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  1. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    I don't doubt there will be "koha" offered to the offended-against in the best traditions of secret negotiation and settlement. Even though I despised the notion of a Party defined by race, there was always something pretty decent about Tariana and Pita which seemed to transcend their Party.
  2. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    Cindy caught out telling porkies. Told Parliament that she had only ever received one txt from Handley and she did not reply. Turns out she had quite a little conversation by txt with Handley--like Curran, on old mate, but not a flatmate. Very gregarious are our comrades.
  3. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    Crusty, FFS don't irritate our SAVIOUR! It's "the Coalition Government".
  4. chevy86

    Chautauqua....has he had enough....???

    He jumped this morning!
  5. chevy86

    Great To See.....

    Fartoomuch, the last member of the troika must still be asleep! No envy, no jealousy, I've had my share. Just try to be balanced guys and give some others some kudos. Your blind sycophancy implies the rest of the industry are bums. How about lauding some of their efforts.
  6. chevy86

    Great To See.....

    At least 50 yearling acquisitions per year,( as reported by the late Neil Pilcher--not my guess), age group racing for the big money the only focus, ( i.e. NO horses ever line up in the mundane , industry meets such as last week or the week before), maybe 6-8 competitive out of each year's lot chasing the big money which leaves more than a few needing pony club attendance or possibly worse fates.. My observations come from years in the industry, following the behaviour of those who are involved in racing, and yes, it caters for every stratum of life, from those who think the horse is just a disposable commodity for them to boost their egos right through to the owner motivated by their true love of the horse. I fully realise this is the unfortunate reality of racing, but just like the Waterhouses, Wallers and Godolphins,( all with 600-700 horses on their books) the "financial" success of your mates in the blue colours would not be possible without the battlers sustaining the game between their big pay-days.There is nothing magical about the abilities of most(not all) of the top "always based on money" trainers--they are the ones who have the most horses and a rapid turnover of the same. Those with limited ability are quickly out the door.( Which reminds me--" was Chris Turner a champion trainer because of the success of Veandercross or was it the horse that made Chris Turner?" -just asking). And then Chris Waller--a seemingly good-guy Kiwi making it big in OZ. If Terri Rae, John Bary or Mandy Brown had been on the receiving end of 60 "blue-bloods" from the Ingham family (not to mention Winx from Ingham's daughter) then any one of those 3 could now be the doyen of Sydney racing today. As for my supposed "negative fashion"--all I have endeavoured to do is strike some balance. The fawning of some of you is akin to a religion. As for the recent corruption issue, I believe I have counselled for restrained commentary, telling Guerin, Marrion and Purdon that maybe they should "STFU" and let process evolve, but obviously many of you are so embedded with certain harness players that you think you know better.
  7. chevy86

    Great To See.....

    But don't dare mention wastage amongst the blinkered lot.
  8. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    2 Ministers sacked within the first year--is that a record? And here is the world being told "women can do anything!" Well 2 of them now taking a hike. Watch a Parliamentary bitch-fight break out any time soon.(and that is not Robertson vs Finlayson) As that truly successful business woman Carmel Fisher said "back off sisterhood, the biggest impediment to women getting ahead in business is other women".
  9. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ted, I'm guessing you will be hoping to get a copy of "Stardust and Substance" (signed by our princess) in your Santa Sack this Xmas!
  10. chevy86

    Greg O'Conner

    Totally agree--so why is there a plethora of comment from Marrion, Guerin (both in Informant) and your BFF , Mark Purdon, trying to whitewash any dodgy behaviour within the Harness cohort. The proletariat are prepared to leave it to process, so why don't M, G and P, STFU!
  11. chevy86


    That's elevating those jobs to lofty heights--is Petone now considered a University? Certainly not a "results-based" institution.
  12. chevy86

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ardern's dysfunctional government now corroding our sporting psyche !! Warriors lose, Silver Ferns lose, and now the All Blacks obviously emasculated by Ardern and Fishboy loitering at the last test match in Auckland . Can't you call her home to Morrinsville Ted?