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  1. smokescreen and mirrors, G W bush was a controlled individual much like Obama and Biden, the question is were they historically republicans, or "republicans in name only" (RINO)
  2. Huge reduction in numbers regarding border protection!! and just as we see in that single-man border crossing attempt.. it was acted upon and border personel responded accordingly!! the experts explained the methodology of the borderwall strategy!! *winx
  3. did you notice the border patrol car show up in the video!!?? *winx
  4. all things said... every mountain can be climbed and every obstacle overcome!! The wall like any border measure can be beaten by people working together!! however the purpose is to make more diffucult the crossing!!
  5. That was then!! Still a work in progress!! lets see them get over that!!
  6. havent stopped Mexicans?? A work in progress certainly!! when the Mexicans are your neighbours and they keep jumping over your fence, it would make sense to make the fence diffucult to climb!! i wonder how much of the Wall has been built now?? given the state it has been in for years!!
  7. very ungrateful attitude pushing through there!! The fool will say its too hot when the time of harvest comes & curses the sun!!
  8. you had once expressed that we think for ourselves...in light of that.. i will attempt to express the understanding of the "DRAIN THE SWAMP" concept!! The essence of the Phrase is simply "exposing that which is hidden beneath" it can be explained using the TERM "deepstate" or again a spirit of Evil hidden deep within the Heart Draining the swamp is simply bringing everything to the surface so everything beneath is revealed a good reference is Mark 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders Luke 6:45 The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. From this, if we use the analogy of Individuals/Parents/Families/Groups/Communities/Town/Cities/Provinces/States/Countries/Nations/The World as being a bigger part of the whole collective Heart... you can see how easily pervasive policies albeit Laws can be to bring about corruption world wide... .. also let us not forget the criminal elements by the Big Elite Players who pull the levers of power!!!! Now consider the affect of policies albeit Laws setup to work against everything Righteous according to the Word of God!!! then you will begin to understand.. that this is a spiritual battle!!! Thus President Donald J Trumps mandate!! you will inevitably see this righteous battle taking place in various forms, various fronts with all manner of people taking upon themselves to Stand for what is RIGHTEOUS!! admittedly there is alot of confusion as to what is Righteous or what is right... but this again is the spiritual battle taking place in the hearts and minds of people, on a daily basis!! That again is why we participate in forums... to learn, to teach, to inform, to highlight, to expose and to take part in the battle!!
  9. One last addition to President Trumps appointment... it will be that President Donald J Trump will serve 2 terms as President of the United States of America... essentially amounting to 7years of service, for his appointed mandate!! Its Truely a blessed time to behold as Gods Spirit moves all around the World... shaking the earth to bring down the strongholds of the Prince of Darkness!! We are witnessing the greatest move of God against Evil since WW2.. and like then the United States of America will be Triumphant in ending the Tyranny of the Third Reich in their hidden form!!
  10. Let us be reasonable and consider both the meaning of the Number 7 in the biblical context!! And see if it supports the Purpose of why President Trump was brought forward to fulfil Gods plan.
  11. To support the Name Meaning one would require some form of proof that he is a God annointed one.. to carry out a appointed task or mandate!! lets consider his birthdate.. and the time of his Inauguration!!! Gods Signiture is written all over the timing of President Donald J Trumps appointment (Referencing Number 7 as highlighted in the picture) what are the odds of that occurring!!??
  12. People very rarely consider the meaning of NAMES in relation to their purpose in life... Donald Donald is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name, Domhanll, which means world-ruler John Trump's middle name is the English derivative of the Hebrew name, Yohanan, which means Graced by Yahweh Trump Drumpf is a corruption of Trumpf, which is derived from the German word, trumme, meaning drummer Thus Donald Trump's full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.
  13. aint it funny, after giving you a little insight regarding the Plans of God regarding the Wheat and Tares... your response was.... "You'd think he'd know which way up to hold the bible then, no?" i suppose that would matter if Trump were reading from it.... but what gets me with you.. is the superficial Bullshit that you present as justification for your Angst&Hatred toward someone that God chose to "Drain the Swamp"
  14. How about answer Did Man walk upon the moon?? This is a greatest question... if we answer it in the negative, it still leaves questions... if we answer it in the positive it will leave questions...
  15. the "know all" remark is somewhat sarcastic but after all was said.. it showed how little they did know!! so did i know more? hmm its something youll only know when we've jousted *winx