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  1. Relates to Fielding meeting 30/10---Struck his mount once with handle end of whip 50 metres from finish!
  2. Was due to finish a suspension tomorrow so 3 months more not desirable for the young fella. Those jocks in Oz copped 3 months for Covid protocol breach. Maybe??
  3. What's the prize P4P? Because I think I see a pattern----CHINA. They really are unlucky SOBs with the frequency of zoonotic events happening locally, and even when there are no bats to be found in the wet market--they are all "hanging about" down the road at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where some reason their virologists need to be splicing DNA sequences in bat viruses.
  4. 70% chump change compared to value of the win. BTW, could have sworn the horse was racing in Rider's colours. Stand by my belief that flogging of horses a bad look for the industry and relegation the only SERIOUS penalty
  5. Anyone really think Bosson will be concerned? Blatant Rules transgressions and if the authorities had any guts they would have relegated the horse, being as it was a close finish. Would be hard pressed to find any owner of such a winner who would not stump up the fine in light of the valuable black type gained. Not an anti-vaxer nor a racist! JMO P.S. Where is Jonathan Parkes these days?
  6. Just out of curiosity, has anybody seen "alpha" around in the last couple of months or is "delta' the only gig in town. Seems hard to believe all the earlier variants just drop out of the race , especially when there are so many vulnerable targets?
  7. You miss the point Nelli-- the three you mention may have been positive, but you have no evidence they SPREAD it anywhere. My point is that anyone carrying it, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, can pass it on so at this stage vaccination only diminishes the CLINICAL danger to those who are vaccinated.
  8. Given the mix of unvaccinated AND vaccinated people spreading Covid around------- can't have you disseminating falsehoods Nelli.
  9. Waiting 12 weeks Leggy thwarts the fantasy target for double-dose vaccination they are chasing--with this lot science doesn't come into it.
  10. Not that I trust the press one iota but interesting they are postulating that the 'essential" worker who headed to Whangarei for a few days "essential" work was a sex worker with forged documents who travelled widely "being kind"! Apparently had a fellow traveller with her and they have now returned to the big smoke but only one of them located. Only passing on what the rag Herald is reporting. Hipkins says he "cannot confirm". ( by default cannot deny).
  11. In Gisborne I believe to further wedding preparations which will be media distraction fodder. As an aside she will staff barbecues to dispense fatty snags to a population already disposed to Covid vulnerability by unhealthy eating. All the time surrounded by other government officers, many of whom have her "roadmap" tattooed on their chins.
  12. How's your mate Joe going? He trumpeted pre-election that NOBODY would have died from the China virus if Trump had "done his job". Well latest figures out of the States show under Biden 353,000 have died in 9 months (with vaccine available) , which is more than the number that died during the whole of 2020 with NO vaccine.
  13. I reiterate--Ardern -- "this is a tricky virus and it is a KILLER"! 8 weeks later and 2 deaths of severely compromised individuals amongst 1448 Covid positives. Even in a country over-represented by criminals and half-wits the statistics must be telling you something.Wake up and then wise-up people.
  14. Spot on Gruff. To digress.A field I believe you are familiar with. I ventured on to the fairways for a quiet 9 holes yesterday (first time in nearly 4 months) and in the aftermatch, socially-distanced discussion before heading off to "picnic" with friends beyond the eyes of dobbers I was alerted to the fact that there was a guerrilla group at the Club moving to ban the unvaccinated from playing! The word was that a stuffy Auckland Club (with Royal patronage) had already moved towards such a rule. My membership under threat but I will not go quietly.