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  1. clearly its politically driven!! the shirts are a dead giveaway it was always the intent of the democrats to diversify and allow illegals in... to increase their political-base nothing ever suprises us these days... the truth is out on this one!!
  2. guess whose codename is evergreen... no connection to the majestic problems that have occurred there in the strait!! "what happened?"
  3. im sure you theres a point to the comment you made?? im sure all leaders of countries consider the health of its people important... likewise with unnecessary expenditure on wasteful tests that are clearly faulty!! but someone like you would accept the results without question!! it's what separates the dumdums from great leaders!!
  4. I watched a video of the Former President of Tanzania John Magufuli, who claimed he had sent various samples for covid testing.... goats, sheep, a pawpaw & even car oil.. LOL guess which ones tested positive!!?? when the President of Tanzania made public his findings... not long after he died (strange coincidence?) https://tv.gab.com/channel/sonofenos/view/the-tanzanian-president-who-proved-to-605531babc785671f5018339
  5. the ole blame it on Fox news again ay, you guys are classic!! LOL
  6. heres what the Boys&girls in Australia say about things!! Im sure ive echoed their sentiments in this Forum!! makes me smile, knowing there really are sensible people like myself out there!! God bless the Australians!!
  7. look at it this way Ohakaman: The democrats had their time, to produce evidence in a court setting... and that alone should be suffice. it should be clear to you and the world that the Judgement was the correct one!! if only the same court setting was given to the people who were arguing the Election Fraud took place in the 2020 US election. but NOOOO, the Dems would NEVER allow that to happen!! your ironic albeit silly response, that its a shame only 7 republicans voted against Trump should highlight to you, who the RINO's are. Read them&Weep. We always knew about the
  8. Commonsense prevails again Ohakaman!! Praise the Lord!!
  9. before you go ahead with the argument, but many state official electors called it, and they cant all be wrong!! if you cannot understand that if the officials up in the highest office of congress or the senate care nothing about the constitution or laws surrounding impeachment, why would their supporters below care about integrity!! Go figure!!
  10. It seems to me, you think the whole election saga was about Republican vs Democrat... this is a clear misconception you have!!! to put it plainly, it is really about election integrity... nothing more nothing less... your arguments plays into the deception.. ie Republicans blocked a couple of election security bills etc... you have to realise something, that there are Dishonest Republicans onside with the democrats... becos they wish to keep the status quo, this should be obvious to you given house republicans have decided further the impeachment Trial. Until you begin to realise t
  11. have you been sleeping for the past 4 years!!?? WAKE-UP dumdum
  12. i prefer to leave you in the land of Ignorance, cos when the Evidence eventually pays you a visit, you'll be more open to it. Me showing you things in the past, has only made you dig your heels in deeper&deeper... youve proven this over the past 4 years, not showing a ounce of letting up. God bless you Ohokaman, and may the enduring grace of Gods will be upon your life & mine
  13. you need all the help you can get Ohakaman!! LOL your pool of commonsense is way too shallow, ....we wouldnt want you diving into anything too deep, &hurting that Nut on your shoulders!!
  14. In your very first statement "there could have been election fraud" then you go on to prove its existence via republicans having being involved with rigged voting systems used it in the past... this alone should highlight to you "THERE HAS BEEN ELECTION FRAUD" taking place Past&Present, then its almost as though you justify election Fraud becos of that, this is how your rant reads.. but then you pivot and suggest that Evangelicals or other God Fearing people are screwing up America, becos of some mental illness?? your reasoning is SO disconnected, and buckled, you really dont h