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  1. Brown Fox

    Mrs Cubes is going to Fiji for a week

    Hi Cubes.Trust you have cleared away the curry takeaways and empty bottles from dinner. Noticed a Babbage(Chris I think) on an Environment story on TV news tonight.One of your Rallies?
  2. Brown Fox

    Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    R3_7 Seaway R4_1 Ambitious R5_1 Impending R6_1 Lean mean machine R7_7 Live and Free R8_ 15 O'Racheal BB
  3. Brown Fox

    Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Sir Castleton's got big Kahuna's picking a couple paying those Divvies.
  4. Sorry Scoobs.Trifecta should be Race 9 - 7 2 12
  5. R1-1 R2-8 R3-2 R4-13 2 Quinella R5-3 R6-6 R7-11 2 10 Trifecta R8-7 R9-7 Thanks Scooby
  6. Brown Fox

    Winners R Grinners Take Two Comp 19th May

    Doomben R4 Bill Carter Stks Shamurt 2 R7 BRC Sprint Test The World 13 R8 Doomben Cup Oregans Day 12 Morphetville R7 Goodwood Viddora 5 Thanks.Tough Day,cant see anyone getting this right
  7. Brown Fox

    Winners R Grinners Comp this weekend

    Members Handicap Aqua Vitae 10 Members Handicap Interlocuter 2 Queensland Day Stakes Snitz 1 Rough Plate Higher Ground 2 Thanks for the Comp.
  8. Brown Fox

    Dommben tom

    Log on to I find their Free Tips section very good.They have steered me into some good Quaddies
  9. I agree.Third equal is fine by me.That would still be the best finish I,be had in any of P.J,s comps.
  10. Well done Dark Horses.A close run thing but you got there in a bobbing finish.Good luck for next week. Thanks P.J. for another well run comp.
  11. Race 9 please replace 2 Vidora(scr) with 6 Quilista Thanks
  12. Race 4 please replace scr.3 with 9 Santa Catarina and retain BB Thanks
  13. Brown Fox

    Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    I hear you Poundforpound.Nothing like graduating from leather straps and Rulers over the Knuckles to Bamboo canes on the tips of your fingers on a cold Winters morning.Kinda puts you off Religion.
  14. R1-7/10 R2-4X11 R3-2X9 R4-3X6BB R5-6X10 R6-2X4 R7-2X7 R8-1X5BB R9-2X7 R10-3X11 Thanks P.J.