy86

    Not Again

    Well here's your chance O'man to be more than a mouth--take your patronising, patriarchal arse along to some of these pokie sites and educate the losers on the error of their ways and then toddle off along to WINZ and tell them to stop giving the f---ckers handouts!
  3. Exactly what I said??
  4. I'm sure Leo's "destiny" will be well catered for in South Auckland.
  5. From my readings of history he had it pretty good while it lasted, even in exile. Leo will be fine as long as he keeps his hand out of his tunic!
  6. Got my vote---the next Napoleon!
  7. 100% correct and applies to all the "isms".
  8. As Pogo would say "best post ever". Welcome back from Rarotonga P4P. Poms not lazy Red Rum? Then why in my past visits to old blighty with friends were the tradies amongst my team in such hot demand ? And I even found the hygiene issue in accommodation a source of frustration--fancy having to pay the landlady 25P for a bath plug every time you wanted to take a bath or needing funds for the califont! Jokes such as "Where does a Pom hide his money?--under the soap" had a basis in truth.
  9. All true T Man, but the salient point is that all these races are "Open" to all horses. Unlike the Karaka Millions races which are open only to those that have enriched NZB.
  10. Careful RR, the gender police will be coming for you--"His tory" no longer acceptable, much like "His panic"!
  11. So let me guess! He alluded to the horse's colour and it's ability to show a turn of foot when pursued? Something in that vein?
  12. So what did he say (fudge it a bit if you must) ?
  13. This is a "forum" so let's discuss the perceived infraction that has drawn the reprimand. Evidence please.