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  1. zelda kratchanova 2

    Pogo (AUS) ?????

    Funniest paste ever , n0? but if the mare was from Bolak line it’s possible
  2. zelda kratchanova 2

    Billy Slater Q

    I love little billy salter and he’ll go out a winner, n0?
  3. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    He should go home b4 race 1
  4. zelda kratchanova 2

    Nature Strip

    What about James Cummings or can he only train for go dolphin ?
  5. zelda kratchanova 2

    Go Roger Go !

    Roger already has beat off two retrads and another one tonite n0? and Marion cilic got rissoles by another retrad so NO ONE stands in Rogers way its as easy as selling peas n0? its about time roger had some luck after a five year unlucky periods where he dint win a slam he’s back baby , see you on the grassy nole Nadull 21 here we come roger frederer
  6. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    Boris sayed it was the year halwes was SCR and first lee won he sayed they were both racing and he loved the caller hes memory could be rooted but
  7. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    who was the kiwis caller that called the trots when inky boy and holy hal raced in the interom series ? 1968 0r 70 boris loved him
  8. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    unfortuneately n0? i was there at randwick with boris when ken called captain moonlight the winnr at his last call 1972 0r 3 ? austrailas champion, london two a brick on !
  9. zelda kratchanova 2

    Go Roger Go !

  10. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    I like him n0? is great calling the hurdles two
  11. zelda kratchanova 2

    Go Roger Go !

    How did how did the spainish go in the soccer idoit as good as nadull will in the tennis lol
  12. zelda kratchanova 2

    great racecallers

    lazip u forgot the great ken howard https://aso.gov.au/titles/ads/aeroplane-jelly-bertie-jet/clip1/
  13. zelda kratchanova 2

    Go Roger Go !

    Come on Roger Come on Come on Roger Come on You can do it you beat off little Lleyton Hewitt so it’s easy You can beat off all these 0ther idoits at SW19 the home of real tennis, n0? Titel no 21 Suck that Rafael Nadull Roger Frederer WILL be world number ONE again after Wimbledon, n0?
  14. zelda kratchanova 2

    Tricked up food

    Not Darwin but not to affend the place it’s a secret, but geez I like pies and hamburgers , stick your trick lettuces and other stuff where’s the sun isn’t shining and boris sayed so two
  15. zelda kratchanova 2


    lucky he has sharks jumpers two n0? paul galen