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  1. chevy86

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    There are 2 mosques in ChCh and they are both closed as crime scenes. Ardern was in ChCh. I fully understand the protocol when entering a mosque and have observed such in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul myself. So I stand by the sentiments of my earlier post.
  2. chevy86

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    The immediate now is not the time but there needs to be a SERIOUS debate about "manifestos"of all types that influence societal behaviour--political, religious, racial, gender, ageist. I will leave it there for now but there is NO group with clean hands.
  3. chevy86

    Stay Strong Christchurch

    The unfortunate day we lost our innocence--for a country our size truly our "9/11".
  4. chevy86

    Golden Slipper

    Do you think he will be having a lazy $4k win bet on it ?
  5. Top post O'man! Truly. Now just take your blinkers off when it comes to my mate Trumpy. I can even source a MAGA cap for you!
  6. chevy86

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Leaving the pathetic, biased press out of it Blue, the lack of progress surely speaks for itself. Wouldn't happen with the Waiparera Trust (John Tamihere as mayor) in charge!! I'm picking plenty will bail out as heaps of apartments are coming on stream in Auckland and there is also a bit of a price stagnation. No guarantee that this toxic project will ever be completed and any new contractors will be wanting price escalations I suspect. Besides would YOU want ATC having anything to do with a lease/body corporate after their performance to date?
  7. chevy86

    Horses 'sweating up' before races

    I think Pell made the fatal mistake of taking his brief's advice and not going in the dock! I see his QC has resigned. If I was an innocent accused the very FIRST place I would want to be is in the dock. ( Bain, Lundy, Watson, MacDonald et al all gave it the swerve which speaks volumes , in my book). If the old git Pell managed what he was accused of then he was more nimble than Geiringer who was accused of a full performance by a woman patient who pleaded she did not know what was happening until it was all over and he was zipping up his pants! JMO
  8. chevy86

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Judging by the photo, Dowding's apartment looks finished!
  9. chevy86

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Dowding had her main experience in catering, food and beverage etc(George Hotel and Ch Ch Town Hall) so maybe the builders found life too comfortable in the lunch room portacom rather than getting on with the job. Notwithstanding the issues with the engineering that needed rectification, amongst other issues. Just have to question at times the female tokenism of the PC world where lack of true ability (experience) translates into poor performance. (Ardern Shipley,Curran, Hughes etc) JM(white, patriarchal) O.
  10. chevy86

    Auckland Trotting Club

    Someone with construction industry expertise the obvious replacement----Shipley!
  11. chevy86

    Horses 'sweating up' before races

    And how did that impact your performance Cubes when the "gates" opened?
  12. Just reinforces how the industry has been captured by NZB.And no doubt fillies NZB Pearl Bonus stakes count as well?--that would be a travesty if true.
  13. chevy86


    Scooby, like some others you need to re-enlist at school if you think the above is negative.
  14. chevy86


    Can't see my point? You've just answered your own enquiry with TJ's quote. Weir, Waterhouse, Waller, Godolphin all with 600-700 horse on their books--who do you think will win the premiership? Answer easy to find before the season even starts. It certainly will not be some incredible trainer from Gosford with 28 ponies in his barn.
  15. chevy86

    Boys get Paid

    Punter, owner, sponsor, part-time trainer, breeder over nearly 50 years, through good times and bad.