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  1. High likelihood Biden steps down very soon!! in that instance kamala will have to take a backseat to whoever the DS puppet will be!! She wont be happy about it but thats how its been foretold in the prophetic world!! well see!!
  2. theres a simple answer to that question!!! whichever Party gives NZfirst and Winston the best deal!! that is the short of it!!
  3. well consider it a good thing!! at least you know the process doesnt allow for double dipping
  4. any track can apply for the PGF.. but the process for acceptance is something separate.... one can moan and groan about course closures, and PGF but as i pointed out they are unrelated!! one major consideration regarding PGF is how well the small business has been doing over a period of time ie..prev 3-5 years or thereabout and noting growth.. this is a criteria now let that sink into your skulls!!! you get it yet???
  5. Still pushing the same Anti-Winston Narrative LOL, there are a lot more older and wiser people not caught up in the trashtalk about Winston.. they simply see through all the BS being spread by both media and the uninformed!! in fact... some people just dont recognise when they have been HELPED!! and mouth off for the pleasure of it!! ring any bells? as far as the SFO... anyone with half a brain would know this is again meant to undermine the credibility of the party until after the election!! much like what occurred with the Super-leaks but hey... if theres a silver lining in it all, at the end of the Day Winston regardless of win or lose.. I know i voted for someone who threw up a middle finger to all those who doubted him!! and yet still produced results!!l ya dig!!
  6. the question of PGF and the issues of Racetrack closures are not related... so justifying one has no direct relationship with the other!! if you knew anything about the PGF you would understand its investing into small businesses to increase employment numbers and overall economy of the area... racetrack closures are a completely separate issue!! but hey if you are not down for small business growth then you will see what occurred with the Racetracks occur in a area near you!!
  7. China gotta be pissed that this individual began blowing the whistle!! peoples conscience taking root all around the world!! Doing what is right!! God bless that Lady!!
  8. One wonders why the sealed indictments have not been ALREADY released!! is it possible that should a Mayor/Governor or congressman/Senate member become indicted before their tenure is up.. an appointment occurs for replacement!!?? if appointments are decided by those in power.. it would not solve the problem, and a replacement with a similar ideaology or ties to corrupt hidden entities would in essence resurface in the appointed officials!!! in order to maximise the effect of all indictments, and bypass the appointment process, the people must Vote for change!! this too makes sense on a biblical level too regarding principalities and such if ones that way inclined to understand how the spirit of change occurs!!! needless to say... the sealed indictments will be a Trump Card slammed on the table to maximise the change of direction at a critical time!!! when of course... is up to God Almighty, the President and all the officialls who support Trumps administration!!
  9. i remember President Donald Trump referencing that what has happened regarding the spying on during his 2016 campaign and afterward, that no other President should have to go through that ever again... based on his thinking, the only way to prevent it from becoming an issue in the future, is to make it a Federal Law, which means passing it through Congress and then passed in the senate to Seal it until the numbers overturn it.. currently Republicans dont hold a congressional majority which makes it diffucult to achieve... We know many congressional members are coming up for election during Nov 2020... this is where we will see a change taking place first before a change in Federal Law in order to justify this Federal Law change, highlighting the issue needs to occur!!!(Indictments occur) and this will become the catalyst for further protection for the democracy and all its institutions!! Timing is key in these events!! watch it play out!!
  10. your propganda post DEBUNKED and then you support your view.. by someone who trashtalks the president!!?? is that the best you can do!! I guess this is what all supporting Democrats can do... shit-talk their way to the office!! not this time!! Trump 2020 take it to the Bank!!
  11. your tendancy to believe everything that has been posted on the internet... is typical of someone who readily believes the "LIES" A picture is worth a 1000 words!! if you "knew & understood" what President Donald Trump has changed to support Evangelicals or Christianity, you would gauge the post you presented as nothing but a LOAD OF BS propaganda for the purposes of maintaining the ongoing lies!! It seems to me, that when someone chooses to live in a trashcan, theres always the diffuculty of knowing what is Trash and what is not Trash!! Go figure!!
  12. sad but true?? i cannot believe you still trash post stuff like this Ohaka to think you once may have had a modicum of understanding in politics.. and now this?? and the Mainstream media are voicing concern over the Q conspiracy?? while nut jobs make BS videos like this?? for real?? are you serious?? LOL I guess fly's tend to be attracted to such videos!!
  13. interesting use of words... implying Trump permitted it, we both know this is not the case!! however when considering the bomb/explosion... one straight off the bat thinks enemies and motives.. and given the middle eastern tensions of the past.. it would squarely point to a faction within Israel.. who of course is another question!! but even this is speculation!! what do you suppose the motivation was, for the (beirut)bomb being expended? any theories?