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  1. i like to inform... if at any point you see any indiscretions within this post.. please let me know!! as i cannot be bothered reading something... that might echo what i had been saying... but heck...if you find the time to explain this to me... please do https://nztruckanddriver.co.nz/road-torque-news/vaccine-law-passed-with-indecent-haste
  2. i'll say this... it wrong of me to refer to you in such a disrespectful manner regarding my previous comment. accept my humble apology You now know how i feel about the matter of ignorant people defending the current government who would stand upon the rights&freedoms of everyone... your's, mine and everyone inbetween ill leave it at that
  3. spare me your latte cup of spilt beans...Freedoms of speech is certainly a freedom for everyone...however, your continual defense of your stance makes you look more like an old-man with knitting needles attempting to knit a wooly facemask to prevent Covid... you stupid old coot!! Go sing your songs of justification to the chineese people!!
  4. While i agree we have to manage with getting on with things.... what bugs me... is when we have everyday Nz'ers willing to stand up for OUR RIGHTS... while other pricks want to be stiffnecked and support the over-reach of government. If you wish to stand with the Government and their continual treading upon our freedoms and rights... then you can kiss my Arse!! that goes to every other selfish prick here too!!
  5. Do i need to mention the flow on effect of the Lockdown madness&prevention of movement between areas of New Zealand? Or how some GP's are refusing to have people see them without a jab!! Do you even understand whats occurring outside of your 4 walls?? WAKE THE HELL UP!!
  6. either you still have your head in the sand... or you are willfully ignoring whats been occurring in NZ. Nurses/teachers/police personel and the average joe labourer are in a bind regarding the Covid-Mandates... tell me... does that register with you? or is that imaginary?
  7. you understand diddly... we are standing on the principles of Rights & Freedoms!! what are you standing on??
  8. A government introduces Laws to uphold the Rights and Freedoms of NZ'ers!! currently however it has put the Laws in place to hinder and impede upon NZ'ers rights & freedoms!! if you dont understand the difference between what makes a free society.... and what keeps it free... then clearly you dont know which hand is right!!
  9. Dr Zelenko, knew the way forward way back in 2020.... but mainstreamMedia and the zombies who have had nothing but disdain for all things President Trump never wanted to hear the hydroxycholorquine treatment or the Ivermectin treatment... they would sooner listen to the MainstreamMedia experts...&so called medical scientists And so the Useful Idiots blamed President Trump for the outbreak... which was a bio-weapon unleashed by China, (which Big Pharma just happened to have made a patent on years in advance) ... and so the Zombies took the Vaxnation, like good little guinea pigs
  10. So a Nz nurse did a blood test on a patient that had taken the Jab... guess what she found!! not that anyone on this site would believe anything a Nz nurse has to say... cos some of us are crack-pots LOL short video.mp4
  11. how is it... you ask for proof... then once its provided... you saw it fit, to remove?? and YES im referring to the prophetic word given. Isnt it funny how the word of the Lord came first... before the testimonies within congress and that of Pompeo's declaration. and you choose to delete the word of the Lord!! here is the proof of my posting the video that YOU choose to remove...i gave it way back in March 2020 which pointed to insiders. ignorance is no excuse when proof upon proof is given over!! cheek to call me crackpot, time will show whose pot
  12. heres the reality of what i've witnessed on Racecafe... people ignore the reality of what occurred... the Virus is a Man made virus... made in wuhan Racecafe users more concerned about horse racing... when China had unleashed a bio-weapon on the world!! Mainstream media cover it all up.... and here is Racecafe users... having petty arguments... about get the Jab/who can attend races/loss of business it hasnt dawned on people.... a Bio-weapon was unleashed.. HELLO!!
  13. and if you dont want to accept the assertions of Rand Paul within congress.... perhaps Mike pompeo's evidence is sufficient!!
  14. Nobody knows where it came from?? This is typical of people too lazy to think!! Logic/reasoning/coincidences & assertions&money trail.. can draw forth conclusions!! but if laziness is the best course of action.. then perhaps an Ostrich can better answer you!!