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  1. Always loved this horse and followed her. Backed her too. Congrats to you all.
  2. Have a Zed/Kasella (Kaapstad) filly about to start racing. Showing a real turn of foot too. Been a mission to get her there.
  3. Congratulations Rubiks. A wonderful Comp. Congrats to winners and losers. Thanks PJ for the marvellous Comp. Til next we meet.
  4. Morning PJ/Family. 1. 1/2 2. 1/2 3. 5/12 4. 2/7 5. 1/13 6. 1/3 BB 7. 3/5 8. 2/10 BB 9. 1/6 10 7/11 Good fortunes family. /Ian
  5. Morning. PJ. 1. 1/8 2. 3/10 3. 2/5 BB 4. 3/6 5. 5/7 6. 3/4 7. 1/9 8. 1/10 9. 3/4 10 5/11 BB Cheers all.
  6. Pegs Pride


    I do appreciate your point of view and anger at the outcomes he is causing. He surely is at the point of making some pretty life changing decisions re his future as a rider. Trainers, punters and the industry are suffering and there can be NO repeats of non show. Question is, If allowed another chance, can he guarantee it won't happen again. A ban would be a sorry end to an otherwise brilliant career.
  7. Pegs Pride


    Feeling very sorry for Opie. There have been just too many days affected of late. The battle becoming too great I fear.
  8. There's nothing quite like a good sweat in the last Brian. You're an awesome competitor. Cheers to you too. And to your team's win.
  9. My typo error then. apologies. Must wear my glasses when putting in the nags.
  10. Wasn't mine a BB PJ? I have it written in front of me. 8/9 BB. Brian's was 2/8 BB