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  1. I have noted the same strange phenomenon myself 45-could it be that all the travellers bringing the virus to New Zealand don't have serious co-morbidities and are physically fit enough to climb on to an aeroplane and actually fit in a seat?
  2. Scooby, I've been in the game for 50 years and have assiduously followed all the top performers so can you rescue me from my senility and just refresh me on who the trainers have been who have annually received the 40-50 ( approx 10% of the catalogue), being the top-priced yearlings from our Sales in the past and failed to deliver results? By proffering JR as some sort of training messiah you are not operating a balanced assessment model. The Te Akau model favours expensive, well-bred early runners and there are a few that perform to a later stage. I am sure Jamie is a fine young man, hig
  3. There's your problem though. So-called group 1's in NZ in the last few years are an absolute joke, including the Hawkes Bay ones. Nominations for the Thorndon this Saturday a sorry reflection of the lack of quality Group horses--very sad. We're Doomed summarises the situation well.
  4. Yep, I'm sure the vendors of the unsold and bottom half of the draft will be delighted about the "bargains"! Using the "average" as a reflection of how the Sale has gone is not that valid when there are a couple of aberrant sales at the top end IMO. As for the NZB guy, of course they are going to talk it up just like any horse, house or car salesman! Let's just wait for tomorrow but all I know is that Day One results were not of Book One standard from my recollection of sales over the last several decades.
  5. Unfortunately for many breeders today was a train wreck--76 of the presented 180 yearlings sold or were passed in for $60K or less (hardly Book 1 credentials) and I suspect most of the passings were run up to one bid below reserve so who knows what they may have truly sold for. Rogie had a big throw at the stumps, HK bought only a few and all in all, from my perspective anyway the results were very disappointing, considering the number of entries this year is down 20% to start with. We will have to see what tomorrow brings but those 10K maiden stakes obviously not tempting owners.
  6. 36 cases of the highly contagious, dangerous variant of Covid-19 in MIQ at the moment and still no sufferers dying, let alone being hospitalised!! Surely we are not being lied to? Perhaps Ardern too busy with the catastrophic Wiggles dilemma.
  7. Just like my Silverado with the mounted machine gun, best I park the topic at my end.
  8. OK O'man, like the media scum you throw these words around like confetti to accuse and smear. How about giving a few valid examples to substantiate your claims. You can also throw in misogyny, bad hair, golf cheating (learnt it from Bill Clinton), obesity etc etc. As for your son, why does he continue to stay in the hell-hole that is California. His choice, his problem.
  9. Covid positives, several being the new "more deadly" variant, running at 5-6 per day in MIQ and still no deaths for months at the hands of this Deadly virus. Certainly not wishing that to happen but either we have the greatest medical facilities in the world (wouldn't be able to confirm as none of these positives hospitalised) or we are being lied to about the danger. Marxist control at it's finest.
  10. You really are a demented individual O'Man. Fancy having a crack at Crusty for starting the thread that has consumed your thinking (or lack of) for several years. Trump has had no direct effect on your existence so why all the angst? Bordering on hate speech (Left definition variety) and I just wonder what the hell you are going to do with yourself now Trump hibernating for a while.
  11. Nice dose of karma. And what a match! Another reason why I am thankful to be a sports nut, and not an opera or ballet follower.
  12. RR, might I respectfully suggest that with his obvious skill and choice of mounts over the last several years OP has never "lost out big time".
  13. Just filling in time Scooby until the Appeal decision came through--up and running again now.
  14. And the Inauguration synergy of someone by the name of Gaga singing the National Anthem for someone who is Gaga!!