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  1. zelda kratchanova 2

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Boris and I love watching the SI Jumps racing, please keep them going
  2. zelda kratchanova 2

    Why not Racing ?

    If you needs more politicians Boris sayed we can send you over bill shorton (brains) n0? we miss the racing from nz already , good luck stay safe wash your hands like Neil Diamonds says .
  3. zelda kratchanova 2

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    boris friends want speed maps supplied for these races , idoits n0?
  4. LMFAO what a idoit n0? munta who? is it a superstar like Mandela
  5. zelda kratchanova 2

    Ozzie jumpers

    they could at leased spell it properly n0?
  6. zelda kratchanova 2

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    Boris wants him to tip global warming n0? see if Christopper can stop that!! is his phone camera on the bLink ? nO more tickets photos lately.
  7. zelda kratchanova 2

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Like Mh370 n0? @ 1.45 any tickets pictures .
  8. zelda kratchanova 2

    Bye Bye Kathy

    Is that Stan VaVrinka on guitar, n0 ?
  9. zelda kratchanova 2

    Roger Who???

    wake up steady he is only a clay corter no? any idoit can see that roger frederer the king, today, tomorrow and all ways.
  10. zelda kratchanova 2

    A stunning effort by the “stopper”

    And shorn Johnson too
  11. zelda kratchanova 2

    A stunning effort by the “stopper”

    Boris always stayed two things never bet the sharks vs manly and never eat the pies at the races on a public holiday, n0? aron woods, wade graeme, Matt Moylan all agree
  12. zelda kratchanova 2

    A stunning effort by the “stopper”

    Did the idoit think that with God AND Paul Galen both on SCO MO,s side that bill short on brains would win, no? funniest predeliction ever, I heared he labeled embracer at Wyong on Thursday two is that true? odd$ on look on.
  13. zelda kratchanova 2

    mamu vavutei

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/warriors/exwarrior-manu-vatuvei-froze-after-dropping-dance-partner-on-her-head/news-story/f12e561ddf5aa8af98703a7ed4c976c7 he dropped her
  14. zelda kratchanova 2

    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    Melborne storm twice or was it 3 times , no?
  15. zelda kratchanova 2

    Pogo (AUS) ?????

    Funniest paste ever , n0? but if the mare was from Bolak line it’s possible