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  1. rangi

    Matt Anderson

    i watched the replay many times and found the questioning of the drive not needed
  2. rangi

    Matt Anderson

    Was Matt wearing D Dunns race helmet tonight, or has he just copied his helmet to the design.? Would like to see Matt have his own helmet and identity.
  3. rangi

    New Partnerships

    Is Matt Anderson now working for the new Purdon/Dalgety partnership? A deadly combination and which already has had more winners this week than they had all of last season and a powerful stable and driver unit who looks likely to dominate the premiership with their numbers and quality already on show I see no Glenys Chmiel in training partnership with her husband Terry? Are there any new partnerships this season?
  4. rangi

    Blood Nonsense

    It bewilders me why people enjoy making false accusations and make negative comments on anyone having success and in this example certain people point the finger at All Stars Clearly this blood treatment is legal as has been proved on here and also has not resulted in any positive swabs and is readily available for anyone Until there is clear evidence of any cheating can everyone on here stop baiting people with making up accusations that are not backed up with any truth Lee270744 is this practise available for nth Island trainers as I have spoken to the trainer of my horse and he is keen to try this practise
  5. rangi

    Not a Bad Record

    This clearly show how good they are and target the major races the driving dominance of Natalie and Mark is just as impressive
  6. rangi


    Would DD have known this before he applied? Why did he come out publically stating he was spending upto 3 month,maybe move there, when he did not even have has visa? If he was serious about this move surely he would have had this visa organised months ago and seems his move was only announced and decided on when he knew he couldn't beat Blair Orange for the drivers premiership His major issue looks that Trump is kicking workers out and not allowing anyone in, lets hope this issue gets sorted immediately and we get conformation on DD move and what a positive thing it will be for NZ to have him driving against the best in world up there
  7. rangi

    Forbury Tonight

    Forbury caters for this type of horse,as does Cambridge and Manawatu, and it gives these horses and owners opportunities to earn money and if you do your form there is always 10 winners
  8. rangi

    Harry Potter and trottech

    Harry Potter?- is TrotTech from this series? The Tipping form of TrotTech has been extremely good lately and what I enjoy and like is it is up nice and early so I can get Andrews selections and play the early fixed odds market, though the fixed market early is set at a very unreasonable percentage
  9. rangi

    Matt and jack.

    Well done on the win Tim with your share and well done to Matt Anderson on his first starter whc=ich was an impressive winner and good to see the young people coming though succeed Tim-is Matt a junior again next season? He was a pleasant polite young man wheni meet him at Alexandra Park
  10. rangi


    Those colours look all to similar to the legend Dic Prendergast of Simon Cats fame
  11. rangi

    Police Raids

    It was quite clear Peter was happy with second placing like he was at Ashburton . the RIU were zzz's
  12. rangi

    Police Raids

    It was quite clear Matthew was not interested in winning on day 1, Johnny White has lead easy in his previous starts when he has drawn the front row Jason knows his form and seemed amazed at M Anderson complete reversal of driving tactics M Anderson drove every horse extremely aggressive on Friday but Johnny White seemed against his pattern so I guess the second day tactics will be one to notice
  13. rangi

    TrotTech HRNZ

    Tasman 11- yes I commend Andrew for coming on here and putting his facts forward and his driving is to be commended
  14. rangi

    TrotTech HRNZ

    Well done with your horses today Andrew and your Trottech comments on Black Art got me the trifecta straight Watching Tribeca race today it looked like the horse over raced badly for DD but at the trials it settled well for you All the best on Sunday and I hope you find some black bookers
  15. rangi

    Interesting Messara report

    An interesting article Where do we think the Artificial track will be centred at?