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  1. Hey, Ohokaman, have you got copyright clearance to use Cindy's bestie, Megan Woods, in your propaganda?
  2. Brilliant interview on Bolt last night with black American woman who had a career working for Carter and the Clinton mafia. Basically she said Trump is the first President to be elected who is not silently "handcuffed" to either the Democrat or Republican party machine.Called out the savage attempt by the Democrats to try and call his democratic election illegitimate by then using fake Russia, Stormy, Ukraine, Covid narratives to try and bring him down because as Hilary duplicitous Clinton said "she deserved it"! Now the dumb press is saying Trump's Tulsa rally caused a second wave as thousands turned up. Hold on, didn't they say it was only a few mad NRA people and their dogs who attended after a Tik Tok sabotage. It's warming up beautifully and genital intruder Biden looking to duck any debate. I wonder why.
  3. BLM awakening? Are you for real--89% of blacks being killed are killed by other blacks.And as the black population is only 12% of the USA population it is not enough to counter the "good ol boys" of the NRA.
  4. Dig deeper---most in Democrat controlled States. Join the dots.
  5. Apparently Biden was invited onto the Lolita Express but got lost looking for the airport!
  6. Daily I am flabbergasted, but not surprised, at the blatant cynicism of Ardern's lot, enabled by the compliant pinko media. I believe we were instructed in no uncertain terms by the Speaker, Bovver Boy Mallard, that the bastard child was STRICTLY off-limits to the public. ( no intervention, photos or public commentary). Seems perfectly fine for Cindy and Fishboy to pimp the kid out for political advantage whenever things get a bit sticky down the old Beehive!
  7. Ted, I believe the Publisher had a very chequered history with "figures", especially financial ones, so the print run may be contentious. Interesting what future value would be with millennials not interested in collectibles other than sporting kit and possibly Kardashian underwear! Family photo albums, stamp collections, historical books, hand-written letters etc all scorned by this generation who have their whole life in hand-held digitalisation. Personally would love a copy of the book but fear for it's future welfare.Just another depressing reality about our once great sport.IMO.
  8. Absolutely Baz. BEST punting days EVER were those full-field Pukekohe 30K days!
  9. Might be interesting to survey breeders intentions for this breeding season in light of economic conditions, race scheduling uncertainty, stakes levels, governance vacuum and general justified malaise following recent national decision-making. I personally was going to breed 2 mares to 2 mid-range priced stallions (8K-15K) but not prepared to take the risk as I think there is a chance the industry may well evaporate "post-Winston". ( and believe me I am no fan of his but he has kept the industry on a ventilator, temporarily) There will be no support from a disastrous Labour/Greens and in fact they will probably welcome our demise. Thoughts? P.S. Still have a few to try which might help dispose of some of my "wealth" before the mongrel Greens come after it.
  10. Have been for a long time. They will align perfectly with the Morrinsville Marxist ( if needed). I see 2 of them in a bitch-fight over a cancelled gig at the Green Party conference.Any scoop Tasman Man? your genetic profile has contacted them both.
  11. Well from my perspective, viewing today's offering., I would go further and cut Trackside further. Why do we need Popperwell AND Rodley sitting in a studio together talking in the usual cliches, repeating ad nauseam what we have already seen in a race, and cutting away from post-race comment in Australia where Radley and Dufficy are streets ahead. Then to add insult to injury the mumbling Sweeney continues with repetitive narrative on the massive ( 10K) Pick-6 being gone, favoured track position at Riccarton ( we've seen it for ourselves all day) and general trivia. Perfectly adequate coverage during Level 2,( apart from those kindergarten teacher voices) so why not continue, and as for me, so irritated by these dullards, never had a bet today.( Means I can pay my trainers!)
  12. Yep, and electronic media such a success in racing that NZB no longer producing a written Sales catalogue? See how that would fly.
  13. Saved by your last sentence Idolmite. I would venture to say that the most corrupt family ever in US politics are the Clintons, followed not far behind by the Kennedys. ( remember Mary-Jo K, also mafia connections)! The common denominator is that they are all Democrats ( amazing they travel under that title but are anything but) and now they are wheeling out (literally) "stinkfinger" Biden as their saviour.(At least Stormy was consenting).