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  1. Experimentation borne of arrogance--thought the Wallabies without Folau and Castles would be easy beats.
  2. Aren't the brands checked against the saddle clothes before the horses enter the parade ring as I have seen some places in NZ?
  3. Just seen the Biden speech where he says "I was only able to stay in my basement because some black woman was stacking the shelves in supermarkets"! Saw it with my own eyes. What a guy!
  4. Certainly not TA along with the Labour cartel of Coffey, Wall, Stevens, Robertson etc trumpeting the fact that the likely Labour parliament will be the most "queer" Government in the world after the next election! Not too late to tighten the sphincter and tick National/Act.
  5. chevy86


    Hope you are not suggesting Stephen Autridge was a handbrake Shane.
  6. Only watched for a few minutes and binned my recording. Did hear Joe say that his Climate rescue/ban fossil fuel agenda would result in "no nett ENERGY production" by 2050! That will work well!--check it out if you think I'm parlaying fake news. (about 20 mins into the fiasco when I tuned in briefly).
  7. That's correct, but they are welfare agencies such as hospitals and veteran affairs support. Are you suggesting they are not genuine donations and should have gone to the Bail Fund or BLM? Have a lie-down, dream of Joe and hopefully your TDS will dissipate.
  8. Trump gives his complete Presidential salary, $400K, to welfare organisations, every year, so there is $400K "tax" to start with. Best you check out the mongrel Clinton Family and their Foundation--collects $180million per year from gullible Governments like ours, and distributed $3.44 mil last year!!
  9. I cannot speak for Baz, but to my eye his comment was a likely "statement of fact" regarding a certain jockey's gender proclivities.No phobia detected with me. Actually have 2 nephews who are of the "queer" (their preferred word) persuasion who, like most others, espouse great "Pride" in their preference as demonstrated by the regular commentary and parading.
  10. Obviously some late, mail-in votes from the Left have boosted Ardern!
  11. That dreadful pinko Simon Wilson (he of the rag Herald) saw it is a win for Ardern He is NZ's answer to Pelosi.
  12. Great post TA! Should be another gut-punch with those lunatic Greens saying today that the wealth tax is non-negotiable in a coalition agreement with Labour. Unfortunately the "fear" tactics spread by Ardern, her poodle Bloomfield and Co. that there would be 35,000 Covid deaths without their lockdown has thousands of their voting base, plus uninformed morons with public service guaranteed incomes, believing the scam and hence a win seems the likely outcome for Labour.
  13. ?????? Do they eat more? Wear more expensive shoes? Carry 2 jockeys instead of one? By the time they have become Gp 1 quality I would have thought they have plenty of funds in the bin and training fees are a lesser burden relatively speaking. Seems to me that funding and PR more important at the entry level to keep participants in the game.
  14. CJ's level dropped from 145 to 130 in 10 minutes so with 35 minutes between races he would have been good to go by the start of the 2nd!
  15. Don't tell me the average Maori worker doesn't get to "fleet-share" all the BMWs the Mahutas cruise around in! (That's a little historical, maybe Teslas now?)