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  1. Just saw this on BOAY

    No one's listening obviously Flag. 

    Is there a 3rd site I can visit. 


    Are you banned from RC. Ive seen you bag the place for whatever reason only you know but since HTP,  FU and Brodie departed  its been all plain sailing on RC harness. Now the same 3 are causing grief on BOAY. Scoobie cleaned the place up which he is entitled to do as he pays for the site. There are no bun fights and the place is fun and interesting and contributors respectful to others thoughts/opinions. Shame you dont post anymore on RC as i liked your contributions.

    Clearly thats not the way things are going on BOAY especially  with Brodie being his usual know it all self.

  2. Self explanatory I would have thought.
  3. Out of Ten to One, a good horse as well. Real gutsy performance.
  4. Whatever you or others think of Mr Guerin, he deserves better than comments like that.
  5. Pardon my ignorance on this topic , but presumably with the advent of AI , then much like some overseas sires e.g. Love You for instance, we may see frozen semen filter back down here from him.?
  6. An American consortium own him now, so its tilting at windmills , second guessing the reason. A big gamble and risk by anyone's standards for a Southern Hemi horse bound for a sires career in the North.
  7. You would think with the amount of money he has made for all concerned ,the owners would have been generous to Purdon . Considering the horse may not have climbed to the same heights under someone else's tutorlidge, Mark Purdon deserves to be rewarded for bringing us arguably the best horse to stick its neck through a bridle since my days of Young Quinn. And that's saying something.
  8. Sweet , Belinda. As an owner or just to soak up the atmosphere.
  9. Will be great to meet fellow syndicate members. Can't wait .
  10. Thanks Neil. Any idea how many of our Southern members are comming up?
  11. Yeah I bypassed the corporates as well. My syndicate manager has stated that last time they paid the 200 bucks for a table, but the food was crap and didn't enjoy it at all. My son in law has booked one through Nicky Chilcott, so I might be able to find a seat if the legs give out from jumping up and down trying to keep up with Iraklis So looks like we are all winging it this time.
  12. Probably a suit this year. Do a bit of hob knobbing. Would be great to see a list of Racecafe people who might be there, apart from some of the syndicate members. Double R, and Iraklis will most likely be there. Anyone else??.
  13. Correct. Three yrs ago it was bone chilling. But hey it didnt detract from the excitement. If you watch the replays there is a figure in blue jeans and a black leather jacket with a cap on standing opposite the finishing post on every race. Yep always the purist , it's me . Brilliant day despite the temperature.
  14. Hey mate, glad to see yah fav bought you some excitement. I have to say though had Monty been in the trail and not 3 back we may have caught you. A perfect trip for him nonetheless and a delight to watch. The Jewels will be interesting with MM. I think that Winterfell will have to cop a bad draw to be beaten to be honest. Louby Lou may start as well so we will be hoping for a good draw. We know he is a good stayer and still on the up, heres hoping we can stop the AS juggernaut. Miracles do happen.